Denton Record-Chronicle from Denton, Texas on April 10, 1940 · Page 12
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Denton Record-Chronicle from Denton, Texas · Page 12

Denton, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 10, 1940
Page 12
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ITAOK TWEI/VB District Meet Under Way Friday At Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Dentou and Demon County entries to the Inlerscholns- lic League's anmul district literary meet vdll open competition Pridny morning. They will be seeking district titles and right to-return here April 20 far the Region 3 meet lliat certifies winners to t h e slate finals. The district comes!.*, .ircording to the schedule sent to R. C Patterson, county riirector geneml, will be on the following schedule: Friday Program Debate, preliminaries nt B n. i n , semifinals at '2 p. n-._ typewriting, 10 a. m.; ready writers (essay) 10 a. m.; rural se)iior boys' declamation, 11 a. ni ; o:ie-act play. 1 p. m.; shqrthanci. 1 p. ni.; senior boys' find girls' declamation, I p ni.; rur al senior girls' d e c l a m a t i o n . ' 2 p. m.; rural junior boys' rferlanir.ciQii. 2 p. m.; rural junior girls' declamation. 3 p. m. Saturday Program Debate, girls' nr.sls. 9 a: m.; debate, boys' finals. 10 a. in.; nmior girls' and boys' declamation. 10 a. m.; 3-R contests, to a. m.- extemporaneous speaking, 10 a. m : Ward school declamation, junior eirls 11 a", riy and junior boys 3 p. m. Cooperatives at T. S. C. W. House 525 at Low Living Cost A survey of the likes and dis- llfces or convention guests at hotels reveals that as a rule they'd prefer efficient nocturnal maid service to having [he help remember them bv name in the daytime. By J O H N ' V K \ V O M A C K A system of co-operative hills nt Texas State College for Women is the answer to the reed ot n more economical means of getting a ccJ- legj education winch arose immediately following the height ol Die depression ii-. !932. The plan was first conceived In the spring of 1934 and during the summer the plans were completed. In September the system was put into operation in a small cottage acc-ctmmcaating 10 girls and a hostess, but before tlie registration period WBS over another building hart been rented and 16 more girls and their lu-stess hud set trp housekeeping. The denial'.;! was so great that the college p!«i a ,«nia)l building with n capacity of 30 girls and addtd it to the list of co-operative halls F.I the lugiivmng of the second semester. Tlie pressure for space became f o great iliat the college marie arrangements to care for more students. During the year -36. ^*75 students lived in ° the co-operative dormitory system. To, nay there- are S2f enrrtl^ in the system. »-hici\ is n part ol (he cam| pus residential system. I This type of college life grew out cf economic pressure anri the goal I of reasonable but wholesome living ( h a s ever been ir. the foreground. Each house is under the supervision c/ a mature college student. ! J i t is her du-.y to maintain the; DEN'TOX, TEXAS. HKFOBn.CHRO.N'tCl.E. HTPXESHAV. Al'Ittl, 10, 1510 Germans Sa'y Intervention Is "Protective" Germanv that its armed forces, had "protectively" occupied Danish and Norwegian territory ^'^aCove^exolSul' "c^ 0 ? 1 !"* M] l" 1 ctalle "^ Forei^Minista 0 Jolchtn vo i snonn arxne e.\plainm g Germ any s position at a press conference in Berlin. Photo Also in each house there is dent assistant who is n hc:n ncmics or hem? dt-mcnstratio jar. stu- eco- convened into, the Uie co-cperative oi itive lias been e m i n l hall tar , inir-'.uton. Miss dinx-tor of tlie Girls I)t Work Each sirl yorks by a schedule planned by the hostess and the aa- sLs'.aut. and her duties do not ex. reotl over an hour's work each clay '. Thi cooking, dishwashing arid hmisekeepinc ,ue all draie by stu- rients without outside aisis'tance. nicse who cock brcnSfast must set up at 6 a. m. and breakfast" i s , ready at 6:45 o'clock. All cleanine · duties rt_ m- i Ka m..