The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 5, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 5, 1939
Page 3
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ttlESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 1939 JJTATHEVILLE. (AEK.y COUNTER NEWS Mobilization In 1914-1918 and 1939 IT* Mobilization Of Industry Plans' Made And Ready For Emergency Second of four Gallon slorifs on America's posillon In (lie current «ar crisis. * • * BY BRUCE CATTON Courier News Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON, sept. 2.— when the World War began (the lirel world war, that was), the United States was a rich industrial nation, but its industry was not. geared to war. And so when America did go to war, and found that its whole domestic life had lo lie run by a system as exact, and inexorable as the reveille-to-lans of the training camp, a lot of costly experimenting and fumbling had to be doni> before the proper system was set up. No contrast between 1914 and 1939 could be greater than the contrast, In America's readiness to mobilize her industry for war. Today the most detailed plans exist nnd the mast elaborate organizations are ready to spring into being—all set for the job of regulating American production down to the last pants button ECONOMY MACHINERY READY TO FUNCTION In 1017 somebody had to step in and take charge of the nation's complex, overburdened ..Industrial machinery to prevent a grand mess. So in July of that year, the War industries Board was established to deal with the whole business. It ended competitive bidding. War industry committees, set up by the U. S. Chamber of Commerce, functioned under it as liaison agencies between business and government. The Food, Fuel, and Railway administrations' the Shipping Board, and the War Trade Board were set up. By the time America had been in the war one year, all of these activities were regularized and co-ordinated under the War Industries Board. But it took nearly a year lo get the machine perfected. Today, the government could establish a similar scheme on short notice. Assistant Secretary of War Louis Johnson says that plans for industrial mobilization i.arc in complete rencli- A 'N^tlonal-ter Resources Board exists' 0 .- -right' 7 . how. It is prepared to set up sub-ccmmtttecs 10 (leal with problems of transportation, manufacturing facilities" raw materials. It has at its disposal tiie research or the already-organized National Resources Planning Board, which has just turned in an exhaustive report on America's resources in fuel and power. It can take the Munitions Board under its wing. The program on which it would act is all set— in the form of the War Department's Industrial Mobilization Plan, which could be handed to Congress for approval the day war K'as declared. GOVERNMENT WOULD RUN THINGS This plan provides for the most drastic regimentation of American life yet heard of. It would empower the, President (through the War Re.wmrces Board, presumably) to control labor, Industry, finance, and agriculture. The government could fix all prices; could tell any individual or company how much of any given raw material it might buy; could license all manufacturers, merchants, and public service corporations; could regulate the manufacture .transportation, sale, and distribution of all articles produced in America; could commandeer any factory or other establishment; eouia say whether a given issue of securities might be marketed; could conscript all labor, control ccm- pletely the supply and distribution of raw materials— could, in short, run agriculture, industry, labor, business, and finance down to the smallest and finest detail Imaginable. Nor have the preparations stopped there. By the system of "education orders" recently authorized by Congress, the War Department can new finance n private corpor- fllion in the job of retooling Its plant so as to be ready to produce certain war essentials — machine. guns, for instance. The plant thus retooled nils a small peace-time order for the department; the tools then become War Department properly— and if war comes, that factory can