Arizona Daily Star from Tucson, Arizona on July 1, 1981 · Page 32
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Arizona Daily Star from Tucson, Arizona · Page 32

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 1, 1981
Page 32
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PAGE EIGHT SECTION C THE ARIZONA DAILY STAR TUCSON, WEDNESDAY, JULY 1, 1981 lCatU , ret Test' I Carlton king 1 federal cigarette ratingsji OKVOA(NBC) O KUAT-TV (PBS) Morning 6 A.M. O WOMEN TODAY CD WEDNESDAY MORNING OD DAYBREAK ARIZONA ' (S) 700 CLUB fjfi) CAPTAIN KANGAROO (2) YOUNG IDEAS 6:15 A.M. GT A.M. WEATHER 6:30 A.M. . O HEALTH FIELD O RICHARD SIMMONS QD THE ADDAMS FAMILY . CD CAPTIONED ABC NEWS ' (2) NEWS 6:45 A.M. : O A.M. WEATHER 7 A.M. O 2) TODAY O CAPTIONED ABC NEWS O CD GOOD MORNING AMERICA CTJ JIM BAKKER - CAPTAIN KANGAROO (3D WALLACE AND LADMO CD LILIAS, YOGA AND YOU WEDNESDAY MORNING 7:30 A.M. O LILIAS. YOGA AND YOU GD MISTER ROGERS 8 A.M. O MISTER ROGERS MIKE DOUGLAS B PRICE IS RIGHT '. CD THE FLINTSTONES CD SESAME STREET QS) THE JEFFERSONS 8:30 A.M. O ELECTRIC COMPANY Dial HOY MISMO CD OPEN HOUSE (g) ALICE 9 A.M. O (32) CARD SHARKS ', O SESAME STREET O FAMILY FEUD CD DONAHUE CD RICHARD SIMMONS CD MOVIE "Murder in Movieland' (90 mins.) CD STUDIO SEE (23) PRICE IS RIGHT 9:30 A.M. O (32) WHEEL OF FORTUNE ' O CD RYAN'S HOPE CD 700 CLUB CD ELECTRIC COMPANY 10 A.M. O (32) PASSWORD PLUS O VILLA ALEGRE O CD ALL MY CHILDREN CD THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Bfl MUNDO LATINO CD SESAME STREET (g) TO TELL THE TRUTH 10:30 A.M. O (32) THE DOCTORS O STUDIO SEE C9 ANOTHER LIFE CD DONAHUE (33) THE YOUNG ANO THE RESTLESS 11 A.M. O (32) DAYS OF OUR LIVES O MISTER ROGERS O CD ONE LIFE TO LIVE O WOMAN S PLACEEVERY PLACE CD ALICE 40 MOVIE "Tiempos de Chicago (2 hrs ) CD HERE'S TO YOUR HEALTH 11:25 A.M. CD NOGALES PROFILE 11:30 A.M. O OVER EASY CD CD news CD AS THE WORLD TURNS CD SNEAK PREVIEWS QS) SEARCH FOR TOMORROW SAME U PIZZA 04 AA UAI W hi LL o Large Cheese Pizza SPECIAL Includes all the following, Pepper oni. Beef, Onions. Canadran Bacon, Black Obvcs k Green Peppers. 7139 E. TUCSON OKGUN(ABC) CDKZAZ (Ind.) On the Tube ' This is not a good night for television even the movies are lightweight. In thi- uiiordinary department, "Lights! Action! Africa!" at 7 p.m. on Channel 13 is a documentary narrated by Ed Asner on the lives of filmmakers Alan Root, above, and his wife, Joan, who live in Kenya. Even if the show is not too good, it's being sponsored by Kraft, so maybe you can pick up a recipe or two from the commercials for your Fourth of July picnic. Afternoon NOON O (32) news O ERICATHEONIE O CD GENERAL HOSPITAL O MARCUS WELBY (JD DICK VAN DYKE Cg) MAGIC OF OIL PAINTING 12:30 P.M. O (32) LAS VEGAS GAMBIT O LILLIAN HELLMAN: A PROFILE CD NEWS ANDY GRIFFITH () KHAN DU AS THE WORLD TURNS 1 P.M. O (32) ANOTHER WORLD 0 FRUGAL GOURMET O (D EDGE OF NIGHT CD THE REBELS (SPECIAL) First ol two parts In this sequel to ' The Bastard,." Philip Kent valiantly tries to transport badly needed cannons in the dead 01 winter. Judson