The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 27, 1934
Page 5
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FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 1984 Hooks <w Slides uc.h er by iiulii's Sometimes n few Inclii'S 1i Hie difference ly-tween lUHl Jiear-sre.itness. Such Is th M«- ol Bryan "In'uv Onnu Jr U:r little t.-imis fell;- trotn ,\t- Jama wlio lias limit ii]> a repui'i- lion as the ••Ciinm KiH.'r of the CnUrls." "HitsyV case. while replete v.iih tip'ets ilir,; ]i:u ? rained him «!ory ar-i lenown. Is pathetic. Hero's i! .viii-rying lilUe raWilt ')! n follow, pini-iii;. l,i:i heart , ilit in an effort (o comic'.- .such l-u-i- Shields uml S'.W'fcn— n?ri <:uiiiB. it HOT! lim Ihe combination (if inn Hindi. ••liil.vr Ijo'.ii Norwegian Town Grubbed by Mountain and Sea COURIER NEWS FAOR THREE Oil" Tim Many In last year's nalinnal sliiL-l-s tournament ai Forest Hills. i'nr instance. Grunt drubbed S'.oelcn I lie C-fiml 4-liwh Goliath iroui Hie west roast, and earned hini- >flf n iraik at Frank Shields ID Ihe semi-finals. Hut a f.i-r cum- hl.s "11 i:i the match a'jalnM sto-- (en. "Busy" i-oiilciu'i ^m.— ,,• cnoiiBh energy to withstand ill? terrific service fnrr.s of Shield-,. The other d.iy at White Sul- j phnv Sprinys. -Busy" ran up apalnst the saui" combination asain. He took (lit- mensurc or Stcefcn once more, ami won his v-ay into tile final of ihe Maiun and Dixoti invitational. (3u'. v there Shields to lace the ncxr cluv! Anyone with las intestinal - fortitude Mian the midsei would have folded in> with such a situation facing him, especially since lift liad yonp tlirnii-'li the ordeal '<;:«: b»foie. Um the little ( .>ame- feck girded his lions. stepped ITJ Die conn with the bis. blas'.iiv Shields, and proceeded to have hi.s r.'.vn way for two fait SLM.S. Tired 10 the mini or exha-s- tic-n, however, he dropped tin- last l!<rec ict.s after a p.,.,.,. /;„(., . im( aeain his efforts had O/.'-ronoy. vn'TT.™ 1 ™;' 1 °' l ' !laU3 1 "" i " ll "' "^ " rikili| 1>lni "' c Ellolvs " :c rlllns <* ""= colOTt " 1 Norwegian >»j.. r i. ia.,w« .-m<-r uxwsatHis of tons uf rucks, crushing from ihe mountain sides into the deep waters ' i;i? Ijord trlov:, raiised a tidal wave in which more I linn W men, women and children perished a-; •>"••• •-<•]>(. J';ic miiplin.j cf the power slailnn. whose lowers are seen risliu; )x-hj,..d the wrecked houses. plimjjrd Ihe village into darkness. Homily (!OD!S in iUtk'mg Oven II fo "Ilklij 1 " fnr Instance In some ;.p-uis ii/e d'l-.n 1 ! pin- such flti iiii-oriMjit part. Horse lacin--; is nne —and !ho i-ri!;iaiiL Equipoise is nn oir.siairl- JJiS f.vample of this. 'I'lu.- pi^my son of Peiinan'.-SM-iiiginis. at ".six uars of age, is. still tile ijr-ate; It.iRdlfap horse of til.: ate. and is o:'. l:is way. ;o best Sun nenti's ri'O'ie-'-wiiniini; record. Golf 'Mis' -'another—Paul Rimvan. ;!.( claisy kid pro. is a mere strip-' hug. jeL he won his way tlnoir-li tJic r:,n;-s or bi-jgcr men to take Ins 5ont on the tliron.- of the eln!) sn-ingere. UasMjall is OIIL> more—L-tiie joc-y 'Jewell. Rabbil Maranvillc— But tennis — it takes a bi'.' rirons frame, a Ions sweepin- sn of arms .incl a pair of !e s s'"i)ir CTII stretch out and eover nil corners without tirins under ihe strain. That's just what "Hiisy ilo^iri. have — ar.d that's whal probably will keep him fiom ihe i-n-aiiiera he well deserves. Tassos Loses By Foul Ir» Cape Match V/ednesday CAPE GIRARDEAU. Mo.--Dis- <lL'!il:ficn[io:i meant Hi L . C tvl or ; last vrrsUi]!^ nuirli Irrv w-d- i«£day ni«hl willi a trhi : ,r>!i IT- HI-; au-ar<!c ( | Fr^tidie Knick:- ol Cirmingliain. Ala. after Tclin.< TasEos of Chicago fouled retea'- euly in the third fall of their ir.atch. P.oth Tossos and Knickle w-r fasl. ca->y i;ra;!pkrs anil T.I^O- d.mcn?,ir,it:-(l aljilily as a ccin.'d- |a:i. Cue exn::i!i:e' rf his Ivjmoi is that ho sent word alr;:d tii h; was r. -Tair.sie Kid" from ci< Mexieo and turned out to b,- : C;re"k ircm Cluca-.o. Lynn -I'.vii;;. cape coll pi i: giapf.ler. f.ct oil lo a fair ••;;),- A (, !vn: a lin-am in iiumnn form, can walk and talk in an in- 3nrtic:i oven, while a bar of iron or some other metal part of aa .