The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 8, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 8, 1936
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JULY s, CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per> line for coaxeeu- ttve Inscrtlonai Business Directory Ship by J. \v. I'.utKKii TRUCK LINK- Dependable Daily Service to and From Memphis • Ktep 1'reijilil Mc-noy at Home Call 127 809 W. Aolr SI One time p« THIS ............ lOo Td'o times per line per day .. OSc Month rule per lino ........ Me Minimum cnarge GCa Sliree times per line i»i dsy . 06> EU times per line per da; .. OSc Acts ordered lor tnrce or six times und stopped' before expiration will bo charged for the number of tinira Hie ad appeared and *<juslmcnt o! bill made. 411 classified Advertising copy «ubinlllcd by persons residing out- Bldc of me city must be accompanied by cash. Kates may bo computed from abovq table Advertising oraerccf for irregular insertions take the one time rate fio aesuonMbliny will be taken for more than one Incorrect Jn- lerllon of any classified ad. For Sale FCR SALE by owner, '31 Chevrolet Sedan. Cash only. E01 Lumeralc. ' Be. k!3 Good Used Trucks 1931-V8, Hi ton truck 193-1 Chevrolet Hi ton truck 1A3 International 1'Vi ton truck & trailer 1C3S International IV- ton truck & trailer ' J .i ton International Pick Up TERMS Delta Implements, Inc. GoJJ Used' Coal Oil STOVE. Phone Til, Mrs. Charles Bright. 6ji klO 50 Day seed corn. Golden Glow. 52.60 per bushel. J. M. Crockett, Btcele Aut'o Company, Inc.. Stecle, Mo. 2-p-d-10 FOR SAI.E 5 P room house, bath. Large lot, Across from high and- grade schools. Cheapest taxes in town. Could be made into apartment. 609 Cliickasau-ba. dh If WE MJV HIDES & AM/ KINDS MKTALS- We Sell Coal, Wood and Kindling Give Us a Trial and lie Satisfied BIylheville Fuel Co. 118 S. Railroad St, Dance Every Night At in> Silver Moon NiglitGlub Newly Remodeled Good Muslo Most' delightful Night Club between Memphis and St. Louis. Good Barbecue E. BAILEY, Mgr. Get the benefit of summer prices Fill Up Now My Coal Is Black But 1 Trent You While LOCAL HAULING JOHN BUCHANAN—1'HONE 10 Keep Kool With Hunter Electric Fans Hubbard Hdw. Co. Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co. 301-303 B. Hifli Bred Pointer Pups. Right age for hunting next season. Prices reasonable. C. P. Powell, L'uxora. 30p' k8 : Real Estate For Sale or Rent Hi Acre ground & good house on N. Franklin. J. W. Alley. 2-pk-9 MK. VETERAN! Here is a chance to" invest your bonus money wisely. GOOD 53-acre farm near St: Loiils. CHEAP. TERMS, t. P. Elder, Care Bell Cafe, West Memplils, Ark. For Sale or Trade—My home at 019 \V. Main: Bargain. Mi's. S. S. Ste'rnberg. Call 984. iiirs'-Jf. J. n a v i j-^S p c ncer Corset i c re Call 4'21-W for appointments WANTED —AIL KINDS' JUNK Scrap Iron,- $3 : to S5 V ton Aluiiiinum, li)c' Ib. Brass, 2b' to 4'Ac Ib. Copper ".Vlrfc, 4o to 56 Ib. Radiators- 4'Ho "ib. HIDES & FURS WOLF ARIAN PHONE ; 17G 128' E: MAI^ Tuts CURIOUS WORLD tN CALIFORN(A. k . MT. LASSetM, THE ONLY V "L1VE" VOLCANO IN THE UNITED STATES, IS SHOWING SIGNS OF ACTIVHV FOR. THE FIRST TIME SINCE ITS SPECTACULAR ERUPTION , IM 1914-. HAVE AREGULAR: MOLT/NO UQUOK I'lilOH'l' Ncllee'ls hereby uiu>n Hint Hie Ci-inmissioner of licvenw nt the flale of Arkansas has Iwuul n pi i mil lo Cnuvford M. Nc.biL' io sell mid dispense vlnncs uv splr- for bevemge at lliir.ii.s liquors iflail on Hie pri'nilsi'.-i dewrihed us Tlic- Little filion. llnld Noble lulldliiK. Droiidway ,<j walnut. St.. Mlylhcville. Ark. 