The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 5, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 5, 1939
Page 6
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PAGE SIX . TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 1939 Minimum Cost Home Academy Award May Be Hers Questions and Answers types of roofs, however, Is not significant enough to cause Ihe selection of the gable roof If the architectural design dictates the selection of a hip roof US IN Fill Carl Davis Residence Remodeled; Rural Homes Are Improved yslematic Survey Of Structure. Is Recommended Preliminary to making repairs .to the home in advance of the Fall and Wiiiler seasons, it Is wise to begin with the basement and conduct the Inspection in a systematic system, Federal Housing Administration officials say. Among the points which should be taken Into consideration are: j (l) Examination of the foundation! walls for cracks and to observe; whether mortar In joints Is loose or has fallen out; (2). if there arc ' wooden sills on the top of the walls, see whether they ore sound \ arid .whether cracks .between wall and sills arc caulked to keep out mcisture and cold ah-; • (3), see whether there is fire-slopping on the sills between, iloor joists; (4) if the basement is not sealed, the joisls can be examined for signs of sagging and warping; (5) sec whether there are signs of dnmnge In posts, sills, Joists, and other wooottork caused by termites or other destructive insects; (6) make sure that all exposed water pipes are prelected from freezing; (.7) If there^are floor drains In the basement or garage, see that there Is sufficient water in them to maintain a seal In Uic Iraps. Funds wilh which to make any necessary repairs of this type nre. obtainable from qualified lending institutions under FHA's Modernization Credll Plan. More Sunlight Helps An Outmoded Home V ^~^— Many home owners. In modernizing their houses, nre making provisions lor larger glass nreas which bring life to a dull or slightly outmoded building, Federal Housing •Administration officials •Jay. The free entry of sunlight ami air into the home, from the attic (o the basement, \ is being accomplished in many homes thrcuglUhe increasing use of corner windows, glassed-in dining alcoves, French doors, and even room-length walls of glass. Old hcmes which do not have enougji natural light rntiy be remodeled to provide n more generous glass area with funds 'obtainable under FHA's Modernization Credit Plan from qualified lending institutions. In room arrangement this Iowa home follows one of the most popular two-bedroom plans. Pcnesirnlioii in both living room nml bedrooms in generous, and in general this house has many excellent features not found of I en in H s price cltiss. Monthly payments of $25.19 will amortize ilu Federal Housing Administra- lion-irsiircd mortgage of S3.GOO over a period of twenty years. This does not incliitlc 'axes or hazard insurance. remodeling and repairing . , .. MiiS can-led out'in Bly- vin, » a " d SI "™u'«i<ng 'section vi I) bod, urban and rural houses being: Improved. ™f Cflri Davis residence, 818 '"'CKasauba avenue, the exterior :f which recently was repainted ind repaired, is having more work done which will complete a re- nodellng Job. Positions of the dining roam and lichen are being reversed, cabl- icts built in Up kitchen, windows dded and much papering and painting done In i}ie rcdecorntinsr >lan. Mrs. B. M. Turner, -who recently nirchasert the old cross farm on he Clear Lake road, has "started a cmodclln? program of the house •hlch will be finished when rural IcctrifioUfon reaches (hat continuity. , , | The W. J. Bradberry house, in he Little Hiver secticu, is to re- cmblc an Early American cottage 'lieu the remodeling is finished, i new gabled entrance,' new roof, ak floors, new siding on the ex- erior \valis and the addition of a com is how in process. FLOO.R.