Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 6, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 6, 1896
Page 4
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Jotin Gray's CORNER. On nil kinds of light weight underwear. AH styles and prices for men, women Md children.--.The extreme tvanu wefttuer lias so far made this a good underwear season' and John Gray Is f .he place to be suited, Greatest Discovery ot t&e Century 19th Dr. Toit£ue'H KKW REMEDY Medicated Air For the Cure ot Cutiirrh, .V-tluiui and alt Pulmomiry Diseases, U hns no equivl tor Slvkand Nervous lloail- uclio, 1,000.000 people die annually from tlis abovp niniied diseases. Wuy siiltur anil dtp, when Medicated Air Is Kuiir.intei'd to dire >ou. iviind Drnj; Co., • ' Hlelimond, Ind., U. S. A. II Is the best remedy on earth £or La 4>...jpe. It will give Immediate relief ad will effect a cure where all other Mined les (all. •old by B. F. Keesllng. ','-DAILY JOUR ifett*: Published" every day In tho week (except Monday) by the Logansport Journal .Company. , W, S. WEIGHT President A. HARDY :vice President C. W. GRAVES..... Secretary S. B. BOYER .' Treasurer Spanish Mayor,of-JovellBnos Unable to Stand Horriblb' Atrocities. Price per Annum , J-l.8'3 Price per Month:., 1../.40 Official Paper ot City and County. (Entered as second-class mall-matter at the Logarisport ..'Post Office, Febriiary S. SATURDAY, .1UXE ison. cnlgnH anil Sallx for Mexico Bocauio oi tho Butchery o( Innocent, Unarmed 1'erAonn by tho Cruel Imperial Soldiery. STATE NATIONAL BANK LOGANSPORT, IJJD. OrtPITflL, • S2OO.OOO J. P. Johnson, President, i S. W. Ullery, Vice President. H. J. Heltbrlnk, Cashier. DIRECTORS. •J. T. Johnson. B. Vf. Ullery. J. T. Elliott. W. M. Elliott. W. H. Snider, Buy and iell Government bonds. Loan money on personal security and collateral*. Issue special certificates of deposlto bearing C per cent. Interest when left one year; 2 per cent, per annum when deposited six months. Boxes In Safety Deposit Vaults of this bank for the deposit of deeds. Insurance ptllelea, mortgages and other valluables, raited at from J5 to J1C per year. W Onr 'E never pu* up any Flour under any other Brand than our own. Magnolia Patent Flour \ la Guaranteed to be Tweuty per cent better than any other JPlour mkde in the State. Peru Mflling Go. KROEdE-R & STRAIN, Undertakers & Embalmers. .'••••• 610 BROADWAY. JERSEY ICE CREAM, Be,t In t'ao .City. Little Candy Kitchen, 314 Pearl Street. All of our fine bon bons 25c a pound The ."Twin Comet" and "Little Giant" Lawn Sprinklers. BEST HADE Unique, Efficient, Labor Saving. Will •prlnklo four times greater area than nny •tilers. Highest award at tho Chicago . Bxpoattlon. E. STEBBINS MFG. CC, •oto Manufacurera, Springfield, Mass, F»r Sale by all Hardware and Rubb«r •tores ln\he United States. Spring Suits. THE CONVENTION TODAY. Tht Ke;nib!JMii Comity convention mutts todny and the imliral.ious tire that it wall be si.'uonilly harmonious and i'iitlnifil;i>Mk'. There are, however, Uull-. curious of breaki'is. The Democratic party has had control i.n tho county for yoars and flic Republicans; are inexperienced i-ii majority discipline nnd major-' il.y policy,' As a rule it is wi.se to follow well <*stal>lisliod precetliiut, ami give a.rfiiomiimriou to every c.iinHiliitu entitled to it. Elticlent swvice and party Inyalty largely jioveru in such cases, and while The .TouruaJ docs -uot and canuotvdccicle ou Micse questions it can and floes nr^e t-hc wisduin ot.f.ollowiii;; the prociHlont as a rule, of action. It urges' Hits becrtuse pai'ly ,l:armouy i.s thus assured.-. Tho uiau who fws into a eouvcutiou in violation of' this precedent does so at rhe risk of disturbing harmonious conditions. He Invites o-p- l.wsition and takes his chances on'"the' public sustaining him in his violation of precedent. If his-position is well taken he wins at a loss of many J'rieiids. If it is not well taken he suffers-a- Uistincr defeat. There is plenty of itimo._ Only'one ma-u ca.ii be president at-any -ouc time, and it becomes tho'duty of other''aspir- ants to wait, and in. -the incanttuvc support the (ulminLstvaUon loyally. '. In the, present situation party discipline should be enforced rigidly and no man should tie