Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 26, 1934 · Page 35
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 35

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 26, 1934
Page 35
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FOURTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, DECKMBEt Zi • 1934 Mason City's Calendar Dec. SI—Annual New Year's edition of the Globe-Gazette. Jan. 3.—Annual meeting of Mason City Production association at Y. M. C. A. Jan J-4—Red Cross to sponsor two day institute. Here In Mason City Loans OB salary and furniture. Security Loan Co*., 321 1st Nat 1. H. A. Towiier. office manager of the International Harvester company, and Mrs. Townery have returned from Winona, Minn., where they spent the Christmas holidays with Mrs. Towner's parents. Jfew houses that have been built in Mason City during 1934 will be featured in the Globe-Gazette's annual New Year's edition, to be published next Monday, Dec. 31. Inscl Sbaner, bill clerk at the International Harvester company offices, spent the Christmas holidays with friends at Clarion. Vern Winters and his orchestra, amrpry, Saturday, Dec. 29. Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Schoby and family, 620 Jersey avenue southeast, returned Wednesday morning from Ames, where they spent Christmas with the C. K. dark family. Miss Anna B. Oilman, Beloit, , WisL, spent the Christmas holidays with her son. C. E. Oilman, general secretary of the Y. M. C. A., and Mrs. Gilman, northeast; LOST— & ft Wednesday 120 Ninth street truck coal chute, A. M. Call Wagner €oal Co. Phone 986. Tbe Friendly Indian clubs will meet at 3:30 o'clock Thursday afternoon ia'ihe Y, 3£. C. Av After a swim, the program will include moving pictures aod club sessions. Vern Winters and his orchestra- armory, Saturday, Dec.. 29. The Bev. Walter HL Kampen of tie Central Lutheran -church left Tuesday evening for Rio, Wis., to •sisit with his parents. Ralph Cox and Maynard Dean visited friends in Mason City early *bis week. Cox is now employed in >maha arid Dean is working in Kansas City. Great Advance In Treating Sore Throat You can't expect lasting relief from sore throat when you use salves or gargles. A sore throat is due to an internal cause and as such should he treated internally. Real prescription medicine — Thoxine— does this. Its two-way action not only relieves the soreness in the throat but also goes deep into the system to drive out cold and fever. Thoxine is pure, safe, pleasant to take. Guaranteed .to relieve sore throat or coughs-In 15 minutes refunded.; Only 35c. CHRISTMAS DAY CHURCH SERVICES GET BIG CROWDS Weather Interferes With Evening Sessions, However. Several churches held specia' Christmas day services Tuesday. Morning services were generally attended by large crowds, while evening functions suffered from the sudden drop in the temperature. "Where we would expect the sen sational, the phenomenal ,the catastrophic, the appalling wherever God is concerned, we find Him enter our lives first as a little child, as though His maturity and His supremacy were too great and too glorious to surmise," said the Rev. W. H. Kampen at the Christmas service of the Central Lutheran church. "Not with the voice of the trumphet, or in the wake of tremulous quakes, but with the angel's song, He comes gently a little child of lowly birth. "Message of Love." "Today we are again told of a Father's great care and love for us chldren of night: so as to sand unto us His Son—the incarnate of the Father. It is a message of love, my people. God's love for His people; and this is the message of Christmas and the spirit of Christmas which ve have been attempting to recreate within our ownselves seeking this in each other's eyes, each other's thoughts, each other's gifts. In Christ we find a love new and strong, firm and tempered. "This is why we turn back to Bethlehem; it is good taht we do so. We see a star's glory, the shepherds' adoration, the magic gifts. We hear the angels heavenly song, the church bell's silvery chime, the organ's sweeping praise, the choir's glorious chant—and in our hearts there is, too, the meeting place of all our hopes and fears as we know the wonder and the story of our King." "He Came Unto His Own"—He came to an tan but < business prevented entrance: He came unto the rich, but pleasure permitted no admission; He came unto Phillip, but