swing Into production on short notice Some 20,000 industrial plants have been surveyed. The different army and navy departments know in just which plants they can obtain the things they will need In war. If changes in those plants arc needed, the changes arc all blueprinted. In case of war, both the government .and these individual manufacluiers know what will have to be done. Read Courier News Want Ads. CtlccKS MALARIA "17 days and relieves Sslve. Nosa Drops s W° m » ««» JB ansere ",' T ' ', ',"""' ^ ' ' ' naVBl ihlp ' ' ' " and seizmes . . . materials unloaded by hand in 'n, by monster cranes now | ]lm are uoints of s(m ,lar,ty in the general picture as it was dnrln* the last war and as it i.s now. ' ' Girl Lifeguard Serves Third-Year; Finds 'Man's Job' Isn't So Difficult MILWAUKEE. W'is. (UP) — How would you like to be saved from drowning by a pretty brunette life- juard? Oiga Hinich, who is rounding out her third summer on the Milwaukee county lifeguard force, got her job by passing the same gruelling tests given to the men applicants.. Her stamina is such that she says nothing ever 1ms really tired her Black-haired Olgn Is of medium height and has the typical, lifc- Suaru's tan. She says she learned to swim at an early age under the threats of an 8-year-old boy cousin wha selected her for a playmate. In high school she began to take swimming seriously and in IMG siie won the •women's state backstroke championship.'A bigger thrill, however, was taking fourth place in the , .'nncy diving event, for her diving' always had been considered a joke. "A girl lifeguard does face a few iiuusual problems," she admits. "The children arc bolder in their attempts to push me In than they are with (he men. It is also a little hard for me lo keep the young cnes from running and jumping and pushing each other." • "Do the boys cluster around 'you the way the girls hnng'.nnmnd the men guards?" she was asked/''"' "No," she said, "no friendship has ripened into romance here at the pool." Miss Hinich believes that a lot of swimming will help a girl reduce, but that a little will add weight. "Tlie added ounces come to protect the bcdy from cold." she explains, "The only way to get rid of them is to swim a lot more. "When we have races lor fun, I'm always close lo Ihc winning boy at the finish," she remarked. "But I'm always careful not to let myself beat him." Junk-Car Races Banned As Nuisance by County BUFFALO. N. Y. (UP)—Shovli: William Pollack has issued an or' dcr prohibiting "Jallopy" races h Erit county. This action was taken following an 'opnion by County Attorney Fan! ,], Batt that the sherill har full authority to halt the race: under the penal law definition o a "public nuisance." Promoters will be notified of the sheriff's order. If they Insist 01 going ahead with the races, Pollack said, arrests will be made and the ruling- tested in the courts Sheriff officials pointed out that a driver was seriously injured at a Junk-car race at Sprlngville last ivcefc. PAGE THREB CoiiiHcr Attack On Corsets Semite Votes' Recess To Go Fishing While House Balks UV WAI,TBK iniSTMANN ]< 10 .ss sinir ttuirsinmelcni MONTOOMEIiV, Aid., Sept. 8 lulM-Alotawn's 193!) legislature- Is undoubtedly (ho most topsy-turvy hcllcr-skellpr uml unpredictable stsslon In UK- uiuioii' till.-) year coiiijicu-ni political olwK'rs ngi'cc. As an rumple, i.|||ici' lioii.w will suddenly slop in midst of n crowded calendar :ind was for 15 01 20 minutes so some committee can hold 11 mci'tliii- 10 ](! , )ort Ullt> „ comparatively minor measure. Thi'ii at one lime the sonnto oled n to 15 to come tack mill work un u Friday afternoon prloi to ihr> m-ek-cinl m-ess. Ibcji only n handful of senators worn present. Tint House one ,|ny almost made the "wlilpjioorwIU pi>n" HIP oiiicin) stale vi'f'ctiibli', Into lihlnl Susslim A survey disclosed ii )L , following facts about ihu ttimilmmlii] legislature: 1. It is holding three distinct sessions over « two-yenr period; (lie fust WHS Jnst Jniiuaiy, February and Mnrch, when II recessed until Jimi>. Tlie second ends this niontli, unti) ji m e, IOJQ, when the legislature will return for n uiiw- day meeting lo mloiu n new state code. a. Tile seiinle was dubbed the "playljny house" recently when Us members voted overwhelmingly despite cpposlllon of the loivci body ami Oov. Frank M. Ulxon (who usunlly controls the legislature) to adjourn for three day;, and iilti-nd a fishing rodeo on tin. Onlf Coast. 