defeated for reuomluatioh wHhou-t just cause. The couuty is Democratic naturally, l'lii)$ -Is, a m-ajoriity of the voters vote that 'tlckbt ou account of birth, prejudice or ijruorance. It is next to impossible for Republicans to win, aud it is only possible by harmonious action and hard work. There is no room for djs- scnsiou or revolt,, -no room for experiment:; or. violations of precedents. The' Repulilk'ans must meet a natural Demo- cra-tic majority, misled by a lying Dera- owatic orgiui, and, tJiis is an obstacle too great to permit of victory nnd dis- ?ensio« at the same time, ' : .; The new woman has had much 10 discourage her lately. The Methodist 'conference voted her out. The Presby-' terian Assembly was not more considerate, and the Prohibition party, to which slie'hns contributed .much, placed her iu an obscure seat near the door. She made a vigorous kick, but that was all that gave-her prominence. The'cham- pion, Helen Cougar, is authority for the statement that the new woman is not disheartened. The free traders of the Democratic party have achieved a great present victory in dh-erting the attention of .the masses of Democratic voters from the tariff Issue to the money question. The Democratic voter is anxious to justify his party in Its Incompetence, and it is easy to persuade Itim to get out of the tariff life saver's boat and tmst himself in tho sea of uncertainty on tho wab- bling currency plank. >• Jose Ramon del Vhlle, a Spaniard, who has been alcalde for some time of the important., town/ of Jovellanos, province of Havana^ has resigned his position and sailed ;: for Mexico. Hoj .states, us avrensori', that he can no long 1 -; er stand ; the excesses""connmitled by; Spanish troops. Scnor del Valle is a'man of culture; nutl intelligence, and has no leaning^ toward .the insurgents. His testimony! is therefore unbiased. He says Spanish troops are killing: innocent-people right nnd left. The pcopleof Havana Lava no idea what atrocities are being- committed. In m;uiy parts of the island, the troops pilloire stores, residences nnd cstatc.s and kill unarmed men. Un- questionably'they Ore more to be feared than the insurgents. There is nasafety for life or property outside of the cities a,nd la,rg-e towns. While Col, Vicuna's" column WHS at Jovellnnos three weeks, ng'o, they met three men on the outskirts, 1 coming toward t-lio town on the main highway. . The men. were unarmed. They were halted and asked for their papers. They had nor.e, nnd wore immediately shot. Col. Vicuna reported this officially as n. victory over a party of msxirgcuts in \vHich the enemy liad three dead nr.d the troop-; no losses. Ten days ago a detachment ot mounted- guerrillas mulcr Lieut 1'iiula, whil-j foraging- near Jpvclkmos, came upon ton la-borer.;; at- work in a field. The laborers shouted "Vive Espana," as the troops approached, bat tlic latter fired a volley, 'missing tho laborers,who tlircw themselves on their faces on the ground, but>a£Ciiiniiman, who wns standing near, liy; received a. bullet in the log. He went to Lieut. Paula and showed h.is wcrand to-him, complaining a-t the action of Paula's men, Paula said: . . , "You are going to tell tales ore you T' and drawing his sword, he killed the Chinaman. "These instances came under my personal 1 Observation while f vns alcalde or mayor of the town of Joyellnnos." TESTS HI& VJTASCpPE..^ EdlHou'8 -Wonderful Improvement of tlie •• Kinctosoopo. Thomas Edison has about completed another machine, 1 'WHicKJfff3cMK".ln"c"-" •"vitascope." fife tested it v the other night. It. is on improvement of the kinetoscopo, nnd Mr. Edison says he has no doubt that it will prove to'be 6 success. The vitascope throws on a screen by means of bright lights nnd powerful lenses the moving life-size figures of human beings and animals, The original photographs, taken by the Idnetogrnph nnd developed on-a roll,' ure about the size <«f a special delivery postage stamp, and to produce a picture life size are magnified about COO times. Mr. Edison r-|pects'shortly-to be able to so impro- the phonograph 1 that the vitascope nnd phonograph will be so combined that it will be possible for nn assemblage to watch a phonographic reproduction of an opera nnd hear the music at the same time. . °MISS WILLARD'S LOVE ,: AFFAIR. .Uct'hoxllot' Blfthop' uncl' Tobacco iFlffaro la .. •'.;..'