The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 2, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 2, 1949
Page 5
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' TUESDAY, 'AUGUST 2, 1949 BLYTHEVILLB URK.V COURIER NE W8 THE HATIOH TODAY— Atomic Research Specialists I Seek to Choose Right Door to \ Make Best Use of U.S. Secrets i By .ianics Marlnu- | WASHINGTON, Aug. 2. W-Tlie United Slates is like a man j searching for a door marked "doom" and another marked "salvation." j This Is (he picture given by the Atomic Energy Commission <AEC) 1 in a aoo-pase report on us work. ; Every six months the AEG lias to make tm-h a report to Congress ', on Us progress. The latest cainc out yesterday. The first few pages are given over lo the atomic nomb. Because this is secret stuff, you couldn't learn much with :> microscope. The story of the AEC's search*for bigger and better bombs thai would spell doom where they fall i.s staled dryly. H says: "New and more effective atomic wrapons which were leslecl aL Kniwciok hi in-18 are in PAGE FIVE 7 J Obtain Certificates For Sale of Melons ?St much more than Hint. It war, incrdy saying the AKC hus ijonc far beyond the dcnclHiicss <>( the e . , primitive bomb that smashed ' s - si l'Pi County ngent, said today. Already n uriner.s, dually from the Lcachvllle area, liavc secured cei-uficHles permitting Hie sale of •Aau'riiH'loiis and cantaloupes this year. Keith J. Bilbrey, North Miss- Hiroshirna and is making far more the report i.s like \vorld of sunlight ones now. But much of .••Imping into a and magicians. H«re the AEC tells (lie story of what's being done to rsc the atom in searching for a rtrhc. and bel- ter life for mankind. Search for Peacetime t'ses H'.s a .slory of scientists, all kind* of scientists, phmfrim: away In laboratories all over America, .waix-li- ine. searching. a little section which try ins; lo find out "" '-"•' s "' cleaners, veslcr- nals can build up re- I tlav lo ° employes struck In a paj •aeiiation. If they find cl 'si"'le. . There's -says: "Studying bloods in a bat's wins .... at M-gomie <a HVjnriUory at Chicago) scientists studied (he effects of radiation on circiilalion of b!o<id in (he wing of a small bat "They found that after the rjat was exposed to radiation (he circulation of the blood slowed down, ].-usely because broken cells and other organic debris clogged the canillary vessels." They are trying lo find out ' whether anim > sLstance to r. out. it w ; *l help humans. And there's this: "At Union College, some 1.400 mice have been used to study the effects upon Rrowlh of life, and blond, by irradiation with an .... x^y." Auri at the. ''University c,: Drn- ! ver. . . . radioactive material i* ap- I plied dtrec'ly lo the sex glands of | rats to give information on the ; amounts that affect the reproduc- ; tive system enough to cause noticeable changes in the physical characteristics of offspring. ITsw! by Cancer Specialists There is a little section called "Benefits from Atomic Energy" and In part it says: "Radiation that destroys the cells of cancer Is one of -the few ef- fertive means of controlling some forms of the disease. . . . scientists have used radioiodlne to treat, people with an over-active thyroid gland, or with cancer of the thyroid. ... "Surgeons have used radiophos- phorous to locate brain tumors nc- cr.rately during a dozen or more .successful operations ..... "Plvysiciflns have had time to test only a few radloisotopes In the diagnosis and treatment of disease. They are broadening their efforts month by month, Improving their techniques and working toward a wider understanding of radioisotopes and their uses. # " T 'i laboratory research, radlo- pes are proving of even greater value. As 'tracers' they are helping scientists to understand life processes and mechanisms which have been only partly understood