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The Times-Democrat from New Orleans, Louisiana · Page 9

New Orleans, Louisiana
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Thursday, April 2, 1908
Page 9
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Cbe Ctmcs-gtmorrat: Iwrstan, ipril 2, 190S. r ( 1 TWO NEGROES HELD CHICAGO POLICE RESCIE VOISG WHITE WOMAX. Victim Held Prisoner fa mm Empty Paseasrcr Cmmcm my the Two Blacks Detectives Attracted by Waaaaa'a Screams for Help Her Mind Blsuak. Special to The Times-Democrat. Chicago, April 1. Charged with holding a young white woman a a prisoner In an mpty paaaenger coach, two negroes are In the Maxwell Etwt Station, following their arrest to-day after a revolver fight. The arrests were made by detectlres from the Maxwell Station, who surprised the negroes when they broke Into the car, attracted by the woman's screams. The victim said her name was Mrs. Jessie Etals. The men were found with Mrs. Beals. who is t went j two years old. in a coach at West Twelfth and Hoiden streets. They glTe the names of Stanley 'White, thity-two years old, and William Thomas, twenty-six years old. Detectives, Donahue and Tanoch, when they heard the woman's screams, rushed taa car and saw the two negroes. Mrs. Beale was lying on the floor. Drawing their revolvers they commanded the ae-gram to surrender. Uti leaped through one of the car wtadaws and ran from the yards. He S.t5 followed by Detective Donahue, and japtured at Twelfth stret and the riTer, I Tartar several shs had ben tred. Thomas V was caught by Detective Tanoch. Xrs. Seal's Blind seemed a blank, and ebe was oaly able to give her aame isd age. She is a refined looking young woman, id is wall drowsed. It is the belief of the police that Mrs. Beals was drugged and then dragged to the coach. The negroes say that tiey were attracted by screams, and open gotag to the coach found the youns woman unconscious. They said they were a host to go for medical assistance when the police appeared. 0 SERVE PH1SOX TEKXS. Sevaa Mfssoarl Fraaige ' Csbv-wlcts Taken to Penitentiary. Kt. Louis. April L Seven men fremi Southeast Missouri, who had been convicted in the Federal Court on the charge n or peonage, surrenaerea to cmtea states U '' Marshal Morsey, and were taken by him to-day to the United States prison at Leavenworth. Kan., to serve their terms. J The men, the amount of their fines and tne length or their terms of imprisonment are as follows: Charles M. Smlth, foOOO, three and one-half years; Charles M. Smith. Jr.. f.VMO, two and one-half years; William Wood. $100. two and one-half years: Floyd Wood. $100. two vears; W. I Rogers, $100, two years; Ren Field, f 1H one and one-half years; Ben Stone, fli one and one-half vears. Wby were convicted in the United StLJm District Court at Cape Giradeau. M.S.. of having kept Deeroee in bondage. The appealed to the United States Supreme Court, which tribunal sustained the decision of the lower court. BASEBALL PRICES JUMP. Advance lm Cost of Robber Respoa-sible for Increase. New Tork, April 1. Prices of baseballs have made a Jump. It became known today that the manufacturers of the big league baseball had increased the price from $1.25 to $1..0 and cheaper balls in the same ratio. "Its the fault of the rubber trust, explained a baseball magnate to-day. "The trust hit the first ball across the plate this season , and knocked the prices so high that it will never come down." And the magnate was right. One of the principal reasons given by the manufacturers is the advance in the price of rubber, a large percentage of which Is employed in the composition of the first class ball. It was also explained that worsted had gone up. but this is believed to be not aiaterlal enough to affect prices much. MOBILE CONTEST NARROWS. ScTawara Withdraws from Race for Mayor. Mobile. Ala.. April L Lax Schwars one of the candidates for mayor of Greater Mobile, to-night writes the Register that he withdraws from the race because of unforeseen circumstances. He withdraws In the Interest of no candid This W een XI lAtit cand form Clut crested i Ibis withdrawal leaves the race be- "n aiayor Lyons ana C M. Snepard, Buiuunir vi me uovercment Busl- wimarawai or Mr. Schwars served with credit In several capacities in jn viu-r-. ana was assured a big following. His withdrawal, according to Indications, means the big fight on the chairman of the general Council, as all grins are now trained in that direction. LOAN FOR HARRIMAX. French Bankers Ready to Take Rta- Bond Isaac. Special to The Times Democrat. San Francisco. April 1. The presence of four French bankers in the cltv leads Southern Pacific officials to believe E. H. Harrlman's plan to raise a loan of ?oO.