The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 23, 1947
Page 3
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Stabbed AY, A PHIL 23, 1<M7 Pries! K (ARK.) .('01' u i |,;H N 1( j Vereiart Bought Knife To 'Stab a Priest-—Any driest'; Had No Motive NK\V OilLHANS, April 23 <UP1 — Auli'.nritie.s .siiifi loday HUH ex- ^J-l'ine Don I.. I.iimvm"/ ,, r Houston. *&<* who stabU-ij (he Hey Fr. •James Courtney of ••st.-iblj;)!.. n lirirst—any priest." " ."-iK-riff John J. c.roK-h .saul Ihal I-nlner Courtney, nssislain iwstr.r :i: ilie Chui-ch of Hie nmnacnlaie C'on ( -ei>tion -.tus ;l -thmice" victim <>!' L'.uirent/' violent assiudt. The 127-year-old Lament/ almost s:iibbnl ;\ priest otl n,e .su-cct Sui- nrdav irnmeiiiateh- alter btivisi" the fcrii!c. ' '' " "Why didn't you slid) that one' 1 ' Ciro?i'li asked. "1 stalled to," he said. Father O'i'.rtnev was reported "improving steadilv- .,i Mercy Hosl>il:il uhctx- he v.-iis taken -Snnrtav. t>r. C. |>. May, Vc-lr-ian Adniin-^ iration psy( hialrist, who examined Vuureni:/ at the of his bro- l'»X .1. M. Liiiireiuz of Houston. «'iis ]ii-e])iiriii(( n n-pon of his t'iiid- 'o^s. it n-iis lhat if Lnureiitz is <:eolared insane, prosecution tinder '•''e );i\v tt-(«d[| be hnoo-'sibte, P.I (her Court ney v.-iis bi>in» Biiarti- rd at the hospital after unidentified white men reunited!.,, (hreat- i'!ied his life. A hospital nurse sakl Uiat she wiis accosied hy three men. one who mii1:ei-ed thev hud come "t<> net that " f'-ilire Sum. A. A. Walters said there would he no relnxlng of tlie Explosion at Texas City PAGE THREE This is a recent air view of the Kig.uX.c Mon-mlo ch <K-ta,,e ,asi,Une is said to h.,u M.utcd ., ,,ies of e State Police Recover J5S Stolen Automobiles cording lo a report presented to Oor. Ken I,nney yesterday by SLiile , .,,„. _ ,,_„,_ Police Director Jack R. Pon'cr. ,U P "-TMP ™,f st,l? r'oi^ Thc """I *o«cd (hut noi. con- ,-e j ,^:sn,^u^ j jrj«r r i ^^r^ ""'we H!""!' ,L- ' t " c ™«™<l "V !'«- (leparlment dur- ,™-M """I' ^' nre t;lkl "a no chnn- ing the muiith were SB stolen aulo- ' c Ml<l - ' mobiles valued at SG0.2UU, I'orter "Wonder if6e can tefftfat nowii Me time to ctanqe to Phillips 66 Motor Oil! - PROVED BY 66 BILUON MlliS OF SATISFACTORY SFRV.CE « affiSSBS ^^ Hot Weather iisly cnoiiKh, it's Hie food that's hanicst lo l^ccp that appo;ils to us on warm days . . , keep this in mind as hot weather approaches and see lhat: your home is always supplied with plenty of pure taste-free krc. Uur drivers are courteous, careful and pffidcnt when supplying- your home wil)l il ' e • • • ™ ]] '"' »s nt any time for (he natural rcfrii,'nration lhat means s-n nnieli! 2 Plants in Blytheville TJieCity Ice Co. At *. fee & Storage Co. 1900 West Main St, North Highway 61 Phone 2(113 Phone 2841 Call Us For Free Delivery Anywhere - Anytime ARKANSAS ICE & STORAGE CO. North Highway 61 W. Main St. Lewis E, Lowes, Ex Warden of Sing Sing, Dies GAURtSON. N. Y.. April a:i. fUlM — Lewis K. Lawes. former warden of Kins; .vin K pr.-.-iOn. tiled at Ills home here loeliiy. lie wns 0-1 veins old. I--.