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Arizona Daily Star from Tucson, Arizona • Page 4
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Arizona Daily Star from Tucson, Arizona • Page 4

Tucson, Arizona
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THE ARIZONA DAILY STAR TUCSON, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22, 1977 PAGE FOUR SECTION A 2 killed in 1-10 accidents Investigators baffled by Morgan death clues A Tucson woman and a Los Angeles roan Monday when the small truck in which he was riding east veered onto the median between Miracle Mile and Grant the DPSsaid. The car rolled over at least three times, ejecting Fiore and the driver, Russell L. Luchetta, 19, also of Los Angeles. After being treated for minor injuries at St. Mary's Hospital, Luchetta was jailed on charges of vehicular manslaughter and speeding. He was being held last night on $1,100 bond. were killed in separate single-car accidents early yesterday and late Monday on Interstate 10. Elise Judith Beaman, 20, of 302 N. Med-ford apparently lost control of her east-bound car at about 2:30 a.m. yesterday, the Dept. of Public Safety said. The car turned over twice in the median between Ruthrauff and Prince roads, rolling over her, the DPS said. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Michael Fiore, 20, died at about 10:40 p.m. By BOB SVEJCARA The ArlaoM Dairy Star The late Charles C. Morgan loving father, mystery man, or both? Since the discovery of his body east of Sells Saturday the bizarre circumstances and facts surrounding bis death mount while sheriff's detectives continue their investigation. On Tuesday, June 14, an anonymous woman called the Morgan home and asked for Ruth, his wife. "Chuck is all right and everything will be all right," the woman told her, recommending a Biblical passage for comfort before hanging up. I (1 I Star anew by Art Oretkerf er SCIIOL L'S ENNA WOMEN'S SHOE FINAL CLEARANCE Values to $25 JETTICKS WOMEN'S SANDALS 11 "They were trying to drive my husband committably insane," she said. "They did not want him to open Statewide Escrow." Her husband told her, she said, that they could not go to law-enforcement authorities because, if strangers were seen at the house, it would "sign the death warrant for the entire family." She said he never revealed who was threatening him because, "The less I knew, the less likelihood there would be of anyone hurting me or my children." The contradictions that continue to baffle investigators include such facts as: When Morgan's car was found near his body, there were several sets of plastic handcuffs in the trunk. Although his widow said Morgan had never sought or been under psychiatric care, investigators said they spoke to several persons who questioned his recent mental stability. Morgan, his widow said, had been on the University of Arizona rifle team before his graduation, but did not carry guns as a rule since then. At least six guns were found in the car, some in the back seat covered with washcloths. A pistol was found near the body with one round fired. There were indications that Morgan had been target shooting not long before his death. Empty cartridges were found in his pockets. He was wearing a bulletproof vest. On questioning Mrs. Morgan about the possibility that her husband had been seeing another woman, she denied it. "A woman knows when her man has strayed, and Chuck hasn't strayed in 19 years," she said. "He was a very, very strong man, a devoted and loving husband who did not stray. He was an orderly person. He would not have waited 11 days to shoot himself, but if be had, there would have been a note to me and the children." She said that if it had been possible for her husband to contact her during the latest disappearance, he would have done so. "I've lost a loving husband, a man who will never be replaced. How do you answer a child's questions as to why? This has been a house of love and devotion. His death has left me limp and absolutely devastated. I and my children have been hurt beyond belief." and Summer styles colors for Women. Not all sizes in every style. Reg. to $20. $47190 2 LV I Ruth Morgan