The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 29, 1931
Page 2
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PAGE TWO JlI/rrilEVILLE, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JAXUARY_29,_ u Watch Diet, Avoid Fatigeu If. You Would Dodge Flu Society Calendar Saturday There will be a story hour at the Library at 10:30 o'clock. Dainty Lingerie Features Mew Blouses Entertains Club. Mrs. Farnsivurth Black was hostess to the members of the \Vcdii2s- . day Bridge club this week. In the contract bridge Mrs. W. . H. Minyord won the prize, hosiery, .and Mrs. W. 13. Tanner, n bride, was presented a gift • . A delicious fruil salad, sandwiches and coffee refreshed the eight. ' present. • • • His Club Parly Members of one of the new Wednesday Contract chilis and '. Mrs. Bernard Oooch and Mb; Mary - Arden Galloway of Covlnston. Tcnn., who Is the housesuest If : Mis. Carrol, were entertained by -Mrs. Charl?s Crlgpcr Jr., this week at her country home at Anntirel- •••• -Mrs. Joe Chiton Watson received hosiery for. the club prize and both guests received linen hand. "kerchiefs. : In the delicious sniad course served there was a Valentin? note also jtoii hi the heart-candles and in the tallies. - - * * * Has Bridge Party. ' Miss Doris Grander was hostess . to 12 frijnds last evening fur a '. bridge party al her home nt Armorel. For Uie fiirjs' prlic, Miss Mugalene McKinnon won pirfurn- . and the bDys>' pri^e, .1 der:. of, cards, went to Ennan L'.ittrei'.. Lat-' cr In the evening dancing was enjoyed. Delicious refreshments of frozen fruit salad, sandwiches and coilce were served. P. E. O. Mccls.. The P..& O. chapter met with the president, Mrs. J. A. Leech. Wednesday afternoon for a pro. gram -In' observing Founders Day. . Mrs. "A. Conway was leader for an interesting discussion concerning the beginners oi this organization which aids girls In obtaining an education. - •'•' The hostess served dainty! re i'leskmehts. . ' : ". -. . Class To Entertain. : .. : ' The.Sunday school-: classes .of bie First. McUiodlxt-.^-CfljjBSU,.taught by Mrs. 0.. O. 'Ganske, : .Miss Lilclle entertain • the classes of. Mrs. EDITOR'S NOTE: This is Ilielto say lie has n cold. If he coughs, | si'Cf.nd of three at Holes wrilK'ii cs- he will add la thi diagnosis laryn- | .:c<taliy lor The Courier Ncwu anil Bills and bronchitis II his nose ' XIJA Service by Dr. Morris- I'Mi-1 runs profusely, he will say he has n cold In the head or coryza. How Epidemic Arises If the whole attack Is very severe, lie says he has the grip, and M'hen everybody In the cominunily suffers at the'same time, the condition is known as epidemic influ- Harry Becknian feels that D RIDGE bcln, noted authority, on how to avoid influenza and Us greatest conlrllmUry ra-jsr, the common iM.ld. Thi' series Is cspi-c-lally tiiiK- • of Inllucn^H epidemics reported in various cities. iSV Oil, MOKltIS FISHHKIN enza. i:d[lor, Journal of the American Dr. Association, and of Hy- Ilic Hcallh Magazine. The 'U-intcr months urc the scit- of couglis iind colds. These ! represent io;lay the most common complaints from which human beings suffer uml teid (he causes of absence fro in work ill most In dustrial plants. in isi.'ing advice as to how col<ls may lie prevented, mod crn hygienisti demand first of all tiiat human |ie- i be kepi in the tost possible condition. This inean.s good hygiene, including projier food, ade- quale rest iind Bleep, n sufllclcnt :i uo'.Mit of water and exercfc. It IJicbably equally important thai I'.i- liuinan being be not cxmi.icil to . •.ijitlue chilling or moisture . It Is doubtful thai there is any Taific drug, vaccine, .scrum, n-.ed- .