The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 27, 1934
Page 7
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FRIDAY, APRIL 27, J934 HLYTIIKV1LLK, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS PACK FIVK' MCDEKN HCME NEW/ Conducted for this newspaper In the Interest of Its women readers uy rccosnizea authorities on all pliust-s of homo making. Flomu'e Krolierk, Editor Mrs. (k-iirtre Thiini, Associate JMitoi mm FOR Mis. I hum Rccoiuinends Gelatines and Plenty of Vegetables !)c-ar I'riends In lilylheville: 'I In: balmy firsl day.s of sprint ;iii- n [;reai lemptalion lo liyhien U[) on Ihc- cookery. And while I ;i:n certainly in the foremost ranks ol who \vant less work for Ihc housekcener, yd 1 know that this very temptation sometimes le.icb lo unforeseen find unwonted ends. Good meals can be- planned with lew work; can IK easily prepared and quickly served. Especially if yon use modern equipment, the new labor-saving devices, the cleverly designed utensils now HJuml in all parts of this country. -Hut in making ;iie menu, its constituents, Winter and Summer, Spring and Autumn should include Ihe esseniial nourishing ingredients. Sec th;it fruits and vegetables, both raw and cooked gel inlo Hie menus daily; a litlle meal, something baked which includes the cereals and grains (breads, rolls, cakes, baked rice, macaroni and other cereals ; milk to drink, oilier beverages which are intended for appclitc appeal more Ihnn ii-j nourishers. At this season especially when the appetite needs more tempting clshcs, it is true that the heavier meats, the richer pastries, the 11101 c lavish sauces found in winter cooking may be temporarily put aside. Or at least Ihey may he served less often and some of Ihe lighter dishes introduced. Fruits and Vegetables II is now that fruits and fruit ju:ce.s deserve more space on Che lioint menu. Serve orange juice daily; or tomato juice, or bolh; .•ervc canned fruils as fruit coe!;- luils. in simple larts, in gelatine inixlurcs .and frozen desserts. Add ifPi'toi'l and other fruits found nl li-.r- grocers to Ihe daily fare; aivl have (run on hand for those in twecn-meaL, snack.s which chil- dicii and t ctrown ups arc .sure, to want. Especially now. for l!;e chil- dicn are playing out doors more, a;:d nbin^ r up more energy, hence mcrciifiiig appetite. And grown lips nre "feeling tlio Spring" even i? they have no gulden in which lo work. 1:0 hoops to roll down a sunny path. Crecn Celalinc Salad lira's a salad you will like for :c;mi- r>»rinu luncheon. H is tcem- in:;ly light, hut is nourishing wilh- iiii 1 being lining. One half cup small sweet cit- uanbci pickles sliced; one hall cup stuffed sliced olives; one half uiiji blanched almonds: 011= ha! <•»!> canetin. sliced pineapple cu in small pieces; one fourth cup r.'.::ci vii:;-iji>r: a little green vegc- l;:;:«.- coloiinc;: one half cup sug- ;.i; one fourth ler.spoon salt: one l:f.:f cnp hot water: one tablespoon Kr:<.:iu!iued gelatine: one half cup co:d water. Pcnr the cold waler i;-;o a cow! and sprinkle the gel- :ii;i:c on it. stining until the gcl- ;c!:nc dissolves. Then add the su- BBr. .'.ah and the half cun of hot water a:id stir until dissolved. Th'.-n arid the vinegar and a few <(:(;;!•; of green coloring, lo make i: about lice color o[ mint jelly. Let cool, and when the mixture i..~.:ins lo congeal add Ihc other .i.