'I Ills permit Issued uu the IB!. (lay of July. IfKlli. and expires on the acth day of Jime. 1(KH. Crawford M. Nohlr. V-l-l Bounty 1 Racket Develops From War On Snakes WAUKON. is, <UJ>>—Tliiv cnwi- ty cC'jiimKsfrmis of Aliinuifcce county 11111 jiuteled to |;now jusl Bed' Nails Bar Girl Workers In Cape Town OF ALL Tl-)f£ STARS THAT HAVE BEEN MEASURED, THE SMALLEST IS ABOUT 27 TIMES LARGER. THAN THE SUN. years aso. It must have been a most terrifying creature to the smaller animals about it. \vith 'tis huge eyes, and a length of about 30 feet. They eyes had n most unusual .'itrticUirc, a specialised bone which protected the large eyeball from water pressure. Clouds cannnt' Term In Ihe stratosphere. They can forln rnly where there is lemperntmc dc- crease will) aUilude, and tiiere ^i: a- virtually constant tcmpcratiiri in the stratosphere. ;:'•' CAI'K TOWN, (lll'l lillstllt'Sl liow mlicli of a- riittlraiake ean l)lc he I'l-t air nnd permit, tin- snake ai I lo icinaln alive., Tlwlr inlrrroi |s due lo the offer of u $1 bounty for eiii'h rul- llei' kllli'd In MID comity. When (he oiler y\\a made, only the milks were required as iironf of (lie claim lo the bounty, -The pUiu -failed lo iv.-aill In (he exIciinlnaliniV of tin 1 snakes, cciinl'y MiperviMirs wild, hceai'ss •ili'c snake hunters leurni-il Hint Iliey could cut olV Ihi' raltlra, turn Ihe snake loose and HI insure themselves" of later The bouiUy was cut lo 00 in-n l» Cape Town huve starlwl n vnr against scarlet lliiKcrnalls, mil seveml udvertlsemcnils for of- ici- iissWaiils roceiitly liavi- sped- 1 TOU QUICK SKHVICK ON led that "no colored tlirjenmllwl ivls niH'd apply." They declare Unit • bvlllUintly laiibctl lliKcniull.s distract Ihelr Utcnllcm when they lire dldstllng elters, and tlml fncy arc In bud astp. '1 hey have received unexpected iiipporl from t'ue Cajle Town med- c:d fralernlly. Three women have lad lo be treaU'd during recent iirnlhs fur linger trouble, and In li case poisoning by c'licap flii- enamel was suspected. SWIM' ALL DAY I'm- 1()e - lik Cliiciigo Mill Pool. SAN but I lie I'liUlcsimkr, population of Iliu coiinty liicri'uscd. last? year (lie sitnorvlwmi lo curl) HID- nickel; by Unit iin Inch- of llu 1 tall l» i>t- luelied (o Hie mttlra. liven tills provW ii ruiliirc! slued winkc.-: wi>ix> found lo live ijultc sua-e.-K- .fully without till) shorn Inch ci lull. TIUs yen]- i|)o requlrc-nuMit \va.s SiliVpod mi If 'four Ini'lies of lull nlliirluM Ui tlio rnlllcs. If (Ills plun doesn't' \vork, Ihe supervisors- have Indicated they may slnit al tlio oilier end of I lie ui'ako mid rc<|iilre (he head to .riilnbllsli the bounty eliilin. Drsi Wert & Wert OITOMETRISTS Over Joe' Isaacs' Stoiv "WE MAKE- 'KM SEE" Phono' 5W Rend Courier News Olnsaltlcd Ads WELDING AT URST I'RlChS BarlSclfg. Co. I'llONliTO aiUI GRAVEL , I'lIONi; 700 Superior Coal I'i Sliniiifj L'u'. Anil tvc b'iindlc' all l,c;ulhit; l)rjnids uf HlRh Onido Coiil— Sumitl, Circa! llearf, Hrlllliuil, Mo'nllcc|lu, cte. RADIO -REPAIRING A Complete l.lns of Tubes mid F»rft UUBBAKD TIHK A KATTKUV CO. FIIONK ft SBRVICB STATION •rOK YOUU CONVF.NIENCE' SINCLAIR GAS AND LUBRICATION \V\SK I/KRRY in chnrBO of Service Dcptirtmont. I.. II. JOHNSON in cliavKo of Jibily Deiwriiiicht. SERVICE — K'ADIATOR. KEI'AIR — iionv WOKK — I'KNDKIf WOU'K — (iLASS INSTA'Lk.Ki)'- —AUTO 1'AHTS W.T.BARNETT AUTO SALES Dealer' PHONE' 888' Now located »t 101 North Sccwid ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EUWARDS, Proprietor All mike* oi rebuilt Typewriters, Adding; Marnlnm und (j«l- cnlalors—Repairing—P HEAR! HEAR! a burfiil, ;i!