•:ne or physical apparalius that is particular benefit in preventing Various types ot vaccines H:T u?:?d by ninny piiysicians be- they are comir.ced that they Ui build up-ic-sistance, but the n:»'.jorily of physicians are nut yet convinced of the value of this chilling of .the body and excessive fatigue probably arc associated ART1-CLE NO, 118 BY WM. E. McKENNEY the declarer Is Uoiir.d to w:n all of the rfmalnm 1 .; tncks. ft \\\--.{ „ , , ., ,, were to return tin- d'ucr of £ ^ r" 1 . SC 'f 6 ?'; I "<*rts, declarer would iviih The hold-up at no trump should th e and u ^j a a,^.^ be carefully studied by the bridge wimii m , ils , Uun . UJ , , 1; w: ., la student. Oftentimes you can vvln! tllcn ,^ d (hr ., c ,., 01 .- ,<..„,.,. t , the first trlek and no harm is. dmmc nds. discarding suit, especially take what may prove to be a losing finesse. YOt: set a bail <old lird at once and stay (litre 1 . ivllh the tendency to co!rts. Quite certainly the crowding toother ot large numbers of people helps to i spread the disease, but it seems Dainty new blouses follow the lines and feeling ot the suit they accompany mid make inui-h of fiiw Cile work for Him. Left: Distinctly modern ib the line embroidery and lingerie work on this Pawn b'.ouje of sheer while georgette to bo worn with Uie new spring tnllleur. Right: This white crepe Etitlu Mouse harmonies uilh the jacket It Is worn under, (cutmlng the same revcrs movement and the mine basque. ' , , Vitamin? Ari> Needed The general impression is that t!i.' human Ixini: needs both vitamins A iind U to help resist colds. unlikely that disease could tlH spread of the be controlled mere- through shutting up large places of entertainment, study or work. Jt has been suggested that gauze masks be worn In times of epidemic, but a^aln the opporiunity for contact is so great that it is questionable whether the gauze mask ur?d on a community scale really controls the spread of the condition- Tins applies also to the use cf antiseptic nasal sprays. The best advice that physicians can give is to gel to bed as soon WEST S-9-G-S- 2 H-l-IO• 6-2 B-K-7-3 (MO-5 •IGRTK S-A-l-4 H-A-K-3-5 B—10-04 C—K-8-3 S-K-B-3 H-8-4-3 j manner of play, if he luni \.MI tile ! first trlek and then ta!u:i i'r.e di.v | niond finesse, he could iis'.c made i but one no trump. . EAST '/ 11-9-7 D—9-5 C-A-J- 9-6' 4-Z At C—0-7 The ItuUUng auction. Soulh vvould open WAS EXHAUSTED IPMN with one diamond and many players witli North's holding would jump right Into no trump, but at contract Soulh sO.ouM bid one diamond. Using the one over one as a fCTchis bid. -North would rc- Lady's Mofher Gave HIT Clar- ilui And She S;iys "it Helped Wonderfully." GEORGETOWN, KV—Mr::, 't. II. True, at this plnce, tells ho\v Cai'- spond with one heart, not bo in a hurry to