The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 8, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 8, 1936
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 8, 1936 BLYTIIEVILLE, (ARJC) COURIER NEWS Farm News Edited • by J. O. PUI^EnTON J. L. DAMERON County Agricultural Agent ABs't. County Agent [XPERT HELP IT Information and Advice on F.very Agricultural Problem Is Available. ily I Manager, Section, K ,. F. LIVINGSTON . Aerii'ultural Extension 1. tin Tout de Nemours & Co. At Hie top Is the United States department of agriculture. This is one of the most Important de- paitments of the government.. Fifteen general officers and seventeen bureau chiefs at an average salary of $7GOO per year arc need- I " le fanner can. theoretically, at ed to administer its complex nc- wl " ! " 1(1 usually at, no cost, ob-1 Feed Crops to Plant Tlie following feed crops may yet be planted: 1. Corn—Mexican June or any of tlie early varieties. 2. Soybeans for hay or In corn. Since seed ore scarce, any common variety grown in this territory Is recommended, 'nils would Include Virginia, Southern Grown Laredo, and Mammoth Brown. 3. Cow|>cas for hay or seed. 4. Sudan grass for pasture. 5. Sngrnln or any other common grain sorghums.- Duce's Daughter ill of Paralysis War, was decorated twice tut bravery. • • PAGE THREE farmer. Prom one or another of these publicly maintained sources tivllies. This is more than the departments o[ commerce and la- tain the best advice that is to be had on any subject he may name. In (lie business district of VI- Jilta, small Oklahoma town, five, tinned States highways meet. bor have combined. The federal | ' loln planning a l.CM-ncre crop government of agriculture has' program to ridding his liens of available for distribution, free or; liec - No other industiy under the i 4 .'. cost of printing, authoritative j sun - "° other occupation, no oth- tiillelins on every conceivable ei ' Individual worker has. such an VJliase of farming, its experts are' abundance of expert aid at Ills constantly exploring the world for, ca "' new Ihtngs, while it cooperates' Wc ' m 'c established an elabo- with state operated experiment ra ' c nnd costly system to help stations In every state for stutl-, " lc farmer who knows least, but ies of specific locai problems. This i ln Practice Its services are util- vast service organization stands ize<1 chiefly by the farmer who Tne critical Illness of his seven- year-old daughter Anna Maria (above) hns diverted 'Premier Mussolini from official business to watch at her bedside while doctors struggle to save her from Infantile paralysis complicated by pulmonary pneumonia. knows most, that Is, by the 35 per cent who are already successful and who wish to continue so. Perhaps we need salesmen in the agricultural sei-vlces. Perhaps these' services, comprehensive though they appear, are insufficiently manned. Personally, 1 .know county agents who are at' tempting to do work that should occupy a half-dozen men full J'ear nearly 17.000 farmers "were ltmc - Perhaps, Instead of paying aided In procuring better types of fnr meis to adopt progressive me- innchines and using- equipment I f locis ' as a child might lie bribed at the command of the humblest 'farmer. Examples of Service It is pertinent to consider briefly the highly personalized sort, of assistance given fanners by just, one agency of the department— •the-bureau of- agricultural engineering. Quoting at random from ihe latest annual report of the bureau, one finds that during the more efficiently. Over 18,000 trained in adjustment nnd repair, 31,000 were given expert, help in worl: on nearly 30,000 machines; planning 3C.OOO new