The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 5, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 5, 1939
Page 7
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C, J939. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION OPPORTUNJTV USES THE WANT-AW-//,, ...,——... l ^..——,—...,, . ,V •< . .. •• >, ..' ^.. >,,.-• " _L^_£^<* _% "-C -• r ). »' * *^ I'AGB SEVEJ| For Rent Nicely furnished' fimiit room, steam heat, garage, Phone SCO. 5cklO-5 Dally rate ner line Tor consrcii-1 Lovdv sleam llc! " ( ' <l te(1 ™°»>. i«lm Insertion/ , Jo1 """"" bat "' ' Bc »»'5W^ "><"'tress, 600 West Main, Phone 6-K One time per line:..'...,: ice Fwo times per line pei- day..,.08c 5-ck-l2 - »-*ii^,a jji;* iiuv |J^i uay .,, , UQU .- llirce times "per line per day...06e FOP, RENT: Comfortable front Monlt ll ' s(pflr "".? per fay....05i bedroom. Outside entrance. Phone Moiur. rate per line . ,...60c 351 Cards of Thanks........50c '& 75o ........ Minimum charge 60c 4-ck-U New three-room modern, unfurn- Ads ordered for three, or six Ishcd, upstairs nwnvlmanl. rtmes and stopped before expira- Screened porch, bath, lavgi clos- Von will be charged for the num- els, inli\id linoleum on kitchen aer of times tlie add appeared and floor, window shades including vc- adjuslment ol bill made. ; netiaii blinds, equipped for butane All Classified Advertising co))y B*s heat, range furnished; tubmitted by persons residing out- tide of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above,, table. 91 Hi W. Walnut. 4-c--t-ll Nicely furnished bedroom, 1017 Walnut. Tel. 102. 2-ck-tf -^^^^l I gfQJ'p NO r-pi-nSbmSr" Sf, '^ta^en .."^.'^hmt CoV 2cklO-'J for more than one incorrect inser- Uon of any classified ad. Modern six room house. Phone 1-ck-fl Sillf wtn^ i Well Furnished rooms. Steam Hcnii, I desirable location. 1037 Walnut. «"« Hearn. night at H! K h~ichort. '. " "!^± 31 6 room cottage vents at $30.00.; 3 room furnished apartment, cleo- Owner paid $2500 for it but moved' trie stove and refrigerator. Call . move away and says sell for $1500 '.•,' 433-W. cash, bal.. $25.00 month. Thomas iLa'nrt Company ,•'•''' . ; 5-ck-ll j-ck-tf FOR SALE Home Owners Loan properties'.at Blytheville. 701 Jameson", pretty 5 room cottage. Lot 100 feet front, shade and fruit. $1250,00..$150 cash $1250 month. 213 w. Kentucky. Pretty 5 room 4 room furnished apartment. Private bath. Desirable location. Phone 280. 30-ck-tf Nice bedroom convenient lo bath. Phone 280. Gil W. Main. Boktf 1, 2 or 3 furnished roams. Everything modern. OH Hearn, .30-pk-9-30 2 lovely furnished rooms adjoining bath. Garage. Men only. 013 Wal- . . cottage, bath etc. $1500. 5150', nut. Phono 859-w' cash, balance less than rent. 114 w. Vine—0 room duplex.' Pine condition. Price $1850. $200 cash and balance less than rent. 1410 w. Ash. Handsome two storv house arranged as apartments. Corner lot 100x140. Price $2750. Small down payment and then monthly less than rent. 210 W. Cherry. 8 room tivo story residence, suitable for home or boarding--house. In perfect condition. $3000. $500 cash and $25.00 month. Thomas land Conir-.iiij- . 5-ek-Jl Selected double red poppy seed for sale. 25 cents per ounce, postpaid. September and October is the time to plant. Major uttle ulytheville. '2-pk-lO-3 44 53/.too" acres for,.sale..ncar Clear Lak'er..Rented -U) M. p. Harbin. Four. room L house. •' Write Herman Gower, Brookport, 111. 2-pk-7 Front bedroom 21-ck-9-21 adjoining IT'S TIME TO SWAP THAT'S JUST 1M.A1N "HOKSE" SKNSK. TAKK A LOOK AT THESE $529 1938 chcv. Town Sedan. A Beauty Welding 'RUT KLEC1 ID ACHTYI,K WELDING KXI'RUT KLECTmC •AND ACHTYMJNl? l)raj line arid specialty. wrldliig • Barksdale Mfg, Co. 1938 Hudson Terrai>l;mc DroiiBlmin,' I'l'one W vt Ucs. 1010 Low mileage, Deluxe Rn- *i/»A dio In A-t condition ... ; $3u", 1937 Chevrolet Coi(|)c. Keal business car .,. 