as possible,and to stay in tod as long as symptoms are acute. TOMORROW: How to dress winter lo avoid colds and cnia. He need bid a no trump us he is certain partner will keep the bidding open. South would respond to the heart bid by bidding two ilia- monds. showing at least, a five- card dialno:id suit and a minimum opening bid. North would then be justified In jumping the declaration to three no trumps. The 1'lay At either auction or contract, East's proper opening is the six spot, his fourth best club, dummy ciui benefited her and lier daughters. Sho says: "I have used Cardui every few years, for Iwenty-nvi; yc;n.-. :'.iul think it is splendid. "Ucforo I was married. I w.ts sick in bed, and my mother got Cnrdui for me. I took H ani ii helped me wonderfully. "I h?.c! pains in my b?.c^. ar.ti would have such severe he.YCf.idUj I would be exhausted f.'Jia .thi pain, and v/ould be- in b:;l for a week or more. My mcih:r got three more bottles of C^rd;;; for me. Aftrr f had tak:n them, 1 (' \vas so much butler, I wa»* i-.ble to' get up and stay up." Mrs. T:ue says she tcok Cariini nsain, after her marL-ia 3r o. '.^'he:! weak end run-down, v:>\'.i thJ plays the seven and West the ten. | lamc ^J,, r;sul ' ts Bits of News Mostly Personal Adolph Oration, who :na is now much Improved. Misses M'arcnvei Men-ill nntl Ohi | Callnwny mid FOII, Marsh Jr., left, j ycite-rdny afternoon'toy Houston, [ Texns. to be with .Mr. Cnllnway's father who is critically 111. They ' made the trip overland with Mrs. j I. R. Johnsui who will visit -Mr. i aiKl Mrs. F. H. \Vliltak3r al Austin,, I Texas. beeii 111,1 lioger Blcsslivj. of LitUe Rock, is i alteiKllnij to business here today. Mrs. Vhtor Oilcm, oi Memphis. Is vfsltlns ^Irs. Lulu O:lr::i for F?V- Thirty.. Eniiplied for .. .. Stuiy of Methodism, OSCEOl.A. Avk.-,TIiiriy nieuib.Erj cnrollecl In vthe T'sludy cour^ 1 , "Metliodism' rind Kingdom lixU'ii- - ' _ , slon." being l.-uight each • evening 1)ON a vcl "" re m ' f this week at the, Firs'. Metiiodls: . c ?,'- v Prolcclc.l ajamsl the clijircli under ...supervision of Rev. j vitamin A .'can be li'iid throigh Eli. Myers, .the pastor. j fr . : y o!k. butter aiul the leafy ve'ge , c]!1| . cmjcil timorrow for the; Clifford Fisher, .church. Tlie groups ucllng ns hosts were losers lii. n recent contest of the Intermediate department. . - • Driver .Grove Mrs. Eila Delaney spent Wfdnes- day Sp ow for the weck-ciul. and Mrs. Hoseo^ Crafton • moving to tV.e Cirimcs residence ^ffrii'3, of Clareiiden. and Mr. | toi William Lewis, of Lansing. Mich.! They will return Monday. While | nr (her-? they will be gue^s of Miso| 011 Wc!t ncarn street. Merrill's parents. | Misses Dick and Evelyn Harwell I Mrs. W.ilker H. Baker was a- visitor in Memphis Tuesday. Mr. mid. Mrs. Rush Holll]Hlcr, jiomiay and Mrs. Ilollipclcr's mother, Mrs.j' ,.;<.''<,.,,.., M. T. Olds of 1'nrls, Teiin. * Dilterenl organizaiions ot the cliurch arc sponsoring each eve,'".";,"" j nlns's meclhiB, Circle A of the Wo- ,ve Home ln!m ' S jijssionary society assumhvj sponsorshlii of Monday evenlns'5 i class. Circle B Tuesday ei-eniii4; | the Senior Epwortli f-cumie, Wed- IiiLernational Alumni Club TORONTO, ONTARIO (UP) — If the declarer were to win ihis inllu-itiick with the king, he would im- I mediately have to lead a diamond and fiiinse into West.; West would win with the king and return ' the five of clubs, and East ''I or: 1 ;: CarduL lo n-.y uvu t'.r.unii- lers." blic adds, "ant 1 tin 1 . !.:ii::<-vi and ii-ll so much li-ji'.er : L'i.. inking it. 1 ran 'always say word for Cardui.' 