The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 27, 1934
Page 8
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r f AGjij SLYTHEVILLR. (ARK.) COUJlilK FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 1934 Undo Sam's Bets in Tonnis Cup Classic Smolhcrman In One Hil Game, Shinier, hour Mil; Two Teams Sluo Cttillnmni: tl'-cir ' J.IP.'.V h:t:l:ig and wizanlly iK-ld- i:ti. 'jlub'.iison llrus ivnrt I'as'.inv; lllliiard 1'arlor hainniered I heir v.ay lo e.'isy vlclo-if-s laM night to | re'iiain deadlocked for the lead in lilt- ;-of; ba:i title chase. Kir'jy Urulhi-i.-. v.,Vi u \iciim (if the hiuvj 1 l.<j:nbardMi::u of (he I'll! Hollers losing 1M-1, while ilu' Teachers r<- c:-iv.-d the vagi's lir^t wh:'.rv.:i>h, 15-u. All Kinds nf Hall Both panics were wild and woo'.y Mfiilrs. characterised by runs, hils Mid (-rrors. and plenty of each, iwpi'e th'j large scores tin re wa.s ' icme ir^-l ball exhibited, and, in- cld.'iill; 1 . ^O!! 1 .-. 1 of ;he oni>o.-|U'. Vern Kin'.er. Robinson's crack rfiiMhnriw. and Jiwmie Smothcr- rv.n. star righthander, were in rxicllem (crui. "Lcuy" liiniti-d! Ksriy to lour hits and one untamed run \\lii!e the I'ns'ime ace vas i veil more s'.lngy. John Hol- lr.:id'a scratch hit being the only sa!i- blow recorded asalnsi. the irlianheariefi flin^er. For the second time "Ace" I'uckett was a \:c- lim cf spotty siipjvjrl. Althoni;li hr illo'.ied twelve hits, but one run i tarned urns were recisierrd off B. Potter Keeps l"i> Clitlilmi-r KobK^r.n's score looks like th" 1 tje.;i:;in uar drbl. Tliey scored in lury inning but the last, their l.ic. iiinims lu ihv fiflh and sixth -..'hen th.ey batted around. The lor.e Kirby tally came in the third j v. lien Eaton, -ritihtliclder walked, v.ent to third on F. Halloa's hit to I riulH and i^ori-d. on Uliuc-r's funi-' i... of I.onnie Sanlh's loiter. •Dick" Potter. Robinson receiver, v.-ni thi hittin-,' star of the cven- ir.if, poimtimg our iwo triples and Van- of'singles Ul flvo. trip*. ji»u;\l FLYING START LON By Krenz oiovii' rl!< -'- w five Y(ull;ei: u-nnisccrs will be nt their best during July. Thry are. being coached by R. Morris Williams, former Uavls Cupper, who has Inangurat- ;-u a new system ot Induing lit Wilmington, Del. Uncle Hani's toys, us shown here, ute. Frank' Shields, lift, and Sidney Woul. below, in action. A'jove, left lo li^ht. are Wihner Allison. George UHl and U.SUT S'.iitfen. ? Prospects Slim For Sweepstakes in Dislriet Xclbnll, rugby, crickol. t:*b]« tenn'.s. i With none too bright prospects Jimmy Tlpton. who won jthe Illytheville high school track plnces lust year. Jimmy is now will participate in the an- heaving the discus and prd'.lng the. Fourth Dislvlck Irnck meet shot « Alabama University. Rimer fo:!lti!ni:c<l a home run lo ;ll jone-sboro tomorruw. his cau:.r-. V. Thomnson. Pastitnu AiHanco reimrls Indicate Hint L.oni: nc:eman and Bunch, short- jdio I'ijgoit team, wlilch won first :.;rppr:-, fielded well. Olovtr.'uim-e last year, and the Jonesboro Parlies. Stilscll and Thoinasnn for Hurricane will tight, it out lor i honors. However par- of a large number ol the district will give h.ive traveled farther to athletes perform has Harrv vlis •\ss'&inii rl iiVs iiive tuk- en him to all corners of the con--' : two first tinent. the last being a trip wlih| J Columiia's foctball stpiacl for thj!