Arizona Daily Star from Tucson, Arizona on June 1, 1963 · Page 31
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Arizona Daily Star from Tucson, Arizona · Page 31

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 1, 1963
Page 31
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SATURDAY, JUNE I, 1963 THE ARIZONA DAILY STAR SECTION B PAGE FIFTEEN Vatican Cancels Ecumenical Meet NEW YORK. May 31 W An aide 10 rrancis uarainai Spellman said Friday the Vatican had canceled several Ecumenical Council commit tee meetings scheduled for next week. Mssr. Timothy J. Flynn. di rector of public information for the New York Archdiocese which Cardinal Spellman hpads. in making the an nouncement, did not mention the critical condition of Pope John XXIII. He spoke of the cancella tions in announcing that Car dinal Spellman's planned Sunday night departure for Rome had been called off. The cardinal had planned to participate in a meeting there of the council's coordinating committee. Send your questions, together with your name, age and address, to Ask Andy, co Arizona Daily Star, Tucson, Ariiona. Andy sends a World Book Atlas to Judy Harmon, age ' f "uEhes sPring. Tex., for her question: What chemicals are in sand? To a chemist, sand is any ""ciai wnicn comes in small, gritty grains, Just as gravel may be composed of sharp, smallish stones of any mineral. Most of the golden sands along the beaches are made of the mineral named quartz which is the hardest of me common siones. yuartz is a compound of the chemical elements silicon and oxygen. Each molecule of silica contains two atoms of oxygen and one of silicon. On many coral islands, the SATURDAY RADIO NETWORK STATIONS KTAN (NBC) News on the hour, music for adults. (580). KCUB (MBS) Network programs, adult music, news on the hour and half hour. (1290). KTUC (ABC) Network and Arizona Network programs, music, news on the hour. (1400). KOLD (CBS) Network programs, "Music for Squares," news on the hour. (1450). KSOM-FM (QXR) Stereo network programs, 7 a.m. to midnight, arts programming. (92.1). NETWORK SPECIALS KTAN KCUB KTUC KOLD :N i.m-WI and Uvr D"' r 30 a.m. Monitor S:4S a.m. Lt" cos .m-eneie- MM :M a.m. V a a I a.m. Saturday Veerhlt a.m. Nam 4 a.m. Van I:1S a.m. Oram Otvtntar 1:M , m ind 7:14 7:40 p.m. ealti- a.m. Colo. St. mora at Lot An- at U at A. ties a.m. World Newt Raundu 4:30 e m. lura-eean Olarr 11:10 a.m. San Francisco at St. Louis i:30 p.m. CIS In Now York INDEPENDENT STATIONS music, KEVT Spanish language features and news three times daily. (690). KCEE Adult music, news and features on the hour, sunrise to sunset (790) KTKT Popular music, news on the hour, sports on hour; continuous. (990) KMOP Country and western music, news on the hour and half hour; 5 a.m. to sunset (1330) KAIR Christian programs and music, news at noon and 5 p.m., continuous. (1490) KFIF Adult music, news, sunrise to sunset. (1550) KXEW Radio fiesta, Heritage Spanish language programs. Music, news on the hour, news capsules and weather on the half hour, sunrise to sunset. (1600). KFMM-FM Classical and light popular music, news, 5:30 a.m. to midnight, (99.5) .. INDEPENDENT SPECIALS KCIE 10 a.m - LATIN AMERICA PRESS REVIEW a weekly roundup at editorial opinions of Latin American editors. sands are made from lime, which is mostly calcite. In some places, the mineral gyp sum has been powdered into sand. The dazzling white sands of White Sands, N.M., are mostly gypsum. 