Newport Mercury from Newport, Rhode Island on February 28, 1885 · Page 1
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Newport Mercury from Newport, Rhode Island · Page 1

Newport, Rhode Island
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 28, 1885
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'OLUME CXXVII-No. 37. NEWPORT, R. I., FMBRVAR? 28, 1885. WHOLE NUMBER 0,320. THE Tewport Mercury FOB LIB HE D BT--JOHN P. SANBORN, 72 Thames, Cor. Pelham St NEWPORT, B. I. 1HB NEWPORT MERCURY waa e L tabllslieJ in Juno, 1758, and Is uow In 4 hundred and tweniu-teeentk year , It Is t Idest newspaper i» the Union, « nd, with les jan half a dozen ezceptiona.the oUleit print the En?lt*h language. It U a Urge quar fcdBklyof flfty-«I* columns filled with lute f -' --ading--editorial, State, local and ge u w _a, well-selected miscellany and aval d farmers' and household department, iching BO many houteholds In this and oth kato3,ttie limited apace given tc adveritBin I Tory valuable tu business men TEKMa: *'2 00 a year In adrircej sing ~ i in wrappers.5 cents. -^·Specimen couleslent free, and »pecl ·rmi'glvtio aJvertUen by addressing tlie pu A Nameless Thief. [ Several days ago quite a mysterious ro ery was discovered to bave been committe t the Perry Hou«. The claik, Mr. J. H tilley, b.3-1 placed tbe piss-book coutainin feiO-28-in the drawer for the use of the ·rd, and a couple of hours later when th Steward called for tbe same only the pas poofe and twenty-eigbtceots could be fouud-- B 870 having been removed. Detectiv Hammond wan promptly notified of the ci lumttanee and after a few eijdanatiina di cided that the porter mnf-t be the guilty pi): Jt eoon became evident, however, tha bin wan A mistake and that tbe real ttiii was Dot an cm ploy a iu the house. The m i ter was kept quiet leaving the detective ret out tbe rogue In his own way. In th inrse of a week he hud his man, but "owln o connections" his name ia wubheld. Tb mousy was refunded. Olr to the Capital. I "Newport Is to b3 well represented at th llnangnratlon of Pieeident Cleveland ·Washington Wednesday. Among thoae wh ·have gouo and are going are Deputy Collec |or and M». Edward Newton and Miss Flor e Newton, Councilman and Mra. 1 K. Austin, Mr. and Mn.Benj B. Waldron tfr. and Mra. Jamea H. Cbappell, Alderma ho Water*, Ex-Aldermen Lewis Brown t JohnH. Crosby, Jr., Ei-Councilma V. J. Underwood, Mr. Ezra J. Barker an |Mr. David Carr. Prof. French's Lectures. Prof. H. W. French delivered tbe aixih lee- Iture luhla lltaatrated courceat tbe Opsr I House Monday evening before one o] Ithelargeit audiences of the Nason. HI lanbject waj "The Soul of Sunny Frar.ce/ I In the afternoon Mr. French gave a matinee · when, by repeated his popala ·lecture on "Poets' Corners," to a large am · representative audlenca The next lector I In the COUIBB will be given next Monday eve I nlng npon 'Three Cities of Italy." Tbia i lone of Mr. French's most popular subject ·aud should fill tbe house. Tlie Unity Club. The Unity Club bad a ver; pleasant «i Itertainmeut in tbe Cbannlog parlors Tbure · day evening. There was a very large atten ·dance present, and the exercises were of a · very Interea'.inR and instructive character ·Mr. F. G. II an is read a carefully prepared · paper upon the English in Holland iu tbt Itimeof Queen Elizabeth. This * as follow, led by a paper by Mr Richard Bliss. Both [papers showed an accurate knowledge of tbe wbject and were well received by the clnb. F mitral of Capt. Simmons. Fonr cars were requited Monday to con- I vey tbe Fall River, New Bedford, Newport, · Boston and Tauotoo people to "Warren to · attend the funeral of Capt. Simmon*, which occurred in the forenoon. Among tbe passengers were tbe leading i-fficials of the Old Colony Co. After tbe service*, tbe body wag taktn to Fall River, and waa escorted to Oak Grove cemptery from Bowenville station bv the boat bands. The "horned man" is aaid u be again upon tbe war path, and several young men Claim to have seen and Riven bim cbaue on several occasions recently on tbe Point. His Majesty, however, eeeiua to keep himeell Bcarce whera oldar and cooler beaded people are to b3 found, and bis existence is seriou: ly doubted my m my. Hat that there is aom D oue iu that neighborhood whose object appears to be to frighten innocent women and children there can ba no doubt, and the sooner he ii captured and made to answer i Jthe law tha Letter every-body will be pleaso-; ^*l6 ia described by ihosa who hive seen bir is a, man wearing a woman's petlcoat with ed shawl over his head. On Sunday evening list Washington Com- manaery, No. 4, K. T., Sir William H. Cot- flon, eminent commander, to the number of |»bout 6Cty, attended divine service at Era- ·|mannel Church to listen to a eerraon from ijienotor, Bov. R. B. P«t. The church was .well filled and the exercises were of a very Interesting character. Tbe rector took for his text "A Perfect Man," and from this ·object delivered a most intereatlng and in- ittnctlve discourse. The comratndery ei tended a vote of thanks to the church atid Its rector for the comtesy extended and for the ezoellentdiaconrse. Patrick McDermott was taken before the Jostle* Court Tuesday on a charge of stealing S20 from Coxswain John Brown of tbe ·choolshlp Hew Hampshire, and being ad. Judged probably gnllty is now In Jail awalt- *DR tbe action of the Grand Jurj of tbe Su- DJfl Court. Out townsman, Mr.ThomaiT.CatT, baa been elected a Vice PrMltat of the Natlon- iw andOri«r Kaon;*;**)* fatld'lti aal MUoo !