The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1938 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 5, 1938
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT MEET HIS Kaiser's Grandson Once / Worked In Aulo Factory At .Detroit A simple Mcililli)!j ceremony (May Z) hi Ihe Registrar's office in Berlin unites two families thai once «ere royalest of the royal in Europe, Mlllon Hroij- ner presents word-portraits of • the two unusual young principal* in this tmlclliiff in (he following article. . BY Mll/r<)N NEA. Service Stair Corrvsiiundonl . LONDON, May 4-Olit, of Hie jumbled, wreckage of two once .stalwart royal houses, n young mechanic and a pretty < crbwn are about lo build a private life or their own on a fjr commoner plane limn that of tlieir un- cestors. When Louis Ferdinand Hoheii- zbUern and Kirn Romano/I visit tlie United Slates In tlie course of their honeymoon crulr,e, Americans • will see the modest young heirs to . thrones—mere slindow Ihrone.s now —rWhleh once symbolized Uvo of the greatest imperial , d,n:,stics Hie world lias ever known. ^•Louls Ferdinand still lins Uie .courtesy title of Prince. Kiia iins the courtesy title of Grand Duchess. But it's no more than courtesy, because Germany is no longer im empire, but a powerful Nazi stnlc, aiicl Russia is no longer an empire, but a powerful Bolshevik stale. • Tlie df (Terence between Louis and lik Kiva is that she dave not go back to Russia, whcrcns the yoiing bridegroom Is quite safe in his native Germany. Whatever the thoughts of his grandfather, the former Emperor Wilhelm II, the old man d.ire not utter tlicm. because the Nazis could cut off his revenues and his place of exile in Doom, Holland, would then be a mournful spot, indeed. I/nils' father, the former Crown Prince, Is still what he was before the empire fell—a royal playboy with a love of fast motor cars, a palate for gobd wines and food, and n rovlner eye that overlooks no prcllv women. Kaiser's Pel .Today Louis Ferdinand is the apple of his grandfather's eye The eldest grandson—William Fred- crick, "heir" to Die headship of the House of Hoheniolleni—lost this place ami all thnt goes with It In the family by following the dictates ' of Mils' hemi•'niid marryiii" a cojii- inoner, pretty Dorothy Siilviati. He thereby-forfeited all priority'rights.; Prince Louis has been cannier. All Ills life he Ims teen. He was only • seven when the World War broke •out. All around him he saw troops on the move, heard the throb, of military music iinii the thunder of scose stepping, nut he wanted to be an artist. His mother dissuaded him from (hat dream. A dutiful son he went to Berlin University and took his degree. Then he did an linhetird of thing in the Hohm- zollera Tamils-. He announced his intention of going to Hie United States and taking n job Henry Ford had offered him in his automobile works. . Grandpa Williclm only exacted one .promise from him—thnt he .would only marry a princess of royal blood. Withelm knew all about pretty American girls their BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Unite "Royal" Families 4-H Club News Notes Louh Ppi'dintmci Hahciizotlcrii and Kira Kouianoll . . . join hands and house. 