The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 27, 1934
Page 3
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FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 1984 BLYTEEVtLLB; (XRXJ COURIER NEWS Hooks and Slides Bill Braucher Norwegian Town Crushed by Mountain and Sea PAOR THREB Missing by Imhrs Sometimes n few Inches in size Is Ihe difference between t>reain?ss mid noar-i-rcatrips'i. Such is the ra«- of Dryan "liitsy" Grant Jr the Ht(!e tennis fcik- from A:- Ifinta «ho has built up a rr-piila- lion as the "Giant Killer of the Courts." "BHsy's" i-.i'c. while replete with uji'-pls that have sained him uiory fii"i renown, is pathetic. Here's a scurrying little rabbit ol a fellow. |)luvini! his heart out in an effori 10 iroinu-o sui-h laii;i- oni's as Shields ami Hlopfeii—-.•:«! doing, it loo! But "Uilhy" linl- tho combination of bo'.!; a 1m!,- too much. One TIM) Many In last year's national siir.,'!^ tournament at Forest Ilili.s. lor instance. Gram drubbed Storfc-ii. the C-foot 4-inch Goliath trosi the west coast, and earned h!;!i- ff'.f a at l-'raiil: Shields in the wrni-finals. Rut after 'fi\\iv: hi.s :ill i:i tlie match against Kto-.>- fcn. "Ilitsj" couldn't Mimnm enough cnevay to withstand tlv> terrific sen-ice s;ame of Shield-. The other day at White Sulphur Springs. "Bitsy" ran up .U' ihe :;a:>io ' combination again. He took the measure of Slceff-n onc-e more, and won his way imo ihe final of the Mawjn Dixon invitational, nil 1 .' ihert- was Shields lo faro the nr>x: do.v! Anyone with less intestinal fortitude than the midget would have fo!r!rd up with such a situation facing him. ['.specially since he had gone ih:-oir.!li the ordeal fn.cs before. Bui ihe little Karnn- cock girded his lions, stepped o-i the ciniit willi the big. blasting Shields, and proceeded to have hi.s way for two fast sot.s. Tint'il to ihr- |)o:L,t nr osliaus- liusi. however, he dropped '.he :as- three sols alU':- a pame n-4lit. and a?ain his efforts had ^a:ie fo: ^v.-ceney. "Ilklij" fur Inslame In .some : parts s:ze do-ir,'i iihr sitch an i:(i::oi-iant pail. Horse laciiv; is one— and the I ril'tnnt E[|Ui|>Disc is a;i outbfiiKl- in? t-x-ample of this. The pi^my son of Pennant-Swinging, a! six ^*"ais of a^e. is still the [;roa:c.v. hai:[lii-ap horse of the ay. an;l is o.'i his way. 10 ix'st Su:i BL-.IUV luO'u--'-winning record. Golf»-is'-'.another—Paul • Hiinyan. Il.i- clussy kid pro. is a mere .stripling, jet he won his way throii?h the i-aiii-s of ui^ijer men lo take his scat on the throne of the club 'swinucrs. I Bar,:ball Is on? more—Little Joey Seivi-ll. Rabbit Maranville- Rut tennis — it takes a hi». * Irons; frame, a lona sweeping 521 of arms and a pair of lr-L's tha: c-in .stretch on! and cover all corners without tii-iii;; under the strain. That's just what "Ilitsy" dnc-sn't have — ami [hat's what probably will keep him from ihi !;i-i':iliu'>.s he well deserves. fl A Etra:it r c' rr.r,:ran of c-!no- 5 anil calm, this striking picture shows the ruins of the colorful Norwegi vilkii-c Tiiljord afti-r thousands ol tons of roc-ks, crashing from the mountain biclra into the deep waters :1 Hi: 1 fj::vd i:r-i u v.-. can.