The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1938 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 5, 1938
Page 4
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TAGfe BLYTIIEVILLH (AHK.)' COtmifitt NEWS THE BtYTHEVILLB COURIER NEWS TUg cgpnren NE\YS co. H, W. HAINES, Publisher J. GRAHAM SUPPURY, Editor 6AMUEL F. KORRI6, Advertising Manager Sole Nationa) Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, IK- troll, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, McmiJlJls, Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class matter nt the post office at Blytliei'lllc, Arkansas, under act of Congress, October 0, 1917. Served by the United Press " SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In HID clly ot Blylhcvlllc, l&c per H'eck, or 65o per montli. By mall, wllhln a radius of M miles, $3.00 per year, $1.50 /or six mouths, 15c for three months; by mail In postal zones two In six. inclusive, J6.50 per year; la zones seven and eight, $10.00 per year, payable In A -Special Week' With Men', Back durinjf World War <liiyji, Uiw country ilixi'ovt'reil ;i new WM.V lo pi'n- mulc woVOiy 'caii.swi. A .spccinl dale \voiihi bo set aside — soincliiiws one. day, sometimes n whole week — willi the idcit Ihal llic paiiicidar woiiliy CIHISI.' involved would he jiroinoled, (>ni|>li;i- sizctl and iij)|)calnd fur by all and .sundry on Unit occasion. It worked— until every rommcTi'ial publicity ,and promotion nuni in the nation begun io appropriate (ho idea. Then we got a, series of Hig Kcd Apple Days, Eat More Lesjumes \Vueks, and so on, and (lie idea went, pretty stale. But it still has its points, when u really good cause'' is involved; and yon might i>':iy-a little special attention to the week of May 1-8, which has been set aside us Better Parenthood Week. Child Health Day, for a number of years, has. been observed on the lirsl of May. Mother's Day, this year, falls on May 8. To the editor of the I'av- cnls' Jlagaxine tlicre occurred the idea ot" combining the two dnles to stress the whole general subject of belter care for children and better protection for mothers. That Ibis is a subject which badly needs emphasizing' is all too obvious. Parents' Magazine, for instance, points out -that each year — in these civilized United Stales— 150,000 mothers and babies die from causes thai might luiye been prevented if proper tare ifad been available. Those.. figures iiican. lirsl, that we , are shockingly remiss in I he mailer of providing the right sort of attention for women in childbed. The medical skill, dietetic knowledge and pre-iialal guidance which would. reduce our maternity death rate lo a fraction of its present level are available — LlmL is, they are 'in existence. But somehow they don't get to all the women who need them. A tragic annual sacrifice; Ji> the result. Secondly, the figures' mean fiiat a great number of babies who might be saved are lost every year becausu the care that woidd save them is not made available. There, can be no more pill- J'«l toll thafi this. To be ab'le lo we 'babies from death, and yet lo let them .die — no nation which docs that on the scale that we do it can feel anything but the profonndcsl shame. Now these, as it happens, an; not things that will right themselves if we give them plenty ,<>[ time. Mother;; and babies who might live will continue to die, year after year, unless we force ourselves to realize how inexcusable our neglect i», and do :-omc- Ihing about it. It i<; not a injitliT »( finding new knowledge or. developing new wicnlilic .thills; Ibo Knowledge at>d I ho .slfill.s aro at band, and we need only lo make .sure they ;ire used. If tin; observance of Hotter Parciit- Jiood Week this year conipel.s HH to recognize thw (irobletn and to lake stepn to .solve it, 1 1 lie week will lie lime well .s|)Rii( indeed. 