1943, Los Angeles Times Important Discovery Of Oil Is Claimed NEW YORK. May 31 UP) uccidental Petroleum Corp. made an oil discovery described as important two miles south of Bakersfield, Calif. The company said that in a three-hour successful test the well came in at a rate of 300 barrels a day. Occidental and its participants have about 3,000 acres in the field, the company said. Partch ... TV Highlights . . . MOVIES 7 p.m. "River of No Re turn ' Robert Mitcnum, Marilyn Monroe and Rory Calhoun star (1945). Matt Calder (Mitchum) rescues a gambler (Calhoun) and his wife (Monroe) irom me turou-lent river and in return the gambler steals his horse and 6un W- . 9 p.m. rranKensiein t horror classic starring Boris Karloff H932V The story or a young scientist who brought a monster to me imuusu weird electrical mechanisms and surgery (9). 10:30 p.m. "The Good Earth" Film masterpiece starring Paul Muni, Louise Rainer and Walter Connolly (1937). The slave bride of a simple Chinese laborer devotes herself uncomplainingly father buys her a husband for a year. Naturally, the two come to love each other, but there's another girl in the picture (13). SPORTS 10:30 a.m. "Baseball" The New York Yankees and Cleveland Indians clash at Cleveland Municipal Stadium with Joe Garagiola and Bob Wolff on hand to call the action (4). 11:15 a.m. "Baseball" The San Francisco Giants and St. Louis Cardinals meet at Busch Stadium in St. Louis with Dizzy Dean and Pee Wee Reese calling the plays 03). .. . 3 p.m. "Wide World 01 Sports" Soccer and auto racing are featured. The two top European soccer teams meet in London's Wembley Stadium for the European to his family ana carries mem Cu Soccer Championship through storm, tamine revo- The opposmg teams are Beni-lution and pestilence (4). fira of PortUaal and Milan of "The Unholy Wife A Ita1 Th .ond half deals sordid story featuring RodL.,if tha inA-,narinus snn Steiger Diana Dors and Tom wRh Charley Brockman con-Tryon (1957). A nice guy . . int'lews and re. marries a stiaay iaay ana takes her home to his pleas ant ranch where she begins to see another man, a hobby which can lead only to trouble (9). "Invitation" Stars Van Johnson, Dorothy McGuire and Ruth Roman (1952). The story of a dying girl whose GIVE YOUR "like new" POWER Spring tune-up We Sharpen Power & Push Mowers Garden Tools also sharpened. Pick-Up & Delivery Ph. EA 6-8470 If E II M ft D E MAINTENANCE nCnnUKC 4319 E. Broadway ,vailaaSHBaM . '- (' JM m mm Rentalslll . 0 1 r RENT A NEW TV OO Weekly LESS BY MONTH. OPTION TO BUY- JLow Rates on Color TV, Stereo, Com- uinauuns, lauie muueis, nauius, eic. pree service And Special Kates to MOteiS-HOteiS, etc. Delivery On All rocjOM cwNte Am enmnt) M 842 So. 6th Ave. MA 4-2481 ssf TAKE A LOOK AT THIS TERRIFIC BARGAIN ! Don't Pay Any More buy at BENNY POSE i DISCOUNT FURNITURE 4501 E. 22nd 325-0101 mm -w H m m r t I N f i YOU mis Headboard Mattress & Box Spring Five drawer Chest Double Dresser & Mirror 2-Pc. Living Room Set 2 Step Tables 1 Coffee Table 2 Lamps 5-Pc. Dinette Set GET ALL FKRWSI d . i m i asm "Frame Mm fL A if EASY TERMS OPEN DAILY 9-7 MON. & FRI 'til 8 porting highlights of the race taped two days ago (9). 