for lack of such a key to unlock their secrets." The items listed here were picked at random from among many. It's a rich book. He Indicated thai- probably „ farmers would have certificates, en- tilling ihcm io sell from trucks in the incorporated limits of any town without tinthcr license, before the ve;i.son is in ri '1 swing. Those who have ulrcdav mack application include: h. H Thurmond. B. lialedge Don W. Brewer, Jflhlo D-.ivison. Albert. Davison. V. II. P.i!ton. J.W. nation and Grace Jones all of Learhvllle, and C L. I .mills. H. A I'ritfharrt. and B.C. Shcllon. all of Blycheville. Hal BoyU'f Column—r Boyle Lists Low Heart Throb, High Prices as Theater's Ills Brothers Part Company In Frisco Labor Spat SAN PHANCTKCO. Aug. '2. (.<!»,_ The brothers RomiKiiicre aren't .seeing eye to eye loday. Ge.-fi^o E. Romiguicre manapes the T'hotnas-Allec Company, one of tile city's lartrcst cleaners. Yestcr- •l.UNCIf TIME IN LIONS' CAOE—Three lions—Romeo. Roll and Nero-sit calmly on Iheir "chairs' while newsmen and women have lunch in the lions cage at Giessen. Germany. The affair was arranged by Hie circus appealing in Giesser and the three ten-year-old uerber lions sal eyeing the gilesls for half an hour without gcluu B Ihe least bit "naughty." <AP Wirepholo). The .strikers were led by Henry Homiguiere. business ngent of the Cleaning and Dye House Workers' Union. Local 7. Methodist Nine Takes Tilt from Luxoro, 6-5 The First Methodist lin.scbaliers of Ihe American Ll-gioll's Recrealional League, defeated Luxora 6-5 in a Icaatle cur.U'.st played at Walker Park yesterday. Hays and Gilbert collected three lui.s each for the Methodls'ls. B. Tale and Burks got Iwo each for j Luxora Wayne Burnham pitched all the way for the Methodists and B. Tate worked tlie route for Luxora. Rope Suspect Arrested; Nine-Y ear-Old is Victim RUSSELLVILLE, Ark., Aug. 2. f/P) —The reported rape of a nine-year- old girl near Dover Sunday has resulted in arrest of Ray I.eymon, about 40. a neighbor. Lcymon was taken in custody yesterday at Van Buren. No charge was filed. The 1 eirl is being treated at a hospital here. The American government spent S800.000.000 (or machine guns in 1D17-10I8. B; Hal Bo vie NEW YORK, (fl'i—There Is a sick thing here that won't die and won't gel well. Many people love It and some fear it. And a lot of folks pay money to go and see It. This sick Ihlng Is Hie theater, Ihe fabulous Invnlld. The theater lias hart more doctors than any hypochondriac, Including the renowned vegetarian, George Bernard Shnw. who has lived so long that, he Is beginning to be mistaken for a redwood sapling will, premalurc gray hah. There are a lot of lliings wrong wilh the thealer. It suffers from diseases that range from low blood pressure hi some seasons lo high prices in any season. And I nm one of those who admire lliii pa- lient hut would sure like to sec the old girl cured. I don't expect this to happen In my lime, as I am a restrained optimist. Part of this is probably pure persoiml pique. For example, I met a fellow ttie olher night who bragged he had been to see "South Pacific" twice, whereas I, a cillzen of average moral cunning and still Iwo jumps ahead of section T7-B of the bankruptcy act. am yet foreign to this production except via musical recordings ot Eiio Phw.a's enchanted evening with Mary Mtirlln. It. isn't as if I ciln't get a couple of ducats to this particular musical show, beunusc J can. 1 have been promised Ihcm—for Ihe usual box office price—by (he vice presidents of Iwo theatrical unions and the head of a New Jersey vitamin factory who once met Miss Martin on a picnic in Texas. The only catch Is that I have a Ihrcc-year apartment lease, liy the lime the tickets come through I may be living in Bangkok. Slam. Would t tccl like spending a long week-end flying here for just one evening of enchantment across a