buildings, and on 24,OfiO farms In improving or remodeling old buildings originally designed for the needs of animal power days and poorly adapted to modern purposes. Along with a variety . of major research projects ranging from , erosion-control to the development of seed 'treating and pest, control equipment, the bureau made intimate studies of individ- to wash behind his ears and clean his teeth. It would be better'econ- omy If we spent thai, money to establish progressive methods on their merits by doubling or even trebling educational facilities. Surely the benefits would 'be more lasting. Plant Late Potatoes About August First j The recent rain hns caused many inquiries relative to planting the late Irish potato crop. Felon Expects Luck To Turn On Fateful Day HUNTSVILLE, Tex. <U1>)_ Bill Douiic. inmnte of the Texas penitentiary thinks lie will get clemency next June -24 "because something always happens to me on thnt date." Tln-5 fnr, June 24 hns been entirely unlucky lor the former British subject. The record is: June 24, 1032—Robbery committed In Lubbock. Tex., for which Doupe was Indicted. June 24. 1933—Doupc re-entered the United Slates illegally; was arrested by immigration clllcer.; and trrhed over to Lubbock coiin- ty sheriff; given 10-year sentence June 24. 1.934—Broke Jail nl Lubboek. " . June 24, 1935—Arrested in Oregon. Inter tried on charges of breaking Jail and given IS vears Case appealed. June 24, 1930-Notined Hint the IS-yenr sentence had been upheld Doupc, an aviator with tlie Canadian forces during the World "What a Money-Saver My Dodge Is!" low "KlISS" OAKKS. mtllonallf '- i llalllmoiv sports mlKr J A^ _ I was sold up to (lie hilt on tlie new 1935 Dodge long before 1 bought one. Now that I have one I am just bursting with enthusiasm about it. For looks it's an eyeful...How it handles...and what n nionuy- saver it isl I'm getting close to 21 miles to the gallon of gas...Use no oil between drains.-.. fuels on farm bet- • seed are used they should Iwvc termc-nt, which, if they could be been harvest" four or ° x weefcf made genefally applicable, would i allowing them ""cure out substantially narrow the gap. be-j Lookout Mountain and the'Red tween ngr,cultural depression and,Triumph arc varieties most! coin- farm "owner S °" 1C ml11ions ° r i '"""'V lis e(l for the second or late «„,, , ", ' . . [crop. Eight to twelve bushels are Neluurk of Service. Agencies seeded per acre' for best results' Second in order to the federal! • • * re ? UIIS -. agencies we have Ihe state agri- | Western CCCJ Cooks Best ciillural agencies, the agricultural colleges antl experiment stations, and a national network of dem- SAI.T LAKE CITY -(UP)—Civilian Conservation corps 'enrollce's western states are superior onslratton nml experimental farms, to youths from southern 'and east-Third In line we Have the conn- ern sections in cooking 'and bnk- ty agents, who are within tele- ir. u , accordin to W 'T Douglas here ' phone or postcard call of every ALL SUBSIilUIESl NOTICE Privilege Taxes, Street Taxes, Automobile Taxes, Dog Taxes, and Inspection Fees are due and payable for the period of July 1 to December 31, 1936. , Your prompt attention will be appreciated. Ruth Blythe City Clerk. WAKE UP YOUR tiVERBILE- Wilbwil Caltml-Aad Vm'i] Jump OLI «f BtJ ii Ibt Motninj Ririn' lo Co ' The liver shoUtii pour oyt Iwo pounds of linjil'l rjiJ*f into your Uiweli daily. If this ljil« b IK' tlowini {twijr, your food ttoesn't ditejl. tt Jullilsrny. [;, tile boireli. Ous bfc«U un your :You net conilipaitj. Your wholoyale.n ia uoisirn<Hl nut you feel lour, «u»k and the ivorM fc»Vs ].mik. Ijixalivea are.' nuly mall eslilf t j. A mets IXJWdE movenitnL dottn't