· Knr York a few daya ·IOC*. KECOltD OF DEATHS. Mr. John M. Uoty, a carver In the employ of Mtsira. Hazard Hortoo, wit stricken witb paralysia Thursday afwruoou of last week, and w taken to hli home, corner ot Thames Codding ton street*, in an uucon scions flU iu which he coutioajid until relieved 1 death, on Monday nofti. .He was tbe * of the late Capt. 8i«eoii*Doty, of BrUti and wai about fifty years ot lit. Hu le-iv a widow but no children, here, and a broth and tiawra in Bristol, He wai highly r fpBcted by bii employers and all who kne him. Mr. Bobert Dtmbar, who died ID Bristol, ou Suuday last, IB tb 72d year of oil age, wua nativeof Kewpor Hia wife preceded him to tbe "better lam just one week. They have a large imube of relatives In Nawpatt aud vicinity. Tbi lived in the rnarriige tUte for upwards 50 years, bringing up a large family of whii seven tons and four daughter* atill nurvlv His death waa caused hr heart dlmone, wi which be bad bean for several months a dieted. Hra. EHzalwth St widow of the late Thomas S. Stanhope Sen., died at the residence of her son-in-law Mr. Andrew Allan, on Poplar atrdet, Tbtii day afternoon, In the 87th year of her age.-"Aunt Betsey," aa she was c-illed by nea ly all her friends, was the daughter of tb laU Siocum and Sally Fowler, and was bor In New pur i In November, 1793. She was :he loving aiid devoted mother of 4 EOUB an S daughters, all of whom, except one t b*caui iieads of families, and she leaves 3 sou J daughters, 21 grand children and 6 grea grand children to moaru the loss of an r ectionnte parent. After a long and checl ·red career of life, she baa sunk at in rest. Her eyes are closed on earth fotove ·How relieving Is tho thought, that th Fopatatlon is only temporary, not etorna that there is a time to come of re-union wit those with whom our happiest days we 'pent; whose joys and forrowa once we ouw. wboie piety and .virtue cheered an encouraged UB, and from whom, after mall have lauded un tbe peaceful shore wber they dwell, no revolutioug of nature sh; ever be able to part as more! Such ia th society of tbo blessed above. Of cucb at .be multitude Composed who ''stand befoi .he throne." . B. Real Estate Sales. Lyaander Stevens haa aold the estate CD nerof Thames and North Baptist street* t Philip Stevens for 810, etc. Henry A. Middle ton of Charleston, K. C i as sold, a lot of land at the corner of Bat d Merton roads to Patrick Nolan of tM city for $2500. James M.aod Nicholai K. Card have iol 5000 square feet of land on Bradford and D Wolf street* to Maurice Crosby for $115. Tbe following deeds of real estate from th ate William Sherman appear en tbe record at tbe City Hall: To Albert K. Shermi be eitat* on Farewell street, adjoining th Friends property, (to be occupied by Mil it. A. Gifford, rent free, daring her life, o a long aa she remains a member of the Societ if Friends); the estateonThamesstreet an Whluier avenue (subject to an annua ental of S300, to be paid Frances Barker Iso to William A. and Edward A., sous o Libert K. Sherman, the estate, with Iwelling houses, on Clark and Touro streets Iso to Thomas G. Brown a loi of land 1x135 feet, on Broadway, between lands o '. W. Freeborae and Robert Wileon. Election of Officers. At the Ian annual meeting of DeBIo! aun:il NJ. 5, Riyal and Select Mastera hefollowiueoffi ;ent were elected for theen ling year: Thrice Illustrious Master--Wm. J. Hunt nctoo. Illustiioua Deputy Muter--William Ham ton. Illnstrlons Principal Conductor of th Turk-William W. Marvel. Treasurer--J. Gottlieb Splngler. Ueconier--Ara Htldreth. Captain of the Guard--Stephen H. Sears M.D. Conductor of tbe Council--John Gllplu. Steward--W. H. Stratford. Sentinel- John Eldred. In tbe Mercury Window. An autograph letter of John Quincy Adams, dated Washington, Oct. IS, 1817 nd a copy of the United Stitea Chronicle ated Providence, Thur.-day, April 19, T7H8-- om ErMiyorJ. 