doubt admitted no acknowledgment and unto Judas but deceit turned love into paltry bargainings.. "It was only "A Star's Glory" that led three wise men undaunted by scorn and ridicule across the dese- ert wastes unto the Babe of Bethlehem. Little light they, the three sages of the east had. But they followed the light unto the Son of God. It was only the angels song which brought the simple shepherds to the stable bed, visionary, some say, but they kept the vision and found adoration in their hearts at what they later beheld. We have the- record of these—the record of His lifeand'the record of His. own statements regarding His incarnation. • Eight new members were inducted into the church at the 11 o'clock service.: . .At the conclusion of the service a S100 gift from the congregation and $25. from the ladies guild of the church were presented to the pa§- tor. Two At Trinity. Christina* day aervices were held »t Trinity church at 9 a. m. and at Calvary church at 10:30 a. m. The congregations sang the old familiar Christmas songs and hymns. The singing of the hymns was interspersed with Scripture readings from the prophets of the Old Testament. The following portions were read: Isaiah 7:14; 9:1-7. Joel 2:28 and Micah 5:2-4 the wonderful prophecy which foretold where Christ was to be born. "But thou, Bethlehem Ephrathah, which art little to be among the thousands of Judah, out of thec shall one come forth unto me that is to be ruler In Israel; whose goings forth are from of old, from everlasting—." The sermon by the pastor, "The Wonderful Birth of Our Savior," Matthew, 1:18-23, presented the words of the angel to Joseph concerning the Christ child. Matthew 1:18, "Now the birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise: Whert His mother Mary had been betrothed to Joseph, before they care together she was found with child of the Holy Spirit" 1'oridered Matter. While Joseph, a righteous man was pondering what to do in th' matter "behold, an angel of thi Lord appeared unto him in a dream «aying, Joseph, son of David, fea not to take unto thee Mary thy wife or that which is conceived in her s of the Holy Spirit and she shal bring forth a Son; and thou shall call His name Jesus; for it is He hat shall save His people from their sins," the pastor pointed out. "In these wonderful words Goc ilaces the betrothal of Mary anc Joseph upon the high and holy plane that truly made them husband and wife," said the pastor. "Before Joseph had taken his bethothed home to live with him, she had conceived by the Holy Spirit as a virgin although her betrothal had made her the wife of Joseph. "Jesus was therefore begotten of God, conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin." Even BELOW zero will protect your car Makes motor start, gears shift, car steer as easily at zero as in hottest summer. Not even necessary to change your oil or grease, simply add Graphited Easy-Shift— for for . fr>r transmission 1 to 1U pints: Ptotrlor itewlng ee»v. ft pint; 1 pint'te STe rr 10 galloiu ol gu In pa. tank _ Acts in oil like anti-freeze in radiator — •.- and just as important What 1» Giaphiiod Easy Shift? 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Re.nlsts both cold and heat and insures positive lubrication both winter and summer. Eliminates battery and starting trouble. Eliminates frozen oil pump, scor- *o cylinder walls and burned-out Dearingf. Makes for fltiKer tip shifting and easy steering Insures perfect gear lubrication. Always leaves a. line graphite lubricant on cylinder walls. Creeps in with Its graphited lubrlratln* fllm around ail moving parts. The ideal lubricant . * or breaking in new cars and reconditioned motors Tested and approved ty lubrication engineers ant! chemists. The addition o£ graphited oil to regular oil is now recommended by several car manufacturers. " Easy Shift service is simple and inexpensive. One tow bill -will more than pay for & complete Graphited Easy Shift service. Drive in now—TODAY—to your garage or Independent filling station. Insist on Kemiine Graphiied Easy Shift There is no substitute. Per Pint, 50 cents—Per Gallon, S3.50 Complete Service 81.25 to S2.00 _ (Money-back guarantee) If your dealer cannot supply you, order direct EASY SHIFT MANUFACTURING CO. 1308-1402 Locust St., DCS Moines, Iowa Shift Distributer, JOE HARBV A. WAMKR. Mason ( 'lly OGKLVIK ISKO*. .National KednlnR Service Station, Mason Cltj- CERKO GORDO XAtiH CO., Mn»nn fit) SNKIX SERVICE STATION, Maum Cll.v VER.N HOWARD, Mi.s<in City JOHN GAL1.AGHER. INC.. Mason City BEWKV \VKI>CHi;K, Mason Oily FRANKLIN FARM IICKEAt' SERVICE STATION, Hampton HARBV HOlVMdN. Clarion PRAXTI.K * PETERSON, Mnnly HOME OH. * GAS, Nora Sprint* MIKE WKI.LER, Charlej (lly HEN I'. A DA MM, .xueyvlll* BII.VS- TIIIK SHOP. SI. Aiwrar SCHMIDT * HAVES. Whlllrmor. MASON'S CARAKE, Clrnr I-til.