The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 28, 1931 · Page 5
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January 28, 1931

The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 28, 1931
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

\VEDNKSDAY, JANUARY 28, 1931 BIYYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE CLASSIFIED ADS Two tents a word (or flrsl insertion and one cent a word lor each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement tflkcn lor less than 50e. Count the words and tend tlie cash. , Phone 306 ====== J/Oll SALE ©/I950THEBOBB5-MERRILL CO. 01)11 BOARDING HOUSE By Aherh -I i? FOK SALE—Baby Chicks. All var- ! ictlc-s Custom hatching ioiicit-, eil Marilyn HaU'lsery, Uiyf.icviilc. I 20-CK-Ti', FREE FREE FREE j 1031 LICENSE | Prices have been cut and; 10;U License thrown in to' the Lutrgain. j illllr limn "I Hi'il 'Jlii-lnti. loim. <JIS<;i:il El.l.A TOI.I.IVHII run- ci-lvrtl Ibc Id™ "I » Junior Ctiiiu- 1r> Cluli In MIIC Hit JIIUIIRIT »tl rrum illtrr hurt'ilnm. II »v:is 10 HP CM'lll?.t*r — mi l':iri.|ils iillimpil. m> linlili'a. Ari-iirilinKlj. «Nr tirrniiliril lur Ibe inirrlinni- "t Itu- III" H»>h fin in, a 10-ai'rc Iran "Mil nn nil! liniini! on It. »ni) liroi-k-eilt-il. «llb llu- ui>\l»l.inrr ill "" frlniilii. m ii if i [1:1 ii I unit rnriilftli II. lliat sort ol ttilnp." she esi Inlnod. •'Ilnu' do you |;io:iu'.i!ico it'.'" "/slum da wci/r," she ciumclmotl slowly. "1 don't lllie it," he cnsurilalnuil aRaiu. "Why not Ju«l say 'Have n l^mnl [Imp,' anil lie iloiu 1 wltli it. It that's u'Jial It means? Seems lu'ii- ester somehow." tint lllnscr was not to ho ills Uuarictl iiiitl on Saunclay nlu.lns tor la Kix-al many weolu i!ioi eufur Iry vlnlln. plays Hie tanlo, and warbles (Ike'a little liallan ansel. Ho's lircily as » picture, looks more like slvl ilian a Iwy. Just » kid. He \vas playing in n ucer Bunion or- rheMrn anil lunk on somo nulslile \vorli re|jorllHB It unit got In iiiii with tlie union, llo was lalil nil for tlireo nionilis. "lle'il looh urcat faunterlns up anil ilun i) annum lt:c laljles In the Ijallicnn. strumming Ilia liaiijo Every car completely gone- over and retoiicluioneiii SV'e ! guarantee that our prias arej the lowest in the city, con-j siclering, ut' cutirso, litu eon-, ol our care. mliiUUT mid Itio • li'lidnncliu II \rrr ncj.ltliy wniEHlli. Hut ti. I'MII. VAJl IIIIOHN. wl'« » n-U-ruiil liiTvi:n Euul • cr-u) ii nil. nn :irlUI i ill lie Ttillll-r il-i n i-*:.-lnlll ]>.-:n tit sti^lns Italian lovo SOIIBS. He wciiis velvet trousers ami n sasli. velvet tain. Oil. lie's a pic- il v.lili liis "lil call :il Hie iiurtli easl cm-tier ot Ilia Siiuare. his col Icaje thii;s llyinu 1" 'lie vvlisil. \v|-,tli-....m •• jliis ficiHortr.n mire iinu-laliiu-il ii'|um>:" Sa dclialiu-ii uuditni e. | 'll.jv, 1 innrli would it i Hl^lll ttiis way. latllu? and t' ;| ilK~ llnss ID Hie -'nic ill iVci'fr. Only I two lillR in tlie IIK '!