., : tho C»»o. ' • Like many other mortals, Miss Fra'nccs Willord devotes more, or less time to the refutation of rumors relative to affairs of the heart. One matrimonial talc, launched a year ago from nn,un- known umirce, which has pursued the white ribbon leader during her south- era trip, .has for the first time- been de- tiicd to a reporter of the Chicago Tribune. .. As the story yoes; Miss Willard WM 'once engaged to a young man attending . the theological seminary at Evanston, who afterward became a bishop. It is declared she jilted him because he refused to give up the use of-tobacco. She is quoted as forcibly telling him to make a choice between his devotion ,to her and his love of the weed.. This talo has many versions declared by Miss-Willard to be fii-lse. She confesses to the early romance with the ministerial student liu years ago, but lays MIC attraction turned out to,.be. one of the head rattier thuu of the heart; vi-hJch'fact wns ha-ppily discovered bc- torc it was "everlastingfly too late.!" The references to the weed, however, arc erroneous. The young- man was addicted to the use of Tobacco, but of his own accord relinquished the habit. This circumstance he related to Miss Hard during: thc.ir ea.r)y nc<niaint- ince, recounting that cue day he had taken his tobacco box from his pocket vhile on the car en route to liva.nsi.on and (.In-own it out of the window, Kayng: "We- will see which one of us is master." 1 Thei admiration expressed by Miss Willard. for thr; conquering'of the habit, Is doubtless the- cause of. the- absurd stories that have so persistently appeared-in print. HUNT, FOR ALASKAN GOLD. Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gav't Report. Powder ABSOLUTELY PURE A SUBMARINE BOAT. Fiction of Jules Verne About to Become an Actual, Living Fact Ocean Depths to He Explored by'a Strong*, Clear-Shaped Craft— \Vrccl<» to Be Located And-Valuable CBI- KOOB Recovered. Oov«rnm«nt Gcolojjlcul Survey Reports on Result of It» Search. Tho geological survey hns reported 10 Secretary Smith .on the operations r,f the survey during 1 , the field season of 'last year. Discussing investigations in the Alaska n gold fields, the report says many snail, veins of rather rich ore occur on the southern side of the Silver Bow. basin, about three miles northeast t-f Junenn. The old lake beds thejji are successful!}- worked for 'gold by the hydraulic process. At Seward City, 50 ro'iics north of Juneau, there are veins extremely' rich at some points rind are yielding- gold. On Admiralty /.slaud there arc promising veins an<! mining there will be commenced in .1'ne summer. Xcar Sitka, especially nlong Silver bay and in the country .to the southeast, there are numerous veins, some ' of which have yielded a little ' The Lake Submarine company has been organized at Baltimore to build a vessel with wliieli to locate and explore wrecks at the bottom of the ocean. William Maltster, of the Columbian Iron Works and Shipbuilding company of Baltimore, is treasurer of the 1 new'company. The boat is to be built at these works. Simon Lake, of Baltimore, is the inventor and president of the company. The boat is to be cigar-shaped and of steel. It will be propelled by steam on the 1 •surface and by electricity from storage batteries under the surface. According- to the SHE LIVED IN A TREE. Tho Qnccr freak of an Innano Woman In Ohio. For a Jong time the few settlers in the densely wooded country a-bout Ky- £er, 0., have been much disturbed bv mysterious footprints which they found- now and again in the soft earth at various points in the forest. The prints appeared to be those of a human being 1 end yet had some peculiarities which: eeeraed to mnke their history uncertain. Efforts to trace the maker of the footprints \vcre made but failed because after following them for c. time they invariably ceased to appear. , Last week Sam Little and a companion who were hunting with traps in the neighborhood found -they were being robbed of their frame and the indications were that the maker of the mysterious footprints was the thief, Bays the Louisville Courier-Journal. One