The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 29, 1931
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 29, 1931 RI.YTHEVII.LR. (ARK.) COUKIEU NEWS THRF.I 6,000,000 Bushel Warehouse at Galveston (Continual fio;n pase onel tlic-n. no childirn arc. Th;y, dn-ss ut! every day. tut 1 ir.z:r.& . lo keep them washed and clean, most of the day." ; There is little slrirnrss In '.'::;• | brcod. although not all Crown hibies survived. These is. rUays plenty to eat and plenty oi clothing. The uncle and the two! i.'ilrst boys are baker;; the nldi.-i i :-iil. who is 20. i:, p. s:enr,jjni;iicr.' Between them, they man.vje tnj meet Ihe family budget. | Mr. nrsKii. v.'hose health has! 1: en impaired, has been ordered by his doctor not to work. Some] little lime fi'jo the doctor .-.ail [ Mv. Tiiown hud only -i yeur more lo live. Mr. Bro'-ui 'fooled him; but In 1 h.v; "lac'i to ink? thin'jsj i Stork Cciurs lo Home '•lj:i<es Mrs. Brown go to the- lie-spit?.! -every time j new b;i!jy comes?" P.n interviewer asktd. V.v. Brown aMiiw-ivi! lha'. ore. "We dcn'l hpllcve In having children without Hie pioper nr.t'i- i:' P •." he mid. "Whenever a new baby arrives we have an u;>- s^jrs room cleaned out and lixc:t LI;] like a ho5pila! room. A doctor end a nurse are in nunii!?.nce. Mrs Brown takes n two-weeks vacation in bed after the ai rival of (he baby." Tlien Mr. Brown thous'i; of Eomclhing else. "By Ihe way." he said, "Mrs. Brown has the smallest, foot ot any mother here in town. Ma. .'"how the gentlaman yum foot•'.See. that is a sizt 12 children's s'hoe. She ran wear sl/e 11 in a pinch. We have never 'i?ard oi any other woman of tier a^c with such a small foot." Grandmother, 37. Is Second The lady who holds second place in tins F'.range race for Mr. Millar's half million is Mrs. Grace Kagnato. a Toronto-born Canadian-Italian, who is a f:ran:i- motlier at the age of 37. Married at 13, she has had 20 chilireu. of whom 11 are itill alive, the youngest having been bcrn last bclotx-r. Mi'.s. Dagnalo. Incidentally. serves as court interpreter here. and has acted in murder cases and other trials. One murder caso was interrupted by the arrival of one of her children. She had been on duty In court until 5:30 P. M. She hurried home, the baby was . born by 7 I>. M., and Oie youug- f. Jter was washed and dressed by ~Uhf time the doctor arrived. Mrs. Bagnalo - uvon't commit herself about what they will do (Continued from page Kiet more than ?2,000 be granted any one applicant and the maximum amounts allowed on t're various items included in provisions ol the leans are as follows: Feed per head of work slock. S7.50 per month, or a total not to exceed 530. Cotton seed, oats and seed corn, S2 per acre. Hay crops, including alfalfa, timothy and clover seed, S!> per acre. Garden and truck crops, $]5 per acre; fertilizer. SS per acre; gas and oil for tractor use only 52,50 ]>3r acre. FOR TOM 011ST B. 5. SEED New York Cot ton NEW YOIiK. Jim. M. (Ul 1 ) — Colton elided barely .'•tendy Open Mar May Oct. nee. 10:11 10S:i nw lllli 1035 IttiQ 108:. Ill:;) 1127 Law iirai 1051 1071 10M 111(1 New {)>'ll>rtn<i Cnttntl ' Til(! Boxcr R< =°Elllon was caused ivm \/m.fmi> \svuun , by (]>( , uprislng ot thc CmneK > -NKW OHI.EAN5. Jan. 29. iUP> A ! lli - Mtehma % ff * '" im I when many Christians were mur- I oYred, and order had to be restor- I ed by the concerted acll'n of tor- I elgn lowers. --Cntlnii • Mar .Mi,;; July ! Ocl. ' with tht halt million flip wins It. She SKJ'S .been unlucky In a gicat many i tilings. mul she adds. "I'll prou- jably U- unlucky In tills, too." | Oruiin relatives o! tin- !ate I I Mr. Mlllnr arc contcsllnf Jus nil!.' and it is passlb'.e that llioy may succeed in upsetting it. When tin- contents of Ihe slrni:gi' u/iji u- Ptc jii s t innJe p-.ib- 111 1 . world-wide public iittcntlcm i was drawn to the satirical jivo- | vision (jiving race track und brewery slock to preachtus ami reformers. Some of these lx-nc- liclariis accepted their bequests. ond some ul them declined. Of those who accepted, most of them d the stock over lo clmil- institutions. Spots clnsed quid ur.d unrhair-- i ocl nt IIKO. ! i rlo-vd steady. O^en lllxh l/n' 1 HUD HHB 1025 105't IDlil IOSO lUI'i 11183 1013 1037 1115 .. 