•! I'cri'tr." ci-El liich In no way dissented (ruin tlifl >ihcrs'—mul It wits decided lo lot Hicin come. And we'll raise- Ilio prlco ol ad. iston nnd refreshments, loo," :1 Ciinser. "It tlio food is cheap they'll ent us out ot liouso »nd liuir.c. \Vo ilnn't know llicui— tinge's no reason \vliy wo shouldn't iiiaki> money on llictn. Double rates !ur uubldcis. Members ot the club ,n:il their snesls descrvo a reduc- lull." Ant] In Hie printed cards that 'vere font out neSnowledylns Ilio rcservntlniis tlie terms of ojieratlon i<oie brk'lly staled—thai |iarciits. in.-:it'lii'is ami InlilcB were bairctl. "Km ivi- are imrely n worldly or." (ilneer cxplulniil ilrni III: Ul- Now Ls the time to pick up that bargain you have been waiting lor. Now '30 Ford Hcsdjt'jr S^Uo "2S (Jlienolei Cunch Sl'i's "JS Ejtex Coach *1V5 "23 foul Tinier Sedan .. S-i* "2ti Cnrysli'i 1 Coacli .... §1^5 "2K Whippet coauh .... Sl'io •2ti K-orfl Coapu sj'to "a Star i-Duor Scclriii .. Sits Keincmber, all are reconditioned and guaranteed — Termi, Too! ,1'ullli'll III ''l |r '- ;| l"l I , ll.MII) IIIII.I.IIUAI. i-i>nl'l Ifli'li "^ liurlnilt- llvl r:,ii. i- ;;er «as always piatlli'al. "Why. 1 ililnk lie would eomc tor his cxpi'iises until lie Is reinstated. | ly to Hard, "mill all uiillfllns t» 1'iii nine Im would, because lie Is.stilclly tnljao." '>:ily 111:11 kins lime there. Wo tonltl! - • • l.i'di iiiiii tin- .1 week IT iv.-o It w iii/\\ y-jiiirilav laoriiiiiK-!lic ninrn- i liked ami then semi lilm Imvk. lleM JU j lis O f ,| l( , Saturday which was i oei yun nfi to a Etiinnins start. .r,! n j, cn (| )0 suiuiner's series of In- "Tlie (are to (;iileai;o IB sis'-sev-1 fnrnial dances at ,/oic de Vine—n ami luir.iotllatily in. on ' lie enuld sleep In line of! ilml lint liappy dinner bill at , limn Buliiit.l tlial after- UK- ;M!I|.- rimiiib in Hie attie: !.uue:i ilin-akfast. liei i>:irenlB and lier aiilent |irn:'|u-rtivc Jnni'ii | k:< IK> we'll never liuve miy I'ttier I aiilst sroupc-d iilioul nor. Her Ici'ililicr-i l""!i l!" r'^-d. and i-.min jnse Icji 1 tliein. Ami we i-onld sort at\ U.oiiKlifs vvero iile.istintly cnsnccd hcsswi'ie the ca^er hands to carry I ict-d lilm nroni: I from hand lo! \vlili iho ot micctsii wuicb [iiD Hie furniture iliai Ginger antl | moiilli wherever «'e happen to ho." icr iiroiilictlc nature liad promised | I'atty bad co'.lcetcd In advance. | -ny r anb\ cook Uis own mcnls. i "Cosh, yon certainly nil thin??'All lialiaas can conk." [iiont." si'.id lard. ani:i7.eil and ad-1 ••[!„ yuniliin't he very exiienslve. ! minus. ihcn. llui aro you Bine ho would I'l'.OM frioniliy ll[.i lo Intel osii d i ! I 1 Wra licvv nil- nev.-s iliai llliisiT ; 1'villiver liad a Kri'iicli imliiter tlranliiu piituii'S o?i the walls nl Mill llii olllvcri.. Tin- n Imt I'lill i:uilil'* '''i" L-"r .'.villain.- In HI I.':,,!, mill iln' tii<li-> -Ji^nrrl IE lirlnr.- I ui.rli nr> 'I. '111.' n:n:i ., 1. iki'liti-il. !•> \ lire." "Juk- "I do my Ir.-sl." ivrs tt;e modest answer. | Thn prc?cnre nnd file fa?rlnalii:g llnlmi^ut i^.nl linlloviiy Incited Hie '.nearer 1 . aii;:u>:ii'h IL- ;i it-iioll.l-)n iaraoii;', her Mimvr-rs il::ir sin.' ' loo t-aaer to lend a Kami. There was Yes, your old cur will more! Ihcin UKrjly make tliu uowiij payment. , 1'huiic Sll TODAY | PHILLIPS MOTOR ! COMPANY ! Atitiitiri/etl Ford Ueulors | MJW <;<> ox WITH nil-: sToit» 1 cspeiienccil. Her assttinnls were nil CHAI'TGK XIH UT Ginpc-r went lir=t nl all lo si^n [ir.lMlcr anil iiriaiiKdJ foi i an olil. iii'tfiiinalily Kurm-calcn • signpost wilil a colonial lanleru lo'. below It, proclaiming to the !li come?' "1. O [ilenty of paini and ilieie were ilozen unloiiclieil panel?. Many of Ihoin fv.iakly miiinniir.