The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 4, 1949 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 4, 1949
Page 4
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WEDNESDAY, 51 AY 4, 1049 BT-YTHEVn.I-E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS No Change Seen In Red Intentions Dulles Says Lifting Of Blockade Only a A; Change in Method WASHINGTON, May 4 (/P) — John Foster Dulles, American delegate to the United Nations, said today the lifting of the Berlin blockade may menu merely a change in Russia's methods and "not change of Soviet intention." Dulles cautioned against too much optimism over Berlin developments while before (lie Senate Foreign Relations Committee to urge ratification of the North Atlantic Security Alliance. I He said the pact, binding the United States and 11 other nations (o stand together In opposing any aggressor, Is needed to help solve the German problem. From former Undersecretary of State Will Clayton, the Senators also got an expression on the prospective lifting of the Berlin blockade. Clayton said "We have won the battle of Berlin" but that Is * WE, THE WOMEN * How Can Ghild Get Sense Of Importance to Family? By Ruth Millett NBA Staff Writer It's when children don't feel "important to the family" that they've likely to get into trouble, says a Milwaukee educator. How can you make your children feel "important to the family?" Here are some important ways: Don't let them grow up feeling that they're In the way. Without realizing the eflccl their words have on the children, many parents today talk as though the children were a groat problem. "We'll come if we can find a baby sitter." Mama says wearily in Junior's hearing. So Junior knows-from the time he can understand words that he's the only thing standing between his parents and fun. they can get someone—Just anyone In many cases—to take him off their hands, they'll be free to go out and have fun. If they can't, they're- stuck with hiu.. He's also likely to hear his nioth- complain often that "it's Hie family" It they have everything handed lo them on a silver ilattcr. Give them some responsibilities. Make them earn some or tlie things they waul. Get Ihcm to lend a hand with family projects But also let them have a vote when decisions that affect the whole family are being made. Plan some social life that In duties the whole family. The old-fashioned family picnic Tor instance. Is a lot better for Junior than giving him some money and telling him tr run along to the movie by himself with an other kid. Nothing slves cliildrei more of a feeling of family solid )[ ! arlty llitin the whole family's hav Ins fun together. Doing things "with the children is much better than doing tiling "for them." only one small .segment of the East- West .struggle. "And." Clayton declared, "nn balance, Russia is winning the cold war." Dulles is a Republican. During last year's presidential campaign he was a foreign affairs adviser to Thomas E. Dewey, the GOP presidential candidate. t Doesn't Violate Oliarlrr He Rave the senators assurance on one point some of them have been raising, in his opinion, he siiicl, the Atlantic Pact does not violate the United Nations charter, hut on the contrary is wholly consistent with it and reduces .the chances of war. As for the Berlin blockade, Dulles ' said it "has backfired" against the Russians because of the airlift and, as a result, Russian influence in Germany has suffered. "If the Soviet now lilts the Berlin blockade, 1 * Dulles added, "that may be an act of conciliation towards the West. I hope so. But until that Is shown by other deeds, it would be wise for us to look on It as a change of Soviet method, not a change of Soviet intention." On the future, Dulles had this to say: "Under the circumstances that exist, Germans will be strongly tempted to develop a bargaining position between the East and West and they might even come into a temporary alliance with the Soviet. IL has much to offer the Germans at the expense of Poland, and the Soviets and Germans—in partner- •f ship—could readily dominate the • continent." possible to keep the house looking Luxora News Miss Sarah Unigston, who Is Blending the University of Arkansas, epresented her sorority Delta Gamia, as candidate for campus queen f Ihc annual Oaebelc Spring Fes- Ivul. held at Faycltcvlllc last week- ncl. Miss Langston Is the daughter if R. C. Langslon, Luxora merchant ind planter. Mr. and Mrs. Tye Adams spent nst week In Enterprise, Ala., as he guests of Mr. Adams mother and Brother Mr. and Mrs, T. D. Wllklns en- lertiilncd faculty members of Lux- High School at a dinner parly in their home Monday night. Miss Wade McHenvy, attending hool In Memphis, was the weekend guest of her grandmother Mrs. T F. Hudson, and parents, Mr and Mrs. R. b. Houek. Mrs. Lester Stevens mid Mrs. A B. Rozclle entertained their daughters, Diane and Ann Ashley, wltl a dance Wednesday night In the School cafeteria building. Gucsl were members of the sixth and seventh grades of Ihe Luxora School. Archaeologists Hope Carbon 14 Will Prove Way to Date Mummies Vacations on Forms Presented by Grange nice because of the children." Today women otten yearn over the pictures of beautiful, immaculate rooms in women's magazines and then act resentful toward tlicir children because llicy can't make their own homes look like a uinga- zine illustration. And If his mother is an unliaiw housewife, a child is almost sure lo have heard her talk about "being tied itovn." It doesn't take a very bright child to ligtire out just who is "tying her