The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 8, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 8, 1936
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS End Seen foi Money Game Unless Aces Jo'n Tildcn Tioupe I!V HARRV GttAYSON Spcrls IMIIor, NEA Service NKW YORK — Williout a new ouUlaiidiug recruit annually, nro- fe,ssionnl tennis Is ns itcail ns miniature jjolf. Unless one nf five b« nmalour iiitnirs—Fred Perry, Don ntxlgis Jack Crawford, liltsv Cranl or l<nnh (Jc/.lfYict! von Cramm— can be induce:! lo piny fur told, there will be no nntion-wUU' money lour ne.\L whiter. 'So. jays William Francis O'llrion. who lias been aworlated \vill» His prcfcsslnnals since 1028 awl who has been the promotional p,ui<|. Inn haitrl Ijoliiiul liicm since ho siencd Ellsworth Vines In llecein- bcr, 1033. Failing (o 'laml Perry, Ilmlge, Crawford. Cii>nl. or 10:1 Cviinntt i.irxl winter. O'llrien may roiuUir.l inli> Ion iintn?i Clileajo ami Los 'K '• I II An- rtlnr Eadi of 1 hem would days or through two UTi-k-emis. There'would b? suitable'cash're- Vaids nllli $101 to each nmtost,- nnt Ginraitleolri'r. e»peivi's lo les- Ecr llehls K-nel Koheluh. Henri Cochct Hins Nusskln. .Mnillii Phi anil Alleit Bi rke, coach v of Trench DaMS Cup teams, woiilil be invilod from abroad, i • "Professional, tennis Is. strictly theatre' e\|>lnm' O Brie'n, who broke wllh William T. Tilden last March 116. a S4.-IOO loser on the O'Brien knew when lie hnd cnoitah. bill Tilden decided to see tt e U\o Ecinintf tr/urln^ quartets, through schedules whtcil veer3ntlv came to a disn.'itrciw •end, wllh lluv'rcMiU that ho is said lo have lltlle or nothing lo "hou foi Ins n ore prosperous rprcfesslonal years. Tiitlrh Turnout TcljJs lorlj sucn iTilileti's .share of a $308.000 ftoss profit earned in live months •In. 1031 was $118.000. The lihj; Best, . gate the Okl Master drew on ,ti professional came when It? flrst met Vh cs in lint capacity at Madison fiqunre Cjtmlch In 1114 It totaled $10118. One le-uinu pnrtj o( the inisl • season .was composed of Vines Harry Gray son America's Olympic team appears lo h'nve everything but transportation.. .Perhaps tho commit tee wns a bit premature In -Its wi>.rn \\v4, stowaways r.boaixi the Hint lirli i ml aid- him ManhnUnn., .H nmioun.'.'Cd they would be kept in the anil not allowed to lam), thai any official or athlete- Ins a stowaway would find self In hot wnlcr...Jack Sharkcy's victories over Tony sliuccu mxl Phil Tlnilinkcr Is encouraging rundown wnrrlors to lake nniHiicr whirl.. .The latest Is Bon Jcby. who was a synthetic middleweight ruler Tor a time...In California iliey say that Alice Marble's presume lias hnd not a Mill? ttj do with the absence of Mrs. lli-!en Wills Moody and Helen ' Hull Jacdu from Hie Clolden Slate singles In recent years.. .Miss Moi'tlo has annexed that tlllc fct'f years In succession...Mrs. Mc:ocly, luklnjj lime olf froiti her Mnlone explains (hose big ta*c- ball scores.,,As Rofjers Hffns- by says, "There nln't no pitching." ...Tliey continue to grow tennis champions Iri California... Tab young Hobby Rlggs as a future great, nnd In the none too distant, future, too, Judging from the way Ifc defeated Frankle Parker In Ihe national clay court final and Gregory Miuigln i\, 'he malcli Mini decided Ihe Nassau Country club's Invitation I'.imminent In New York....lflggs' per- fc.rnmnce.'i did not KUrurlse west toast tennis followers, who have i.'cen ihe 1035 junior iltlelioldcr rcpi'lso fYank Shields and i.U'iit. Dclf Muehlelscn ot the Arrny Air Corps...You'd never suspect that Bill Summers, the heavyweight uin|:lrc, wns a llehU'olght ioath- Iinw boxer as n youngster. ..Mrs. Karl Knim-nth, Die former Jean- nte Sampson and holder of :hc Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan and Texas stale singles,len- nls titles, has turned profewionnl lo teach at the Sunset Itlilge Country club, Chicago...H n rry Viirdon, ninny , limes winner of the British Ojien and renowned coifing stylist, recently celobraled his CGlh Ijhthtlay. M, I olt 1 •"> Slocfai. anil Berkeley Bell. The, .oilier .mill ivar. made up of Tikle'ii, Dri'c: 1 Eanies. Mrs. KUiel liiirkhardl Ar- nr!:l 'and .Jane Sharp. Tilden is 'reported not lo !