The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 27, 1934
Page 6
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PACK FOUK THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS 0. R. BABCOCK, Editor R W. HAINES, Advertlsin* Haugtr Sole National Advertising Arkansas Dailies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Octixlt, Si, Louta, Dallas, Xa-'uw City, Ui'imihLs Published Every Afternoon Exapt Sunday. Entered as second ctnss matter at the post ollicfl nt- B:ythcvllle, Arkansas, under acl of Congress, October 0, 1911. Efrvc-ci ny tne United Prea SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier is inc. City or amiiovlll.-J, 16o per week or SC50 per year In advance. By mail within n nirtliu of 50 miles, 13.00 per year $1.00 Icr six months, tec for O.rce months; by mall In poslnl zones two to cix, Inclusive, 56.50 |>er year, in zones seven and eight, 110.00 per year, payable in advance. Mak.c Way Yourselves, Wt Arc ihc People! "The coru of the American tradition," s;iy.s Dr. Ruxfiird G. Tut'wcll, "is to bo found in !i kind of defiance to fate." Dr. Tug well, who is cither a smart yoiiMtf man in a big job or a fearful bogey-man with claws and cloven feel, depending on your point of view, made this remark before llic convention of the American Society of Newspaper Editors in Washington. lie was trying to make clear that the adnnnislraUon welcomes criticism, and that any attempt at regimentation of American life in defiance of the will of the masses would be foredoomed to failure. And in this remark there is a shrewd appreciation of a fundamental part of the American character—a part which both radicals and lories tend to overlook. T * V "We wilt not do what we do not want to do, and coercion cannot make us," adds Dr. Tugwell. "We can bi 1 fooled, but not for long. We have a precious inventiveness which gets us out of holes. We have a saving irreverence for authority." Here is an excellent point for everybody concerned to keep in mind. It makes these terrors of Commnnvsmr- Fascism, on nittch less lerrify- I'HK; for all such schemes must, sooner or later, run their keels onto this hard rock of stubborn contrariness— the fact that, in the long run, we will not (io what we do not want lo do, which is just another way of saying that in the end the honest wish of Ihe majority will prevail. * » » It reminds one somehow of that old story of the Fourth of July celebration in a small inidwestern town half a century ayo. The governor, a senator, and a couple of representatives were lo address Ihe citizens in a public park. Pretty soon they started making their way through the crowd to the shakers' stand, anil some flunkey or other who was trying lo clear a path for Ihem called out, "Make way for the representatives of the people." Instantly someone in the crowd called back: "Make way yourself. We AUK the people!" And that's what it all comes down BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FHIUAV, APK1L 27, to. The ixjople'a rcprescntalives, down at Washington, may advance any kind of theory or nostrum they choose; eventually, if their .follow citizens don't like the looks of it, they will hear thai old cry—"Make way your.