Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on October 14, 1947 · Page 27
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 27

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 14, 1947
Page 27
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TuetJ.y, October 14,1M7_ Hollywood Today Abbott And Costello Plan Big Game Film By LOUELLA O. PARSONS HOLLYWOOD, Oct. 13—(INS) Lou Costello, who fell and hart himself, is getting better fast- and wasn't laid up nearly as long as his doctors feared. Lou tells me he's crazy about the comedy he and Bud Abbott are making for their 23rd picture. The boys are going to be seen as jungle explorers and have teamed up with game hunter Frank Buck, himself. Instead of doing '"Bring 'Em Back Alive'" they have changed the title to "Bring 'em Back Dead." REMEMBER the furore in Hollywood not long ago when Michael ("Mickey") MacDougall, the gambling detective, came here and exposed a group of card sharp- ers who were taking certain movie folk in gin rummy games? MacDougall's exploits will be the basis of a movie to be called "Queen of Hearts'! which is being dangled before the interested eyes of Eddie G. Robinsons-Eddie to play the card detective, of course. Hal Roach, jr. is one of the backers, along with producer-agent, Jan Grippe. WHEN ROBERT SIODMAK gets back here the 25th of this month he'll talk with Burt Lancaster about directing "Kiss the Blood off My Hands," Burt's first independent. There's no one better qualified to do these murder melodramas than Siodmak, excepting of course, Alfred Hitchcock, the old maestro of movie murders. CHATTER IN HOLLYWOOD: Hedy Lamarr, never a girl to hide her feelings, isn't letting herself brood over her latest heartache as she did when she and John Loder were • going on the rocks. Hedy has bought a $10,000 wardrobe, which in her case isn't wild extravagance. She let herself get very run down wearing mostly slacks and bandanas for ao long that I scolded her in print and told her stars owed it to their public to be more glamorous. One girl who has been a wonderful friend to Hedy is Lana Turner. It's on Lena's advice Hedy has gone out socially. TOO MANY '"JENNYS" on the movie market particularly "Portrait of Jenny" coming up about the same time is responsible for changing Jeanne Grain's "Apartment for Jenny" to "An Apartment for Susie." Bill Perlberg, who is producing Jeanne's picture, tells me he has made another switch. He's converting Richard Widmark from a heavy to a hero which means he'll carry the romantic interest with Jeanne in this. KEN MURRAYS next movie fc to be an old-fashioned melodrama in -which birds will operate toy chains. The heroine will be tied to the tracks just as Pearl White used to do in her serial days. Ken's first, called "Bill and Coo," is reported as a classic. He was so encouraged over the whole thing he has put the owner am! trainer of the birds, George Burton, under a six-year contract, and together they are making a series of these pictures, released through Republic. SNAPSHOTS OF HOLLYWOOD collected at random: Barbara Stanwyck will be godmother to Peter Godfrey's new daughter, Barbara, when the little lady is baptized October 19. Was it an accident June Haver was at Pebble Beach last week while Dr. John Duzik participated in a golf tournament there? June says it was. The Mona Freeman-Pat Nerney baby is expected early next week. Angela Lansbury's mother, Moyna McGill, has been asked by Tennessee Williams to go to London for the lead in his play, "Glass Menagerie," and it seems more than likely she'll accept GEORGE JE88EL and Joan Barton, a new duet.. She .also will appear with him on his personal appearance tour. I should have taken Tommy Adams' wager when she wanted to bet $1000 she and George would get married. The Matsuo Brothers of Hawaii have offered Allan Jones $5,000 a week to tour this winter in Japan, and it's possible Allan may accept Well, after Al Frisco's telegrams, seems he's doing his old cigar routine at Charlie Foy's once more. The first night he pulled out his false teeth with his cigar and couldn't have been more surprised. Craig Rice admits she and Leslie Charteris, author of "The Saint" series, have had any number