-.tomobile is liealing to a lempcratiirc of MO degrees. OveiL^ ol this ype have been iiiMalleri In the plymoulh Motor Corporation plant in Ded-uk. w take ihe paint on automobile parts. They have replaced Ihe i-ld-lype Meam-heated ovens where workers formr-ily toiled in xtiemely hot temperatures. i XOT1CK OF COMMISSIONI'll'S | SAI.K Notice is hereby given, mat In pursuance of the authority and direction* coiunlnud in tin: 'decre- tal order of (he Chancery Court uf Mississippi County, for ilie my- tlicvilie district, made and entered on Dip 27th day of February, 1934, in a certain cause (No. f,5«> then IKiuiini; therein between The Federal Land Bank of Si. Louis, a corporation, complainant, and Harry Taylor, el al, defendants, the undersigned, as Commissioner of said Cniiri, will oiler for sale al .public veiiduc to the highest bid. fler. a! i.'ie soulli door or entrance ol Ihe County Courthouse, in the C:ty of Ulyiiieville, in the County of Mississippi, for the Blythevlllc District, within ihe hours prescribed by law for Judicial sales. .->n Saturday, ihe rjih day of May A. n.. 1934. the following described real estate; to-wit: Tile North thirty-two (3 1 )) acres of (he Northwest Qunr- ler (KW 1 ,) of the Nortliwcst Quarter (NWK) of Section Twenty-three (23) Township Fifteen tisi North, Hanse Eleven un East of the Fifih Principal Meridian: in Mississippi County. Arkansas TCRMS OF SALE: On a credit of three months. Ihe purchaser -S required to execute .1 bond as required by law nnrt the order and ilf-crcc of said Court in said cause, with nppiorcd s.-.ruriiy. bearing interest at tile rate of five percent (5<*> por annum Irom date of sale until paid. n ;id a being retained, on the premises sold to secure the payment of Hie purchase money. Given under my hand this 1C day of April. 1034. K. L. Gaincs Commissioner 1n chancery. ''r.vcd From Mob In Murder Case nie. taking two out, paying bartering and wcrki ?" ;', V] ' ' H "°"«s within the olonv ' V l ' :K ' V " ed U 1 • v mil br ; e pro p F rn, I-te^i v, ca'c ;':' ; \^ , -»-«« occupy:,,, them as io :, 3 as .f Lf i.'ie M-.c.vm-n-,,..:, tint, they wish without payin- rent All <• ^.l' ! •u,^p ! • 0 rr• Sl o: 1 a:s .ti^.ay. inece^ities will te ' fnrnisi'ed free! I No one will receive u-a^es. « occupy:,,, them as io :, 3 M. I-: Sl r.-i-A . Itfcl, . !u, s y hcaiih fiik.l J-.'e to feminfr.t d!« ith p foal Community Is Planned LEWISTON. Pa. iUPi-A modern Utopia—no re:it; no profiLs »r> wage? anil free •imiis^ments— :s Iwini; p!aini»d for Mi.'f.'lu r:u:l- ty. wrich !ias seen >m n\- exp-ri- inciits in .«oci 3l and >„„,,;„-,, eqii.llny. Five hinulr?d tr.cmlj.'rs or it MlfTIin enmity C:-,-Op?r.llive A<«1!'»» plan 'n fcuild a model wt- l.cment on a site o! 8W .icrw which :'-as ocon oirered ihcni. aces-din T t- Kugen? !'. colyer. prisid™- „,"„," astocialion. Coiyer said i no or?.niizjit!on wi'; have:__ throe jlasiM of memoersl DOCTORS ADMIRt THIS LAXATIVE Saved from two mob attacks. In I '•'• r ""l willed militia routed the matt- "i 1 •••'"' dcned crowd of 5000 wltli tear .'"'!' i gas. Fred l.ockhart, 38, peddler, " p ' ras Bhown here In Snrcveport, La,, ""•~ l ° l Jail, i3 charged with assault nnd !j"i"f. " murder of Mae Orlffln, 16. Hor i.„,,'*,• body was found In woods nesr » | , i'',',f hobo c»mp. Ixickhart liu con- I • , vr.. feaaed, po)I« declare. '.iiMliu'i ' 'e t.iVo '*" 1 '" sl J ,1, i;,.-, l.i>| ^n . l.>can,| -.'.V « FOR SALE SEED CORN, SOY BEANS, COWPEAS-the price is right. We Take Script 0. 0. HARDAWAY COTTON CO. 112 S. Second St. Prices for Friday and Saturtta t; SLICED BACON ~ Shoulder WHO !,!•:, I'llllllll - I- - - - PICNIC STVI.I.:. I'uiinil iftC JU Salt Meat UK),1.IKS, I'lmnd litl'ITS, Butter Coiinfry Cluii ]{(lll 111- ()iiiirU'rs I'niinil 25c Steaks Iv. C. llucf [.(.in, 1.1). •>(•,(.• liunnil, IJ). Sausage s Bulk Lard Neck Bones Pnacf Thick Rib, LI)... 12%c nUdM B ri g[ ( ^ L!) 9fe PorkSteak Daisy Cheese Rib Roast Pickles GREEN PEAS Fl 'ti.. I0 c ASPARAGUS S3 GREEN BEANS '"ffi I0 (; BAN ANAS (: "'""r S GRAPE FRUIT !;:;r 5 C Strawberries Grape Juice Pint 15c Potatoes Cabbage Palmolive SOAP 3 for Ik oiiu-hs Can - - - 25c Can Cherries Soap Crackers Tomatoes Butter Mustard Mackere Pears

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