\',vcs died of sv eeremrnl bem- ovrhnjje :it his Bevevley House Inrin near here. lie rnd been ill two weeks. At his bedside were his second wife. Mrs. Hlise chjshohn Lawes, whom he mnrrled ID April. initB. ami two of his Ihree rt-ui«h- U'l'S. l.nwes, warden or sinr; sing from intfl until his retirement in 11)41 wrote the book "20,000 yours in Sine, Sing.' As Ihe warden ol New York stnte's "Bii- House" he instituted many reforms (.hut me standard throughout u. s. prisons today. I^uves \viis nu ardent foe of enpi- tnl punishment. yc |. he supervised more thru) MO executions j,, the 21 years he spent nt Shis Sine. I-nws «;>s born (l t Elinirii, N Y, Sept., 1:1, 1H83, the .son of .,,, 'em- ploye of the Elmlrii Ueformatory. Wlien Lawes \ccnt to Sinn Sim:, tiie prison wns unkep: n nii dirty and rules were not euforced. The whole set-up wns n bcc.iiu f ot political jnggllug. He took it upon himself to enforce a. complete nc\v pronriim In the prison. Gas suns replaced fire- anus. Lnter tnikint; pictures were instnllpd and rndlo earphones were put in each cell for prisoners. •He formed n prison band and special privileges were granted those earning them. Hikes about Ihn countryside became weekly affairs. I.nv.c.5 soon won the reviect (if both prisoners nnd guards. He look into his confidence maiiv of th^ inmates and discovered they conlii said, nnd some -1.080 w.-iinlncs ayainsl minor infraction.s of Im'h- wny re(;iilntions were isseteet to Arkansas motorists. The breakdown showed that IK arrests were mnde for motor vehicle offenses, while 1D1 were mad" for crimes attct misdemeanors. ?;tn-h as assault lo kill, burglary, forcn-y and carryini' concealed weapons. Quizmaster Ftres At Two Burglars, Kiils Ex-Convicf :'!UCAC>O. April 2,1. (Ul'l—"Jol- Ij .for" Kelly, wlm fein-lessly fnc 'he QIIIA Kid.s Kii'h week oh their radio program, was n ]|iu c . shaken toduy alter „ brush with two btir- K «rs, one of whom he shot and killed. The shooltm; o:vuncd Monday ni|;ht when the two hiinscji-cakers entered file darkened Kelly home '« the quii-.mtisler, his wife uni) their 2:t-ycar old son were stttlnt; in I In- from room discussini: t.'ie boy's weddir.n plans. A .sound ol breakiiu: I'lnss In the reiir of the house alerted the family, and Kelly sent Joe. Jr.. an ex O. I., into (he bedroom lor n ,'M caliber revolver. Together the father and sou ei-njil uloiiR a halhvny lo the kttcii- en and Hun ,,pi n the door, Sll- houtled aKiiinsl the open hark door and an o;>i'n window were the ymiiif: burphns. ".Staj- H-liorc yen nre." Kejly shouted, but the ' intruders turned to flee. Kelly emptied thr pistol tliroiislf the duorwiiy an,| turned hack lo dill police. Officers lotind one of ihe men. Harold G. Fransen, a 3S-\eur old ex-eonvlrf. lyini: oul- iilde a fence sin -rouniliiiR Kelly's biicl:ysu-d. He had been struck in Die neck and died afler .scnlini; the fence, A Irail of bluod In another direction led police to believe !)>-.• sernnd burglar had been hit and Mounded. CAA Investigates Columbus Crash None of Nine Men Aboard Two Planes Had Chance to Jump COIIIMIIUS, on., April XI ili|>> --The civil Aerollnilllcs Admluls- Irnllon today luve.sllnated Tuesday's collision or two iilune-: In which nine were killed, liieliidlni 1 . I'lKllI oflleliils of Delia All Ihle:; surveying n new roule tc. be liuiui'ii- llllcd next week. J li. Dunlels. veiernn pilol wiilvh- <M bulh plniies. a convened in my C--17 and u former Army prliiiiny triiiner, crash on the runwuva anil burn. Dunlels was wiilllii|> lo lly ill the Muse-once Airport. "Hotli planes were on I he Until appniiieh lo the field and iibntu will feel ^off the uroonel," Daniels mild. "The H'J'-IH wns about ;•« fee. above the Delia mid uradually dropped lower until It seltleil on lite tiili „[ the Delia plane. "The pn'ip of the KT-lH eime.hl Die Delta on the liorli-.ondil s.niiU- Iv-i-r when the two pi sines were :Ti lo 50 feet in Hie air. "Iloth planes went Inlii „ ,iree|i climb and tinned to the rli;hl. The H'l'-lH slid on the inside of the spin of the Delta. hilllKilU: 10 I he lull with the left wlm;. "Then bnlii plmics iihini:c<l Mrnliihl lo the e-ronnd. mul into llame.s. There wns a ti-rrlbh- roar ul the lonitlr impact. The people In the plane.s line] absolutely mi cliimce to fnnip bci-;msi' licit her "I went with severnl others Im- iiHHllntely to the wreck but. by ilu 1 Him 1 we 1 nrrlved (here was nn chance for anyone to have remained nllve. . he trusted ns well ns outsiders. I .lie appointed prisoners us his per- jsonal servants—ehef. butler, clniur- fer. His three: li-lle Kirls, Cryslnl. Knlhlcen ,'inr| Jo.