--;' Rosc Rowl conflict against SUui-j l: ford New Year's Day. : ' H wa-3 on llial. aUernoon t "ai OrayEun sa\v tii.s 19-yt\ir-cl:l nephew, nobby Gravson. the Cardiinl's : I :he Pf.time each mined in two hits, .swc., did ifals, Rimer, llrogdon, Roil-1 iic:pation Brogdon. Pintle and Fisher are existed to bear the brunt of the Chicks' bid lor places. English is - , ...... imvi ,, [I( ,,,,..,.0^, .,,. also counted on. llrogdo,, won »^, So ^^Vs'Un S i^V ::!if ' : ' <11ir '™ 1 "»=» '"'" >" Sam's lenms Stars Feel Like Ms TliL-ir Year Win .IIM.MIK i><>N.\iii:r. Si-rvlei 1 Sjmrls Writer •Aon't be any pmMrulo i ti: Ami-rlcai) Davis Cup p!ay- : i.nii.f I'M Ihe courts of Wnrx- | on -,0'iiM tiH 1 Yankees 1'inrOi • i:! fur llii' classic in July. • M-ill there IJL> loud yam- ' allt.l.i hlli^in^ at uvei • • dissension 111 the rank.;. ility on vlav t'.rmls.' i i'iiKin. gentle render, v.-lll .anKs \vj!l \\",]i th.' iii'i and there. v.-< be to holliT about. )>rubaWy recall "F.ilv" >:i;ip:.e 111 his .-.iliRll-.s n;atc!l I'CITV. rluglLsh .star, at, (.inrrci.s Thai eii- the iU:feal ul Ihe. Am.TAMn U'.e oliLv bri'.ihl. sjvjt o'. V.liS (Jl'GI'ye 1011 alul K;,n t'nrnin 7 :li:'<i-,l-'.i . Alibis \.-ere iiiKi-.ediaU'ly forlh- .i:':ini: from HMP.<U S. I'u-lllic 1 .:. lid Ihc Ijoys themselves. A slo.-m rncM arose over ilie m;ihod e-ctn> irainin*.,'. :;nd Wallet thill, new presidem of Ihe s. Luvu 'reiun^ A-s-sociaiioii, 10 come 'Jin \vith a stale/nan. li'.f tennis lather.-: \vi t'o r-ti- y satisfied \vitli tlit- condnet ol players and [hat ilirre \von;d :.) ehaii(!e in policy. It can be [Xtintetl out lietc- ::'. i'fifi<- was ri elianyc' in polley f,i:e whirh will lia\'e a tji'cat in- ifiicc 1 on our cup team. '[!;!> wits ihe .-election of R. .. r_s Williams as captain of .Jr- .r, sii^ati. and the relea.^j of i-:Hicc t;'om the i;o.-.t. l. : l:der Williaitls there will l;c no i:s:on i.f over-iraining. IK- i^ ;:ner Davis Cup jjlayer him- and oric-f ranked as ruler o: H'-:ti-rs. He lias ininijnnitrd a . "•; S-.U-IHK '.icj:koi!is. j-clvd.- i" ^N;!t early next montli. - iiiti.-li(!ed to g(.'t the .sh;i|-.c and to jml.;e OF TiS GJIOKO Ct^'S STAFF EARUV OP M ftT LftST; PHILS' na ai-bis this yenr—br- .«e-ve on the duo with ihe cleft- iie r-.m m:itch'-s won' 1 be chinned Kiiy from Chicago. r,:i il.iy. V/imuledon's fields J:". ihroui:h .some unforeseen cir;s.-. ami H :-s this type- o! -ciunsiances. all this is voided by hai ihe Americans, especial- the Mini iiossibility that the U. S. •'.:!' in::! S'.nirtcn. use.;-!, ffninrt doesn't reach the finals— IV: i-\- a:i:l Bunny Aiisiin. :hen skip it. an authority home 0:1 the lias remarked handicap the .r.d r.» lev: a:.- r:ior-- ai. v..:i 1:0:011 r. : 1 . fa'j! will .i- and leave on opcnin;; Yankees lo raMop throilijh Curl Oanske. Iht loop's'- ifj hitter last week, all The L-I.A scoies:. First Ganu Kirby Freeiiian.' 2b 1 c,ste.-. 1 b .B Lutes, p Ur,tiintc.n, ,V.> Henderson, 31: Goodman, c. Ijjmlaway. Iliton. rf \Vahl. if V'. i:::!il>a. ef Totals AB"H"H 1 t) 0 1 0 0 1 0 t) 0 0 SS-lf 2 1 1 I 1 H. Hale. 5b 4 1J. Crowe-, ss 5 cailov.