- : PLAN Innovations In Painting Refreshing Modern decorators have made many departures from tradition, and in the field of room painting they have discovered many Interest- Ing effects which home owners of another period' would not have thought possible. One deviation from the usual theme may be found in painting n wall recess a color different from the one In general use. Frequently rooms have recessed areas for bookcases or other purposes; when given a different color, It should be chosen to show en" books or furniture to advantage. Blue recesses in a room with ivory walls are recommended by some decorators, while white recesses in green walls are also thought effective. Interior painting Is eligible under the Modernization Credit Plan of the Ftderal Housing Administration. Frank' Wagner, Who Has Designed Houses For Others, To Build Prank Wagner, who is connected with the Arkmo Lumber Company has designed many houses for other people and now he has designed one of his own. Work is starting Immediately on his residence at 1305 Holly street where he recently purchased a l"t The five-room cottage of semi- modern design will have walls of cedar shingles, painted white, with a log cabin siding at the corners and the blue composition root will be hipped, of an average height. Oak floors, numerous closets, large windows, built-in cabinets in Ihe fcilchen and a hall especially arranged for a space heater will be features of Ihe interier which will have papered walls. Moving Season Is Now Approaching Owners cf apartments, flats, and houses may repair, renovate or modernize their properties through FHA's Modernlzalion Credit Plan and have them ready prior to the rail moving season which Is near at hand in many localities Competition for tenants will be keener than usual this Fall, some sources believe, due to the extensive nse In residential -construction last Spring and during the Attorney Builds Office At His Residence . Virgil Greone, local attorney, has erected a two rcotn frame building n the yard of his residence, 021 est Walnut street, where he has moved his office r- Credit Plan loan, obtainable from qualified lending institutions, maybe used for. redecorating, purchase and installation of new plumbing heating, and electric systems, and for many other types of improve. ments and additions Owner-Occupied Home Is Better Equippec A recent governmental survey 8,000,000 dwelling units In 203 urban areas showed that owner- occupied units are better equipped than tenant-occupied wills. Moreover, owners tend to cccupy their homes much longer, than tenants. IVom a geographical standpoint, mobility Is greatest in the so'uth- *<L st - th « wP-'rt brings out. Dwellers In northeastern cities appear lo remain longer in the same flwrtllng unit than people' in other factions of the country, Income Producing Apartments Possible From Old Homes There nre many homes, not at present iu demand due to a number of factors, which can be converted into income-producing apartments, according lo Federal Housing Administration officials. Due to excessive size, dated architecture', neighborhood changes, or other reasons many homes have become outmoded nnd in little demand, with consequent loss to their owners, FHA officials say. By the expendilui-e of a reasonable amount for improvements, alterations, and additions, old homes may be remodeled into small apartment units. Funds procurable from qualified lending Institutions under the Federal Housing Administration Property Improvement Credit Plan will provide the financing for such projects. While extensive alterations necessary for remodeling a dwelling for apartment purposes does not always require the services of an archllect, the scope and detail Involved make it desirable, FHA officials point out. Under FHA's Property Improvement Credit Plan, the following Improvements are eligible, among Nc«- healing equipment, and plumbing units and others: wiring. systems, redivi.sion of floor space painting and papering, and other improvements which become an Integral part of the building. The exterior mtiy need extensive altera- which may also be financed pointed up, roofs repaired or s new roof put on, porches removed walkways and drives built, entrances cut, and the buildings painted. Coffee Grounds Disposal Brings Conflicting View HOUSTON, Tex. (UP) — Houston housewives got little relief from their worries about what to do with coftce "grounds" when w. G. Wilson, city garbage superintendent, suggested thnt Ihey be poured down Ihe sink. "Coffee grounds do not clog up sinks and they take up space in the garbage can," Wilson said, pointing out that elimination of ccllee from the city's garbage would make more feasible plans to dispose ol the waste as hog'feed. • ' The Informntirn was hnilcd b> housewives joyfully, until plumberj —led. by Ihe city plumbing insuoctoi —declared that pouring coffet grounds down the sink will clog it Read Courier News Want Ads. TERM I NIX TERMINATES TERMITES 0 BRUCE-MEMPHIS Don't Wait Until Next Year NOW Is The Time To Build A Home Q. The mortgage on my notise was refinanced through a Government agency, i am behind In my Interest, payments, but. If I could