The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 29, 1931
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Served by the United Press HOME EDITION Blythevllle Courier, BlythcvlllC lUTiild. THE DOMINANT NKWSl'Al'ER OP NOHTHEABT ARKANSAS AN!) SOUTHEAST MISSOURI '"• : :- a ., fr HI.YTHKVU.l.K. AKKANSAS/TIIIJIISDAY, .JANUAUY 29. I Ml ; SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS HOPE FOB TONIGHT! 1ST .1 Canadiair Mothers Are Keeping Stork Busy In Ten Year Race For Bequest of 8500,000 •Crilz. Expects ic Cat! Com- niiilee to Pa« on LOCH! Applications. First loans to fanners of i h u Chicknsinvtaa distrir-t untie*' th:federal feeJ and seed loan l;iw will probably be made wilhir. the next fe\v days. 'Ilnx-i: local farmers hav,: iiircidy complctc-d applications, and J. E. Cniz. ccunly agricultural agent, hones t3 have these p:iss?ci upon by ihe lo;;;! ccnn:iitt3e tonight iii:d forwarded lo Memphis I for final action wmoirow. T. J. Malian has resigned fnsn the !OLI:I ccmmiile?. and Mr. Crlti: | is awaiting confirmation of the ap- '• poinlment c: A. B. FairfieUI to! se:ve in liis place. Other memr.L'i.i ! ol ih'j county committee are A. M. Hut; and E. M. Woodarcl. !t is still uncertain, aeconjii's tc Mi 1 . Cri'.:-, whether nuuiy Missis^ip- | ]ii coun'.y larmi'rs will find it pj:;- ; sible lo take adv;ui(a:;e of th; ipv- i ernmeni loans. Scores of farmers j have discussed t'.:c matter with Ha j county agent, but most of them so j far have been reluctant ID : application without seme assurance ' of being able to provide food for ' themselves and their families during the crop making purled 'lo complicate matters it'jd CvG:ir. hci'.dciuaii'jrs have notified the.- lr>- i cal relief organization that no re- | cjuL e .iiio:i.s for feed are' to t^ :ssue;i \ before February 1 except to farm- i ers. who have made application ft"-; government feed loa:]S and hav? been refused such loans. OrganiH at Osccola cal committee at Osceola v.ill b™ p:epaiL'd to receive applications fo:- seed ond feed loans under provisions of the r-:cen>, federal dro':itV: relief measure on Saturday of this week, and other communities int;',s sc'.uh end of the county will ha'v? t-heir organizations set up unu b? in position to pass on loans nc't later than Monday, it was announced here following a nieetm-; of the central committee at which arrangements were made for a join' meeting of -commlttcemcn from ti K several communities to be held herc- Saturday morning at 10 o'clock for a round tnblo discussion of details involved in thc making of applications. Tlie south Mississippi comity central committee, which is composed of H. J. K^le. Leon Sullivan and E. A. Tesford, a!l of Oscenl:. Kill also serve as a local commit - is a <'lC.Sl.-Up Of ^ITS. Tii'dSYll. .AC llie righ!, this mother of 2C at 12 is. shewn with l» iiF her mrrivir.z 13 children. AgRffl Has SurpIllS for Sale As lt« Company Finds ] Perfect Customer S.ili-f.mcii al llu- W. 1. n.-ii- itn C'hcvioiel company lu'res'.iy rave al last, disvovni'tl I In- l customer." Ho I:; B. O. nutlnscn. slure ki-e|k'r on tin- IliKhl:>iu>r f.iuu li.'ar lliinlfUi 1 , who In spUe ol fad thai tie had already paym.:nl on nu :niKhl lusl year. mniiti'.ly reinU- imillini; a ir:rj;> [h-. 1 iliu :uii:'.:iu:b!!i' lie u;n!:nued hi.-, lantcs yc-.slerday by •niney ord IT for llic usimf amGUlH due. 