The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on May 5, 1970 · Page 60
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · Page 60

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 5, 1970
Page 60
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Extension of Filing Date Move Scored BY HALL LEIREN, Tlmra'stBlf Wflltr PASiDBNA-City ' Di-' rector ' John .Adams 'gays, a proposed amendment to the City Charter increasing the 'time for. filing nominating, petitions for Board of City Directors would discourage potential, candidates. The amendment, approved by other hoard members, is one of four to be submitted to voters in the June primary. The other proposed amendments deal with res idence requirements for candidates for the board of directors, redisricting and consolidation of elections for the city, school and junior college district board. Adams said in an interview 'he is concerned about the discouragement ,tr potential candidates that will result if voters agree to extend the time for filing from 30 days to 60 days. Cost Escalation "The time element and the cost will discourage people from running for the hoard," lie said. In a formal argument against the amendment Adams added, "We all know campaign costs have risen to an .alarming figure, This proposed amendment , can only contribute to their escalation." He said ' the present filing time has been ade-' quate for'many years and substitution of an extended and expensive electioneering period is being done strictly for administrative convenience. ' Opposite View The. argument favoring the change, approved by other board members, states that the 30-day filing period has resulted in difficulties for those wishing to vote absentee ballot-It said the 60-day period will give the necessary time to check petitions, and print and provide absentee ballots in time to ensure their return. The other amendments will provide that: A candidate for election must have been a resident of the city for the two years immediately preceding his election or appointment. Redisricting be done on the basis of registered voters in the district rather than on the present basis of the number of votes cast in the preceding election. -Elections for the municipal, school and junior college board be consolidated. According to city official there were three elections last year within 10 days of each other, causing great i n c o n v e-nience and confusion for voters. Smaller Lot Sizes Win Planners' OK The County Regional Planning Commission ' agrees vith the Chapman Park Assn. that it is no longer practical to insist nn acre-size building lots in the Chapman Woods district of East Pasadena. The commission granted the application by Marie A. Zak, 515 S. Madre Ave., and several other owners to change the zoning on -1.S5 acres along S. Madre St between E. California Blvd. and E. San Pasqual Blvd. from residential with a minimum of 40,000 square feet to a minimum of 20,000 square feet. The association submitted a letter pointing out that the Chapman Woods deed restrictions of 40,000 square feet expired in 1966 and that it is increasingly impractical to maintain acre-size restrictions. Mrs. Zak plans to divide' the acreage into seven lots, all larger than 20,000 square feet. Netherlands Tour ARCADIA The Netherlands, its cities, art, flower