1 ;. pep, their charming ways. Ho wns afraid one of them—plus a fortune—might capture his grandson. But Prince Louis liewcd (o llu> line. He really ivnrte.i in Mie factory. lie- became the first, llohen/.ollern to speak English ns Americans do. Not Wealthy He hull Ills incursions into American society, hla dunces with lovelj' American girls, Init then he U'eiiL buck to (lie grime of the factory where lie was on goorl terms with his fellow-workers. Then nl the request of his faintly, lie re- tiirncil to Germany, lla is on good terms with tlie Nazi rcjline, beeniise he holds a commission In the giant, air force General Goerlng has cre- nted. Also lie works for his living having a job with the Uill Hansi\, Uie great Gmnnn rational aviation company which runs nil the Ger- mnn coiiimercinl nirline.s-. Grand Duchess Kirn Is 2!)-(vvo years younger llnm ihe bride- j groom. She Is a daughter or the' Grand Duke Cyril who buck in 1B24 proclaimed himself Emperor of all the Russians, liis claim Is rec-1 oantECd by most of Uie adherents of tlie undent regime nnc! (he -Kiu- peror" holds a .smnll cnurt In his French home. The young couple will not be Imrdencd «ith wealth. Kirn's father hns little and the bulk of (he lio- henzollcni fortunes is in the hnuds of tlie cx-Empcror. He hns given I lie couple ,i Hcildini; piesent in (he shape of a smnll villa nnd garden In the Gruncwald .suburb of Berlin. The bridegroom Is going lo .stick to his aviation Job. "lite couple will take a wedding trip mound (he world. In (he American jmrt of H, ihe yoiinif bridegroom will take his bride to Detroit where it is a good bet that ho will introduce lier (o nmny of the workers who became his special pals, and who Initialed him not only in tlie mechanism of automobiles, but (he mysteries of American slan;!. A new (ire detector device recently Invented for use on airplanes is a .22 caliber rifle shell which automatically fires when a heat or 250 degrees is reached. Upon the Hrlng 01 the shell, n llnixl of carbon monoxide is released ami the flume Is smothered. J'romlscd land The rromlycd j^ml 4-n C | llh met Wednesday with Calvin Hill jircsldi'iu, presiding. There ww 42 iiioiibcr.s and one leader present 'I In- sroup sang "Home on tlw Uan:;i'" which was ltd by Eva Rulli IliiM-iHliiic and Ruth Fulglium foil/win; u'liicli ,-t program was pre- .Sdiited by a number ul tlie Members, Uiirliiff Hit! business meiuinff the liMmim; club captains- reported UiiriKiud fj'Haiinoii, cotton; Theodore- Walil, pig; Jack Hkclton, ciilf- Kd'.vard M'jCormlelt, corn- Evi Hull! BriM.-mll(ie, Jmnifl iniprovi-- inent, liayinei] Ourley, (jardfiilnt' iinil (fuming; Maxim- Moore, cloth- IJH; Kiiymell Ciuitey. poultry; Mmv Tntkcr Moon-, room Improvement- anil lluzei Ciiirley, cooking A dcmonsti-allon on improvln" III'' |.i rsonaUty and politeness wal BIVOIL by Cora Uf; Colemaii home demonstration agent, and j)' V. Maltx;h, asslstrml county a°ri- t'Hltumi agc'iit, gave a demonstration on Ihc; proper .spiring O f C(Jt _ ton and corn. Three new members were enrolled at this meeting. Demonstration Club News Notes j played Bnigg City's teniiw Monday jto determine- whl.cH school should ,l)!irtlclj)atc In the games Friday I night at the field and track meet : at Wardcll. Both Swift, teams, girls ' and boys, were defeated. The scores iwe: boys, two to five; girls, 13 to I. A return game l.s expected nexl week, the date of which will be announced later. | Knm Savage, who lias been 111 for ) (lie • past week, was taken lo a | Memphis hospital Monday. • Mrs, Pred 1'Yankiln, of Micola, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs W. A. Young, Monday. A dinner ut 11:00 o'clock and a program at 8:M p.m. will be amoiy the airahs which will mark tho closing of school Friday, May 