The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 7, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 7, 1930
Page 6
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BLYTItEVILLE, .(ARK.). COURIER NEWS A's Third Win In Pictures '{ IS IB .IB DF B.H, SL : Hudsonmen Working Hard for Victory in Season's Classic With Jonesboro. . ;. The "football classic ot Northeast Arkansas," the meeting ol the Golden Hurricane of Jonostjoro high school and the Chickasaws of Blytheville high will be staged nl • Haley Md Friday afternoon. And .'what a bsUle! • Tlie gridiron championship ot Northoaft Arkansas usually gcxi ••with vlclory In this game which has grown to be tlic biygest animal event on !he end proernm In this -part of the sl.ilc. JoncEboro and •Blylhivillc almost always represent llie cream ol the moleskin nggrega- ( ions in ihls section and the win- !ier is undisputed champion on this part' of the map. . "Calm the Hurricane!" Is the cry that sweeps onto the breeze as the Chickasaws go through their most intensive practice sessions of the season in preparation for the (y-mini; fray. And "calming the Hurricane" stocks up as quite n job for . Uw' Hudsonmen. The . Jonesboro gridders will Invade Blytheville in the best condition they have reached this scas/m. Without • a game since their terrific struggle With the Little Rock. Tigers two weeks ago, the Jonesboro players have been pointing for the gam.? here and were idle last week resting for the crucial fray. . Hav Fine Aerial Attack .'. The Hurricane lost to the formidable Little Ro:Ic Tigers after a spirited struggle under the flood- .lights at Little Rock. Evidence of a well developed offense possessed by the Hurricane were the two touchdowns scored against the. Tigers. In counting their touchdowns, the Hurricane unleashed n tricky serial attack' that hsd 'the Tigers floundering 'through the first hall of the game. Tht Hurricane's asr- ial attack built around the "ko\v- kow" pass has attracted widespread attention as one of the most puzzling and effective offensive measures seen on a high school gridiron • this fall. The pass requires perfect execution and Coach Clarene.2 Gels pupils are said to be adept at the play. •'Jonesboro icouts were on hand when the Maroon and White eleven of B. H^ S. defeated the Central high Warriors of Memphis in a terrific .struggle Saturday night at Hodges Field, Memphis. But. it Is doubtful If' they received any enlightening information to carry back to the Hurricane. Abiut the only outstanding news that could be garnered from the Saturday • struggle and carried back to Jones- bor6 was the stellar performance of Pete Craig, Chick fullback. And Oie Hurricane already knows from past.experience that Craig is one toons "hard' problem." Scouts from Paragnuld and Newport, learns to be played later in the season by the Chicks, were also In the stands at Memphis. ; ' : Chicks Won Last Year • Despite persistent injuries that hover around the Chickasaw camp TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1, '103(1 Desperate, Defiant Cards Again Depending on Left- hander; Macks Have Edge ST. I.OUIS, Mo.—A happy, gleeful troupe of White Elephants and a defiant, nock of fled Birds left St. Louis after the fifth fame of the world series y?st'?filay to ant their world s?i-!?s struggle in Philadelphia. The Macks went lo the fore again yesterday wlieu they triumphed In Hie hardest [oushl game of the scries, 2 to 0. The Macks now liave three victories t3 tHs Cardinals lv:o and need only one more to win llie world championship lor another year. fiurleigh Grimes, spitlialler cf the Caulliials lost hl.s !.»coml toirjli giimr of ihn series yesterday w!u j n he tossed a 'oigh tall to Jimmy Foxx In the ninth inning and the i youthful Athletic first baseman crashed 11 into the stands wltli O\K on for a home run. Earnsliaw pitched seven innings for the ASti- lctic= and Grove finished out th2 last Uvc. The Cards not but three hits wliile the Macks galusd but five. Gatby Street indicated before he left St. Louis that lip \rauld start I "WHO Dill" Hallallan against tne ! Macks Wednesday at Philadelphia. Hallahan shut the Macks out Saturday and he Is the remaining ace in Street's deck of Cards. Should Hatlahnn win Wednesday, Raines will probably hurl the final game If the scries is prolonged. Tr,c Cardinals believe that Connie Mack will send Grove, who Is I already credited with two victories || 1 iij the scries, to the-' mound Wednesday in an effort to end the series. The lied Birds are confident 1 that they will lake Grove, this time ' but they will have to b?at their performance in the first game to : trim the fire ball lefthander. