The News Journal from Wilmington, Delaware on November 11, 1970 · Page 3
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The News Journal from Wilmington, Delaware · Page 3

Wilmington, Delaware
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 11, 1970
Page 3
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Evening Journal, Wilmington, Del. Wednesday, November 11, 1370 3 Joe Bid en: Hope for Democratic Party in 72? By JANE HARRIMAN Joe Biden looks like the photograph of a great statesman in . u: ...ii. ins yuuiu. You know the kind of old, brown snapshot Life magazine 'digs up? You look at it, and you can't quite believe how wild-haired and scrawny the great man was in his dashing 20's. But "there he is 3d years ago, smiling today's smile, as he stands stiffly amid a flock of his sisters on the otherwise deserted beach. ' AND if you believe the gleeful shouts arising from the ashes of tne Democratic Party, Joseph R. Biden Jr., the recently elect ed TVTour Pnelln PfM.nt.r man from the new 4th District, may be just that a great statesman in his youth, Dela ware's JFK, or would you be-' lieve SOMEBODY they can nominate in 72? ' Who is this man called Biden? , "Joe Biden is one of the most , promising young men the Demo cratic party in Delaware has . ever seen. He has all the qualifications for a great future in government," says Henry Topel, Democratic State Chairman. BIDEN won his first election i l... - iLn. n tin i ml-. uy nunc man ,uuv vines, luc district (11,207 registered Democrats, 8,639 Republicans, and 8,821 declines) contains such re- putably Republican strongholds as Anglesey, Westgate and Canterbury Hills. "He isn't just in politics to make money. He does what he thinks is right. He didn't pull one dirty, politicking move in nis wnoie campaign . . . really, really smart . . . sensitive to people . . . really honest . .. straight-forward guy," says Denise Breton Denise is a senior at Friends School. She and a good part of her class marched in what Biden calls his "Children's . Crusade." An army of 150 or more . high school, college students and young professionals worked around the clock for him from June until Nov. 4. Many hope to stay on to do research for him when he goes to County Copicil. THE comments of the young volunteers are often one squeak above the equal of a Beatleman- lac. And the loud effusive opin ions of older Biden backers still sound like the interviews staged by Madison Avenue for the selling of a candidate, But the emotion behind them is undenia bly sincere. And, it is probably these emo tions that are responsible for the growing Biden legend, The legend begins with, Biden, U1 rfy- the Operation Breakthrough Advocate, winning election in the heart of anti-Breakthrough territory. ; THE fact is that he was in "tacit opposition" to Break through. "I questioned why the Prices Corner area. We would do away with what little green that's left. I would oppose any building on that land, even the expansion of the Ferris School. I told people this. It cost me some votes." Biden wants to see a green belt around the city. He has called for a halt to all industrial development in the county for one year, and told the Home Builders Association of Dela ware tnat he s opposed to all building that isn't recommended by the County Planning Depart ment. BIDEN advocated public housing m his campaign "It's a ''moral obligation" but quickly added that he is for small development, maybe 25 units, and that it must be inte grated economically. "I am not a Crusader Rabbit championing the rights of the people," he says. And, if this is true, it is because he doesn't categorize people easily. The rest of the legend hi? magical charm, his honesty, his brilliance would seem to be true. FOR a young man, he is fact that his felt politics "The one thing I want to be known for in politics, in my law practice, in my personal relationships is that I am totally honest a man of my word". And this honesty is apparently what his youthful followers ad mire most. extremely handsome. He's j concerned by the about to become 28, and his eyes; history students sparkle blue, and his teeth shinfii were "dirty". when he smiles, his cheeks glow, and his body is still boyishly slim. And, one suspects, when his hair has receded, and his frame thickened with maturity, the charm will only increase. In his office (he's a criminal lawyer with Aerenson and Bal-ick) is a picture of his blonde ' wife Neilia. The picture shows most of Neilia suntanned and glorious in a scimpy bikini, posing in tront of a red motorcycle. He met Neilia Hunter of Ska- neateles, N.Y. during his junior year at the University of Dela ware, when, right before spring football