0. Koiftbtof Providence . fjtc-simllecopy of the Ulster county Ga- itte, contiininij tbe notice of the death of eorge Wunhingtoa--from Capt. F. B, Garett Tbe prospects for the coming season for 'ewport are good. Tbe people in the Urge ties have got the idea that the cholera ia ming to tbis country during the summer, they propose to seek a aafe retreat, and aa ewport has been and is taking ample pre- action against it* gaining a foothold here, is will be considered the aafeat of all sea* tore resorts. There are many Inquiries for ousea and the season la early yet. Mra. Arnold of Providence was walking n Bridge street Tboraday.when, in stepping vflr a wall near tbe residence of Mra. John roff where she Is visiting, the ecnttle gave ay. She was slipping In when Mr.Geo. G. jrlow, whochanced to ba driving by, saw s accident and rescued her from her dan- roua position juet Iu time. She' waa cot- derably biuiwd. Al the shop of Mr. Thomas D. Stoddard, Wbarf, miy be neo a beautiful Her', nearly completed bv him for Mr. C. yacht DauntleM. She \r about 26 eet long, finished with bum knees, latticed oor forward, and In th* ateru-iheeta. It onldbea difficult matter to fiud a finer peclmen of the boat-bullder'a art, Tlie auxiliary to Chat, E. Law ton Post ofi.G. A. R., will give a pound paity and ctlon at the Q. A, R. Hall next Friday entog for the benefit of the order. Bo ortby a oao» merlta a Urga attendance. Mr. Gnurga H. Chase, Ii ha?Inf t cottaca Ikon Pro-ptct Hill Street, oppotlU fire To. 8 for hia own oocapiacr. A Seven Winter. This has untioub'.eJIy becu ihn wvere winter Newport hia kuowu for many year and work and mouey being nuuaually scu the poorer cladEdJ bave Buffered quite coi siJerably. The river and Souod steame huve beau funwd to lay up for days at a dm because of tbo immense quantities of floa lug ice. The harbor, too, has been coin ptateiy covered with ice for the }aat wee which lias uot happened before In tea year and, though mostly drifting ice, it has ma tbe getting to and from the wharves exc«wl ingly difficult for ateamen aud absolute' imposiible for sailin^ vessels. Should th ice blockadu continue it would greatly «0ec the coal trade as the stock on hand is ver low, and afreih supply, if compelled tocon by rail, could only ba obtained at a couii eTdble advance. Several of our leading deJ are guarding againit this powibility h ir order* by piecemeal. A Washington 31emorlal Service. The Newport Artillery Company,Col. Qa H Taugban, turned out iu full numbe Sunday evening to attend the sorTicea attl First Baptist church. The company wan full uniform and accompanied by tbe Ne port hand without pieces, also in uniform Among other guana ot the company we His Honor Mayor Franklin aud City Hu filial Cougdou. AD able and Interesting mon, highly appropriate to the occasion, wa delivered from tbe tdxt, "As for me aud m house, we will serve the Lord"--Jottbu xxiv.:15--byB-v. F. W. Ryder, pastor the church. Mr. Ilyder was aviated by Rev S. I. Carr who opened tbe servica with t! reading of theSctiptnre and cl'iaad it wii the benediction. The home W.IH complete! rilled with interested listeners. Riuk Open Nfi^t Week. utwllIiBtindinK thu Olyoipiau Club hi decided upon cWiog the Bkittiug Kiuk fo the present on account of its not paying o: pauses, the management) lias yielded ' the wishes of its numproua patrons and wi open the Kiuk oil next Thursday evening fi tbe League game of polo between the Oiym piana and Fall Rivers. This uudou btcd ill t3 the most Interesting game of .: winter and ills not at all Improbable tbi Batiaf.ictory arrangements may be made wit Mr. Raymond for the use of tbe Kink complete tbe League Polo games assigned be played at Newport. JSewport Royal Arch Chapter. The anniul election of officers of Newpo [loyal Arch Chapter No. 2, was h^ld Tue day evening. R/. B.'. E. L. Freeman, De nty Grand High Priest, presided over th election and installed the officers, asaiate by M.-.E.'. Past Grand High Priwta, Stm nel G. Btlnoii and John P. Sanborn; R. !.'. Grand King OvertouG. LangleyandR. £.'. Past Grand Kings, R. 8. Franklin an John Myere. Tha following la the Hat o officers: · M.-. E.'. H.'. P.'. Stephen H. Sears. E.-.KinK-William W. Marvell. E.-. Scribe--William J. Huntlogtoa. Treas."--John Gilpln. Secretary--K.'. E.*. Ara Hildreth. Chaplain--R-'. E.*. O. G. Langlny. Captain of tbe Host--Thos. C. Sberman. Principal Sojoarner--R.-. E.'. John My CM. Royal Arch Captain--Geo. E- Vernon.Jr M of 3d V--Djvid M. Cj-jnedhbll, Jr. M of 2nd V--Wm. H. Stratford. Mof 1st V--Char lea Barber. Tyler-- Charted F. Williams. Prohibitionists In Caucus. * A prohibitory caucus watt held at the Sta 3ouse Monday eveuing, Dr. H. R. Store Chairman and Mr. C. R. Thurstou Secretary nd elected the following gentlemen aa dele atea to the State convention held in Prov enceThtir.