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Sealed bicfccrfSTllie reMpplWg^ftf Fifteen miles of levee, trom Big Uikc North to Slate Line and along State Line East Three miles, will be received until 10:00 A. M. October 8U>, 1930, at which time the bids will be publicly opened nt the office of Drainage District No. 17, Lynch Building, Blytheville, Arkansas. Approximately estimated quanii. ilcs arc as follows: Improvement No. 28 76,072 cu. yds. Improvement No. 29 22.500 " Total -...98,572 " Plans nnd specifications covering Die work arc on file at t::c District's olfice. A certified check for ten percent ot the amount bid must ac- jompany each bid submitted. The ht is reserved to reject any and "all bids. Fcr further infoimallon see or address .1. W. 'Meyer, Engineer, 201 Lynch Building.' 'Blylhrrvllle, Ak. CLIFTON H. SCOTT, Receiver, Drainage District Number Seventeen, of Mississippi County, Arkansas. 10-4-0-7 COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE Is liertby gfven that llie undersigned commissioner, In compliance with the terms of a decree rendered by the Chancery Ccurt for t:ie Chickasawba District ol Mississippi County, Arkansas, on the 22nd day of September. 1930, wherein A_ G. Douglass was Ptein- !lc, and A. A Ryan, et al., were COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE Is hereby given that tif j undersigned commissioner, In com-'', pllance with the terms ot a decree rendered by the Chancery Court for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, on the 22nd day of September, 1930, wherein southern States Securities Corporation was Plaintiff, and L. defendants, will sell at public auc-, E. Hamner were Defendanls, lion to the highest and best bid-(sell at public auction to the high, der, for cash, on a credit of three, est bidder, for cash, on a credit months, at the front dcor ol the' of three months, at the front door Court House, between llie hours of the Court House, between the prescribed by law. In the City of ! hours prescribed by law, in (ho Blytheville, Arkansas, on the 29th City of Blythevlllc, Arkansas, on day of October, 1930, the follov.'lng the 29lh day cf Oclobcr, 1930. the leal estate, to-wit: Tile West Half of the Northeast Quarter of Section 13, Township 15 North, Range 8 East, in Mississippi County, Arkansas. following real estate, to-svit: Lot Number 10, In Block "E", of the liarron & Lilly Addition to (lie City of Blytheville, Ar- THE purchaser at Mild sale will THE purchaser at said sale will \ 1» required to execute bond with be required to execute bond with I approved .security, to secure the approved security, to secure the | payment of the purchase money, j:uyincnt of the purchase money,land a lien will be retained upon and a lien will be retained upon j raid property as additional secur- said uroiJcrly as additional security ity for llr. payment cf such ptir- WAKMNG OltDEK CHANCERY COURT, CHICKA- SAWI1A DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. John Hancock Mutual Life In. surance Company, ct al.. Plaintiff, No. 483C vs. Black M. Fowlkes, et al., Defendant. The defendants, Black M. Fowltfes and S. L. Fowlkes, arc warned to appear witllin thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer tlie crmplalnt of the plaintiff John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company, et al. Dated Sept. 30. 1930. W. W. HOLLIPETER, Clerk, By Harvey Morris, D. C. Church & Ga nil away, Attorneys tor Plaintiffs. Memphis, Tenn. E. M. Terry. Atty. ad lilem. 30-7-14-21 for the payment of such purchase money. WITNESS my hand and the seal of said Court, on Ihls, the Clh day of October, 1930. W. W. HOLLIPETER, Commissioner in Chancery. Reid, Evrard <k Henderson, Attorneys. fc r Plaintitt. 7-14 i chose money. WITNESS my hand and the seal of said Court, on this, the Clh day of October, 1930. < W. W. HOLLIPETER. CommUsloner in Chancery. Reid, Evrard & Henderson, Attorneys fo r Plaintiff. COMMISSIONER'S SALE COMMISSIONER'S SALE !.—A vivid close-up of a thrilling moment, in Monday's World Series game at, St. Louis. Oelbert .ol the Cardinals is slid ATI sliding safely Into 2nd, after being trapped In a chase between 2nd and 3rd. Note the ball In the hand of Second Baseman Bishop as he tries to tag tlie runner, while Third Baseman • • Dykes covers the bag. 2—Tlie thrilling finls'i of Philadelphia's 2 to 0 victory nt SI. Louis Monday. ' Foxx is shown crossing the plate otter hlttlnsf .1 home run to center field bleachers In 9th. inning, scoring Cochraiij ahead of Til background Is shown Blng Mlllc r walling for . his turn nt bat. Catcher Wilson, and* Umpire Rcardon nre shown at lelt. ' • . . ' i him Dougan in Defeat By Pal Moore Pal Moore, veteran Memphis bantam weight,; gained