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Brown County Democrat from Nashville, Indiana • Page 2

Brown County Democrat from Nashville, Indiana • Page 2

Nashville, Indiana
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a At la 2 Brawn County Democrat, NashvtS, Indian Thundty, Fb. 22, 1962 TZT Brtraii Cctiaty a Ttandajr, Mmrck lat. 1 3 'deck. Ma 1J CLU Mm. A My aaa to 1M Atr fi a um 1 1 1 1 iij ou.

wmmi 1 i Cbaurtr Carta. TV Crab larrltW trr If kan-a? Oastr MKt najnuui, on, hnanand of Violet Wayman, way at tha Veterana -Boapttal In Indianapolis Sunday ants wCJ br Xn. Ftorraa KasTman nd Um Mwnr aa frt Waa-Uk. TWA t-aaa rJllM MOrH fail la IMS Ja aWr wp aal atf taa) eranf-aaat Lrn Todd. prepared Any time Reasonable Rates PEARL SOLTAU PLEASANT VALLEY GOAT FARM AT GNAWBONE LO S-t417 raaia tnwaart rvrfvaj 4 rOu Ma hMUJM taa ataa-a tva aaa Ma aat- a aaaus aaa Tacts anal aa--a yni B.P.W.

News nonunt, February IS, after an ITtTMaa of Are man tha. Mr. Wayman was born in Brown County, January 5, 1906. tn son of Joseph R. and Jannla (Parsley) Wayman.

He was united In married to Violet Bell on February 19. 1949, in Columbus, Indiana. He and Mrs. Way-man made their home in Nashville. Before bis illness he bad erred as superintendent of water and streets in Nashville.

He was a member of the Brown County Volunteer Fire' Department and a World War Veteran, servln- in the North African Campaign. Funeral services were held on Tuesday a Bond's Funeral Home with Rev. Leslie McKown conducting the rites. Burial was in Grenlawn Cemetery. Pallbearers were; Charles Basin, Tom King.

Harold King, Wayne Ogle, Bill McGrayel, and Leonard Percifield. PT aa I acaaOaa, aT aaara aj.VaTTa Ify (d WaJ tea aaai a wtv fai aaaa. UkaW Ua baajtav- ijw ot rwr Cww Or. Aaaliaar. mm hW( la raara fca.ttSaa.J ar-a Una aaaavarta aaa.

I a ar a taa Char a MUMWKi r(ara ua- la waa-fc aa fan lima Oaaaa. laaaa wtauly rar4aU laattatkaava bo4tn Ikiaa for sr-a mm r' ta 4iar IVftMt taraaja; Waj taa mum rward Itm. tViryaai. rcardWaa of d-MilaUaa. la aneotmLgad to a4vaatAr (ha wwUan ar4 fVa-J tAyiratka ta Um id tratha ca Um OiriaCUa rJth.

ChriUixn Scicnc Lcot-Sorroon CDrtaOan lleWvr chore (l wrV Ituawlar fW-npurJ -tiocL in th Uiatnoa antltJad "Mind" 41 ltxtd thla adrVa Paul: "Naw I i eh )tchi. brathran. 7 Um umi or Ixrd Jraua Cfcrtat. that fa rpk tha am than. and that thar ba ao dlvt 4au aanonjr ytxa.

but that jra ba prfrt)y o4nd lo-B ta tha hoi mlod and ia tha aama hidjftnn (I Cor plaining its provisions. Mrs. Helen Johnson, chairman of National defense outlined activities of her committee and it was announced that the total number of books presented to the library has now reached 500. The program planned for January, which bad to be postponed because of road conditions, will be given in April, when Rupert Miller will tell of proposed legislation to be introduced before the next Indiana Assembly in regard to Sunday closing. Menial Health Chapter hoists Valentine party Ftva members of tba Brown County chapter of the Indiana State Mental Health association gave a valentine's party for residents of the chapters adopted ceaocqf at tha Muscatatuck State School last weak.

Pnaaniary Stoffer, Evelya Gordon. Ortatha Payne, Mary Hub-er. and Helen Reeves served refreshments to the girls ia the ward and presented them with valentines and suckers. Persons who are interested in helping with the monthly part-Ma at Muscatatuck should phone Pauline Murphy, volunteer serv-cea chairman, at LOcust 8-3753. aar-aaaaa aa )tWaaaaaraj laa Ctiaraa, BROWN COUNTY BPW HEARS DISTRICT DIRECTOR Seventeen members of the Brown County Business and Professional Women's Club at the Torch Light Inn Tuesday PVPT1 inr t-lAa1 on Insnirlnfr a Cwn faaraaa ry Vck.