-r.y. 5 Potter, c-lb Rimer, j> Brostion, nt Ganske. 3u Rodery, if Parker, rf Roush, ri U C D 0 ti o 0 u 1 0 n i H 1 0 •1 I'O 4 5 5 1 1 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 18 PO 1 5 8 5 0 0 1 ! 0 1 . 0 "f other .schools u better chance than iia a duul or triangular meet. I The Hurricane rccenty trounced jibe Chicks in decisive fashion in a fourth jilacc in the century dash last year and Purile annexed Ita'. limysoii air liluce in the 120 yurd high hurdles, tenlion in ihe Fisher won third place lo the high , hurdles. ! Tentative entries of the local so.tiad are: boxin when he was o:ie of world In 13Jii a ni'-re .~aiKl- Tun- A'dun mr,.|. Jonesboro has be-e:r 100 yard dash—Urosdon, Locke; 11 CikliiB all comers in Iks stride In KO yard dash-Sanders. Fisher; 2 dual meets and may finish ahead 440 yard run—Fisher, Harris or Oof Piiigoit. UlythevIHe furnished Johnson; 880 yard fi:l of critics to pick Gjnr ney to lift the great Jack sey's heavy'.veiislH crown. They were raUiii^ Tiinn"y ";!ic Greenwich Village Folly" at the time. TV.ey ^aid he was lo.i liurd Hams' i l-'ivi- ':»: III I D=:np- , •"'•' "'••' V. idianss. players !;;:v.- l.crn tc-iected s .ve.-Mii:: al-i l:]ii : - ii-Je;!l L-ts I'U' ei.Cil judgniov.l u! e star., are F.-ank run-Johnson,. a !"> f w worc wagerln? he v.uuhl- llie immer-iip team last year, English; medley relay — Harris, " l ! ' llo '' v "'' lor Uo "''"• Othrs of the writin 1 .: fmt >r'.ii'. •-• Siiiney Wood. :,::,! Wi'.iner Allison. Johnny Van !; : .!i v. : ,s invited to lake par:, but h.- .il'.ummced that -f:irK.^ i:U'.-rfO]-([! i« in n surprising perform- Hainncr, nogers, Liiinsford; 880 Othrs of the writins fun••nii'.v rnnking Mo. •! jjlaji- ance h.ised on the locals' exut-cla- j yard relay—BroBdon, Locke, San- ll ' 1(1 'l t° talk Grayson out of hi?:Status. :.;,„ ,„;,., iions and may prove anotlicr .stir-; clcrs. Fisiicr; mile relay--Harris, choice, but hi- stuck by !'!s gimv this list. [,„•. :l ..j,,,. prise ihis year. 'Hie Chicks led Johnson. English. Fisher: low- "Tunncy will win every iniin:ti-|Ni'iv Ork-m.s co:n. .I'ijBOlt almost lo the lust cvcnl in , hurdles — liroudon, Fisher; pole "' tlic ten ru:in:ls. He may kiiv.:k I the somluni a-v Ihe meet held here lust, year. i vnult--Brogdoii; high Jwrnp—EUR- °»l Dcmjisey in ih? fust." hs Ivl'-tiennis tody wr,nii) 1 The locals have few of last year's lish. Pinlle; broad jiunp-fSrosdon. gmi'licd his newspaper. -ede if \Vi-,xl \u i winners back this year however Sanders; shot — I'nrllc. Fendler; ' " >'av instead 0 0 0 — jiinil their chances arc rather slim. 7.1'roniineiu among those nilFsIng Is nlscus — I'uiile, Lixjke; Purile. Sanders. It will be recalled th:'\ . scarcely up iron. Base 3'•man 1; off PuckeU ^ by Smotlicrman 2; by Puckett 5.1 ".Runs batted in — Thomnson '2, "I Jenkins 1, DI over 11, Barnes 3, 0 iSn-.olherman 3, Stllwell 'i. Bailey * \. Unnnres—Smith nnd Mosc!ey. aorfs S^l':N<^v Writer Joins Slat'l' Of Courier And NKA Servi< Toials 44 23 11 Score by inntiijs: R K E Kjrby 001 000 0 - 1 4 16 Robinson's 225 700 x -23 17 4 Sr.nima:y: Errors — Hale 2, Crowe