>' the only- cue disillusioned. Lilth .Mrs: Arnold slill Is in New York, and it, is reuoricd that the onlj reason she. has not returned to her T.os Angeles home is I tint, she would prefer first lo collect her iilarj lor K number of weeks Mis AinoM MT> (jini tnlced $200 M) mistnlc uas overesllnnt- int; (he drawing "power of Mrs Arnold," explains O'Brien, ''I Ijc- llr.ved "that slie, bcln^ Ihe saviour cf the. \Viglilman Civj hist year, would help ;the card. We .grossed only $343 hi San Francisco with. Mrs. .Arnol:l. That is her eld.home town, where we have dene as much as $fi,81)0. "Vines beat Stocfen before c.x- actlj 1C7 peuple n^ the tremendous hp.ll in St. T.ouis, "Tilden is definitely through tf.lh ns a .player and drawing card The Upon" on that war (hat just 47 persons' 1 turned.-out to see. him at the ConeoniEO -Tennis Club in Ihe Bronx."Hunt iri£j Amateurs I'oci Trouper ; O'Bilen contends that tennis players are pampered too much an to be gocd profes- Einnnls. They make poor Iroiipers. "Hc-rc is nn example." assorts bland Bill. "We always had trouble obtaining putlicUy in one Ics Angeles newspaper. One Influential in ils s|Kirls department r' nidi 't see prc/i^ionaM. 1 tennis. i "Either lie was away or he hall a change of heart hsl winter. fcr this newspaper wanted a lot .of stun' on Mrs. Arnold, who now jrcJider- in los Ans^bs. " Tho newspaper gave us streamers. H wanted a scries of pictures Mrs. Arnold's home life — asked her to pose 'knitting, elc. •Br,t. Mrs.- Arnold, whose salary %c were btiir^ trouble meet- in?, would shind for .none of this She" dismissed the sngccslion with 'Jly licrae life is my own and i not to ID flaunted in new-span en;. O'Brien is a former rubber o p;iz« fighters and football play crs who made good In ,a larg way in n strange field The Irish man never had. seen a tenn. match 'when lie became trainc pf the.l'rc'ich DIMS : Cup tea in this cojntrj in 1923. He prc 1 . iously conditioned the" late Harr Greb and was the associate Philadelphia Jack ;.O'Brlen in the Jailer's Broadway 'gymnasium. O'Brien gives .-you a, good Idea '" ' thinks of the future tennis by return- White Plains >lc Westches- New York nrl exhlblls, went out to her homo city of lii>rl<eU?y, •mil captured the Callfornlii mlx- «1 doubles, .wilh Edward (l)itil) ChanilliT as her p:ir( was Mrs, Mrody's lirtit appearaiLCc in *. f'allfk.i Lila stale chimi[]loiishlF] in year:;,. .The name of Oar Wood lives on In the breakneck sport of cracking motorbnnt speed records... cur Wood jr.. tiled for a world mark on the Jnmcs river Ihe othiM 1 day, and missed low- Ming the Class A amateur outboard standard by less than live- one Inmihedths of a secor.d... At llmt nitc he'll sonn be up '..'Illi his illtislrious falhcr. t'crry Disjirls Doubt ltrf;;lnlirl^ l.anic Unck L'aion Gottfrieil von Ci'annh uul-lny a (iroin imisclo out of Cilice wllh his first serve de- •irlvetl WliDllnlon of a !\mi! '.vor- (hy nf that splendid luuraanienl ...liowi^'er, any lingering tloubl in regard lo the back hiji'ry lie sulfered in losing to Wliru^r Allison in the United States sl'.'.glcs !nsl- fall linvltiti permanently nf- fi-cied Fred I'crrv 1 ;; name wni dls- l>llcd who.! '('. mW.'