-elves. We arc the people!" —Bruce t'atlon. Bad News jor Fascism A recent news cable from London asserts that the newly organized Uril- ish Fascist parly is now believed to have fully 600,000 ardent and disciplined members. Originally looked upon as more or less of a joke, tl)i< party nui long ago won the support <»' the great newspaper baron, Lord Kolhenneiv; as a result, it is beginning to cast a lung shadow across ISritish politics, and leaders in oilier parties are beginning to get worried. As it happens, news of Ibis growth in British Fascism reached here at about the siime time as did news llial iiritnin is at last winning its light with the depression. Taxes are being reduced, aid In the unemployed is being increased, the government lias a si/able surplus, and pros|>erily, at last, scents to be just around the corner. .And that, probably, will puncture this growing bubble of Fascism. For Fascism is u philosophy of depression. Men turn to it when they are convinced that only drastic measures will avert a great smash-up. Let gooil limes return, and it is apt lo drop uul of sight of its own weight. Models of Service Dr. U. A. ilillikan, famous scientist, tool; occasion in a speech at Little Rock llic other day to pay tribute to the men who operate the nation's Tilling stations—and said publicly something that a great many niotori.-ts have already said privately. Filling station employes, says the great physicist, "have improved the manners an ill the courtesy and the consideration or the American public more than all the colleges in the country." It is doubtful if there is a motorist in the land who would not endorse that statement. Few men anywhere show such unvarying politeness, helpfulness, and efficient good nature as does the man who handles the gasoline pump. It's time he got a bow or two. - H misn't any [Wrllciiiiir hiuiily rvuniuii. John just hiip|icii:d to drn|i in. —John W. Dllllngcr. siieaking of the recent visit of Ills oullnu' win. * » V If the twciicc for n succfMfnl vnin|>iru is lo leiivc the ^unlrtu-c convinced ol Hie incvltahility o[ [he conquest, Onrbo wins toi> honors. — TtiMln nnra, fnnmiis "vi\nip" ol the silent screen. * * ,. Yon tior.'i \vin your twines on Ihe day llicv urc played. Yon wm ilicin ttiiiniy the vvi-.-k. —Coach Lou Little of Culunibln. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark j!Money Sp 1 Loney Spent for Laxatives Is Wasted, Says Dr. Fishbein Noted Socialites to Wed in June nv nit. Kdllir, Jki'iral ul Hie JliJIcel Awoi-iidirn, The |h'opk> of ihi- United Hi:'.'.; 'i !|)fiic mcrj limn $5a,C(M.U(;0 :i 5:>;M I'; :ivi,i(t indigestion. 'l":\h may l;r said lo he v,aslid nici::-y. ni:u: i f . >li'Ji;l'l he i:o. ; *ilj:L' for pr I BI ,,I ,], u .j ^jwraliiv.; It:, , b'.it it is 1:01 :-..