'Ml? prrtCCcimO iS unusual DIPSJ d:iy.;. uccoulini; to Lloyd Sllekmon. SI'.PS maii- 'Hie money crtler eir.lors ecl vuiil sent buck to him to.iuy, ami Rf-Ljinscii':-: n:i:iv: v.,i:; placed Oil the- "prospect" list. hi T rou Me A^ain Provides for Bond Issuo lo Provide Money for Loans on I'aiTii Mortgages. mum ! LirrLK ROCK. Jan. 29. (UP» — ; The lower house of Ihe general :if=; fcmbly passed Iho $10,000,000 tain '. relief kill in llio inornlnK soMlcm : toiliiy ufler heated debali- which ; took lip itio:'.l of tlie session, ] Proponents of thc bill wl:It'll was j introduced by Representative Fiein- i Ing of SI. Francis county .several I days ano and was brought- up this • morning for tlnal nass-.ioc. nti:'.ur,?:l I the plljiht ol Arkansas tnrnu'i:! mil [pleaded down Iho dlsseiillon of th; Ixxly to pass the. measure and in: Noted Marine Corps Officer Must Sl.and Trial br Attack on Mussolini. j WASHINGTON. Jan. 29. (UP) — 'Secretary of Navy Adams'today or-. I dercd a Reueral court martial for ; General Smeulny D. Butler. j General Butler was directed by telephone, (o place himself untlcr ! in test at the marine corpi canip'| | at Qi::inllco, Va., mid le. confine j himself lo the camp. : The court martial order' followed ' OEM SVII:DLgV £). I For years a stormy ficure, Clcn- U comptolnt .by the Italian amlns- | era) Smcdlcy Butler of the Marine, i s »< lor llcltc n! |ninst remarks 0:1. raps lias at last achieved notnrls- ' Pr " nicl M"™'"" of Italy attrbut- ty of inn li!ijlu-sl tierce. Hlii re- j cl1 to Bu '" m a "Cent speech at marks about Mussolini nt 1'hlla- ' Philadelphia: Thc kill calls for the issuance of'delphiu the other, day liavc put I - A P° 10 f>' fclvcn Italy S15.000.000 In Klalc f.irm limn bonds ' him In thc- Intcrnntlonal spotlight I Secretary ol Slate Stimuli today _ .mill thc formiMion of slate and|and resulted In n formal apology ; " 11uie formal apology to Italy-for i county farm loan uMrtls which will : . to Italy by lh<- United Stales state . tnc statements made by General Hake moiti-iiccs on farms as sccur- ili-rarlini-i.t. ! Bullor r^n«»"S Premier Mussoinl of Italy lu u speech nt Philadelphia, last week. emerfiency adnciied to It. Dakota Farmers Baiter Down jail Door 10 Sei7.C j up with the reading of commlM-:? v/ 'A/I i : reports an:l the hurcducliou of ml- loung wluvdcrer. |nor bins. — - I The senate went lliroujh a rnlli- SCHAPFEH. N. D., Jan. 29. (UP) j C r quiet session and several bills —Enraged citizens broke into the i were passed which were referred to Mackenzie county Jail last night to ] the lower Inuse for consideration, Clv.irtes Eannoii. self con- other bills Introduced •atlectecl the •fcsscd flayer of a family of six county imi! system, policy pay- persons, wlio was lo hfivc gone lo ; ments of insurance companies anrl , trial, look him to Cherry Cr3Ck i the present divorce Iti'.vs. I bridge and lynched him. | The cltl7ens came to the Jail nml | told Deputy Sheriff r. Hallem, . y ' The apologv was mad? two-hours J ! after Secretary nf the Navy had. J • orderc<l Uuller, one of the most distinguished American marine corpY.. officers, court mnrttalcd. Stlmson personally nude the for-. inol expression ol regret over the 1 nlTair to Itnllau Ambxssidor Gia- - ,conio de Martino, who called at the vftrs. ora'ce Baenalo""; Grandmother at 37, Pressing Her Hard. RT JAMES MONTAGNES N'KA Service CerrcsjiGniicnl (Copyriaht. 1531, NEA Service. Inc.) | from Cross wcoilyan], thri:; is supplk'ii uce c: [charge lo desiituto fnmilles in Tily[ theville. is again in c position !". I j sell wood, it was announced lc:iiy i | fd 1 '-' inu the arrival o! the firs', o'. yevcral carloads of dry onV: .s! 11 '- • tie mill at JIorn:".Y.