The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 21, 1944 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1944
Page 8
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i'AGE EIGHT* v former Tarheel Coach To Return j Carl Snavely Signs Five-Year Contract At North Carolina CHAPEL HILL; N. O., Dec. 21 (UPl^-coach (jail snnvely, who has jUELbe'ep, signed-" (pa five-year coaching contract at the University of North'Carolina will return to the Tflrheel'canipus as an old favorite. For. the so-called "Grey Pox 1 ' guided the 1934 and 1935 .Tarheel teams through seasons marred by only one defeat each year. Snavely is .-T faithful disciple of "tlie single wingback formation though he occasionally varies to (he short punt 'or the double wing: He prefers a wide-open : style of play and emphasizes speed and de- ccplion, while generally opposing off-tackle power plays. - What has come to be known as a 'Suavely trademark Is "perfection" of detail, an insistence upon complete:, accuracy; Though Ihe limits of wartime -football have hampered him at Cornell, he generally sees to it Dint each and every man knows his job, but well. His dummy scrimmages have been known to run under the floort- Hghls after dark, nights in a row. And stories have it that Carl often drills one man for hours to teach,him what foot to start out on. He makes thorough use of the motion pictures to'pick'but flaws in .scrimmage and in actual play. Of course praise comes with tills criticism and the Suavely crev, usually gets its share of both. . His mousetrap plays, ' developed fully at Cornell, have caused many a headache among big red opponents. He has his linesmen do the m ousel rapping ' while inost other schools use..the backs to block. •'.'•• His fullback handles, the ball on every play which is hot'a-direct lltie.buck'.or straight pas's. • Cari, the;.Gfey Fox,.also uses a system of cross-blocking . whereby' his men-on the offense block the man diagonally opposed to them.. Tills generally catches linemen unawares and 'throws -the opposition •Into confusion..' "•,-'• ;.. •. :• •;, In fact, whatever: the play.-whetli-t : er: It. be pass, .end-aro4h"d.!jfor straight line 'plungei ••!£ cah«be counted on. for deception of some sort. That"is- the Snavely trade--* mark ' - BLYTHI3VILLK COURIER NEWS Out for Lunch If black bass never bile in Dy-Wafer- Lake, Homosaasa, Fla., will be alM-ight witli Jolin Spears, picture of. solid comfort I ' sturn of boat. f Slajs MOUNT Home, Bags Deer WASHINGTON, N (UP) —- Twenty, hunters relumed cmptj-handedi *Jlo Mrs Mofyln Whltbeck's home'ifrom where thev started, only to learn that she had put aside household duties foi a ite and sliol a 130-pound deei her kitchen door >,' DOPE BUCKET B* J, P. FBIEND ANOTHKH HliAHT 11I.OW If news of the last several days is any criterion, local sports fails can look for some mighty bleak moments in the future. 1-Nrsl, it was the sudden death of Capt. Calvin Moody, the good nalnrcd, cheerful "Hickory N'ut Head", which was the initial heart l)lo«- to break into the ranks of ihe Blytheville High School Chick grirtdors during World \Vnv II. Now comes Ihc, report that Lieut. L'eroy Ross Is' missing for almost n month during combat over Leylc hi the Philippines.' ,T)Us rtlslienrl- emnsj., 'message, ..'though a bitter blo«-,^dncs offer some hope for his family and many fi-leWds here who will have tliclr fingers crossed and their hearts sending up messages to God for his safety aiitl return. And if I know LeRoy Ross nil be needs is n, snorting chance lo come through, whether lie-got Hint, O|,poitimit-y Is n matter"which only time will reveal. Thnl boy Is tough. He's lugged, daring, resourceful and same to (lie core. He'll make it if airs one can. The story of Lclioy Ross Is n lyp- cal fiction plot for one LA BO WANT NEEDED ; NOW TO HELP BUILD NAVAL ORDNANCE PLANT AT CAMDEN, ARKANSAS BY Winston, Haglirt, Missouri Valley and Sollitt : (Prime Contractors) GOOD PAY FREE TRANSPORTATION TO THE JOB and half for overtime. Food and lodging available on the job for workers at §1.20 per day. Excellent working conditions . . Help build this plant so vitally needed by our fighting forces. fe Trans- Hiring On