The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 21, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 21, 1946
Page 3
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TUESDAY, MAY 21, 19.10 Federal Primary Muddle Clears Funds Lacking for Extra Elections Pose Troublesome Problem. LITTLE ROCK. Ark., May 21. 'UP)—Arkansas' muddled election moved a .step nearer clarifies! [on today when Arthur L. Attains, chairman of I lie. Stale Democratic Central Committee, endorsed u>e \\'h;i- taki'r's i>lan to hold stale inul tcci • (•ral priimuies at Lint same. time. WhltUiker proposed Him the federal election, set lor a separate tliitt! bv an acl of the I9!5 legislature, be held on the same day thai the slate, district and couniv in'i- niaries are held, using the simi'e |> * •sound but separate ballots and (Allot boxes. Then, according lo iiis plan, the Democratic' party In convention would certify Hie winner iit the electiori. mutiny the voters' choice the party candidate. Whitlaker's sni>ge.slion was made iifler he fouml that only one cuuntv in the 4th district and only a few in -the ftth inul 7th conjirtswioinl [)ist : ricts, liart made flimnciul ,ir- fartEeinents to hold fedi-ral primaries. : Adams said that "my view of thi s mailer is that you and your oppn- nent enter inlo an agreement t-i follow ttie plan." - Similar situations exist in two other dislricls where incumbents have opposition. BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Shifting Fields Bring 'Dusf Bowl' Threat Hoover Urges Appointment Of Food Czar WASHINGTON. May 21. lUPi — Former President Herbert Hoover proposed today that the Unilctl i Nations set up a fond administrator • to direct the world distribution ol food to hungry nations. He proposed "that a UN food administration be created lo lake over the food and agricultural activities of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administniion on next S?pt. 1 "when this immediate world crisis should have passed." • UNRHA's operation's are scheduled to end in Europe Jon. 1 and \n 'the Far. Bast in March. 1947. Mr. -Hoover spoke ; after th> 18- natioii food and agriculture uui!< heard if message frorh • President Truman that Ihe world shortage of Hi'ain and livestock \vili continue beyond the coming harvest. I.< /orcarouml of photo above Is a hij-'luvay near Hsizen. N. D., but il Is covered over wilh dry loose topsoll carried by strong winds oil Ihc far,,-, field in background. The picture truphica li mustr des ' -.Ffiaiion farmers 01^ the re E ion look foi- W nrd_ to n bad season II. the sprhiK droux.hl continues.'- ' ..... H I . • I Double Barreled Protest PAQK TlflthK Cross-Burning Incident Stirs ;USC Students XCS ANOKLES. May .21. (UP1 — A committee, of University of Sgu- tlii'i'Ji Ciillrornln students, stirred by a cross-burning.mid dufaci'inent of a JcwLsi, fraternity house. plcdK- ed themselvfs today to' prevent lurlher racial Incident/;. One hundred fralernlly and sorority members and Investigators for the attorney general and district attorney, attended the session, railed after a' flaming cross was liscovered on the lawn of Ze'.a Beta. Tau Soelnl Fralernlly. .Tlie loiters "KKK" were painted ii tnr on the front or the house and. burned jnl o Ihe grass with blazing kerosene. In a recent demonstration by Rochester. N. Y., Inbor leaders to _s;ive OPA, Anthony Capone. center, local Al-'L president, und CJtrald Schallamier, right. o( the CIO.^paraded in barrels, as pictured above.' CIO President John Cooper, left, explains the perils : of lifting price controls. Yoshida Forms.New TOKYO. May 21. (UP)—Japanese Premier-designate Shigehi Yosliida has succeeded In forming a new cabinet with appointment of Hivo- slii Nasu to Ihu ministry of agriculture ami forestry. Investurc of the new cabinet ofTi- cials by the -emperor is scheduled for today. Rend Courier News Want Ads. Envoy ti Mexico Walter D. Thurslon, above, tl. S. foreign Service career man since 1917, has been appointed ambassarlor to Mexico. Stand-by Basis By July 15 for Camp Robinson 'LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. May Vi. (UP)—Personnel strength at Camp Joseph T. Robinson will be cut lo 1,01)0 men by July 15, and the camp will be placed on a stand-by basis at that lime, it was announced