industry , and medieval buildings, will be visited in a pictorial tour presented by Peter J. Zwerver at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday in the public library art and lecture room. . C s T V s E D C ft R S See 9500 Here's I A R G E S S E I E C T I O N in the World Times Used Car Ad Code Protects You UobtDflnlinstiWonian ttBOJags at IntsmVWoman 2250! SALES CREW SUPERVISORS Afternoon-Evenings Excellent position for supplementary income supervise a circulation door-to-cloor sales crew. Some sales experience helps. Should have 8 passenger car. Excellent wages plus commission and generous car allowance. CALL FOR DETAILS: LOS ANGELES TIMES 213443-3204 EXT. 1238 LOST AND FOUND ! lOcOi NEWSPAPERS Plan Ahead Now! Summer Employment STUDENTS - TEACHERS, HOUSEWIVES - SALESMEN Part-Time Work r Women-men, our program is very flex- ,' ible . . . you can work part time near- home in one of our Circulation sales i rooms, and still pursue outside activi-l . ties. We pay wages and commissions. CALL FOR DETAILS LOS ANGELES TIMES RED0NDO BEACH 1926 E. Pacific Coast Hwy. Suite 107 213378-5100 An equal opportunity employer Jobt of interest Men HAIRSTYLISTS Join the professionals Pampered Lady . needs you ! If you are an above average hair stylist and you wish to advance, join our team. We are now hiring for our beautiful new 14 station salon in San Gabriel. Positions available immediately. Please call me for an interview at your earliest convenience, tarry Alves, Area Styles Director, (714) 893-8564 collect. R.E. Sales OPPORTUNITY Join i RITTENHOUSE RLTY. 445-4516 jobs of Interest, Women 2250 Temple Cltv.- ANNOUNGEMENTS 1200 Driving Instruction CALIFOHNIA DRIVING SCHOOL b DC I nr. LJi., MS-BSM, Orange Co, 531-Si77, Pomona, San' Brn. 6ij2-6J5jj California Living 5wlme Pools & Anew. I 3 B0 MANICURIST San- Marino Pampered Lady Saton of Beauty has an imme diate need for an excellent manicurist, commencing March. 19. Good appearance and a pleasant personality are a must. For an Interview contact Donna Graham, manager, at 282-5121 I13W-4W SECARO POOLS 691-2101 SCHOOLS) TRAINING 1500 it MEDICAL insurance Billing Theatrical Training 1545 fT(SW "for 1st time' In S.G.' Valiev-en send name, address & DIHO FANTINI WOW IMfcUUK Ur NUKiti lllll charce nurse, dispensing J03S OlfsrU-DomojIk 2!00 Jotoflr,lerist,Wtnin 2250 ACCOUNTANTS Manufacturer- General ledger thru SIERRA ENGR. CO. 123 E. Monteclto SIERRA MADRE Ooporlunll EEPES FREE SPRING WARDROBE La flies 1a dlsplev intest styles at Shows. 1200 wardrobe supplied with. 335-9 48 i' t cash Investment. Must b MEDICAL RECORDS Transcriber-Exp. . only. . MON. THRU. FRI. 3:30 P.M.-1I JPLY FNERSON . Beverly Bl, - 3 nlptils per week 1 NURSES RNs OR LVNs Every other weekend off. Goad b NURSE UN PART TIME ,) Too pay, Xlnt. benefits. Ideal ' 699-1061 or m-4H 4, Mr. Tildes NURSES LVNs 3-11: 1V7, Excellent benefits Apply Man. through Frl. 8 to --NURSES AIDES thfpupn Frl. 8 to 4. 724-131j NURSE RN nttes Top pay- Excellent positions. 