Charles Morgan, 39, had been gone for a week. Four days later his body was found by passers-by alongside Arizo-na 86, about 13 miles east of Sells, dead of a single bullet wound in the head. Two days after the discovery of the body, Morgan's attorney, Ronald J. Newman, confirmed that Morgan had given secret testimony May 11 to the Attorney General's Office. On the morning of his second disappearance since March, Mrs. Morgan took the four daughters to school. Charles was to attend a Masonic meeting that evening. He went to work. In the afternoon he called from a downtown pay phone and told his staff at the Statewide Escrow Service, that he would be in the office in 30 minutes to an hour. He never arrived 1 Between the time of his disappearance and the discovery of his body, Morgan had registered at a southside motel. During his stay there he met several times with a woman he reportedly had been seeing socially and poured out his fears. There was a $90,000 contract out on his life, escalating at the rate of $5,000 a day, he said. The contract, he told the woman, was in retaliation for testimony that he had given before the "U.S. Judiciary in Washington, D.C." His talk was rambling much of the time; the woman told investigators. Some of the time he was incoherent and didn't make sense, she said, adding that she was not shown any evidence that would account for his fear. Before Morgan became president of Statewide Escrow in May he worked for Western Title. He was fired in January following a personality clash with a supervisor. All CAICCEIkJAI NO PHONE ORDERS "Se Habla Espanol" 57 E. PENNINGTON WOMEN'S LOCKE FOOT SO PORT Entire stock of summer dreu shoes. Boiw, White, Tu-torwt. Reg. to $41. MEN'S SHOES FOOT-SO-PORT WEYENBERG ROBLEE Selected group of discon Two months later he disappeared for four days. His widow said last night he returned after the first disappearance with plastic handcuffs on both hands and one of another set still hanging from an ankle. He could not speak, she said, but he handed her a note saying that be had been abducted. The inside of his throat, she said, had been painted with hallucinogens. After the hallucinogens had been removed he told her that he had escaped from "them" his abductors at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix. "He managed to scribble out that he had been drugged," said the widow, trying to control her frequent sobbing during an interview at her home. tinued styles, ffcg t0 51 f90 54 nun I TO $28.90 4l BANKAMIRICARD MASTER CHARGE 1 i A A A A A A A tucson Variable cloudiness and weather OOOOQOOOOOQ! oooo humid with brief gusty winds. Slight chance of rain. tram National Weather Service High in low 90s. Low about 70. Highest temp, yesterday 94 102 109 dJ Mignesr Temp, year ago High record this date 195 Low temp, yesterday Low temp, year ago Low record this date (1975) Mean temp, yesterday At 7 59 1 90 Mean temp, year ago Normal temp, this date Barometer 29.Mto 29.04 In. Humidity 5 a.m. 23 5 p.m. 27 rain gauge Normal credo to date 2 41 Yesterday's precipitation 00 Precipitation to date 312 i rainfall probability 10 Data tor 24 hours ending at 5 p.m. MST Date June 21. 1977 Cloud cover at 10 a.m. yesterday, as photographed by weather satellite. reservoir level 6 a.m. June 21: Satisfactory, 77 mil lion gallons is minion is tuut. lor WaeiKMloy rv arizona TO. lew high pcpn. Alolne .17 Blsbee Buckeye Canyon de Chelly Carefree Casa Grande ar 65 06 47 (7 64 98 61 101 60 101 S4 90 64 19 .03 CooiKige Cottonwood Douglas Flagstaff FortHuachuca Gila Bend iJJ-vr''io'" 9gfA I IWotMil 63 17 69 102 8 rand Canyon reer mm 9Q wffttj Tivm -mf ShowCft Statittnar. SIIV1CI. 41 tl Si 90 62 61 92 65 92 72 102 49 04 Hlllllll a N06AU Dm ol Weather forecast until 5 p.m. today. Heoer Kingman Nogales Organ Pipe Nat. Mon. Page Parker Payson Phoenix Phoenix South Mtn Plnetop Prescott Saftord Sedona Show Low Sprlngervllle Williams Winslow NtW ISTOTK FULL USTOTK ODOC 716 624 630 77 Youngtown Yuma regsirds to Broadwa lc PHOENIX AREA: Variable cloudiness through tomorrow. High near 100. Low in lower 70s. WHITE MOUNTAINS: Partly cloudy and stormy. Sunrise 5:18 Sunset Breezy afternoons. Highs in 