\ ili? : . A • I \r • r\ ,conio e an, Auto Accident Victim Uc-istato department nif.,1 Dainnn^c U IllCU UamagCb to With High Line Pole. 0 to receive the ] apology. Stlmson explained to Da • I '.'.'" •' ''at Butler's .speech was an "iimtR.-._-.vd action" :<*>'\ informed thc"timba~u»dcf' -• - c In circuit court here lo- the Ark-Mo .Power noil. The sherill refused. "We'll get him "anywiy." group defiantly shouted. ' Hallam was unable to notify out- islde officers or to call for I A rr j r ] Pn ( n | QU n | i cause Ihe telephone lines E olng out ! '-"•l-'Cieniai OHOI • of Schalfer were cut. ambassa'dor Fatal to ' i, . I ^LlUSt: UHJ I riCJ/l lUI lU 1IILU.1 ^UIILtJ UUl j t jof Schalfer were cut. j 1 rifO!lCl' Involvei nal Figures in 500 Pound | broke^o'u^BaimoVs^eTdotr'^ turbance at Fayettville. Pnles Are Certain to Piitl'^ded the confessed slayer on a I U~ V; v - l - l ^''- ilu l Ul |tniclc. While cifens were dragging i FAYETTTEVILI.E. ARK., Jan. 2 .oblltv put- 9! co:i' n high power line near Mcnetlc last June. sued the i»v;er com- n . , . , . p.. v.uty to recover $20.000 for injuries i In? Oiler Involved in UlS-.lic received when the pols crashed I ernnient.,J; w •,_ y< . Butler "liV'nnBirer"! from' the secretary of navv yesterday ndipltfctl he had told an au- at Philadelphia lhat an in friend had informed him had commented A little more than five years aijo i ceipt-: from the sal? of wcjd v.i;i Charles Vance Millar, millionaire i be srlHcisnt to pay c\p-i-.scs cf. bachelor and king's counso! of ' maintaining the woodyard. Orders' Toronto, died anil lef! a queer. - for wood, which :\ Jocular sort of will to amuse and slra to suit the dislur'o his native city. j placed by telephoning Number 801 Brewery stock and race track shares worth upwards of Sl.OOO.COn 1 wore left to various clergymen and reformers. This, in itself, was! enough tu set the city talking. But thf> most surprising feature of the will wns thc. provision (ha! S508.000 "hc-nld no to the Toronto woman 'vho wot'lii bear the largest number er lino erected on ; |lnral to " 1= llfc ot tllc stlU? "' wllm \vo*ylvard O^dT -'.iiju.ii^ iu ^n^b^^itj^i uuuu- a""-: •vm"h» r,.- iX r'r,,-' '>' cf Um P"'ni"5S were nearly 1.- pectc ustcmpr should li-.'''" hcl "' s ' horl of lhe 1CO ' 000 1)alc ln k onin, Nmn'h P r son ™ A ' , lllc lcU " 1 ccnsus . "-'Ureau re-1Jield^ IBM (UP)—An attempted Jail break here , Wo company was responsible as a i pleaded "Save my dad, he's not last night resulted in thc death of | resul[ ._ On January 10 Mississippi coun- guilty." His father who was sus- Henry Mcesan, '_>5. of Oklahonmj H. N. Farrar is seeking to recov- pected of helping young Bannon [ ond the injury of Curly Kecves., cr damages from the Frisco rail- klllins the Haven family was l ] i«"> prisoners In the Washingtonl,- oad ror crop ]053 ( ,, |c (o nl i cg(:d reau rc-|Jield In Jail along with another county Jail. j obstruction of natural drainage :;oi-i 5!:ows. Th= county's total of j convict by the name of Malhes.- The wounded man was in n local • nloni j th( , rn i] roa[1 rlo | lt of wnv it , cotton sinned prior ID January 1G,| Young Bannon was taken to hospital today and his condition;! 99.115 ba!e.s is in running bale.=."an i Cherry Creek bridge, a slip knot ;vns no - thought serious. j tt _ iiuui; .-•—'-..