^rcdieiK.'i. Riii;c a mold in clear colii water, and pour Hie mixlur: in. Let chili in the refrigerator, tiun nnmold on crisp lettuce and ••viih mayonnaise. If made in a rin.; mold, lige ihe. one iilus- fv;.!cd. nil Ihe center with a fresh ial.itl. of iadi«!irs. thin sections ol cc;c;i:nbr-r. crisp cabbage, all marinated with a little French dressing, and top;>ed witli a little mayonnaise. Delicious with chtesc Spaghetti with Sweetbreads Another "light" addition to ill. n,cr.n is the use o[ the meat organs, iiflcud of so many roasis a;:d large steaks. The .sweetbread? .::•.: usually welcome at this tea- t Ji?™T^ ?«'"'L-''CU,: isy to repare Fresh Fruit in Banana Skins Is a Dream Boat bovc a variety of molds is shown, the tcnlliest : -l the left [or'_ ; ring mold especially recommended lor vegetables, also gelatine salads; iutcd. funnel cake pan so admirable lor lories and sponge cakes; behind II ;elalines of many kinds and frozen mixtures: in front is a bread stick pan. and mousses; next in llu 1 center Is [he 1 is the- melon mold fo; Such pieces are eF-srn- lial to the house where guest luncheon* and dinners are of frequent occurrence. A Pretty Window Treatment Manufacturers Have Come to Rescue of the Busy Housekeeper Tile manufacturers anil shop Such drapery sets as tii around a s are noxv obtainable ready made. bit this spring for th?m. colander. Combine I keepers have done a great deal to (simplify the problem of ciirtninhu; it re We used to have lo buy jour fabrics and laboriously- make | Ihe curtains and drapcibs. "or havi; them m.-.dc al considerable -jxpcns- Thcn the shops began lo bl;s- with leady-made curtains. JHIC-..-.1J- v.Iute nilfled aflairs. or iVJilv and oryiinily; ihcn colors a[:- |pe:ui'j. In dotted swiss. colored neis. • net and filet curtains mure:! wlf ]colc:r;l patterns, and al lasl ready- j made- draperies are an actuality. I'J'lies,.. a:c iiitminyly low pric/ci U-ven for llmse made of fine dimi/.- : cs. ;m?n>. and the various typ:s of ;;ilk fairies. They arc worth in- viol.Ailing before you decide lo ninke your o\vn. C'col and CiiilaiiLs fnr simple, of ceo; washable rials, easily pi n. „,, „„,) ( lor laundering, and • lEiS'icd that t' do no: e ; brce/e.s. I lllusuatcd is a window i living room, ciirlainc:! for j i-pring days bnfure hot wcaucr j U'ally sets in. Then draper:^ may ice: taken rt=wn and only the .sheer j glass curtain's remain. The clas- i curtains are or thin r.c.von vnile; 1 This kidney slew Is derived from 'a Spanish dbh. l-\)r it lire needed: iihiv? pork kldni-y.s; one half enp - c-liuppc'd onions; t,ui sweet red m HUTU peppers e:.o]iped line; one j cup luinalcx-s: on? lialf cup corn- j slarc-h dissolved in cm; hult cup c-cild water; one cup cooked beans j'bLu'k beans if yen can get them): : :ine and one half teaspjons .suit: -m: half leciFpiHui paprlku; one i nmrlli teiis]!uon thyme, ; Cut the kldni-ys in one Inc.i pieces, rejecting li:i- tubes mid fat. tiii'ii soak in wiirm ualer \vlth one tHblctiiioun of lemcm Ji.lee In It. for ! OJK. hour, nruln. then parboil and i drain again and blunch In cold water. Now return '.o the aauce- , pan. cover with iKiiiiiis u'tiicr and ;i'cok nntll lender. ; 'I'ren ndd the mixture of onions. |pjp;:eis, lomaloc-s. c-ornslarch which ! has bc-Jn brought to boiling, then . Hi? beans, .s.ili. paprikn uiul thyme ad:!ed. Heat all a'jiilu to boilliiB and add lo Ihe kidneys. Have very i'oi. serve. Jtraisfd IKLills One unil oil'.- liall cups dried jieas; one hnlt cnp cin>)iped onions; two prepared oxlnll.s; one cup tomatoes; two teaspoon? sail; ne half '.easpcon pepper. To prepare the oxtails. !:ave Ihe butcher cut the laiis. In two Inch pieces. Ihen at liosne. soak them in liikewurm w«- Icr lor two lioui-a. Wash well, and boll for nileen minutes. Soak the dried p.