«ociatioii cortiricate of your loved' onw when they pass If -you hnvB any kind, on nwiiJVW'o' will iicceiit it, al full value on uio'fuuoral, provided you buy aa inueli its ?50 or mure in mei'dwndiso,' COBB FUNERAL HOME TKONE 2G ALLKY 001' KKADY TO GO—ALMOST! I!y Hamlin I KKIOW HOW LITTLE CHAMCE WE HAVE OP GETTIWG THROUGH THOSE TERRIBLE SWAMPS, BUT SlEVERtHELESS.VnS.'A CHAMCE-AWD THAT IS MORETHAKI•' WE CAM EXPECT, IF WE • STAY HERE.' Make; All:, Sizes, of Airplane Type Fans A'fewii'sed dcslc fans for sate cheap Barkstt Ca PHONE 10 TRANTHAlsf TRANSFER' CO'. Moving 50c' room up". Pianos $'1 up. PHONE-964 Sy Poultry BUY CLOTHES NOW! Pay out of your bonus. GEO. MTJIR', Tailor 201' N. 2iid' Cash Feed Store Pays Top Prices For Eggs & Poultry Jll E.. Main Agents Wanted AGENTS WANTED Sell Bine Ridge Mountain Mineral for liijli WMd pressure; kidney, bladder and' stomach troubles. Mor.lhs treatment — One Dollar. Tbe Ore Tone Co., HmUsvillc. Alabama. Cp k!3 Lost. 55 REWARD'for return of ladies' Wrist Watcli. white, gold, set t'lue sapphires and diamonds. Palace Cafe. 6p M Dor Kent Newly decorated APARTMENT on Kentucky Avc; Call 764; tie ktf 3 loom FURNISHED apartment, garage. COS \V'. Main. Phono G'12. 6-p-k-lS Fur. Avarlmcnt in Sbanc Duplex "t 111-1 West Asl\. Call 197 or 571. 23-ck-tf At 1122 W. Main. Te^n Room House. to one party, or will divide' Into In-o apartments. Call 312 or 805-J. J. H: Snla'rt. 30-ck-tf 5 room Furnished Apartments. Cheap. E. M. Eaton,-. 713-ChicKa- «>«*&• ' 25-ck-!f Six room unfiiri)(sb»d house. flSn B. Cherry, phono 283. 10-ck-tf Ahvays in the Market for SCRAP IRON WOOL Rags, Metal, Hides & Bones Blythcville Iron; & Metal Go. 221 W. Cherry Call 448 Wall Paper SALE 1936 PATTERNS THE ARKfflO ^ Pljime 40 Barber Shop's S^. BARBER^' SHOP 101- South 2nd St. HAIRCUT 20c, SHAVE 15o Bath—Close 8 p.m.—Shine Found Small male long haired dog,, Ian with black mailings. Strayed here Wednesday." J'. L.' Ffafic, 310 Cool front BKOROOM. rjenson- alilo. Hess Hall. Call 280. ecktf Po'silion' Wanted EXPERIENCED STENOGRAPIIEK aM Bookkecnev \vante poSltloll. food references. Eleatiw smi.h, 1315 W. Main. Call 335-W. 13p k20 Batteries BETTER BATTERY SERVICE Call J. B. dune- At Tom Jackson's Service Station Si Division. 3-p-k-lo Personal FUKE! STOMACH ULCERS. GAS PAINS. INDIGESTION relieved qi'icl:. Get free sample doctor's nrescription. Udga, at. Klrby Bros. Drug Co. AUTOTOANS Cash Advanced —Confldenllal PAYMENTS REDUCEO No cr-signers, Jus; oring car and registration card alo'rvj. U. W. MULLINS Sudburj' Bldg. Phone 49'S EVEKI WOW, KIW& WUR'S MEM ARE' SCOURIWGTHE PLACE TOR US-AMD WHEK1 "THEY FIND US- WEUL> YOU : MAY HOLD /AWRIGHT -THEM OFF FOR' A WHILE, BUT THEY'LL/T'GET IM JUST GET US' SOOWER (oUfe CRACK AT OR LATER.,', ^'THAT MU& ,. FIRST / OKAY-LE5 GIT STARTED SAY-YOU OUGHTA HAVE AM AXE OR SUMPIkl WAIT, I'LL GO' GITCHA OWE... DOMT \VORRY FELLA EASY-1'i.LBE RIGHT BACK - BO'OTS AND -HER BUDDIES WASH TURKS r CAUGHT IN THK GREAT SCOTTf PASV, YOU'RE 'RlfoKT.'")SL)Rt,WHO THE ^SOMEBODV'S TRVING 7"O KILL ME./YDU THINK THAT EXPLOSION WAS MEANf — FOR CAU&HT IN ANT ATTEMPTED MURPER'ONE FALSE MOVE, SUPDIE, AN' THAT * IO SILK "SHIRT'S S r*z*z - -- -^ VOU HAD AM ALIBI y. A A BEFORE, BUT TI^IS TIME VOU'RS CAUGHT WITH TH 1 GQCX)S. &UNMAGET AIR CONDITIONER FRKP.KT.KS A NO HIS KRTK.NDS IMTTY THIS CAPTAIN'! SEEMS TO BE ALL RIGHT! BUT I CTlLLCAW't UMDEP.STAHD HOLY SMOKE:! WHAT'S THE IDEA? I GUESS THE DEAL FELLAS.' WE'LL CHIP 1KI V/fTH pop AJJ' GET rr f WAS E: LE, olf PCP GAVE ME His OLD LODGE )UNIFORM! i THOUGKI; IF weccr THE BOAT/MEBBE r COULD BE THE. GOSH, IF THE PURSER LOOKS LIKE THAT, THE CAPTAIN is Pair and continued (lit atsd Friday. and vicinity— Fair and i. warm tonight and Frl- nmlniuin tcnipcrnttire here y was 90, nunlmum 74 according [o Samuel P. Nor- weather observer

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