The Spot and Free portation Furnished At Every . UNITED STATES EMPLOYMENT SERVICE OFFICE IN ARKANSAS TOder 18 l»»e form which « n havo w»te r»- td by psrcnta h« oblalnrt at OIFlcc. Alger'K famous volumes. It - is a thrilling story of a determined young hoy, and later man, who overcame serious and at times seemingly iinsiirmomilaWe obstacles to Utahi and achieve ambitions; LcRoy's No. 1 objective during his prep days was to finish school, revive his diploma and, If possible, jo lo college. Small, but fast and iiosscssltie a big fighting heart that knew no bounds, be know Hie gong would be lough, [hat lie would imvo to make countless sacrifices. Hut he wisely knew It was worth How he made it through grammar and high school no one possibly will ever know. It, often was necessary for him to take time out tnd work then return to the class- •oom. But he made It. I'l.AVS WITH CHAMPIONS •More than thai, he played football and on two conference championship learns, 1940 and 1941 'de- spile the fact that he weighed but 147 pounds at Ills heaviest, and at •™l, a position which carries n tremendous need for physical equipment.- LeRoy didn't have too much wight and size. But what lie- lacked He made up with proper care of what he had, molivntcd by a driving desire to make good. ; I benrd Coach Joe Dildy say more' ban once Hint his ends on-those t«-o teams, Ross-and Wnlly Smith (also an Ai r Corps Lieut), were two of the greatest- he had ever seen m high school. They were not flashy. They were not big., But they trained religiously, worked hard nul did the job expertly Oddly, Lieut, smith and I were ilknig yesterday when the 'news crane Mint tcRoy was missing since Nov. 24. wally readily recalled ^ several Ihrllliilg gridiron ' exn'e'rifcricci' which he and Lclioy" shared -logclh- .,Onc : parilcitlnrlv,.wlilclv stood out ranic during 'the annual'game with Memphis Tech. LeEoy had -been Jiving the Jackets a fit with cnd- iround plays n!l evening, as well as great defensive play, but was having difficulty gelling away. Finaly, he did break loose out Into Ihc Only one Tech piayer-stcod as n menacing danger to'his advent over the goal line. LeRo v ran ilraglht at him. The defending bnck jot set for the expected crash. He shouldn't have done that for Row gave him a hip wiggle and by-passed him as slick as a button. The great play went for naught however. A penalty against the'Chicks was declared and the ball brought Jack. But ROSS wasn't infuriated, lie was disappointed, of course. He simply took it in stride as a break of the game. He played to win rJ_>l for personal gain. WIIJ> WITH JOY Lieut. Ross came by (lie office lor a chat after receiving his wings .ind commission nt Williams Reid rtriMma. And none has been more Pleased, prouder of those coveted and highly prized wings and bars, "a far as he was concerned, tlio world was painted with rose color, though lie was well aware of the tremendous task which was ahead. Perhaps more thrilled was lie over prospects of flying the P-38 perhaps (lie supreme desire of every flier. He secretly wanted to fly that airplane above even-thing else and was wild with excitement over tne assignment and a chance lo go against the Japs. LcHoy didn't get lo stay long be- lore taking off for the West Coast and thence overseas, ire arid his p.i! nnd former teammate, Norman 'Monk) Mosley, left together the same day but parted on the coast. bcRoy went lo New Guinea and Monk slopped at Bougainville where he now is. We had two rcporls of Lieut. Ross after his arrival in New Guinea and bolli were highly flattering and complimentary. Several months ago Capt. Gene Hood, also a past tribesman, wrote that lie had seen him and spoke of Ihc fine job that he was doing In that thcalcr. Capt. Jimmy crook also said some mlghlv "ice things about his flying record when he arrived home some time ago. SEKS Ml0 JIMMV 1 Jimmy Lunsford, the big boxer who startled the fans with hb power and punch and appeared to have the earmarks of developing mt 0 a first rale "white hope", wrote that Lieut. Ross stopped by for a few moments, He, too, paid him a compliment, For that matter, everything lias been complimentary of the game little ex-Chick nnd he !i«s the full moral support of the Inns w ] 10 , w m Records Reflect Power Of Cards Infield Combination Set New League Mark For Defensive Work ST. LOUIS, Dec. 21 <U.P.)