-as over nlglil. In the msrning parboil. Place In a taking dls;i willi ihe rc-sl ol the insiedi?nl5 aii:l sulliciein hot walcr to cover. Uake in a moderate oven. 351) degrees, for thicc- hours. Drrssiiii- for Chop* 'I'iicrc Is no more easily prepared thon lamb or million chops. :«>• NKA Service What a problem U Is Lo think ip something dlllerenl In Hi',' uny of refreshments when It's your i;rn to Imve the brldyc club for unchf Every member bus served •hlcken sabirt ni leasl three times IclicloiLS winter concoctions simply svon'l do at all in the spring- lime and tt'.s not wiiim enough stall planning on napei-lliln ninilwlclic.'s and Iced drinks. Simple summer sr.ou'.d Trim them free of excess fill, then bnMe wilh lemon juice. Place on Hie broiler and cook for ten mln- UI.--S. (urniivj freejiicnlly. 115k; the following dressing, lu 'eive on tlicm: one tables[Xlan Worccs'.'jr-shlrc sauce; two tnblc- ."•i:u;)iis olive ell; one teaspoon mus- lard; one lialt teaspoon snlt; on? half tsnspoon paprika: juice of one lull lemn. lilend all tgethjr. then spread llgiuiy on bolh sides of UIL- c-e:k'.-d trliopi. Serve on n hoi patter wilh li'.il- mounds o! currant or grape jelly as a garnish. ind chicken n la king inn for SUs money, has had too. Tlie Well, the cnn always fall back on thai old fnvorlle. fruit salad, bill If (he giic.its arc lo show- one solitary speck of interest for llic dish, It must l>c dressetl np iintl served in .vome new and In- teiesllng manner. Why nol put the- fresh fruits Inin the skins of fcananiis thra Imve been sliced lengthwise ami call them Ureiun lioats? Here Is talad: a novel leclpe for friiil When. then. Ls a hostess to do 1 ?] Allow one luniina for cncli |>er- son to be served. Cut them lengthwise, remove pulp and arrangq the .skins on crisp lettuce on t huye plotter. j Mix one-half cup of grape frnll pulp ami one-half cnp of white grape* with one-half cup of diced' ormii;e pulp. Add a le.w chopped mil meats and all of the bnnaim pulp thai was scooped out lo moke tht beats. Nfolslen the mly- Une with French dressing and fill each boat with It. Garnish with maraschino cherries and serve with toasted cheese crnckcrs. Here Are Menus for Easily Prepared Spring Breakfasts Some of lliesc breakfusl suggestions lire bssl udnplecl lor llic laic Sunday breakfast when t/.cre arc :st-3, or when the lamlly llmjers In a leisurely innnncr. Euierlaln- Ing at breakfast Ls a sp?clal favorite with apartment dwelling city liccple who Invite the gu?sls lor eleven thirty or noon, make, the. menu n comblnfilion of brenkfasl nnd luncheon, nnd serv; Informally from a small Ublc In Lr.c living :-:irly GD ami brown ruaar; repeal until Ihe dish 'is nearly filled. j In a bowl mix into the milk,! the one egg. well beaten, the yolk • of Ihc .second egg. and one half I 'cup sugar. Beat well. Ihen add the viinllln. i'oiir this over the |x>Ui- ios. and bake hfly mliiulrs In n , slow. 250 decrees, oven. Bent the cxlrn eg? whlt3 nearly T , », irtllf. add the Jelly, teal until Ihe i 1 IliS , VegClil- mlxlurc will hold its .ih.ipe, pile 1 room, or Millet brcaklasl In the dlnln^ room, NuurlfhiUK Brr4kfns[s fur School Children linked Apple nnd Top Milk Cooked Cereal Tcp Mill: Poached Egg. Buttered Toast Cocoa lo Drink Orange Jnlce Waffles with Crcnmcd Chipped Beef Whole Wheal Mullin, Apple Uiillcr Cocoa to Drink * • I > Kamllj- HriMkf:is(s Cooked Dried Apricots Dry Cereal with mtmnas and \ Top Milk ; Grilled Ham Scrambled Eggs Buttered Toast Coffee :' o * a Cooked Cereal with Slewed Cherries. Top Milk Grilled Bacon Tomato Omelet Ulscults Honey COflce C.m-st breakfasts Honey Dow Melon, Spiced on each serving Creamed Scrambled Eggs with broiled Mushrooms ' on Toast Q rilled Meat Cakes Toasted Rolls Coffee • • » ~ Strawberries and Cream Grilled Spring Chicken Now Asparagus Waffles And Honey Coffee Figs' custard back together. Over the eusi.