21) It is hoiwd that, a soft bull gamo with a. nclKhljoffng school can bo in-ranged for Die uHemwn. Annouiiceinenls liave been made o! the student who will represent Lli<; wiiool in tlie track and Meld meet to be held al Warden I-Ylday 'I nny are: A class boys, .James DiigKins. Noal Mitchel, and junior Williauw; A class girls, Willie IS. I.edbetter, Genevleve Pleasant, and Vlulci Hoimlhan; D class boys w I), stokes, Bdwni-d Young 'aim' Ve.ster cobb; K class girls, Nadim- Ward, Mildred and Hu^el Su. ut"- C class boys. Itaiph Young and Fd'l ward Walklns; C class girls, Mar- fella Wiliun and ,\uomi YOUHL' This is the first time this school tins entered tlie meet. Mrs. Lonnle Ward, Miss Emily Mull-head and Miss Lillian Williams are worklne at the cimninj. lac-lory at Cimithersvillc this week. Undcr-in/lntecl tires wear out quickly, but they give greater traction when the pavement Is wet and slippery. Number Nine News Mr. and Mis. Floyd Harder were 'ailed to cooler Monday by a le death of Mrs. Baker's uncle, Jack Wilson, Miss Mary Collins Is s|)endlii- tills week in Yarhio with Miss Evelyn Ilenson. Mr. and Mrs. Von Mullens and children rclimiMl Sunday from Black Rock, Ark., after having visited Mrs. Mullens' father, who was unite ill. Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Kass and family and Mr. and Mis. Dem Coats and family were the Sunday nuest« <Jf Mrs. B. li. ooltins find daughter Mrs. Alice Cooto. Mr. and Mrs. I-Ved Bean und family spent Sunday in I'rombed l.tiiid with Mrs. Item's iallier. Half Moon News Miss Ora Hawkins spent, UK; p:isl weuk in Hindelte us ilu' t'licst of Miss Kiiiil-jt jurrca and Miss Ilernico Jarrctl. Mr. and Mrs/ Jr. Williamson, of /rilUKSDAY, MAY 5,-19,38 Flat Lake, visited Mrs. Fred Decker over (he weekend. Mis. R. B, Hill and son tire visiting In Walnut Ridge this week. Mrs. Ourat 1 Sennit* ts vLsiUn" in Cnrulhersvlllc, Mo, ° 'Ihe Rev. Percy Ray awarded the diplomas to the eighth graile stiidenLs of the Half Moon .school nt iheir program Thursday nisjhi at tile close of Uie school term, There arc no absolute deserts in North America. Plant life oti some sort is to be found in every' region. j Among Ihc natives or Uie Ada- j man Islands, In te Bay of.Bengal, , walling Is n- sign of Joy. They hu'tif "\h die together and wall for an noiit )' nt n time on festive occasions, sticli as weddings. AMBULANCE SERVICE DAY & NKJHT CALL 30 Holt Funeral Home liny [''rnm Youi- Chevrolet Healer and 1'ay i. css IO.M Chevrolet Master Cmipc S275 1935 Foril V-S Deluxe Se,bn S205 1S35 Chevrolcl Master Coaeli $275 3934 Chevrolet Cnacli, only ..Sl!)5 1033 Ford V-S Titdor, rims Z nn<> .. We have many olliers (o clioose from. Xnicks-ricli-nps & Cars. Easy G.M.A.C. Paj-nienl 1'lan Tom Little Chevrolet Co, Phone 633 Iteece The Heecc Home Demonstration Club mel, in llu- home of Mrs E 11 Caldirell 'lliuisdaj-.' Mrs i; A .Jordan led the devotional after which a .short business meetin" was held. Pollowlnj? the business meottn<* a round table discussion on yard improvement was lield. During the social hour the hostess .served Ice cream and cake, afta- which games were played. Two new members Mrs. Mamie James and Mrs Essie Lemloitnic. were present. The next meelinsf will Ire nl ihe home of Mrs. W. H. Uickson on May 12. Swift, Mo. Notes Carl cobb ami family moved here Ibis week. Mrs. PJoye Kent!,, w lio lias beeii voting her sister, Mr s . j,.,^ Worn Die. returned to her home in Oiarle.ston, s. C.. lust wecfc Tho school's soft ball learns Out Our New TIRES MansGcId (Jnoilycar Kircslonu 251 OFF All Tires Ciiarantt'Cd Arian Auto Parts 12S E. Main I'hone 170 NQRRHQ3DS .CITHKD WITHOUT SUUGKKY & <JUAR.