Fairbanks Daily News-Miner from Fairbanks, Alaska on March 1, 1962 · Page 5
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Fairbanks Daily News-Miner from Fairbanks, Alaska · Page 5

Fairbanks, Alaska
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 1, 1962
Page 5
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FORMER UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT-Dr. Terris Moore, president of the University of Alaska from July 1949 until the fall of 1953 visited the campus and Fairbanks last weekend on a trip that brought him to an advisory and planning committee meeting for the Geophysical "institute here. Dr. Moore Visits U. Campus^ P an " lUSO Party · Here Sunday | The many volunteers who j · have given their time to the j · Fairbanks USD activities dur- j j ing the past year will be hon| ored at the 21st birthday an- ! niversary celebration Sunday afternoon at the USO Club. I Tom Romanello, USO direc- | tor, said the volunteers play | an important role in the club's. i activities and their assistance | ; is the backbone of the service I organization. j ' During the formal ceremon- ; : ies held Sunday between 3 and · 4 p.m., Mrs. John Weston and Mrs. John Young of the USO : committee will p r e s e n t awards to organizations and individuals in recognition of I their volunteer work. The public is invited to at: tend the open house of the . USO planned for 4 p.m. Suni day a f t e r n o o n . Decorated ; cake, courtesy of Eielson Air I Force Base, and punch will be | served. Presiding at the re- i ception table will be Mrs. ; Lester Wheeler and assisted by she soldier of the year from ·Ft. Wainwright and the airman of the quarter from Eiel- Volunteers Ready For Heart Sunday of the formal Pro . f g y uw Ge-- liite? . Ge.. Lester WORKERS READY--Area captains assigned to canvass the Fairbanks area for Heart Sunday, March 4, received their work kits last week at a meeting of the Heart Drive committee at the Tanana Valley Clinic. Mrs. Colin Dr. Terris Moore, the second, and universities: Bodouin, Uni- of four pres.dents of the University of Maine, Bates and versity of Alaska, returned to j Colby. the campus last week as a j Katrina Moorei now M rs. wa-wri* Col Stephen w rlve c o n l m t t e e at the Tanana Valley Clme. Mrs. CoHn member of the advisory and Jchn Smathers, is the mother I H e n r v c o - m a P d i n ^ officer of MacDonald ' are a captain for Hamilton Acres, is pictured nlflnmno 1 Pftmmi t f o o A f t V i a l ^ o n i * i i lilclliv, LUiilllJclIIUlIltUIilLCIUli ~ p^nnm committee of the Geo- 1 O f a daughter born in Decem-i Ele ] s ;, n ^ FB . and ° physical Institute. ber 1960. Her husband formerly j £f° n c * m ^ He has served on this policy; taught science in Lathrop High $ Fi Gr f°iTM \,, lsic d , r ^ , he * · » " ' " " f , " , , P rovldel ? by Daily News - Miner* i Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, Thursday, March 1, 1962 -- 5 Edited By , Jo ANNE WOLD ·· foetal events, organizational r*ws, personal Items ; af Interest are welcomed by your women's paste. i To contact your wor tan's editor, 1 Please Phone GLobe 2-1400 Or write fne "wno'j, wnaf's, Where's and wfrcn'i" to i ner at the following address: Jc Anne Wold, Woman's ! editor, c/o Fairbanks Dally News-Miner, SH Second ; \vt., Fairbanks. ' Quild Changes Meeting Time ' A new meeting time will be : observed by the St. Matthew's . Guild when it meets Saturday. i The group will now meet at ; 1:30 p.m. on the first Saturday ! of each month. ; Members who have "talent dollars" are asked to bring \ them to the Saturday meeting to be conducted in the parish hall, 1029 First Ave. Sesame oil is obtained from a plant growing in India and ; other tropical countries. The ioil is said to be one of the : main ingredients of Indian and : Chinese ink. L c officer making committee for several!School and she attended the years and travels to Fairbanks University one year. He now is about this time every year, he a medical doctor and Katrina sai 'd- [finished work on her master's Last week and over the week-! degree while he completed his end, when his tight meeting medical degree. schedule allowed free time, Dr. The Moore's son is presently I ^ D -ese-tation of thP nm Moore enjoyed renewing many | in the Marine Corps serving