of arguments, but she says it isn't true that they had a knockdown battle. That's all today. See yon tomorrow. Widow To Attend Rites Mrs. Betty J. McCubbin, 2942 North 27th street, will leave soon for Jefferson City, Mo., where she will attend the funeral of her husband, Second Lt Troy H. McCubbin, whose remains have been returned to the United States lor burial. Snyder Gives Study Report NEW YORK, Qct 13—(NANA) Europeans are beginning to unite to help themselves and they are beginning to appreciate American aid, according to John W. Snyder, secretary of the. treasury, who arrived this afternoon aboard the United States lines flagship America after studying economic conditions in England, France and Germany. "We have been too hesitant about the part we have played in aid, but at last we are beginning to let the people .know where their help is coming from and they seem to appreciate it now." said Sayder. "I LEFT LONDON with the conviction the British people, united in a common effort, will surmount their present difficulties and I think there is growing indication that these people are actually uniting to face squarely their problems," Snyder continued. "In Berlin we discussed in some detail crucial problems looking to the expansion of German production, both for the benefit of Europe and for the improvement of economic life in Germany. I have made no reference to it in connection with the Marshall Plan, but German economy must be considered in discussing European economy." The treasury chief said he spent many hours in Paris discussing French economic conditions and prospects of Europe as a whole. "WHILE I RAVE HADE an initial examination of the preliminary report of the group in Paris studying the Marshall Plan, I am not yet prepared to comment 'on it publicly, as-1 should first prefei to discuss this matter with the President and George Marshall, secretary of state, and other officials of the United States government," Snyder declared.. "Having observed at first hand in Britain, France and Germany the great need for food, I urge every American to co-operate fully with the citizens' food committee so that the hungry in Europe may not go unfed," he said. In the Crimean war appeared the first modern army medicine service, the first telegraph line between battleline and home front, the first ironclads, the first news camera. MSALIRKI7XTKHI? MENTHOLATVftl AVAION DAKCDIG ASTEBNOOM AITD K*O*fmCtft •M • a. M. t» i Yellow PHONE S-C1S1 ALLEY THEATRE "Love Letters" mnffm JMlUft JOM MESA "MM Iso "Gtrn lighten* "GIMenhm'i Ok**" _ CHalMd "Miracle oa Mta ajagiL—-. fctmcksfphslpl Grand Opening TONIGHT fa- MMWaM EvtryMHt-ietol if DOLPH ROTH .nd Ordmtr* if STEWART BARLOW, M. C ^ JOYCE CARLTON, ' Tap Dancer if CARROLL JAYNE faoHe Dcncar if ALSO-Added AMraeKon ENDS TONITE! CLARK CABLE in 'THE HUCKSTERS" PLUS ELIZABETH TAYLOR in "CYNTHIA" RIRLTO BROTtt«, U:tt A.M. CINLCOL THE MOST STARTLING AIR COMBAT EVER FILMED! From Uin top-Mtcret tilt* of the Army Air Force! Setbojl ^ ^"^^ ---—"" _ . yi ^~ A*. • imat .Hi* Alteon* Republic, Phoenix, Arliona. REPUlll BULLDOG Easy Work Marelape Lynch demonstrate* an electric craaer at • busbies* exhibitioB in New York City, aerifacd to bring Joy to the office secretary. The new gadget te spua by a nail electric Nations Get WASHINGTON, Oct. 13—(NANA)—Key European countries asking for aid under the Marshall Plan are now getting more than one-fourth of all U. S. exports. This was revealed today by commerce department export officials who released a detailed breakdown showing that seven Marshall Plan countries are receiving the lion's I share of our current foreign shipments. THE FIGURES turned over to Secretary Averell Harriman's committee studying foreign aid, show that in five months this year the U. S. reported nearly $6,250,000,000 worth of machinery, food, textiles and other merchandise. Of this total, more than $2,338,000.000 went to Europe and more than $1,650,000,000 to seven of 16 Marshall Plan nations which are asking for a minimum of $16,000, 000,000 more In American aid. . The countries were identified as the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Leading all countries is Britain, which this year already has