Daily Sitka Sentinel from Sitka, Alaska on February 2, 1990 · Page 21
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Daily Sitka Sentinel from Sitka, Alaska · Page 21

Sitka, Alaska
Issue Date:
Friday, February 2, 1990
Page 21
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Larry Lr Liberace Lottery Getting Fit possible Sign-Off ment Guide drews" Smart Money p:pg :30 Everyday News News Tom-Jerry Patterson Gold Spartakus Marilyn Robison Theater ol the Stars Bodies Nation's People W. Paid Prog. Age pi TV Preview Business Business 0:00 O:30 ABC News NBC News NBC Nevis Flintstones Tom-Jerry Alfred Hitchcock Hour Mr. Wizard In. Gadget T. Ruxpin Littles Dick Powell Theatre Business Today Gumby Children's Self- Improve- Wild World Heroes Business Money A'- 00 4:30 News Gilligan Bewitched Madame Paid Prog. Heathcliff Pinwheel Wowser Mapletpwn Burke's Law SportsClr. Bugs-Porky Monitor Living Planet: Earth r-:00 O:30 Good Morning America Today Weight World Tom. Todays Sp Maya Movie: "Silent Wilder- Th'breds Lighter Side Love Con. 1 Norway Workout Improve- B'usiness ment Diary of Anne Frank VideoMorn- Assignment: ing Discovery c:0 D:3 Movie: "Surviving" Cartoon Mr. Magoo Eureeka's Castle 700 Club ness" Variety Billiards: 9- Bali Nine Broadcast Plaza ABC News if Figures " Workout Fugitive Collectors Tastes Money Tirstworks' focuses on director Richard Benjamin THURSDAY By Connie Passalacqua Each month, one of cable's great secrets - The Movie Channel's "Fjrstworks" presents some documentary material you ordinarily would never sec unless yon had the luxury of sitting in on a college film class. Richard Benjamin "First, works" concentrates on the premiere films of current directors, interweaving clips with interviews with other eminent directors. At the end of each episode, the featured director's work is compared with lhat of a .student director in his mold. \VhiIe past segments of "First works" could be termed scholarly, this mouth's episode, featuring the work of Richard Benjamin (Feb. 8, 9), is decidedly un academic. Hcnjciinin was an actor for more than 20 years - "Goodbye, Columbus" . (10(9), "The Sunshine Boys" (1975) - before he became a director. And his first film was not made on a student budget, ''My Favorite Year" (1982) was a major comedy production featuring a major star (Peter O'Toole, who received an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of fading film star Alan Swarm). "What I do is let actors be free. 1 knew that all I had to do was let O'Toole be O'Toole," he says of the actor whose character in "My Favorite Year" wasn't far from his true self. Me also lacks the pretensions of power that often go to a director's head. "My job is to solve problems. So when someone brings me one I act annoyed, but inside I really enjoy it. The director's job is to be the eye in the center of the hurricane." What isn't discussed here is why so many of Benjamin's .subsequent films have been disappointments - like "Racing With the Moon" (1984),' "The Money Pit" (1980), "Little Nikita" (1988) or the current "Downtown." A clip is shown from the abominable "My Stepmother Is an Alien" (1989), "My job was to make the absent-minded professor a lot like Fred MacMurray (in 'The Absent Minded 1'rofessor' and 'Son of Klubbcr')." Exactly. Benjamin is not questioned by his · off-screen .interviewer on this or any other flubs. 7:00 fJQ **Vi "AKA Cassius Clay" (19707 Biography) The persona and figMing techniques ot Muhammad AJi. the controversial ex-heavyweight champion, are featured. OF) ** "Six Pack" (1982. Comedy) Kenny Rogers. Diane Lane. A slock car driver turns a sextet of juvenile car strippers into a winning pit crew. 'PG' (JT) +*'A ."The Ultjmate Warrior" {1975, Science Fiction) Yul Brynner. Max von Sydow. Survivors of a nuclear holocaust in the 21 st century suffer from the effects -ol plagues and starvation. 'R' 8:00 fJD *** "Ground Zero" (1987, Drama) Colin Friels, Donald Pleas- ence. An Aussie cameraman suspects a government cover-up white investigating his father's death during Australia's nuclear tests of 1953. (In Stereo) 'PG-13' (W) **ft "Mth Victim" J979, Mystery) Bess Armstrong, Max Gail. A Midwestern newspaper reporter travels to Hollywood to find the murderer of her sister, an aspiring actress wfto fell prey to a psychotic Killer. (jo) *V$ "Physical Evidence" (1989. Drama) Burt Reynolds, Theresa Russell. A lawyer's intense eagerness to defend a hard-drinking policeman from a murder charge leads her to become dangerously over-involved in the case. (In Stereo) 'R' a 8:30© ** "World Gone Wild" (1988, Science Fiction) Bruce Dern, Catherine Mary Stewart. A religious fanatic leads his shock troops against peaceful settlers on the post-apocalyptic frontier. 'R' n 9:00 QD ** "We Dive at Dawn" (1942. Drama) Eric Portman, John Mills. A British underwater demolition team makes preparations to sabotage a Nazi warship. Qe) *'**·/$ "The Sunshine Boys" (1975. Comedy) George Burns, Waller Matthau. Two veteran vaudeville stars are reunited after many years lor one fast performance. 'PG' 9:20© *** "The Outfit" (1974, Drama) Robert Duvall, Robert Ryan. Crime drama about two brothers who incur the unforgiving anger of gangsters when they rob a mob-controlled gam- blingden. 9:45 (JM) *** "Dangerous Liaisons" (1983. Drama) John Malkovich. Glenn Close, Two former lovers in pre- revolutionary France pass the lime by engaging in decadent games of seduction and deceit. Winner of .three Oscars. (In Stored) 'R'.Q. ' " . 10:00 QD **^ "My Stepmother 1$ an Alien" (1388, Comedy) Dan Aykroyd, Kim Basinger. A beautiful alien from a doomed planet journeys to Earth to enlist the aid of a nerdy scientist and his new invention. (In Stereo) 'PG-13' fjf) * "Howling IV: The Original Nightmare" (1988, Horror) Romy Windsor, Michael T. Weiss. A therapeutic trip to the country brings an emotionally unstable novelist face to lace with a community of werewolves. 'R' 11:00 QB ** 1 A "Sinful Davey" (1969, Drama) John Hurt, Pamela Franklin, fn the 19th-century, a young Scotsman finds his efforts to emulate his highwayman father's lifestyle thwarted by love. Qjf) +** "Going in Style" (1979, Comedy) George Burns, Art Carney. Borad with silting all day on a bench in Ihe park, three elderly gentlemen carefully_plan a bank heist. 'PG' 11:20©*** "Madigan"(196B, Mystery) Richard Widmark, Henry Fonda. A New York detective with questionable ethics runs into trouble with his commissioner. 11:30(13*** "Evil Dead 2" (1987, Horror) Bruce Campbell. Sarah Berry. Incantations from the "Book ol the Dead" unleash a horde of malevolent demons on the occupants of a remote woodland cabin. 'NFT 11:50 (SO *** "The Image" (1990. Drama) Albert Finney, Marsha Mason. A prominent American TV journalist finds himsell forced to make crucial decisions when his career and marriage begin to crumbled p On "Father Dowling Mysteries," Tom Boslcy stars as a priest who solves baffling mysteries with the help of his puzzle-solving partner. Sister Steve. H airs Thursday, Feb, 8, on ABC. ,'' {Station* rescue ihe righi lo maVe li»i : minufe change* I .

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