-m, were entrusted lo the ctire of pi isnuers. I His system paid dividends. A feu- years later when n movie company wnnted to sliont n battle scene for a picture near the prison. Lmves gave prisoners permission to art as I soldiers. Kuril prisoner wnr. given u Sim find when the movie company hful complete,] Its work, every wca- i pen was retui-necl. i -Since his retirement, l.^wcs hncl devilled considerable I line in hoys '.'.<iik mid Ii.-id been encased in i,-i- dio niul news writing. Vacation trips, weskond jaunls 01 city driving. Whatever it is, a sprlna check- -ip will have your car humming like a top. Como in today for a change to— ALE MITE summer GEAR °LUBRICANT stavict AVA:. Let Us • Wash & Lubricate Chasis • Change Oil * Drain An '<n Freeze * Tune Up . Balance Moto Wheels Fisk Tires Wrecker Service Gulf Gas Owned and Operated by Tom A. Little Jr. Stalin Blames Allied Desires for '42 Tactics MOSCOW, ..\pi-ll 2.1. (UP)-Oon- i'1'iiimii,,,,. stallii iitti-lbutcd Die At- lli'it lulltiro to Inuncli a sccona tniiit in f.nrciic In wn to their ili'siiv to b«il Itnssln Into Die Uiilkans :iiid a convtiition Hint Slnl- l»)!i-;iti iioiild full to (lie CJonnii U \v;i:i tnOliiitnl yi'slerday. Tin! n|>>!iii-eiit rtvplnllon of Stalin's MTOIH! lioiit opinion was K iv<'n In cxcul'iits li-om Ihr script ol •'i ni'tt soviet dociirncntni-y film, 'The B:\nle ol RtnUiignul," pub- liKhi'd in tin- lliustriiieil miiKii/.ino :iii!|'i'n:nc OiJtHiyok. •riu- i-xc-vipts ill-ill'with the: Ki-cm- MII Cuiit'ci-ciu-e In August, iina, ai wliii'h Wiiislon Olnivfhlli liihmni'ii St:ihn Hint tho ullli's wnulcl nut 06 r-l)!i- I" l.-uul In Kraiic,. t|,»t y«;ii- us riyvlonMy luul lircii pluiiiii'd. Whit- (In- inmlr clluloijiio v.\n not pn-sontc',1 us :i vorb:il!m rv\x>':i, "f I In- Kivnillii C.'oiiri'iciu-o 11 swin- cil i.-i'rtniji thin It \vii.s Uuseri on Inn KllltlMl-Iln. IU|Xlll IIIUl fCIUTSI-lltl'll nu ai-ninili- soviet vtowiioiiii nt tin 1 umlel'em'e. 1" UK' M-iliit Slnlln Is iHirtrnycit us •iiiccc.illiir; th:it Uu> allU'.s were not too dismayed at the prospest of the /a)] of Stallnferad since this would deprive'the Russian? 'of-a bnsc for a counter-offtrisive agalist, ' t]i c Nazis. Dyer's Greater Shows featuring CAPTAIN DENHAM'S MIDGET CITY A tlvan i.'arnlval <hmug!iont. Free; Admission lo Crounils SpiinsaiTil by KlytUeyillc Jayi-ees Broadway & Chickasawba One Week Starting Monday, April 21 Mutlnec every aflfronon 3:M p.m. Siirelal inallni'e Satiinluy a'flernnnn | fur srhonl children :i( 1 p.m. In Loiilslunn. the U^lsluinrr voloil In i.-lnmne the iniisknit.'s naiiie to marsh hare, lo tniike Hie nnlnuil more edible. ounr.i: In tin- CbiMiei-ry Cuiirl. Clili'Ka- .viMli.i District, nllssisvl|i|il Cniin- ty, Arkansas. Lmitse G. Colley I'lulnUf, vs. No. IO.U'11 Robert Colley U.'fnulaiv,, 'J'lit detcndiinl Robert. Colli-y Is hereby warned to appear within thirty days In the court minted i:i the caption lieruof niul nn.-.wi;; 1 liio compliilnl of the i>lnlnthf LouiM- C!. GVilley. Untdd this '22 day ol Apnl, ion. I1AHVKY MOUHl:;,;rk By Ilerlhn Kinllh, D. C. Vlrull Greene. Attorney tor 1'llf. 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