The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 4, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 4, 1949
Page 10
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 4, 1949 BLYTHEVTLLF. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams CHA6E TH' KX5 OOT OF THERE / I CAN'T SEE -lOU, . „,„ BUT J CAK) SEE W? HI"* HM--AMP H'SCOT ME SQUINCHW TOO; THE: REFLECTOR. Dur Boarding House with Ma). Hoople FKKCKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MKKK1LL BLUStiEft How Jolly VOO SM/VTCHEfeM fJO,^ePTOMt MHi DREAMED^V H6R64 A MAP, MISTAHdff IT'S FUTILE.'^ A Z£8RA -^PZESBA, -~ '- SCAM^EDT CLEANED A Of 600OANC BAD LUCK, (SETTER. UP Ort .AMD T.RV TO Safes/nan Wanted Man or woman wauled fui proflcuhLf HiuvUUkOJ Lliismtss HI i:uy o( mythr- vllUv -SL'll over uuu Oiilly lu-c'.-.vsltit'S. We hiiiipjy iirocliK-ts on rrt<lH If you rju:iH- j IS- WlHr Itawlt'Mh'«. l)i-pl. AKD-210- ! 2I6T. MiMliiilm, Term. .'. l-l.k-5,5 j OGER THE LODGER COPIHlGHT |Y G*(rHlE»C. PUIUSHH HSTKI*UTEO ir MiA iltVKt INC THK STOKV Elizabeth R. Roberts j again lo Ihe plastic nose of (he at M r». II n In-r Ih nplMin l.f- ^ F i r s I Class Automobile j ftktesman. Write Box Gill, Vo j Courier News. <l-i^-ck- Ililrud U-Mvr CO vUil hiinir ftlid Mr. nml .llrn, lliibfMn h»vr nrvt ruwm- * ! plane from which vonlnge point the view is un obstructed. W« were Hyinx OVL^ Glacier couldn't know about lli« Judge Advocate Dopiirlmenl. We spoil Munx the highway, the KrenL saw luelh of .snow tninintiiiiis growing larger by Ihe milt 1 . The needle registered 100. We didn't scorn to he going fast—not tmii'h faster than in the plane earlier that day, The road was smooth and dear of 1 rattle. In suite of ny nii I es of wind i n j; roAd f we Female Help Wonted fcxceHfnl opening :u Miss Whit, si it's Sfiop. ruriy must Imve .some hnow- ]edpe ot bookkeeping n.nd iviiln^ Apply In peison. Miss WhllslU's t>lioi>. 5,4 ck 1 Lost Lost: Black antl White Screw Tall Huiidog;. Strayed from 328 DOU^ILII. 15.UO reward for reliirn or Intorimuioil Irartlng to whereabouts. Pli, '^671 or 4TJ6. 5 It-pk-i.lO Notice ,vhMr In Ihr Park. Below us, mountain pcaki ! c |jckod off Ihe ISO miles j skimmed pnst our vision; one sec- j Entt-ancc Hotel in two and t ond we w^re over a low flat valley i hows flat. For (he first time since bisected by"a silver string of water; ] d ]i vct | in Montana I'd done wliiit M v XXV1I1 feet were glued to the pedals, \\y hands to the wheel, my eyes to the level, and my tongue to ihe roof of my mouth. I heki that frozen position for what seemed an eternity. Gradually, 1 realized I was muLntuining [in even keel. the nexl, a snow peak nudged us. l.;*keF, bidden in the fastness of t had expected we'd tto quite often on pleasant Sundays: drive to the isolated craters, passed benenlh j'p a i!•; for dinner. There were hiin- us. Kven eagles' nests were visible. |<in><i.<; O f pLvipLc in Croat Kn The Capners were getting their first look at it, And I w;is trying lo make this bird's-eye single conform to my usual bug's-eye view. It wouldn't conform. Viewed from the air, nil height was gone, nil sense of towering peaks lost. They I w hich took had never been there at all. r |"HIK hulel, ;is we ex pec closed fur Ilio sou son. ATTENTION FISHERMEN I Fishing boat on Stnle Line North or Uosneil. Out two times a tiny. Lrsivufl 7 n m . nftcV. l'2:'M p in., oui 1 p til., bAck 0 p.m. To nil tiocul llsiitni; points W<»si on til ale Line ditch. Will take nstuny imrtic.s up to 10 person. 