-ili l!u-ir iini-(|iiak-il e:,n.-iii-nce in il:ilii; I luvkeiH on the hlacliUtiartU («r i swing below it. procianuinB 10 ""J] ti , 0 hirf'hda'^'of'The" Fatlicr of oiu i world that Joie rfe I'iivc hcd laur-n ^ OUULr j. e , u j ijniioii Suites fbss 1 I'll i-c^ldeuce al Mill Itusli on Uali-inait for Deonrailim Day bil Kiver. l^,;^ ; "r^n IJ !l^ e ''i!on 1 ^d 1 hTs ail Iry Turtl was particular eslci! In lhe selection of TI1IMK be would be crazi ..bout il. He shnnld be! He's i:ol [liiii:;; a Ihlns tlicrc —csffpt n iiltln hank ine.~sci:^er IjontlecniiiS- Von'd better Include an cjtra livel In the clieck if yon can bc-caiisc one of his Instruments is usually I beck. }l v.-c send him a letter totilfiht i-unld lie here in three days, ill lime for the dani:e on ' j her loyal cohcris was very Breat. t;ec.v,i5<! he wanted lo hav= a couple ,.j r .^ j | mn rj rc ,iigni Niroln tbj. And If I know llulo NicoiO. he'll he here. 1 dlil soims skctchlim of hi 1:1 in. Chicsso. Really, he's pic- luri : 'ir.f." "Nut tic fiire and malic II-very i|pl;-i:n." caiitluncil Oinaor nnxlously, (rthai wo can unly Bive hlic a lltlle si'en:lina nin:iey a:nl his expenses. \Ve can't pay him a regular slaary." He'll cal It up—I know he will.' !ur the evenlnfi. And us If trom a rciit ills'.anre the voice of Iry Kord ut falnily tlironyh licr bwcet ub- cirai-tlon. "(ilsiEcr! llcy. Ginger!" "Dill BOinchody call Glngort" wnrnlercd I'hll. Hamlll mipearcd tit tlie door. "K\uii:ie n:u," bo naltl a|j.dogclically, lint Mr. Ford wishes to sice Mies CJlnscr—.Mr. Kcird is—not nlo'ne, It I may say BO." "Oh. H must he Nicole." eald Hard. "May I go out wiih yon. (iln- HerT Isn't II Breal he BOl here this niorninu?" Tiu'y ran down tlio hall lo (he Vtint tloor, ctimtorlnhly pleased itiai llicir hrilliant plan had nol mis- curried. Now was the success llioir ojicnlng douhly sure. llui at the end ot Hie driveway, where the ilcurcpll old lasl with or larea "college ftnss" nude nn to'.calltno cut ivllli tne." Bard sail! a« I "He'll cal It up—I know he will. Inforai ilie in:hlic that his lasl wa-! they v.erc driving hack 10 to->i : .,ai,l Hard. ...,., ,„ , ri"Hi> v.anud to come, lint I dida 11 Nnw the tniiie of lhe JOK dc the hfFI if not lhe only means ofj^ ^^ f ^ ^^ uor wh| . n Vn . rf . [n[| jls ([ul|I|lo ra ,, CCI , tioll hi ,j its hright collcgo [lags did- CORt! FOK SALE—Shuck, on oil, made 35 bui'ncl acre, g cr.oush iur ^ccu. V.'. T.,. Miiund, .'.io. FOR SALE; — Walton aauius m-A- cliinc. price reajO'-jHDlc. Mi's. Sis^, li< IXUjjan. Piioiu 07^. '2GC-K2J lransj!or;r:iinn to that dcltctaMe ro- Eorl. (.linger printed out the name for liim and he perused it -froKninsly. "I don't li!;o tlinl name." he said. "I-ooV.s furrin to me. Whal'3 it mean, anyhow?" "Oil. it means iappiness—lhe fun he gnlng hack ami 1 »as afiaiJispreail like wildfire tliruiiEli the countryside, anil loiters were pour- to run the risk. He'd create a sen salinn out here. Joie dc rnvc exutlss from his every poie." "Who is beV ; a little Italian lad in Clii o, a sort of waiter, .