70s and 80s. Lows from 35 to 45. SOUTHWESTERN: Variable cloudiness through tomor- ro. Highs from 95 to 105. Lows from 65 to 75. SOUTHEASTERN: Variable cloudiness and stormy. Highs from upper 80s to mid-90s. Lows in 60s and low 70s. If you have to get from Tucson to American is the No. choice for domestic travel. rim the nation Temperatures Mtcate eventiM lew ajayttoM Mgk. PradaJtitioa tor baon aadbaj i fjm. MST jresterdajr. First the Airline Passengers Assoc. surveyed its frequent- 1 flying members. Then the Opinion Research Cora, sur New York, there's really only one airline you should fly. American. We give you more flights than any other airline to New York. Including through service to JFK so you Taaqr veyed middle and top management Tatay LewHuj Yaatenky Uw Hak ttm Ytsterarjr LawfBaj ttm .40 36 UwBtft l.W executives. In both cases, more people preferred A merican than my other US. airline. We think it's because of at, Juneau Kansas Cltv Las Vegas Jttle Rock Los Angeles Louisville 49. 62 15 .75 103 74 93 can make convenient connections 93 St 2 61 5146 6719 737100 7393 6100 4002 75793 77M 6090 i 36,000 courteous, efficient American .05 .10 .09 01 13 .01 JJ9 50772 60V7 6591 4165 5571 6709 5710 7693 53tt 5V 7V92 56777 PTCLOY PTCLOY PTCLOY SHWRS SUNNY PTCLOY SUNNY TSTRMS SUNNY SHWRS PTCLOY SHWRS SUNNY PTCLOY 64 71 .75 93 employees.One of them to international flights. So, if you've got a tight schedule, take a look at our 61 II is John Johnson, CLOUDY TSTRMS SUNNY PTCLOY FAIR PTCLOY PTCLDY PTCLOY PTCLDY SHWRS SHWRS PTCLDY PTCLOY SUNNY SUNNY SUNNY TSTRMS TSTRMS CMjr "-r Albany AKmgueraue Amerllro Anchorage Ashevttle Atlanta Atlantic Cltv Austin Baltimore Billings Birmingham Bismarck Boise Boston Brownsvltle Buffalo BurMngion. Vt. Caspar Charleston. SC. Charleston, W.Va Charlorte, N.C 55 5ZM ticket lift agent here in Tucson. 5475 397S ,71 S3 a 43 .76 ss 60 TSTRMS'. 7791 SUNNY 5173 Jt .02 J9 .13 OS schedule. Getting you to New York at your convenience js one of the things we do best. i MRS 74 JV79 749? 4405 7393 St00 St75 5270 5472 St75 4104 $5 62 77 69 19 $1 CMcaoo JJ1 65 75 79 69 52 54 69 72 .41 69 75 59 73 59 55 56 St 41 47 56 .52 45 42 55 74 41 St 71 42 51 72 59 54 S3 SUNNY SUNNY SHWRS SHWRS PTCLOY SUNNY PTCLOY SUNNY SUNNY TSTRMS PTCLOY FAIR Miami Beach Midi and Odessa Milwaukee Mpis-st. Paul Nashville New Orleans New York Nor, V. Oklahoma City Omaha Orlando Philadelphia Pittsburgh Portland. Me. Portland. Providence Raletah ReptdClty Reno Richmond St. Louis St. Ptrsbo-Tpa Salt Lake Cltv San Antonio SanOiego San Francisco San Juan, P.R. St. Ste. Marie Seattle Shrevmrt SMux Falls Spokane Syracuse Wtshtftoton WIcMU Cincinnati Cleveland Columbia, SC. Columbus. Oh DaFt. Worth Dayton Denver Das Moines. nvyi OOOQ 00 57 57 52 09 S3 7 S4 .57 ...51 .46 74 52 52 56 16 5372 5000 9tt 5212 tuts 5077 ltt SV71 4676 4V07 5279 7696 ssn urn am SVB) att 690 5070 SV7I SS9J) 553 xn TW 7V92 3M3 724 7193 SUNNY CLEAR SUNNY SUNNY SUNNY TSTRMS CLOUDY PTCLOY CLEAR PTCLOY PTCLOY CLOUDY SUNNY TSTRMS SUNNY CLOUDY PTCLOY PTCLOY SHWRS SHWRS PTCLOY SHWRS SUNNY PTCLOY TSTRMS PTCLOY PTCLOY 7792 Duluiti El Paso Fairbanks Fargo Great Felts T5TRM5 PTCLOY SUNNY HAZE SUNNY SHWRS PTCLOY CLOUDY PTCLDY PTCLOY PTCLOY SUNNY SUNNY PTCLDY' 4170 54772 nw 4V75 5460 7192 5071 nm 74V92 51. 7 For reservations or information call us or your Travel Agent Honolulu rtoumn .7 00 91 54 71 95 73 94 Jackson Ms Jacksonville mexican cities catalina mtns. world cities (PaHsades Ranger Station. amtuoel 'lanthi 77 at Low 49 Mexico Cltv St 4j Athens 7 n.m. air quality buaoawiarg 45 77 Maiatlan KB 90 I Mrmoiilto 3 pn. is Guarymas 3p.m. unavtMablt Los Mochrs 3 Ml. unavailable jpjn. 05 Bertki 1 pm. Buenos Aires I a.m. Cairo 2 p.m. Hong Kong 0 gjn. London 1 p.m. Madrid 1 pm. ManHelpm. Moscow lojn. Paris I pm Rio de Janeiro 4 am Roma 1 pm Saloon I m. Skickholrn 1 p.m. SyoneY 10 pm. TclAvWipm Tekwtaun. PerttculeSes ImosKy dust and smoke) 31 PjooarA (parlWIv vtsMe automo-BvepoButants) a Carbon monoia Hnvtslle autorrp-BvegoBwiann) 14 at a Is as toWWr. NO to i PtfiM Cwnfy hnMi Owt. pollen count Canadian cities Cakajrv. 9 5 13

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