- or n-t, the season's Icta'l i adjusted around his neck, the oth- i s=ven Prt«>™''S were Indtln- a i A lulmbor of slm , ](lr nctloll5 Rre Decision Follows Conference Secretory of Navy Adams' dc-cl^ ^slon lo brlnj the dl=ttii!riiishcdm!i- 1 rlne corps officer beiore sv court ] j martial wns reached after i Igng I conference this mornlnt? among ] Adams, Major General Ban H. Fiil- i ler, coimnandor of marine corps, i A'sUlsnL fifcretary of Navy Enicst tee here, and other community | of children Mi th» 10 jears follow- committcemen are as follows: Ln?:- ; 1117 his doat'n. That 10-year period will expire fail cf 193G. Today, with 1 E. S. WiUly, R. H. Wilmaiilh and ' W. H. Frarliler. Stillman. Altc'.'. committceincn are as ionov.5. ijir;- 11117 i o:a. L. I.. McDr-arman. W. C. H=v:- j Th 3tJ and J. !•'. Tompkius; Etownh. in I ^Oi.c a little less !i:an half of tiie p?-i ^ _ _-- ( riod completed. cnc Toronto! eiiiiman, Alonzo Webb and George i mcthtr has a record of having! K;lll; Joiner. J. T. Lee, N. R. Hos- borns six children since the! cv nnd H. Spicer: V/hitton: G. A. (ieczde began. Another has borne • ll-onsy, G. W. Brown and Lewi; i five. These two. it is telievcu,' lang ' I a|1£ ahead of ell compeUlor? io ! Application blantrs for farmer; ; dale. liviiig in U;e Oscce^a communily I IMcth^r of £fl at -15 may be had at thc office of Conn- '. Thf ieader i.s ?.lrj. Fbrenc? ty /isjent S. n. Cr.rprni^r. wlicro | "rown. a slight, fair-haired, smil- : a';iy necessary help in t::e|ins; housewife of 42. who not only filling out of papers \vill be sup- ! ha^ hart dx children Fince practi- plicd. and sucli ytneral intonm- Hiili Tak:n« f"it'a- i !-• i prr »-.i • : ba!«s. anil this was increased "ver I" <• 'tort lo Ubtain | lilCCO bales b?fore final figure? for the f.?ascn w;-re in- This year, hDv.cvcr, very little cottcn remains KEN'NF.T.T. MO.—The JJons Ci'lb of this city is i:i?kin" a .strenuous rffrrt to seci've lhc location of a canning factory liere nnd toward ihis f-nrT has mad) arran f -nr.< i nt < ; in fii r ni.-h n Ijiiil'lin? nnd hc'ca~e fr.r tii? iKdusJrv in rn et'orl lo in[!!ii- Hie iocatimi of it in this 1 Tile total for Arkansas prior to j January n) v.-as CoS.Vii-l comp''.ivd [ '••'ith 1.350.534 to the same date a: v:r.r a;;o. | Foilowini; arc the figure.-; t.i Jan-! inry 1C icr this year tion 3-s the atiplicant may des'ro will be available. Tile cnly charge made in Osccoia or in any oi th cal-jcs-.T Millar uicd tint who hns borne a total of IG^babt's In her 22 year.- of married life. Further- mere, she lakes espzcial pride in ccmmuniiics b e ctnts for ackno-.vl-dgom-'nt b-fo-o i " A remittee cnmmisctl of Goo. fTemi.iiii! C. P. Talbert. Paul C. JM:C^. and II. K. DT.U is carryin-; rn Rn invstiintinn fnr thj pi:r- j:o--r of dctcrmininE thc appvoxi- n'.o.te cost ol . e e'urin<- the plant 'iavj . for this lorr.lity as well rt.s (he r 0 "fib!' "-fTe.:! ii iplih* have on >:">1 j crnfl!!!ois. I; i« thought at this '<•!: i.'.nr iiinncd -15,0j!/ C!i:ro! Ciiv \\ liich have, bales cr more this; Thc jury returned a verdict to- j day that Meegan " shot, by! i Sheriff Iftnry Walker. Washington : j county, in thc perJunnancc of his: .! duty as sheriff in trying lo prc- j " '• vent r, jail break." j ! Meegau was held on charges of j i robbery and burning a -store, and ] i Re<ves was charged with making • , beer. 'lhc o:-:ier five Implicated! Harrison Farmer Be-'" 1 ? 