- l c m ! r e system. Mks Charlotte Clark is dietiii.ii] rmcl Mis Mars'are- Piige I Miss Evelyn Oppenheimer of Dallas will review the ciu-renl best seller "The Nazarene" THURSDAY, A P U M , 11 f P. Jt. T. C. Lihrary Aiidiforitim Admission -- 3oc is student Selection of siur.t'r.ts it based on their need for IHKUC!;I' ^c-biance, but they must poeses* :1-.L- personality requirements lu'cessan to iive and work with oilier people, as well as being able to adapt themselves to their surrcunditW and to the general plan of co-onerative work and cc.iultict. MODERN WOMEN MARIAN MATS MARTIN Army Chief Says New Invasion May Forecast Danger WASHINGTON, April 10. -- (ffV^ Gen. George C. Marshall, army chief of stafT said here that Germany's invasion ol Scandinavia "appears at the moment" to be the t.vtw of development to whieli lie referred when he warned Congress that "if Europe blazes" in the lato spiing. extra precaution should be taken in this country. Testifying before n House committee recently on the war department's S785.UDO.tM4 appropriation bill, the chief ot staff had declared : "If Europe blazes in the late spring or summer, we must put our house in order before the sparks reach (lie western hemisphere, should be paralleled by mldrr! precautions in this country. Tf the situation grows more desperate, we. should add to the numbers of seasoned troops in the regular army and to the strength of the National Guard." Germans Neat T. C. Students Home From Jaunt; Awarded Honors The two Teachers College debute teams, consisting ol Durward Dyclic and Dunne Faw and Misses Betty Timblin ami Nelma Williams, Inv.'e return from n l,9Mi-milc trip which extended t l i i o i i n h seven southern states. En route such points of interest as Hot Springs National Park, shiloh Battlefield, Lookout Mountain. Ghtckiiinausn and Wilson dams of the Tennessee Valley Authority, copper mines in tlie Appalachian Mountains, plants of tiie I). S. Steel Corporation near Birmingham, and the Vickslmre Bat- tlefiBltl were visited. Tin- teams participated in the Southern Speech Teachers Association touruiunent at Clinttanoogu. dents from 11 states took part. Out cf seven divisions enteiecl. tlie Teachers College won first in one division, second in four divisions, and went to the finals in another. .Miss Belt}' Titnbiln was first in women's orataory. sh». and Miss Williams won second in junior debate. Miss Williams won second in women's c.xtemuornncous Districts Send Scholastic Report only four or tlie 65 Echcjasllc census reports from school districts In t h e county have not been received in the county superintendent's office. These reports were expected to ue In lh|s week, and work will be begun on Ihc consolidated ivJl l»e in the .state superintendent's olura by May i. , There avo C7 ports in Japan open to foreign trade. PRUNLAX The NATURE L»it!v° You've Been Settling The n v e m R e Individual ts confused live beat suited [o n i s needa. All ot in have tried one thing or another Inr I h e purpose ol Uncling lh« litxntU'e that a£r«'cs *"llh our system, [he n i n l U r of priy.icnl elimination li r l g M l u l l r of vlto.1 concern to you. A 'vithout the uae of haraii And irritating cathartics ia trie goal we all wish to Attain. your, for tho nsklnc. PRUNUOC you in U* mild, conslatenl i f t e r \tfeeV rrpnrdlejs o, the I shallow faces are common among the younger generation, who not t ~ only take life in their stride, but go|C, ,",' one better, taking it «·· tv-~ --·- I n a s 1 " skip and jiunp. cur I consequences that do " not brought her within striking d i s - I men's extemporaneous tance of control of the third larg- | The teams wore conched bv Mrs. est neet of oil tankers in the world. I Olive M. Johnson ar.d Bullock Hv(JH is considered by some sources dev here as one motive for the Nazis'! blitzkrieg against Denmark and Garrison' Drug Store Norway. Norway, with North Sea routes to Central America's oil supplies tankers in her registry. LET'S REVEAL IIAITY FACES TO WOK LI) j them personally. Living dangerous- '· · ly has nn entirely different mean- ' ins today than it had years ago. and our faces show the difference. ; it on the hop I "?f, ^ 'ankers in her registry, curing l i t t l e for !£ ' a totfll 'ohnage of 2.057.000. : do iinr. affect :P.VV S ««»deri only by Great n mm ' Bntal » »"d the United States. It is islble however, t h a t may transfer r i u v i i n c i must be completed before R'u:-en'.5 live three ami fcjir girls !he^S:15 classes. J i n n roam, av.d comfortable sleek The expensps of operation liave beds are us-xi. Each house has a no; exceeded £11 per nijtith per! HvtiiE rocm a:ul and a IAISI- dining room which students irmy use for a s'.r.dy. AdniinLstraticn (.