practice, he hitchhiked to Florida and hopped a student flight to Nassau. THEY were married two years later after he finished his first year at Syracuse Universi ty Law School. In five years of marriage, Neilia Hunter Biden has pro duced two sons , Joseph R. Biden III, or "Beau", 19 months, and Hunter, 8 months and is teaching at St. Cather ine of Sienna School. Biden describes his wife (a graduate of Syracuse where she was a dean's list student and homecoming queen) as the brains of the operation and hopes that when their children are older she will get a docto rate and teach college. RIGHT now he wants her home to "mold my children." He says she's teaching be cause he talked too much about the need for people to get involved. She's a Scottish Presbyterian (he's a Roman Catholic) and she'd heard about the problems parochial schools have in getting teachers. "I'm not a 'Keep 'em barefoot and pregnant' man," he says, "But I am all for keeping them pregnant until I have a little girl . . . the only good thing in the world is kids". WHEN Biden was a substitute teacher (while he was in law school on scholarship) he was The Almanac Corner 50ih Wednesday, November ft 1 5th day of year day of autumn , l I Data Ftom NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE Art Avrag X X X "Jvjm 50 4oAOc500f'60 low TmpraturM txptlti I ,r vJ50 60 v Until Thurtday Morning j KXV rj "If someone like Joe can work within the system then it isn't all bad," one teenager said, "and politics can be clean and honest." Biden says, "Quite frankly, my main concern on election night was that we'd lose and have 130 demolished young people on our hands. They were so psyched up, they felt there was so much riding on my winning." "Samuel Clemens said 'all generalizations are untrue, in-cuding this one' and keeping that in mind, I am a liberal Democrat," Biden says. "I have some friends on the far left, and they can justify to me the murder of a white deaf mute for a nickel by five colored guys. They say the black men had been oppressed and so on. "But they can t justify some Alabama farmers tar and feath ering an old colored woman. "I suspect the ACLU would leap to defend the five black guys. But no one would go down to help the 'rednecks.', "They are both products of an environment. The truth is some where between the two poles. And 'rednecks' are usually people with very real concerns, people who lack the education and skills to express themselves quietly and articulately." DURING his campaign, Biden 3 Charged As Potting Own Pot Two men and a woman were arrested on drug charges yesterday after members of the Wilmington police vice squad raided a house which they had kep; under surveillance the past six weeks. Police were not pleased at the horticulture experiment in the house. Those arrested,, all from the home in the 500 block W. 21st St., were: RITA Alloway, 18, charged with possession of marijuana with intent to sell and consoira cy to violate the state drug laws. She was held under $3,000 bail David C. Rubini, 24, charged with possession of marijuana with intent to sell and conspira cy to violate the state drug laws. He also was held under $3,000 bail for Municipal Court. could be a crutch," he says. And of your word, and without your then, after reflecting a minute j word, you're not a man' ". ne adds, ' l use tootball as a crutch, and motorcycle jumping and skiiing I ski like a madman. But those are crutches over which I have some control. I'm against chemical crutches. BIDEN lived in the "coal- cracking regions" around Scran-ton, Pa., until he was in the fi!h grade, and his family moved to Mayfield in Wilmington. His Irish-Catholic mother instilled in him a sense of pride, and a "little bit of that 'here's the chip on my shoulder, now try and knock it off.' She's a scrapper." The Biden family is, as he describes it, a Kennedyish clan. All the brothers and sisters are attractive and bright. His brother-in-law, Bruce N. Saunders, managed his campaign, and his sister, Valerie Saunders, a teacher at Friends School, was, like his wife, a homecoming queen and dean's-list scholar. His younger brothers are at the University of Delaware and Ar-chmere. Staff Photo by Pat Crows Joseph It. Biden Jr. A most promising young man was tagged a "nigger lover" because he believes in public housing. "The first time the phone rang and someone said, 'You nigger lover, you want them living next to you?' I was shocked. I said, "If you're the alternative, I guess the answer is yes.' " He says he told the voters the only thing they could be sure of is that he'd holler like hell" in office. He did call for the establish ment of an in-patient drug treatment center in the county. "The only