1 gco:l More international good-will and would run olf five straight club understanding is expected to re- tricks. The declarer \vculd thcn;- sult from formation of an intema- [ore make but one no trump. tional alumni association in To- He must stop to count his hand. ronlo. More than -700 invitations it he knew that East iie'.cl only gS^S^^Tji.,.,.! !,,,VsifoT^m have been extended to graduates i f our clubs oriBinally, he could B*St,U &p CT«J,.<U<> of British. American and foreign safely will the first "trie!;, but as p $Qy Cjf^V S0 WS3F5 « colleges and universities, now re- FJM may hold five or six clubs, i A C ompan!i -:rr.eii!r!ne to-Cardui--] siding in Toronto, to attend a din- ne mus i endeavor to exhaust West: iThedford'sf.jxk-Druunhti'arCon-] n'er at the Arts and Letters-Club here, v.-iiere formation of the association will be' discussed. of clubs before winning Uie trick.! |stlpatlon. 1A and his proper play to the first trick is the three of clubs. | West, would return the.,five, el TORONTO, ONTARIO (UP) — c i u b s and the declarer would play "Canada on Parade" is to be the'the eight, spot, which Eiist mig'.n o( „ dist -n ct | y Canadian radio j us t « 5 well \vin wiiti the ac= ns which is being arranged |i e knows that his partner is out ice iceu i lo tomorrow : two (iances. They cspeol to reluri: I i\i;nes Alloy will go Sunday school Friday evetiiiis. tended lo business In Blythevllle last Wednesday. Rev. W. A. Slrader conducted churcli services at Driver Drove last Sunday. Mrs. Lorine Hillhouse and children spent Saturday with Mrs. J. S. Lucius of Lone Oak. Charles Springer was a visitor of Hugh Williams who is 111 a I Blytheville hospital, last Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Cliliord Galnes announced the birth of a son on Friday, January 23rd. He will be named Thomas Henry. Mrs! Maude Springer, Mrs. Georgia Swain and Mrs. Ella Delaney •were guests of Mrs. Charlie Brock. Saturday. Mr. Beb Gaines and son Thomiis spent Sa!urday night in Recce. Russel Springer spent Saturday night wilh Eddie Galnes. Mrs. Ella Delaney was the guest of Mr,;. Ethel Swtiin Thursday. Miss Laverne Setton was the din-! WWC-v °I M«»|ihi s . is ex'» al ' rlvc "^V ^- * br '= f business trip. J!l '- :>ml x!rs ' J - A - l^-'ecn had ll '"-' ir B>'est last evening and to- nud tli.'.i Ills body is deficient in vitamin D a: Ihls season. He may : I iheictorc KCI his. vitamin D in the I ineiitibnecl, or he may E3- I cure It by Inking cod liver oil con' cenliatcs a', vitamins. A and D, unavailable i:i tablet Jonn or by similar', methods Aima" Neidham was t':u> It should be borne in mind, Biicst of hc-i- fallHT, Mr. Chailes! howev ?r. Ills! nobody is absohuc- Lont>, Oak Items Ncctilinm, Monday. Miss Eunice Brooks spent Wed- ly ccitain as to just how much vitamin D in 1 , u dn ivith tl-.e pre- m-ttlay nwht with Miss Hazel Wai- venlion