Fletcher joins the Virginia militia shortly after killing a man in a duel over an indiscretion with the man s wile Stars Andrew Stevens. Don Johnson. Kim Cat-trail. Robert Vau jhn and Richard Basehart. Conclusion at 1 p m. tomorrow. (Repeat, 2 hrs.) CD GUIDING LIGHT 4Q CHESPIRITO ($) GOMER PYLE () MASTERPIECE THEATRE 1:30 P.M. O LILIAS, YOGA AND YOU O THREE'S COMPANY 4Q VILLA ALEGRE (J) FAMILY FEUD (JD I LOVE LUCY (i& GUIDING LIGHT 2 P.M. O TEXAS O DICK CAVETT O (D THREE'S COMPANY O SEARCH FOR TOMORROW 4fjJ TV OR NO TV (D BEWITCHED GO LILIAS, YOGA AND YOU 2:30 P.M. O OFF YOUR DUFF O MOVIE I) "One Hundred Rilles." a 1969 Western starring Jim Brown, Raquel Welch. Burt Reynolds and Fernando Lamas. An Indian bank robber and a black American lawman join up with a lemale Mexican revolutionary to help save the Mexican Indians from annihilation by a dtispotic army. (2 hr.) (9 THE JEFFERSONS 4Qj PIEL DE ZAPA (i) THREE'S COMPANY (1) I DREAM OF JEANNIE (D VILLA ALEGRE (28 ONE DAY AT A TIME In Th PaJn Varna Shopping PRICES EVERYDAY PRESENT THIS AD FOR A FREE LARGE SOFT DRINK WITH ANY PIZZA PURCHASED (Limit one coupon per pizza Offer Expires 71081) 22m ST. 296-6222 1981 U.S. mum mt Today's Carlton has even less tar than the version tested for the Government's 1981 Report. Despite new low tar brands introduced since Carlton still lowest. Box-less than 0.01 mg. tar, 0.002 mg. nicotine. Today's Viewing KOLO (CBS) 40 KTVW (Spanish) (X'KTVK (ABC) (J) KPHO(lnd) 3 P.M. O MEDICAL CENTER CD KROFFT SUPERSTARS CD ONE DAY AT A TIME 40 PECADO CAPITAL (D WONDER WOMAN (D SCOOBY DOO (D MISTER ROGERS CSS JOHN DAVIDSON RHODA 3:30 P.M. O THIS OLD HOUSE CD SCOOBY DOO CD HOUR MAGAZINE CD TOM AND JERRY AND BUGS SHOW CD SESAME STREET HERE S LUCY 4 P.M. O KUNG FU O SESAME STREET CD navy 40 EMILIA CD BARNABY JONES (D GILLIGAN'S ISLAND MERV GRIFFIN HOUR MAGAZINE 4:30 P.M. O MASH CD GILLIGAN'S ISLAND CD NEWS (D KUNG FU (D STUDIO SEE 5 P.M. O O (D NEWS O STUDIO SEE Q I DREAM OF JEANNIE 4Ql LA MATRACA (D ALL IN THE FAMILY SESAME STREET 5:30 P.M. O NBC NEWS O VILLA ALEGRE O CD ABC NEWS CD BEWITCHED CD ) CBS NEWS 40j AL ROJO VIVO (D BRADY BUNCH Evening 6 P.M. OS) news O CD OVER EASY O WELCOME BACK, KOTTER CD ALL IN THE FAMILY CD ?M MAGAZINE A visit to a home lingerie party, and a trip to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, to discover why people choose to work in the Irozen frontier. 40J MARCHA NUPCIAL CD HAPPY DAYS AGAIN 6:30 P.M. O TIC TAC DOUGH O DICK CAVETT Guest: Director Steven Spielberg. O (Dm'A'S-h Center 53: frg i IT" I! j 1 luesaay ft neanesouy kH ' Q mmJ Includes Beonj or Rice I Q I mm m "l BEER MARGARITAS PINA COLADAS I GOVT REPORT: Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined That Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health. Boi Less lhan 0 01 mq. "tat '. 0 00? mg. nicotine av pei cigaieite by FTC method Soil Pack I mg, "tat". 