-V.rt0 on the unmortgaged lines of the Union Pacific, says a local paper. The visit of the French financiers is a erjt!, it is believed, to the recent visit her of Sir Edgar Vincent the English foHDcIer and to the visit of Edward Noetzlicthe French hanker, a year ago. EVANGELIST HAM DENOUNCES THE DEVIL IN SERMON PREACHED AT TABERNACLE tovafcgelist Ham denounced the devil last right in a sermon that lasted over aa Tiour. and upon his call for those who. wlahed to be saved'from the devil to eone forward and taVe Mm ,.h crowd ef people moved, hard to esti-: ttts U numbers, but a suScient proportion the naresafJon to show ibat his arme,a tad made a dees lsipreaaloa upon thosa who T-eard tlin. A tea a under the taharaacle wfto salt he fca eouatad taem stated that there were U persons present. Itiatt ft several ministers as tt te suMhsr la attendance varied froia SIT to M.. Aa outsider, who is an author ty ea timstIrJ su3iace. placet the f rasaat at "!. Ma. Ha at reckd frora alt ever the PiMt last sight ea tie auttjeet o tit devil. Kt toil mt tie fan of Para a frora tfca rrxa'tiea flaey ks kal ccapied la heaves, kla at a, tke six ot prMe. described (Setaa's great denialoa la tils wosia aad ia the keavras ae! said tbtt the earth wss Joat a yarf or his ireat empire. He gava it as his efinia that the wr.I was eraafsC Kyea tkaa a:i thousand years ss. tkoiifl rii ass created at ttst f!a. Ce4 ereat4 tha devil aa an argel, lar. Kara aaiS, aal hs eip'ained that thtra was caly aa dcvQ Mit leg lor. a of fleraons. The worS "Ovils." which Sf-peared ia tke K!xg Xames trasit.a of the Elble. k said, was pot correctly translatal. Ia Ua latatt sis-a K i ."eared 8in. " The si-akr drew a till f low fa eior.a o;wrate4 la tkw woeW, aad Mil Siey were V'S'r.f t? .r fa coasWica the tabernacle aa a ire rra It a a- scriil the devil as a rNtf!Ws saf-t. not living 1r kn, a a rp! tknt t est ll!rg In heavea. n naAe tie Mtte-ment. which k 4edre4 freat ff In tke Ut tg VUa tUa Sr. ben's PERFECT TooijiFsvdor Cleanses, preserves and beautifies the teeth, and Purifies the breath A luperior dentifrice for people of refinement Established ia 1866 by Vincent, it is said, had practically agreed to take a $50.000,0m bond issue from Harrlman, and has Invited Paris banks with which the visitors are connected to take a part Interest in it. GOLF AT PIXEHURST. Play In Semi-Flaal Roan f Tonrnameat Ia Kerm. Pineboret, K. C. April 1- PlayMn to-day' semi-final round of the eighth annual United North and Sooth amateur championship golf tournament was keen, all rounda la the championship being under the eighty-two mark. The survivors' are: John E. Porter of tha All, gbeny Country Club, and Allan Lard of tbe Colombia Club, the championship title holder, and they will mpet to-morrow ia the thirty -a liberie finals to battle for the trophy. Mr. porter" match to-day was with Fred Herresboff. the former interne holaetle champion, whom ha defeated, seven nip and te to plav. Mr. Porter rounding the turn in a record thirty-four and baring his opponent six down, the match ending on the thirteenth green with a total of fifty. Mr. Lard'a victory was over Walter Fairbanks of the Denver Country dub. the Florida champion, whom he defeated by three up and two to play, the rarda being seventy and eventywo respectively toe the sixteen boles, and the siatch was a very close one throughout. EfV TORK TO PARIS RACE. American Antomoblle on Ship Ea Route to Valrfes, Alaska. Seattle, Wn, April 1. The American car in the New York to Paris race was hoisted aboard the steamship Santa Clara this morning and sailed for Valdes, Alaska. There the machine will disem bark and will proceed over the frozen north to the valley of the Yukon, and thence to Nome. Santa Barbara. Cal., April 1. The Ital ian car reached this city at a:w p. m. A stay of twenty minutes was made and a start for san r rancisco was maae. Rhyollte. Nev.. April 1. The French car arrived Here at w.w o ciock mis morning and left at 1:50 for San Fran Cisco by way of Death Valley. Evanston. Wxo.. April 1. The German car in the New York to Paris race arrived here at 5 o'clock this evening, and will remain until to-morrow morning. The car covered but thirty-seven miles to day. SIT DOWN OX COLLEGE JOKE. Clemson College Board Will Order Expalsions. Clemson, S. C, April 1. As a result of more than three hundred students of Clemson College absenting themselves from ' the college premises to-day as an April fool joke, it is stated that the Board of Visitors at its called meeting to-morrow will order the expulsion of rrore than one hundred leaders of the Drank. The faculty had previously notified the students that no April fool pranks would be tolerated. WORLD'S GREATEST SEA STORY. Prof. Armoir Caldwell Lectures at Tolane University. Prof. Armour Caldwell delivered the Wednesday lecture yesterday before an appreciative audience. Dr. Caldwell's subject was, "The World's Greatest Sea Story." He said that the majority of his audi ence would doubtless be surprised that the subject of the lecture was "Moby Dick," a novel by Melville. But little space has been given to it in literary history or criticism, but Robert Louis Stevenson said that it was the greatest sea story ever written, and that it led him to his narrative of the South Seas. But "Moby Dick" is now 6lowly gaining Its proper, place la American literature as the increase of editions and readers shows. Herman Melville was born In New York city in 1819. He went to sea as a cabin boy, returned and taught school, and then wnt to sea again. He deserted from bis ship and was captured by cannibals. On bis return ne wrote many novels con tainine his experiences. "Tvrtee.' "Ooinoo and "Mohy Dick" were the best of these. The last named was written In 1861, and was his masterpiece. He died 1 1 , CV.t - V i , ia :rw aura, iu juue iu mind. The story tells of how Ismael (Melville himself) bappened to snip with an old sea captain. This old mariner -had lost a leg in conflict with a monster whale In the South eeas and had vowed to kill the whale at any cost. The voyage, the