^ay: B. W. Pierce, H. D. Scot Ilchael Butler, Thnmw Kavanagh, Ahrai p ltta, Ulyjsea G. Harris, Rev. F. W. Ry'de fl. W. Pray, A.B. Ladd, Rev. F. Recto W. J. O. Youn?, Rev. E. F. Clark. Th Iternaies chosen were Dr. H. R. Storer, J B. Brayton, A. W. Luther, Michael I Vaughan, Captain J. K. Pitman^ 0. R 'burston, Captain Frow B.Garneti, Captai G. H. Kelley. The skating on the lower end of Easton' 'end haa bean nnasually good for a Ion me until Wedneiday*s snow storm, and th aily attendance bus been exceedingly Urge What with the skaters, the ice-buats and th eds, supplied witb all tbe known method f propelling them over the surface, th cones have been interesting and firoieaq ii tbe extreme. Hon. Geo. Bancroft, tbe eminent historian ad our well known summer resident, a na ve of Worcester, baa signified bis deairo to resent to his native city a fuud ot SlO.GOC form the "Aaron and LucretU Bancrof tcboIanbipFund." The income la to b a d e otfid to the liberal education of some om cbolar selected from the citizens of Worces City Marshal Congdon was driving along Valnnt street Saturday afternoon when the ig'bolt of bis bn^gy broke, allowing the srward gear to separate from (he body. He an thrown over the dssh-board and draj me distance on the frozen ground before ileaslng his hold upon the reins. He wai ut slightly bruited and the horse, which li very gentle animal, waa stopped after a hort run. A Newport wit wishes us to announce thai la his opinion In four months after tlie langnration of President Cleveland, every ctory, mill, bank, etc., in the country will becloted. Just aa we were on the point oi eking him oat of the office as a maligner 1 tbe new Democratic administration, he ingested that Fourth of July would be four oaths from the fourth of March. "Aunt Abby" Lawton, about 80 years of ge, au Inmate of the City A ay In m, slipped i the fee toft other day and diMocatod her Igb. Sba waa removed lo tha hospital, ra. Murty Sullivan met with a similar ao- lent on Sprlug street recently and fractured or arm. Ez-AldermaD Job T. Ltingley slipped on e Ice as be was leaving his bonne Wednea- iy afternoon and fractured hia right erm. e WM attended by Dr. Sweet of Fall River dls now M comfortable M ooald b« ei- CITV COUNCIL. Special Meet lite Wedcenlay Evmlit| Long aud Ttfdloiis 8essluii for the Ac couiiiIUkment of Little Itutlnets-A tliurity to Contract for Eleotriu Lifih for Three Year* Itefuied the fl«« ai Lamp Committee--KitlmutfU forCouiple tint the Seweraje By*twui from S100,4ii; to 8143,338. The City Council held a aprcial meeting Wednesday evening, Hia Honor Mayo Franklin presiding iu the Board of Alder men and Prcdldeut Btrk^r in tbe Comraou Council. The eea^on was a long and tedious one, three and a half hours being occuple to the performance of very Hitle buBiueci Tuo cotnmitcee on Gai and Lamps reported having cotnmuniottod with about two buuderd different of lies In regard to electric lighting and submitted the answen 1 thereto for thn consideration of the Council Of tin cities hetrd from IS u-*d the Thompson Uouston ayatem of electrio lighting; 24, tbe Brush nyjUem; 5, tbe We."ton; 3, the Atuew 4, the Jennie; 2, the Vanderpool; 2, tbe Fuller; and 1, the Tower. Tuese replins showed the Thompson Houston light to b, first In fiup.irlurity, the Bru^b fecond and tbe Weatou (tbe l at present iu use tiere) tliird. Eacb liftht of the foiuinr was claim ed to replace from three tj teu gas lights while tbe utlien were claimed to replacaooly f 1 0111 one to four. The report, was redd am received and a resolution, instructing th committee to report recommendations at this mejtfng, pafi«ed. The orauiitieo re tired aud after a few moaienta' abaeuce to- ported with a reaalutiou authorizing thorn to contract witb the Thompson duuaiou sjs- tera for 130 liglils far a term of yours ending tlie firdi Monduy in Jauujry,1888. AJdermuu Coltriill chairman of the Gas aud Lamp win- mittoo offered ibe resolution and mored it: pdEBige. Alderman Hupkius thought tho term o! the contract too lung and Aldfrmau Loo nan thought-the uuniber of lights tjo ninny nu sugtf^sted tliitt seventy-five lights be tbe limit. Mr. Cottrell replied thut tub grouiK wax all gone over ant], be mppa'od, thfi^i questions settled when hid cumrnittee wai instructed to advertise for proposals fur 130 light* for tbrt'o yelr^. He called attention to tbe fact, t t i a t t h e difference between the bids for three years aud a leaser time was eldven centB per light per night, and con t id ered that a three years' contract would be for the best iutoreBts of the city. Tho question wan then put and the rMolulion lout by a vote of three to two, Alderman Cuttrel and Waters voting In the oflirmatlve anc Aldermen Hopkins, Crandall and Ltonau in the negative. City Engineer Bentley mada a lengthy and comprehensive report of his sewerage system with estimated of the probable cost oi completing tbe Btme. Leaving out certain sections where there ia no absolute demanc for aewera at present the estimate was StOU,- 438, bat Including these section! the probable cost would ba $143,338. Tbe report was read and received and a resolution passed authorizing Mr. Bentley to bave 1000 copies of the same printed for distribution at a cost not to exceed $200. The report of the Fire Department committee wan read and received and un ita recommendation resolutions were pasted an* rizlnn the City Treasurer to pay to the corporation of the First Baptist obnrch@100 as an allowance and in full payment for damages caused to tbe church bell by the fire alarm; instructing the Fire Department to purchase of Geo. P. Law ton, according to the terms of bid propcsili*, four horses at a coat not to exceed S405 per