.'Kl. Don I3iidi<c..,Tlii> California ixsUi'fid \ns as riKht as could be ..He had only Ihe singles In coiinrn- .rale on following the wHIulrnwal ;.( One Mako from doubles... Scores further showed that Budjc •,vas ready...He won the first set, 7-5. ntul put it|i stern battles in Ihe other (liree. which w'cnl lo IVrry, li-4.'C-3, (1-4, ..Too much Is plenty, even for Discovery, as the handicap; champion disr:a/ci- ?d v.'hcn ho. atlemplcd to carry !3U pounds - : ln Ihe Slars . .iiid Stripes i ai.,,Ariin2ton Park.'. .The) •vldimlly,.mistook Discovery fci. a .ichl-fooii'd truck imvse after, he I packed 13C pounds t)S-though it Acre u feather in establishing u record by nh»ninij the Urcoklvn llaiullenp at Afpiedtiet without be- ng extended...It was the third lime' that the chestnut, eautui'ed .hat . ilxlui'e. ..Walter llngenstrikes back every time Ihoy pull Ihe :cmpetitivi< golf ciiitiiln on him ...The Halg slood un In the United Slater, Open n year agi; .. .'Ilien, just when they were ..punllny him out ngaln, Ihe daddy of Hie. professionals regained Ills trhiiiiphfint slrlrle in the liivc'r- ess foi'.r-ball. which he capluivd aired wllh Ky WEDNESDAY, JULY 8, 18)36 The uci-css cf ^ r ele^.lJl,': ^ :\p!alas Blf Scu.lcs - ' '• Gecrge Illicit honlcinplnted omcLack. , ar.'d the sticccas of ncli vcteruns as Pop Ifuines, 'lint IJhcm, Bob Smilh and Pat ab the *ST.CHARLES you* . . • i A/ew C/ue.ani fio/ne Tastefully furnished rooms Bcautyresl mattresses Simmons beds Comfortable chairs Restful bed lights Well lighted bathrooms These comforts ara yours whether you occupy an expensive suile or a minimum priced room. And the sams friendly and efficient service goes to EVERY guest. Direction DINKIER HOTELS CO lUCOIiPCSAlED CARUta DINKIER FSESIDtru «1D GEMtRM. KASAOEK The Ansley ATLANTA The St.Charles NEW ORLEANS The Savannah SAVANNAH The Tutwiter BIRMINGHAM Jefferson Davis MONTGOMERY AndrewJacksort NASHVILLE THE SOFI BULL HITS 1nkns Up for Lost Time Beginning With Games Tonight. »v .1. i'. FiuriNi) Three ronsccntire double head's In the Commercial Softball ngus will be played this week, BKlnnln? lonluht, according to Fred S. Sallbn. president. This arrangement nvns made necessary by the washout nf Ihe two twin bills last week. ' The "iinirs scheduled for last Wednesday night will be played (o- moi-row night, and those slated for I r r!dnv of Itist week will be played Thursday uf next week, the proxy said. Tonl.uht's two games open rite '•erle.i bclwcen the "big four"-. of Hie Icop. and llkelv the outcome '.yill. largely (Iclerinlne the final •ilnndiiiBs. Robinson Drug, out In Trout by two games, will face Hnslltne Billiard purler, ils rival, 'n Ihe first'game. Riinous Slore, In n tic for second y'ncc with Ihe Glovcrmen, , meet, Ark-Mo Power In the after piece. The tmnes wl!l get i-nder way at 8 P. M. , Dick Potter and lils rollicking Cowboys have lost but one gnmc this season—to Pastime, ,5-'2 Pns- !lme..,luis,._suflercd threa .defeats, twice at lite hands of II D Hughes, and Ihe olher in the season's opener, lo Pnmoii!.. John Smith has surrendered the. Ark-Mo Power imu|'.igei(al ivlils lo the fprjiier Hqtpulnt pilot. Hnriiion Taylor, and the nllable second saCker will havu chnrgi; of the tcapi ton'lgjil. He said 'he was not certain of Ills linu-up. t ' ; - '. • Joseph (Peterplper) : Applebnuin big-shot of his Famous Store I: banking on his redhead ac'>, .Jilii Hc.'land to keep his gang- - p h the . select company. . The teavi will , take, the Ileld'r tis they did last- week, lie Intimated, i Indians Snap Four-Game String With Win Over Paragould. BY J. 1'. FRIKNI) OSCEOLA, July 8 - Mnna K er Rcvce Williams gtivc his Ixiltlng order a vigorous shakenp In tin effort lo break a four-same bs- Ing streak and got results. The Indians pounded Van Ewylt !or eleven safeties, Inehidlnj two home runs, and three double. 