Ttka 4Jt (MMUiM ntHt ai aa lUnl MA. TaJ aTvaMtaiaa Bmf 4 aHU iwi -ii a Imr B. fS v-a was llioll lliSj OU- dress by Mrs. Alice Stratton, aolpa riflWn district director, of Beech Orov BUI1U 1CS UOWD district director, of Beech Grove TV tmer m4 awcaiSara MM rVaa4art Otarrh fai mmitwmi la laaaa thaa ttfV Ival McDonald, Chairman of Mrs. Stratton was accompanied by Mrs.

J. H. Smith, secretary-treasurer of the district Mrs. Faye Carmichael was in charge of the program and a patriotic Survivors with the wife are one daughter, Vickie, one stepdaughter, Nina Leggett. One brother.

Walter Wayman, Nashville; two half-sisters, Mrs. Thursie Peavler, Franklin; Mrs. Erahel Adams, Bean Blossom; one step-sister, Beryl Sinns, Oolitic; and one nephew, Richard Wayman of Indianapolis. the Brown County UA Savings Bonds Committee, has received a report revealing that the county's Savings Bonds sales for January were $1,237.00 compared with $1,525.00 for the corresponding period of' last year. The state's sales for January were $15,185,172 and $13,966,058 for the like period of 1961 a gain of 8.7 per cent.

Fifty-one of the state's ninety-two counties reported sales gains for the month when compared with January 1961. Say "I saw it in The Democrat" C. W. Deckard awa- a 1 theme was carried out in the decorations, including flags of various nations. Mrs.

Stratton said this was the thirteenth club they had visited in the district and they had been most fortunate in having good weather on all trips. She stressed the importance of having large delegations of members at the district convention to be held March 11th in Indianapolis and also at the state convention May 25, 26 and 27th at French Lick to vote for Mrs. Let tie Trefz, of Indianapolis, who is a candidate for state president. The speaker emphasized the importance of extending invitations to become members of clubs to all eligible women in the community; to keep them busy on committees, after they become members; to provide programs that will interest them and hold them as mem mt 'm I tut a 4 a'- it ri irlf FOR SALE DEE5I FLYING SHUTTLE LOOM Warp, Shuttles, etc. Weaves narrow to wide widths Write Helen M.

Huddles ton R. 7, Coiunitus, Ind. Charles W. Deckard, who began teaching at 16 and retired in 1950 as Mitchell School superintendent, died February 16 at the home of a son in Dallas, Texas. Mr.

Deckard 77, had left his home in Mitchell, Indiana, two weeks ao for a vacation with his son, David Deckard. The elder Deckard began teaching in Brown County. He became principal of a four-room school -at Avoca in 1911 and served as principal of Needmore High School from 1912 to 1917 and 1916 to 1919. He was principal of Oolitic High School in 1919 and was named Mitchell High School principal in 1921. The following ear'he became school superintendent.

Mr. Deckard was a Boy Scout committeeman and teacher at Mitchell Baptist Church 25 years. He was a member of the Hiranr Bartlit (karrk Nrw IVIIavlIlp n-x Hlrhrd Mutton. paftor; n-iilf Himblm. H.

Hupt. ('hurrli rvcry Sunday al 9 30. Sunl No (i lit Hible itudy 7 rnt "thrr Suri'lay rvening. rikra Peak (kirrk of hrlt Mihlr tutl ni. f'rcli I nc in Jii a ni Kvi-iiInK in 1 ii i tn iv-Tir.

milp dt of Mini I'lvaaaal Itapltat (karrh 'n 1 a Krown. pimt'T f'rari'Ma Su rn m- upt Sun! In a. in 11 am wivlcc 7 I in Kuni lit oTvin Satur- Im Jn kJlklaaillr karrh H. I'r. n- karj, Supt un'l)- in nervlc-i-.

tn Sun-lii -iIk'U rvaniji I in IVatrruatal turailtl) i knr, 'rml-y l'rll. ik- SVr I'm ami a- 1. Saturday 7 Jo pni Sunday ichoul 10 a Sunday nljfht m-rvln-7 1" Mf MH( III) I IT (-'. paati-r Hrlnskar; Mrlbadlaf karrk 1 V'drr Sur-t mi I ii i in M-irn- I'rayrr nifi-t- ii 7 bers and urged participation in community affairs. Mrs.