^preat f possible use ring baking pans,'Serve with toaiato sauc uch as illustrated, and set this landaisc. Enough far ol n a shalloK- pan of hot water; if ings. 10 ring pan is to be had. use any laklnij dish, and in the center ise a small glass baking dish, inverted, the outside rubbed with shortening and sprinkled with crumbs. This makes Ihe souffle jakc in a ring, leaving Ihe c-cnlcr !rc-e. Set the dish, as for the ring in a shallow pan of hot water and bake at 350 degrees, or moderate oven, (or forty-five mm- fi lr K.,;,|.._,l ulcs. or until golden brown. Re-, 1|1C|1 >ldllal .size: and if joii live S HELP TO-BIOHIETK move cjiass bowl and fill ihe center Take llic Place of Casserole for the di:.ii. which serves six. l:r. e ivmly: our sweet n:-cads: one and one half cups H.r,ghr:ii biokcn into four inch :u:-;;hs: one cup cicam: liircc :STs: oiic lourlh cup grated 1'ar- i:; clicese: one teaspoon salt: (.!::• kiurth cup dry bread crumbs: iv. o bouillon rube-s. or two cups li-i-k: one halt cnp boiling water; '."i tablcsireons butter: thice ta- jlrypooirs flpur: one additional half c;:p cream; one small can mush- :"aus. (aboui or.c cupi. Drop !he fpaghc-tti inlo boiling f.iitcd want- and cook rapidly until lender. \V"m!e the sixigh cc.uics heat the cup of cream the souffle wilh Ihe foliowin bread mixture. Or if rin; pan is used, turn souffle out on a! i:ot platter and quickly fill xvitn' Small taking dinheo for i:i.iivirt- thc sweetbreads, serving al once. ' uai service nfav he cus'ard cn-= • P.nboil the sweetbreads In waler lamckins cl various style-, ti-os-' containing a lablesiKon of vin- scletl? of K-trapran orf^ii of eaa!;- removc skin and cut into enwarc with y.m\\ hand:- oven one half inch cubes. Dissolve the glass dishes of s.:c:rs nn;l bouillon cubes in the one half cup styles, or shelis. Tre hlter ar- s"- boilin-j; water: melt Ihc shorten- lectcd scallop shells lo be foiiiKl hi ing and flour and stir mull many kilriicn ware d"pirtm"nf; unoolli. then add the cream and and excellent for c;r,il'opecl v?jeta- 'joulllon limiid gradually, while blcs, macaroni, and chicken a"; \vi>:i tirrlng to keep smooth. Finally as Jea (;c:d. idd the sliced mushrooms and Almost any icrip" intruded fir w-ectbrcads and cook over hot a lar^e casserole n-rtv be bi\ed vater for filteen minutes. Chicken i,, individual ramekin's. 'Allow' a ir tuna fish may be used in place. little less time for ih» ccokin» how- if the sweet breads: bin this dish j ever, as the small dis- l-iv.t-: tr.rn n any case is a pleasant vnria- '' morr qvickly and the m .iiitity b'-- 1011 ol creamed chicken and otli-', in s smaller cooks :n=r; quiir'y ?r creamed dishes .served at. guest t For cxamyie. ib> chicken pu'-i- u " cncons - recipe nny br ba'sed it. u;c lar-c Kggs arcl Sardines dis:h or snia); 4-liina eurthcnvvi Another dish for guest luncheons glass rair.ekms. home supper is marie wilh' Thicken I'licldinj; ,r Ho ,:; (iar;1 "'"^'.v sc "" j there arc standard winrtovv fra:n^5 ! you will have IID troubb lir.ding Mich rea:ly-:natb cnsenible 1 :. Similar c'-nitycs may be found ; by llu yard to nuke, fo: I the [i:r:iitiue, extra pillows Inr ;h? ; snfs. and to rcplinc anv e'.ii:n:al: .-.ilk or iclvel riinnen in" ire liens: At llu rriirv ;itn- sllfc b.iiipsli.icte? .'ilioulti b.