'I he, /in n nit I Worry Hummer" is here. The village of (Ircal Neck, N. Y., has passed an ordinance forbidding persons over 15 lo go slumping in their swiinniing suits. Summer certainly camo ej-.rly Iliir; year. In a way, it's nice, and whal'.s reli'iTcd Id liy that in nol in I his iii- Klance the weather but Ihe bnsjnww of gulling Ihe oratory about bathers over with early in the seaxon. ll's .si> jmjd) ivi.sii'r to bear all the swiml ami and fury when the u-eatlier is comparatively cool. H'.s lo 110 hoped that tlie rest <;f (lie country follows (lie lead of Urea I Neck in rushing Hie season jiist as ijuiddy us-it can. Da it now. (let it ;il.l decided about wbother the male may or may not bare his chest, whether (lie female may or may not expos:a strip of her person around (he middle, and just bow far from the beach either may stray without changing into street wear. There are MO many other things to worry about these iltivs. \ whirled rending uroimd. mul us 1 yoL tiiller I rciui books on higher shelve:;.—Audrey Wui'de- mann, Fulitor Prize poet, dcscribinp, her childhood ctliittillon, hi her [ulhcr's library. Wlii'iiL'\L ! i- I Mud anyone who bei-alcs Hie iiifc-';. -I can put niy (Inecr on sommim.' wlin. If Ur hurt liis way. would lliniL the cxi>L('sKioii\i>r anyone who tnkc.s ;i difVcrciiL view from his.— Sfimtor Eclwiird 11. Hurkc of Ncl)ni;;k.i. * * * Whcllirr \vi- uiin sliig Ihc- lilKh notcvi nt mil, wi- all know cjir N:i(inn;il Anlliein, mul wo ii'msl kcpp.ll Kacivd.— Williiim Kcrr, jHOoUl Die Ainmcni) D,is Day Association, on ;i pwial lo lower the Klur S|mnslcil Biiniio's holes. of I «ii'. iitlc lo nitcb llic licsl num. Willi.nn Ualy. Ucloic ho (ell . . . i (omul I lie bridc- Ei'onm was .srtusinu to the Iloor :n :i faint . . . bul (lie innrrintic vow:; : had been liikcn.- Hcv. Jai]ip.s Craig, clestilljiu^' a wcdiiin- dc;;pi(e In Ihr modern ::diool, Ilir last lliin:; tlicy In waul is imlcr. -iicv, Rubril j. Gannon. |jrc::l- itcnl o( Kordhaiii Univcisity. » * * American freedom i:: rrxjlnl in Ainrrli-an nbiindsiiio-.-Govn-iior hi Folio. i c o[ Wi., I We iirr licllin;; near iivili?,;i|iiu: Henry J-'wd. OUT OUR WAY % .). K. Williams SIDE GLAJ ^ggS : ___jrGeorge Clark [ OP SHORE DIED J? I IK i. HADN'T RUM ONTO HIM? THEM ELK UP ON TH' RIM HAD A MIGHTY WINTER,BUT HE'LL WHY, BIG'ICK HAS FAINTED! T. NEVER THOUGHT A B\G,STRONG MAN LIKE HIM COULP FAINT' "Now, before I sit down, young- man-do you know anything at all about your Inisiiu-SK?'' 1 THIS CURIOUS WORLD £Z; William rguson DRIVERS OR THE? - w?os r SK' AGE GROUP' ACCOUNT POR THE "MOST AC/Z.£££> LOfs)G-iN)eC(<£D BIRDS b. ABUE TO:,A.\AI'NTAIN BALANCE. -IKI fr|_lGHT B.V CCLD hgures worked out by : (he Highway Research Board .ho^ Ihr.t auto drivers between -15 lo fiO years of :, w kill the lowest •Mil.-, . . . i,|; 0l a GS per year for C ae'h ICG.Wa drivers Uul ,lic "ifstrrs ,,t If). M ; uicl 21, v.ho n, ; ,kc the best records in drinm: t\ kill ull ro person/; animally, per each lOtl.TOl) drivers. Demands on Girl. Gr<;;«kT Tlutn JA.irnicrlv i;v in;. MOJUUS ifoi-. .fiiuriial "f tin: American 1 e d 11- ;\ I j\svot-i:itii]ii. aiul of llyecia, llic Ilenllh Manarini' Nowadays moi'e nutl more ynuii^ Mitnrn are extejuhti^ ttn-li nluea- li r :i :nlo hisli sflior)'.. 