-itrl of , ns in from couples and cliques ol yoims people. 20 and 30 miles away. arii.ins for re?erv:'.tions fur the- Sal-.11 day niglil opening dance. Gin talked it over with lien and Jcnky lirooks—Tally nnd liard were there. _ musician—1 don't really know what loo. nnd were allowed an opinion, ereelly parked, rcstrniiicd Ijy. sheer physical effort on the part ot Iry from linking a concerted rush upon .he IIOUBO. they saw—not one. slim, irclly Italian as Ihey had espcetcil —hut what appealed to i;e u^o coJnpnny of them, gesticulating c»- cilcilly, hot in noisy argument la their naiivo longue. "Fascisli—uroa us!" gasped Ginger Klla. "Listen!" roared Iry Ford. "Walt, 1 tell you. ivalt for Glmjerl You can't go In unleas you'ro asked. Miss 1'liil wouldn't llko ll!" (To U# Coiilluued) i- v/iv KENT JFOR "rou RENT — Modcr:i uaragc, on pnved street. Call L. j Fowler, S8U or 450J. 2uU-Ti', RENT—One furnished room! ! wuh balh and furnace heat. 1116; bungalow, i Cliickasawha Ave. Plione ij^o. I \ T e>ji) York I lion FOR RENT—Steam lieatcrl front | teii'oom, 003 West, Main. Pmr.ic' C42. WANTED nc-lf i POULTRY WANTED -Market pri- FOR RENT—Punished apartment, ncwij- decci-atea. 719Chickp.srr.sto. pficne 235. I9C-M9 CC3. any qunntlty. Marilyn Hrit- chery. 210 S. Fourth St. OC-'IT -Mar. May July Oct. U;c. 28. [UP)—Co'- il barely .v.e.iily. Open Hi^h Lov: Cl'^; . IMG 1047 1026 iOi1 1C5^ i ClIAI'tL I'AHT OF' LIBEKTY OMAHA i UP i —The Student's Old Northwestern Relic!, where for the pas'. SO years! Cotton ] Louis X\T Commission GREEN BAY : Wis., (UP)' - The '.. C^htoa Uiversily rPlir relic 1CC9 1033 111G 1133 1047 1071 1094 1117 1133 1101 1119 ICiJ lava n ni 1110 FOR RENT—Nice furnished ayavt- mcnl—115 W. Dfivip. Rental S33 inciiili, ami oilier pvopcriy. Thomas Land Coiiii^-ny- FOR RENT—One of Shane Apart- WANTED—Hnstiiii!; man or \vo-l man who is ambi'.ioas to own and operate own business. No startins capital necessary. Good proiils if willing to work. Wrilc Ijive 83C. occupation nnd complete ad.drcss for personal intcrvicv.-. 27C-K29 Spots quiet nt. IWO, oil 10. .j. JK-100, Courier Nev.s mcr.ts oi\ Main Street tdmvr stairs or uos'.airs). Uarilftood j WANTED _ j nm jiy Wash ins s., l!oo:s and bcit of fixtures ant. j \yashed and ironed by compe- '. July heating plar.t. Telephones 197 and. . cnt wi)ite womal ,_ Mrs. Brown, | Oct. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Jan. 28. (UP) — Cotton closed steady. 1 Op:n Hi2h .. 1014 101G 511. MC-K31 7 J 704 17CK-TF 1 Uoc. Close 10;8 1C5-1 I07R nni nio ! second ^(V.-si l Ncrtliv-.Tsierii ses?iou of Mi^rpA Saraii i'.iid I borah Maitin here. ' It Is a i-ominission siynod' hy ! L-ms XV of Prance, mahing ! Cliailcj dc I.anrjiadc, early resi: dent of this city, a lieiitc-iv.uit in i j the royal fotueo. Collectors' offers | : of Sl.OOn for the parciimcnt have, • beer, refused- j ; It :s v:::t'.5n in French, anil is" j still legible. Dated at Versnii:.?s, j i Feb. 1, nSO, and signed "Louis." I The commission rrccntly was , loaned ll the Neville museum here, | ;o nccoiiiiiany tlio Northwest's ol.l- ' c-t rclir. a silver ostcnsornim, l>re- Fintefl by Nicholas Parrot to the -\;:5s:oa of St. Francis Xr.vier, at