Kenneth Schneider led a discussion on the medical aid bill now before Congress, ex- Home Demonstration Club News I 1 IT-' I) i m- 1 I Uj i' Itrr For Building Needs Lawrence County Tuberculosis and Health Association more than 15 years. He was a charter member of the Mitchell Rotary Club and its president in 1931 and 1956. Survivors include the widow, Kuth, and four other children. HELMSBIRG a "1 aant-a as -m eC 1 a-s w- Mal4asf i saw- The Helmsburg Home Demonstration Club met on Thursday, February 15, at the home of Mrs. Helen Williams for an all-day meeting.

A delicious dinner was served at the noon hour to eight members, three visitors and five children. Guests were: Mr. Williams, Mrs. a rs Lumber ea Ml TV krfau (Wrk ka.1 Mt hstnaJa a th taaa. Uw la rkam-a -tkmt ita nlnJor otth Uw If op-(StMtaa (aufl I alm-a.

I IS. tiw rtVorrh ralM a aa -TaJI uw' ta la caank. teaaV ab ta t. i.rajy Hr CXrw- tav ISm elaarrh a hr7 a.iaan fw Na atiaUaar TK ham waa artthaart dHX 1 4 taOstslaft-t I Donavan O. McDonald Donavan Owen McDonald, 56.

formerly Nashville, passed away at his home in Tucson, Arizona, February 10. Mr. McDonald was born in Spencer. Indiana, February 7, 1906. the son of James and Nell a efts wae sssaa Nadine Spears, Pauline Hoover and Pearl Dewey, who gave a '-r-4 lea fta "ti Cekrsf jr ar lesson on knitting.

Lela Abel read the club col ea im raaattata to eT. Uar far.tioai prarer- raay I i 'tin I to aal to ito fwuittoa aklrk wvr kMMalif rnr rr feaa-tr ka. I.f in -i r--s fee i eaS Nartk tilra Mrlkoalat (karrk S-indaj a. Ii-m-i in M--rn-iria --i-lii-- I ii 1 a ii, I'rayi-r m- i-lini( T.i- ay 7 iti rial la a kara HefkaaiJaf (karrk Sun-li luxii In a Morning- aoral.lp 1 1 .10 a in Trayrr iT-rrtins Thiirn 7 3" Tk, aahlll Mrtkaaial (karrk I-ail- MiK-wn. paator.

Sylvia K. Imrl-lrr. Sup Hill can i at Iiool Jn a W'ur-ahlp in 4 1 am. Junior Hi Ynuth In rn Ml Youth I 30 ap-i Uibl- riaaa Kriday rrnlns. Womrna Sorif ly 1 3u pm (Ind Writ ali)an Srv-i.

i ill Id 7 JO p.m (lt Wrd.l Naaklilr hriatlaa karrk IMwir.l i Simon. miniatrr. Supt -rnn a- worahlp 3d. Hihlr I "h- lr prartlr--. -1 nr la 7 lect.

Helen Williams gave the devotions and the Pledge of Millwork Plywood Roofing Your local representative Maurice Taylor R'iral Route Three Nashville, Indiana LOcust 8-2876 Allegiance was given by all present. The songs "The more i i i i II m. we get together" and "Yankee Doodle" were sung. The treas v-9 rlxrist urers report was given and ap 1 Ztcrc 3 'West a i i oar ie McDonald. He was a retired employee of Acme-Evans Milling Company.

He went to Arizona eleven months ago for his health. Funeral services were held February 13. at the Kerr Funeral Home with Rev. William Hotbs conducting the rites. Cremation followed.

Survivors are his mother, Lafayette, Indiana, three sons, Donald. Larry and Terry, Tucson. Arizona, and one daughter, Mrs. Nancy Beamish, also of Tucson. Two brother.

Archie McDonald, Indianapolis, and Everett McDonald. California, and three grandchildren. ki-iauaT ft ftatejafaa i- i I I an. r'MvIl McCormick proved. A donation was given to the Heart Fund.

Roll call was answered by members telling their wish for the community. Helen Williams received many beautiful birthday cards. Contests were won by Grace Bond and Jean Bond. The door prize was won by Hazel Barnes. Ethel DeKuled read the club creed and the meeting was closed by all repeating the benediction.