night the hunters found four of their traps had rabbits and mink ia plans it \yiU be possible to work itjst a them and they determined to watch. depth of Bo feet, v'huili v,TlT allow'Tt Ib for the troiiblcsbmc visitor. ]. go in some places 100 miles from tho Soon after dark an object which was coast. The ocean bed slopes down at. evidently a human ' being, though. f-traug-ely dressed, approached the traps, took out a rabbit and retreated into the bushes. Following the object some distance the hunters s;iw it mount n leaning tree and disappear in whatl in the darkness looked like a rude hut. Investigation of the place next morning revealed the fact that the queer little cabin built in the tree tops of limbs and boards was inhabited by a •woman whom it was afterward found Cincinnati. ~ ... ,-. Cincinnati is worth $188,751,950, and has n <3<*t of $20,210.197. . Near Delaroff bay, on the island of TJng-a, in the Shnrh:igin archipelago, 3,000 miles southwest of Sitka, the A[x>llo Consolidated mine is now yielding 1 at. the rate of $.100,000. The report of Dr. Ball, the expertwho investigated the coal resources of Alaska, says that large fields of a fairly good quality of brown coal exists on the postern ihores of Cook inlet nnd that" veins of economic value exist on the south shore of the Alaskan peninsula.. ,. • _ *. . * •' I* 1 Li . ! Tlvoli's vratorraiiB. . . . • Tivoli's famous waterfalls ! nre now utilized to provide electric power for lighting llome. The power : 7a*>.' -'conveyed IS miles over tie' wires, land.'in the dayti;ne is used to-.c!rive;the'street curs, . ' - ' ?':•»:•''•>!•'••'••• •about (.he rate of six feet to the milo. The triai vessel to be built will be about 40 fdet long and 30 or 13 foot in diameter. It is to be made smali in order to be transported easily to Europe on a steamer after a trial in the port of Baltimore. It will carry a crew of six men, and will be capable ot st-nying on the bottom -10 hours without renewing the air. The openings, whore tho divers will go out to work, will be on the bottom, and the water will be kept out of the apartment by which they will leave the boa.t by.air pressure. Powerful electric lights will illuminate the ocean bed for 300 feet around the vessel. There will be a propeller in the rear. When the boat strikes bottom it will run on three wheels, two of which will be provided with claws, so they may, be used as additional propellers. The operator will stay in tlic front, behind the electric lights. The relative air and water pressure will be shown by, guoges. A derrick fastened on the end will be used in lifting the wreckage. The company' expects not only to raise wreckage, but also to discover coral, sponge and other valuable submarine deposits. Mr. Maltster and the marine engineers are confident of th« success of the scheme. A HISTORIC STONE. Good Goods and Low Prices, the Combination that Wins. .Made in the Latest Styles. » * '.'•'!•',.. •(§):>. .j- .'•.--•• . ; W. D v CRAIG 496 Broadway. Second Floor. WANTED. 1 «NT3 WANTED: New book; illustrated and A Dramatic Hlstorr of the -l Loula Cjclone Vail graphic account of Eea 1 hand Devastation, SpM.ker Heed has made it possible for tin} present Congress to transact.more business 'in a short session thaw any previous Congress.--' Obstruction has boon overccmie through his efforts, and by.his work In the chair, ho lias-iuade himself necessary to the country in more.'ways than one. He must- notilie permitted to withdraw .from the.public stage. '•• ...,. Free trade Is all right beVweett Stato*, enabling liulinna..to 'ship into-Ohio, Illinois, California' of 1 Maine. In the people's mind, however, 1lio McKinlcy doctrine, which .taxes the foreign, ship- per,.compettaff with home -producers, is just and right,'nud'in'keoplnp.'Witli.Nii- ture's prime law.' •',:'•• • ' The latest cure for cigarette snicking is a prison term of two years, asked for by a young man named Frank'Hatha- way ;it Plymouth-, this week.-:'It. .Is- hoped the euro will be effective,; l.mt It will never become popular.