stand ^f award 'o a unior of his Umversity and Fa,r-!a six-month tour. He will re- TM?r ^ y ° araw ^ Women of _the Fairbanks j Peters and Mrs. Larry Meath,i Apts.; Mrs. Don Reiily, Denali the special!Duplex; Mrs. John Winther, (left) receiving her badge and work kit from Mrs. Ray Wrede, chairman for the Heart Sunday drive. Pictured around the table to Mrs. Wrede's right is Mrs. Roy Larson, 1962 campaign chairman for the heart drive, and Mrs. Art Hering, co-chairman for the Heart Sunday drive. area have volunteered their I chairmen for services to collect donations for the heart fund during Sun- events committee, and Mrs. Eielsonjday, March" iTadies" will can-! Jack H essm, publicity chair^Band, piano _selectionsJvass the city between 1 and 4| m a n - irman 2.C. Gil Martin,(p.m. Sunday afternoon, said! Residents willing to volun- a medley by the 9th Army | Mrs. Ray Wrede, chairman teer for the Heart Sunday [Charles Chase, Derby Tract; [Mrs. Jack Barr, Aurora Sub- Division; Mrs. Phil Dybbro, i Weeks Field; Mrs. Kenneth iRingstad, Day Subbdivision; iMrs. Hugh Connelly, West Band. banks friendships. He ex-; enter the University of Maine I ^' h pressed pleasure and pride i n ! i n the school of forestry wheni"! I'l £ the amazing growth of the Uni-i his military tour is completed, 1 versity and hoped that his next: Dr. Moore'reported. *.*,,'_ U _ ,,,_.,, U I L I _ I 1 ' . for the Heart Sunday drive. Assisting Mrs. Wrede with the drive is Mrs. Art Hering. Volunteers visiting 1 o c a ,,_. Q f - . ,, . -.;:- ------- = ----M . S e h e n Henry nomes will wear a Heart Sun- Closing the . bl TM da y celebra- program, trip he would be able to bring: M rs. Moore suffered !Rev. George Boileau, S. J., .. ~ i'ii^j, *·.! w_i _ IJUAH,ICU 3 DTD' u-jl] a\ VP wife ,o see the many , k e n hip in 1955 t h a t caused h e r , w l " ° lve changes. ,,,,,,,,, TM,r,,, .v^n^ ,,? *·,,,,,,,,, ' _ l n e Q iTMaay manv months day badge and will give donors Jeaflets containing information about heart attacks, and heart [and blood vessel diseases, an- door-to-door collection can call Mrs. Wrede at GL2-3239, or Mrs. Hering at GL2-2605. Area captains named for the city wide canvass include Mrs. Alan Hall for the Island Homes area; Mrs. Evan Hawk, Sla'terville: Mrs. Harry Grissom, Grant Subdivision; Mrs. Dan |Denali Apts.; Mrs. Lee Cork- I r a n , Hamilton Acres Apts.; Mrs. Colin MacDonald, Harn- jilton Acres; Mrs. Savannah | Brown, Lemeta; Mrs. William I Cushman "and Mrs PaulGrei-1 |Ward, Polaris Building; Mrs.' ! ( m a n n , Greimann Apts. For the finest in BEAUTY CARE Call Dean's Beauty Lounge CO-OP BALCONY PHONE 2.2040 our Artistically Framed Prices Reasonable OPEN FRIDAY EVE Til 9 522 Second Avenue versity in July, 1949 and left:her husband said. ..... some four years later on Oc-'"back to normal" and walks tober 1, 1953. : very well. Dr. and Mrs. Moore now live Boddy, Arctic Park; Mrs. H. McCowen, Bjiermark Sub- a celebration of the A · j - · -n n- i.- twenty years the USO nas been , AsKed if ne Still flies his own!; n Fairbanks o n a f a r m i n C a m b r i a g e , Mass.ipiane, Dr. Moore said he has * a l r D a n K S We are listed in the Boston , curtailed his flying "south of phone book ana would welcome | w here the north'begins" but he a call_from any of our Fair-! st iii flies in Canada banks mends if they are ever, tions in the Boston area," he said, in sec . Country Dinner of the country where , , , . . . !there is not the air traffic that! A/I flTCn I (I Since leaving the Fairbanks the East, coast cities expert- "" ^ scene Dr. Moor.-? has remained en ce now I T T 7 /-M 7 "*«aru, i in academic work and in addi-i ,,,,,, ,,,,',,,,,, ,,, ,,_ ,, - i.HOmem2Ker5 LlUt campaign; celebration inounced Mrs. Roy Larson, afternoon commem-jcampaign chairman for Fairi 2\ years of continual [banks. [division; Mrs. Ronald Two- the national USO[ Dr. Donald Tatum is active I good, Gateway; and Mrs. in the drive against heart dis-jJohn D. Mertz in Mooreland eases and serves as president I Acres. of the Fairbanks Council of I In the Westgage area Mrs. the Heart _Association and is Jack Richardson has volun- He recently was re-; to a two A r m v ' s the title of " One hobby of Dr. Moore's while he lived in Alaska was! Treat the family to a dinner landing his light plane