1100 . . Ill 1 ) .-U :uiy ClO'-C 1032 105Y 108:! 1107 11231) I No More Piles There are ICi i..... .. ,..., ... .. Among neBrws (lii-re ale 100! Inn ies Hi Oil nn'.'i. 1 IIIR. in the United States! Coii to every 100 w*:-1 ceisl • Cathedral, i ninenin- :iy>k i cf Onilile aix'lillce- .six cciiluries in the build- turne COLDS MAY DEVELOP INTO PNEUMONIA Thi-i recently completed clcvalnr at GMvrston, Texas, has ;« rapacity for C.OM.OOfl bushels of grain.! At ri;ht are two of tlic 42-inuh hells '.iiii?li convey the erain to and from slcriilff bins. i ?35 feet and i ol 217,800,0001 rites io a h;lsht o covers a content cuWc feet. Wl.eal and other grains from all over Texixs and other southwestern states are expected to be shipped here for exporting to South America and other countries. Electrically Operated Bnllt at a cost, of more than j S3.000.0CO, the storehouse is coin- : posed cf fix units, all electrically operated and designed lo cut man- I'.y NEA Servirr GALVESTON, Tex—What Ls be- ; '^ved to be the greatest port grain elevator in the United Stales, and- one of he largest- in the world, will 'it; c:>e:ie:i here -"-on after 18 months of constant dny and night v.'Gik. Tlio storehouse has a capacity for 8 CCC.OCO bushels of grain. Us cost ::- 53.COj.COO. Ihe lartcs', grain elevator on IhK c-.niinent and, perhaps, in tho v.orlil. is "Elevator No. G" of the Canadian Wheat Pool at Port Ar- in? tnc g rn [ n . other units are the thur. Out. Its capacity is 7,500.-1 headhous?. tiratn drier and a first CJO bushels. | aid binding for curing Tor sick -Elevator B." as the one here is; workmen, designated, is ol steel nr.d concrete Mcdern nal labor to n minimum. Three of i i'"! :es '. Cji^at D the units contain 427 bins for slor-' J aly. the Scanda construct! m, fronting and the Oal- veslon Channel- A total of 14.CCO pilings, 300.000 bags of cement, 00.000 yards of coi:cri'ie. and 4400 tons of structural and reinforcing slecl There arc six 42-Inch dislrlbut- '!•- I -If r n which thc Brain Is placed These belts, running like an endless chain, take the sraln into the bins or to steel galleries 1000 feet in length for loading purposes. Load .Ship In 40 Mlnuln After the grain is loaded on a cs until the vessel is in oiien sea its way t:> ports of West Britain, Germany, navinn countries, the Near East and South America. Total weight of the Structure is estimated, ut 25,030.000 pounds. When il is filled to capacity, this weight increas?s to 600,000,000 pounds. An inscription on the elevator 666 LIQUID OR TABLETS Curt' Colils, Hoattaches, Fevei 666 SALVE Cures Hatty's Cold Cou&lit ftoiu coUi may K'.ul lo fc- rlous iimilitf. Vui] can biop thfi:i now viili Creoiuubioii. an uitiulsifii-il creosote is jilfasanl lo tnkc. Ctconuilsion is a mcdiual ili'cou'iy villi two-fuM ncliun; il soollu'3 anil heals llif iiill.u,H'il incmbloi:ci ulhl i'i- tiblli f ,,m l; u.v,lli, OJ all kuuiin drutirt crrosole is rec- cguiicil hv hi|.,h mc.lii.-Lil amliorilii'S osone of Ihe prjk-st healiiii: ngcnrics for tou^lia frDiii CdMs nni] ' I !'. la !'