pair, and authorizing the Fire Department committee to prepare and report an ordinance Tor sprinkling strtots by and under the charge of the Fire Department. This latter resolution was amended tu the Common Councl by adding "aud collecting garbage" and was then further ameuded Iu tbe lioirdof Aldermen by adding "if found practicable by the committee." Au ordinance, prepared according to tbe resolution as amended, waa tben read end passed. On the resolution authorizing the purchase of hones tbe ayes and nays were called in the Bnard of Aldermen and all voted yes except Mr. Cnndall. Mr. Cnndall opposed tbe reaolution because be thought U looked too much like favorit- am, Mr. Lawtan'd bid bung tbe onJy one received. The committee ou City Property, reporting that It would bo impossible to advertise intelligently for proposals for repairing tbe Probate Clerk's office, they were authorized o do tbe work as they thiuk bant. The report of tbo committee on Finance was read and received, and ou ita recommend atiou the City Treasurer was author- zed to certify to the monthly overdrafts, at the R. I. rjufou Bink. Au ordinance providing for permanent Invars, of engines, hose reels, etc., where iO!efl aro ased, wai pissed. The petition of A. W. Aldrich, aakluR that laccs bi provided for the deposit of refuse of ila fiali business was referred to the Board of lealtb. Thomas G. S. Tnrner waa granted an auo. loneer'a license. Michael O'Neill waa given leave to withdraw Ma application for a liquor license. The petition of John Booth for permission D move a building was rcfeired to the Highway committee. Iu joint convention tbe nomination of Clarence Greaaon for executive officer of the ioird of Health waa confirmed by a vote of 0 to o, and Alex. Steele, Jamea M. Milbnrn, nd Joslab, S. Bites were elected speolal police .onstablea. Tbn sale of Zion Church property to St. oseph'd parish has been ratified by the burch and society. A committee baa been ppointed to select a new site for a chapel n tbe region of Broadway at once. The committee consists of Mourfl. Krneat Ooffe, amcBPearson, John D. Richardson, Geo. . Leonard, and Kreeborn S. Wait*. It is eoerally understood that the location of tbe ew chapel will be on Rhode laltod avenno ear Broadway and nearly opposite the head Be.keleyslieet. Tbia will boa good lo- itlon. . [ Written for the Mercury ] AMOS CltOSS VS. teAMUELIi. HONEY ET AL. nifitorj nf the South Beaver Tall Fnriu LKWHult.-Tlio I in port ant Ic«ue§ of a Curious ami iteinarknble Oaae.--A Title Procured iu Lutlluw Street Jail Iiivull- ilated.--Recovery of Valu tate (or an lusttne Hau. ibl« Iteal t»- Auy decision of the comti which rendar* invalid a lawyer's title to real estati which he does uot inherit li necessarily an important oue, aud especially «o if the lawyer pas. a btmMlf with the title by meaua of bi« own prufcdiiioual aou aa ii charged in tbe al- sof pUIutiff iu the, c'iint ot ADJOH Cro« vs. Samuel E. Honey et. al. Iu this case the recent opinion of tbe Supreme Court of this State invalidates Col. Samuel K. Huuey'a title to the South Buaver Tail Furm OQ Cuoanicut. Tue allagatious obar0d tha* Lather Wllcoz of Tivertan, wbo became mpornrHy demented, at Newport, a few eeks ago, and who WM taken to the Butler sjlnm, na*Mamob.:mpMMd-tfa*t he haa mrncd to fall bom*. the defendauts, "well knowing tbe uuiound mental co-Jditloa of the said A mo* Croas, procured, or o*u-*ed to be proourtd, from said Am OB a deed of said faim eiecuted in favor of D.-. V. Mjtt Fr^uuid, aud that the property wan, in turo, frauduleutly tr^niferred to tbe Slid Uoney by Fr*ucis ; tliot fl.iid defendants did, by 001 [riving and contending) fraudulently induce a»id Amna to sigu ariray, as aforesild. tho one-half of said farm which be owned." Ttie counsel for plaintiff aldo showed that Honey had acted aa OrosV counsel In the premises, aud did present him with a bill for le^il Qjrvloen of S 100.00. Th« dtifendauig out Iu a general denial of tile al- u i ; . but lu tbe examination of Houoy it was shown fliat he did act OB tho legal geiit for Crjjtsi. Tue allcg^tious aido charge but aaij Iljuey acted an attorney and couu- ullor for said Frauoii), aud Dr. Frauds testified that Col. tlouey was his lawyer, friend aud adviser. Althuu^b fraught with painful feat urea tbecasd is a very luterea^iu^ one, uud it. toty, in detail, has not beeu told until now, and it ia jmt now tint tho c.iae ii invested with renewed ititero-t bemuse of pruceedinga iufltitutod !u thu Proridonod ctmrti recently by plain tiff'a iu inaginc counsis], Mr. Edward 8, Ilopkiaw, who moved far a final decree, when bjtb sides were heard and tbe Court took the papora. Tho Providence Journal made the "South Boiver Tail Farm Coiupticatiouu" somewhat known before tbia trial came off, and the reports of tbe humorous features of tbe caw of Samuel K. Houoy vs. Pttleit P. Brown are familiar lo our readers.