1 "'f '""* not were cha • 01! with robbery nnd similar MINERS BE tinl for Major General Smcdlcy D. Du tier. tn his Philadelphia speech General Butler declared tint. Mussolini wns deliberately preparing to . provoke war. lee cf 5D i t!l ° fr<rl ! ' rM nn of Ui.»sc le births, with no twins a Notary Public, which is required i°" 'fi; ! '-f : ' Included at any time. on the crop mortgage executed by] Thirteen of her children are: time that, a tonnto canning plant (he applicant. ^ " still liviuq. Some are at work, .will furnish thc mo-t Many Papers lo Cn:n|iletp ' oln ° nrc rit -'choDi. ai!d the rf- ! b'r.efi' io flu- fimnninlty nnd re- | Every applicant will be renuircd nininrter nr: still at hoiiie, play- | nneslE for bids have been senl out i in? the house or in the : fovard ih's fn;i. A visit 'vas marie i '• to surround hit towns and cillrs and her husband I by the coiKinittc.? rarly this we?'-; iful of their chance i bv wav cf fP r l::iT the sentiment of Cr"t:ndcu 13.217 20.GSJ 10.110 31.MS 18.G"! 31.0'W 33.8?: 2S.311 71.5111 tu execute fr.ur dilierent forms. . which include besides the applica- [I'ard. t:r.n. a cro;> mortsasc, seeu 1=3:: i Mrs - ErO'.m note, a'-id voucher, and tonant l arc "°' fanner.; will in action be- remi'ir-! nf winnir.7 iiiil SMO.COO. If they j oii'-ide capital, rd to secure from landlords a i do - tnc - v wl " l) -' v a falm - '• Farmers in the tctritory lo tnj waivrr of lien, for which thc prop- ' " A i:ir "~ * " lc I >hcr to brin S I so " ri n:lri nprlh of Kpl! "f 1 '- lnv -'I cr form is alsa provided : un younjslf-rs." -=avs Mr. Drown.: bc-en ariviserl of She move a:id' | "My ancestor.', wten th?y first' pracMMlly all have agreed to plant I i came here, renled on a ff.rin near! evtf-nsivelv of tomatoes and beans > • Kin-stop, a farm is what we' if tlic rbns now under way mater-, ;cr( | cou t n y einncd 7,1-11 hairs pri-: . want for the ki<!s. They're thc ial:7,o into an industry. . or t o January 10 this y r ar. c-:n-: ceneratlon born In Canada." | ! pared to *,4B-S tc the same cia'c; Outside of tba'. dream of a!<7i.o>.J ^r>c^^•n^^n^ PaVS I''' 1 ^ M - An °- ! '- Dr c'lmty on thc, ,1 V^H Thc requirements enumerate firr-t | that the farmer seeking a olan ' nu:st have suticrcd crop failure or severe crop lc;s:s during thc 1930 ;• S^SSS'S 2rtS S | f ^^= ^'^S^/i Gua^ In^etor P fertile,-, no fund, wlih which to ™- ^-^^v" w"uM "end the j r ft -rr ? nT Ot*^ ff»,?S-^rT^a^ i-^ l Sn.T B h^^fo^e «pi- — P. orcen. U. S. A., is a loan for this purpose, that he ha, '$;., '^ c ,° c1 '' , '"„ u » n BMh i here to<l9y m "" ,°'' tlc ' inl Vl?U V '"" no inccme otl:-r. than that derive:!! Mr% nd M f B-o"*n U llut the I Co 'Wanv M of the Arkan-.s Xa- from his f"mi1iff operations, and ' "^Ts«Ui't« distant for them l!on '' *"*'«• Ca?t. Groen Is ^ in- in th? r.b.=ence of government j 0 p,^, 4'v Minlt- pVpti' ! staictor of thc Arkanms ni( | he v.r.l be nnabk to farm dnr- |'° , t ** r ? ±!,.V ffi,' is ! "'"'I and In, vLlivrl in -hu ing 1931. ' He will have to pledge himself ti Cesllr. n."33 27.111 Jacks-n 2^ 9-7 W.029 Jefferson -10.SCG C2.494 I.-.C 12.553 26.130 Lonoke S5.312 51.107 Mississippi S3.11S 125.415 P!li!li;i-i SO,ISO 333W Poinsett 27.4D5 -tS/WS i Pi!!a-!:i IP.S-IO 22.VSO 3;.-Francis 31.08! 41.S51 ! White 1C.446 ?5M8 | Woodruff n.ftt 2S.705 ! With the scascn's figure." pnc- lirn.llv rompir'c, cniy cnr Arkan- ns count". Crawford", slrws pi".