received $509,000,000 worth of merchandise. Next is France with $380,- Rtferve Officer's Rank Is Proposed NOGALES, Oct. 13—Edward F. Sauer, commanding officer of the Reserve Officers Association here, has been recommended by President Truman for a permanent commission, as major in the army quartermaster corps, it was learned today. His wartime rank was colonel and he served overseas in Europe. Saucr a resident of Nogales the past year, has been active in civic iffairs. Exports Aid 000,000 and Italy with $320,000,000. MACHINERY TOPPED food In the total exports going to these countries, with France getting almost three times more worth of machinery and vehicles than any other country. In the five-month period, Europe received more than $617,000,000 worth of American machinery and $608,000,000 of food. The food went largely to Britoin which took American vegetables valued at $91,000,000. France and Britain topped all countries in nonmetallic minerals. France took $55,000,000 and Britain $51,000,000 of the $230,000,000 total shipped. Globe Rainfall Total For Year It Jumped GLOBE, Oct. 13—Since a gentle rain started falling Saturday niglft, 1.35 inches of precipitation have been added to the year's total. It was announced today by. Anthony J. Tarpey, Globe co-operative weather observer. The rainfall was steady and gentle. Most of the water went into the ground with little runoff. Doctor Transferred TUCSON, Oct. 13— (AP)— Dr. I M. K. Muhran, who has been su- I perintendent and medical officer at San Xavier Sanatorium for the past two years, is being transferred to the Fort Defiance Sanatorium where he will be chief of I the tuberculosis department, it was announced today. "THE MYSTERIOUS MR. VALENTIIE" HARRY L.NACE THEATRES THE VALLEY'S FINEST OfMiPJa. Tho Happiest Happeaias; That EVOP "IT HAPPENED 015TN AVENUE" DON ItaroBE—CALK STOBM VICTOR MOOBK CMA>. BOGGLE* ANN aVtBDMG PAUL MUNI — ANX BAXTER "ANGEL ON MY SHOULDERS" rtn "ABIE'S IRISH ROSB" I • P.M. I 7 f Jf. Tyrone Power — Gene Tteraey "THE RAZOR'S EDGE" *tt» Hilton—Sonar T.ftt "Cm* Xy •••! V COLLEGE Esther WILLIAMS Rieard* MONTALBAK "VHSTA" (In TeehBie«to*> RANDOLPH SCOTT "GUN FIGHTERS" »«M»»i tran Zm Onjt't "T»l» 9" i T P.M. Rental for the Panama Canal! Zone right of way constituted 371| per cent of Panama's national i come in 1945. L RE V Ana BAXTER — Win. HOLDEX Sonny TUFTS "BLAZE OF NOON* 2-17M —Sag HOWD YOU LIKE TO SEE AND HEAR THAT POPULAR PROGRAM "HOUR OF CARTOONS" THo OiM-Mm Art Show OPEN 11:30 FRAUD' 0m 11:3* P.M. "What I Want I Taker The oancer code of a s*aa 4«nX by a woman whoso tar* wa* dynamite . . . whone v«w* bo- hMgod to hh> best pal! oRPHEUM MM. PlfawTtB* A One-Punch Guy-LADD Meets a Two-Man Gal-LAMOUR! (and Uno Who, too!) He not only displays them ... HE DOES'EM! EVERYBODY'S INVITED ADMISSION FREE »y, Oct. 16, at 8 PJL, North Phoenix High Aod. •eo-PBN i 'Tha nigrta Lady" NOW SHOWING IRCUS^CAlfNI CABT •RANT MYKNA - LOV •mxy UHflt 11 BIG RIDES It BIG SHOWS I 3 RING CIRCUS Fan For All The Show Ton Know DaollBg Neon Lighted Midway . •HOW GROUNDS, Sird 8t. * EM* Van Baroa 1 CO-WE8TEBN My N HIT VoflM "WYOMING" KUJOTV CABBOU i M:3* P.M. P FILMS Hf TECHNICOLOR Tho star* of "GUda" Bad The •boa Mary In the *ero*a'» *CHMM MtTMt^ » *«•«» ^' HMUflH PARKS ' - KM Mi ••«•£• •aMMHTiaW-anifHB tmmui-mmima fOX PLEASANT MOMENTS— BtktUgt*! latt ctauvaf mil Rich-flavored whiskies all mart lkanfivej*anolJ*..Md blended with choice neutral spirits the PM way that's milder and right to the taste. $359 $226 $|I6 4/6 Qt. Plat W Pint IV tTMBPT NuioiulOi«tffl«riPr<xiiio«C6tp..N.Y..N.Y. Blended Wluik«y. 'The «r»i«hl whijtiu act J y«ifi Of mor. eld. V>% «Mish» wautty. T0» «nia Muttil «piflc». saProot, LAST PAY r. »« A A TWOl I STARTS TOMORROW RETIIBN" "COBPSi: CAME (!• Color) A rto« at lt:3» P. M. • Prlcn fill • He wrote tk> «*> «*H Jullm wllk Ik* STRflllD 5TEELE DESERT PATROL UHt Day for TIHM Arttai BM» • RANDOLPH SCOTT "ABILENE TOWN" Abo Prratoa Foster. Lloyd Nolan, Richard Conte in STUDIO JOIIM WAYNE Op» 13:00 NOOB -Enchanted Forest" in Natural Color Oven T.m V. M. BARRY riT/liKHAI.n '•EASY COME-EASY CO" FOID Journev Kho Mmant thi* »kjr trmiKl for m«Ml*n»

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