- The astonished Brown, who 'did uot know where he stood," now believes that there Ia such a thing aa winning a case by letting U go by default, and la well pleased with tbe "beauties of tbe law" whicb still enable him to reigu "lord ot the manor" a" tenant of the form unier thu Croia leaie. The Cisa now lu review was brought by Cioss' guardian and wai tried in Newport at e laat term of the Supreme Court; but the history of thd matter begin* witb 1876. In that year Col. Honey, u Crops' legal agent) opened cotnmunioatiuosf with John N. A' Griswoldand Dr. Francla to buy a farm In rhich Cross hid an interest, telliug them tbe property could be bought for SI700, and it the trial he admitted that these gentlemen were "speculative clients" of hia. On oue and the" name morning both Griswold and Francis (apart fiom encb, other)' eaid they would make the purchase. Honey then de* clined to dual with Mr. Griawold and drew the deed iu favor of Dr. Francis; but Fran- shad no ready money, and ao his note bearing Honey's ciidoreoment was taken to bank and discounted. UTOSJ, however, actually received several hundred dollars less a money than tho price he put upon hid farm bpoiuse Honey's bill of $400, for legal ser- M3 deduced from the $1700, and Cross watt induced also to accept a second-hand e aud phaeton ut thu estimated .nine of $250 iu pm p.i ay.H later for § Now Amoa ( had a life interest In thii farm and In cane Amos should dfa first the dtwd would prove of no avail. To guard against thia they had x lifti injured and charged Lim with i*rs premium on tlie policy and thia too was deducted from the purchase money. During he negotiations, however, aud before the money had passed, there were evidences thai he lawyer an 1 physician were dealing with an "eccapad lunatic." Postmaster Co^ge ·jail was the life Insurance agent; his per ·eptlve powers are quick, and there was lametbing about Cross that particularly at racifcd his notice and hensraambered to have eeu bim aa au inmate of the insane depart meat of tbe State Ilenj, then, was a e in tbe proceedings, but It was finally determined to call in a certain physician iu Newport, not now in practice, to pu ment up?n his mental condition, and upon be physician nignln? a certificate, satiafac- ory to Honey, tbe latter cloned with his dint. But when It-m. N. Van Slyck of counse or plaintiff, read this certificua aloud HM declared that it went absolutely to prove the n sanity of hia client, and showed that the wording was in Col. Hoaey'a handwriting, a sensation was created iu court. With the lapse of time Amos Cross' mother died, and tbo sou's deed as given, proved not uftideut to convey tbe title of tha farm In ce, aud the situation now was that If Croja' af([nature could cot be obtained to a onflrmatory deed, a clear title coald only be btainod by means of certain proceed ares In he courts. Efforts to procure a second deed irovlng unsuccessful, le^al proceedings were hetefore commenced iu the Ftho'Ie Island courts; but ttieso were abandoned and a IQW departure taken, Houey next swore out a cerialn affidavit gaiuit Croas for his arrest la New York. It was argued, by counsel for Cross, i at this dill lavit was of an illegal character, and that Cross'commitment opon It was un* justifiable. It was very ably argued, however, by Francis B. I'eckham of counsel for defendants, that these proceedings were en. tlrely regular. At ill events OIOM wai uow Incarcerated In Ludlow street jail; but previous to thli it had been learned that Crow w»s an In- mtte at Black well's Island and there the unfortunate man wai first reminded of hia "ob" ligatloni" to tign a aeoond deed wlilcli he ro- fnied to Io, and toon he wai let at Hbflrt* by the aulhoritiM. Iu Ludlow itrectjall the floal deed wai procured, and th* fcitlmony bearluft; upon dui, whicli tie sold a few . m' mother (au aged lady) ( the circuiuiitaucea under which Crja* aiguei it nag contradictory. For plaintiff, it was that lie did not read the instrument befoie Hleulnc and that he naM he wns "willing to sign anything In order to get out of Unit bole." For defend auts U was that he did read it, aud that a* a result of hid having read U be requested before to have the dower clauite cio«ed out, which had been neglected in the drawing of the cited. Mr. Hopkins, however, succeeded iu nrovlnp that the deed hid prevloudly bdeu prepsrei iu Col. Honey's otlice at Kuwput, autl Mr Va'u Slyok argued that the dower cl»u*e could not have baeu altered at tbe jail, Ina much aa it waa marked out with the same Ink that Wds used in willing tbe body of the deed, aud that tUero waa LO such ink on hand whan Aiuoa Cry us digued it. Aa regards the valua of the entire f jrni, thu test!' niony of witues«s varied Hud they ratuU i at from glG.UOO to S27,000; while iu aubwer toaque^tion by Mr. Hopkins, Col. Houey admitted thut he (Eiouey) had Haiti he "\)i lieved the farm would be worth forty tbou aand dollam." O^e witnesi for defendants ted tilled that it was worth §1^,000. but i further ex uuination it was shown that bin opiulou waa baaed upon the snppoflitiitri thai the farm couUiued only 200 aorta wnereas Etcoutafria about2TO acred. Memberd of tbo local aud me iical profos oions are reco^uiz^d generally us being mot- com pu taut to render ujiiuluud upon questions uf insanity, aud it Is just hure ibut ibid ca3t jireaeutsu ve^y Hiyuifiuaut failure, In thai the dttfeudauts belong to tboae yrofedaionn and It IB noticeable ul^o tlmt very wide opiir iona prevail between eminent lawyers HIK physicians RS regard* A in us Orosa' uiouti cuiiilltloii. Dr. Sawyer, ot the Butler llo» pitnl, fur inat nice, tt-stiiieJ to the full effecl tliat ho id ' uiicquivociliy iiiKjne," but law ycr Edward U. Ildzard'H te.