-; nings in excesr. of last year. Crn~\-; lievccJ Victim of Thieves! Seeking Money. IIARH1SON. ARK.. Jtn. 28 (DP) —Officers here today wcr- scokins clues which mlg!;: solve the death of Sam CoM!. CO old rc- Dr. Weri Will Address rg- E a p , f 2g Q] Optometrist Association of-; . - "' *•" " . • Fivc Convicts Brought , . lrai«5cd With iliem bv nr ' A pi • T • PI r ! speakers blast 111 Lintoil :>halt. A. Wort v.111 be one of tlie ipcakers at tba meeting of Group 2 of the Arkansas Oplomelrist Association, affiliated vrlth the r D . . ' UNTON, IND., Jan. 29 (UP)— ! American Optometrist Association, tO Otate renitentiary Seven miners who had been given ! l(1 °° hclcl '" Joncsboro Sunday. -up as c'eart were found nlive at' Tn!s northeast Arkansas district LITTLE ROCK. Jan. S9 iliPi—' Uav;n today in Ihe Little Betty : Is marie up of graduates of the. cluse. j-.l his farm home near here.-Five prisoners were receive*! at t 1 :: nnilc shaft, leaving 28 known dead clinic Foundation. Dr. Marvin I-Iey- CofTelt's charred bcdv found, state penitentiary :ast night to fror.i the blast which late ycsler- - "-. of Helena, slats chairman, and in the ruins cf his home by hunt-! begin serving sentences ranging . day wrecked the shaft. . : Dr. J. J. Livingston, of Little Rock, • rrs. The coroner's report that : from three lo eight years. ; The death toll was fixed In nn . will nUo inah" addresses. Casiel llannr.'). r.esro. wlio was' oiliclol report from the mine after I Br. H. A. Pennlngton. Joncsboro, chairman of thc group. probably was tortured nnd : . I ijurnsd in his liome by thieves was! convicted ol the murder o! H. C. ; lhc Uc:ly of Fieri Reed, the last . i, c ; ng r , 1C ibcci today. i Vandyke at Malvjrn yer.tcrriay nnrt i to be recovered, was removed. All j i H1 , ] lan( i 5 all( i feet WC re bound : rentciiccd lo life impiiscinient. had ! who were in thc shaft when the i hy Kjro An elnply pockclboDk was not been admiUc.1 this morning, explosion occurred r.-ere killed save ( Clmd jn (i lc rn ] ns . CofTcll some prison officials Fairi. He probably ' nine, of whom two v;alkcd out last ' 52CK r i'Oi' Salesman O!-.;n!-.oina bcrcier. Sebistinn. is Funeral services were held this about even with last year. Invlnr.nHjniwn nt " !c Norlh Saivba cem- 7ip.n-d C.S03; prior to Jroiu- e t cr y for the Infant son of Mr. and nry 10 compared to 0.537 lo thf-t.Mrs. Vester Ovsnnan. who suc- dale Inst year- .cumted time ago wit-hdrev; FAOO from an : will be brought here today. , nignt. Omahn. Ark., bank, but since had] Thc:c received last night were:] 'lhc other seven, caught deep in- been'fined S450 on a criminal fis- Homer Smith, eight years fcr burg-. thc earth, bratticed a small siile. VAN BUREN. ARK.. Jan. M and iary and larceny. C. J. Veltntinc. chamber, knowing their oxygen 'UPl—Officers of this county to- i negro, three years for burglary, supply cou'.d lost nnly a few hours.: day sought three .bandits, two of l and Hammond Brook:-, r.cjro. three. Thc air was becoming foul when whom killed Ebr.ore Brown. 30, • years for burglcr-' and biceny, all' rescue squads cleared the entrance Oklahoma City salesman, last night • from White county, and Earl this morning. aft:r robbing a. dru; store lisre. ! Clark.' seven years for assault with; State anrV federal officials an-. Brown walked Into the store un] Intent to kill, and Sylvester Thcmp- -nolniced today after a brief survey aware of th; hold-up, and was osn. six years for assault, both from of the situation that thc c.xplo- met v.ith a volley of revolver fire. Arkansas county : slon which rocked the mine and He died instantly. , U_ i trapp?d lhe miners a mile back in Two of the bandits fled from the the tuiuiel had been caused by store. Joining a third in a waiting charge at Nevada. Mo., officer 1 ; relieve he had no money. Funeral for Infant How a Mntlirr TrnSs 13 Triirl'S Bnys Kn-> Wlri Collirle on Highway 61 \ NKWMARKFT OVTA.VTO 'T.'Pl "•oi'ld Inve io carry a i Tv:o small boys sustained . iniurios OH n con ere: Their home i, small, tut com- j ™"" «'»« ^"^.