-.- OLK .VORDSTRl II. Fnrr«t fily K. A. rKTERfO.N. l.nli^ Mill* i'lJfKMAN * MIT.IU'UK.v, fccurvllH! !7 First Str.M-1 S. \\., Mason city, low«. SHEIMo HARlnvAIlK CO., Fertile HARRY JOHNSON, clear Ijikr OSCAR KMTSOX, Hnnl«nlnn-n FI.OVH KIMIiAI.I,. Oar lj,u e OKOROU COIU'RX. nrlmond 1-orKjov .U;TO co., rop<-jov MOTOR I,\.S, Brltl KKNXETH CIIKIIOCK. Rock FalU <»YTO FISCHER. Rotkford GEOROE JSC1IOIJ.. Korknt-ll IIAI-E CAPPER. 1'frkprshurc YKAKEI. OARAC.K. Kannwlm •IOK HENDERSON. XST, M>rln« Al.l'UKI) (), MIIORK, Manlv MEYER GARAGE, MC-.VIT ' GEORGF. KlilSH. ( lar'ion COMMIMTY Oil. CO.. IIIvNl'.Y DOEBEE. llnr.lontoun EARI, MrVrT.t.KN. llHnlo,, ( (M.n MAM.V Oil. (O., Manlj OSCAR XAMoriT. .lolcf One Was Lucky and Seven Were Not in Police Court Fines One wag lucky and seven were not. That was the count on eight men arraigned before John C. Shipley, police judge, Monday morning. Robert McCawley, 223 Twelfth street southeast, was fined $10 and costs on a charge of intoxication. Seven others were fined $25 and costs on similar charges. The seven included Tommy McGhee,. Mason City; Walter Hardman, transient; Eugene O'Brien, Huntington, W. Va.; Peter Pesiek, transient; Tommy Quinn, 509 First street southeast; J. Jackson, 808 Fillmore avenue northwest; and Thomas B. Lewis, Marshalltown. All were arrestsd over the week-end. Fire Damages Home. SIOUX CITY, Dec, 26. C^)—Fire believed to have been caused by a defective chimney resulted in an estimated $3,200 damage to the home of J. Earle Martin, Sioux City businessman. AT THE HOSPITALS Mrs. Henry Felsinger, 825 Hani-, son avenue southwest, was dismissed frnm the Mercy hospital Monday following a minor operation. Harold Norabec, 930 Tenth street northeast, was dismissed from the Park hospital Monday following a minor operation. A daughter weighing 9 pounds S ounces was born to Mr. and Mrs. John L. Dougherty, 211 Connecticut avenue northeast, Christmas day at r ^g Story h05pit3l. --Mrs.; Max Lutcavish and infant daughter. S18 Harrison avenue southwest, wsjri- dismissed from the Mercy hospital Monday. Mrs. W. H. McVicker and infant daughter, 109 Ninth street northeast, were dismissed from the Park hospital Monday. Mrs. Harm Catuin, Garner, was dismissed from the Mercy hospital Tuesday following a minor operation. Joan Gilmore, 914 Washington avenue northwest, was dismissed from the Park hospital Monday following a major operation. Mildred Johnson, Mason City, was dismissed from the Mercy hospital Tuesday following a major operation. Mrs. Maynard Nail. Corwith. was dismissed from the Park hospital Monday following a major operation. Mrs. M. H. Winters and infant daughter, 1310 Jersey avenue north-, east, were dismissed from the Mercy hospital Tuesday. Mrs. Enno Ostendorf and infant daughter, Goodell, were dismissed from the Park hospital Monday. A son weighing 6 pounds 10 nunccs was born to Mr. and Mrs. Louie Terhufin. 933 Polk avenue southwest, at the Mercy hospital Wednesday. A daughter was bora to Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Knoke. Garner, at the Park hospital Monday. Mrs. Fred Eggers, 120 Third street northwest, was admitted to the Mercy hospital Tuesday for a major operation. Stanley Kowalsky, Clear Lake, was admitted to the Park hospital Tuesday for a major operation. George Mogk, Nora Springs, was admitted to the Mercy hospital Tuesday for treatment. Lester Harty, 1226 South Federal avenue, was admitted to the Park hospital Tuesday for examination. Don Anston, llS'-i South Federal avenue, was admitted to the Mercy hospital Wednesday for treatment for a sprained ankle. Mrs. Earle Larson and infant (laughter, Lake Mills, were dismissed from the Park hospital Tuesday. Lillian M, Moore, Kirk apartments, was dismissed from the Park j hospital Tuesday following treat- mc-.nt for injuries received when she ! fell on icr. gneat A+ + i\vi;\roi:v Odd Lots~One-of-a-Kind SUITES! 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