-timony WUM the revcrde. Unz : ird'H brother, howover, a phj- EJoiiu), iintigotiizi!d lite l.uvyer'a evidence. The tedtliuuny, ut timori, was tliiilling,:u so mo wimoE^n depleted Aiuoa Croda n a waudtriiig vagaboud, oftou loatbuotiie in ap liuuiuuuti, but at other times be would havo nil tlie npiiearaucusof a polished Reutlci weuriug the iuost costly aud fashionable garmeutd, and he certainly wna a man uf tina education. For mauy yuara lib had beei the victim uf a teiriblo delutjiuu, and wan continually seeking to escape the pursuit ol a certain well known tbentricul ui»nugt:r ol Hew York. Thia manager,-he believed controlled every act of his life by means uf electricity* and with galvanic machines, am to escape thia phantom he at oje time jump ed from a train of cars In f u l l motion. I became important for the defence to dia» that tbe sale of tbe farm was uot induced by a delu-IoD, and tu that end Francis B. Peck ham read what he characterized aa a very bualueM-like letter, from Oioi§ to Dr. Fran cli, Iu which Crosa represented that be pro- pond to go to Europe with the money for tbe farm. Mr. Peckham argued that thii letter did not offer any evidences of tbe delusion but it showed lhat'Oross. proposed to go abroad on a iwrfectly legitimate errand, and be forcibly argued that It bad no connection witb any delusion, and that be sold tbe farm actuated by sane motives. Iu turn NIoho las Van Slyck took the sama letter to prove tbe reverse. lie referred to tbe testimony to show that the moat prominent feature of Cross' delusion was his fixed belief that the only way to break the spoil exercised over him by the theatrical mauagor, was to cross the water by going to ICurojw, and therefore any reference that he might make obaut go- Ing to Europe witb the money connected the Bale of the farm with the delusion. The tnouevfrom tho farm Cross converted Into gold for which he paid a premium, nnd lie now had ouly SEI50 as the net proceed* fror lie Halt). He next procured loave to RU to EH- rups, from the iiisur^uce company, but he did not RO. Hid money vaulnhed with tbo wind. "Whu became of it?" aeked Van dlyck, aud he claimed, by reference to the testimony, that Cioss used ft after tbe methods of an insane man. In Uiu streets he wai commonly called by the cblldieu "Crazy Amo.1." He was wounded In tbe war, am] had been disappointed in love; and both these misfortunes were given as reasons for the dethronement of hia mind. Cross was also fosano upon tbe subject of pensions which ba called ''blood mouey," and was nt one time committed to tho Auburn prison in the State of New York, for having forced some paperd in thia connection; but the late Senator Anthony Interceded in his behalf and be waa pardoned, He bad also been confided Iu the aUtion houses of Newport and Providence, and he wan thus lodged In various institutions npon thechar^Bof "ia- aatiity." The trial showed that he had been released from the State farm because of informalities of his committal, aud that be w a s t i k e n t o the station house in tb la city because of bin eccentricities. The trial revealed the fact that these defendants jointly purchased of Amos Cross eleven and a half shares of good bank stock (whicb they would rxmessafter the mother'd death) for a total of fifty dollar*, the par value of which was fifty dollars per share, while the market v^lne was much greater. Tbeo.iso of Amos Croai va. Samuel It. Houeyet al,, fa probably unparalleled in its double character as bearing upin some It mathods of tho practices of law and medicine. Tbo opinion of tbe;c3urt (the text of which we have already published) la tint the deed procured for Francis In tbe Jill IB because of Ihp mental Incapacity of plaintiff that was known to said defendant at the time. It al;o invalidates the deed executed ID Newport; but adds that tbe court ia notailUu'tjd with proof of fraud iu tho procurement of that--the original deed--bat that It la nevertheless Invalid because of the menu) Incapacity of Crass even in 187G, when It was signed, and ID the opinion of the court alw, a larger portion of the total purchase morjoy should bo refunded. JDSTICB. The police bavo succeeded In completely breaking up a pltoo of uanavorr reputation on Appleby avenue, kept by Mrs, Felies wliow husband ia now serving out a sentence 'or illegal liquor selling. Citj Marshal Congdon and Ouplila Qarnett wafted npon the parlies and pave them their choice be. ween getting out of town wltblb fottr boara ·nd be log ·erred with warrantf, out. CITY BRIEFS. Tottlnffs of Newport aud Newport*!