The next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Jean Bond. 9 building materials Waa a. -4 M4 ii i i.m4 aa.nai -n imt r-r-amita li -v ufaa 'Road No. 31.

at Amity R.R. 5 Franklin REdlieM 6-6155 tna t.M-a i'n ta Osrlr. tft-ara (a no Kavaf or Wat 1 Itlm a.jfh or Nor'h oava ft fallorwartlp of lull "'M( (N arva rirUi ta Mian aaVaU trua Sairta aarTTahra Tatr aJs4 mnaiMa flnj Itka larrira lha g-oadan rorrj aaa btmrt imf aruahltvd aavrnta Uun, brrXNara a lh- faith. WKa( a y-oir rr. mar bm aanraai an fatKar aa a ana La awrai-y kn Id ana ta (TKrta aoa ona. and Waal, ta tlm ant oUh 4Ui North. A1X ChrtoCt? mmtim era on la Him TUrat Uaa whota avia aartri Newland (Dick) Jones Newland (Dick! Tnn as I aii of the late James and Mildred karrk ml Tfcr Sfiurrar M'ifJ h. Small. paat-T. Ira Hmllh.

Supl 3d am Mnrn-sug w'Tihip 10 3 ti am. mk t-rvirr 4 4S Kn-)( -riir 7 Ju (i Wrilnoadity pri) rr mrrtlns 7 3" pm C'athaitr (karrk Munilav Mm. lv Mamrl 10 am and to am ach Sunday krtatlaa Vlrarr a artn JaahaUIr Sunday arrvicr 1 a. Sunday 10 am lxnl Wrdnm-da of month I in karrk a ika KIral Barm ialllnc mmlatrr Tatr, wrat of klr Donald a I'hrvrolrt Srrvln-n Sunday aftrrnn 2 Kvrryonr I in-HT (mk Pralrmalal karrk S-rvii ra Kriday niht 30; Sui day nlirlit 7 Kunda morning 10 30. Kveryonr ao- fil BVaar Crrvki William II llodfi- mlnlaler.

Free. Estimates a Haan' aKala- a a Ma wJat -iia I HI a at a tna; rn, ii a a-, Kaaia HI taaiiia tart -itairaaaa at itaaa) int4a aitar-ftata a4atna wta ll 4Haa -t 9Hi -fm. (Moppcr) Jones, passed away at the Brown County Home for the aged, Sunday morning, February 18. He had suffered a slight stroke on Monday and another causing his death the following Sunday. Dick was born December 18, 1896 in Nashville.

His father was president of the Naahville Bank for many Tear a He was a member of the Nashville Christian Church, a friend to all who knew him, kind to the children of the com on Sa a-- ivu.a). aaaaarWaa rMalaa 1 iWa in (aa a-ari 1 1 pais dnaartia a a a. la a-li i rr. raa4aa aariwaa a. a K-Waa I aa.

-ia Wa.aaarfa, II aa. Ml a rk-a K-1 anrraj konrl'i Krilur put .1 Hii-iiam i "rmU- hal. "upt "MnJir a houl I II i Unrn-il "Mp 11 am Kr'nlnf I Adult 4 1 ana frItr mart-lnm Wnmali, rai ri-a Ta aa ararar anm II r.a aita raifM a 'ft a. aa. aa4 aua-lar aaaai Kl -n aloul a aa f'tfik A Warf.ird.

S. Supt Sunday arhool 30 am Churrh ifrirlcri a-rorvd Sunday of monlh 10 10am. DRIVEWAYS PARKING LOTS BASKETBALL COURTS, ETC. given anytime This space is sponsored by BrowTi County busmes. ejtjblisJjjaeiib interested in promoting regular church attendance.

munity and a lover of animals. Funeral services were held on Tuesday a Bond Funeral Home with Rev. Edward Simon officiating. Burial was In Green-lawn Cemetery. Pallbearers were; George Turner, Bill McGrayel.

Fred King, Harold King. Carl Hofcba and Keith Taggart Sumron are two brothers, James Jonea, Columbias; William M. Jonea, Morocco, and one sister, Mrs. Lucille Kuydendall. Arlington, Virginia.

Bill Corr, Hcaitor Cafe Robert MiUcr'a Drug Store Brown County Sport Shop Colonial Rrstaurant Ford Materials and Service Yc Olde Smoke Houac Cox Pharmacy Lorcn Moore, Plumbing Hedrick Radio and TV Service Village Bakery Brown County Folks Shop Gatcaville Store iNashville Gulf Service Bond's Funeral Home Phone ED 6-5291 Bloomington, Ind. Ralph Rogers Zo. Asphalt Plant BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA Trust not yourself, but your defects to know, make use of every friend and every foe. Alexander Pope Usefulness is doing rightly by yourself and others. Baker Eddy -a-.

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