I. Rimer. Smith 5. Frce- inan, Robinson. Hardaway 3. Enton •i, Salibs 4. Hon-.e runs—Rimer. Three base hits—Potter 2. Two base hits—Kodcry. Brogdon. Stolen base—M. Calloway. Jr.. 2. ['otter. Roush. Base on balls — off Rimer— I; off Lutes 1. Struck out by Rimer-3; Double plays—Free-' man to Smiih. Smith to Freeman.! Runs bailed In—Smith 1. Hale 4.1 Potter 3, Rimer 2. Brosdon Rodcry 3. P.uker 2. RoiKh 2. .Uin pires—Smith and II. Mosclcy. Team Robinson's Pastime Cnmnim-ial League O. W. Liberty Hushes IkU'lU'K Ark-Mo Teachers Kirov Tcxlay, the Courier News is pleased to introduce to you Harry Gray- Pet. 1.000 son. ROW 1.000 1.000 1.000 .000 .000 .000 .000 5 LdS J-3 editor Of SEA Service. Inc.. whoso intcres'.inv; and olorful comment on spovls becomes a regular feature of iliis p^- I>er's siiorts )>nses. Grayson .scarcely rco/iires an 111- troduclimi. He left the New York when the Man Mauler's kni-i-s ged under a whistling righi. "I knew Dcmp.scy's true e'jn.l:- tion." explained C/rayson. when Hie last shot had b™n fired, "and -.vli.j I ever beat Tiinney?" ...I Grayson dislikes to make c:m- v ' i parisons. explaminy fli n t thrvc who liave i^one on before ar< i s.'i-:i in Ihe flatiei'im.; light of ;iisl:in bill he feels certain that Dem;n would t:avc knccked out Tminr\ A <"- »*** To n» doubt tak, Ciiiif Sinter. in the UniUM incliidud in time aao. the ri".i-aled I hut aliiin ol Hie ireaten to sc•1'. eird fr>r cup ;)!-(-.'-i-^;. Slii'jlcis and Sioeien r t) L'j Uncle Sam's ijcts in ;::u:.-s matciie;.. Both play :-: lelui".- Raines, anri are : I-^-'.'iiand jji:a k(-rs. h. on trip oitier nand. arc on (heir rjackhand 1 : — and it '.'.s fault that Williams '.'."ill fj ivmedv in ti-.e :;iact]ce ^L - S- Les. tiic only ^recn plnycr on :hc team. br,.. a,l tiic niukm^s of one of ihe miyht:est racquet w.clders ever tiirncil out in this country, ur.d he and. Shields may Mircpcd in sorkin^ Perry and Ars;in where Vines and Allison failed :LIM year. '1'he doubles combinalion \vill be lr.k-.-n cai-e oi by Loll, than whom I'UTc is nor.o whoiner in doubles circles, and cither Allison. Wood, i. a li^ht affair, there is a ]»ssl- is a ii::ht nlfiar. there i.-i a possi- ; bilily 1hai Ktocien. wl-,o won tlii- i national doubles with Lott last yen-, will .sene double duty and,. :n addition to hectic fiinsles se.s- ^-iens against Perry and Austin, It l.eou Trot/ty. csimlleil from France lierutist- »l liis plans to form a tounli liiii.rii:iiluii:ilc 'o fomfnt vvorhlivvnlnimi, lin.lsrer- [Goocl Pitching Predominates Play In Boht Major Leagues Thursday Two National league teams oust : aside their early season habit-s yesterday, at least for a aa>. 'ihe s Chicago Cubs lan into their first ' defeat of the season and the Phil- - ac'elphia 1'liils Krabl»d iheir first triumpli in eight starts. . In the American league Mickey Cochrane's Dolroil Tigers I:-U.UICL-U the While Sox to move into first place. The Cincinnati Reds beat the Cnljs when Sunny Jim Bmloinley homered in the ninth inning with a man on base to score the tyinj and winning runs. The score was fi 10 4. Tinnlnx was the victim of the circuit, clout after Charlie , Uoot had gone to the showers oar| lier in the ynnie. The Reds led :! ; to 2 until the sixth when Chuck i Klein hit. his fourth home .