01 mg nicotine av. per cigarette. FTC Report May '81. . PHOENIX H KAET(PBS) Oft' KOOL-TV (CBS) iil KPNX The MPs come looking for Frank with evidence that he purchased a priceless vase, which belongs to the Korean government, from a junk dealer. (Repeat) CD SANFORD AND SON CD FAMILY FEUD 140) NOTICIERO NACIONAL CD PM MAGAZINE (J) MACNEILLEHRER REPORT 7 P.M. O REAL PEOPLE Featured: A look at a Connecticut teacher who talks backward; a tandem-skiing race; a visit with a man who lives in a covered wagon; a profile ol a female body builder; a report on several brands of bottled water; and a segment on a male exotic-dancing contest (Repeat, 1 hr.) O MACNEILLEHRER REPORT O CD CHARLIE'S ANGELS Kris discovers a sunken ship with a valuable cargo, and Hawaii s most dangerous criminals battle for it. (Repeat. 1 hr.) CD MOVIE "The Dion Brothers." a 1974 comedy starring Stacy Keach, Frederic Forrest and Margot Kidder. Two West Virginia brothers one a worker in a bubble-gum factory, the other a coal miner turn to robrjery so they can open a seafood restaurant, but decide they like robbery better. (2 hrs ) O Ed Asner Narrates Lights! Action! Africa! From Kraft Advertisement CD LIGHTS! ACTION! AFRICA! (SPECIAL) Ed Asner narrates this documentary profiling Alan and Joan Root, husband-and-wrfe filmmakers, and their lifestyle and work in Africa (1 hr.) 4pJ APRENDIENDO A AMAR CD BARNEY MILLER CD THE NEW DEAL FOR ARTISTS 7:30 P.M. O LILLIAN HELLMAN: A PROFILE 40 ROSA DE LEJOS CD BOB NEWHART 8 P.M. O DIFF'RENT STROKES Kimberly accepts a date with a 29-year-old athletic coach who believes her to be wise beyond her years. Closed-captionedJ (Repeat) O THE NEW OEAL FOR ARTISTS (SPECIAL) Various artists, including producer actor John Houseman, reflect or the impact of federally financed WPA grant programs for tne arts during the Depression that were instrumental in the development of many photographers, writers and artists (90 mins.) O CD MOVIE Make Me an Offer." a 1979 romance starring Susan Blakely. Patrick O'Neal, John Rubinstein, Bruce Bauer, Edie Adams, Kath l I CONTINUE AT GORDO'S fcpsS3 ON MONDAYS, TUESDAYS and j j mim biivwi ilia wfcwi A iH CHIMICHANGAS I J in the SOUTHWEST! I J Ground Beef or Roast Beef I 25 jrr I S'aMiP Www I W X 1 F"" ""l II Offer oood only Monday, I V: i E i . : . ... . ... ' uoiiy i i-iu sun. u-v fTr rnrrW Next to the Coronado Theater fl,' " 6940 E BROADWAY Jf . . w4i J -PtfQNE 886-WQfA . irmia- i tut" TfflTBnrTTn" V unrnitiir (NBC) leen Lloyd, Carole Cook and Stella Stevens A real-estate saleswoman becomes frustrated when she realizes that she has been successful only because her boss is using her as a lure to attract customers. (2 hrs ) CD MOVIE Who'll Save Our Children?" is a 1 978 drama starring Shirley Jones. Len Cariou, Cassie Yates. David Hayward, Lee Ann Mitchell. David Schott, Conchata Ferrell. Frances Sternhagen, Jordan Charney and Franz Russell A childless couple linds themselves thrust into the world ol parenthood when they lake in two children who were deserted by their parents (2 hrs.) CD ROCKFORD FILES 8:30 P.M. O FACTS OF LIFE Mis Garrett's son visits Eastland School and convinces Natalie she should leave school to pursue a songwriting career. (Repeat) 4Q EL SHOW DEL LOCO CD THREE PORTRAITS 