place you can treat drugs is here," he says, putting his fin gers on his temples. "They are a psychological crutch." He is against legalizing marijuana, which he feels is just another crutch like alcohol. He neither drinks nor smokes "I don't use anything that As someone to whom family is very important, he worries about a career in politics. "THE most important thing to me without question is to be a good father. "And I wonder if I might not be better off practicing law and making a good living and having lots of time to spend at home., "In her Walter Mitty dreams my wife sees me as a Supreme' Court Justice." , He says he entered the County Council race only after local 'Democratic chieftains" as sured him he would not even, win the nomination. HE is frank about his political ambitions.. And he says there may be lots of men in town who-are as bright as he is, and lots, of men who are as good looking as he is, and lots of men who-know as much about political science as he does, but there are very few who can beat him on all three. When he was a student at Archmere, a priest told hiift false humility is worse than a flat out lie, a maxim he has taken to heart. "I know if I get deeply, in. volved in politics, my family will suffer," he says. "THE Kennedy's never played football the way we play foot ball he says. "My home and my parents' home are like one big con- tessionai. i d ratner spend a weekend with my brothers than with anyone else. I never once WHEN someone suggested doubted that my parents under- that a child might learn more stood me. Before I do anything from a part-time father who is a of importance, I talk it over councilman or a senator than. with my father. He's the head of from a full-time father who is A the family, he has a right to dull, unhappy Joe, he smiled' know." doubtfully. . -T Joe Biden Sr., who is in the He had the look-both triurri-' automobile business, said to Joe phant and sad of a young man Biden Jr. a thousand times, who believes the world is his. "Joey remember, you're a man 'and knows he is yet to be tested.- The Weather Map ' Rain is forecast today for the Northeast and the Great Lakes area. Snow flurries are also expected in the Great Lakes area. Showers are predicted in the West. There will be cool weather in the Great Lakes area and warm temperatures in the South. Precipitation probability 60 perW1?,' wind' ENE 1J; barometer, Today at cent tonight and Thursday. - MARYLAND - Mostly cloudy with chance of rain or drizzle tonight and Thursday. Low tonight in the 50s. High Thursday in the upper 50s and lower 60s. NEW JERSEY - Cloudy with occasional rain likely through Thursday. Low tonight in the upper 50s; high Thursday be tween 60 and 65. Extended Outlook Fair Friday and Saturday, partly cloudy Sunday. Daytime highs in upper 50s and low 60s, noon: wind, The Forecasts WILMINGTON AND VICINITY Some rain or drizzle to-"night, low in mid 50s. Thursday 'mostly cloudy with chance of enmo trme in mnrninr Hifh in mid 60s. Probability show- nighttime lows in 30s or low 40s. ers 40 per cent tonight, 30 per cent Thursday. - SOUTHEASTERN PENNSYLVANIA - Cloudy through Thursday with occasional rain i likely. High upper 50s to low 60s. 1 Low tonight mid to upper 50s. Instrument Readings titinnnl Weather Service Greater Wilmington Airport Yesterday at 7 p.m.: Temperatura, 41; humidity, 93; wind, E 6; barometer. 30.20 rising. Midnight: Temperature, 61; humidity, 93; wind, ENE 4; barometer, 30 30 steady. Today at 7 a.m.: Temperature, 60; EVENING m JOURNAL HHINtf tR MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS 831 Orange Street, Wilmington, Del. 19899 Telephone 654-5351 Newark Bureau-E. Main & Chapel Sts. 19711 Telephone 738-6000 Dover Bureau-20 E. Division St., Dover, Del. 19901 P.O. Box 535 Telephone 734-7577 Sussex County Bureau-18 N. Railroad Ave. Georgetown, Del. 19947 Telephone 856-7371 (Delaware Area Code: 302) Washington Bureau-National Press Building Washington, D.C. 20004 Telephone (Aiea Code: 202) EX 3-0146 humidity, 76, 33.12 falling. Record temperatures 1894: H gh, 73 in 1949; Temperature, 45; E 7; barometer, for date low, 22 in Since 1961 Day's n 1 rrw i s iteioni, lides Palpitation yesterdy 05 in. Momn to date 1.50 in. Normal for month 3.S3 In. normal ro date 30.13 In Tear's deficiency 6.43 in, tear a oats 1 7n n Sunrise Today, 6:42; Tomorrow, 6:43. Sunset, Today, 4:51; Tomorrow, 4:50, Length of day 10 hours, minutes. Mon Ig bbous waxino) sets tomorrow morning H la h and Law T.mrur ,. .... High yesterday Lowest during the night noes it Marina Terminal High Tomorrow AM. . Tomorrow P.M ii.'m High Tides Tomorrow Rehoboth Bay ,.. , , fy Lwes Breakwater Harbor 8 18 Slaughter Beach .. 