_off|- clnl figures, of tin; National Uniiuc baseball-season give a new Insight o (lie dominance that Die Kt uwls Cardinals enjoyed over the rest of the circuit last season For by official records three of Hie loop's four leading luflcltlcrs were cardlMh and (hey scl a new major league mark for team field- Hay Sanders, the Cards' first- baseman, l«t the league defensively with a fielrilny mark of 994 George Kurow.skl. St. Louis third toiciiiWJ. was tops at that posltbn with a fielding average of 965 Ami Marty Marlon, the most valuable player of the National Lcaiuic topped the circuit's short fielder" with a ,971! mark. Outsider in the Infield was Wood Wllllnins, Cincinnati's fine second baseman, who topped the circuit's keystone players wllli ,1 fieldm- average of .071. Leadership at each position was bnscd on participation in loo M more games. Sanders played In 1ft 1 ' made 1030 putouls and had bi« eight errors In 1442 chances. Top fielders of the battery men Were pitcher Ducky Walters o[ •V'lneinnatl and catcher Al LODCZ of 'lltsburgh. Another Cardinal came Ihrourli as the league's host defensive oii'l- lielder. He Is Johnny llopp, w lio fielded .907 and made bill one error in 310 chances. Iron man Ray Mueller of Cincinnati caught all of his club's lames to set a new record for jamcs caught In a single season He ended the 1043 campaign with a, string of 02 consecutive gninra caught which added [o the 144 Mils year gives him on all-time endurance record of 217 successive !<imes. The learn fielding mark goes to St. Louts by a considerable margin 'or the champs fielded collectively or a .982 average. Cincinnati finished second. ;. ' THURSDAY, DECEMBER 21, 19-14 Hassling Returns To Big Time With Same Old Cast - Heavies, Villains, Light Stuff and Freaks Ves, HH( Different Ones PORT WARRKN, Wyo. (UP) — Vew wartime version, as reported by the Port Warren Sentinel, camp lewspaper; "Have you tasted a cii;- irette lately?" be pulling for him to come back. Thai goes for Lieut. Dick White, son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd White who failed io come back from r. raid on the other side of the world, over, Germany, and countless .others who are in tiie thick of 'the fight for freedom. ' My only wish is that we at'hoiue will- not fall them who are not '/ailing us over there. To buy less Wai- Bonds', than we can is to let them down.' ISy IlAIUfV CKAYSO.V NBA Sporls Editor NEW YOliK.—Coincidental with the reopening of the Metropolitan Opera House, wrestling returns to Ihe big time at historic old St, Nicholas Hlnk on • : % the west side of New York. : Promoters cou- i; lend this is next ' ; to the last slop |i leading the bone ; ; benders back iu- ; 'to Mndison Square '•/.:' Garden, the doors g'of which were 't if torn down by pal- *t;pitaling patrons ;J;>4 during the lush .,,-„, .£s£j days of Jcemy UalicSliarlicv.. Londos from 1328 til rough '33. ] Hassling hasn't been given much of ii tumble In metropolitan cenlcrs since. Manhattan struggled along | very well without It for two years. The game has been cleaned up somewhat, Is played straighler, lint there is the same old allotment of championship claimants and heavies, villains, light stuff and just ulnin freaks. J'JVi; iiKAVYwerrmr CHAMPS Heavyweight champions, reading from left to right, arc Jim Londos, Texas Babe Sliarkey. Bill Langson of St. Louis, Won Robert of Canada and Sieve (Crusher) Casey of County Kerry, Ireland. Sliarkey—real name Charles Kern- merer — is the newest development and perhnps the most formidable. Anyway, Texas Babe, all six feet four ajirt 250 pounds of him, is willing and eager to take on the others. He drew $7200 In Toronto the other night, which is as good a reason as any for his heading the •pack. Sharkcy, 30, Is a product of college wrestling rants mid football, Played considerable tackle for Pop Warner at Temple, where he got into the first Sugar Bowl game. Of German descent and a native of Lchlgh county, Pa., he did some cowpunching around San Antonio, and now makes his home in Texas. He specializes in a headlock which lie calls a mangle hold, is tremendously strong. Sliarkey pinned George Lcime- han in three minutes flat in the final of an elimination tournament that ran weekly from May 19 to Noi'. 