constant outlook for tne whale: the tinal conflict, resulting in the killing of the whale and tne destruction or tne snip, none escaping but Ismael all pictured with tremendous force and vigor. "Moby Dick" Is very like to Sterne's "Trlstam snandv. it nas tne same per verse disproportion, the same elaborate digressions and the same dramatic dia-lecue. It abounds with description and philosophising, and this makes the story rather slow. The author rather saunters along. But at times he reaches the dlg-nitv of Carlvle's best nrose. The story fs full of humor the unoffend- world were all fought in heaven first He said that just as there were demons operating in this world, so there were angels encamped around the tabernacle as hosts of light, and that eacn little child was attended by angels, for the ScriptureR said: "Their angels ever be hold the face of my father who is In heaven." Satan was not in hell, yet, Mr. Ham said; he was the prince of the hosts of wickedness in heavenly place. Mr. Ham then spoke of the great coa ftlct which was always going on between the forces of evil and the forces of good and said that these naeetlnts were strna fling aicalnat terrible onslaughts of the evil forces. He tald the devil waa behind a concerted and united effort to atop these meetins, because he recoanliel that tTiere bad come a turaing point In tke history of New Orleans. He said that the pele who Jeeted about tke devil took a.ore licertv wib feim than the angeit of heaven. He said that the conflict in this city was not onlv with the evil here, hot aaainst the devil himslf, with his sr. tred force. He talked of Jor, and hi eeniiet with te devil and said that the devil's subjects kere were sttacsin him on the srlnciple that one thief suspected another. He saidbat it was easv to accuse areachers of being grafters, but if there wan money In the business, he wondered why more did rot ao into the preaching bue'.ress. Ir. Hani said the devil did sot live ia New Orleans. He flew around fcere a few yeara ago and found that it was doiag well without him that he did not need to star. He was alwavs slat to see the devil overshoot the mark, and he hart done it in the liquor business. The devil knew just the kind of bait with whtck to tempt eoile. and knew Just tkeir weak point. The same people who rrrte4 tkera. he aid. and who con-eMBd the tabernacle, would burn them at the stake if thev dared. He told the coegretatB that If thev left the tabernacle without accepting Christ they would leave H with tke devils of Satan about tkm. Ing hnmor of the early eighteenth century school of English fiction Addison. Steele, Goldsmith and Sterne. But Melville has a great power of philosophy also. The powerful strokes with which he depicts tne gradual decay of the old captain s mental faculties is as subtle a piece of psychological lnsicht as one will find in fiction. "Moby Dick" is of increasing value from the fact that it is a most compre hensive Handbook of the whatinz indus try at a time when individual courage and skill were the prime factors, and the whale had to be approached in small inmis io witnin almost toucning distance. . BEAUTY COXTEST. Interesting Events Held at Pare Food Show. One of the largest crowds of the season attended the beauty contest that has held last evening at the pure food show. The winners were: Miss Elsie Lewis, first prize, a gold locket and chain; Miss Elizabeth Boesch, second prize, a solid gold bracelet; Miss Mamie Hevd. third prize, a gold brooch. The entries in the show were as follows: Misses Elsie Lewis, Alma Price, Alma Martin. Lucille Kamp, C. Olherny. E. Labarrere. Mamie Hevd. Lillian Joachim, T. Carlin end Elizabeth Boesch. On Friday evening Miss Edna Porter, a -ew Orleans girl who is plaving with the James O'Neil Companv, will visit the show. It will be recalled that Miss Porter, at the past two shows, acted as a demonstrator, and she has many friends among the demonstrators now in charge of the show. "Drummers' night will be held to-morrow evening. Children's day will again be held Saturday afternoon. A series of events at tha show have been planned for next week. Yesterday morning the Invitation which was extended the members of the International Klnderrarten Union, through the courtesy of the Retail Grocers' Association, was accepted. The members of the convention will visit the show Saturday afternoon. They will form in a body and march to the hall. Saturday afternoon was chosen by the members of the Kindergarten Union, as this will be children's day. In the rear hall the industrial exhibits are being well patronized. The Times-Democrat has received from the Pelican Cracker Company, one of the exhibitors, a number of packages of its delicious cakes and wafers. SMALLPOX IX PARISH PRISON. Officials Take Prompt Action and Vaccinate Prisoners. Visitors were denied access to the Parish Prison yesterday because a case of smallpox had developed there. The victim was James Scott, a negro, arrested for vagrancy. The City Board of Health took prompt action in the case by removing the prisoner to the Pesthouse and thoroughly fumigating his cell. Besides this- act of precaution all the prisoners who had been exposed to infection were immediately vaccinated. This is not the first case of the kind to develop In the Parish Prison. On March 14 James Williams was removed from his cell to the Pesthouse. On March 31 John Floures, a