1 ; and nuivrr- . Antlioritic.s in Ihc:,^ im.litu- ;irc bppnniiiE lo ;-ive ninre :<n:l attention to ll;e problem of L-an l;c dono lo bnilil lip women into phy«cally normal rpceimcus. 1' is inlcTf6tiii3 ta see ivlut rd- iK'ational anlhnrities con:oivr !•; be the liraltli nertls of tlie s<«in™. woman of totiriy ami of (lie future. The mo:irrn sivl Is far more nrt- vanred in tier social relationships tiuiu w;i i a girl of thr :,amr a^c ^5 yours a'^o. Fii)tlicrinore, Ihe ('u 1 - that, urc niaclc upnn her 1-y the riintciiluin of rduealiosi or l;y flip r.vork n-hich slic (!o?,s in her <'t.»ily life are much more than Hie demands that used to IIP placed upon .lontijj wonien in an ra?)icr ficncratlun. It must, be rciueinbcrcd Ihal (he, g wom^n I'; still an artolcsccnl ijo anrt l>y dcvclopinen'. l?'it that she tit hco;elf inro ;iin iine si^e -:f period o! .--prcd. lirii-c and fnlensity. For this very san Uie mortem jcnin^ '.vnrnnn is likely to be more easily |a- ti^ued atitl (o have a Kiratoi r-mn- tional intensity Ihtin w;>.s Ihr c.i>;c ol a young woman in previous yc.irs. NcUvilbsianding all dial has been done to educate clilldtcn as to the proper posture ausoeiatr.a with hcalUi, yn»ii8 women coming iu( o our high schools and colleges are found tcday In large numbers with body mechanics that arc not satis- liii'tory. 'lliey c.irry themselves inully; I hey inrliiie tn .slouch and a".\ume string pastures wliieh iiulicnle llml, thry ;uc iiivinu link- mrnl:il nUi-ulion lu the <|Uvslion ol b-j;ly carriage. Imeslhrnloi.-. in uoinens co!lo;;ra reiioil thai i-oliege xtiidciits; even IboiiBli (hey rniiiesent a more (ir sriected groii|>. show evklcr.ccs cf poor physical condition, emotional instability, lack uV endurance. | and disorders of function of many dlflprent. lypes. Jt is. ol course. (»:iiv in vcrent scars (hat most, scI,nr>is'imT be.-jn into (he school ciirn.-uHiii). Many or (lie sills of ailoiesrenl or advaneiYl years have nol had any cducalitii in their voutli conccrn'- I in? health, and know little abonl . thrir hofiie.s ;« ;i ineciianlxm. Fran j.lhr mental point ol view as well as i the (he modern girl re| quires atlccition. I Modrvn tins ;irc by Hie specialist;; into all sorts ot'efassifi- cations. including day-dreamers, introvert'., extroverts, c^or.entiir,--. girls wlih suiicriorit.y comnlrxen. with inferiority and worry complexes, an:i other calegorin,;. 'Hits lupins, nl Dial Ilirsf 'girls mii-,1 iw given for cr.iisuKatioii with svnvpnlhellc mombnrs of the fuc ulty who will help lo guide (hen Into proper adjustment, not ftnlj In the social group with -,Uiicl\ they are involved in coileye. but. with the group's, which they ineel at home nnd In tlicir daily work The moclei-n girl's tcliool Is likely to require a personality Clinic as well as a health clinic. CAST Ol-' Ill AHACTKIIS ^ ;'A«'Kll-! III'N.V—bi'riilnri fclic " »'™v!" '^i!fe^"Jn'?; r i'!v tHOllier) Klip ii'.-ti)(ril » »on-Jn-lu>Y. jrilil rni:»|;rinr>l. iiirrH) l.i «n<'-'}• .r«rl<l<-'« imillirr. jVnil Jni-hlr »rrp|i»*. lhj( ullt tlu.jr iiluu ivoik *i» «muu(lily, KlKr ivnmlrra. CHAPTER IV JJOGKR'S idea went over beautifully. Evelyn was delighted to Hunk her Jacqueline was cn- i gaged to be marrk'd! "I c!o think, 1 darling, it's too romantic!" she said, ccblalie-ally. Jackie denied (hat (here was anything rom;iutii: abonl it. "Wo simply decided to gel engaged," she said. "So now, Mother, yon tan go ahead iincl nirirry Mr. Scott." Roger ^vas surprised Ihal npxl hiorning when J;iekiu came lo see him take off. "Gosh," he said, taking both her hands in-his, "to think you'd gel up utmost a I ;.un' p just to wist, me happy-landings! Thai was pretty sii'ell of you, Jackie." "U wasn't my idea," Jackie said rfiorlly. She pulled her hands away. Why, Roger was fictinif as though they were engaged! "Mother insisted I ought to se<2 you off. No!, thai f don't wish you 'happy-landings,' Roger," she added. She did wish he hadn't been leaving on such a dangerous indcrlaking. She would be pretty jittci-y inilil he got hack. "Thanks," Roger i- e t u r n c d, rather shorlly, too, "Mighty'nice of you to !»