- . . ... -' Half A MILLION To be Given Away in Articles of Real Value to the Users of ;:';;: MAIL POUCH Slab on Which Washington Took the Oath of. Office Removed for 1'roteFTatlon. . The work of removing the stone slab u^on which George' Washington took the oath' of office as the first president of the United States from the baso, of the Washington statue in New York to tha interior of the subtrcasury was be- £iin the other day. Exposure to the elements had caused the stone to crack and crumble. . Some time ago a wooden cover was placed over tlic stone to protect it as much BB possible. • As- sistantTrcasurer Jordan reported to tho government that, ucless the historical, slab were housed, it could not last long. The treasury department ordered the suj>eTiiitendeiit of rcpaJrs in this city to remove 'it to the subtreasury, where It will be incased in a frame of bronze and plate glass. Many relic seekers visited the subtreasury while the work of removal \vns in progress and re- qcesled fragments of the historic stone. had escaped from the Ohio insane asy- liira a year ago. She had evidently, stolen from, the neighboring: settlers tlie quilts nnd rugs which not only formed the bedding: f° r her cabin but her own miserable raiment. The wom- nn was returned to the nsylum, GEM- BARATIERI. Some lDnlde Facts About tho Dli(T»ce4 Italian Commander. •'Gen. Earatien. the Italian commander Ln chitf in Abyssinia, who has been peremptorily ordered home, is a man of 64. He has betTi described as an "ideal soldier," but how far that description will apply to him now remains to b* proved. Baratieri has, however, seen much • service. He is. one of the survivors of "the thousand" who lauded at Marsala with Garibaldi. He fought in the campaign of ISSG and gained two> medals for military valor. Captain of tlic famous Italian sharpshooters, he was made colonel in 1SS8 and general in 1892. The general knew something- of Africa befbrj he was appointed to a post in that country. He was a member of a.n exploring party which a good many years ago made its way as far as Khartoum. On his return from this journey he clevotc<5 himself to military journalism imd became editor of tbo' Eevista Militare. Subsequently he was • military attache to the Italian embassies at Berlin a-^1 Vienna. He also sat as a deputy duringfive legislatures, and . was for a short time Italian, minister of foreign affairs. Later the general was appointed governor of the Eryth- rean. colony, ar.d when he visited Home last summer pooh-poohed the idea, of Avar with Abvssi:i:a, { The Chevying and Smoking" IMee M tl. Incln- Tu certainty is-ttie future hope of business. After tire-Republican convention at Sf. Louis,-'prosperity will ngrairi.takn on the smllo tli.it has faded t<i.\a wan Imitation on slu'ce"'\T 1 ilso.n mid•'Gorman tlmkered. '• Save your COUPONS (oc EMPTY BAGS until coupons appear) and get In exchange the following Valuable and useful Articles: • VALUABLE PICTURES, 2 POCKET KNIVES, I Hindicme Wat«r Color Fac-Jimlle», Map* and Marine, fllze .14x28, .Jl Fine Paitel Fic-iimlle«, Landscapo and Flgnras, Blzc.Miiu Inches,. IStnbject*- - Beiutllul Vinetlin Scents, -Worta of Ait, Itck Knlm and Pan Knlvti, first American miintifacture. Razor SMfll, LBUU • forged,flnely tempered BtodcB. Slflg Handle. • lncbt«,"4 eubjccta. . T NO ADVERTISING t O.NANY',OF,IHE ABOVE. -•' SuchExceiUnt Wolrks tf Art have never btfon m, bcenofcred, Except ThroughDatlin,atvery _ highpriot. They are tuitablt detention* for •-•• anyhomeflndtobt appreciatedmustlieteen. . 0. CHOICE BOOKS, » Cloth Bound Standard W9rk«, oyer/JWW-: • lected uaei ;:by Eminent Author?.' . ,- A Popular Novell, BOO UU.en byFavorltaXuthora,' J TOBACCO POUCHES. I Rubber,tell-cloilnj. CoarenlcntuidiuiiraL.. 0, RAZORS, . In view of the ijrlgUt.'prbspocis for tho coining Americanizing of the tariff; the passage o£ tlie.rlycr nnd hnrlior bill, calllus'for imperatively nocdcd Inj- prorcmen.ts, was the proper course. •'--. Miss Grace ;GrlflUhs of Gns CHy took the honors in the dnsspf nfty gratliiaj:es : from the Northern Indiana Enw schopl, at Valparaiso/: iwiere',-,were;tl)e hoys? , : Frtnch Briar (Ouornnlond'oeiiUiic). POCKET BOOKS, Flnati Qualliy Leather,' Ladici' end Grata'. CYCLOMETERS, 1000 Mile Repeating. For any size Bicycle. EXCELLENT WATCHES, The "Mall Pouch" Watches «ro made by a loading American Watch Company ' • and are guarantied, iMIitnit qualification.' •' Tbe"works" contain 