The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 1, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 1, 1949
Page 9
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, AUGUST 1, 1949 (Anic.y COURIER OUT OUR WAY R. Willioms CAN'T MAKE THIMVC THAT'S JUST TO PROTECT THE HOSE WHEN WE HIT THAT IT SOUMPEC? L1K.E CANJNOJ, NOT BLOWOUTS.' WHAT WERE VDU DOIK16 W THE HOUSE, . PlfJGY BAWK? IT--WOW I'M A EASCAL" A CROOK-BURGLAR. WHY MOTHERS GET GRAY Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoopl* ^, »„ •- • & BUMP M "WERE* \N« ARC ^e«e -~- IF 4 vs OECAVeo/A THIS IS IT/— UM/ftOK Jl —VOU « YOU SCOOTS 6O A (?0&TY STEAM Sr*OJei_ W EMOO6H W^ (?L)8 OP A —- fjor A FULL BLAST M ICON CXJT I FIRE AW ORt OP6/ZATIOJ —- A Of ri£(?6 § t'tL MV WORD/ JK^, 10 MAKfef UP A 806BV 0ARBER POLE9 5HAU V* CLAIM-We ODD LACE TO JAVWALK Youth Confesses Crimes In Rockefeller Center NEW YORK. Aug. I. (AP)--An px-Air Force sergeant, who police said kept his own ci'ime record, was under erest today. His detailed accounts of 12 theft.s —several ol (hem in tourLsl-crowd- ed Rockefeller Center — showed proceeds of $2,391.10 since his discharge from the Air Force March 4. He had a dime when arrested last nielli Harry Leu'in, 25, formerly of San Francisco, WM seized as lie alleged- f SOFT WATER ON YOUR FARM ott MIL, enjoy the wonderful convenience and economy •/ having soft water on ynor farm if you jet m modern Water Softener from BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. So. Highway *1 Fhon« MJ4 Mildred Cram and Horwood White i'UK STttBYt Mr*. »•(»»*. . »vido*v, !• rfcr rook Jwr • •JTHMKC, wealthy, *rrt>K*ai4 WOMJIJI v*k« !• • relate !• M KljfKMtJc la-alter )• • •«y«trt-l«w» 4<-*tf«*li«K. WJih ker !• Ik* Hnrffceifr U«)Ut>«**, wh* Service — That's Out Motto! We apure oo effort in providing an EXTRA everyday prescription service which meant extra <:on- miience to you Fe«l (rep to can on us at any time Prompt delivery service Pbon» 5<n WOODS DRUG STORE Hik^y, (he •»lf«rM*4 mmy *•«« kave teem. T. Kud; »»d VIei«r »»« ik»t Hn. ET*T- tkr 4«Bik *f her aad. kcKrrf • lot »l *« HtiiBt WAT w»» iMpekdlBK, Kh* 1*. IM fact, ru«nl»K »"«y fr«jw ik« HoMib. Mr*. M>l*»e ••y* tkat M r*. K> er«*B I« er»«y, bvt H ad ? In convince*, that lk« vrknlr CUUK- iry BUOH will fcr klaairrf. "If rkcrr'a mm* (•• d*«e, Mr«. - A LCX3K of what, might have' been embarrassment crossed Rudy's face, and he shifted uneasily as he answered Mr*, Malone. "Welt, she claimc to know » safety zone ... a spot protected, somehow, rrom the effects Of radiation. Great gunsl Don't ask me to explain it. I'm no Einstein! "She gave me a lot of gabble about 'the hydrogen chain.' But all I really know is that about six months ago she got what she thought was t'ne real dope, and then made her plans, First of all, she bought and equipped this outfit, I'd hate lo think what it Then she sold all of her property. Nobody, not even her lawyers, knew why. A rich woman's whim, they thought. "Then a month ago, she put ft up to rne and Victor. H was like Noah with the animals: join up. or else. "'When it's over/ she told us, 'only a handful ot human beings will be left alivt. 1 intend to be one of them.' * Mrs. Ma lone sat rigid and erect, her eyes fixed on Rudy's face. The sudden silence was somehow terrifying ... a tangible pressure against the eardrums. She struggled against it, and against the ising tide of panic within her. She must be sensible. "If the scientists really know it's going to happen," she reasoned, "they'll say so. won't they? They'll give us plenty of warning," "Can you imagine the riot it they did? I don't think so." "Then you really believe . . ." Mrs. MaJone began. Rudy shrugged. "I'm here, Victor's here." His eyes flickered in the peculiar way they had. "And the pay," he added, "is .excellent." Again that silence, while nobody moved. "Where is il we're going?" "Don't ask met Mrs. Everson's got the maps. 1 gather she has some idea of discouraging pursuit." * * • OUDY glanced around the narrow room in which they sat. "As you said yourself, she's bringing civilization with her. It's nil here, on wheels. Money. Liquor. Cigarels. Matches. Electricity. Gas, Books. Caviar, Ice- Canned goods, including music— everything from Bach lo EI3ing- ton. Jewels, Medicine. Ourselves, to wait on her. And a companion." "Oh. him." "Yes, him." Rudy smiled, (he flashing, W\- riented smile that stirred so strangely in her memory. But his eyes held a certain disdain. "He's a little easier to explain," he said ironically. "During all those years of waiting Mrs. Evcr- son thought about the gay world of fashion, but she didn't belong lo it. So when she got out of hock, she was awkward and uncertain. Thai's why she hired th« Marchese Qeilacasa: he had experienced everything she had missed." 