- ;;ncic: t h e dean cf women. Mrs. M a t U e l:!cyd \Vco- ;ten. The director. Miss Bovce. lives in Smith-Carroll Hr-Il and grants permissions for privileses and has charge of all records. Tlie movement of this kind in Texas had its orisin among a prpup of young men wlio wished to a t tend A. k M Cotlege. were not able ;o pay the regular e.\pense.5 and in order to overcome their financial difficulties they starter! a similar system which IIKS expanded very satisfactorily under the direction and leadership of Daniel Russell. But ii has not bee-l confined to A. 4; M. College, for thf idea has spread to many o'hn college campuses throughout the state ami has expressed itself in various types of co-operative living schemes. girl. Rent, maintenance and t:til- ' ity bills have averaged than fo.iif) ant! the grrx-eries which ate brought from h o m e ' o r purchased at wholesale pricts from the college commissary hare amounted each month tr about S5.5 per cirl Girls must pay cash for the rent and u t i l i t y bills, but many bring food from hcine. The Drills do most of their laundry, care for their hair, and live generally on a i-pouced budget. Halls of the system are modem ana were constructed especially for co-operative living. Tlie eld Smith- CarroH Hall -^hich u- as for ic,me j Keep Smilinp | Greeting one with a smile is now an act we put on to deceive the world, which seldom succeeds be- CHIISJ the world nml his wife have rend all the here's-how-to-win- friends books and recognize all the signs and symbols of their follow- "Is everybody happy?" probably not. but have you noticed how few folks loot; happy, whether or not? -Sit in nny bus or street cur ami study the faces around you. Isn't it the exceptional person who doesnt look strained or harassed, if not downright grim and terriblv -_,, ... ... .. unhappy? Why. one wonders Does' , " smlll "S -^hoo! is a life really leave such deer) furrows Ercra ''"S °ne. The principle on on every brow? Does it ' take t h e ' ch " was f ° unded hcil cis water; light from the eyes.'leavini them ' i"""" , nre more ll "ractive than dull and dead looking and the i , s ' . We ^ admire tha « ^ho can smile from the mouth: leaving itl 5 l n l l . e m the face cf dnnger or ad hard and grim? England has been obtaining much of its oil imports from Venezuela via tlie Dutch West Indies, and it . is a question whether such a source i would be open to the Nazis. j At the same time, oil sources \ point out that Germany's position with Scandinavian sea bases f o r ' oil importation would be much stronger than heretofore. Glamour Girl, Redbud Queen In Style Show Miss Beryl Ann Longmo, Texas -- j w~o" the meaningless ! State College for Women's sopho- smile is something else again. B u t , more who was elected Dcnton's it doesn't" seem I even a " cm P f ' sniill 's better than ! "glamour girl", and Miss Cather- a!to»ether v Ecowlin S countenance. A genuine; l"e Pool, senior at the college who = iel · x) -, sniile shows in the eyes.' too. Only i was selected -redbud queen" for : "'hen lips and eyes ai:ree Ls it a j the year. ap(eared In another is an imi- ' E 'y' e show in Port Wednesday. cities do this, but to me that this . Goodness knows, one encounters I ...iT," Y- " "i Plenty of grimness in country folk. r ^"s,m,e A " taiioi! intended to deceive or to Held at the Port Worth Club, the follow an accepted formula. ; style show was given for (he Hlln- Those gritn-visagcd ancestors of^rnian's convention, ours might have looked less formid- i I-osl Wednesday the two girls able and gloomy had they gueE«cd i appeared In a style show for a pno- t^t ,..,,,· ...:... ...,.,. ,, ..'. convention in Ftori LAKE DALLAS LAKE DALLAS. April 8.--The rain helped the gardens and crops "".·ry much. Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Garison of Bitter Thoughts SftoB- Iron-vlsafeed men aiid women are no liovelt-y in city or countn-^ bitter thoughts show Uirouih; even powder and paint cannot keep them from showing. "Sweet-faced , that "the'"voice with a smile wins" tojraphfrs' wiomen" have placid, pleasant: and been reared. M this reiiEralion I Worth, thoughts--they do not reflect w h a t t h ; s , on the Millie, smile, smile for- isn't there. One's face rarelv. i f l m u J a . Shorter hours and easier liv- ever, contradicts, one's mental a t - 1 ing generally should erase the har* titude toward life. Discontentment lines from our faces, but it- seems a pity that leisure and luxury should etch in the even uglier line's toward life. Discontentment shows, and mars many a pretty face. Onhappiness invariably