•: so concerned." lie turned to the mechanic, "Make •ont.iet, will you, Jerry? And give licv the gun." "You wiii 'tic cm-etui, won't you, Roger?" Jackie had a peculiar nnply feeling in Ibe pit of her ilomach. Almost as though she were (he one who was- going to do those tcsl dives. "Oh, sure, T'H be careful," Roger said carelessly, lie adjusted his helmet, buckled on the big, :Himsy chute. lie was flying an open job. empty gnawing in Jackie':-; slomacli persisted. She was glad Roger would have (hat rip-cord to rely on. :k & A J^l'lO mechanic liyd (lie ship wiirmcd up now. Ho climbed out .ond. Roger took his place. "Well, SB long!" lie called, raising a hand in salute. Jackie ran up beside him, straining on tiptoe. "Happy landings!" jibe called again. She wanted him lo know this time she meant it. She could nol imagine why she fell so panicky. She dicin't feel any different .toward Roger just because they were pretending to he engaged. "Oh, yes!" She clung onto (he side of the ship. "I forgot—Mother wants you for dinner (ho first night you're back." "For dinner?" Roger leaned over (lie side. Jackie had never noticed before how blue bis eyes were, like the sky on this May morning, lie certainly was not hard lo look at in his pilot's outfit, lie'was enough lo make any girl's pulse quicken. Alaybo that was why Jackie's heart started throbbing so rapidly now. Or maybe it was because his lips—for one brief moment— h;iH been no dose to hers. She jerked herself back sharply. "You'll come, won't you, Roger?" "Sure. I'll be there. With all my medals." tic placed a hand over his heart. "Didn't I promise to stiind by no mutter what happens!" Jackie had to step back now. He was ready to lake off. In a few minulcs he would be only a small dark object high up in Ihc sky, selling smaller and smaller, vanishing completely. She raised her hand in a salute, loo, a gesture of farewell and God-speed. She wished he had chosen different words to say in parting; "no matter what happens" bad an ominous sound. Tlie sort of journey Roger was beaded for might so easily nol huvc Ihul happy landing. She watched Ibal small dark object as long as her eyes could follow il, then turned away. She felt very much alone and forlorn. She told herself, :!!>grily, that she was behaving like a little fool. Roger was n good pilot. They didn't come any heller. He would come back safely—stund by—as he had promised. "EVERT HE I, ESS, Jackie searched Ihc evening papers lo see if (here were any accounts ot crack-lips. She heaved ji sigli of relief, then a sharp exclamation, as her attention focused on an entirely different item. Tlicre, heading tiic society column, was her own name! Her mother was serenely sitting before her U iplc-mirrored dress-, ing table with ' its confusion "OC jars and bottles. "'' '' ; : "Did you see this'.'" Jackie demanded, dashing in oir'h'cr." She held out Ihe paper al arm's length. Her lovely eyes flashed their gold- en fire; her face was flushed. Evelyn finished Ihe perfect cuptd's bow of her mouth. "What is il, diirlingV" She saw the paper; her eyes lighted up, loo. She stretched out a hand, "Why, how very nice! 