-f-d a ;I<<«| wave in which moie Ihan -10 men. wonu-n and children perished a 1 .i.i-v s!i-p:. Tiu- <Ti]:plin<j of tlie jsowcr .station, whose towers ai-; SECII rlsini; beiiind the wrecked houses. plunged (lie village into darkness. Oven Tassos Loses By Foul In Cape Match Wednesday Cf.l'K GIRARDEAU. Mo. — Disqualification meant the curt of ; last vrcsiliii^ m>.:<-h IKIX- w.-il- i-.ct-day ni-ht with a lriii:n;ili bi-- m; awarded rr^ddie Knickl- of Dinuingham. Ala., after Tnniai' Trusros of Chicago iouled rcpcal- edly ia the third fall of their match. Both Tassos Knicklc wur. fasl. ca-y r;rappkrs and T.isvo' d. monr,tral;-d ability a» a eoitird- ia:i. One c.\n:np!e cf hus li-.imoi Is thai he sen I 'word nluurt tin h? was a -Taniale Kiel" from <JI( A^exii-o aiui iinncri out ;o be ; Cire rt k f:eiii Chicago. Lynn Tsrlt;v. Cr.pc? coil.^ii: giapplr-r. s.ol otr to :i lair .:;a, In Murder Case A iii> am, tvdi a cirtain in human form, can walk and talk in an in- lixticn oven, while a bar of iron or sonic oilier metal pjrt of an ;':tomobile is heating to a temperature of 230 degrees. Ovens of this ype have hreu inytalied in tha Plyn-.outli ^folor Corporation plant in Detroit, te take the paint on automobile parts. They have replaced the old-type steam-heated ovens where workers formerly toiled in .xtieait-ly iio: U-niprraluiTs. XOTICK OF COM.MISSIONKK'S SALE Notice Is hereby given, tnnt In pursuance of the authority and directions contained in ihc decre- tal order of the Chancery Court, of Mississippi County, for Ilic Dly- thcvllle District, made and entered on the 27th day of February. 1934, a ceitiun cause 'No. 55(14) ihen pt'ndiii'.; iherein lietu-cen The I-^d- frnl Lir.d Hank ol St. l.oiiis, « corpomion. complainant, and Harry Taylor, et al. defendants, the undersianed, as Commissioner of said Com i, will olfer for sale nl .public vi-nduc to the highest bid, lie: 1 , at the south door or entrance of the County Courthouse, in the • Ciiy if IHylhc-ville, in the County j or Mississippi, for the Blytltevlllc | nisiric-t. within tlie hours pn 1 - ' scribed by law for judicial sales, j •on Saturday, the 12lh day of May, A. D., 1934, the following described ii-al eslato: to-wit: TliL- North thirty-two (32) acres of ilic Northwest Quar- ler iNW.i) of the Northwest Quarter (NW/i) of Section Tweiiiy-tinci' 123) Township Hftccu (15) North. Knnge Klcven (11) EHSI of the Fifth Principal Meridian; in Mississippi County, Arkansas TERMS OF SALE: On a credit of three months, the purchaser tx-ing required lo execute a bond as required by law and the order and decree of saiii Court in saiit cause, witli approved s.-curiiy. bearing interest nt ti-.e rate of the percent (5 r r> per annum from ilale of sale until paid, and a lien being retained on the premises sold to secure the payment of the purchase moiujy. Given under my hand this Hi day of April. 193-1. R. L. Gaincs Commissioner in Chancery. the pro tr-rec (. Kiuton I-. r ai Lor. .!CLi a;j. ra:id r:o '. no'-..' of ;!:•.• .•.l:c-, 1 .-:ii~n .- -.. ! n ri!n profe sionais me. laXir.; two out ^ paying, bartering and wcr:-cin». fioin Uav:<! Dw'.i-y Housrs within" the colony will \K Midi. The owned by the colonv. w:ili mem- Tv.iity hav-1 bers occupyinj them a. Ion;; us h!:> Ill-it, they wish without payiu? rent"" All •iisjii.iy. .necessities will h« fi'iriiished free. ,N'o one will receive ivages. NERVOUS, WEAK? Mrs. M K. Sl '10 X. Cl!<rrckrc fc. Oka.. MJI: i (mill! Mm. "My ll!