negro wanted In McComb City, Miss., was sent to the Pesthouse after three days' confinement in the Parish Prison. In all of these esses thorough fu migation of cells and vaclnation of pris oners was resorted to. Altogetner during the past month there were 205 prisoners vaccina red. Yesterday eighty-four underwent that operation. A similar experience was had in the House or retention on Marcn a, wnen a prisoner named Willie Wade was found suffering with smallpox. He was promptly conveyed to the Pesthouse. and 205 of his fellow-prisoners were forthwith vaccinated. It Is thought that these prompt measures of precaution will prevent any spread of the disease in either of the prisons mentioned. I. C. DIRECTORS HERE. Harahan, Auchencloss and Pea-body on Inspection Tour. J. T. Harahan of Chicago, president of the Illinois Central Railroad, and J. W. Auchencloss and Charles Peabody of New York, two of the directors of the, road, reached New Orleans last night from Florida. Mr. Harahan has been on a pleasure and business trip, and is at present passing through New Orleans on a tour of inspection. "I have just come out of the wilds and will have to find out about things before I can talk for publication," said Mr. Harahan at the St. Charles last night. "The present trip is one of Inspection, and I shall be In the city only to-morrow, leaving here some time In the evening." ALGIERS AD GRETNA. Geo. Walters Resigns Treasnreshlp of Jefferson Parish. The police jury of Jefferson parish met yesterday in the courthouse. President F. L. St. Martin presiding, with Secretary Michael Daunehauer recording the proceedings. An ordinance waa passed prohibiting the discharge of firearms on tbe public roads, and a penalty fixed for violation of a fine from $1 to $25, or Imprisonment from one to thirty days In tbe Parish Prison. A resolution was passed directing .the Algiers and Gretna Railroad to raise its tracks to the grade of the streets, to repair .ts rails and to relieve congestion in certain drains. The resignation of George Walters aa parish treasurer was received and accepted, with the understanding that he ia to serve until bla successor qualifies. A committee consisting of Messrs. Rebeneck, Hart and St. Martin was appointed to investigate certain powder magazines located in the parish near Metalrie Ridge and to report at the next meeting of the Jury. Lncian Sonlat of tbe Pontcbartraln Levee Board appeared before the meeting to urge that the police jury see that the drainage ditches along tbe public roads were maintained in good repair. A committee waa appointed, consisting of Messrs. Hart, Flory and St. Martin, to confer with the rontchartrain Levee Board l'n the matter. The finance committee reported It had employed Mr. Bienvenue. an expert accountant, to audit tbe books of tbe treasurer. Mr. Bienvenue will begin. tbe work to-day. J. B. Paaenhauer, accompanied by his daughter, Mrs. S. Lytgen, who have lieen visiting friends In Savannah, returned yesterday. Work was begun on a new plank walk extending a distance of 1100 feet between the Sonibern Pacific and the Texas and Pacific railroad in McDonoghville yesterday. Tbe walk will ran In front of wbat Is known as tbe Hotard division. The succession of tbe late Philip Moynanrh of Harvey, La., waa opened in the District Court. With tbe exception of $1000. a special leeacy to bia eldest daughter Annie, all his property goea to his nine children. Hia sou. Taomas Moynaugh, ia made executor without boed. The fnneral of Thorn a J. Mooney. atttnded by a larre nnmtor of frienda. both from Algiers and New Orleans, took place yeaterdav afternoon from hia late residence, Morsan and faiii streets. Mr. Moope bad ben prominent in Algiers ro"ttrl life for many years and sad a hrt of frienia In years pat b waa actively connected with the 'volunteer fire department. He s several times president of the Fifteenth War Mother Clnh; held offlre of Fourth Recorder and also of Superintendent of PyMie Works is Alajera Bora la fhicaao. he rime to A'.aVra when ten yosrs of are. and has had liis home there ever since, being ifty -five at tha time of his dth. He leavea a wife. ho was Miaa Arabella Cevell. and a son efrhteen vears of are. The Rwhrelrea were the g'teata of Miss A. M Laaky Monday nifht at lit Olivier stree' YAm Vyrts- Peterson won the ladies' flr nriie and Mia Jnanita Barrett the second Sriae. Charlea C. Martin won the tantiemes s rst prti. and J-n C. Tieniev the aecond Misa Frtncea Donnelly and Frank Dafy wera awarded cmsoiatioQ pria. JEW OKLBA!t9 ILLUSTRATED. "Throtiih New Orleans with a Camera" will be the subject of n Illustrated lecture to be aiven bv J. J. Mduchltn at McDonoih No. 9 ?cfiool. at RocbeMave and Onxaga streets, to-morrow night at 8 o'clock. m b TsimzntgtTmVt . - a mm The CABLE COMPARE KEW ORLEANS j 9 the woRLoni Fra-fsr J LOAN CALLED INVALID JIDCEJHEARD RENDERS DECIS- ION OF INTEREST. Goes Into the Question of the Legality of Mortgage Loans to Married Women Effected Without the Certificate Usually Obtained from the Courts. A decision of considerable interest and Importance was rendered yesterday by1 Judge George H. Theard of the Civil District Court in the matter of Mrs. Salome Acker, Widow, vs. Elizabeth Bourgeois, wife of L. J. Bourgeois, ia which the court goes into the question of the validity of mortgage loans to married women when the same have been effected without the certificate