\\r to make- 'ili»'J luihll <.> tails. \ '' n ' vi-;-;il:ii:li' rathariirs iin-linlj i alt tin: ccmi::i:ii i!i-c:^'.rati-::i:-, WIKCII n'.ou people i':,j :m:i have !!c;ill:. fverymu' Ic nave u normal |many yi-ais. mciiKiuv attirn fii Hi- 1 cmu-l by proper! -emi. 1 ., ca L '.ur tj[], iilc"i luliii-, of (IH ami tM-icr-c. Dii-MK toon 1 that llii> t ,. use ol cathartics lends lo eslab-f' :0 '' ; J * Sl':li .1 habit wliicii in Ihe 01:1! will! silH ' ;i "'"la'-io" >s atn-m-i! air.: ii«i' tin; <|j-ji-siivo tract. A|>Far-| ll " fnv ° Klbk '' u ''' l!o: ive1 ' tc •.nil! 'hi" hovvels j^rt used to Hie-' 1 '"'L'il ef 115:11-.; ;« ilimu!;it!n:i ami rc:|iiii'c mere mid i ? -' )! " calhurccs. more whipping Qs times jjoss on. i i^'lcr" pri-st-ribc- . . ; ciM cases in v.'hicli they ra'j m ?d-i Koec-rrs «ISD are convmcrtl lint: , cvic!cnccd bv lh ', ;millC „, .lie icci'.'iitiiry habits of niosi of in; () lire Jn.n ataul UK Imnarlnnt us Hie i din. in iniliir.' to liuvi! normally acting iiilcslincs. However, | A-,-rhivPc Ol IhH-'j is no one fr.clor lo which ; ,M j" rLtuvei) J»0« cases of constipation can be ascribed. Sometimes, any finale ™uZCl t sevcr^'Loi. "' C | 1'm^ELpST iUP, - Th = . , . | mnddy Delci'»arc River nbsd ;o .:ave AmoiiR the substances most com- a ^f? " ! » h /^J 1 "™'- the N " v Jer : .nonly ILSC<| lo stir Hie imc*- i st ' 5 l n ™°™<* Society ha., learned, tines" into action arc saline mid' ° r ' WIlento » J- ^"c. I'nncel-n vc^c-Uible cathiirite. organic and ""'''"suy. ">ld dr uiSL'Ovcfi»5 made while preparing to write a "Miima is K(»I\K to i|«t'cr tvorylliiiif;. Ki-ups lellinjc him •' man Khoulcln'f niiin-y ;i wniiiiin with an txponiive lamily.' CHURCH EXCUSES Br >V. Ilirhani PAI.KM. I'ruvitle Sport Ore. (UP) — Riiiniio'.v trout from ire Oak Springs mineral pr?pnrations, mechanically acting substances, and water in various forms. The saline cathartits have tccn exceedingly popular o! late largely bt'caus' they arc being widely advertised in til! .sorts of publications nnd on the radio. This type of cathartic first v.a^ introduced about the middle of the history 0 ; New Jersey. "Years ajo." Dr. L:m: c-nid. pills abovs Treiuon formed cits menac? to nivigaticn. port.iiion on the Upper D?!a',iare was dev:lop3d first by the c:i!i=c of u.e fur tradVr and trap per. •Then. abDU'. 1750. David Skin- nih CL-:ilury In Ihe form of Glan- lier and an unnamed assislant man-' bei's Salt. This sail, which is! asod lo navigate Hie river for nsar-| nr.linm snlphfite. and Epioni Salt, i ly 2(W miles in a raft. Far (his feat, which i? magnesium sulphate, form j both men were given the freedom Ihe basis of most of the widely ad-1 of ihi 1 ci'-y of Philadelphia, and 01 River Admiral i'1-y libei-atcd in Eastein O:e-jlhis time for f;on streams this spring numbers ' more than '.HO.OOO. the state name' Dccsors know Hint cgnntiissicn reported. Ti'.c fl.