1937 Dodge Sedan. Heal clean enr $389 1837 Plyinoulh Town Sedan. Mo- i lor A-l condition. Low inlle«ec,l \VAKN1N(1 OUUKU I Billy VnriiMI' Is warned lo np- prar in the Chnnrery Conn lor (he Chlckasawbn District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, wUliln thirty days niter (he dnto hereof. . to answer a complnlnl flleit agaiiut »»Nt\C, CHANCERY COURT, DISTRICT, COUNTY, AKK- W, M. liuvsl, I'lnlnttrt, Vs. No, (J900 Mni-y Kiitii Hurst, is WUt'U'jJ lo <tnys In (hi- win' ..„,„„, ,„ „,„ caption hereof «,u| nnwr Ihc coniplnlut of (ho Dliilnlllt W M ilursl. ' UrtU'd this ai ilny of Aug., ID.'W. HAIIVBY MOUHH, Clerk, Nclll Heed, Ally, for 1'ltf. Ed «. Ccoli. Ally, lid Lilom, , l, Mary Until lluvst, within thirty ,, $389 Black coloi'. Real buy nl 19IJG Chevrolet Touring Sedan. Only 1034 Ford V-« Tudor. New Sir Covers. d>1O< i»ns good $1>) I93G Chevrolet Mi-Ion 1J.W. C. Truck. Motor in perfect condition, 1 real good tires. 1937 Ford V-8 Truck. O. *«J7 W. Reconditioned motor.. <P«J I IMO Chevrolet Coupe Pick-up Truck. Motor A J937 Dodge Pick- tip Truck 1 $26 . $38 bath. Garage. 1000 W. Ash. Call 445-W. 28-ck-II Nice bedroom adjoining bntlv an E. Kentucky. Call 00'2-J. 28cklf Residence at 111 E. Davis, Electric water heater, electric stove and Coleinan oil lieator furnished. Phone J. E. Htisson, 421 22-ck-U Comfortable bedroom. Phone 277-J. B25 VV. Main. 18ck-tf Ice !GE-iCE Phone 1C? JOHN BUCHAKfiN ICE COU)-WATERMELONS Cash registers, safes, pin ball machines. Good condition. Reasonable. Phone 728. Paul Kirkendnll. 1 pk a Lumber. 518.00 per thousand feet at mill. Adjoining clear Lake Farm. D. R. Garner, Avmorel. 23-pk-9-U3 ersonal Dairy Satisfactory quality and service in Dairy products. Cattle free- of Bang's Disease, in tiest b[ physical condition. Call Mrs. Grace Uwi-rv 902- i, for Halseli's Grade A Haw Milk, Cream, Country Butter. Buttermilk, extra or holiday orders. Inspection encouraged anytime. .HaUell's Dairy Premised Land, Route 2 Washing, Ironing Expert washing and Ironing. Cheap *,™ gh ' ' tlr> ' antl r '"' sh - G <l«!»s 61.00. One day service. Willie Hell Green, behind City" fee Plant. " ' . 8-ck-a-8 DOES YOUR CAR Shimmy, Wander, Weave WEAR AWAY YOUR TIRES? It's dangerous and expensive lo nnyc wild Slccrin K Gear and front Wheels out of adjustment. Keeping them in Bt.otl otdcr is so simple and incxpun- sivc you should never trust to chances. ADJUST STEERING GEAR iltng-ad,in s t lntlll of all Call Socket joints — tightening front Spring Clips and Shackles. (1'aris Extra). FREE FRONT END INSPECTION (Tin- above includes a cotimletc INSPECTION and REPOR r on cojifiitlon of ^Vhecl /ili;iu,icnl and factors affecting lire W car | PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th Si Walnut I'lione $10 Arouse Sluggish Liver, work off the bile to rid yourself of constipation, gas jiains, ami that sour, punk feeling. Take one box cf KIKBY'S ACTIVE LIVER PILLS 25e ot all Kirby Stores Minnows For Sale GOLDFISH MINNOWS Earl Damon. Cor. Railroad & K*y. CO Others In Choose From Ask Auoul Our New Gimranti: Kasy G.ilT.A.C. Pnyincnt I'Lan TOM LITTLE Notice Fishing Licenss FOlt VOUn CONVENIENCE, W ARE PREPARED TO 1SSU VOlin FISHING LICENSE A OVlt STORE SHOUSE-HENRY HAUmVAIlK CO. I'hone 35 Room and Board ROOM and board: Reasonable ralo H2 B. Cherry. Phone 002. Piano Tuning Expert tuner in town for Tew divy 20 yrs. experience, regularly en ployed by largest music house i Detroit. Call Ewirij; Held, Phoi 883 - 30-pk- For Sale or Trade e room house. 3!i acres nf Jan 1 mile from town, will trade fc farm land. Call C03. l-ck-10- NOTED MUSICIAN HORIZONTAL Answer to Provious Puzrle 1, G Composer of [MJAC D'o modern music. 12 Period oi time 13 Name o£ anylhing. 15 Breakvjater. 16 Musical character. 17 Nick. 18 Stringed instrument. 20 Idiot. . 22 Genus of tuilies. 