on [out in the country and enjoy the members of the Steel Club at president-elect of the Alaska Heart Association. Other Fair- banksans giving their time to the local association are Larry Meath, treasurer; Mrs. Harold teered as area captain; Mrs., Phillip Massare, Coppet area; j Mrs. Donald Tatum, Taku-' Galena; Mrs. Helen Bell, Fairview Manor; Mrs. Kenneth Leonard, treasurer of the 19621 Bell, Queen's Court- Mrs ~"---'""· and Mrs. Kenneth Stanley W. Groff, Ambassador For four years Dr. Moore also headed a cooperative scientific research program conducted by four Maine colleges - · - - - -- mlSSI ° n ° n Mtl } ' A welcome to a!1 Fairbank-l Anchorage Pastor Guest »s Auxilis Has Box Social I sans is extended by the homemaker group who are busy preparing tasty homemade ! dishes to serve at the com- 'munity dinner. Place settings j and table service has been ar,, .. . ,, ,,, , , Jranged for the guests. Dinner r n d a y is "Pal' mgnt and j will be served between 5 and ncx social night at the Eagles;8 p.m. Saturday, March 10 at Auxiliary meeting. [the Chena Community Sunday , "Pals" are denned as inac-[ School Building, one quarter C tive memoers, Mrs. Fern | m l i e on the Chena Hot Springs n of An- Farr, Auxiliary president, j Road. in Answers Your Problems Elder J. C. Hansen chorage will arrive in Fair- said. Each member is to bring: Planned for the menu Sat- banks tomorrow as the guest a "pal" to Friday's meeting, j urday night is turkey fricas- speaker at a special series of Box lunches that members I see, cranberry sauce, bakin" services to be held in the ' b r i n g will be auctioned off be-1powder biscuits, mashed po° Seventh Day Adventist Church - O1 ' e -e late evening snack of itatoes, v e g e t a b l e eelatin speaker at a special series of servic Seventh uay Adventist Church :ol ' e -e la[ e evening snacK 01 itatoes, v e g e t a b l e gelatin in Island Homes. --you guessed it--box lunches, j salad, cookies, coffee, and kool Elder Hanson was recently _ Proceeds from this sale will j a id for the children Mrs Rob-o to the bowling team's ex- en Hunsucker, chairman for nses incurred on their trip the dinner, said there will be a I appointed president of the Alaska Mission of the Seventh Day Adventist Church which 1 ; ° the has its headquarters in Anchorage. He replaces A. L. Zumwalt who is retiring ir. state bowling tourna- charge of SI.25 for adult din-1 v. to be held this year in jners and 15 cents for children Ancnorage. i under 12 years The Auxiliary meeting is due I proceeds from the dinner Homer after 13 years as p.-esi- to star: at 8 p.m. Friday in the' will be used for the construc- dent of the Alaska Mission. Eagles Hall. · ' - The public is invited to at- '·· tend the special services con- -p p -i ducted by the pastor beginning KlUTlITlclSie OcllC F'-irtav \Tarrn 9 nt 7.-?n ^ w ~ Friday, March 2. at 7:30 p.nx . and continuing every evening jtion fund for the community i building needed to serve the i people on the Chena Hot ! Springs Road. This is the first [fund raising project the Steel . _, . _. V ..,.. I Proceeds from a Saturday i Creek Homemakers Club has through Sunday. Each service .rummage sale will help send j sponsored and they are looking will feature an insprins musi-a woman's bowling team toj f o n v a r c i to serving the people cal program and "a stirring Anchorage for the bowling! o f the Fairbanks area at din-1 Bible message. " tournament scheduled to begin; n e r - I Elder Hansen comes to next week. i Alaska from the Northwest The sale will be conducted with a rich background of in the former location of pastoral, evangelistic and ad- Sachs Men's Shop on Cushman: ministrative service. St. It will begin at 10 a.m.] Mrs. Hansen will accompany Sponsors of the sale are the 1 the elder to Fairbanks." The Crystal Room's bowling team.! couple will be the house gues's j of Pastor and Mrs. Don Ja- Silver is always present in ^^^,f tr «^ AN ,;" CLLIE , cobsen of Bentley Drive. E'cer sea water in minute a m o u n t s . ' . . R i v i e r a Boater Jacobsen serves the Seventh The total quantity in this form Day Adven:;si Church here in is estimated at" two million Fairbanks. tons. Calendar of Coming Events THURSDAY T H R I F T SHOP, 2-5 a.m., operated by St. Joseph's Hospital Auxiliary, cnjrcfi and SMALL TALK by Sym "Do you have a business "I've got the card but I card . . .?" haven't got the business . . ." ARMY R E S E R V E S . 