}-, due iacal Community Is Planned LEWISTON. Pa. 1UP1--A mo:l- 1 crn Utopia— no rent-', no piofils i no wages and free "inii.-riiients- :s being p:anii?d for Mifllln r:un- 1 ly. wricli ]-as seen many o\p?r:-l ments hi social and 'rcmamicl eq;i.iliiy. I Five hu:ulr?ri mcmbprs of t.c Milflin County Co-Opr-r.Uive A^o- ci.T.ion plan 'to tuiid a :u;>de! .vi- ta-menl en a s :te of 800 acres which "as been olfered t:-.cin. nc,'ordliiT t c Kiir;rn; p. Colyer. pr?.=!:Irnt of tlie association. . Colycr s.iid Ihe org.iniz.uion wi!l have liirce c!as.s.\s o; niemocrs— aOCTORS ADMIRE TH!S LAXATIVE To lunMi I,,M,IJ<|,,.S. ilirzlm-.M .111,1 oilier run-li|i.ilinn ills il,« n-Kiihilv lir.--.-nU. ||,,. |. 1Xlll ivo inniilirnl ii-r.liVi I-c.-n-i-niiiil.M,,.,,!,.:!!-™ i.l-.i-nn! l.-i-lin«. Savcri (mm two moh ntlacks. In i which nilllli.i routed the maddened crowd of 5000 wltb tear gas. Fred [.ockhart, 38, peddler, shown here In <"•--• ----- • • - < Jail. Is charged murder borty was found In woods near a hobo camp. Lockhart baa confessed, pojln declare. i,ijiilv .1111! Ml r,!in--.i iul,- 1 'I'l.l ll:i-irii:,| i> ph-a-nnl In t.iko .i;,,,, I'«-I|-;|. nil-it | l ,-ont^in, NO ricli- tere In Shroveport, La., ! n ".- l ""i>-ltlic,t,nHi.,r ,!i,i IVi-n-»- charged with assault anrt 'if V "'"'"'• ! ', m •l«vl,.|i;npiii of Mao Orlffln, 16. Her ,.,,, .;:"!"; ""i'-'-'^-"-"'-."''-'. l"J'i'- .. »«,, m ^ !„ «,^» ' ''' "'- 1 >«'-l-r.ii.iM3 l.iviliv,., IW< - nill, r-li'n- l',-.-rt-a.i:nnl l.k .-iii.l -J.V- nt •lrii r ' FOR SALE SEED CORN, SOY BEANS, COWPEAS-the price is right. We Take Script 0. 0. HARDAWAY COTTON CO. 112 S. Second St. PI66LY WIGGLY Prices for Frf</«» and Saturday KROGER SLICED BACON Swift Oriole Shoulder \vnoi.!•;. Piitmd - i . - - - I'K.'N'IC, STVl.l-:, I'liiinil if Salt Meat IJl-XI.H'lS, Pound Hli'lTS, I'oiMiil 6'' Butter Cminlrv C!u!i itnll' or Quarters Pound 25c Steaks K. ('. ISocf I.(.in, l,h. ''fie Round, 22!c Neck Bones Dnnct HUdM Brisket, !,l) PorkSteak Daisy Cheese Sausage « lOc Rib Roast Bulk Lard = 7c Pickles Swoi-t .Mix t'<l I'outul 20c Kresh I.I). 10' CARROTS Tcndtr Munch ONIONS Vi'llnw New Ut'ds I,I.. GRAPE FRUIT Fresh 1AC .o;if 1U ASPARAGUS Si:i EXTRACT -u; BANANAS' 1 !nr X19' : TOMATO JDK.'I' 101C irt't' LL2 LFMO'NS CANDY If GREEN BEANS Ill'iKl CRAVES PICKLE Calif, l.'ifl'.s Sour oi'- Dill 15° I'ri'ticli, Lb. 2 Palmolive 3 for Me Strawberries;:; lOc Potatoes Tahlo Triumphs I'ound 2c Cabbage No iv Texas t'niiixi 2c Cherries Aviinifale fied rilled i\i). 2 (.'an 10'c C. ('. 'I'iill nr li Sm;ill 19 C PEAS N(t. 2 Can Kadi •'! J'kti?. L- GQLDDUST ^ :ill nkc 2'/ 2 i- BRAN FI,AKKS C. C. TEA Wesco ''- 1.1.. Grape Juice Pint 15c rmich.s (ioiilcn ")-(,!). Can - - - 2!k 1(1-1,1). Can Each 48c FLOUR 21-1,1). RICE Kiinc-y lilne Hose 5 UKS. MALT Haute. Liijht or Dark. Ciin TISSUE Svminolu :i Holts 20 C SHREDDED wm: £ 13 ( C. C. Ui. Can PAI/ D/IIV IN(; Kin;; icu smm- I 'an l''n-e SNOW DRIFT I- 1 " C:l " -lh C.-m 25 JELLY MOTOR OIL a S CHOCOLATE Hershoy '/, l.ii. Corn Slumlord No. 2 Can Ksu-h 7!c Crackers ; 18c Butter Country Clnti Roll nr (Jiiarlt'rs Pound 25c Mustard « lOc Pears Kcifcr l.jic. 'l\'i Can K.-irh ,121c Soap Al) 25c Tomatoes Pure Lard Mackerel Car'tvi - No. 1 Tall Can Sugar nranuliilcd 10 Pounds

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