of coids. and that the use ker. ! of the tl'.e preparu- MI-. and Mrs. Jack Duncan spent tlons thai have hrcn incnl:oi-.;d Is Mr. and Mif. 11. A Smith have av their t;u?sls Mr. Rinilh's sister. Mrs. S S. Elierrcd, of Memphis. . B N \Vi!s~n of Oscc-h nllrad- Jl ''- :in " i!rSi J - "• l*ccn lua Tuesday and \Vcdncsdny night wilh ed to' lMiM"ess'lien- ycstertliiy. » s u '"-' ir B ul!sl lail evening anil to- Mr. and Mrs. Uit:;cl Tomlinson. • falls an i-x«?riniental stage. A censw is e\rc- (r 'l !••. vei.i.u t'.iy Ifarry Waller?, (if Atlanta, Ga..j Mrc. Hiiymnnd Hoilge spent Sun-1 t: -^ ' hr v ™\ vr ''"oil hem- tcc!.iy'nv':.i I.«lk- lluel; win-.,-I Amrnu! the oi:'. cf town ivhuiv« I day with her parents Mr. and Mia. Beyor.,1 tr.? iskine of vitamins he attended to business for ma i v.ho atu-ndccl tlie fuiK-rnl cl M. L.js. E. Austin. mpc to emphasize llie vastncss and iwtentla! greatness of Canada. TORONTO, ONTARIO tUP) The use of Belgian-made Bibles : the swearing-in of election officials has caused representatives of tin Typojraphlrnl Union to protest to the District I-nbor Council. Ca- nadlan-made Bibles should b<' esiKdaily since there is so much | (icelarcr and the finesse taken, with tile king. Re- what West relm-ns,' West winning g.irdless of INSIST ON TUF-NUT GARMENTS TUF NUT i;.irmc[ils give K'-<TRA wear at 1:0 extra cost. Look for those features i:i TUF XUT Overalls: TVF NUT Ovcr.-.lh Iii.vo wide, ilonlilo- lliick non-cnrlin;: ; henvy i the fniieral of his im:thcr. R'.chnrd Beall. son (if Mr. and Mrs. S. A. who lyi* been iil for £c>eral wrrks. v. ns nmovcd !'dv.e frcm ihe Ulythcviile hospital yesterday He is much improved. Mrs. M. >. Olds, of F.iris. Tenn.. ic Russell j i." the quest of h-r dairhin. Mrs. .';_ . i Rush Hollipclcr. aixi Dv. Ho'h- ner guesl oi Miss Iren Sunday. . .- .'_.-_ - i Rus'u llollip Mr. and Mrs. .J. E. Lucius were | ielcv Sunday, guests 'of Mr. .-and MrsJ RL-J.S SU-uns Is altciiiiini: !• Ernest Hllihcuse. • ] incss in Memphis tuday. Mrs. Sarah : Hall,. Richaul Hall' Mrs. Fr.-.nk reti;ii: and Lola Hall of Calumet and Mr. Robert' Taylor of Icctc? \vcre guests of the Springer family Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Webb have moved to Osceola where they make their future home. ' '- lt| V- Richard Poucrs and Frank Sack-1 Mr. Mis. Ilnny A'.k rider visited friends In Oosnclli rrtmiiftci from rarastml'.! Sunday. ' .l'-t- v wcro s^c^'.^ n f Mi-. Mrs. H. D. ShaneySelt and Mrs,! mother. Mrs. A. M. Atki:is. Albert Haskms and children werc--^:':. Mrs. Genre- Thu-l. guests of Mrs. Dock Bi^ham Sun-' Tl-e Rev. and day. . . -'• i , ," ' Charles and Troy Blj'.wm ;:-:r^, Euests of Henry Galnes Saturday | night. . j . Sarah Hall and Lolah Hall spent: Sunday night with Mrs. Maude. Springer. ] Mr. and Mrs. Gordic Harrtin of j Dell and Mr'.' and Mrs. Leonard: Stafford of Blytheville were Bun-i - day guetts of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Lucius, Sunday. Mrs. Annie Brooks visited Mrs. A. J. Wicker Sunday. X. F. Knlghl home on Hcavn slv:«'i to the hn:HB of Mrs-. I. O. Westbrook on West. Ash Mrcel. I,. Redman rctiinu-il Ii.-.:n of Maury City; Mi. ana Mrs. Agcc. Mr. and Mr;. J. E. .-\-jco of I'.irngould: J. W.' rii-.