'The announcement is made/" she, read aloud, '"of Ihc engagement of Miss Jacqueline Dunn, daughter of the romantic actress, Evelyn La Fargc, to Mr. Kogcr Ureckner.' . . . f wasn't at all sure (hey could gel it in m soon," she added with someUuw like triumph. "Do you mean (hat you put in;., in the papers?" If .Jaekic'.s prolfy face had been (lushed before, now it was crimson. "Why, of i-ourse, darling." "But 1 didn't say you could. You didn't even ask me. . . ." "II scarcely seemed necessary. Aflcr all, an announcement always comes from the mother of the bride-to-be. . . ." "IJin' I'm not going lo be a bride!" "Nol going . . . Why, ivy clear child, whatever :irc you saying!" Evelyn got up to put a coo! hand on her daughter's brow, lo forte licr gently to sil down. "Didn't you tell me last night (hat. you and Roger are engaged? Didn't you get up almost before daylight this morning lo go see your fiance off—such a pity that the poor dear boy should have io go a\yay pr.ic- lically on Ihe eve of your betrothal. . . ." "I wish you wouldn't talk tint way!" Jackie said. Her face waj a thunder-cloud now. "Of coiinc, darling. . . . Naturally you're upset because Roger had lo leave, you're terribly worried about him. . . ." "I'm not!" Jackie winced al a denial (hat somehow did not ring true. "You had no right, Mother, io toll the whole world." Jackie had not expected quite such fast developments. But apparently this was only n beginning, "No right'.' Why, darling, of course I shall tell everyone thai my little girl is going to be married! We must have a big party, and then there will be showers given .for you, and we must start shopping right aivay for your trousseau Jackie, what's wrong? Where are you going.,darling?" .; - ' . 13ill Jackie did iio('hear,l!iis last for she bad taken night from, her mother's plans, which w.ei'c iriclerd working out much loo fast lo suit her, (To Be Continued) OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoojjlc THATs WHAT YDU THOUGHT/ OUR FAT CHUM 15 •^ LOOK.' IT'S WAS AS SIMPLE AS MIS51MG A TRAW I JUST /MASTER- /MUUPEP • 'EM/ COLUMBUS KNOWS HIS WAY AROUUP/ / THEY MEV/ER RfiURED ^'-r^ ~~«~&^ BUSTER MAD A CHAMCE= ^ COrR. 1MB BY NE* SERVICE. INC. T. M. REO. U. S PAT. OFF Announcetneiils Hie Courier Nesra been thorited to r.iake -formal nnnouncc- mcnl cf the following candidate* for public office, subject lo the Democratic primary /iiiglist 0. Vor County Treasurer H. L. (HILLY) GAINES VM Sbnrirf and Collector HALE JACKSON 'l-"or n/'-clcction) Connlj- Court Clcfk T. W. POTTER Tor Cniinly tax AMiCssnr w. w. rui/orm WATSON IHtVAHT 6'1'EWAHT I'd ('niiniy ami l'i(.nli;ilr .Jntljc nOYI.IJ HENDERSON S, L. GLAD1SH (For He-election] lor Circuit Court Uerk HARVEY MORR1B I'M Outily )!c|ircscnla,lltc3 VV. W. FOWLER L. H. AUTRY WOODROW BUTTON Cnrsr Tflicf's Habits Kiiwii' > : j KOKT WAVNK. Itid. fUr*-?oliri 5, Oul.iUPi -ICI-'in j know where to look every time' :i Fines !.ciit. "just for tun." a tele- cram to Mrs. Mlllon thnnipkins. a Irirnd en roiiie to Toronto, sayhi? pockctbnok is stolen In this <-ily. Tlie thief has established a practice of tlircv.-ing the pnckrlbooli.s. alter emptying Ihc content-,, onto "Return next train; (rouble." The fun cost him a $73 fine when he tlie roof of'a downtown theater was tanvicled cf ;;eivling a j message. ' f^ati courier News Want Adr,. SAVE AS SOc ON 10 GAL. OF HI-TEST NO NOX GASOLINE 100% l'cnns.vlviini;i Oil. Sciilcrf Containers, 25c GAS CO. '1 Miles No. of Slate Line H. W. 61 HOLLAND, aiO,

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