-mi of ; the season. Si Johnson was thr \vitming pitcher. | Collins Turns TriiK The,New York Giants were Ihe viciims of the Phillies' first victory. Tne score.was 3 to 2. Phil Col- . lins. veteran righthander, was the sinnd out ]>erformer lor the Phils. He hurled five hit ball. Allen's homer in the sixth proved trie margin of victory. Fiiffi.minons, was the losing hurler. The St. Louis Cardinals walloped the Pirates 10 to 1 ai Pittsburgh. A seventh inning homer by David broke up what, had been a pitching duel, coining wiln two Cards on base. Hallahan wjis the winning pilclier. Birkofer was the loser. The Pxiston Braves defeated the Brooklyn Dodgers 2 to 0 at Boston. The veteran Tom Zachary kept six Brooklyn hits scattered lo no^c out rookie Emil Leonard in a hurling duel. Both Boston runs were scored in the first inning. Senators Find Bats The Tigers won a tight pilch- Ing duel from the While. Sox. The score was 2 to 1. Vic was the winning nionndsman and Gaston the loser. A pair of doubles by GretnUerg, Tiger first sacker, figured largely in the scoring, i The Washington Senators trimmed the Boston Red Sox Ju 10 7 . at Washington. The American I champions blasted out la hits. j They scored five runs in the op- lening stanza. Russell.' who 'relieved Weaver, was the winning pitcher and of four Boslon pitchers, Weiland was the loser. The Macks trounced" the Yankees 3 to 2 at New York in u fast game. Joe Casearella, rookie hurler of the A's, and Hayes, young catcher, were the stars. Casearella scored his second win over the Yankees as a relief hurler. Hayes' bat broke ;> tie-in the ninth tnid sent the winning run home. Coleman hit for the circuit. Uhlo was (above) ".•.•n-tary inuniil Lrajtue - ot the Com- t America. i «>« American league was Iponed because of rain. Pastime Moore, c Thomason. 2b Jenkins. 3b Glover. Ib Barnes, If Smothemian. p Bunch, ss Stiiwcll. ss 'Mcrilin. if Tota's Teachers Kramer. 3b Stedman. c-lf Piickett, p . Calloway. 2b Holland, Ib Friend, ss Hunt, si Moscley. rf Burnett, cf Kevins, ci Bratcher, if Craig, c Totab Second Game AB H H PO 0 2 u- Blcllicn Blanks Crackers ! And Vols Beat Lookouts; Travelers Idle 1 4 4 4 • 4 4 4 41 AB 2 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 0 2 0 2 2 2 2 1 2 2 3 2 2 1 0 2 I 0 2 10 0 0 3 0 4 21 PO 0 2 0 0 o i 2 1 0 1 0 5 A 0 4 The Memphis Chicks and New 2 Orleans Pelicans renewed for Ihe 0 first lime this season their rivalry 0 .of last year which resulted in the , [ Pelicans winning the league play- j [he the 5 scries. And again It. was n Pelicans who won. healing 1 Chicks Q to 3. - Mastaikis started on the mound n.fov Memphis but was relieved by A! Harry Kelly in the second Inning 0,when lie hurt his pitching arm 0 Cumberland was the winning OJ Pitcher, lelievlr.g J. Moore. Tbe 0 Chiriss made 10 and Ohits. the Pels 9 25 0 1 21 10 Score by Innings: R H E Pastime 10'4 253 0 - 15 12 3 Teachers 000 000 0 - 0 111 Summary: Errors—Smother™ an 2. Mertlln, atcdmari, PuckeU 2 Friend 2, Hunt 4, Bratchcr. Two base hits—Jenkins, Glover,-Smoth- errran. Three isase mils—TlX)ma- an: I Harry has interviewed m a I famous figures in sports, but | man he admired inc.fl was the " >hn McGra-,v. manager of He is intimately artpi.iint^d \ such notables as Babe Ruth TV CoM> in >j;w!