today by camp officials. i Military personnel at the camp [ not eligible for discharge are bei ing transferred to other posts—do- I me'stic and foreign—while civilian employees are being given dismissal notices. The announcement follows a semi-official statement released by the War Department several weeks ago. saying the canip would go on a stand-by basis early in July. The 1,000-inan caretaker force will bj maintained during the 120-day stand-by period, and if no use l^' Ihe camp develops within that period, it probably will be declared surplus tills fall, officials said .. •_ ' i Arkansas A. F. of L. Holds Convention FORT SMITH. Ark., May 21. (UP) —O. G. Wright, ttenernl representative of the Jnlcrnntioiuil Hod- carriers. Building and Common Laborers Union, is lo be the principal speaker ns tlie Arkansas Federation of Labor convention enter:; its .second day here. Other speakers include J. Clinc House, president of the Oklahoma Federation of Labor: and Paul Aymon. representing George Googc. the southern directoi of Ihe AFL Ci. I-ove Grant. Fort Smith Attorney, predicted yesterday a legislative attack on collective bargaining in the next session of Ihc state legislature and said "it is possible Chairman if the USC 'committee was Kenneth Van I.euven. who us n soldier spent 18 mouths In u German prisoner of war camp. The campus incident, and da- struclion of a sacred scroll and Ihc pencilhu> of t wo swastikas In n Hollywood synagogue were th e latest In n scries of race incidents here. Attorney General Robert .w.' Kt ny. who blamed a revival of tho K\i Klux Klan, salil he would Ink. legal action today to outlaw it. Jit planned to seek a court order barring its com limed corpornle existence. •The order would not prevent persons joining the organization but would forbid collecting dues. Jap Premier Encounters Difficulties TOKYO, Mi\y' 21. <UI>) — Cicn. '•"Uln.s MncAl'tllllV'K hi'iulq\l:ll Ins lodiiy taric'd iwo ministers selected by I'lemtd-lX'sltmntc Slilftiru Vo- sjilfln, forcing Mm 10 renew his llve-ilny ..itrunele lo form n cabinet. llcmtqunrli'i's ntji'di'rt Hlrosbl Nn- 1 »s injrlculturo-forestry minister id clur/o Iwiiln its Justice minis!c,- uiKlri the purge directive Imrrin,', from public office men with mill. InrlKt records. Voshldn Hum .submitted the nnnic uf Public procuntlor Gi'iii'inl 'Pok-! iittiro Kiinurn lor llti- Justice past. Inluniicd sources said ho WIIB seek- Inn Hiroo Wudn, rltlcf of I ho Agrl- ciilturul Policy llurrnu, lor lilt' msi'l- cultun'-forestry post. Political Doctors Scared By Arkansas Dentists MTTLK HOUK. Art:, Muy at. 'IJPI—The Aikunsus Di-ulul Asso- cinlion del<'(;ules were ri-ndy Ituluy for tltc second nll-duy i.csslon of lliolr Tiillh Hiimiiil convention, und discUs.sloiU on nuilonitl iispi-cls ,il siurluli/.i'il medicine In (lie Unite;! White's. At yc.slci-dny's meet. Ihe uroiip llieurd u .stroni; ullnck leveled nt lie iKMicllni; Miclnll/i-il ntctllc.uc bill. Oiisloii G. Fulmer of l.illlc'Hock, iiiiiiiiKvi 1 ol Ihe Physicians' uiul| llcnlists' niisluciis ISnreivu, (old Ihc lentlsts Unit Hie WiiBner-Miurny- ell bill now before Congress would ullow puhileiil doclors io Uut- inmibfr iictuiil kerpcro of heiilih. 11« sulcl, "Thlii bill will completely dcslroy the elfecllvcnes-s of medical inul (U-nlnl cure, nnil will set Ihe professions buck nl Icnst as yours." Scheduled to spenk toilny were Dr. Allen O. Orubel ol Clilcnuo.' Ur. W. N. llurfilril of Columbia, Mo., Dr. \V. G. Cooper of I lie Unlver.slly of Arkunsn.s, Or. Willliim P. Knlr, of .St. Umls, inul Dr. Wllliiiiu II. Cnuv- lunl of Ihe University of Mlnni'.su'n. Last Straw that the Arkansas Supreme Couir: will sustain nil attempt by n group _ of Eustcrn Arknnsns plnntcrs lo „ The Missouri river drains 528.- outlaw collective bargaining." square miles. In opening the convention W. Mowery of Hot Springs, state president, snid that low wages in the South are a'Threat to wage rates in the northwest. Army's "Shotting Stan" Live Up to Nome With 580 Miles Per Hour Run WASHINGTON, May 31. (UP) — Twenty.nine l>-8o Shooting aims iiv(jrii|[c<| 580 miles mi hour on Dii' last lu|> of (lie first coasl-lo- eonsl muss flluhl of ihu }cl-l>i'«- IH'llecl army fl^ltterK. They arrived here yesterday, wlllt ..D nvcrrtge (Into oj one hour and I a mlmiiOK for (h e 758-mile trip from Memphis. Temi. f'omiininded by Col. llrucc Hol- lovvny. Knoxville, Tenn., the 4121)1 Holler uroup plitiu's leu March l r leld. Cal., last Wednesday. They will leave Thursday for Chtinut/i r-ield. III., on the first leg of the return flight. University to Confer Three Honorary Degrees FAYETTKVIU.K, Ark.; May 21.