make Improvements on a rental properly J ovrn, I think the increased income from that would help me make the interest payments on my home. Could I obtain an FHA-imurcd loan for those Improvements? A. You cciikl" not as long as you arc behind In such Interest payments as you have mentioned. A loan cannot be made to a borrower who is delinquent at the time the loan Is to be made, as to either principal or Interest, with respect to an obligation owing to or Insured by any department or agency of the Federal Government. Q. Arc hip real's more expensive than pitched roofs? A. On small houses hip roofs, depending upon conditions, nre lenerally somewhat more expensive than gable roofs due to the idditlona! labor for framing, waste n fitting rafters, metal flashing, ind the 'shingle coaming required on the hips. This cost is partially cffsct by the cost of the gable ends required by a gable roof. The dif- "erencc in cost between these two Q. We are building a new home. Eventually we desire to landscape Ihe property according lo n definite plan. Whal trees and shrubs .should we plant first for best effect and consideration of economy? A. It would be advisable to plant (he permanent shade trees; mass planting lo create privacy or pleasant outlook from within the grounds; and shrubs and small trees which are desired to complement the architectural design of Ihe house. Q. Should sloping lots be avoided when selecting a house site? A. Not necessarily, sloping lots often lend themselves to attractive variations from conventional room arrangements by the use of vars- ing floor levels adapted to the natural slope of the ground Y steep slopes tend to increase the cost of the house due to the extra foundations, grading, retaining walls, and other possible items that may be required. ; ull Plumbing System Aid To Home Health A complete and properly deslgn- -d plumbing system within a house ontrlbules' materially to tlie com- ort and health nf the occupants, Federal Housing Administration cials point out. Only workmen who are familiar vlth the basic principles which cre- te a sanitary, effective, and eco- lomical plumbing system should >c used in installing a system, minorities say. Where economy is an important consideration, it is necessary to concentrate the plumbing fixtures n n single-story house. In houses of more than one story, it is necessary to concentrate the fixtures occurring on each floor and so ocate them that those fixtures lo- atcd ,on the upper floors are as iearly over the fixtures on the irst floor as Is practicable, in order to save piping. Thus, careful thought is needed when planning the plumbing system in a house. 20-Gallon Capacity Per Bedroom Is Held To Be Needed Considerable care should be used in estimating the needs of the family to occupy the house when choosing the size of hot water storage tJink, Federal Housing Administration officials say. A common "rule of thumb" is 20 gallons cf tank capacity, for each bedroom, with no tank smaller (linn 30-gallon capacity. This rule should be adjusted to each individual case. Because corrosion increases as the temperature rises, the tank must be well built of heavy material. For best results, any separate hot water storage tank should be mounted horizontally well above the source of heat, because this position utilizes the full capacity English Store To Post Duns Before Public READING, Eng. (UP) — Another Reading shopkeeper, forced to take action against customers who will not pay their bills, lias started an "exposure camuaign." Today the Bcekford General stores in Donkin-hill, Caversham. has its windows chalked with notices saying that unless debts are paid the names of customer.? will be posted, "The -warning notice read: "Mrs. , road, owes £ . Watch for names. This is no joke! Eight days to pay. Watch this window for bad debts." Mrs. A. Godwin, who owns the store, is determined to get her money. Her mother, Mrs. Bcekford, explained: "A little store like ours has had to give credit. If we do not others will.. ' "But at lust we have had :tp;put a stop to it. Some of the'"golds'' •were bought last Christmas; • "People who owe the smallest amounts are the worst. They laugh at us, and have said they will consult solicitors and stop us from Anna Neagle, English actress, makes her bid lor Academy Award honors in "Nurse Edith, Cave]]." One of many foreign stars whose work is topping that of American actresses, she rose to fame in two Queen Victoria films. First-Floor Washroom Desirable Addition A first-floor downstairs lavatory or