=h av- tinurd i:?c of stroivj erase over four Inches in length. ™ incair.e ths lower vertisod salts bein^ pronioled at'Skinner was awarded the title of i i-cdiicins, Lord Hi;:; Admiral o; the Dela- i ; ware." tlie con-1 [ salt:; may i Jupiter is the laruesl known! portions ol i planet. f Granddaughter of the laic- K. W Woohvorth. Five and Ten mu;; nale. JMas Helena lleCa-n (above), is lo liecuiuc the liride o}|| Winston I-'. U. Cucsl Uiclow|j|| Jiisjh riinkiji.^ American polo pbiy) er and socialite. Miss MeCann. : || cousin of Princess Ale.vis .Mdivaui; the former llaihaia llntion, \v:l^ ho married in her Oyalyr Bay N. Y.. homo. OUT OUR WAY Bv Williams I Irave often staled ami I hop.- il Is Ucllevcd that I love my ch'.l-! (lien and my church nnd ha\'e « r nil tttnc.s lie^n mure tluni anxlon- lo send them to i-hnrcli and s;cmi- ncss l:nmvs !uvc enough lo find Ihe riyht kind i-t n woman lu ::end ilicin with aii-. us I fulled I am nmv ihhilnn: alony lines jiisl opposite. 1 ha\e lold Din iiKinb'jr.s n: tn;r Sauii'd 1 !;. '• Night Club lhal it is my inlenlion | to find on* 1 of our el'.ih nieinb •:., J llmt can bj trusleii tu t.ikr eliaryi 1 of our rntci tainment and ivfre-jh- :\"tiU at lei'.st once every : : :x months so that I cnn RC! homo ar!y en tile ni^hl tiiU heljier ak:s charge Ihen I c;;n %r'i ii|> time in £n lo church and lake hem myself. Of con: 1 .;? nn<- mi?. 1 " caliw this will not l;e easy as litre are \viy f3\v wciii.-n ol iny ocial tiainiii-.; aiul ' tiu cjih v.-ili nibs mo '.vi'ii the one ni..iit. b:,t i ei,n!d i-'jikc ;>M I lie il)a,:.i oirlv ti (lie «:vk and slay 11:111! '.'.r. gtil well liiidci 1 way ro ! '.v 1 no!. Le niiF^L'tl. bill iiio.<: u; on.- bci.; ave aUu clin:eti :r.:ni- jci's and nir lial'd tn iriol on .Ciulcr.^hip. ANNOUNCEMEiNTS The Courier We*:, Iin.s IK-I-II :ui- = cnndidfiU-.s for p.iblic of!ic-?. subject to the Dt'inocralic priuinry nixl Augiisl: Fur Cotinly .ftnl.^i 1 7SAI* IV HAR1MSON GKOKC.L; w. IIARHAM For Alrinhcr i-.i- Oin-irs> CLIN'fON L CAl.nWELL for Slu-rifl nnd Cnll^rlor CLAIU-JNCF: n. WILKOM For Hc-clrction for TCTHI For County TmiMjrcr JOK S. Dil.LAHUNTY ROLAND GX:H^; Kur Circuit Court Cli-rk HUGH CRAIG ADDISON 6M1TH R. FJ. / cSOOD GOSH, WORRV WART, WHUT DO YOU SHUT VOUR EVES PER? THAT BALL% LIABLE I'or CfiiintT Court Ck-rX l-'HED j-'LEliMAS For Hc-EIcclloii lor 2:id Tcin. I'or Asatssor It. I.. lUII.LY- (.i.MXIJK U. C. (JKIi) HUDSON For Cunstabtc uf Ohiitiasaulia Tu^nsliip JACK ROBERTSON her eyo on CrainiraiJicr—I him that—;intl would like ti» i lini. blind or nut. like me, Tor 1 «oc ; licr schemes."' "Who is shoT" "Why. the noii: ynii ronioinhflr iitt' ^"'-...-ii husfininj W,TS jillvv Hf»c livof! uy mail iiljo'i! iliit-o left she en i nc over lo siny GntndfnLlicr."* "T]to iKiiiio-- or --;•!: inciiiurv." rhe ctri'i» rr uUI En,me tnu-» ^Irnji-Hnr trt'flvr^ a li-rler frnm I .'r i:t:iinirjiHiirr nvkint: her lu s.i,-i,<: ilir tv,.rl(.rnj iTlTh bint. .'I: "l>r ln-B- Don,,:, lu B n In licr Ml,) clrl* I[»l,l4 nlike IMI-I (Turni-i c-nn.