10 nt (he Jamaica. L I. Arena STKANGLEH LEWIS KET1RES George Macncostas, about Loudos r size is the new Golden Greek. There, arc Patrick O'Connor, the bewhiskeicd Irish portrait painter, and the 350-pound Cardiff Glnnt, who in reality Is Moil Dasoln of Russian lineage. There are the two Angels—Maurice Tillet the French and ihc Swedish. The' French Angel was being paid' n few francs a week for frightening children away from Paris cinema fronts when foxy KaH Pojello saw and realized hi* pulling and tug- ping potentialities. Ed Strnnglcr Lewis retired, but many of the Old Guard are still around. And they have been augmented by a number ol fresh faces. Six-foot four-Inch LaVerno Baxter, also of Texas, Is one of the newer and better type of old riot men. Professional wrestling was barred In England the other day on the ground that it was degrading. "•'•- British never could get a The joke. Prothro Will Trade Chick Third Baseman MEMPHIS, I)te. 21 (U.P.) — Manager Jjimcs- Thompson Utoc) Prothro of the Memphis Chicks has announced that the ball club will trade third baseman Gene Nance to a higher league club before next season. Prothro says that the Memphlo Southern Association club has received several cash offers- from major and AA league i teams for Nance. He Is delaying the deal, lie says, In hopes of a player trade arrangement because the Memphis club needs players. The roster now AETNA LIFE & ACCIDENT INSURANCE CO. E. H. FORD, Representative 206 Lynch Bids. GOLD WEATHER SERVICE ^\V n ™l' AUTO GLASS > new FLOOU MATS and WORN Tor!? 18 ' and UE1>Am ilnd KEPLACE F. B. JOYNER Corner Second & Ash Sts. SERVICE STATION Phone 2611 NELSON EDDY ; HOW. SUNDAY HOUR SELECT HIS GIFT AT MEAD'S SHEPHERD CHECK Left: Classic sporting pid- Icrn (hat's always in good laslc. Long sleeve sporl sliirl finely tailored of a l\vo-[>ly spun rayon fabric. Designed ivifli button thru patch pockets with flaps. Maroon, tan, blue. $7.50 HAND FASHIONED Below: This sweater coat's a Ijcnuty! A fashioned-by- haiKl button front job that \vil brinjj a sparkle to his eye on Christmas morning. Hand-crafted of soft, rich all-woo] yams m natural, blue and green. $6.50 'S JJJ MAIN STREET includes six outfielders, rive pitchers, two catchers nnd one infleklcr. -Nance hit .322 and batted in 69 inns for (he Chicks last season. ._ 55 A's in Succession BOSTON (UP)-In 4>/, years at Northeastern University, Nathan I. Hentoff of Koxbury received 55' strait. A's — the highest academic: record ever made by a student in- Ihe ,4G->year-old history of the mil- : R1TZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAY NIGHTS Boi Office Opens 7:15—Show Stmrt* flt 7:30. SATURDAYS & STJNDATB Cox Office Opttii 1 Show 8UrU 1:15 Thursday and Friday 'MY FAVORITE BLOND' with Hob Hope and Madeleine Carroll '• • Paramount News and Comedy Open 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 Last Time Today 'Higher and Higher' with Michele Morgan & Frank Strata News of the Day . t Short Friday and Saturday Taise Colors' with Hnpalonj: Cassidy Serial: "Adventures of the Flying Cadets" Short New Theater Manila's Finest What have you done today thai some mother's son should die'fo; you tomorrow? —BUY BONDS— in our lobby. No waiting We are issuing agents.;-.. Last Time - "CANTERVILLEGHCIJS^ Chas. Laughloii and Brarga>et O'Brien Fox News and Short Friday '•'.•.--.' "VIGILANTES OF DODGE CITY' Kcd Ryder Scries Serial ,t Short CHICKASAW West Main Near 21st SI. bat. sUirls 12:45; Sun. slarls 1:15 NiRlit .slion-s SMS Except Monday, opens 6:45 Conliuuous sliows Sal. ami Sun. Last Time Today Double Feature "BLUES IN THE NIGHT' with IriscilLi Lane & Richard Whorl "LET'S HAVE FUN" with Bert Gordon, "The Mad RussSin 111111 Margaret Undscy V Friday and Saturday Double Feature 'CHEYENNE ROUNDUP with Johnny Mack Brown & Tc.\- KiUc and "NOT A LADY'S MAN' wilh 1'aul Kelly & Fayc Wray Serial: "The nalman" Short

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