1 :, rind easily won from the PornDoulil Rebels. 11-3, here yesterday. Cirnily Mllt.r was the spearhead i of the attack, snapping out of a batting slump' with a homo run nnd single, driving In four inns. He sacrificed his manager ic- second In the sixth Inning, and wns called out oil strikes his other attempt. Jlmmle (Habe) liallard, secured from 1'iragonld In a trade for Jimmy Liberlo, made an ui'splclous bow before home folks by pounding the ball over the fence with ti runner aboard, rjet- llns a single, walking twice, uul ]Hi]>]>ln.i out for u fair day's work with the willow. John Mn'ory ncknowledged his eleyallon to third place In the hitting orler with a pair of singles. (Skip) j Roycc also chlp|icd In a pih of doubles to ntd In the scoring. After a slmky start. Issuing four base on balls and hlUln t : a bits- man, nnd giving up two-unearned runs, Sheldon Brnnner settled .down and pitched magnificently after the second Inning. Tiii oiilv came ns a result of n Iliike.- Naegle, Hcbel second baseman, led oir with n double In the third. Griltln rolled out, Slgnalgo to Kelley witiiout nn r-dvance. McDonnl'.l cracked a <ir.'.7. hi(;h (ly lo cenlei field. Mills nnkliig the catch directly be- ilnd the transformer In cvnier- lekl. iris throw lodged up in the wires of the trap.sformcr, enabling :Naegle to scure from econd. The Osccola sonlhpuw, In chalking u*> his 'third. victory us in In'diiui, ^allOwctl bill five-."lilUj. iml no more tlian one lo. na-, liinlng.. - ;1 : ' iGonc Williams, younger ti-olher of Uoyce, looked like "money lii' ie bank"-for his '.f&l game." He. sinrted a double play, Viis In the middle of .anotlier, and handled liimself well In the field. A lad throw lo third In the fir-it Inning was- the only tiling lo tnnr his -fielding record. lie hit: she bull hard, though getting.. : but one hit, nnd drew a b;ise • ; o;i balls.'/,-. .: ., ' ,j, Rllzenthnlcr, Paragonld catcher, mannveretl an nuisiml double .killing In the sixth. .With, JJal- l^rd on first. Kelley lilted sliort foul back of the .m Southern League W. Atlanta 5C Nashville 47 HlimiJltilmm 41 Chatlanoogii 38 Little Rock 39. New Orleans ........ 38 Memphis 35 Kuoxvllle 34 L. Pet. 27 .075 37 .600 U .494 43 .400 42 .481 Today's Games Southern League Nastivlllo at Memphis. Birmingham rit New Orleans. Chattanooga at Little Hoik. Knoxvllle ut Atlanta, National League Open date. American League Open date. tfatlonal League W'. St, 1,01-ls 45 Chicago 43 Pittsburgh . 41 Cincinnati ....,.'.... 38 New York 39 Boston 34 Philadelphia' ...-.';... 27 liruoklyn 24 Ntiv Hc'tro Uosln Wiish Clcve Cliici I'hllii SI. American League .W. -I Vork .... The'light which reflects from tin' surface of crystals Is white when it enters, but« Is broken Into ditferent colors by the cut ed^cs. Before You lluy Any Outboard ,.- See the '• NEPTUNE. 2 !!. 1'. &AC Single Cyl. W-l'J (Oilier to 10 H. t>.) HUI5HAKI) TIKE &• UATiKRY' CO. \J t* THE ST. CHARLES, KM «a.uM For a knock-about time in July you need a pair of iibn -shrinkable Specially Priced 93 Sanforized Shrunk The idea] slack for kiiock-abouf ivfar are the Sanforized kind ihaf wnn'1 shrink no matter how many, times von wash them. Many men of Klythovillc are' buying three at a time and making their selections from smart checks and stripes. Others $1.9S to $3.50 MEAD CLOTHING Co. 31B WEST MAIN STREET Blytheville's Summerwear Headquarters "lill/y" made a remarkable lung- Ing catch, wlieclcd quickly and natbed the .speedy