\NTEFD - dic * enre sWn cancerby DKS. NIKS & NTES 1935 Plymouth Sedan ........................................... $195 Oond Shape ............ No Trade 1931 Chevrolet Coupe .............................................. $89 Runs Good .......... Good Tires 1936 Chevrolet */ 2 TonPick-Up ....................... $275 Clean .......... Low Mileage 1935 Chevrolet V 2 Ton Truck .................. ... $165 1936 G. M."c ! iy 2 Ton Truck ....................... $375 '•on? W.. B., Stake Body. Kenl Huy LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. Salts & Service ... , . ic I'f'.vsicians M " ;l "' "'«"« «» Wylheville, Ark. Dance lo the music of at = m o^ cs5 - * AND HIS NATIONALLY-KNOWN ORCHESTRA NO\V Pl.AYINCJ FOR YOUR KN.IOYMKN HOTEL A Spring Tune-up INSURES Better Spring Driving JLOnr eqviipmcnt is modern . . . Our mechanics ^ are .experts . . . Our pi-ices are very reasonable . . . Our work is- guaranteed . . . All of which means . . . yonr complete satisfaction . BRING YOUR CAR IN NOW! PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY '5th & Walnut . f » nonc 81() ftT DEPARTMENT. HOUSE FURNISHING' AND HARDWARE STORE SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO, "TIfK PKOGRRSSIVR STORK" J. W. Shousc ('hone 35 Wilson Hcnrv COTTON CARNIVAL HEADQUARTERS Frank H. Srhiifl, Vice-lVesiclciil and (Jenernl I'^rnni S3. 00 per person, single i'Yom $2.00 per ucrson, <!oublc While in Memphis see Ihc Colton Carnival Horse Show. Sunday, May S, 2:30 p.m., Fairgrounds. Thor- oisghhrcd horses from 8 stales. iw- 'I IK.' in Fnnlwcar at nriw.s! That's always lieen I'cn- ncy policy! Thiit's ivh;il huilt our shoe business, until (odav it's one of llii! larg-cst in the litnd! We've K«"c Ihe limit to brin# von Hie nf v"( "1 "? val " PS evcr " n ' erwl to lh ' c l ie «l' lc iL iN " r(iu ' ;lsl Arkansas. FOLLOW THK FOOT JJJIMS (n Conney's HHQH DKPAKTA1KNT. Women! Don't Miss this Bargain Opportunity! WHITE KID Imagine! These good-looking shoes al Ihis low price! Tlie narrow stripping stitched between (he perforations is smart fashion jicws this sea.ion. Favorite Styles for Growing Girls! OXFORDS Smart! Comfortable! I/nv priced! Smooth white leather in clever new sport styles. Smartly perforated for summer coolness Correctly designed! Remarkable Buy for Growing Girls! OXFORDS Soft white glove leather that will .be n joy to clean. Made over a fine filling last. Attractive perforations for cool comfort. Rubber heels. l, D w Triced! A Sensationally Low Penney Price! OXFORBS Children will like this new Imi- lalion mnd-giiard style. Wilitc elk wilh double soles tor longcr wcnr. Murkiest coinposilion ont- sclcs won't mar Jloors. Designed for Comfort and Economy! SLIPPERS FOR WOMEN, the ever popular o Grsay style wilh peach sateen liiiuig. Of .smooth kirt grain finish, simulated leather wilh genuine leather soles. Comfortable! For a Man's Foot-Ease—Amazingly Low Priced!' :TS Opera style, smart looking as well as eom for table! Grain finish simulated leather uppers, neat instep band! Springy rubber heels, durable leather soles! Savings—Appreciate the Value! Work Shoes 1 .33 Pr. A rock bottom price on sturdy bluchers! They've retail uppers, rtvetcct for extra strength! Comfortable broad toes, long-wcar- Ino composition soles! Hurry I

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