crowded room? Maybe it would Iw plensanter lo lie In Bangkok sipping a rum (rappe—I always drink rum frappes lying down—and listening to temple gongs. That is what t Ihink is the big trouble wilh the theater today. You liave to plan your whole future to x sure ot jjcuiiiK a spat. And 1 Ihink more and more people tire saying: "To Keckuk with the whole rinrn nuisance—what's new on the television set?" They are driving the customers away by making your allendiiiu'c more of 11 lesl of your Dun ami liradstrecl ruling (han your cultural awareness. Only Ihe graduate of n correspondence; course in muscle building cun work his wuy through (he throng to buy his seals! .„,, al Hie box office for a hit play. And If your purchase them by iiiiiil, they arc things you leave lii your will for your children lo enjoy. Jinw Southern Italy Shaken By Slight Earth Tremor HOME.', Aug. 2. W.--AII earth- riunke shook sections of Calabria In (.southern Italy at 11 a in. (I a.m. C!ST> loday, the news agency Astra eported. A ni.sp:ilch from Oataiuaro said the shock. In the area of Oliilalco, HmiMn, Sill Fluro and Cortalc, caused no known damage or casual- tics. Negro Deaths Wr can a man be sure lip will live In enough lo use them himself? Yel loiliiy (here are only a bakcr'.s dozen oj Iheatrieal pruducliun.s on Broadway, mid tl sands ol eatii'i and able and talented nclors. young and old. walk the streets unemployed. There has arisen among Ihe devotees ot Hie theater Ihe cull of the new. There are a hundred, perhaps a thousand, grand old pluys hat tell the sud imrt splendid and terrible story of man woiiderlul l>lays, yet the singes are bare, (he theaters darkened. Who wants lo see old King Lear (tie again wlu-n tor a fasl sawbuck and a Mow wail you can watch Ihe death of a miul- ern salesman ^vho lost Ills lauiily empire? Well. I Hunt; there arc some mil- i moral f. en-ire*; for lijitlle xls. W. \\lll br crmdiK U><| (O- 'ow nfU'i'iiimn ii( ninr o'clock nl j mo Nrhrmiah church by Itov. I Minor Jones, nurinl will ho (n ML. /.ion CrmiHcry. The Nrf-ro \vtmmii ([Led at her home* on CJlevolancJ *"' 1 *"" " '""'"" "" ls hi chiu'-e ni't of the. sickbed 0 !! «ot ihelt inl';! | ™- M ,f ? ™'r-™">- Nellie Be- :.lrr.i r.rr u* tiMir.,,i L.I.I..I i .,.....,.! f-henis. JO. looks grimly at a snap- U.S. Embassy Employee In Belgrade Dies of Polio BELGRADE. Yugloslavla. Aug. 2. M*i—Robert G. Braden. 29, (hird secretary and vice consul of Ihe United Slates Embassy In Belgrade, died yesterday" He was stricken with poliomyelitis (Intan- lile paralysis) three days ago. Braden was n native of Pasadena. Calif., and a graduate of Stanford University. Radio Repair MI work done by a licensed EtHdio-Tclephone expert — Kvery joh^guaranlccd. Why pay more for less? Piano Tuning Done with (he fnimm* "StroiMi.seope" — Exclusive to this area. Why take les.' Ihnn perfect funinj; when Ihe best ; s available? Sheet Music - Records Supplies-Repairs 'PIANOS New and Used verything In Music BROOKS Music Store 110? E. Main Tel. 81 ] GOVERNMENT IN BUSINESS COSTS W. MONEY! Government in business usually loses money'. You pay the losses in taxes. The more business that Government gets Lllhe more money it costs you' in- lultivs oil Us .slutted shirt--and studs 1 eiucihiinini! people by pulling more ar[in.s back lo work. The play's the Ihlng. And the pl;t\>i lire there, lions of us who would cluclly fork shot ol hfr M-vr-ii-ywir-uld ilntiiihtcr on i\ cell uull of the county Jail where she is held at Tnlsa. Okla. i'1'he collfm jinl] worker defiantly refuses lo lei! authorities where s^e .«,. Sl.,0 or «,0 and c,iu,b-up „,:!