794.1131 NURSES REGISTER E D ic Valley Hwp. W. Covins PUT YOUR FINGER ON ABETTER JOB It just figures that your chances of finding the right job are mighty good when there are more than 3,350 jobs to point your . finger 'to-That's why people check Times Classified first-it's' The Wesfs Largist employment marketplace by far. TIMES CLASSIFIED ADS Job! of Ihlinsl, Women 22801 NUR5E, Indust. Calif. RN P MEN. For an oocrv. I MEN-SI JUG Paint Co. I enatlnc. H airman rami .u. -JSOC" - VX7 351-61)1) far MontcFalr Plais operation. Can GLADSTONE PARK ESTATES 3 8. irTSMAN-JbjSr"iSfTe nursing tip. iB3-a5g Mr. waranan 4 Odrnw., Fanjlhr rrjij., 3-Mihi, Care tar elderly lady. 7 AM-4 PM, S . , , niJJSJSSSJ flffi&ffferh area 573-2476 "ftV .0 " 4an JMmW 4793 AOCnotttit Women 2300 S&R D d k fSffliSlg I Xr , na-mi . Excellent oppty. i IMF & Sneillno Porsoiint coTXector, ..j......'.;.;TTto"MS0 SECY.EXgcV".'.'.'.'. TELLERNOTES' ... TOWER Personnel Aauni JODS MEN-W0MEH 2400 ACCOUNTANT I APPLY NEAREST BRANCH OFC. 15 National Bonk ELECTRICIANS journeymen needed ' Maintenance Dept. FORD Motor Company 8900 E. Washington Bl. Pico Rivera, Calif, "'MaTci, .usinesI APT.UHF.S.E.SS. 7411 - SMTSa ';;'ti,rr-"fea k.m, 7402 TS,a if'l: pa.3 kMve food 5toeF" '" gi8gg-W 5 FRANCHISES AVAILABLE .or. IIUC..B fial.. Vat: 17SD Va kfiWazen Call: Si2KI3S0; W6-8i7? . "r ' " . BUS..C0ML.PROP..Saiafta50Tamit!eGity 7765 3 BLQGS. on 10.0M io. ft. C-3. Xlnt MM deTDxe apt.. Crgt., : ase ssuce. for Mlp. agents, dlslrlbu tors or nifars. finfch DroducH. Palli Realty. CU.3-263: Mad. Bldg. Sale or Lse. 406 iMQOgRN MeaTciTsulIeT1Noh li " "E I I Monte, exam., operating & X-Ravl 1 rms Part's-H50 m,L?.?Si,J?.-Mi1 BuiProp.-RenMieEis STEAM FITTER Journeymen needed Maintenance Dept. FORD ' Motor Company 8900 E. Washington Bl. Pico Rivera, Calif. piJit' OITY-CENTHAL & NO. 4300 Maywood 4361 J HOMES well hulltTTiTzSrrfist lanllc. RKJu'ced to KS,55D. GLENDALE, BURBANK AND VICINITY 4100 Pacific Telephone A EMPLOYER REPS. Prafais'naf Job Search 25G9 NOW! OPPORTUNITIES OVERSEAS DO Y0J QUALIFY? For an evaluation of your experience, contact tersetu LOS ANGELES AREA 11218 Lono BMCh Blvd. cvnwac (213)537-0591 VAN NUYS AREA ess Van Nuvs Sl.d. m Van Ndvs (213)988-5586 ORANGE COUNTY AREA 505 M. Euclid. Sic. "A" Anaheln (714)774-2610 SAN DIEGO AREA 707 Broadway 919 San Dlcgo (714)239-8146 JOBSoMntfSt Men 26S0 ACCOUNTING SUPERVISOR BA den. 7J5-M6I ioflrds! Hoflmnn 4JZ-0123 aNOtNEER INDUblKIAL cNtiK. rVifi, e & prooram BOX L-001 , TIMES : siudv Send i Centralab Samkentfu cter 13 MSS7 Cruih Form Experience Part time eves., dB. Sat. SAN GABRIEL Vfl' LEY H OS P. LAUNDRY WASHMAN EXPER. ONLY. DAY SHIFT BEVERLY HOSPITAL 309 W. Beverly Blvd., Monrebello INI ST D ivesop men la I Sundslrand DalH Control." 57M1M ic Manager-Cafeteria ifr mors. Cafeteria or feed service SnulMrn CallfTcni WE'lL HELP YOU WRITE ADS FOR QUICK RESULTS JOBSoflnlrst- Man 2SS0I r;,C.-3aiT 0b. Valley 47501 ieASE'OnBW. Vn cant In Walnut,. bdr.. 2 ba. Fam. rni din. rm., ww tral fieat-6 if r, (role, cove red 'natlo, T -m nmrxnm fflJOD or (On lease). .44HWW (esk for Vlrtif or RUCKIN& NOW HIRING Imoarlal Truck Llncj has Imrricdlale I'EW 3f.' i. s bdr- 2 a i bniris H m. Prom GlFHi li. Bldr. 33-lS 5SW31 LaVarne 4794 OAK RWB II Blvd. tc 18. LA. Strike I TRUCK BODY BUILDERS Assemblers, for trailer type manu RIVERSIDE-Saii B.rn. .48001 BUS. OPPORTUNITIES 3100 BEAUTY SALON MelronolTtan Realty ai3M7M CARD 8. GIFT SHOP, est. IMS I6O0O Inv. Good Glendale ioc. 2JJ.B261 Mac Anderson. Rltr & Grinders, excel Must IcavcsWte Wash & fold business. jrao BEACH PROPERTY 4900 bus I. 55 HunllrigioarBttnr 493? bdr. SUM to 16SB it. boiriM. waw ul. 7VM1S-1341 aiaSK-1361 APT.FUR.