3. Both branches usually mod only two legislative dnys a week sometimes three, with Interim dciy.s during which 15 (o 20 separate committee meetings dally arc held Thus, the 50-oay session Is prolonged almost Indefinitely. . 4. Calendars of both houses hnvc become so packed with bills lliCj are referred lo as "volumes. 1 ' End calendar averages between 15 anc 10(1 pages during legislative days. C'alcmlurs Arc Jumlilcil 5. These calendars never arc worked on in order. Several bill always arc put on "special, con tinning and paramount order," so that to the uninitiated the dail> lirogiiim is a confusing Jumble. 0. A trailcrltc-lcBlslator, Rep. C PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Heat Price* Kirby Drug Stores Watch fort hem! Bestsellers from our regular.stock. Reduced! Save extra! Women's and Misses' 79 C Skips Sale Price! 1—2—3—4 reasons why (hey arc famous! They hug narrow ankles, give more support. Have slant-top for belter fit. Cushion insoles for comfort. And reinforced soles. 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MONTGOMERY WARD <10G W. Main ft measure to Increase ms goyer-" nor's salary, oitliougl] the other ilsrs jilacc those otttclnb virtually on tt wage par with the' state's chief executive, 10. A bill lo coi-ral cattle and keep them ott stale highways cnuscil more legislative commotion Umn any olhci- one Issue. Only 10 pur cent ot the aulomo- lllcs In the United States ore owned by persons whose annual income exceeds $3000. Itond Courier News wnnt ads. H is golnB lo I* run unlchli.g Pwl, t,y to pt women back Into eorwls rltese Hollywood notice ,m vn de their ,,volc s t on a picket "no. Rom left to ri B ht: Loin Uu, e , a ale 1'ngo nml Hosemnry lane C. Peacock, Coffee county, Introduced ft bill to levy (l •$! mutual Inx on Unite. Tlic house kllcd It. V. The legislature passed n bill lo prevent duplication of public nml private power companies Then received another measure to repeal II. U, Alnbamn went without pnrdon, pnrolo or probation powers tor scv ei'al weeks between enactment of a bill Bctltnu up a hew pardon, pnrole nml probation bonrtl mid Its appointment by Ciov. Dlwm. fl. Hills Increasing salaries several hluh stale utiielab were passed almost without opposition, wit tho legislature refused lo pa« When you are cross, Irrllablc, and proudly; when you find fault with the coircc, tho eggs, Hie bacon, nml ttio cook, you may well suspect that you have n touch of biliousness or. m-cnlled "Torpid Liver," BO prevalent In hot wealher. All you may need Is n llllle calomel, or better Ellll, "Calotnbs," the imiiscaless calomel compound tablets that make cnlowel-tnkliig n pleasure. Cfllolnlw k'lve you Die combined eirccls ot calomel and Btvltu, helping- NriUirc to expel the sour, stagnant liiio and washing It out of the system. ' Ouu or two Cnlolabs at bedtime with « utass. of water,—dial's nil, Nc\t morning your syslcm feels clean and refreshed, your head Is clear, your (il)irll bright, nnd'you avc fecllnc find with a henrly apjicllle for breakfast. Eat what you wish and b'o about your work or pleasure. apniiliio Cnlolnbs nro told only la chcclicr-boivril (blach Olid wlilto) iiick- yn licarlnij tho lr«Uo mirk 'Colotnbj." Rcfusu tinitntlonn. 'rrlal pnckftKo ten ctnu; fnmily iMcXnico only nvc;Hy-llv» icais, nt, j'mir dcnlcrt (Ailv.) NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service /*!/*/ Now! No Monthly Heat can't "loaf" at the ceiling with Wards new Fan- Flo Heater! A concealed Electric Fan forces the air down into your "living zone" and drives it into every corner. It ends both winter drudgery and cold drafty floors. Easily heats 3 to 4 rooms. Is equipped with Fmgcr-tip Control, Constant Level Valve and Automatic Draft Regulator. In a big smartly-styled cabinet! 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