of authorization usually obtained from the courts in such cases. The decision is: Plaintiff having foreclosed upon a note of SlwiO secured by mortgage on defendant s separate property, the latter obtained an injunction against the executory process on the grounds, substantially, that she made a pretended sale for cash of said property to Loys Charbonnet by act before Wynne G. Rogers, notary p:N lle, on July 17, 1903; that she received no consideration for said sale, which w-as simulated; that immediately thereafter, at the same hour. Bald property was resold to her on terms of credit by Loys Charbonnet by act before the same notary; that said pretended sale and resale, to the knowledge of plaintiff, were made and intended to effect a mortgage on her separate property; that tbe note secured by said mortgage was to be immediately taken up by plaintiff and the cash obtained therefor was to be used in paying the debts of defendant's husband; that said mortgage was disguised as a sale in contravention of the laws of Louisiana, which require a married woman to be authorized by a judge to mortgage her property; that for want of such authorization said mortgage Is null and void; that she executed said mortgage in error of fact and of law; that it was wMthout consideration to her, and in fraud of her paraphernal property: that she received no portion of the pretended purchase price, which was turned over in its entirety to her husband for his sole use end benefit; all to the knowledge of plaln- Plalntlff ruled defends why the writ of Injunction should not be Tl asiae. ior tne reasons: First, that the allegations of her petition are false and untrue: and. second., that aha failed to furnish bond with solvent security as ir-juuru i law. Upon the trial of the rule it was arreed In open court that It should be considered as an answer and the cause heard upon tbe merits. The ground relative to the failure to iumisn Donn was abandoned. It had al ready. In effect, been waived by the join der of Issue. " DOCTRINE NOT APPLICABLE. KT?e..dtrlne relled on by Mrs. Acker, tnat when a married woman, separate in property, sells by authentic act her paraphernal prooertv. although th oi.. Is a disguised mortgage for the benefit of her husband, yet if the notes given for the purchase price fall into the hands of innoeent third parties, the vendor's lien and special mortgage securing the notes ""' anas no application Here. ThlS is not the Case of an anninnt. ly genuine sale by a married woman of her paraphernal nronertv nH ih. ..i sitlon by an Innocent third person of L;,c iium representing tne pur chase price. The pretended acts of sale by Mrs. Bourgeois to Charbonnet and bv aarbonnet back to Mrs. Bourgeois, exe- i"e same aay, conveyed on their face full notice to the world that they were nothing more than a disguised mortgage by Mrs. Bourgeois of her seriarste property with the sole authorization of ner uusouna, ana witnout authorization 540b court 1err'' T- Gilkeson, SO A., The latter authorization, however, was not necessary to the validity of the mortgage. A married woman can, with the authorization of her husband, hypothecate her paraphernal property to secure a loan uiane ior ner separate benefit. C. C, Art. 122). The only difference be tween a mortgage loan contracted under autnoruy or tne court in conformity with articles rz, and 128 of the Civil Code and a mortgage loan contracted with the authorization of the husband alone Is that In the former the Judge's certificate is conclusive proof that the money has Inured to the benefit of tbe wife's sepa- mie fsutif. wnereas in tne latter tne lencier carries the burden of nrovln whenever so required, that the wife separate estate was benefited. (Teutonia Loan and Building Company vs. Cronan, 115 La.) This burden rests not only upon the lender or original mortgagee, but upon any holder of the mortgage note evidencing the loan, howsoever re mote from him. Lester vs. Sheriff, 46 adu., dM it is not enough to show that the money for the note went into the wife's hands; it must be proved additionally that she nsed it for her separate oenent. (Henry vs. iauthreanx. 32 A. 118: Urouhart vs. Thomas 24 A. as Calhoun vs. Bank. 30 A., 772; Teutonia t-ompany vs. cronan. uDl supra). FAILS TO MAKE PROOF. Mrs. Acker, who is before the court in the attitude of bolder of the note of a married woman secured bv mortis re on her paraphernal property, without authorization from the court, has failed to make the requisite proof. The testimony of Mr. Charbonnet, to the effect that he paid over to .Mrs. Bourgeois In person the Thousand dollars received from Mrs. Acker for the note, is flatlv contradicted by Mrs. Bourgeois. If I accept as true the testimony of Mr. Charbonnet, a member of the bar with whom I have a pleasant personal acquaintance, as against that of Mrs. Bourgeois, a stranger to me, but who testified with anna rent tlnrorii, .till the fact remains that no proof was Jntro- ancea to snow wnat disposition was made of the money other than to give it i' iier nusnana. a tieciarea Bankrupt. That Is fatal to Mrs. Acker's nretenslons. Let judgment be entered perpetuating the writ of injunction herein Issued, with costs, aad ordering the erasure and cancellation from the public records of the inscription of the one thousand dollars mortgage npon the paraphernal property of plaintiff in Injunction as per act or snie from