3:45 p.m. "Horse Racing ' The Mother Goose Stakes, the second leg of the Triple Crown for Fillies, $75,000-added for three-year-old fil lies at a mile and one-eighth (4)- . . 4:30 p.m. "Bowling" Glenn Allison challenges the winner of the Dick Agee- Therm Gibson match (13). 8 p.m. "Boxing" Light heavyweight champion Har old Johnson puts his title on the line against challenger Willie Pastrano at Las Vegas in a scheduled 15-round match. Don Dunphy reports (9). PROGRAMS 12 Noon "Davey and Go liath" This is the debut of a religious film series spon sored by the National Council of Churches. It deals with the adventures of Davey and his dog, Goliath, played by animated dolls (9). 5:30 p.m. "The Gallant Men" A repeat of a show the producers felt was one of the show's best. If you like your war stories heavy with impending tragedy and drip ping with sentimentality, you'll think it's good, too. Our platoon meets a fighting paratrooper (Michael Parks), who seems determined to kill all the enemy to avenge the death of his two brothers (9). 6:30 p.m. "Hootenanny'' This one from Penn State University should please country music fanciers. Two groups (Ian and Sylvia, and Richard and Jim) sing tradi tional blue grass music. The Limelighters also are fea tured (9). ine jjerenaers me ac tion in this one is confined to one room. The result is tense, taut and trembling hour, with fine acting and photography making up for lack of movement. Six sur vivors of a Korean war tor ture chamber meet for a re union and invite E. G. Mar shall to join them, on a flimsy pretext (13). 8 p.m. "Gunsmoke" Matt Dillon's friend, Dave In- galls, has been sentenced to hang for murder. Matt believes that Ingalls is innocent and sets out to find the guilty party (13). KVOA-NBC KGUN-ABC KOLD-CBS Channel 4 Channel 3 Channel 13 SAT. MORNING 1:30 a.m. 11 Test Tunes I Ranch Round Ul 7:00 a.m. IS Captain Kanoaroo 7:30 a.m. 4 Ruff N Reddv 13 Captain Kangaroo 8:00 a.m. 4 Sherl Lewis Show c) 13 Alvln and the chipmunks 8:30 a.m. 4 Kins leonardo 13 AAlehtv Mono 1:00 t.m. Bulletin Board-Light Time 13 Rln Tin Tin 9:30 a.m. 4 Make Room for Daddy 0 My Friend Flleka 13 Roy Rogers 10:00 a.m. 4 Mr. Wliaral Cartoonles 13 Sky King 10:30 a.m. 4 M. League B. Ball Beany and Cecil 13 Bob Trout fc New 11:00 a.m. 4 M. League B. Ball 0 Bugs Bunny 13 Baseball Preview-Game 11:30 .m. 4 M. League B. Ball Magic Land 13 San Francisco at St. Louis SAT. AFTERNOON 12 noon 4 M. League B. Ball 0 Davey l Goliath 13 B.B. Game-N' 12:30 p.m. 4 M. League B. Ball 0 Desllu Playhouse 13 B.B. Game 1:00 p.m. 4 Movletlme 0 Desllu Playhouse 13 B.B. Game 1:30 p.m. 4 Movletime Action Theater 13 S B. Game 00 cm. 4 TV Movie Hour 0 Action Theater 13 Scoreboard, Sports & News SATURDAY TV NOTICE: Information in this Dial is provided by the TV stations. The Star assumes no responsibility for errors caused by last-minute changes. C DENOTI S COLOR PROGRAM TBA TO BE ANNOUNCED 2:30 4 TV Movie Hour Action Theater 13 Anti Defam. League 1:00 D.m. 4 TV Movie Hour Wide World of Snorts 13 Country Music Store-FBI 3:30 p.m. 4 Race of the Week f Wide World of Sports 13 Wrestling 4:00 p.m. 4 Overlend Trail 0 Wide World of Sports 13 Wrestling 4:30 p.m. 4 Overland Trail Outlaws 13 Top Star Bowling V.0O o.m. 