— 1'ltiw mon-a famous ticlcnlltl, n najor uencral, niul a federal dls rid Judxi 1 —will rcci'lvo honorary .1.13. decrees at the T>ntl mntunl •omiueiicelnent program nl the Unl- 'crsily ol Arkunsiia June :|, It wn: nnoiiiHTd Unlny, The ihrfc men arc Dr. Sterllnij IV llcndrli'ks, one of the tuition's Pope County Wets To Check Petitions ' 'n.l.rc. Ark., May :>l. (UP)— Circuit .Indue Aubrey SSIrwlt Hi Pope connly Inis post|Mined until May 28 all appeal of wclji from County Jndi>e Wallace llnlloek's order seltlnf; May 21 us the date for a local option elec.tlon in the county. Judge Stnili suld Ihe action was lo (jive HID wet Interests time, lo check Ihe signatures of a petition asking for the election and which Ilicy maintain does not have, sufficient number of niiiues. The .petition lias 1.818 names, while 783 riimlincd voters are needed lo call an election. "Tills Is Ihc lust slvnw," snys Ihe whlmslcul C'X'pi'i'.ssion on the fttre of Kdwiird A. Hock of Chicago ns, wllb n hoiidful of Initu, he ponders Ihe civlllnn clothing shortuge. Rock drenmctl of a wliolu snappy oulflt while In Ihc CliliMi-llurlnti-lndlii ihenter, bnl since his recent illisclim'ue lints arc nil he can Hint, Join trie Refrigerator Service Club (Two Service Culls u Year Jl) Kopairs (() Uloclrio A|>i>li juices Fully BLYTHEVILLE SALES CO (Where C'Aurlrsy is Nut a Memnry) 13S K. Main S(. 1'hune 3 There were 25,519.000 cows on farms of the Unileri Slates in ID-lfi. ? Mother's Friend massaging preparation helps bring case and comfort to expectant mothers. M OTHER'S FRIEND, nn cxcHlLlltoly prcjj.-ircil emollient, la metul 111 nil conditions where a bland, mild anodyne znassayo medium In fifcin lubrlcntlon !3 desired. One condition iti whlcli women lor more thnn 70 years have used it la nn application for massaglug the body during prcjrnancy ... it Helps keen tlio skin soft und pliable .. . thus avoiding unnecessary discomfort due to dryncs.i anil tlclitness. It refreshes and tnnc3 the ekln. An Ideal nwssiicc nppllcatlon for tho inimo. tingling or.burnlng sciisntlons of tliL- skin ... for tho tired bnck muscles or crnmp-llkn pnlns In the Ices Quickly i absorbed. Delightful to use. Highly ! praised by risers, many doctors and nurses. Million:; of bottles sold Just ask Jiny druggist for Mother's Friend—the skin emollient nnd lubricant Do try It Mother's Friend to the Class ARK-MO POWER CO. "A Citizen In Every Community We Serve" outstanding chrml*U;i.ltik <>•. John Shirley woe Vcomm.njditr of tb* ,4th Armore'4 v >lvJ4. n -h»' U« drlv« too* Prtnc , /Mrudfr H»r- ry J. LeraUy al i!r.,,Vr,lu<l Butt* District Court for Ih* %*4tfefe knd Western DtsUlcl* of AifcuM*. Both Dr. Hendrick* ami General Wood are graduates of Uie Unjy^-- My or Aikanxu, and Judge Uml*y has been a lending member o« th*.! bar in Arluiuu for many years. Alexander Stephens, qt Georgia, rved o« price presldeht with Jcf-. ferson Davis durlntt the day» of (he Cotifeder»cy. 48« Wxahable Now 32c •Wallpaper Now 30C : Lightest Now 20e 15' LUMBER CO. For River-Washed • SAND and GRAVEL Phone 965 We Also Sell Good Black Sandy Loam and Dirt far Fills LARKIN SERVICE STATION 219 East Main St. K. M. l.»rkln — _ ' _ atte ^ H.tme. | For more happiness and better health . . . LIVE ELECTRICALLY AND ENJOY THE Z for tha big infect, season approaching. Have Your Property ; ' Sprayed With D. D. T. Liko the U.S. Government Uses Boy eft Spraying Co. is equipped to do just that. You can h«lp rid your community of pesky insects by calling Phone 3602 BOYETT DDT Spraying Go. Offices Temporarily Located 111 E. Vine St. Gco. (Buddy) Boyett—Owners—Frod Boyett Jr. Give your car that spring look. Ltt us give it our special wash and lubrication job. Every, part of your car gets a lubtkant especially designed for it. Our car wash rs cornplet*. Langston-Wroten Co. Sales U. S. Tires OPEN 24 HOURS Walnut & Errodivay Buick Service WRECKER 5S3

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