Loys t narbonnet to Mrs. L. j. Kourgeois, passed before Wvnne G. Rogers, notary public, on July 17, 1903. NEW .SUITS. Emile Levy and Joseph A. Casey were yesterday made defendants in a f;iOO dam age suit filed by Frederick Hutting, who aneges mat in April, listi. Levy brought an attachment snit sgainst him in which certain allegations, averred by Hutting to be malicious, were made. Casey was. it is said, the surety on the attachment pond. William E. Burke and John Burke yes terday brought suit stainat tha People's Homestead Association, for $2100. The plaintiffs aver that they are tbe only neirs or airs, jonn eurse wno deposited with the association ?.Vf) fr full-Daid stork and a further sum of $lt for permanent stock: that amicable demand has been made for the payment of the ii'Tii. bnt refuaed. Two promotions were snnonncefl fn the clerk s office of the Civil District Court yesterday. James Condon is promoted to cierk or docket lour, and William Gil len la made a record clerk. The Inventory filed yesterday In the succession of Mrs. Sophie Mengers shows property vaiuea si rsiia. In the matter of the minor Alice Brooa. Tutorship. In re Joseph E. Manning. Bknsnclf tlon. John P. Duvfela vs. Pierre Chevslr. To rescind tale. International Match Cerapsnv vi Krierre. Perry St Co., Limited. 41A0.61 open account. H. G. Tetterolf vs. Frledrlchs. Young janey, l.imiten. a-Hrj.ia open account, William E. Burke and John Burke vs, People's Homestead Association. FJ!a Schwartz vs. William S. Ingram. ill.' open account. Eila Schwa rrz vs. William Parker. 1V open account. John Verdisets vs. Alfred Dasplt. Coa- resston or judgment. Central Glass Company, Limited, vs. E. H. Canfield & Co., Limited. 4175.10 opes, account. Frederick Ht.ttlng vs. Emile Lav. ,n"t namages. Authorization of Mrs, Fellcle Jaeaia wife of Isaac H. Hall. To borrow. The following successions wsre openef yesterdav: Celestiao Peres Valcarca. Joseph BreffeL Criminal Pisfrlev C-s. Section A. William XKi-t. ekartM Witt break ina and entering la tha nirbttlnae. ws sentenced to serve 01 year at kara lakor la the StMe Penitentiary. m Jvrvrar. csjaasM with breakicg aad racist: in ts aicbttine, found g'lilty. aad will he aeatesced salt wa. Edna Fori. oua fnilty V etit lareaav. and seataacee tea ss W liae tu fagn. Emile Daniel assault and willfully shooting at. found guilty, and will be sentenced next week. SecMoa B. Adolpb Ortiz, chanced with larceny from the person, found guiltv of larceny less than $20. Abraham Clark, charged with robbery, found guilty. First City Criminal Coart. Arraigned and Pleaded Not Gniltv John E. Gorman, violating the lottery law. bond I2&0: George Borland, assault and battery, bond 1100; George Walsh, manslaughter, bond 11000; William Mendel and Albert Gcmei. assault and wounding, bond $250 each. Henrv W. Wilson waa discharged on the charge of carrying a concealed weapon, and Allison Gibson, charged with carrying a concealed weapon. e win m me rimin&i District court ior trial on bond of $250. Tnala Herbert Clark, cssaalt bv ahootln at. sent to the Criminal District Court on bond of SSOO: John T. Chalmea and Frank Adam, wife desertion, sent to the Criminal District tourt on Doau ot szmi each. Second City Criminal Coart. Arraigned. Pleaded Not Guiltv and Placed Under Bond Elevan Thomas, violating the imwislons of Act 115 of 1898. (500 bond; Chaa. Schntteo. violating the orovisions of Art A3 of 1906. The charge of violating the Bundav law pending against Geo. Stessl waa dismissed by the State: Maggie Cowden was fonnd guiltv of violating the provisions of Act 107 of 102 and her sentence waa deferred until April . Chaa. M. Landry waa found guilty nf assault nd battery and bia sentence deferred until April B. Chas. M. Landry waa sent to the Criminal District Coart under a bond of 1250 on a charge of desertion of wife and minor children. Joa. Taylor waa arraigned on a rhirn of having m ordered Loula Vincent on March 29 last at o: p. m.. at Touro and Tooti streets ; be pleaded not guilty and was remanded with. out tbe benefit of ball. IN FEDERAL COUKTS SUIT TO COWPBL PAYMEXT OF PKOMISSOrlY NOTES. Exemption to Jurisdiction of United States Coart Sustained Negro Committed for Money Order For. arery Fails ia Epileptic Fit Awaiting Removal to Prison. Two promissory notes on which. It is alleged, no payment has been made, was the cause of a suit filed In the United States court yesterday by the Adams-Bagnall Electrical Company of Cleveland against the American Construction Company of this city. Both notes are said to have been payable in six months and given in September of last year. One is for $2646 and the other for $2604. Judgment in the sum of $5250 with interest U asked. Peter LIndes, Frank Harms and August Wetzel, three sailors, entered a libel for $120 each, said to be the amount of salary due, against the steamship Florida in the United States District Court yesterday. On a claim of $3002.43 for goods sold, the Acme Cement Plaster Company sued Kichard P. LeSassIer In the United States Circuit Court yesterday. Goods valued t $4776 are said to have been bought in August of last and February of the present year. The amount Is subject to a credit of $1773.57. An exception to the Jurisdiction f the Federal court by the defendant: in the damage suit of Laura Duhe against the Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad Company was sustained yesterday