- ^t^"^^'"^ UK; balcony lo wntch Ihe civiiiK : to the adnplion. but says she. didn't know it meant "giving ii[> the chilrf altofietlKr," The mother charged willi Mealing the child, said ••) wmildn'i leli where she is if they kiiiR cry over his doml diiushu;,": j "Why should a doc. a a' ral. have lile. and Ihuil no breath ,t all?" Pour blind kiur;! Tor), (lead were lixin 1 to haji^ me." (AP Wire- business, TOT t ness-yours or mine. P. S.The Governm MC already in too many nt , saWeady ^' a - thebaS lC^, ti-i Americon torm ui y^ ^Z^^^^^' ;y stem of free icon Ark-Mo Power Co. AMAZING NEW DISCOVERY FOR RHEUMATISM, ARTHRITIS No Faster Arthritic Pain Relief Known SAFL.HOSPITAL TESTED Stops Swelling'Uncorks Joints'Contains Sensational Now Research Discovery NIW, SAK, SCIENTIFIC TABLET Jfefa N»rt*tit...N*1 Hakit ffrminl... AT LAST Tl IK KTOI! Y CAN KK TOl -PI I Science Iras turned its atlentifiii to relieving Ihc aROnixinR jiainsol rhcum;ili?in and arthritis. The rneuIL of extensive research is the rcmnrk- able prcparnlion 1M1JU1N. i^>n^limc suflVrt-TS irorii rlicu- inatism, nrcllrili'. ni'urilh .mil Rmil may find IMDHIN 1 fives clorioiis reliff ain;i/irlsly l.vl. Conlains no fln|ir nr harmln! ilriiCT- Ask tor IMUKIN al D[VI(.OP(0 AFUK 3 KtAtS OF EXTENSIVl TUTS IN HOSPITAL CLINICS IMDRIN IKIS been a closely Kiinrded «prri- inental secret brlor,; release for public use.. Yes, mcdicul men, alter Ihrce yc;irs of extensive limnkal IcsK tuvn [irovoff conclusively Unit I.MDKIN work* inlorn.illv toward .iiiiazitiB rcilurlinii nf p;im,, nvlnt<>. .-mil *•* Hlin f . in tlic joints. ICvcry f rhciniKili'ini nilllittU. nc'iiril-v M-iatir.t, p/>ut. neuralgia, etc., ^linuM im-irM i: Ilii- new *levclr,pini'nL of miidcrti medicine. A:k for IMIJKIN al drug stores. BEIIEVCS PAIN AND SUFFERING AFTER IO YEARS OF TORTURE! • '/< llllMlUft:,'an ',„ Ud'rf uhv '., 'tra I -,r>a In *lt1 t*r:u r r1 <Itl ,,,»t'.'i "•' In* l.*t f * IMI>Hf.\'. AV.J. ,, How IMDRiN Helps You! i lit < ol WHSJE KHIUMATISM 5H1KC5 . . . AND HOW 10 DETECT 111 area\ (ffr :\l.tvc,) llull^srdil- Hr^., ; trst ^Tlnnii rrrcivine 1M- l >RtT. 'J crc .Tbir to It lurr.r rr.rtr* hippy acliM: livir.f met- ll.,- rmn iillxi,!cil and cnnfiilciirc Krr* IMOIitN rc- IMI)i<IN rti.-iy SUP y,,i, lt,c .Vine l): c «^il >,:»uli< G-t I.MDKI,-.' loj.vy! Hf,:f,,'t iltt A., ..n . i- ' I'-n •<•' t\fttKI.\ a',-1 ,i- ',,, *,1 ^u. ; ., It-J.'l / .,-, .-...-; ,, ;,J( ,.J ,*; t-,.r •• I*, •j.^.i-ri:*! ,,!,,, l,,~, M/f.^/V ,'; niif! Millr.-'ss tl yrm K ct up in'itntri^-, rlrc.Tlili? the; iuffcrin? the day ni.'jy li'/fl, ;in'l do n dav nllr.r '!,i^. month alter u'.otilh. yf--»r after year h-irn: IMDKIN' in.-iy ,in-,un problem nf cnmforl .iljlc livinc. In c.i'e .-il)irc.i=.c IMliRIN li.Kf.r'-.c'l :<; iionncy IMIIUIX is one nil he 1,1'lra nilhiii:,: nii'i rln liiu.yir p.iiti rclifvcr-. In in.'ilir.i! science. CSMI f"r a^ r'.'i? .-i= ['.siniy \> w.-rr nlvi; to ir.r hnppy c'^ i:'-. rs d'i.i- -u-. •, N..I,:'H,.I "v.i:i.'.U'. lr .; In, tV,tnn-.,r.-m am! nilhnt« c.ui m.,'i>i- lln-.Ti,,i«i!« ..t.-iU-ii.fiii. .11,•! l.,,V; - it uixoilh proyen li"s|-. :.i! 11»! c!:n:c:,l rrconl- Aiii.^inc nctv IMDIIIN Initi/s new hop; cl a >>elip/ life f'tr you IMhFilX |.-..-i.-,y |'. c ,, n ]y •„ ,|| f(r |,,,| 1) ,.,„, ,!.,„-,' ^jM.-c'tJ^ir a ir..,..r';j ri-w. 'L-I! i.tuu- IMIlUlX i-. lr,-r xrr.iU-t h:r- inrv"::' 1 ^ r\ cr fli -ci ivtri '•' rft'irn (nr money back. Gci I.MDKIN toclVy—rc.-Jn:-; riio>f<irl. •: ll'- in? tr>n/'fif: TODAY-RESUME CONFIDENT, PAIN-FREE UV1NG WITH AMAZING NEW, SAFE, AND SCIENTIFIC... JMlJRIS t'.r,' HT-i* f. r'.'^-f r* h.vm!•;' *; 17-, •> lrrrr-<{..r.0'»n !<i ni''! ' >' " •' nt' l ' .ui u - .' IV (I ,j;j''. I>on'l miM liJt ciiince l'i tn^i/ Living ornc iR.iin. ^6 Faster Arthritic Pain Keltef tltUME A mOXE NQRMJU,MORE ACTIVE UF,( Ku<t> nf .t J.I bolilt tf tf, f we InJri* T*tit* |i n : 1 U Bamitkinm *r.c\e>MMS Yc» pay 9*^09*. j 5ntnd lorft« rc«nowy lira. ar>l Y 13 3D Q NAW(_ Buy I H:cnl viertcc. W tiy Mirfcr rwcilli-.^ty? . roNt iT*ii_ KIR6Y DRUG STORES Main at First - Main at Broadway - Main at Division

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