^lirt.r.^ II. Wlirn nil.I. '11111 M.. Mtiili-linrS n l];e of the wide -t-r:!]i:::is. it:, r vell T;*i:L la * HS iMhl b!: r^ive Ui until ;i [n;irli nl ()N tVITH 'llir, STOtlV C ll.M'L'i-;il il - room 'far il:c lifn ; "H's sncik i Diunnurcd. "Yes. I . elm n nn is ;iiirn:-(:v [hero nro some 1i:ir pci-'i:k' hero. I've IIKH|L I a 1;>1 "f : The pi'-JjlIn vimre «:i.- with f:irni'.rs ami 11 L-:I i.sir.ih' Katnriiay in LcEcuinn V..T.- :i;^ olhhy. The < in u- n;ul :>; | tninilrccls ot person.-? li«::i all ny acuu^ ns maid to the sun [i>-i found i s. Made lino's oyo- nt. Dounn's etitrancc. •«nj^ih?" sho nskciL ii nn :\ (olding il a nil kirkccl off tiiv liciivy 1 in.-ra lli:\i trovcrcc! lier l : •." Uoxioroiisly sl:c 113111 o:nj rusliiino into iiu-'iner. If shu had tienrci her I- 1 1:iIIL-L's i|in?aiirin siio (;avo no tici 1 :) ID it TUT ?1ic iliil not reply. "]'.'f funny vniir folks never! the county niuJ the Cf:ilr:H 1 L -•:-•. I 1 1 rices for iuo'.'" lit* Rht f;>'er] linlG \*::i ir.iy informcil I 1 can Hn ! reckon wo ran lirn£ •! .Tiint coii[ile \s EunlrhrrJ ;ii Liic . |t!iicc&. grinning nnyi.-!::v :=1 ns ho held n clinir i',r l:-r "I H's Lho F^r:: country. A circu " Madeline; nnd Donna | ami again Donna's thoughts relumed to Dill SiddaL 6"/;c /JOIP the frnpcrc act appeared to him. <-A^CI:. A 1-'j il ncv.,r ^,-0 hiniMrancc, Wiitcliing iior. , home for a girl raised aino:i5 I;.:'." !3'ir::i.i j:::iile*l, "] Today Con's Irriiatd! ! :md flowers and with plenty o' bo'ly." ! IL- \v;is MI i_M:iU:nTiiFsod ; her. Site found U diHicult to kei-'p ' .ground around." ' .'list i-. • i: ' :: > J r4 : i' •=.> « f were j licr mind on the count that \vas ns , They diil not speak n^a Lo | necessary as the bara beneath her. | u iey rc n c lied a hoard w.iFk unlll -.i-r :;, .tier the i Again and again lier tliouglits re- j to^anls the town. : turned to the brief ciiconrlcr with • ••) \ V ish 1 could 111 tic vL:ii:re.*fi Tiiirpi] if Pnnti.i w>\\ I'l luvc ^ : - nr ;mrl; cl!:i|>3. aiifUliT c«»[i:# >'- Tlicn ho saM. ^ UlG Etlli!s - l>:inr! * "- :P<1 : cjc.i in niEftl (lift mi.-: lii"T(«iL- o: lc you to Id AiTierican. ai'L fint i Sth-president of ttie U.S., torn •tflteKty-apt ...... ... ., , ,. ' ami If he really beltcvcil her lo bo j ^' ml ,: em] .'.^ mv! ;. wolll[1 ,,'„ | Doniw con:.l nn: «i i; - ; ,r..,, ;1 ,., ;-. •".;".: h •'•--. M.»lclino ] i^ COU! ,in. Suddenly .Madeline's!:._,;,':, ! ot dismay. In a Undi v ( .n -;:i l; l.-,r "I'.i-: • iv.: :M Ui;i Si(!dnl' sllaro w | li?rcri "Snap oul ot il! . ' '' l '~~ ' ' I lo her own :inil wr.-irin- a : •.: i\-..ii n-..:i-!i 1:1 ., li.u.i:- snli?; You almoslmlsseil me," hronght r,.i ! "I s-«ppn=o SHOW life is tlirillins i was an ev ,,, .;....,,.., n . ,,....,., ,. "' l.:iil-.' Ctceli llierei ., . ., 5 |, C culalicns. I Al '"^ h 10/>V:S lllal vvn >'- slllln; j , hc resciniiian.o I,.M»-I:I i!, t.-.: Ii- ,> t :.--.. r rt ' *•" v ".nt^t. b |.ki-* j i .. i ^ i ,1-1 H...