4 NBC News-News Report 0 The Outlaws 13 Top Star Bowling 5:30 p.m. 4 Sam Benedict The Gallant Men 13 Jackie Gleason SAT. NIGHT 0:00 p.m. 4 Sam Benedict 9 The Galian) Men 13 Jackie Gleason 0:30 p.m. 4 Joey Bishop Hootenanny 13 The Defenders 7:00 p.m. 4 Saturday Nite at Movies (c) Lawrence Welk 13 The Defenders 7:30 p.m. 4 Saturday Nite at Movies (c) Lawrence Welk 13 Have Gun Will Travel 8:00 p.m. 4 Saturday Nite at Movies (c) y world welterweight 13 Gunsmoke 8:30 p.m. 4 Saturday Nite at Movies (c) j make mat spare 13 Gunsmoxe 9:00 p.m. 4 11th Hour Chiller 13 Adventures In Paradise 9:30 p.m. 4 11th Hour Chiller 13 Adventures In Paradise 10:00 p.m. 4 News-Sports Report Chiller 13 M-Squad 10:30 p.m. 4 Big Movie Theater 13 Million Dollar Anovie 11:00 p.m. 4 Big Movie Theater 9 13 Million Dollar Movie 11:30 p.m. 4 Big Movie Theater 13 Million t Movie 12:00 midnignt 4 Big Movie News-Peter Gunn 13 Million $ Movie Hermosillo Power Line Towers Beinq Erected HERMOSILLO. Son.. Mav 31 (JP) The first of 336 steel towers to carry power lines from the El Novillo Dam to Hermosillo was erected Friday. The 78 miles of electric lines will bring power from the dam's generating plant into the Hermosillo and Guaymas Valleys. The project is scheduled for comple tion early next year. 117 nnrrnm I "liiVIYATION" OTHER ARIZONA TELEVISION SA1IIRDAV mmnr ntunh M:0 Cartoonles KTVK Pnoemi ,5.3,, Beany k Ctcn ABC Ch. 8 11:W Bugs Bunny 11:30 Magic Land 12:00 My Friend Flkka 12:30 Junior All Stars 1:00 Charlie Aaron Show 1:30 Cinemetlme 2:00 Cinematime 2:30 Cinematime ' uu Wiae world wide World 4:00 Wide World 4:30 Ray Odom Show 5:00 Ray Odom Show 5:30 Gallant Men 4:00 Gallant Men 4:30 Hootenanny 7:00 Lawrence Welk 7:30 Lawrence Welk 1:00 Fights t:30 Fights 9:00 Hong Kong 30 Hong Kong 10:00 Aisle 3 10:30 Aisle 3 11:00 Aisle 3 11:30 Aisle 3 12:00 Theater After Dark SAIIlRDAT KPHO Pboenb 10:30 Jeffs Colli j 11:00 Supercar 11:30 Superman 12:00 Feitn Mr today 17:30 L rime-liv Word 1:00 High School Rpt 1:30 The Californiana 2:00 Manhunt J: 30 Hudson's Journal 3:00 The Islanderg 3:30 The Islanders 4:00 Afternoon Wovta 4:30 Afternoon Movie 5:00 Afternoon Movie 5:30 Teen Beat 4:00 News-Wea.-Sports 4:30 Premiere Movie 7:00 Premiere Movie 7:30 Premiere Movie 1:00 Premiere Movie :30 Bdwy. Goes Latin 9-00 Maverick 9:30 Maverick 10:00 News Wea Sports 10:30 Movietene 11:00 Movietm 11:30 Movietim SB KOOL Phoenix CBS. Ch. 10 SAIUROAV 10:00 Sky King 1:30 Feeture Film 7:00 Captain Kangaroo 10:30 Basebell-Pre Game 2:00 Feature Film 7:30 Captain Kangeroo 11:00 Baseball-Pre Game 2:30 Feature Film 1:00 Ahrin 4 Chipmunks 11 30 Baseball-Pre Game 3:00 Shock 30 wigrro Mnusa 12:00 Baseball-Pre Game 3:30 Shock 9:00 Rin Tin Tin 12:39 Basebell-Pre Game 4:00 Shock 30 Rov Rogers 1:00 Scoreboard 4:30 Champ, bowling 5:00 Champ. Bowling 5:30 Gleason Show 4:00 Gleeson Snow 4 30 The Detenoers r-OO The Defenders 7:30 Have Gun Will Tr. 1:00 Gunsmoke 1:30 Gunsmoke 9:00 Adv in Paradise 9:30 Adv m Paradise 10:00 Thriller 10:30 11:00 Million t Movie 11 X Million S Movie 12:00 Million t Mnv KTAK nonii NBC Ch. 12 SAIIIRDAV :00 RFD 17 7:30 Ruff ft Ready (O :0t Mwri ewisic) I 30 King leonardo 05 Fun 9:30 Make Room for Dac 12:30 M. League B. Ball 10:00 Mr. Wtlard 1:00 Maior L Baseball 10:30 True Adventure 1:30 Meior L