°" ? ' CVumulsion coiil.iin;, in lo crroiuic, oilier hc.ilinr. irli'innus nli!i:li tooiho nml heal ilia inllinu'il ini-iiihniici anil sloji ilic ir- i rilaliun, uliiiu- Ihe urcosule goes oa to llic (toitndi, a aljioilu'd jnlo tha liluml. [illm'k* t!io ieul of the trouble ami i-lifrks the Bionlli of llic ncrruj. l.reoiiiiilsifiii U fiii.irjutccd raiisfac- lory in I!H: irfniinoii of coui-bs from I'clils, liroiiclnlii .iiul minor (orun of liioiu'hul iiriutinii!, and is wccllfnt lor l.uililiris upihi; fj-slcni ulkrcolill or ll-j. Money n'finiilcd if not relieved nflir Ijliin," arcanling lojiu-c. liuiu. Ask your ilruggisl. (ailr.) mechanical contrivances have be.?n installed which will pcr- I mlt the unloading ol 50.000.0CO I noumls of grain, or 500 carloads,', reads: "May the grain In these bins | in a single day, and the loidine of; be good grain and may It spread j three vessels nt the rate of 200,000 i joy u:nl sustenance "throughout the were used in its construction. It | uuglie'.s an hour. 'world' skill, about 30,000 years xumbs' Yesterday to! ™= t "£ dressed to go quail hunting with| The Cro-Magnards, whose work i Roy Cain. About, seven-thirty lie j has been found on the walls ol . carried a bucket of coal to the | cave.s in southwestern Europe, usec second floor nf his home, and ex- color in Iheir drawings, with re- haustfd with the exercise, sat J down in a chair n^ar thc stove. He i complained to his \vlfe that his :hroat hurt him and when his suf- j fering prew mere severe she. summoned Dr. 11. A. Slroud. Mr. Barton's condition even then," believed serious, and he Heart Attack. JGNESBORO. Ark. — William "I'.i-f Barton died suddenly Wednesday morning at his resident ru M?.(ii'on ind Strawn. f.vo hours after Differing an attack of'.whst physicians relieve was heart, failure. Mr. Bartcn, who was sixty Stroud arrived. About nine-thirty f.irs. Barton heard her husband breathing I'eeply and summoned Dr. Slroud again hut Mr Barton had passed quietly away before the j physician reached the home the s:ccnd time. 'His rter?flsed hnd been one of Jcnesboro's butstnnding citizens for Only male crickets sin^, and they d'i so by rubbing their wings together. At six per ccnl interest a sum of money will double in 1C years and C months. Asuarasiis was originally a wild roa plant and is a native of Great Britain. iirec years old. was cue of Jones- I ', ne l ias j; twenty^years, cornuig here boro's business leaders : His death came as a great shock to his many friends and piisinesa associates in Jon.;5boro "and else- •.vlicre. .Mr. Barton, always a very healthy • man. v;as feeline as well as >;sual Tuesday and Wednesday Early, Wednesday inqrnlng. .he TELL llllfiUT II New And Different Medicine Scores Another Victory —Man Gains 11 Pounds In Eight Weeks. rom Paragould and taking over the-old Vv'ar'ner Hotel laundry at that time. He wns so!,i owner of the Jonesboro laundry and half owner of Ihe Jonesboro Dyeing and Cleaning Company in which Roy Cain and Frank Cooper are associated-.also. .'' . ... ,Ad Ycm- message : . Courier Nevja , Taker will be tr'an*' , milled to .17,000 -. readers. Call 306. are Certain. How Cue Woman Lost 20 Lbs. of Fat l.nsf H«i-'E)ou!)U Chin Lost Her Prominent Hips Lost Her Sluggishness Gained Physical Vigor C.linccl in Yivnrinmn"*-- Cp.inr-d in Slranely Figure I'm specially proud; A ._-*/• • -'A. "•' •-".. of this F/avored SYRUP' If you're fat—Hist remove thc cause! Take one half tea.-,porn!ul cf KRUSCHEN SALTS in a class ct hot water before breakfast every morning—cut on', p.istry and fatty meats—eo light en potatoes, butter. cream ar.d sugar—in 3 weeks get on the scales and note how many pounds of fat have vanished. Notice also tli.u yon have gained in energy—your skin is ' clearer— P°°r health", said Mr. Berry Dach. yotir eyes sparkle with glorious RO " I C No. 0. Little Rock. "All that health—you feel younger in body]' atc caustd gas to form and I —keener in mind. KRUSCHEN will I bloated and suffered smothering give any la; person a joyous sur-1 J P 3| !s and heart palpitation. I prise. suffered from bark p^ins and night Gel an 8Jc bottle of KRUSCIfEN' risings ivere nrcessary. My skin SALTS at Kirby Drug Co., ilasts -i ™s not dear am! 1 felt tired and \\eeks). If even this first bottle' tt 'orn out all Ihe time. "A friend recommended Konjola I a:i(l 1 took this medicine for eight I v.ceks. During this time I gained' 'leven pounds In weight. I nov cat three hearty meals a day and 'eel bettor m every way than I doesn't convince yon lliis is Ih" easiest, safest and surest way to lose fat—if sou don't feel a superb improvement in health—so gloriously energetic—vigorously alive — your money Eladly returned. Mrs. Maine Carey of Buffalo. N. Y., writes—"Since 1 began latin Kruschrn Salts I have lost have Ions lime - My Com- has cleared up and I only 26! hope that others may be induced pounds" and f feel as If I had lost j to try this g;od me;l:clnc." jO pounds — I ferl .'•o ^ood and thsj Konjola is recommended no.:..— best part cl i! all Is that I anything I like." —Adv. \ over a to eight vcek period for ail- 31 mcnts cf the stomach, liver, kidneys jr.nrl towels, anrl rheumatism, nenrl- I I's. and nervousness. . ' Konjote is sold In BIythevllle,' ! Arkansas nt Klrby Dru? Stores, and by all Ihe best dnigglsls In all . lov.ns throughout this entire sec- i tion. —Adv. "It's a blend I learned in the Old South nearly forty years ago," says Bill I leer, the Master Blcnder- "Folks say it has the true, old-time Plantation flavor. That comes from using the very finest virgin sorghum." Try this deliciovis syrup with pancakes, waffles or hot biscuits. It makes them taste twice as good—and it's so inexpensive. Write for our free recipe book. STALEY SALES CORPORATION, Dteatur, Illinois BILLHEEfc Slaltfs Afattir Blentffr For more than 47 years BillHccr haj blended ar.d tested syrup flavors. A sample from each batchof Staicy'sSynipsimm pass thc tatof his educated palace at each step in iti making eentunlbe Bretcn Gin 3 other delightful flavors Cryital White (red label) Golden {Mue label) Mapk Flavored (green label) CREOMULSiON FOR THE COUGH FROM COLDS THA THANG ON How to Knd Terrible Agony Without Sains or Culling External treatments cntmol psr- innr.cntly end Piles. Nor does cut- tins remove the cause. The cause Is Internal—bad circulation ut the blood in the lower bowel. The veins nrc flabby—trie I bowel walls weak—the parts al- I most dead. To quickly and safely rid yourself o( piles an Internal ; medicine must be used to heal anil i strengthen the alfcctcd parts, V)r. J. s. Lconhardt, a specialist, after years 'of study discovered a real Internal Pile remedy. He named his prescription HEM-ROID, und prescribed It lor 1000 patients, with the marvelous record of success In CO crises, and then decided every Pile sullcrer should be able to gel 1IEM-ROID from their own druggist. Don't wnste time on external remedies or think ol the pain an-' expense of an operation until y«:i liave tried HEM-ROID. Kiruy Drugstores will supply you and stiar- anlce money-back if 11 does not end nil Pile misery. —Adv. < SUNSHINE MELLOWS Heat Purifies LUCKIES are always kind to your throat Theadiiceofyou physician is: Keep out of doors, in thc open air, breathe deeply; lake plenty of exercise in the mellow sMnsfiiiu', and have a periodic chcck'iip on the health of'ymtr body. Everyone knows that sunshine mellows—that's why the "TOASTING" process includes the use of the Ultraviolet Roys. LUCKY STRIKE—the finest cigarette you ever smoked, made of the finest tobaccos—the Cream of the Crop -THEN-"IT'S TOASTED/ 7 Everyone knows that heat purifies and so "TOASTING"-that extra, secret rocess—removes harmful irritants that cause throat irritation and coughing. It's toasted TUNE IN- TfieLucdyStrike Dance Orchestra, ctery Tutl- day, Thutjda) and Salurdd> evening over N. B. C. net- uiorfcj. Your Throat Protection — against irritation —against cough Tb. Anirtcia Tobiceo Co.. K(t>.

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