- removcJ ar.ti .:]', .lusl eatrhers. cr objects iikeiy in be i'.armed by m:nn:c.-r dust. ]:.i: a*ay. p»- i ;'f he Ic-.v cost p:i;ier Jamp-Jia.'l' * ar? i; UlSIICS cool io lc:i> at. no trouoSr to cienti !'•• i!i"y .shed dust :m:l dirt the;, give ^'ond Iphl. .lemr-. I oi Ensland. v.hc-:i taoke : invented the till:- of lj;;:o:i.-L anil fold baionelcics ui 55003 a;r:r.c. the .scalding point in the upper ITU of an .'-namelrd double boiler; ir.u the egg yolks, add the scalded cream to them gradually, stlr- i; all Ihc while io prevent lilmp- chnir.= :ncder:i l:n::i. cisht hard cooked cges: four large; Three pounds - 5n-.ckcci saidincs; one half tea-; one h.ilf ci:n spoon fall; one fourth teaspoon one ' ' paprika: one half cup rice: two I .• i-'-;cir cl:opp\1 <\n iri :n t::? whites. Rub a baking shortening auj pour tr.r- mixti.r. in. Sprinkle with bread rr.inibs ^nd set in :c pan ol liot u.Urr. IVii: for 0:1^ and one half ijour^ fi'.- n:c,e in a ho-, plaitni 1 . s-.-:-.. ait musi:rrrm s.iucr. "Io jnaki^ uc sauce, pdti ::i on fU]j -.chile sauce, one :n;i:;;-. cu finely ir.inced suited musivr:-: Sil.miih Hhrimps in Kamrki Two clips enokcd. ov c.ciine ^h;im;i; one t?-blcipocti tablespoon butter: one- c;:,i ho s-.up stock cr l:ociilb:i: cu-' »<b!p d: «ith .sail: ana 1 x ii" onion: tablespoons butter. Wash the rice one n,i;i ci:n celcr-.-. ct:opp.-,i 'in 1 -; ""•"". uuc- i.c-j.c s|; one half cup ir.iiiUrcom;. ch-jiport }- lb: - s l :OM:s !cmoil fmp; one teaspoon ct op;v.-rf [nrsley: butiered ci nines. enough water to coier and cook i one sli-:',- br.'aci .s-)ik :; | In chicken m bioth and j-qurczendry: oiiefonuii rinso cup butter, creamed ly under cold water, pne half cup c:can:: Kent 1'. c b.ilicr. add' .ind other inured n: lloi r o Serve blc Fvequcnlly Witli 1 hcse Recipes Let's i;iit forgel llu- drllclnus potato; In the smith whciv Is more appreciated, the ticnal cook has learned to l? methods of servlp.g it. cp Ihe cold pudding and serve. Sweet Potato l.naf Sl:< largo .r.vecl iwtaloes; washed and toiled until tender. Then parrd and mashed; one tablespoon one Sv.c-t-t 1'ctuln Ulsc-uil Two cup; mafheci sweet pc;tct- es; one cup .milk: lour incus : hcrlcnlng; one egg U-aspcon salt; Ira- half,|x:on pepper. Deal Ik': vacy .'.easaniiiss Inlo Ihc polnlo. Pile For into a loccf baking pan well nibbed [will] thru truing. Brush wilh teal- ten '.-(:•;. sprinkle wilh fine bread crumbs, and Ihcn wilh Iwo tr.ble- fcble-1 spr.onr. gralcd chec.-:o. Bake in a hot even. 400 degrees, lor twenty Use WALLHIDE The paint thai brings .v One-day Y Painting four iblcspo'jiis sugar: four cups flour: minuir.v 1'iiUlo (,'akis | Ccok. then peel and ii'.ash, cnouxh swccl potalocs lo inn'*: iwn 'ciiiifuh. Place In bowl; ad:l Iwo tablespoons biilter: two table- s.pcoii.s rimly minced parsley: f*n [ftb'.esr.rc.iis finely minced sw;el led p-.-ppei- or Riecn |>epper; six strips bacon finsly minced and brownrd. Mix well. Miapc inlo Hal cake. roll in f.tiur and brown in the hot taccn fat. Or shape inlo croquettes, and lower into ho; fat for deep fat fryinj. ('-uiclicd Swccl I'uUlncs I Wash and cook until lender six Kentucky 1'iidtlinj: |r«cet iMlatoes. Drain, peel, cul l.irt;c iweei potato:-*; cin-| in | la i vcs or quarters If very' larse. io sprinkle: four table- is brown sugiir; one clips milk: ow cijij; solk ot | ^OIH butter; one half teaspoon :<! rw: one half cup Migai:) cini!a:i , ol , : O ne fourth tcnsp:on nuline^. When boiling, add the potatoes. !?t them marinate in th; j :.yrc.j>. turning frequently for In i iwcnly minutes. Keep Ihc i'an ire.