23 To cut grass 2fi Northwest. 28 Adult male. 45 Hose . supporters. 30 To run away. 50 Gibbons 32 Ancient Egyptian god. 33 Part of a circle. ~>3 Consumed. 34 Deviates. 54 Assumed . 36 Frozen water. name. 37 Part of 55 To slumber. Roman month. , K m , 38 Self. 56 Old wa S° n 39 Disfigurement. lracks > 40 Profit. 53 He studied 41 Patches wjth musical a metallic composilion alloy. or . 16 He composed popular musical . 19 His work is played at 21 Heavy blov/. 24 Smelling badly. 25 Made a fabric. 27 Stone culler. 28 To cripple. iffi] 20 Alms box. 31 The foot of the fine.- 32 Enrollment. 35 To harness. ,„ „ 59 He was a arnes trained w pi as(c £ or player. rnris VERTICAL quartz. 15 To" pant. 4 Rabble. 46 Person 5 To enrich. opposed. 6 Gat. ' 47 Small •>rr:ii A mountain lake 7 Graded « Toilet box. 8 Sprightly, 49 Soaks flax. 9 Hurries. 52 Pronoun. > 10 Spider's home. 5i Sound o£ "Fury. surprise. H Lubricant. 57Slrcct. -.-;,,.... _1, 1939 , HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk, Reid und Evrtird Attorneys for Plnintllf. ^-29-5-12 J. L. Optometrist Only Cradunle (rlst In . Glasses Fitted Correctly ALFALFA SEED FOR SALE We have on }i, 1m ) :[ sup^y of New Croj) alfalfa . we rt for sale. . u. S. Verified ;m<l ;in- jirovcd for A'A.A. ji.i.vmcn( iti North Crniral District. L. R. Matthews Gin Co I'linnc ll-K-2 Yarbro 1'osl Ofdre, Illylheville, Arli. _ _____ — PRESCRlPTiONS— Safe - . Accurate Your Prescription DniggLst Fowler Drug Co. ' Pilot Saves 'Passenger In Mock Raid Crash IX3NDON (UP)-^ortit, Pilot Jack Arnold Billiard helped ill., , TC ho:l- boy pa,«ei)Rer to es tn\ie Ijy | ); ira- lieforc he cvnslii-d lo hts new Wltlerln B n.A.P, sla- chute dentil I'llONi; 205 !'•(>,{ YOU It POULTRY Nice, fnt hens mid fryers & other nonllry nt nil times. <VK STICKLER-GOODWIN CO. <« K. Main lion,' Norlhaiils: The boy, 17-yoar-pUI Dennis " • »• j**>*-vin i^uiuus Nahum c( Oundlc, wns ono of n inuty ol six who wore taken up In Blenheim bombcra for n mock "•aid, Hying In formation, Billiard •lost eonliiel 'with Ills lender In n cloud, nncl ns he came <.iit of It the (nil of his nmchlnc wiw sliced oil by (he propeller ol another plane. Donl get sciuccll nnd pull (he rlpcotd," ],e should as he pushed his passenger cff Into space Die boy'* parachute opened and he landed In "a field unconscious his fnce cut A few moments later lh« cilpplcd bomber crashed and Diillaid wns killed Illinium, clement 61, was -. --. .... 4 , v wl( w«!> discovered by Dr. B. S' Hopkins , ------ ..j „.. „, „ tlic Unlvcrtlly of Illinois, and five -mined nfler that Institution. VARICOSED VEINS AND ULCERS Consultation free mid you incur no obligation. DRS. NIES & NIES I'hoiic 1)8 Now Located nl 10] North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON lUJWUiUS, 1'roprlctor All Mate of nttaiu Ty |lc «rl(cr S , Mani MBetllnCi tnlcula(ors-lta|ialMiiB~l'»rU-Klbliniij HOLD EVERYTHING - By Clyde Lewi* . Init (ticao nrc cnls, you dope I" BY FUKI) HARMAN OBACK .. UR POST/ Answer Is No! GOOD HEAVENS! 1 SEE.THAT BEFORE IJY V. T. HAMLW LOOK! I'VE FOUND 17 „ AWUSTMENT \AAS ,NO WONDER OOP AMD BRONSON ARE LOST SOMEWHERE --VAST / 0 fJ.» pet: "' JUDSE ' SAVE BgONSON AND OOP-AMD CLEAR. AM INNOCENT MAN! OF THE TIME-MACHINE Wit-L RESTORE THE MISSING MEN.' Wii.slinfi- No Time HY ROOAR MARTIN VASH TUI!»S All Hoads I,cad to (he Crn[pi »Y ROY CRANK VOU CAN HEAR T DRUMS.IVASOTHE WOMENTC THE CRATER. OF THE VOLCAMO PO AT LAST/ THE BK, MOM6MT WEVE SEEN WAITIM6 FOR HA ARRIVED WE'LL SNEAK UP THE BACK WAV MOW'S OUR CHMIC6 TO LEARN THEIR liKCKLKS AND HfS FRIENDS The Burning Issue! / DOM'T APOUOQIZE TO MB— HAVE TO YOURSELF THE PAINTER' Gee, L DIDMT KNOW YOU wene HAVING YOUK HOUSE PAINTED OR I WOULDN'T HAVB SAWED THE RUMSS TMAT RtSHT NOW I'VE GOT To KEEP JUNE . BUT WHAT HUSBAND WITH speed MASON /

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