>.ill. Hill Tildfi- in Ur.nis. Bud:!.- Ensor. Earl S.n: de and o'.lier r.oled horsemen aim jockeys. Johnny Goodman am: Waller fl.iqen in golf, and a l:o-: of men and uoinen whose der;S on Ire playing field; have i<r:t!r;i their names in Hr^e le'.i?is i:i IV. Hall cl l-'ame. Courier Sews readers will b' -.u-; informed with It.,rry Grays™ .,:• the jo!). Sprint; Trrk* Lower MONTRF.AI. (TJP>— May mnv::i activity in Montreal will be ::i,lowest in year,. ;l; :s year, it is indicated. Bewvai 55.000 and fiftjwi families change t!:cir rcfidenrei n, tr.e city in imnn.ii linws. bin 'fnson the u>:al u expccli-d below 45.000. -li: Climax Blethcn was In form yes- (-rday and the Smokies todc. lo victory over the Atlanta Crackers on the services of his good pitching arm. The score was 7 to 0 Blethcn limited Ihe Crax to six well scattered hits. Bamcs was the ioshia hurler rp. ,, . „ " VI HI- I tlL^iillll W JVI1I 11 U" Illl^. lie Nashville Vols defeated the • having spent 20 years roaming over Chattanooga Lookouts 7 to 2 at].'port trails from coast to coast. He t,^ ,** , rh , < ; ne . w leasuc Pass Is ns well known In Chicago. Mon- riilc aided both sides, giving each IreM, California and. the Pacific lonm a tally. Reid was Ihe win-1 northwest as he is on Broadway. "? pl l c ,,." and Col '<!n the loser.; Wi-.ile Grayson specialized in The Litllo Rock Travelers and Fiillnn's P.Tiifr Hiui^lil NEW YORK iUI'1—Rol)..-rt Fill ton's paper.*, cansisting o! m.inu scrlpts. riraw-nrs a nd prinie.l i>-i.. collecled by him while slndyi'.u- ;!• problem of submarine iiavi;.i:: and warfare ove.- 125 year-- a • V.nvc been .-n-r.ulred by t!-,- \ York Pub'.i>. 1,'br.iry World-Telegram to join NKA after Birmingham Barons were Idle. Head Courier News Want Ads. boxing m Sew York, his work was brilliant when lie turned to other sports—racing, baseball, track and field, hockey, lennls, swimming, bns- For a .one or n {-Jon ey moon. WRESTLING i>Avm uooi.v.y KAU'I! SMITH Myers vs. Vonlinc Welch vs. Kllioll •Mv.MOUY, MONDAY MTV; XO ONE expects honeymoon days to go on forever. For you- or him-to get all-of-a-twittev every time you see each other would be asking just a "ttletoo much. . . , ''"' '^•• J But- -beware the stodginess of growing too mat(or-of-fact-of always wearing "practical' clothes, of always doing the practical thing. \ new and deliciously feminine negligee, a new tlre'ss bought just for the joy of it, can set your own heart singing and get a word of appreciation from lhat serious'fellow <vho pays the bills. So here's an end to Humdrum! Turn now to the advertisements and let them take you on an adventure of shopping, and revived romance. ; ' • Advertising is one of the reasons why so many women today'are so charming. They teach the secrets oP the great beauty specialists. They give hints on health of inestimable,value. They take you into 1he confidence of the famous dress authorities of Now Yorlc and Paris. nosl-

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