powder room, furnishes a desirable addition to any home, Federal Housing Administration officials point out. Under the Modernization Credit Plan, funds may be obtained from qualified lending institutions with which to install-such rooms. of the tank in contrast to the more Publishing their names. But we common vertical mounting in which liave b ee"n advised that legally the lower part of the tank is us- thcrc is nothing to" stop us." ually below the heat source and Small Store Building Erected Near Oil Mill Among; the small frame buildings creeled this week was a. building for a store to be operated near the Blyt-hevilie .Cotton Oil Mill. R. L. Logging is owner. thus not effective. Every hot water' , .; ,„,'.» storage tank should be insulated.; Iowa Farm Wife Paints Whenever possible, it Is also advis- - - ' able to insulate the hot water supply lines. Designs on Spider Webs SHENANDOAH, la. (UP) — Mrs. Tr , . I Campin is no ordinary farm wife. Unseasoned Lumber (Instead of destroying spider webs, P CL • 1 ' slie ^'nts pictures on them.' Causes Shrinkage i Patterns formed on spider webs „ ! by dew gave Mrs. Campin her un- Uiisoasoned framing lumber is usual idea. She reasoned that if suojca to considerable shrinkage dew drops clung to the web so which may increase the rate of de- should water colors tenoralion of a- house, Federal Mrs. Campin drops the paint on Housing Administration officials! the web while it is stretched across say TO avoid such nn eventuality, | cardboard. When the design is com*HA construction requirements pitted, the web is placed under stipulate that well-seasoned lum- glass. Service Available Also Needs Scrutiny In Buying Heating Equipment Federal Housing Administration officials urge prospective home buyers to study carefully the costs of the fuels and service available in the community. The degree of comfort and convenience to be expected should be balanced against the relative c«ls. In choosing a fuel, recognizing the increasing trend toward automatic operation of heating equipment, comparisons can be made on the basis that average coal contains about 13,000 heat units per pound. Of this,, about 50 to 60 per cent will be delivered as : useful heat. With average fuel oil, each gallon ccntains about 130,000 heat uniU from which about 60 to 75 percent of the heat units willl be delivered as useful heat. Each cubic foot of manufactured gas contains about 550 heat units, while each cubic foot of natural gas contains about 1,000 heat units. With either gas, about 15 to 85 per cent of the heat units will be converted into useful heat. Of course, types of fuel vary in cost, in particular communities. Bead Courier News want aos. her shall be used on homes securing insured mortgages. Head Courier News Want Ads. If you arc pumng off your bui , dhljr plans un(n ncx , >car, lake a wor d of advice. DON'T. Right now cnndi- •ons are favorable. I'crhnps Ihey will be much less satisfactory a year from now. We c an hclp m , comp]( , (c yow ^^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ era! I-HA loan and get your house started before winter. Lel us r « n «'cr you this assistance. THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 Home Owners: IMPROVE YOUR PROPERTY With Better Plumbing and Water Facilities Since modern plumbing contributes so much to the family's health and comfort this phase of modernization should not be overlooked by properly owners contemplating improvements this fall. Consult your plumber, he • will help you plan those improvements that will enable you to rnjoy (he fullest benefits from your city water system. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Bernard Allen, JIgr, "Waler Is Your Cheapest Commodity" Her chief difficulty, she reports, Is that spiders In her neighborhood can't keep up with the demand lor webs. Read Courier News Want Ads. EXPERT ELECTRIC WIRING BEAUTIFUL LINE OF ELECTRIC FIXTURES Electric Ranges anil Wafer Healers WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 110 So. 2nd Phonr 518 FIX HOME... FHA Won't Last Forever • Belter use one of these low-cost, easy payment loans now to repair and modernize home property. No down payment is required, and loans may run as long as 3 years. Repayable m easy monthly payments, the yearly discount rate is only 5%, and only the signature of the home-owner is required. Fix up your home for winter. See us now for money to pay for all materials and labor. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO.

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