8 48 Bowers Beach 9 15 Bombay Hook " lo:o Port Penn 10-41 Reedy Point "' ) (i Kent Island 4.34 Baltimore "" Chesapeake City 951 Sargisson Admits ToDoubtA boutPay Nobody in the Gold Ballroom i Service and its executive direc-l another classic, "Blood on tha of the Hotel du Pont yesterday tor were observing a joint silver Saddle." RP&S, Conner smd, was inclined to argue with anniversary. ireally means "Recreation Pivots George. T: Sargisson when the And for the first time in executive director of RP&S said iyears. Sargisson wasn't the recreation agency "was darned lucky to get me." That was 25 years ago, Sargisson recalled, when the newly formed organization was looking for an executive director and lie was head of recreation activities in Chester, Pa. A four-member headed by W. W. (Chick) Laird was screening potential execu-j tives and Laird took Sargisson ion a drive around wiimmgion "in his 10-year-old car," Sargisson recalled. j "At the time I doubted whether Laird could afford to help such an organization get started and John Razze, 24, charged wiihjpay my saiary) he confessed. 5:59 . 61 . 59 Low 5:34 6:16 P.M. 7:41 8:41 1:36 9:06 9:33 10:.T0 11:05 11:30 5:34 7:18 10:15 Weather Elsewhere By Associated Press Albany, cloudy 55 Albuquerque, clear o Atlanta, tog 42 Atlantic City, cloudy 61 Bismarck, cloudy 35 Boise, cloudy '. 51 Boston, cloudy 54 Buflalo, cloudy 54 Charlotte, cloudy 61 Chicago, cloudy 53 Cincinnati, clcudy 60 Cleveland, cloudy s Denver, cloudy 68 Des Moines, cloudy 61 Detroit . ..: 53 Fort Worth, cloudy 72 Helena, cloudy -, 45 Indianapolis, cloudy .. 50 Jacksonville, clear 79 Kansas City, cloudy 63 Los Angeles, cloudy 74 Louisville, cloudy 55 Memphis, clear 57 Miami, clr . 78 Milwaukee. h7 57 MpK.-St. P., cloudy 49 New Orleans, clear 66 Nw York, rain 61 Okla. City, etouay 67 Omaha, cloudy 60 Philadelphia, cloudy 67 Phoenix, clear 79 Plttsburah, cloudy 5? week 1 mn(i Class oostaae paid at Wilmington, Delaware . . ..... o.,... c.nni rin 10c. bv home deliverv carrier, 75c per sunscr pnon - ,L , ai),ih!. navahle in advance. six monrns ,T n,Hm ,,,.,.,. monm J6UU. wane cnecus, money uiutu, m., iin"i v Mail, n uear 138.00; .. .... 172 .00; one ThThr2ociS!'edCeVi entitled exclusively to the w for publication of III ' me tocal news printed In thi newspaper, as well is all Ifl news dispatches. Ptlnd, Me., cioudy Ptlnd, Ore., ra.i .. Rapd City, cloudy Richmond, cloudy St. Louis, clear Salt Lk. Citv. clear San Fran., cloudy ... Seattle, rain Tampa, clear T Trace, possession of marijuana wi'n intent to sell; possession of a dangerous drug (methamphe- tamine) with intent to sell, and conspiracy. He was held under $4,000 bail for Municipal Court. LT. NICK Valianle, squad commander, said his men confiscated numerous bags of mari juana and dozens of marijuana plants growing in flower pots and flower boxes. He said they also seized several hashish pipes and other assorted drug paraphernalia. He said his men, Sgt. James Carroll and Patrolmen James Evans and James Gestwicki, found about 10,000 alleged marijuana seeds. He said they had been spread over a damp blanket and would be planted as soon as they germinated. He said in the rooms where the plants were found, ulfra violet lights were used. He said his party was armed with a Municipal Court search warrant when they carried out the raid at 4:15 p.m. Odd Fellows Meet Salurday The Grand Lodge of Dcla- 23; ware, Independent Order ot Odd will hold its But he accepted, and yester day Recreation Promotion & in charge of the annual. RR&S luncheon. When he finally was called to the podium to respond to the honors jocular and serious he reminded the 500 persons attending of his changed role. "If I were running this meet ing, vou'd be nut nf here hv cummiuee, in0W) ne said at VW p m DR. Nancy Sawin was running the meeting, and in the best tradition of past meetings things kept happening through out the lunch and afterwards. Even before the luncheon be gan, it was arranged to have Sargisson called from the room so that his three sisters two of them twins and his daughter and son-in-law could be seated directly in front of the head table the day's first surprise. i7 Fellows annual session Saturday at Ocean Wave Lodge 43 in Rehoboth Beach. The meeting will open at 10 a.m. Election of officers is on the schedule for the afternoon, with their installation at 8 p.m. Samuel J. Patterson, international sovereign grand master, will sneak at the evening ses sion. Cork Strike Off LANCASTER, Pa. -1.600 members of United Rubber You ill Uohs Woman, 60 Mrs. Anne Kehm, 60, of 301 E. 25th St., was uninjured when a youth grabbed her purse as she walked in the 2400 block of Jessup St. yesterday. She told Wilmington police the youth came up behind her as she walked north shortly be fore 3 p.m. She said her purse contained $20 and a pair of glasses valued at $50. Mrs. Kehm said the youth wa. young and small Dut mat was all the description she could furnish police. 