9 P.M. O OUINCY Quincy sets out lo prove that a young mother did not murder one of her twin babies. (Repeat, 1 hr.) CD INDEPENDENT NETWORK NEWS CD HOLLYWOOD SQUARES CD EVENING AT SYMPHONY 9:30 P.M. O THREE PORTRAITS CD CD NEWS 4Q COLORINA 10 P.M. O O 0 is NEWS O SPOLETO '81 Canto Popolaire, a group dedicated to re-creating Italian folk music is leatured. CD TWILIGHT ZONE 40 NOCHE A NOCHE CD ODD COUPLE (D NAACP CONVENTION HIGHLIGHTS 10:30 P.M. O WIMBLEDON TENNIS (SPECIAL) Highlights of the day s action at the All-England Tennis Championships at Wimbledon Stadium in Great Britain. O THE ORIGINALS: WRITERS IN AMERICA Wright Morris, a photographer and the author ol the award-winning novel "The Field of Vision," is featured. O CD ABC NEWS CD ROCKFORD FILES CD BENNY HILL , 40j NOTICIERO CD PRISONER: CELL BLOCK H CD DICK CAVETT MOVIE "Echoes of a Summer" (2 hrs. 10 mins.) 10:40 P.M. 40 24 HORAS 10:45 P.M. O TONIGHT SHOW David Letterman is guest host with guests Pete Barbutti. Joe Gara-giola and Bess Armstrong (1 hr.) 11 P.M. O CAPTIONED ABC NEWS O CD LOVE BOAT fj MOVIE choes of a Summer," a 1976 drama starring Jody Foster. Richard Harris, Lois Neltlelon. Geral-dine Fitzgerald, William Windom and Brad Savage. A girl, stricken with a fatal heart disorder, has a valiant and realistic attitude toward her death and helps her parents deal with the crisis (2 hrs. 10 mins.) CD MOVIE "Show Boat" (2 hrs ) MASTERPIECE THEATRE 11:30 P.M. CD THE ROOKIES 11:45 P.M. O WORLD OF PEOPLE BENNY HILL 12:10A.M. O WILD WILD WEST (D THE UNTOUCHABLES 12:15 A.M. O TOMORROW COAST-TO-COAST 12:30 A.M. CD GUNSMOKE 3 stations changing hands, but only 1 its Spanish tune Money is changing hands or soon will be on the local radio front: Three stations are in various stages of being sold. "Radio Fiesta" KXEW (1600-AJvi) is being sold for $1.3 million by RFC Partners to Cactus Broadcasting, pending approval by the Federal Communications Commission. The prospective owners of KXEW have indicated no plans to change the station's format, which should come as a relief to listeners who soon will find it the only Spanish-language radio station in Tucson. In fact, sources say listeners "probably won't even notice any changes when the new owners come in." Others say it was just an opportune time to sell because of the offer from Cactus. RFC Partners is made up of Ernesto Portillo, KXEW's general manager, and his wife, Julieta; Jerry Blackwell; Marvin and Stella Johnson; John and Dolores Mora; Robert and Nellie Ellias; Lowell and Anne Rothschild; John and Marilyn Mesch; Alfredo C. Marquez; and Douglas Clark Jr. The buying firm, Cactus Broadcasting, is principally owned by Jerrold Lyons, a Tucson accountant, and Frank I. Lazarus, a Cincinnati businessman. FCC action on the sale will not come for at least a month. Meanwhile, the commission has approved the sales of rock station KWFM (92.9-FM) and its sister Spanish-language station, KEVT (690-AM). Both stations are being sold by former Tucson attorney Alvin Korngold, who now lives in Las Vegas. KWFM is being purchased for $2 million by Sandusky Newspapers Inc. of Sandusky, Ohio. The album-oriented rock-music station will not change formats under the new ownership. In fact, Sandusky operates several similar stations including KDKB and KDJQ in Phoenix, KBPI in Denver and KZAM in Seattle. The new owners are reportedly planning to upgrade the station's equipment when the sale becomes final, probably Aug. 1. KEVT is being bought for $1 million by Abundant Life Ministries, which traces its ownership to Grace Chapel, 6180 E. Pima St. The church has flourished in the wave of the "born-again" Christian movement. The change in Special Psychologist Dr. Gloria Bernat takes listeners' calls on family and personal problems, 1 :06 p.m., KTUC (1 400-AM). Tucson Talk Michael McNulty, from the Department of Water Resources, talks about Tucson and water from 7:05 to 8 p.m., with an open forum from 8:05 to 1 0 p.m., in this call-in show with Frank Michaels, KMGX (940-AM). Toroe Baseball Tucson at Salt Lake City, 7:30 p.m., KTUC (1400-AM). Radio Reader Dick Estell reads from Sloan Wilson's "The Greatest Crime,'' the story about a man in desperate trouble, 7:30 p.m., KUAT-FM (90.5103.1-FM). Festival of Orchestras The Los Angeles Philharmonic ROSS RUBBER CEMENT 4 oz. Bottle .Reg. 891 ROYCE BLOCK WALLS Michigan St. Call 294-2607 For Free Licensed & f """""" NO-RUST I,. Ill rF AIREZE EVAPORATIVE COOLERS j 3500 CFM DD Motor & pump not included. I I Complete Sheet Metal Do-lt-Yourselfers j 10 DISCOUNT I AVIATION AIR, INC. I 2255 E. AVIATION HWY fi9A.ftf.nft BUY OR SELL GOLD OR SILVER Get Acquainted Prices give you more for your metal at the GOLD t3 SILVER CENTER We Buy Diamonds too! 5008 E. Broadway Hrs. M F 9:30-5:30 327-7717 WE BUY COIN COLLECTIONS, GOLD & OLD SILVER COINS, TOKENS, MEDALS, CURRENCY BID BOARD COIN AUCTION EVERY SATURDAY 2:30 GLASS SHOFPE COINS ' 412S L BIGADWAY Tel 323 1811 David Hatfield Radio Today's Highlights 245 S. PLUMER COMM. PLAZA 33 Ph. 792-0688 DAY or EVE. Estimates 1 M-p Per Running Fool -ti-l Normal Installation -J Mnivm f oologe Req Hi 5' 1 ...1 1 JEL IN CULUK5 at small extra cost re 1 1 UP TO 1 5 YEAR 100 FINANCING Bonded FIBERGLASS""""""""! . ) 1 266 04 fab. for On Installed Labor wcoupan CLOSED ALL DAY SATURDAY, JULY 4th bottle illj Prict Good v i y Thru At 7'3,1y cludes dropping the station's Spanish-language format and switching to a religion format with the call letters KVOI, which stand for "Voice of Inspiration." This sale is also expected to become final Aug. 1. Now there are seven. The FCC reports receiving two more applications from firms applying to start television stations on UHF Channel 40 in Tucson. One is a group of 18 investors headquartered in Nashville under the name Focus Broadcasting of Tucson Inc. The other is Sun West Broadcasting Inc., a firm primarily owned by Jean T. Goins, a Minneapolis psychologist, and David L. Steel Sr., a Washington, D.C., consulting engi- Personality parade. ABC honchos must have known for at least a week of yesterday's announcement by NBC that Tom Brokaw was not going to jump networks