1 ;. ATTENTION FARMERS A LIVE STOCK MEN Dead, fallen and crippled an unit In picked up tree of charged in sterilized trucks. Call collet, G142, Blythe- vilte. Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANMAIAL DISPOSAL CO. 4-21-ck-5-21 "Why it is easy," I thought. So ; were smoothed out to only an oc- onsy that I leaned to the port win- 1 cQsional Harti of Land Ho directly vv and looked down. Simul- j beneath us, too near for comfort, laneuusly the ship veered to that ! and the next minute a vaUey floor e, 1 streiimed and pressed hard l thousands of feet below. with Ihe right pedal. We tilled to I It was thrilling to fly in starboard. Frantic, I screamed again, pure Major had not heard , me the first lime. I pulled up the | again. We had covered five hun- wheel to Rain altitude, for we were dipping from right to left like n kite gone crazy. I couldn't balance the pedals and the level on the ^FTEH lunch the insatiable Cap- vcr- bolcn plane, hut 1 was also thrilled when we approached the Base dred miles two hours. the crow flies in meter. Anyway, my eyes were bulging out so far thai L couldn't j have read it. had the mark been j true. Terrified, 1 gripped the wheel and screamed again. We did a nose dive. Earth rose to meet us, I closed my eyes and waited for the end. ners invited Rob and me to for a drive with them in their car. accepted, bul Rob preferred tn stay home. Then M a j or asked again, "Where to?" The day had remained sunny ;;nd warm; the shining mountains stilt beckoned me, "How about. tod, was but we were able lo drive a short distance toward Two Medicine Lake, near the foot of one >t the Big Hoys. A storm was gathering antl great gray heap* of feathers, touched ominously with black, blew resolutely over the summit and sifted down the The long bridge over the ravine of the Two Medicine River was sheeted with ice. When we went over il earlier, it hod been clear and we hadn't thought o( Major j o ck ey ed i I I o w a rd the middle of the road so a bud skid would have room to wear itseIf out. Our breathing wac audible. Major slowed down to 15. Tin: Hands lifted the phones from i Glacier Park? You'll get a dfffcr- my cars. I hoard laughter. I ont aspect from the ground." I had Treat Your Watch To A New Cheek-Up • Prompt Service • Reasonable Prices I don't see why it bad not oc- ^ missed that sense of grandeur and currcxi to me that the co-pilot was' wasn't content, lo have the Cap- at his controls, hut it hadn't. liners think that what they'd seen was certain the fate of the .-hip and of all of us was in my inexperienced and terror-stricken hands. And 1 was furious at Major. When I could work paralyzed cords, I shouted to ask why on earth he j posed because was IT. Major stepped on the throttle. The speedometer indicated ninety miles an hour. I reminded Major of the new limit that had been im- of gns had Scared me so. "You looked too | shortages. He winked, complacent," he shouted, "sitting form is a Rreat fixer." there ga/tng out of the side window. As soon as the bones solidified "Evidently you haven't heard of in my legs, 1 was ready to descend ' Major looked at me understand- | American steel mills produced 88.500.000 tons uf Ingot steel In 19-18. The figure on finished steel was almost- tj6.000.000 tons. Factory-Trained Experts to Serve You! DHEIFUS \\Kttl llrnilii.s . . . Un;ir Ilkiiniiuils 316 \\CST \^1N ST. IV MLUPHI1, ILT1HIVIUE All Work Guaranteed PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Rest Prices Kirby Drug Stores Save ! ft Time • Mone\9 I.alior i J Plant 1 Sinkers ! ACID-DELINTED I Cotton Seed ! L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. Chcrrj & Katlroad I Phont 4493 FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY Come In and rs&& EXCAVATION Phone 8S8 H C O S.J.COHEN C3ontractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All I'vpcs Kuccpi CancfT> DRS. NIES & NIES Clinic 514 .Main KlvlhevUlc. Ark Phone I COJFeSS,SIR.I UCK E . BUT , I. DON'T WANT A VAIET WELL,SIR.,l BREW A RCALL/ Ion, 1OC-OBAWER. CUP OT TEA f 1 / IVIOUGHT HAVING- A VALtf MIGHT MOW Of course I simply reek (or hours, but it tamos down vcMtunllv 1 " . i. M mo. u. t. rti.eri." 0 I'KISCILLA'S 1'OP Ity Al. VERM HER OH, I COULD EAT \ T'l WHAT A SHAME.' 1 GUESS VOU HAVEN'T GOT ROOM FOR ICF. CREAM-.' CE CREAM. ALL RIGHT.' . KIND OF SOAKS IN / BETWEEM ALL VHE OTHER By iMICLIAlCL O'MAI-UKY and RALPH LANE Down I'uyincnl SO YOU THIHK ITS Y YES. IHE PROBIEM IS A PAPtR FOG WANT5, ) WHAT KIND Of PAPtR fH VIC? J\ AND WHERE IS IT? I'VE SEEN \OJ THROW r IM GOMNA FVOAT ONE MONEY AWAY. fOG,/HMFUHDERTMt BRIDGE TO BUT t NEVER SAW < BUGS. IF WE I'.EEPS QUIET YOU TEAR II UP/ J UNTIL I GET WHAT [ WANT, DOWN TO THE RIVER BANK AND 6ETRSADV TO FLOAT IT TO BUGS UNDER THE BRIQGE Ht GETS THE OTHER HALF... THE PONDS ARE HERE. SIR.' asked, .is though Bv I,RSI, IK TITRNKR On the Double WASH TIIBBS Urn OLD SOftVi THEY CALLED SHOR.TV RU'HIS NO-GOOD PAL OUT H6R6 VNIWIW. IU 1H 1 THIRD HOUSE tXTVMN SO SOF»C.V TO/VOL) GOTTA G f)l<3TUCB VOLJi / FFft-lBR! WAKIM'A LADV ... IT'S AW AT ONE-TWETV A.M. TO EMERGENCY! V AST ABOUT WHO WERE GIG V 60CIM. CONWECTIOMS CIO5E- By KURD HARMAN , Down to Karl It liL'CS HUNNY I FORGOT... HIGH PLkCES MAKE ME. OIZZV THW MN'T NO PROateM.' MJE'LL 6ET YA, SOME ELEVATOR. SHOES WHATS EWN YA, ELMER ? LOOKS fS HOOD HAS WEJECTED ME' SAYS I'M [ TEWWLFIC H IX_ LDFJV .' / Ky V. T. HAML1N I'LL TUNE IN OH MO? AND By EDGAR MARTIN J HOOTS AND I1KK liUDDIKS i.jBW—.•* < -y..: ) < '--fi Wf^^f^U ,<V ^y.r .Jtf car swung sidewise. "Steady boy! ie breathed aloud. We were near- 11 g the end of the fill. Major gunned it again. We leaned forward and onto the broad highway. Half' wwy home, Major pointed to the gas gauge. 11 registered nearly empty. "Where get some?" he ingly, appreciating that gas in M mi Ian a sprung and "A tire ground in convenient, We asked a man walking a.lunn the road how far it would y« lo •A gas station. "Ted Davis in Ou- puyer might accommodate you." "How far's Du—Du—that town?" "Twenty miles." We all looked at the nas this police magistrate. He doesn't; There were three sets fine speeders; he puts them in jail." i fingers. (To B« Continued) COTTO N FARMERS Chemically delinleil cotton seed germinate nuickiT. plant and plow Ihe same week. Rtduct cllopliinf cxprnsr and produce more cotton per acre. STATE CERTIFIED VARIETIES AVA1I..V1S1.H IX * P. L. No. II. per alt Lb. Hujt L>. & F. L. No. 15, Per 50 Lb. Bag Stonevllie t B, I'er 5U Lb. Hag StoneYfUe 2 C, Per 50 Lb. Bat Kowdcn 41-R. I'er M Lb. Bag Half & Half Illibren). Per r.O Lb. Bag (taker's 100 Will llesislnnt. Per 50 UK Bag... Paula. Per 50 Lti. R^R Empire. Per i>0 LK Bag BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phone 856 Blythevillr Ark. Phone »57 Branches: l.fscliville. Ark.. llornrrMille. Mo and Senath. Mo. TUDEBAKER Guaranteed CARS AND TRUCKS ARE BETTER ]!)IS Sludcbaker Land Cruiser 1917 Sludcbaker Land Cruiser 1017 Chevrolet Two Door 19.11 Kord Two Door 1910 Chevrolet Two Door 1!117 Sludcbaker Ton-and-a-half Iftlfi Dodge Ton-and-a-half Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Studebakfr Dealer" Railroad & Ash ' Phone 888 •S TUDEBAKER

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