'all taprovementa up !i to date. They will wcnr and perform well for o lifetime If only ordinarily cared for. ELEVATED ROAO. FOR CYCLISTS. Novel Scheme of rl»o .Munhnttau "L" 8y»- dlurtto In New York. ^* When the plans of the Manhattan L syndioale J'or n double-decked rapid (raasit system aj'e submitted to Mayor Strcng (Jie'y \vill include a 'feature \\liich will be ha'klcci with'tlcJight by aJl \vheeimiia. Thu drawings will show a. perfect bicycle track built on top of the second story of the rnjlroad structure. The sehVine is to have a track •tO feet wide, laid with the best Georgia pine, divided in the center by a parti- lion, to- scpurafe ths up and down trucks. The bicycle track is to reach irora the Battery to the city limits, on both the cast and west sides. Every • half mile stations will be built provided with'-elevators for the use of wheelmen and their machines. The company will s-ell a round-trip ticket for five cents and bicyclists will ride high above the city and its bustle. SOUTHERN HISTORY. COUPONS EXPLAIN HOW TO SECURE ALL ARTICLES. --.''. : One Oovp.orv in &^S(^t (Bounce} Package Two G<mpcm8in^K^cent(^ ounce) Package. . MAIL POUCH TOBACCO IS SOLD BY ALL DEALERS. Packages (WPMOW^) containing ^^ho coupons will be accepted as con- ;'jWnS,V2«;''2%)!<3^0.iM-p^ ILIUSTBATED CATAtQGlFE '. inajled on application, giving complete list and description of all articles and Titles of Books an«5 Pictures ; oZib; tella society Orranrhced for tbo Purpoto of .. tooting RU<1 Preserving Material. A meeting- was held the other night-nt the Columbian university lo perfect an organization' to advance, the cause -of southern history by. the collection of historical material of events -)f tlie south. The chief promoter was u Butler, of South Carolina, who warmly indorsed the- prganimi-l ion of a southern Jjistoricul nisoeialica, itnd agreed with 1 he.others w-.bo spoke upon i,he subject that it was the fault of vhose fram the •south that-proper records of historical events were not kept, :ind in support of his statement referred jo the work of the societies of A"c«' ISn^t.ind states in keeping 11 correct list of. the events-of their/section, of the country 'that has now become, historic. • Full Enjoyment. The hawk wns dozing. . ''You-loolc," said the jay. from a *afe, distance, "03 if you were full." '. '' "Well," the hawl; admitted, "I have jtist been having a'littJe/lhrk that waH a tiird:"—Jmliaiianoiis .Tourual. X RAYS- TO PRODUCE EVIDENCE. ,-• Tea Thousand Dollar Damage Caae to B* Decided i>y n Shadowgraph. The -other nig-hn Luciau Blake, pro-' 'fessor of electricity, in the Kansas state university, came to Wichita to take a llocntg-en shadowgraph of the. •wrist of Peter Xoel, to.be used as lr best evidence" in the district court. Sir. Koel has sued the Santa Fe road, its' hospital association, and physicians for £10,000 for wrongly setting the fracture of his wrist. The question of what iho test evidence is in a case of that kind came up, nnd all the parties interested as well as the court agreed that in. tlie ; • light, of "modern discoveries a shadow* . graph of the wrist would be the best-'-' evidence. There is only one point of contention between plaintiff and defendants, and. they have agreed to lat •the shadowgraph settle this. It is probably the first instance in the United States where a court, has recognized the Roentgen discovery as a means oJ establishing a fact in evidence Three Viennese tourists have fallen from the Martinswand on the Has .Alps' • by the Seniraering' pass, being the tot ' victims of the 1S90 Alpine.season.-.Snow/ • 120 feet deep from an avalanche had to be cleared awny to reach the bodies. Humors 7VERT bnmor, whether ItcWnjt, bnrnlng. bnmor. whether ItcWnff, j 'blcc-dliiff, fvuly,ermtud,pimply. or bioumy,. whether rimpl' 1 , »crofiiloii«, or hercdiwry, from. •lulaiiey to :ip.', arc now tpccdily cured Dy Qticiira Resolvent A 8KIN and blood purlBcr of Inoomparabl*-' purity .iiid curative power. Purely vcgct*-: b'.c, 1 f:ifc, iimoccut, anil piilat.-iblo. It ai>nenl«.U>- ;\;l,-»TidMp<-cI;illymothers, nurse*, nnd children. oi -Ihe'irnrld. . Me. .. l'rapt.. »- • _. w I;UIT Ii;oodiuilBkla Uumon,"

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