*. Mr. .I"l in 0. Slot Man! !ua been in Nev York this weak. Mr. GaorrfaT. Finch of Youkeu, N. T.^ rat lu town Monday. Mr. S. A.GuldamUh.uf the "Be* Hive" uf (hid city, haa gone to Europe on buslneu. The public school* observed Washington*! Birth Day with a liulf-holldiy on Monday. Mr. John Oman ia confined to hit tumtt by illness. Mr. and Mm D. H«mumtt S«-bury, o*4 ' Kelley, of Sprlunfuld, M»n., are in towB. . Mr. C. U. Conguon of Middle town, U coiivftl:nceot. There Is uo Improvmout iu Mr. W. 8. Alleu'ti condition. Mr.Cl.ireiicuGreaBou has quAllfied ai th* executive ofh'ijer uf tlie new Hoard of Health. Thoreiiuiar M-trch m^ctiii" of tha City Council will be held Tuesday evening. Tbe public nchooU closed yesterday for a weeks vacation. Mr. II. A. Clarke of Brooklyn, N. Y., h» been Iu town this week. OOiosr Uo^au had r the [ulico fo'ce. Jil^ouJ bid po'ltlaa 01 Mrs. Samuel Albro, who has been qutU Htrioiisly ill, is reported Improving. M r . a n d M r d . S. M. ISla'.ohford of New York havo been tu to*u ibid week. St. Pdul'a Lodge meets Monday evening in rpnulttr cmuuiuulcatSou, The fratertilty are cordially invited. Mr. James Gordon Ben null lias arrived la New Yoik aud will probably make a Hying visit to Newport noun. The CHIT Avuuuo UoUuRe Association havo rented cotLmo Nu. i to Dr. S. Weir JUtcboll, of Philadeliihia, fur the sa**on of 1885 . Col. A. C. Jj'inders, of IhoGovernor'sstaff, liaa relumed from New Orleans, highly; pleased with lita vMt. Dr. and Mrs. Wlieiler left, town last era- nlnif for Wasblu^ton where they will be thai RUihtaof Mr. and Mrn. Itrueo. Thecloflinjrdaysof February hft*fl been decidedly Springlike; may the wholoot March be but a continuation of the eamo. Mr, II. F. Eldredge haa retarned to hll home In this city, after a two month*'rill I to New York and other cltiea. Prof. M. Q Knrmer, late alectriolan atth* Torpedo Station, haa been granted a paleal on his repeater for aolimaHne cablei. Mrs. E. S, Bnrllugame of 1'rovldflno* II eipected to speak in tho Thamei street 1C. E. church to-morrow evening. Mrs. Capt. Geo. H. Kelley, wbo hai be*i cnnfinod to her house during the past WMk by serloua Illness, fa still In a precarious oon- ditiou. The Common Council Chamber In tht City Hall hart boon provided with a new clock. It wan uot intended aa a rebuke, however. Adoggotiuto the hennery of W. H. T burs ton on Broadway Wednesday evening and shortened the existence of about a doieu While his building ia umlcr^oiug Its repairs, Mr, ThoH. W. Kroeborne will occiipy- room 4 on the second floor of Hryer'a Exchange. Heal estate iu Newport Is showing sigol of imjirovnieut. There la considerable de* mand for desirable lots 'in the teuton of Broadway. Mr. Josiah M. Flak*, of New York, hat been In town this wiek, arranging for tha erection of a handsome cottage upon h fa recent purchase on the ClfEfd. E. Truman Peckham ia about to begin thij erection of a two and a ball story boas ft, 35x30 feet, on llhodo Islaod avenue, for Mr . Benj. T. Easterbrookn, at a coat of about $4,* fiOO. Lieut. E. \V. Ilirnsey, executive officer of LlieU. B. training ebip For tarn oath at present at the navy yard at Norfolk, Va. ( hu bsen missing for the past two weeks. Hia absence la unexplained. Police buaioess ia unusually Unlit this win* ter, tbe regular patrons of the court evidently finding It difficult to »etthe wherewithal to get in and out of trouble. Certainly It la not becauw tbe police are negligent of their duties for thoy are not. Mm. Fanny, wife of Mr. Harrinon Neirton of Chicago and daughter of Mr. BanJ. Mar-"h,2d, of this city, died »t her father 1 ! residence Tuesday after A long and painful illness. She leave** family of fourcbildren. She was a most estimable lady aud will b« mourned by a larva circle of friends. Mr. B. C. Cliase, the popalir manager ot the H. O. Telegraph Compiny'slnterejta la this city, and Mrs. Chase were very agreflr ,bly cnrprlscd at thofr residence on Malboa o avenntt Wednesday evening by a rlsit of rome twenty-fivo of thnlr many friend** The erenlDg wai an enjoyable one to all, Thb dood of the lot on the corner of Spring and Terry Btrwta, bought by tbe city fora school houw'Iooation ba-i bwn aocepteU or the dty and recorded. The lot contain! Cu GfiO square fret, and tbe price paid it $15 108. It Is hoped that the work of buildtof tbo now ichool honie will ba commaooad at once. Tbe Ffrat Baptist Corporation are hourly looking for the new bell. The contractor! ·re the Troy Bell Manufacturing Co. of Troy, New York, and their contract talr.M out the old bell, hangi the new on* tod fw» nlihM all the raeiurj apparatai for Itf us. The MW bell Ia lo wclf h 1500 poandi, which · COO ponodf bMvt« than ttw old OM.

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