^^ fcitable, in a comfortable uart of ] ° f Cl1 ''• V s ' Lr:> "' or<l n "-'. Toronto. Mr. and Mrs. Brown. ; Cr ' 111irmy _ l fl-ctr 13 children nr.d an nnclc' occupy it, together; and the !_,,„, youngsters are kept surprising!" ! . .... . . ._ __ .neat, considering Use facL l:iire;l lo cxeciitc- a first niDrtjs^s i Mrs. Bfevn has so many ot them , f , - nil crops grown by htm dnrinj : tn lock after. vehlcb shall "They're not clean all t!u time.! ms(n s tre?t i yon know," she cxphined, "buti , nc .| K(1 ' Tins olj by-law Is one of .known to ambulance produce in tii3 1331 cro;-^ sufficient . fo;d ai'.S feed for his family and i stcek. befor? planting any acrea^? • to so-railed cash crops, and as sc- ' cnriiy fnr the lean he will be re- : ,t ths family home In the! SgHl emenr rVi?dp inr Gosnell nelgVbarl-.aod about 11 , • 3zl5lemen l nt ^K 101 ^ o'clock last i-.ight. | $17,311 in Auto frees Funeral plans wer; In charsc of : the Cobb Undertaking company. i t.iTTLf; RO CK. ARK.-Missis- Iflppl county has paid S17.311 to TORONTO. (UP)—The Ontorlo ihe state treasurer as partial ECt- Mydro-Electric Comml'sto'.i wlll ; tiement for automob'.le license fee: gas. Ananiinccs Subject for Thursday Night Sermon WEATHER ARKANSAS—Fair and not much : change In temperature tonijht and when two trucks collide Sp4nc i more jhun S4.COO.COO on prl- ; collected tlnce January 1st. ._ , .. „ ^ ... , ncreto culver! en Hislw.iv mor> . Unc COTls t ru c;ion durln? 1«1J Partial settlements for ['"I 1 ,?' 1 '' horse «:llh Ihc-m when they want fil - ft h!!if ml!c s ™ t;i ° r r v is c: '" " ••• fh« ,., ...^ (f nn oM . O . v;1 b .,.. pw v;or , midnight Wedntsfiay ni^ht. l S mv.,> 1Mr> . . c;; -'' n - aeon-din's "o year In no 1531. ins! mice will a Iran nuerl r.n Paae Thvcei of ror the mid-week church service of the First Christian church i auto' tonight the Rev. E. K. Latimer will: According to thc cfticial wra'.hcr ID an announcement: fe« s have bt-en made by 28 collec- speak on "Is God The Father of • observer, Chp.rhs Phillips, tho m!n- : Kir J A large proportion ot the. tors, most of them bc'ii^ for only Humanity?" jimum temperature here yc.iterday- nrrviri" (hit 'Vn' Thebo>-s suflered s'.laht cuts ! cost will go to labor. The comr.ils-. a few hundred dollars. Blake Wil- Church begins at 7:30 o'clock. • was 42 degrees and lh? inaximuii. be parked on thc about the'face an done sustained a • slon proposes t built 1,850 miles f liams. sheriff and collector of Pn-, This feature, recently Inaugurated.; ei decrees; clear. On Uis fame day ; s a horse is al- broken nose. Their identity wa> not primary lines during the year, Insk! countv, yesterday paid into. Instead of the Wednesday prayer i a year aeo ths minimum iCmpera- •-ithe treasury 5125,000 for foes col-1 meeting, Is droning a goodiy num-iture w.xi 20 degrees and the maxl- tCoiitinnrd oil Page Three) i niany imcajl'ied by the town clfrk. jvvcnt to the see: . !trk.l\ ulance atuc::cs wholhrlnslns thj total mileage to near- 1 ene of thu wrcrk. 'ly n.OOO miles. I treasury Iccted so far. ' bcr, ,mimi, 35 rie*f«s;

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