- t.ibi?*,-,oom baking [ro-.uter: ne and cue half teasj:'j;mr, salt. Make a liiixlinn of the potato 1 .-.-,. :ilk. iiicr.d in shortening, bcatun 53 and sujar. U:al Mnootlily. lien sit: th- llci.r. hakin? p:iw- cr and salt together, and arid lis to the potato mi:-:lu:e: worli D a MiiDolh dough. Roll en a JghtA filmed lioard and cut ilh a rharp f:n:fc Into .scpKtrcv lacj rn a baking shei-l rubbed ith Miwi?nini;. Hn:.-,h each ciiiarc with mitk. Rake in a hoi -ven. -iCO decrees, for nrtcen niin- ite.s. WALLH1PJ WtVITOUIEBOlLPAlin . 24 IVORY_ IWERIOR' " With \Vatlhidc your room can b« settled ihe sumc day walls and ceU- InRarc pplniedi Only one coat usually required. Free color card shows llic 15 pciiil-liko Wallhitlc sludeu Comes in the modern -.,-. — "fiat" Batin finish; also ' iffy 7*1 work, bathrooms and lillclieiu. ,, ,, tiiillon White SHtiLLAC Quick-drying, clear WATERSPAR VARNISH Durable. Fur interior turn wiiitc. Dries l-m. ^sallon . 12-Quart PAIL 30c Each ' I Heal in a frying pan three-fourths and one CU |, uhite table syrup; two table- tv.-o tc-asi:cons vanilla, lass currant jelly and :f CBS. potatics. then one halt j the white ' en! ,)aper-!hm slices. Cover ih; bot-1 whcie (cm n: a baking duh well rubted ;.• lowly. snth shorlciur.i?. wilh the sliced winkle wilh cinnamon, chirin; the cooking bulling Die Add »at:r, polatoes will cook four tablespoons of a little al a lime WEET&PUREFLOUR n:?. Return to the double boiler and ccok, stlrriii^ constantly until it coats the spoon, Remove from heat, add the cheese and salt and stir until the cheese melts and then put In the oven to fluff and lemon j.iice, t ,, v ,.,,. V », WJ ,, « U im-y a litlle. Spread half of the hot! cestershlrc sauce; ens Half fa- uce over the bottom ol a shallow . spoon call; one fourth I»asp33nl cncc basing dlsli. Press into the rice: psppcr; one fourtli t?aspo;n pip- the eggs which should be prepared rika. u'.c f:\ni. Cook iint:l s:r.iiatii and acid the shrimps. Place in ramekins. cover with buiiersd crumbs and bake six minute?. Serve at this way: the Use only w'r.ite meat of t care- j chicken, grind no', too fir.e, Add In half crosswise; re-! celery, mushrooms .nm teaion- yolks. Add to the yolks Ings. Then bread, but'.er. yolks of R. Pfllt ! Q&Oz n-plt K-*i'fs« f,,-.,: ,\, n .1..^™ and eason- tiw mashed, boneless sordines, salt j ogg s well fc-atcn ' ar.d' the cream 1'lcr.ds smootlily with the sauce, and paprika and mix until smooth. Mix well add the l°mo- rice ard Diam the spaghetti through a Fill whites this and press: Worcestershire sauc" ml'''we'l arid GRADE A Raw Milk Phone 7t Craig's Dairy A HIGH QUALITY ALL rUIH'OSK F At Good Grocers Everywhere THE CRAFTON CO. UlbllllBUTOUS BLVTUEVI1XE, AKK, PURE TURPENTINE . . Bring can. Gal. . . $1.00 WALLPAPER CLEANER ..... Each lOc ± S" *"? ENAMEL, Quick-Drying WATERSPAR ERAMEL Males it c.isy to hcaiiufy furniture and woodwork. Dticsin-i houis-^ne coat iisiully ctiou^ii. 3*1 i;vh colu;f. CALCIMINE, All Colort, Per Lb 12c PURE BOILED LINSEED OIL ... Gal.. . . $1.15 LADDER Sirens, 5-ft. size wilh shelf $1.25 BRUSHES ^'i W..1 P*ri hrHttas, >ttM rnbk«r iW Enamel lirud! . . 20c «' Wall Brush ... 65C S' Cilciniinc Bn:>!i .§1.50 [Cleans pots-A: I pans easier! 5c Pkg. UTILITY SCREEN ENAMEL ... Quart... 70c Beautiful high gloss PLASCO PAINT Suitable for interior or exterior surfaces. Hnuiiei eve nSyjhai exceptional covering quality. 21 colon, $2-so CtllMI Hubbard Hardware Co. I AUTHORIZED PITTSBURGH PAINT PRODUCTS AGENCY

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