tf«i at the CBUSe. It takes thow Rood. oM'CRrtcr'a I.ttile l.lver J ills tosrt;t tliMe'liio [>ouiids of Liilvflav.'it!ir f rosly Rnil m« ke yoo feel "up and u p 1 '. I larm- »u. lRoue..ycl>tiuilnit in uiaViiiK Ule How • freely. Ask forCnrler's Ijttfe I.iicr Pills by tune. Stubbornly refuse unjthinit else Be ..uml that Dodge is just packed with expensive-car features. Think of it! It sells for just a few dollars more than the lowest- priced cars... At the rate it's going it will eventually cost me less than my old small car...No wonder Dodge sells more automobiles tlian any other make with the exception of the three lowest- priced cars. DODG NEW LOW FIRST COST NOW ' ONLY feKCOO, t 640 . uKli Commercijl Credit Compa DODGE '—^-. of Chrysler Co r \V. T. lianiett Aiifo 117 »:.• Slain . HALF PRICE SALE Starting Thursday, July 9th $22.50 Capps Tropical Suits. $11,2 $27.50 Capps Suits II Smart Neckwear 50c 65c Smart Neckwear $1 Sim Helmets. . $1.95 Straw Hats ...... 9Sc $255 Trousers SPECIAL Seersucker Summer Suits '.-$8.50' Suits for $5.75 '$L65 Marlboro Shirts.... $1.19 3 for .... S3.50 $1.95 Shirts $1.35 3 for .... SI-00 35c Monito Socks, 5 pairs.... $1 ALTERATIONS EXTRA - - NO'RETURNS - NO EXCHANGES HUDSON MAIN AT UHOADWAY Sale Prices for Thursday - Friday - Ciish. mid Curry - - We HCKUITO H^hl To l.itnil 604 MEET DEPILATORY WOODMIRY I PAN A MAGNESIA TOOTH PASTE FACIAL SOAP \<y LAVORIS MOUTH WASH S-CRA1N ASPIRIN TABLETS 41°.° - NUJOL MINERAL OIL HOPPERS Oolph Fly Spray Qt. 79<= REMEDIES Gallon OUTING JUG *=*' ' J r«m,J "Tf • 8-!nch Blad«»\ • Powerful Motor. • Smart design /I PI.'.' Electric Fan BEAUTY AIDS KOTEX Bo, 12 19c. Criflln M! Whit* -t Q C 3Sc Shot CitantT,, ,, A ^F 25c Colg«l«'» OO t Shavlnt Crianl ,,..,wO L»v«nd«r •.-.••• OOc Bathing Caps »1 Zip Facial > Hair K,ma,, r Face Powd«r «; f.«on Laralnt Elmo •%<>> 4 AA Jun..!ita.!lc* .1 -WI crtfc flni rubber i tut, paittl colon. OTHERS ]9c (o 49e Picnic Supplies 12 Paper Plates 8 Lily Hot Cups 100 Paper Napkins SOGIassIp Sippers Your. Choice . : Palmolive Soap 6-2? Vacation and Picnic Headquarters GOcWildroot Hair Tonic AND eOcWildroot Shampoo .20 a(ua FOOD MIXER Colored Glasses U6.50 722 Value f Tli Free Luxor Powder and Luxor Facial Cream to acquaint you with how good they are. No purchase necessary Or, Our /•/on food mirer wilh 15. WEK SPEEDS .J. lo your e t of vmi curicnt tupptjr. Alt Any WalfrttrtSftlcm Clcrl, alaal Ml Mint . »1.00 Pepsodent Antiseptic Modess B» 36 45 C Bathing Caps. etc. COTY'S ' Gardenia f < <f PerfumeJ 1 For ALL^ While Shoes JUSTfllTE WHITE SHOE CLEANER FREE! 220 CleansingTissues tilth CBcA purchal* > 01. Jar Perfeetiomfrtshlym<ii.) Cold Cream All for Only. . . Whipcord 25pper Bag Large Size Nu-Vel Sanitary Napkina Box 38 Ullra ' Sanitary Ora-San TOOTH BRUSH Gillette Bostontan RAZOR SET Yet It coils only litudc. «o|j nl,, c j ,„„,. 5 bToe tf>d» « ICE CREAM Ifomach Phone 53 JJlylhevillc, Ark. Best In Town We Serve the Richest, Smoothest, liest Ice Cream in Illylheville Pt. 15c Qt. 25c This Week's Special ----- Fresh Peach y™ mrrcr from par. ,,Mn. h«rlb,,rn. nnuira. kckhmc. «tr,mach nlcrn and other ^ 7 "^ en .1 .Slomarh S|>rrlalisf> ml,; rs.jn l.ri^nplior, Tkrf fwmd it .lilFcronV They tot Ihs nuick wlKf they hud «oo B hl BO tana, Come duickl Befoie TREE Supply is Gone. Over S1.000 cralpfu! >x>plo have Ttritten 113 ItlUrn frnlune U.lfn. Jinny My Uicj- vcr « ronlivcly «n.jTOt r,l Ihe qiricl- results. Rut Iho bcsl vront .a-lry udBa yourself, HI KB. Teat it* ciulck reli,.r wrihonl spx-nillnit «,).. (.tttcnrr.raa sample UJra. llm« TOe In Mvrt »upi>ly for PUKE diilribi'lbn 1» cjri.nitca. CiHTODAV. ui ""'"-l«'l «

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