after all. They decided to renew their contract with Max Robinson, the Chicago-based anchorman on "World News Tonight." ... All through Brokaw's negotiations he let it be known that he wanted to be the New York anchorman on a network newscast. ABC immediately jumped since Frank Reynolds, their main anchorman, is based in Washington and they could hassle later if they felt the need to push him out. What wasn't counted on even by Brokaw's negotiators is that NBC would work out a deal to make Roger Mudd its Washington anchorman and Brokaw its New York anchorman in a duo reminiscent of the old "Huntley-Brinkley Report." The changes, which include John Chancellor doing commentaries, will take place April 5. Early risers are no longer seeing Ruth Batchelor and her show-biz reports on ABC's "Good Morning America." She and the network parted company last Friday. . . . Here in Tucson, Alan Michaels has been named music and promotion director at radio station KCEE. . . . Radio station KTKT has lost newscaster Tonie Stanton to the world of public relations; she has gone to work at Owens & Associates Advertising & Public Relations-Tucson. And here's one from Bud Wilkinson, the TV-radio columnist in the Arizona Republic : Puffy, the weather dog, may soon go to work for KTVK, the ABC station in Phoenix. It seems the dog was hot stuff doing the weather reports for a station in El Paso, but the station's management and the dog parted company recently. Now Puffy, a 3-year-old Lhaso apso, and her owner, Gail Gordon, are looking for work. Look out Michael Goodrich, Albert H. Fogleman Jr. and Lane Roberts. Dial performs Cesar Franck s "Psyche et Eros," followed by "Les Nuits d'Ete" by Hector Berlioz, closing with Johannes Brahms' Symphony No. 1 in C Minor, Op. 68; 8 p.m., KUAT-FM (90.5103.1-FM). King Biscuit Flower Hour Frank Zappa, recorded live in concert, 9 p.m., KWFM (92.9-FM). CBS Radio Mystery Theater The Fourth Bullet..'' The brilliant composer Berlioz vows revenge on the woman who spurned him, 9:07 p.m., KTUC (1400-AM). Larry King Guest is David Wise, looking at the Central Intelligence Agency, 1 0:05 p.m., KCEE (790-AM). ferv Griffin Dr. William Radio is a guest, 1 0:05 p m , KMGX (940-AM). II I NOW ssnf sis Ml pM"act,o,s teg No other city of its size oilers the 220 cultural arts performances per year as does the Community Center. This is outstanding entertainment Support the SympSony. Opera, Ballet, Light Opera, and ATC perlotmances available to you.' July 1 -August 1 6 As. Summer Theatre's Summerfest July 6 Star Child July 8-12 Ringling Bros. Circus July Li'l Abner July 17 ZZ Top TUCSON COMMUNITY CENTER TICKET INFORMATION 791-4266 weiier THE MOST TRUSTED NAME 7340 E. BROADWAY r ASK ABOUT OUR T 1 COMPLETE HOME C 7 FREEZER SERVICE Dreher's Own Freshly Made HAMBURGER PATTIES Fresh Killed Cut Te Order AA CHICKENS Dreher's Own Fresh Perk BRATWURST BEEF PORK VEAL LAMB POULTRY WE DELIVER! Sde rWs 16 - 19 by SALOC CL0 SUNDAY. I : I IN MEATS Ph. 298-1691 $n8 691b. JU9 United To Slod On Hand

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