-.1 i__ _ ivii:i;:i SO ::.i:i ever weal Ci cr!;." At ^ it w» O ver-,;,e ctariot ; %™ {^ ^^ «" «» ' ' S^ -s s, „„*,„:„.„ „;, , . wild Wc:il siiow. Ihe., ._,.. races, srantt loo- :uot help bui •ly. 11 l :i ..Ii .=oriy lo inter S^d n :r to 7.^«^^^-™':^^vrs:/^.!:i^^ —-•. - '.»'.> '; Donna dressed qnlckly. Siie sliprei f;in:i. nnii al Ilirl 1 did lute Eivin;;, lcr a ,,j [ n lnl ;.jh ••- .l. ; .—n ,1 lho S o, ins ;--; D Td rrfrock I,; an;. ! .P^'l»« S , ln ,n6« nsC |«,ad. B n, Marlellne paF , eil llv Sh8 ,„„„.„ ; " ;li ; 1 !: " ; - i lm °ll to.. Birl mislH Lnve «nrn : "' l ". 0 J a >\ ™'"^ ' m «"*• Mmpi.lily. s ,- cr t n ,,.,:, f ,., nsf ,., • 'i, :: ,,| ,,, .,::>• ^cro^liic.,,^,,^^,!^,^^;,,,.™^.!^'! .lho tl::i ce were mi EC ,,.„,, um ni:il . li: .,,, r ,,,, r , v: ,,.,., !' :•- i s:n" n SMift S !,T,,CC . ' rc .r h ot ,HUieg l '' ' ;c>t a rfal Kllk 01i: ° r lr - < ' llls lo ; wlllspcrcil In l)onr.;i. Ton Is r-i.r " ' > - •'' J' .'?. I:i:.™ins full . .' . '. .... "i^kc it Uic l-cit In the connlry." ;j ng nij 0 one n ( ll | S ,,.,,-• |-i,,. n ' ;' :::il ' r "" I'^^inq ll?l'-lsL,_.. "I.,""! D. ,,?!.. "..'.'IT,' ' '"'^ " ucic ynn iloin.^7" DOIUM I n'Uli her nrni \in\f-it In NM I •'t MT [Kr.:i>n. "' mn !' to " '" ra tuc lni:li," Don- ir-:t:l their cloaks ni relorlcd. nverhaiid "It ynu do you'll jn.-i m;-? j.iur .i.^^nl. j ford's she conlur.icd flosvti il-c oliio ":i't:dyitic Tiioiilrine. I'd li.ivei 0 ' Ifl'ips. . sr.nliiatcil il::s yc:ir if 1 li.iiln't' u allhaprcne.l s:. sml.U-n:i \Vh.--n Gumdfullior ncnl i Dil1 scarcely sv.v M SMmis tier liilic . parly, for nottiliiL; wnulil iiuincc me . I^JHJ conio one had In ho \\itli him! hllt ho <li ' 1 l " 1 -"' Kll:i i ot lii'e ami h:nb lAON'N \ -)... us rope , to po lo lhal tarn>!" ':>iUn liape^e. Once liill was wailing at t!ie FJ-OI •if'ii thero. Made- j Donnn hid defljm.-.lC'!. 'Have l o. The two worked kept you Ions?" she asked, annoyed reckless disregard jthat her voico should iremblc. "Not very. It was a show." o ; l^h Ills .ir.(;u:i:nl:mce \vitii """Hi ( l" n-uin -i i-crl i' la |1Q|1 l)Csun los? lh:in "'' '' , n u ima s ,i f ic.l. I previous ho dcn-.m-lcH. n> tr "Didn't yon know: Didnt you j wUlllll h , s rl);Mf .. w| , 0 |s ,, I "Oil, you saw hh:i. llus llv- 1 .. , ;el Hie Icllcr?" ...... „ _, I didnt know.' Sba "M 1 !"*' that when sho i.ei^ir [rein ilio tfarczs, :i..s[i u wiiji i;^r dexterous In' .iu in.naui later. COQ Uatld al•3 jiKd In ihn wi»g of tba en- ! Ho smiled rio'.vn at her. They i .. i ercd. walked over Hie trampled trass to; Ihe railroad Iniiical! sldlDg. "Thai's L-.y bna.e." tiill frownqd. H .N'o', road Hacks and l)o:in.i fsicl, LTK looked at her fh.irply. "Mrs. i not." ns llie Etnns ot on liie . •*•' Planter i,ild slic »rclo ycu Ihe j "Bi: act." "Is tia your snedhcailT Douna laughed saliy. "Or coui came llnm =lie wrote me. Ivit l] "Perhnps." Bui he'd it'.;s U tie. huh?' 1 « ('on! V

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