-S.Dab.Val. 6150 I us. Prop. Sale ot Lease 4051 nxTaBR." 3. aen. IPSO i Mount'rii View. Air conn. 1 subt. pKb. 630 W. Huntlnston. Claremont 7797 ,.E.3H&UuES if SMALL D0WN-FHA 2 BR., caroeied, Blt.-ins, Alr-cc tl S,30D model opEn. Pomona Fr LARGE selection of trade- urn t wslniir. Pasa. FURNITURE Never "used. Apis. Antiiue Paintings BUS CLOSE OUT Stock 969-1210. 33W01 BUY SELL fl. TRADE 5an Gabriel MUSICAL INSTR, 8200 FOLK Classic PENNY-0WSLEY MUSIC CO. Covina, nr. S.B. Frwy. t-3iB7 BASS Violin .E,-San Bab. Vallay 4T50 Piinos-OrgansforSalB 8205 BIGGEST Piano fl. Oroan BuV-OUl Vallav, Coiion, 714B25-SS37 South Pasadena o w., brick BBS. I t27,5DO. San Gabriel 4758 N0RTHSAN GABRIEL . sparkling HO iM,9il)-submlt t Ins. carsetin OWNER 445-1197 NORTH San Gabriel, Larse 2 NO, aan Gabriel, 2 od., den, va b AlUnbn 4759 50UTH of Main. 2 bedroom, nice patio. Owner will carry lit trust J.-500. BOB WILLIAMS 283-ZMB Rosemead- 4762 OPEN DAILY 1-5 Brand new 3 bdrm,, 2 bath home. Contemporary Mediter ranean. 8)04 HELLMAN AVE. 1 blk. West of San Gabriel Bl, $28,950 Euclid Home& , 280-928i REAL i bdrm. scwlno 3 SEPARATE. HOMES On 140x147 H-! Temple City !CL"E'AN 2 Bedroom. I Barbecue. Walled BOB WILLIAMS Klv. 2B3-2!0a nenls. WAADE Really. AT.HZ11 r ten. frl A-G I or a. ivW carpels' a. drapes. BullMr 2 UNITS-$24,000 SHIRLET REALTY' ZB7-W rfJsT- listed an cul-de-sac. 2 I eonv, den, cpts,, drps., air eo BRAND tlCW 3,8. BR. nomas, tor Rnis., iep. din. Rmj, Air Con ' I16,fOO-Srjac. 2 Bflrm. XLNT. Arcadia IOC. 447-B139 !,WrMtJ-,l to CoMfNC SOON ....another For Information call itMBlB Rowland Heights IMPORTED CARS pT5r.l' iTpe"t90Sie?S2.4 -or '5 B7t. ; , - 33i-g .'jg.jl-.YIncerjr Mtri. . iEI -2733 3tUUE COUNTY 4850 ,iW-Oii9 Ant sTjhJBAMffiTlorrJT Toyota TOYOTAS,'' Tne 7D-S ARE HERE1 HUGE SAVINGS elubhse'. Tennis, pool, etc 1 SbgTj HOUSEHOLD GOODS 8100 Volvo iadquarters 3S.I91 Imparted Car Leasing 9238 MISC. FOR SALE SBQQl SAV-ON FURNITURE' 906 S. Grand, ..P'SP tAorse stereos, 2 compact ete & 2 cab. mills. Slight f tctl on, but mo chan call ttlo & all me ooo'dles. Open Sun, 11-5 747-0125 POOL" tables Terms Available SECAaD W2-210l LUMBER, BLDQ. MTIS. BTDflj MACHINERY EQUIP. 880D Dogs pohLTteTtov'. akc v TRUCKS FOR SALE 9150 CHEV. 'S5 EL CamlflO A ., R&H, P'steer., sharo. H497 Int. terms. WarrantyDlrMOJ CHEV. '65'FUSM. VAN 16' -SHARP1 NEAR NEW CONO- 159 e. Manchester, L Fleet mar. Mr. IWIIcok. (81-S327. Dir. bmfjE"'(s 31-T SPORTSMAN. VAN DODGE 'eS 66LV92II) Alameda Ford Truck Sales 59K So. AiameOa,L; FORD;'44"N IW C-ri FORD, JJ Reducedl C 334 H.D.f' ...S229S Aameda Ford-Truck bales. 5925 So. 7amena, L.A. 589-H21 Ford '60 C7C0 1 8' F.B. Dump 'PL.0-1277 1S9 E. Manchester, LA. FORD '6. VANETTE GMC O tory before you buy. Immediate di llwrv. Orrln Fen B1-4!M INTER'tren-'iO' Stake wllh Bow: ll-;pd, 2 spd. ' . Alameda Ford Truck Sales SB25 So. Alameda. L.A. S8J.mi Truoks'Wanled 3161 TRUCKS FOR SALE WJOB Steady Work. LA.Bev. 235-213S IMPORTED 3AHS 9209 Alta RdfflBO AUDI AUTHORIZED DEALER tolt ;n433-Mll- Pornonal Austin SAuitin ArtiBiioa ARCADIA; DATSUM. 1 E, H.unllnalon. 'u:t . . 44.7j I Jaguar JAGUAR '47 XKE WHZ2S3) Nallonwlat Auto Auctions JAGUAR HEADaUARTfRS li W. Foothill. Monrovia 35ll woit.a.efrac 91 S-Tues.,May 5, 1?70-Pt. II - AUTOS, USED asool IFALCON -tb Putura 5aab . . 