25 ion Sargisson." There were telegrams seri ous like those from Gov. Russell W. Peterson and U.S. Rep.-Elect Pierre S. (Pete) du Pont IV-and not so serious, like those purportedly from President Nixon, Spiro Agnew, Hubert Hum phrey, Santa Claus and others. Gifts too, were in two categories. Sargisson was presented with a watch, an engraved plaque and a pair of binoculars in serious remarks, and with such items as a scroll admitting to membership in the Order of the Red Beret, a roll of snow fencing, a bottle of marmalade and a cartoon by News-Journal cartoonist Jack Jurden, on the lighter side. In responding, Sargisson noted that he must wear many hats in his job so he put on a few, First a official Officer Gets Undisguised; Applause A Wilmington policeman dressed as a hippie, beard and all whose undercover ,wok led to narcotics arrests," ts among six policemen receiving official commendations. . Police Chief John T. McCool announced the commendatidns, which included Patrolman James Dunlap who operated ai an undercover man for the,-city's drug control unit for about three months. McCool noted that in that time, as he associated and ac-I tually became friendly with some persons "pushing' dah; gerous and narcotic drugs, constantly was in danger his cover would be '"blown" and. "he could have ended up dead." Then came a three-man band;gamcs)) then a tennis cap rI do Once his wig almost betrayed his operations, but he managed to convince those involved that he had to wear the wig to hide his identification since he was football cap (he was an iwanted for' violations in other at dozens of college .states. . drum, trombone and trumpet leading 50 "demonstrators, each carrying a sign bearing the name of an organization started or helped by RP&S over the past quarter century. play occasionally"), a safari hat (used in various capacities), his famous red beret (worn annual- Other elude: commendations in- Patrolmen Frederick J. Jen WILMINGTON Mayor Harry G. Haskell Jr., praised Sargis-jry' ). son and said recreation "is es- SANTA Claus was so promi-sential in getting the city mov- nently mentioned because of the ing in the right direction." Santa Claus school-first in the Newark Mayor Norma H?n- j nation started by RP&S, and dloff recalled Sargisson's help in : its Santa Claus suit rental scrv- starting recreation programs in ice. that city. New Castle County Executive ly for the Brandywine Arts Fes- son, and Earl A. Heston, for, tival) and' a long-flowing, silver ; work during a burglary at Har Santa Clause wig and beard !ry Kenyon, Inc., at 203 Market "fitting for a silver anniversa-;St.. where they observed sus pects on the roof of the building and subsequently made arrestSw Patrolmen Francis E. JOneS and Samuel B. Gallion, for their ! alertness after a burglar alarm was recorded at Dunright Clean-ers, 132 Concord Ave. In fact, Millard D. Zeisbcrg RP&S president, announced; r,,t - tm, t ui..r accordion and sang a two-verse conduct a Santa Claus training iS ,S5 Atti, in nnnnr nf Corniccnn snrl I cnliAnlfnr ,inmon :prenenQing a TODDery 5U5peCl f v 9r I m ' u "I'N-l'.MV), Ak.- V -W. ' : to vjoj Workers Local 285 have voted to 36 31 .11 5i at) 60 accept a new two-year contract with Armstrong Cork Co., avert' ing the threat of a strike. I 11 CEORCK GETS A HAND .Mr. Edith Rrilly and Mrs. Edna Anderson, twin fisters of George T. Sarfiisson, join others in the Gold Ballroom of the Hotel du Font in applauding their brother. The Sta'f Pho'o by Donagtxy Brown twins, from Siouv City, Iowa, were among five members of Sar;Uon family attending yesterday's RP&S luncheon as a surprise to SarUson, being honored for his 23 years of serviee. who grabbed a woman s purse at 1401 Pennsylvania Ave. Motor Causes Hospital Smoke A faulty elevator motor that sent smoke through many of the corridors of Delaware Division sent Wilmington firemen running shortly before 1 this morning. Firemen were called at 12:42 a.m. According to Mrs. Margaret Dunlap, night supervisor at the hospital on West 14th Street., the smoke was caused by ari overheated motor of an elevator which became stuck near the fourth floor. The fire was quickly extinguished, but smoke was in evidence through much of the hospital. Mrs. Dunlap said that' firemen would pump the remaining smoke out later in the morning. She said that none of the patients had to be moved and that many did not even knovr that anything was amiss.

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