by Judge Saunders. Damages in tbe sum of $50,000 were asked or the death of the son of the plaintiff. Asking for $10,000 damages, the suit of Widow A. Pettavino against the Illinois Central Railroad Company for the death of her son was transferred yesterday from the Civil District Court to the United States Circuit Court. Judge Saunders yesterday In the United States District Court affirmed the decree of Referee Bell in the bankruptcy matter of Frederick J. Swoop. An appeal had been taken by Julian M. Swoop. After being placed under $500 bond by United States Commissioner Chiapella, on the charge of having forged a $15 money order, Robert Sylvester, a negro, fell in an epileptic fit In the office of L nited Mates Marshal Lolsel yesterday while awaiting removal to the Parish Prison. On being revived be was placed in prison, having been unable to furnish the surety demanded. Sylvester was arrested in Charles A. Kaufman's store In Dryades street Tuesday afternoon by Postotfioe Inspectors Kenyon and Anderson, who yesterday swore to an affidavit accusing the negro of having signed the name of Albert Sage to a money order ror 13 at Mation K. Apparently unbalanced, the negro tells a story which tends to show he was made a tool of by a negro formerly of Hcuma. I .a., where Sylvester lives. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. Philip Alherstadt to Mrs. Nicholas G.SMbel.lot, Iberville, Bienville, Broad and Dorgenota, $300. Pierre Velleneuve to Feliz Fageret. lot, Philip. Villere. Marais and Urqnhart. $2200. Dominick Lanerl to Eugene Lanerl et al.. lot. St. Ann, Dumaine. Marais and Liberty. $800. Lawrence Fabacher to William C. Dufour, 3 lots, Constantinople. Pitt. St. Charles and Marengo. $9000. Emile D. Levy to Jos. C. Borland, lot. Willow. Claiborne, Jackson and Philip. $1400. Paul Maestri to Miss Loalsa Lee. lot. Robertson. Iberville. Bienville and Villere, $3200. William Gulrovlch to Xl'iuea LeMore Co.. Ltd., lot, Tchourirotilas. Washington, Sixth and Livaodats. $1500. Doa F. Wa-tU to Mrs. Reheaca Bnrtschell. two lota. Painter, Grant, Miro and Franklin, $150. David W. Eames to L. and N. R. R. Co.. timber on lots Nos. 101 to 143. at Le Station, Third District, left aide of Genttlly road. $2000. Arthur H. Knsstnann to Tke Herdman, por-t'on. Cleveland, Prieur, Roman and Canal. $1000. Carondelet Realty Company to Herman Davis, lot. Carondelet. Poydraa. St. Charles and Ferdido. $42,890. Martin O. Gund to Thos. J. Ward. lot. Roman. Derhlpny. Thalia and Erato. $1200. Herman Davis to ' Carondelet Realtv Company. lota. Coliseum. Leonidas, Valmont and Chestnut. $5000. Mr. Eva T. Laporte to Eplfano Rapolo, lot. Magazine, Bordeaux, Camp and Lyon, $3500. Charlei Husson. ffr.. et al. to French Market Homestead Association, two lots, Letseps. Chartrea. Poland and Royal, $3400. Purchaser to Fred Kober. same property, $2000. Jules Cassard to James D. Lefeh.. w Marfgny, Claiborne, Mandevllle and Bobertaon. $125. ' Mrs. Marie Manant to Security Ptrliaing and Loan Association, lot. Common. Ulloa. Tele- macnaa. ixrtex and D Hemecourt. 856. Mrs. Eva W. Bailey to Mutaal Bnlldlng and Loan Association, lot. Carroiiton. D'Hemecourt, Bandln and Solomon. $2500. Purchaser to vendor, same property. $8500. Eenderson-Brown Realty Comoanv. Ltd.. to city of New OrleaDa. portion .in Blocks IB. 17 and 15. slrnated In the South New Or leans snMlvislon of tha Fifth District $940 John Fleming to Hnrv F. Iron, one-half of si lors. i-riear. t Kiiiy, Auhrv. 'Johnson and London avenue. $500. Fred D. C. Negrotto to Miss Dora N-grotto. Interest In and to two Iota. Locna Enohrosene. Magnolia and New Shell rr,d' aiao lot. Calliope. Euphrosene. Magnollj nnd Clara; also two lots. Liberty. Franklin. Oa-vier and Perdldo; also one. half lot. Perdldo Howard. Gravier and Liberty; also two lota Clara, Euphrosene. Magnolia and Calliope, $40. Carroiiton Land Company. Ltd.. to Oscar pcnreiner. lot. general Taylor, Saratoga, Pen laton and Eamnart. $4500. ubnrhan BiilldlBg and loan Association to Mra. Be!l Prnyne. lot. Ohra. Dumaine, Orleans and Rayon St. John. $1200. Henrv Oertllng to Security Building and Loan Association, w. Joseph. Freret Robert-arm a4 Oetavl. $1040. Mra. Mary T. Lerettee to Secnrlrv Building and Loan Association, lot Fleonors, Cimo CT.estnnt and Naahvill. $1400. Purrrar to Gus a. Modinger. aame nronertv. $120". v r Succession ef Gewge W. O'Connor to Chaa O'Cosnor. three lot Jolia. Camp. Magaxlne and S. Js.h. tTeOO. William H. Wilker t Snhnrban Building aad Loan Avwwtatlor.. lnt Common, Gravier Looes and Saleedo. KN. . Pnrchaaar o vendor, aame propertv, $300 Thfrd Diitrlet Building Association to Mrs. Fmasa V. Temaleman lot. Music, Arts, VII-lare ad Robertson. tfl. Carroiiton Land Companv. Ltd.. to Jravph W. Koasavl. lot. General Tapir. Saratoga, realatsa aaa Kastpart. MiM. IAT XHII COaiPLETIO. It is satlraated fcy the contractors that the Fnhlic Library sow In course of construction oarsis!te Circle will be completed by April 20. There ia vet some tniihlag ts be laae !iMe nd some stone work o the outside Ts motor, ele-vafef. feetlM sad liahtlrg sparatus. ss weil ss plsmhlaa esnlpruent. has been lr.rslea. The ooesln't of the lihrarv will probahly take jlaos la "eottmber. 'ss It will repair tati awa V UUU taa THE BEST 4 FULL QUARTS LAKE'S KIDNEY MEDiCIIE Sold by CHAS. NICAUB. 1100 Daaaslia It A, V. HULLAH. 904 I. Claiharna Aa. ss r-. w."