5AAB '4S,. deluxe, I'ulfy aqufo'i)' 'iover HOOO In xfras)fOnlS1895, small dn. SAAB . '69. New 96 "VX" dlx. ,..S219i VINCENT MOTORS 2124 E. Colorado, P a Mds rraiSljn dr. Stick, PH. -IRBM121), ellx, Finueroa dt Jeff ' ' rl SUBARU OF PASADENA' 292D . Colnrado BvL . .792-3 lllv. Ask about our Mid cily , Toyota 2M-i: VW '6? AUTO. IMMACULATE (VVV630. 7149B7-SJ48, d VW '65 SUNRt Radio S. heater (PBB692) e Wli 44261! SPTS. CAR-DOMESTIC 9400 CORVETTE '6B Fstbl Felix. Flguoroa at Wash. RI.BHll ;.5 ApUlomatic, tH. (OXR MUST. ' Ht; RH. Cuit. wide ovals. Rl.a-(Ul :ALCON '4 Blue. R&H. Xlnt. Verv good mnnina order. (OWB7W). Pfplv- . - 7 (B, P.S.,- A.T. (UMB497) - tram,,' terms. 1ERC. -67. Monterev HT Coe: S-5S gallons, lull pwr., ,alr, siJrJS.V'Termsjj Plymouth Id-down, ele. (NDVW31 Plymoulh Valiant il sharivswa. Xlnt. t Rambler Check ii RAMBLERS buy, Immediate del QX Pasadena- 7S RAMBLER 64 0-9 W0 1 9503 150 li J. Sfl7:tUFH- Station Wagons CH,SS11 7930367 CHEV '45B.A. Won CHRY5. 'il T-C V Jaeps St 1-Wheel Drives 9505 Duna Boggys nana lam. MP bodies from jlJO.I '3 795rei AUTO SERVICES 960D Auto Repairs. Parts 9605 MOTOR Cycles-Sc'ler flBSDj AUTOS, USED BuicK ' BUICK '47 R Honda 5 speed 175 $489 EBler. 3SB-S13S2S9-4S4S hdnda New lws-All n 31P-7312 44l-aiia itralo' seats. AM Sl)Dlr. Jiyoii Demo. Full owr., air, loaded; iiW. fSer. 05471. Dir. CH.S611 BUICK ' 70 Riu. Gran. Sot. rjemn.'tLij- Flyinglnstruction PRIVATE, El Monte plight Sory. ' 447750 93811. Colonial Buiclt, CH,5-6ill BUICK '66 LeSaOre.HT 4Dr, P'str BOATS & YACHTS 97S0, Cadillac TSLcnoN- Bewley Allen Cadillac K2-1527 :ad. '6& Sed. De VWe,' Full owTTa air. Landau, leather, low miles $2495 SSIIOW Dir. 245-1 Oil MOBILE HOMES, Trirs. 9850; 'Chavrolat A.T. RH UVC12S) .CHEV. 'a imcala 2 dr. Ht. VB, (XAT5JD). pr. cty, 443-2620 Console, B.S, conrj. Best oiler. ISUF671), CHEV. '48 irtip'i. 4-Jr V-9 ......11299 at Wash. Rl. CHEV. 'SI B 8-6141 IVFG9761, nr. ptv. 443-262D CHlV '67 Imu'l HT S129J P.S., Automatic, RH. (OXF769) Felix, Flgueroa al Wash, RI.3-6141 CHEV. 'S3 Mallbu 4-dr. Fact, air, au- lo.. R&H, Sliarpl (1493. (YVZM7L andau, Fact. 3IG SAVINGS o 17' INBOARD GLOS ENGINE SI, WO S73-Bi7B fTKHiTI ski boats w1970 Merc, en-olnes & trlr. Comolete SI,tfS SiH. ED'S Nu'70 20' wide, 2 bdrm. $5995 33-TP5I4 GARVEY, EL WONTS 12x60 Dir. Open Jays- f travel Trailers $4695 .331-9994: 9S53 o ED'S Shasta 15', used $495 .1D503JOS14 ARVEV. ELMPNTE Motor Homes 985S ONLY AT C0V1NA DODGE NEARLY 100 MOTOR HOMES! ALL THE FAMOUS BRANDS WEEKLY RENTALS AVAILABLE CALL OR SEE DAVE ALTMAN COVINA DODGE 545 5. Citrus, Covlna, OASIS Trailers, S475 Inilai 7I46B7-422t Motor Home Ranfals 98S2 fjjjgg - XD.QdjeJCovjglj. JgH DODGE '68 Chargers 7 to choose.) Air eond. SC, Ed's, 10514 E, Gar-All Fact. Atr & LoatJedj (WXB235) yCV, El Wonte, iS$? From tlB9f- Dir. $?J3is DODGE-'ii HHfo 7 dr im p.mnnr 98GA ,RH, "alr A,T. (TFTBI4I CampOrS Felix, Flnucrna at Wain. Rl.ai41 CHifvTgrFleeillne with ' half over DODGE 'tt Charger. Landau, Fact, camper. Fi. rauio. bioeos 4 vrseil air. 17,WM ml. RH, O'atr. S2S97 sooaVsle. 72S-B742 DODGE 'i 847). 159 E. , lipped. S2495. (XDJ- Knox Molars 23rd Year of Volume Selling and Outstanding Service H7 EASY TERMS HIGH TRADE INS

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