'For instance?" 'He's • cousin of kings, a man of fashion." 'If he's so important, why did he hire himself out to her?" "He's not so important.," Rudy said. "Not any more. He's a shabby refugee, as penniless a* any tramp. But he remembers his past. And ye gods, but he has the §tft of gab! Mrs. Everson listens and dreams of hcrseJ/ at Monte Carlo, the court of St. James, knocking them cold in a ski-suil at St. MoriU . . ." Rudy broke off with a bitter laugh. * • « T SOUND like a fashion rnaga- zine, don't I? Well, so does he! I've had lo listen to him for hours on end. This mouldy aristocrat, talking about Wallie Windsor and the ancient art of China and gardens and beauty and old manuscripts and ballet dancers and protocol! And while he talks, 1 drive . . ." Hudy ftexed his fingers. "My arms ache from steering that chromium ark toward Ara- ratt" "Then why do you do it?" "The pay is excellent," he reminded her. "Also I'm not sine, I want lo see what comes next," A strange sensation crept through Mrs, Malonc's veins together with the blood of life. It w»s, she again recognized, fear. Suddenly she got up, pushing her chair back. "I think I'll be going to my room," she said \vilh decision. "I've listened lo you, But I'm not believing a word you've said. Not one word!" (To Be Continued) PAGE NINH • \ . )*«• BY Mf t MHVIcr. (we, K M Me < "Go down and annoy daddy so h» won't notice how late it'i getting!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEB The Bins!ere **: LL KEEP r \ TWAT 1 PIA.NISSIMO — v/y>i i *" YOU EVEM KNOW . WE'PE HEPE / we CANY PUVY WERE.' rwe P1NG PLAYERS WOULD GOMPIAM PRISCILLA'S POP BY AL VKRMEKH [HE JERKED AND HE PULLED AND HE TWI5TED.... BUT I HELD HIM.' GOSH, WHAT A BATTLE' HE ALMOST GOT AWAV.' Almost a Slip I SWAM UNDER YYOU'RE THfV THE RAFT AND / HRST6IBL I S BY MICHAKL O'fllALLEY and RALPH LANE~ ly was about to stage hi* second holdup in an Erie Rairoad ticket office in Rockefeller Center. In his mid-town hotel room, police found a bookkeper's ledger described by Detective Captain John B. McCarty as "the most careful and complete set of accounts I've seen kept by a criminal In my 31 years on the force." A-sked why he had committed so many reckles robberies, Levvin told police: "I hari to live." FOR SALE Cnncrele colvrrls 12 Inch to 4* inch, plain 01 reenftirced A|M ConcreCr Building Blnrk> cheaper than Inmnci (or turns chicken houses pump hoa*cx. [enani houses, tool shed» VV< deliver CaM n» for free estimaU Phone 4!)1 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. HAIRY VETCH Barl.v Shipment Expected. ... Place ynur order now for your requirements, lo insure yuui needs fom first car. ille Soybean Corp. Phones 85K-857 Blythcville, Ark. "I don't think there is any money there. My pop said the surest way to get money for an emergency was to see GtNfRAL CONTRACT PURCHASl CORPORAT/ON." In England It's the Chemist Shop In France It's the Apothecary Shop In Blytheville It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE For Expert Prescription Service TUDEBAKE R 1 IMPORTANT NEWS TRUCK OWNERS Ul Q It has just been revealed in the magazine, Automotive News, that Studebaker truck sales hav« increased more in the first 5 months of this year than any other manufacturer in the country. When you buy a truck, keep in mind what people all over America are buying. Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Studen«ker Dealer" Railroad * Ash I'honc S*« TUDEBAKER HI.' LOOKING K)« SOMETHING /MYNlAftESTACKV V MINf IS LUCV TWO*A5.WH4Ti VOCRS? CHRIS-- I MEAN IUCY - . WHAT MV FATHER WCXJLD HAV£ DONE TO THE RAFT AND / HRST6IRL1 CLIMBED UP ONI IVIK SAW THAT WE OTHER SIDE. \ OXJID SWIM BUT IT WAS NICI \i\Kl A BOY.' Of YOU TO 60 IW AFTER Ml. fe YOU CHVE. BUI WDM 1 WASH TUBBS BY 1,KSUE TURNER HOW'S GIG CO-OPERATING WITH THEA.A 00 YOU THIUK WISE ooiufi WTH HIM 1O ft WHEEE DKWK5 WILL BE Vt>U ICNOVV HOW HE USED WltJO UP ! HE'S EASEE TO GO FOE SEVERAL EEASOWS.ITHtklK. BLTHE'LLCA '/•'TT? IT OFF IF BE FEELS AT THE- L»i5 MOMENT'. HE H&S TO, IT DOESWT HOW PEEMRNfcNl AT me W HOME Of QIS5IWS BUGS BUNNY High Spots Only I'M HEADY T' CUT TH' LAWN WITH Y£R SNAZZV TOWER MOWSR, Et-MER/ WHY IS PORKY HERE 7 IT TAKES OMLV ONE W>f--7Vf*'.<r-y.-.-aj- '<><>. - "f 1 '"".; '.'-..• ^- ' ' Q' 1 .>>'•..• i On Their Way IJY V. T. HAiMI.IN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY KUGAR MARTIN

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