Hatlard at- tcmpllng lo advance aflei the puluiil. Score by Innings: 'aragai-ld 201 000 000- 3 Osceola 500 001 33x-ll naileries—Van Ewyk and lllt- 7cnlhaler; Bninner and Rnekcr. inately :]30,0t)0 Jews In Palestine. Baseball Results Soulhfrn Night games. Nashville at Memphis. Birmingham at New, Orleans. Little Rock 2, Chattanooga 1. Knoxvllle 6, Atlanta -I. The first sentence transmitted over the telephone was uttered i by Professor Bell to Ws a.ssfctnnt In an adjoining room. The mes- i sage was: "Come here, Wat'on 11 want you." National League Open date. American League Open date. ATTENTION CANDIDATES! I can furnlsli you correct lists of bona fide voters, arranged alphabetically, by school districts. CHEAP. C. J. LITTLE, Hale Uldg-, Blytheville ATTENTION FARMERS Soy Beans .12 Bu. Cow Peas ....... $3 Bu. 80 Day Yellow Corn . . $2 Bu. Nebraska Grown, Minnesota No. 13 Type" '0. ft HARDAWAY & CO, 101) So. Second I'hone 233 Blytheville, Ark. L. R. MATTHEWS GIN CO. Yarhi'o, Ark. Phone ' 1511-F3 **I understand that Chevrolet is now enjoying the biggest demand in its history." " You're right. And there's a good reason. Everybody knows that this new Chevrolet is the first motor car with all modern advantages to sell at such a low price —it's fit WjOntfOl TIW<S?O«TATKIC NEW PERFECTED HYDRAULIC BRAKES You and your furniiy wanr jn/e brake* on youc new motor car— brakes that will give you maximum stopping power—brakes that will be always equalutil, always dependable—and that means New' Perfected Hydraulic Brakes. Chevrolet is the only low-priced cir iliac has ihem. SOLID STEEL one-piece TURRET TOP You want a safe roof over your head, too—a Solid Steel one- piece Turret Top. It gives complete overhead protection . '. , ! is smarter looking ... lielpitoTceep passengers cooler In summer anil waimcr ill winter . . . eliminates necessity for lop lepaits or tc- .,dressing. Only Chevrolet offers . ir at low prices. •• • • IMPROVED GLIDING KNEE^ACTION RIDE* You also want the greater comfort and grayer road stability of Chevrolet's Improved Gliding Knee- Action Ride*. 'Millions of Knee- Action users will tell you that this 13 the world's safest, smoothest ride. And, of course, it's exclusive to Chevrolet in the' low-ptice ranye. GENUINE FISHER NO DRAFT VENTILATION You'll get a lot of comfort out of rhis feature, too. It gives each passenger individually controlled ventilation . , ."scoops in" refreshing breezes on hot days . . . eliminates drafts in cold weather : : : prevents clouding of the windshield. It's available only in this one low-priced car. HIGH-COMPRESSION . VALVE-IN-HEAD ENGINE And for all-round performance wilh economy, there is nothing like Chevrolet's High-Coinpics- stort Valve-tn-Hcnd Engine. It's the same type of engine is used in mord-hotding airplanes, power boats and racing cats; ic will sive you money mile afcer mile; and it, too, is exclusive to Chevrolet in tlic low-price range. SHOCKPROOF STEERING* ' Also an outstanding advantage— also exclusive to this one low- priced car—is Shockproof Steering". It eliminates steering wheel vibration—makes driving easier and safer than ever before. Visit your nearest CEievrotct dealer today and have a thorough demonstration of this only complete low-priced car. ALL THESE FEATURES AT CHEVROLET'S LOW PRICES UQCe'W*. AJ'^7 J ^^ <« Wit, § -^ --J «P«AfrwmbCT«.jf>3«rrrf " and tire Ictk, the list fcrioe ii 120 aJJaional. «Kn« Aaion on watix ACfT* CTl JM«»r»Vo!^GLrr 1 il MotOTi Inst&llmeTj Finn —rrunuXlj fuj- mcnu to ndi your {wje. CHEVROLET MOTOR COMPANY """TT.MrCR TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Blytheville, Ark.

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