is ..... ,._ tl ,,,,,, slamped somewhere on the face of i of discontent or (cave in their place one who is unhappy. Cynicism a shallowness that is the reflection shows, it hardens the lines around ot a shallow, punioselcss mind the mouth and warns the world Tlie population of South Ainer!cr» S87JJ15.000. Mileage Meter Teats prove rio other truck can match CMC gas economy--engine for engine. No other truck U beUer-built. No other comparable truck give* -ou »o much pulling power. See CMC today! fima p a / m « n l i through ovr own YMAC Plan at ' o w f i l oroiloblf r c l t i · THE ISUCK Of V A t u t . HAMILTON nlOTQit CO., Dcnlon, Texas GASOLINE -DIESEL : Mrs, Paul Plumlee and Mrs. Mary ·.,- i n u u k l l a t l u rtiilllA t/lt? WOTIO j -that there isn't much faith or how: V' , /"· . in the mind of its owner. ' j * lailO L,O1lCtrl dt T. C. Tonight »" .-r_ that smile. I countenances that a r e radiant i with happiness are rare, which isn't j strange,^ considering the upheaval I I Roy Will. Teachers College mil- ' sic siaif member, w i l l be nre^entcd Church Sundav." ""'""" I ""oranTw^' r , , . t m a P i a n o TM" w r l featurimr the Mb« JiJnie WM! r,n ; f n · ,, ' r ne mih a rather gcneral f « u "?i "Ballad. -Edward MM \Ml,mi of Dallas tim ss a nation we are grpafl.v j Bratims: "Rhapsoriy *JHue Ribbon" Texture in B C G i n n e R ' s F I R S T C R K C visited here. Mis'; Pauline and son visited In DalJas. i softened and are losing tlie'deW-j 2," von Dchnrnv.i -p e Oari- rmnation and rigor that m a d e u s ' No 2 ·· jj'i'ch' i n ' llr : f w f are - it's possible t h a t our HIJP." Rirs=:er: "bei'ili national visage rioes lack characleu lion. Opus -I N'o .| " io- a f t e r all. everyday living i s , "Souaui, Opus 13." Sell ri.^. i,"v ult J! 1 * 11 in pioneer days., Tlie classical Bach" i ,0 No r t i t u in c ; Blue. Vm h I n s r a r i iafo It ch ul the ,, "me's* 0 tad r l i s c o n l c n t or !«"-! Km '' H"iry III decree-i the prc- ' TM"*TM ^^ «TM. V^l' Sfwodry'BnJ.iTof^} 1 . CU " C ° M O S T A M A Z I N G L O W E S T Dri\-e a Hudson Six over a route you travel ever)- day-where you know- every curve and bump. Make a direct comparison with your proem car, ami see why this Hudson a winning so many habit buyers of the "other P R I C E D C A R E V E R B U I L T three" . . . people who up to now have always gone back to the same make of car, without looking at any other. A phone call will bring a Hudson to your door for the best 30 minutes you ever spent in on automobile. C O W E R P R I C E S . '670 S T A R T I N G A T for Coopc; Sedan illuitrti * T M. delivered in Detr includiax Fedent euel, iacludiaf jutrud loca] r*j if icr. Low time pirca withoat ooTirr. cd. PRICE IKClMJtS: Pt ( trfu\ «d DoubTe-Safs BriV^-if pul h firth . ir on br*i.e pedal «cd stop; Dub lockinj Sa/crrHood,hi front; Handy Shift it itceriog ^bcel; Ne^r Caibioo Door Luchci; AIRfQAM SEAT CUSHIONS fjtr cent io KadiOD Six doted raodclt. itind-ud in «U Aad iiimall e«r« eoit: OrerdriYt «ud Weaiier Freib Air tad Hett Codtrof d i c tion u-« fts\ FO« YOU8 MONEY SPALDING MOTOR CO. 817 K. Hickory Dcnton, T«xag Telephone 720 I USE THIS SERVICE BECAUSE IT IS "When it is d i f f i c u l t for me to pay accumulated bills out of my immediate income, I use the modern Industrial Credit Plan Jxian. I can always expect a quick decision on my application, and my own convenience is considered as to the number of months in which I have to repay the loan. INDUSTRIAL CREDIT CO. 210 McClurkan Building N e w G a s R a n g e e l i m i n a t e s g u e s s - w o r k Experience is not essential in baking good cakes, t h a t is, if one has a modem gas r a n g e with automatic, insulated oven to watch a f t e r baking. Simply follow a good recipe, set oven control and time reminder. The gas range dqcs the rest. This is only one outstanding feature of the modern gas range. Sec them in the displays of your dealer or gas company and note the simmer burner t h a t saves gas and eliminates boii-tivers or danger of food cooking dry. Note, too, the easy to clean surfaces; the iiutnnmic l i g h t i n g ; the high- speed broiler; the .smooth, trim linej t h a t blend w i t h m o d e r n kitchen design. Once you know the advantages of modern gas cooking, you, too, will modernize this spring. You can afford to, for terms are easy. So Modern in '40 With Gas! UV^STAH '· CommunityHJNaturalGas Co.

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