>.iuin rm.i son. llomor, and .Mv-. c x I r a incut nf deiiliji. prevent out; all fold FC;I:IIS triplo slitclicd: nil in's ot strain re- iufoici-d. of Kkron. Mr. J. N". Kobiiison this week. Miss Vaiula HCcus'.omecl cms m ii'.c sinner moii'lis. '. Everybody knows the symptoms . llls -of a coki in the head, in- Jack Robinson .ir.d Harvey S'.ow-, operated on Wednesday mornni- al I ,.,,.,,„,„ hcadud-,., c l«llincs,«, pains ait will .<.pctiii lomorrow in Mem-1 the niytheriilc liospitnl. Sh? is' n ^ mcr [i le ijoiiv. Cb |.ecially in the lliccl - v - ! buck and in the leys, and disturb- A l.uge crowd nttended the <i.iiice i al|Ccf 0 , lhc aijiilty to lasM nnd nt U«d Walktrs Wcdnc-sday ni;hl. : 5mrt , n a iieifun hns tlu-se symp- Goodwin, of 1' Illult. Ma; Mi. and Mrs. F;. II. Smith and W. Cox of Osccoln. pliis on busine.^. Elfe.illc'.ll Miller '.:; ill at her hcmc on Main t'.rcct from Ha-cl and Alberta W.\ I Mary Ac:.;!'. !i!:!iir..-on. d.uvi of 1'. A. Rub:nsjn. \\ii.i h- odiously ill from s.-.u'lct f.vcr. niiprovcd tuilay. daui'o at Mr. v night. Don't wait until it is too late /I W. Hurley, of Jor.eslxivo. tu C.ermany by w;iv ami Denmark at u:iu p:i'x-i;it\ by a cauic line ili.ilj would cro.'s Iho sea on hiuli tj'* 1 - *:r^. Samuel r'. N Sue v.-s called Hospital Roles .1. A. TLi>c" i-::v. was ad i milled U> the D'.ylh.-vil'.r ; '.avr I Mvs. S. O. Hiiic!;:-;- :i:ul bjby, vh-r::j Blec'.i-. ditmi^cd. '.'.kins' --------- •-- IHIV.-.S cf 1 !?. N. Fanr.r, who LOOK FOR THIS LABEL ',f nuv of ITS' M; I Overall .1:1:! .i «Cli vory WAV-, vvhcitlicr '.ii: lulvc \vor:i tliCTn i.o .Iny or one yr.-vr. nir ilcnlcr will tlir-jn vvll'.i tl:cr I'^lr J-'UliK. - (:-:imati'd t M ICI.CCO.C'W ton;-. her home in Mir.-.yhi* iavt aflcv havinir bcc-i IV.: r .i; ' and Mrs. Saturday. -'lis licad Courier News Want rOU6HS t pt«c< socr.t en VAPORUD t'MIUlON JARS USED YEARLY We are now oiiened up in oui 1 new location and are daily receiving' an assortment of desirable new spring coals, dresses, millinery, shoes and other ready-to-wear The New Economy Sho r.'iiTi Hlcljf. Two Door;-; 1'roin I rin yimr r.iilio timiiiht . . . listen ti> 1.01 mi l-:intin, faninui nunuTuloiiist. She'll toll you MKCCSS in lHi:.iue:'S. lave IT lll.-.rri.uve. A r.idio tliriil. A fact you should not overlook! More ic;!-ccl'.s in the MooJ! Good health a-d rcsistanco to infection and disease, depend on that! Loss of np(V2tite, nntlevuught, slug 1 - gislmcss, a \veakened cor.dition, ncrvoiisness, pimples ar.d toils aru syn-.ptoms, oflen seen, of a deficiency of red-cells in the blood. If n lowered rcd-reil count is allowed to continue. ANKMIA often results. S.S.S. should bo .i :i . j vour safcc o[ eNiicricnce lias proved its usefulness ill ImiWinp; rod-cells in tlie blood. Take it before meals. Millions of people have found it the easiest and surest way to restore tliciv rcd-blcod-colls. The appetite picks up, the whole body is invigorated., Get S.S.S.—take itar.d iio.=jcEs n wonderful power ot new life and vilslily. Ask foi' the large size. At all drug stores. GARMENT MF6 CO.| LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Sold Exclusive!•/ tr Biytheviile JACK APPLEBAUM and THE CASH STORE

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