Besebell 11:00 M. League B Bell 2:00 Maior L BesebaH 11:30 M. Leegue B BaM 1:30 Maior L Baseball 12:00 M. Leegue B Ball 3 00 Maior L Baseball 3:30 Race of the Week 4:u Nor. News 4:30 Overland Trail 5.00 Overland Trail J 30 Sam Benedict 4 00 Sam Benedict 4:30 Joey Bishop 9:30 Best ot te Fittioi 7:00 Sot Nite Movteslcl W or Best ot the Fifties 7-30 Set Nile Moviesicl 10:30 Jerry Lester 1:00 Sat Nite Movies! c) 11:00 Jerry Lester 0:30 Sat Nite Movieste) 11:30 Movie 9:00 Best at me Fmta Starring VAN JOHNSON DOROTHY McGUIRE RUTH ROMAN TONIGHT ON Channel 13 HOLD-TV 10:30 P.M. I YOGI BEAR By H.nna-Barb.r. BIG GEORGE By Virgil wrf-CW" s"-0" ' C M4NNA.BAi.atwA meet., inc. I " "Who's smoVing?" "Comei on, you guys I'm not THAT erratic!" THE BYRDS ". '. '. '. '. '. '. By Job Appaiucci FREDDY 1 IIUdikMllWyAUL II I I fvSgfJI kuu.) I rlr-A tST Tl U II YfeltKDftY, IrOUSJD IT' "T m v ? a Pirn m&jf:: r-yk,, : - NP II I I T lr- Ll! J "Whera ELSE could one get a teddy-bear lik that ff jf- 1 TLj I """. l (j n I ,r J iwJ L. izj. i bb I r- tm i-i V i i F1' " I I RWNG! J CO0DNK5J..MY A DENNIE.'-WHAT AN T I WA$ JUST "I could and will'. a hy, DOORBELl 15 GETTING i i AMAlINo CUINCIDtNCt. READING A ' - write VOLUMES about Muriel! VZr QUITE A WORKOUT j - ' 1 ' 1 V- V IjA 1 rTTrr rrrn J I A Not Blnce the ead paealng of y THI5 M0RNIN6! J LeTTl Vl UR. Aw y dear Edith o long ago I V I nfrJt I'M II FATHER1 ' I hv. T mat-. ffirl of whom Jh. 1 . ZZZTT'T I I Vrf I IV ,-.x.'! S I II JftU A! -Vfsol Mil i?Av ff mM'MS juknaja.a.awe aaaaaaaaaMi i ii.itrwaitivmxi i it i ra i rj I I im mmm n , awfTM'Jri I CAME FROM MOO? MY WELL, IT'S... ER, AH... OH, IT .WHY, YOU'RE HARPLY JUST TELL ME ABOUT WEa. N TH' LANP OF J GOO'NESS, ITS A WAY OF( COOlVhtT MORE THAN JUST A JK BOY.I I YOURSELF, SIR. ALL RIGHT, I IS THAT? I LONS TIME AX30! J. SO LONG... C" 1 ARm IT TWIft Birrvmi ; i )M,Mm Tnm imh teaiw j jp imi mmw tm mm iiwsm I ' n' v . r M II' ' 1 1 I - 1 :i " p i i.ars-TygiTe, i I v I ' BUT WECKLESS" I SO HAVE I -WITH THE 'l I s TJTWS THIS 6UY STINKS OF COP.'f LIKE I TOLD YOU, I SAFETY OFF.' DROP J fiJ 17 Ui. JbtZM WORK HIM OVER, MCK V HE'S SOT A UN I YOURS, CREEP 4Kf WtT I y&ym ' ja ., arr Mini x,... . ) I 0 ALL MY YE&. THAT EXPECTANT nWTHER ACT 1 1 WHEM HE A5KEP W WE HAPfJ'T SET UP I THE 'COPTE WIU GST OH, IHft. WiKEE SYMPATHY fOZ I FOOLEP THE FIPPLER, TOO! HE HADN'T AH ALlSI, AS HE AMP WICK HAP PLAMEP YOJ TO AM AiRPORH XU IF V0UR FfcesDS THAT WOTHER IKI V 5EEN WRS.KOTNI".ArJP TH0U3HT WE IN PRISON, I REALIZE? THEY'P P0UBL5- BRING THE CAR LATER 7 ARE PASSU' THW, CH1LP0IRTH Wf.5 PEAT HIM 10 THE JEWEL: rn' CR0SSEP EACH 0THER-ANP THAT HICVC Si e4 PCVT FORGET V WAfTEP? THAT AS - i, y . . liege" ' j ZJ. i'lt f RECCMMENP , oImjj J . THE. TO SOJ , 3 1 rf)' in fa saMff m 3$ f, I e nUbr NtA TN b Ul M O. SJaj 1 ' JTim Sf. - wift 'It happens to belong- to a famous hmmIkm. once i Y i hate to be a ) W " GOES IM FOR 6AUC7Y ACTRESS,' KEFfRY SAYS. 'COPS CAN'T CAN TELL A 6REAT WET BLANKET, THE SETTINS ON THIS V 6EW-6AWI5, KERRY j AFFORD FIVE-CARAT DIAMONDS.' DETECTIVE SOWE- BUT I THINK I BRACELET NEEDS ONE . , ,mr-? 1 ' "JPJT H If BJLI THIN5 THAT'LL CURL ) KNOW WHAT YOU OP yOJR SrOLlRJI. RE- A A? .1 C "VaI'L iZtt T HAW.' NOTICED... ABOUT 111 k 7ACET f s 4 1

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