down." Be patient with your children. Patience is Still a Virtue A patient, easy-going mother Is a rarity those days. The most overworked phrases of today's mamas are "The children get on my nerves until I think I'll scream," and "It's so wonderful to get away from the children once in a while," Neither of those remarks Indicate a patient understanding attitude on the part of the mother, do they? Teach your children Lo be active, working members of the family group. Children don't "feel important to NEW YORK, N. Y. W)—All Ull- ii.Mrnl plan for the coming summer months which will Increase farm .ncomc.s and broaden unrterstand- inss between urbnn and rural people lias been presented by Grange organizations to members In 12 suites from Maine to Vlrgl la. The plan encourages farmers who have two or more spare rooms to take in city vacationers on a paying basis, and thus develop a lieu type of resort business in rura areas. The project was originated bj William P. Wolfe, New York repre se titatlve. -lard Times Story Nets Holdup Victim $2 Refund LONG BEACH. Calif.. May <— ,l> ( _When a holdup man pulled gun on Ross A. Cortose yesterda nc apologized: "Buddy. I don't to do this, but I need food." Cortose, a taxi driver, handed h cash, $7. and commented acldlj "You need foodl Huh I I need loot myself." "I know. 1 know." answered tl holdup man. "We're both In bad I shape. Here, take »2 of this an forget about It." BALTIMORE — W\— Arclmeolo-1 gists hop* that > new method will soon enable them to put a dale lag on every ancient bone and basket It all started when sclenllsls found considerable carbon-Isotope U In Baltimore sewage. Carbon-Isotope 14, like ordinary abron, Is Apparently found in -ill vlng matter. Dut has some pecnl- rltles which may nuke 11 an ao irate recorder of time. If Ihc leory works. It mny be iiossiblc lo ell the age of an Egyptian mummy —within llmlls of \\ very few years —by measuring the amout ol Isotope 4 In its bones. Some archaeologists say the tech' l<iue could be used as a check on lie authenticity of religious relics— uch us the fragments of the True Cross In the Church of the Hoi) Sepulchre at Jerusalem. A meastiic- tient of Isotope M might show vhether a relic Is old enough to be genuine. Dr. William Ubby of the Institute of Nuclear Research, Unlverslly of Chicago, Is trying to determine Just low far Isotoiw 14 can be trusted ns » time-clock. If his experiments are successful, Prof. William P' lly (Baltimore) hopes to try out he new technique In Egypt and the he Bible lands. The key lo the hcory Is radioactivity. Carbon-Isotope M Is H heavy, md- oacllve form of carbon that gradually turns Into nitrogen as It gives off bi'in rny.s It has an atomic weight of 14, while ordinary carbon I'.as an atomic weight ol 12. The carbon-14 111 living matter keeps on giving off beta rays and turning Into nitrogen, Just as It doc* In Ihe Kir. However. v llvlng organ- Isms keep getting more of It along with ordinary carbon, so that I hey have about Iho Mime percentage ol H that the nlr has. (It Is formed originally from nitrogen In Ihe air by the energy of tho cosmic ray.O Wlie nn plant or animal dies, It stops getting new carbon. Hut Hi carbon-14 keeps giving off beta rays, 'nnd eventually disappears o; turning Into nitrogen. Thus Professor Albright hopes i may be posfilble to tell, from Ih amount of carbon-14 .still remain ing In a mummy's bones, Just wlie Ihe mummy was burled. The age o a wooden basket In an KgypMa Pharaoh's tomb nuiy be calculate le method will be depends on the utcome of Dr. Llbby'a experiments I Chicago. Fresh nielliaue gas from city ewers provide enough tor the s^en- ist.s to work with. Dr, Llbby hits no articular reason for using Baltl- norc scwngo ralhcr than the sewage f other cities, except that officials f Hie large disposal plant hap- icncd to be co-operative and sup- illeit Industrial scientists before. As far as call be told at II.Is stage, nrbon-14 probably takes 0.000 years o disappear NO completely that It annot be measured. Accurate dat- ng methods for undent Egypt go )nck only 4.000 years—and only about 2.000 years or less for ancient American civilizations. Head Courier News Want Ada. Oppos* WASHINGTON, May 4. OP) •en- tors Fulbrlght and HcClellan of trkaiua* yesterday'voted uainjt n untl-ugregatlon amendment to he aid to education Mil. Tb* mendment was rejected. " - ~ ' -.-- - |ji in I nun n LUHIU IIINJ ut; tm^umn: . _ A kAC A. nni I Akl^*P f*f\ Albright of Johns Hopkins Unlvcr- In the same way. Just how accurate ADAMi APPLIANCE CO. Epidemic Kills 12 LA ROCHE SUR YON, Prance. May ^_(/p,_An epidemic of para- typiilod Is spreading in the Vendee region of Southern Prance. Up to today. 1200 cases have been reported and 12 deaths have been ascribed to the disease. Read Courier News Want Ads. bake better iscwit with Southwestern Bell Says • Quarterly Income Down ST. LOUIS, May 4 yp> — 'The Southwestern Bell Telephone company reported today Its net Income nf $2.579,789 for the first quarter ( of this year was 24 per cent below ' thai for the same period last year. Operating revemies were §63,9TE),- 136 for the three months, a rise of 410,988,030 over the first quarter of 1948, but total operating expenses and taxes jumped $11,477,420 to $60,084,929, the company reported. One factor in the higher expenses was the cost of repairing heavy damage caused by a series of ice storms early this year. The company said the $1.25 per share dividend it declared for the quarter was 47 cents more than the amount earned. 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