the decision over LeRoy Dougan, Blytheville fighter, utter el?ht rounds of milling a', Memphis last night according to an Ur.ited Press report. The fight was killed as a. "home- coining" attraction at Memphis, Mcore is one of the.oldest boxers in point of service siill aciivc today a:i;i remains as one ot the test men for his weight in the country. IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA DIS. TRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. American Building & Loan Association, et al., Plaintiffs, vs. Frances Baker, et al., Defendants. WARNING ORDER. The defendants,. Prances Baker, Billle Joe Baker," Toluca Baker and Jim Baker are warned to appear In this court within thirty days from this date ' and answer the' complaint of the plaintiffs. American Building & Loan Association and W. L. Deloney, Trustee. In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and the seal of the above court, this 22nd day of September, 1930. W. W. HOLLIPETER, Clerk. By Harvey Morris. D. C. 9-23—9-30—10-7—10.14 I NOTICE is hereby given that the NOTICE is hereby given that, the; undersigned commissioner, in ccm- undersigned commissioner, in com- pliance with the terms of a, de- pllance with the terms of a de- cree 'rendered by the Chancery cree rendered by ,the Chancery ' Court fo r the Chickasawba District Court for the Chickas&wba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, of Mississippi County, Arkansas, on on Mie 22nd day of September, 1930, the 22nd day of September, 1930. j wherein Franklin Bond & Mort- 'wherein Peoples Building & Loan,gage Company was Plaintiff, and Association was ' Plaintiff, and,C. M. Baxter, et a!., were Deftnd- Oliver Wicker, et al., \\ere Defend-j ants, will sell at, public auction to ants, will sell at public auction itne highest and bast, bidder, for the highest and best bidder, for'cash, on a credit of three months, cash, on a credit of three months, at- the front door of the Court at the front door of .he Cou;t House, between the. hours prescrib- ilouse, - between the 'hurs prescribed i ed by lau', in the City of Blythe- by law, in the City of Blytluvilte,, ville, Arkansas, on tlie 29th day Arkansas, on the 29th dav ol Oc. | O f October, 1930, the following real tober, :1830, the following real es- estate, to-wit: tate, to-wit: The' North 40 feet of Lot 11, in Block "C", of'the Mcrris Addition to the City of Blytheville Arkansas THE purchaser at said sale will Cj.required to execute bond with approved- security, to secure the payment of the' and.a lien will ., ,..„ said property as additional security for the payment of such purchase money. '. WITNESS my hand and the seal of said. Court, on this, the 6th day of October, 1930. W..W. HOLLIPETER: ' Commissioner in Chancery. Reid, E\rard & Henderson, Attorneys for Plaintiff. - 7-14 LOD Number 11, in Block 7, of the, Highland Place Second Addition to the City of Blythe- ' ^ ville, Arkansas. THE purchaser at said sale will be required to execute bond with approved security, to secure the payment of the purchase money, jand said property as additional security for the payment of such purchase money. . • WITNESS my hand and the seal of said Court, on this, the 6th day of October, 1930. W W. HOLLIPETER, Commissioner in Chancei'y. Reid, Evrard & Henderson, Attorneys for Plaintiff. I 1-14 ' ' J * maining seven. will play shoulder to' ] s an abundance- of pliable timber kc's teams. Carnegie' Tech gave Oy shoulder in the line, laying Jow and the major "is building soiin- Lclzcllcr a football letter. Coign je their opponents, much the same as thing with it. • AH but two nuartcr- did the same, for, Eddie Herb. With a barrage to screen the tanks tho backs, Carver ami ' Bowman, who Bowman and Carver, they hcdd won letters last year as reserves, the list of the major's groiuid-gaiti- ' '-''* major once commanded. the game Saturday gave the ,'s new coach play? down the are sophomores with intercolle'glato ers. ndividual and builds up team play* experience. .This fact may have . .. _,..