- sr niunsaa jf And Aching Back V jtjT wr" " tlae ays- 3SSv Is war kla a; jraprly. Yoai NfSSV BMtta f mm tmmm mp.. Take VVV LAnE'S KIDriEYn.V.U .lEDICKlEm) w It will rasTe imm mem mm sarBas 4?Sk. aaxt rcatara hsallhi. SMMlcshaUc .aar restatra tisaltfc, XoavaJoahMllc. LANE'S KIDNEY MEDICINE Sold by CRESAP a PERRY. 601 S. Rampart St E. 1 BASTIAN. 722 Cadiz St ELITE DRUG STORE. St Charles. Cor. Milan MEN.W0MEN and DR. A. S. DYAR. Tbe Oldest. Longest Established, Most Successful and Skilled Specialist ia tne South. Mad B .taW a. laai ah as M -j- feX sX mm My new aad Improve syatec of mall treatment la perfectly satisfactory. One personal visit la alwaya preferred. Bat If yoa can not call, aend for perft question Hat and yon can be treated by mall. A friendly letter or call will coat yo nothing, and may save yon future suffering and add golden years to ydbr life. Addreaa or call oa TIO A S rjYAU CANAL ST Cor. rxrhsnge Place, MJMrm .e 3e llrIf NEW ORLEANS, UL CONSULTATION AND ADVICE PERSONALLY OR BY MAIL FREE AND SOLICITED. Office Bonn: Every day fiom a. m. to p. m. Sundays S a. m. to S p. m. Doctors Who Cure To the Free k&mt and Examinations to All. It iRSiraltji Office hours: 9 a. m. to 8 p. m.; Sundays, 10 a. aa. to . aaa e ABDRESS OR Drs. BROWN & FLIHH C& .. BRITISH MEDICAL AND 3U RS I A1 H 41 f Men's Diseasesu I cure, without operation, Varlco-cele. Hydrocele. Stricture Plies and Fistula. I cure Hervous Troubles of all nature and kind by my electrlfal methods. Blood Poison, acute or chronic, cured without Mercury o Potash; cured In from three to five days. All Inflammation stopped in 34 , hours. Catarrhal Conditions Caret. Catarrh of the Nose, Throat and Lungs successfully treated by my new Inhalation method. It rsMovea all Irritation, pain In forebear!. droj-plng," hawking and spitting, and prevents lung complications, ctronlc bronchitis and pulmonary diseases. Call at once for a trial treatment ef my 20th century, new method cure. Chronic D1icaa ef Tfasiisaw I successfully treat a.l nervous and chronic diseases of women, and diseases peculiar to tblr sex, sue aj Nervous Decline. LnaWnets. Paft ia the Back. All wuea woo ! W avoid instrumental examination aal unnecessary cseradoa should eeaal me. ('onsulrstlna at oi.ce er by aasM aM Office hours: a. as. to 12.-1:.) to 5. Eveniup. T to 8 e'clei); tia. days, v a. m. to 1 p. m. hjiw 9m, fcfcVt. WHISKEY in the world is distilled in Kentucky, and no better brand was ever made than Kentticlcy Spray" Myc . $4 .08 EXPRESS PREPAID. CASH MIST ACCOMPANY ORDER. Try It once and you will always use it Write for complete Price-List. UNITED LIQUOR STORE Branch United Lhjaor Store; C. (Caiital S2i3.00O.00) 103IU1033 Soatb Rampart St., SEW 08LEAMS, LA. Branches atsa hi iiaihawwlrai. Phi., ana Chattanssaa. Tens. KID fVSCKS T NEAREST STOKE. LANE'S KIDNEY MEDICINE Sold by W. M. LEVY. 1382 Magaiins St. OUGGAN'S PHARMACY. 4328 Magaztna iU LANE'S HONEY MEDICINE Sold by 6. 6. GONZALES. Chartrts aad St Philip St. DIXIE PHARMACY. 600 Franklin St IMPROVE TOUR PARKS AND GARDENS HINDERER'S IRON WORKS 1112-1118 Camp Street Net Orleans. IRON FENCES CHEAPER THAN WOOD. Viewer Boxes. Haaatiaa; Pot. Chairs. Settees, Tables, arbors. Arches. Vases, Foaatains aad Beaches tor Pabllc Parka, Stabla Fix tares, Hitcliins; Pasts, Car riase Steps, Etc. CHILDREN CURED By tbe Master Specialist of the South. DR. A. S. DYAR 619 CANAL STREET, Cor. Exchange Place, NEW ORLEANS, LA. Wbea ia need of treatment for an of Uoe distressing dlaeaars claeaed aa Acute, Chronic and Nervous Diseases you can aot afford to Jeopard lie your bealtn or rtak jour life 'if employlnf lncompeteot mllcal aid bat ao at once to oo wbuae tepatatlon. skill and ability, barked by sueceas and long years ot rmljrnce, gi, aaaorancs ot honest, skillful and BClentlflc treatment and a cure. I surreaafully treat and cuaraatee te rure all forma of ACITK. CHBOMC AND NEKVOC9 DISKASF.S. BLOOD POISON. NERVO-VITAL THOU-BLE. STOMACH TROLBLE3. ALL FORMS OF SKIM DISEASES, CATARRH OF ALL FORMS, ECZEMA. PILFS. SWOLLEN GLAND8. NF.RVOrsNESS. DEBILITY. WEAKNESS. VAR1COXED VEINS. BLADDER AND PROSTATIC TROURLES. AND ALL ACITB AND CHRONIC DISEASES OF MEN AND WOMEN. SKIN DISEASES A SPECIALTY. Men and Women 1 eTtft th confl1enre and oatronars of public wa roust show why we are entitled J to it. bverj gooa Diimness roan want to kdow the party with whom he 1 dealliis; has Wo proven honest, competent and reliable. Yon should be careful aa to tbe Specialist whom yon select to Intrust your health. The first and fereiDost reaa7 why yorj Should select Doctors Brown it Flynn, because of their Ion? aad varied experleors snd most gratifying auccess In curiof? their patients. This has been made possible because Irs. Brown Sc Fllnn stand at tn head of their profession, wlta man yer of fips'rianca, purest of drugs, complete lectrlrt! tu4 K Kl equipment, cloee personal ttteatlna sat. oik reasonable chargea, u wle cta, they treat HiS cur. ne f Baraobas saM sat Acute, ChonL. Kesvsua gnfl rera ases; Catarrh, "tfarsci Troubles, Oe4f a. t4-eestion. Eciui. kfn rjiaeasf. . JaM f Fistula, Bladder a Kidney Tron stt aa Oenlto-l'rinary Tfublaa for one ft v4 . Blood Poison. PtActure, Weaknesg't. dKaeHsp Debility, cured foi one fe of ZmTub. aSfcasaSPjjjiaajBBaBBBBsjBis, 1 r l-t tlACTlI IS I ADVERTISE. mWt esit write. e w !" ax aw ayassaaaaBBsaBaageS BE . a.-jr J-'

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