7:30 p.m.. Reserve Center, Building No. 1, Fort :M£\A REPUBLICAN CAUCUS, 8 am., University Presbyterian Church ; D !UCE HENS HOMEMAKERS. 8 p.m., ; ho.-ne of Mrs. Eugene Howland, McGrath Road. [ E L K S LODGE, 8 p.m.. Elk! Hall. : A L C O H O L I C S ANONYMOUS, open meet- i ing. Pompeo Hal!, Fort Wainwright , POLAR TOPS, 8 p.m., Fairbanks Health . Center. I COMMUNITY RECREATION LEAGUE, 3 p.m., Arctic Bowl meeting room. :SOUR30UGH DANCE CLUB, 8:30 p.m., ; Masonic Temple. ! SPRUCE HENS HOMEMAKERS, 8 pm [ home 3f Mrs. Eugene Hcwland, Me' Grath Road. I SE.V.I-FORMAL DANCE, 9 P.m..) a.m., ! Port Wainwright civilian Club. FRIDAY REPUBLICAN LUNCH, noon, Yukon Room, Travelers Inn, open to all Republicans. HAPPY HOUR, 7 p.m., Derail Bible Chapel. I TALENT AUDITION, 7:30 p.m.. Chamber of Commerce log cabin, for Carnival talent show. EAGLES AUXILIARY, 8 p.m.. Eagles Hall ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS, family grou, 8 p.m. 849 Sixth Ave. ALOCHOLICS ANONYMOUS, c l o s e d meeting, 8 p.m., 1028 Second Ave. EAGLES FRATSRNAL ORDER, 8 p.m. Easles H»ll JUNIOR-SENIOR WOMEN'S CLUB, i D.m., Crystal Broiler, Forgets To Pull Shades Dear Ann Landers: My wife and I moved to this community a few months ago. We rented an apartment in a very fashionable section of town. We couldn't get a choice apartment so we took one in the court which faces a triangle of other apartments. In other words we face about 55 windows. My wife is a lovely person but she grew up on a farm where they had no neighbors for miles around. She isn't accustomed to window shades and she can't seem to remember to pull them down. I've reminded her dozens of times but it doesn't help. My wife weighs about 180 pounds and she's trying to reduce. She does her exercises every morning (with very little on) right by the windows, so she can benefit from the fresh air. Any suggestions you may have will be appreciated. -- W. L. C. Dear W. L. C.: Don't worry about a wife who weighs 180 pounds and exercises near the windows "with very little on." If she doesn't pull her shades down, the neighbors will pull THEIRS down. * * * Dear Ann Landers: Last night my husband and I had dinner at his parent's home and I got the shock of my life. After dinner my father-in-law (who is quite affectionate) put his arm around me and gave me a peck on the cheek. Two seconds later my mother-in-law motioned me into the other room. I could see she was upset. Her words hit me like a ton of cement: "You've been flirting with my husband for as long as I can remember and I want you to know that I am aware of it." I could not reply. I just stood there. A few moments later I said I had a headache and we left. I have not told my husband about this because I'm afraid he'd read his mother off once and for all. She's high-strung and insecure and she feels inferior to her husband because he's younger than she is and far more attractive. What shall I do? -- K. L. Dear K. L.: Tell your husband about the incident at once. If his mother has these notions she will prob" a'L'ly mention it to him sooner or later. Ho should know why you wish to cut down your visits with your in- laws. The woman is obviously ill and from your remarks it is apparent that you have good insight into her problems. Explain the incident to your husband in a way that will trigger compassion and not bitterness. * * 0 Dear Ann Landers: I've been keeping steady company with a man who is one of the finest people I have ever known. Dennis is a widower. I lost my husband three years ago. I'm very fond of this man but one thing about him bothers me. He has so many fine qualities that perhaps I would be a fool to say something and risk spoiling a relationship. I've decided to take your advice. Dennis has several teeth missing. He is a good-looking man except for his smile and it's a shame he doesn't do something about it. Yes or no? -- ADELE Dear Adele: Yes! By all means. More than his smile is involved. Missing teeth can be harmful to one's general health. Urge him to see a dentist at once. He'll probably be flattered at your interest rather than offended. 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