nf The ' worsiilpod of uic,. students hav.:: and which did not nil c 1]nivt . reUy ' S remciiclin . I tspsnsion program, has gone the Jv>ay of other landmarks. It is 'a part, of the university library; which hns bc.?n enlarged to twice its size. The main library now contains 42,000 volumes. The liuvj college library contains 29,000 vol-| times nnd the medical library 8,001) volumes. RATON. N. M-, (UP)—Raton 1ms a "coimmitiii£ innyor" who com- nuiicb SS miles from Roy. N. M-. lo transact his olfieial duties. Mayor A. R. Sicklier recently moved to; Roy to open u ctental office. Once a week he returns to Raton to transact business in the mayor's olficc- Rcd ]J:tll Jiiirhor Shop 313 W. Main Williams & Damon, Prop. Felix Kylr-. Fieri iioycit. Guy Rcsors. Virgil Wdiiair.s, Ear! Damon. i POULTRY WANTED— Market! '. prices paid at C. L. Bennett Co.. j L-'ceit Store, 210 N. Railroad St.' : west of courthouse. Not buying at j Fisher's place on First St. anjmore. ; J. E. FISHER. IGc-kl I WANT TO BUY LAND—We have bnycts for tracts from 10 acres to 500 acres or mere and parlies have n-.ciiey to buy. If you have land lor snip, sec us al OIL^C. Thomas Land Company. 2-IC-K31 FAY 0. DAVIS Phones 231 or 4'H WILL TRADE fcr your cn"i'-y ;::;provcii iarm. E. G. Hoiikins. I Cash Pnid l''ov l-alo Modol Used Cars W. T. HARNKTT 117-11D East Main St. riionc ESS or S87 WANTED—Dre.^s-niaXins- | far.ry tcKing. Mrs. Sish, an. l'!io:ie 672. jOET S'lKAOY ] JOB -;:r,:.-3225. j v;.-,:r,en). rriiticu'.n i IiK.iriicMon Barr-a'.i : Mo.. Quickly. T.oral and lon^ distance hauling. Special ratts on c.irload lots. Team for local haulinff. V. K. WASH.Ur TKANSl-tK 14SO C'liickasawba 1'lione 851 We i\in Save ynu money on Auto Glass JACKSON AUTO I>ARTS •>y>n .^lain Photic GG William V.i L per iinci in: Ti-incn HAY One i'alc or a train load. KAlt CORN. s!u:ck or.. EEC Ijn. SirJ'it oil. afic |:o;- b;i.. in air loib. Cntion Stilci Sales Co., Tnr. B'.\tln;v.:ie, A',:-:, rliono 174 or LD 18Q5, New City Spots steady a- lUOa, 0:1 11. KO...THAT AuJT \>4MAT I TVWK...I N'.£83E VKS SOlMs TQ BOY A FCS. EA E VtS'S tSOiMS To 5 OF TMOSH ElG VJH.L HOLD .4 v >:'riot-e RAFT o= iilDS-.-D'YA .T.I!MK SO. BlUhevi'.ie. 23P-K33 GOVERNMENT incnth (ir. i- :i - l-'vc.\ Write. St. Loins, MP-K30 SEMCTE I Tt(OU6WT VOU , \ieR' SMART i F.E' r-r-.s so won c AFR.MQ TO I nut PiJESiPEMT \S OtlifcHitO W»TH Tut . u-.',«-r$ TO OL^I Uic JMiENTiOM iMMEDiftTELV, AMO AI TO t'n\lf '.»'TH l^iM 715 Tilfj VOBT ' ISTRUSTFUL, T»IEV SEE NO BETTER way. AMID .-nOTtHKIIT.!';:!: DEAD 'OUT ARTHUK. Ont.. iUi') — McKirtiy. Kipi^an st^ire- i'.o nuifi r tr-:l many fisjiins ..... e me cl v.'r'.r.- .".:;il Rccscvclt. is doad. iii"iorc:i ! .o. nc moved lo Nipigc-n !f^/Or SERVICE. ; Gulf Service Station : "Thai Ontal Gulf No. FOK TK.-VDK or Ure<l Automobiles 1'roporiy. 1.. FOWIiKR I'liniic KSS LUCkV v SLEEPIM6 ACK ^ TALK .y^ BOOTS AJNT3 HER BUDDIES 1'01'UI-AUITY MJ02TH VJ.'MT'.IJ 6EE... IT'S ALL RISHT.'.' /"siMiPLV Tv*rES, *W FP.IEHO: NVVJMS SOU Uk? 20ff VOJ / WCEL BLOW UPTUt VOW WE P.O.E tEN, E'^- Etf.U ! TQN \ I -ro~STE6L VOOR EEHVEMTiON. HM t'.CW YOO LIKE. TO ( WV ECT KOW ANXIOUS MOMKNTS J,AU«H, CLOWN, LAUGH!

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