- caused criticism al some time or Read Courier Ne$js Want Ach - — ' - green eleven of Coach Hudson needed 'experience. Tom Short, flashy back, Bobby Burns, sharp shooting passer and Wiggins, end, have-ailrnerits that are likely to prove troublesome all season but all will be ready for service Friday. The 'most severe drawback to the Clicks' chances against the Hurricane Is the injury to J. T. Craig, probably the. best broken field run- iier on the sqnnri. Cnig suffered a broken collarbone before the first same of :!ID season and hns not toeri action since. The Hudscnmen invaded Jones- tcro 'last year to give the Hurricane a 25, to 0 drubbing and the Cratu'ncnd county grid fans will turn out in big numbers to cheer tfeir team on to avenge the defeat here Friday. Two of them, Fields and Frcntzcl, are former Illinois men. Neither won a footb-.ill letter on Bob Zup- He la stressing an tern - of attack tnr more polished other, but It just happens that they than. Biff Jones, his piedecessor. were marking time al the other Cf course, it-is possible that he schools while awaiting the chance would retain the Jones system it to make the grade nt Wesl Point. there'wire a Cagle. But the Red ~ Wraith Is gone. Major' Sasje's. hacks on 'h" -'- tensive will be numbered 1, 2, 3 and 4, with the quaiteroncte as, wo. -t. They may play any place bohind (lie line of scrimmage. Each is n threat to hit the line, slash off the tackles, skirt the cncis or handle passes at tli> Ihrowitij; or receiving end. Backs Art Experienced Cliris Cagle Is gone, but there HOOKS • S E f M . The New Army Game The Red \Vrallri is gone. If any of the dozen or more cndels £2ck Ing backfleld posts ever nurs«d th° hope of filling the shoes thai sped "Onward Christian" Caglc to foot tall fime at W.isl Point, that hope has been'squelched by this time. ''"The Individual star system nev tr is stronger than the Individual who may ba put out of action o boxed up effectively almost un 'time." It is Major Ralph Sasse speak ing—the Major Sasse who 12 year ago crashed the Hindenberg lin "fith a flock of Uncle Sam's por •bie fortress**—the Major Basse who JM Commander-in-chief of Un cte Btm't future generals who a mare cdnceroed at present with fame e»Berf football. ; -I wffl be. perfectly satisfied no outitiadiaf individual shows u en thto ttta, and I Till not be d frMMd If we do -not place a ma <fi - «nj*6<iy's -All-America selec ' BOB," continued the major. ,' The Team's the Thine : Armjr will put * team of eleven the OeM tblt fill. Among ifceD men, (our will pass, *r «MTT tbt IM«I Tbo rt- HOME THEATRE Monday and Tuesday You've never met anyone like-of BULGARIA HAS ITS CAFONE SOFIA, Bulgaria, Oct. 7 (UP)— The government has matched Its strength against Bulgaria's Al Ca- pcnp. A warrant charging Ivan JMi- hailoff with inciting HID murder of an editor has hen issued. Mlhail- off Is the head of (he "IMKO", Bulgaria's "racketeering" society. RITZ THEATER Monday and Tuesday 'omedy and Romance on a Golf Course, 12th. ST. LOUIS AND RETURN Leave Blytheville 12:53 Oct. 12th. A. SI. Returning, leave St. Louis 11-40 P. M., Oct. 12th. ROUND TRIP FARE S O easy to protect floors with Florhido Enamel. Use it wherever there is heavy foof-trcffic around the house — inside or out. Florhide Enamel Quick dry ng end washable. Tort oilractivo colors. Thij,andall Pittsburgh Prod- bets, for sale al this store. The Arkmo Lumber Yards All Talking I'iclurc. : Comedy ami Topic. Matinee ami Night— 10 and 25c. She was put on trial fo love, because hey fiance' family scented scandal! SEE RUTH (GHATTERTON (in her finest role sint'o ."Madame X") BASH, RATHRONE ! . RALPH FORBES | NAN'CE O'NEll, | __ ;Coming — Home Theativ— CHARLES ROGERS KAMCX CARROLL ZEIMA O'NEAL JACK HALEY * PRODUCTION Gtimmount (ficbat The World's Wonder Ssvect- hearts Together. ALL'S FAIR 'IN' LOVE AND GOLF! This Picture- all in Colors. You will love this Picture. Comedy and News. Matinee—10 and 30c. Night—15 and 40c. DON'T MISS Missouri's Biggest County Fair TJHE17TH ANNUAL PEMISCOT COUNTY FAIR Caruthersville, Mo. Oct. 8-9-10-11 Day and Night Attractions Galore FAIR GROUNDS W. 6th Street All Attractions Absolutely Free Firs! Showing in Southeast | A superb trained horse act Missouri of the Missouri State Game and Fish Department Exhibit. Over 400 Specimens of fish and game on display in Agricultural Bitflding, by the Easter Sisters' Troupe of Educated Horses Afternoon and Night Performances A Great Outdoor Show by IS Great Artists ' St. Julian Attractions Afternoon Acts Vight Show lasting one and one-half hours Rod LaRoqiie' in LOCKED DOOR". Coming—\Vcd. .& Thurs.— "THE "GRUMPY" Maude. with Cyril SEE AND HEAR Tony.' iCabooch Columbia Broadcasting System's One Man Radio Show on Thursday, October 9. Daily Band •Concerts 1 by Scnath Lions Club Rand Hnyti Municipal Rand nnd Dyer, Tcnn. Booster's Rand Agricultural Exhibits Plenty of Midway Attractions —and— Riding Devices • Dairy Cattle Exchange and Exhibit Horse Racing 2 running races and 0 harness heats every afternoon on fastest half- mile track in Missouri See Capt. Hugo Dive from top of 90 foot, lower into a small nel and leap through a fiery chasm while riding a bicycle Afternoon and Night Acts ADMISSION—Adults, 50cj Children, 25c; Children under 12 Day and Night—admitted fred when accompanied by parents.

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