Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on February 9, 1901 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 9, 1901
Page 3
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friion-Made Poatwttf Lttdies'Doneola Laoe, welt,. , A to B, 12.50 and 13 per pair, Ladled 1 Dongola tac«, MoKly, . , •- ., Ladies'Patent Kid Loco, all wld,thi(, 18,18 per pair. . ,% Ladies' Box Calf Lace (it »1(>6 *8,B6 and 12.60 per pair* Ladles' Box Oaif Lace, welt, stotw , oat, all width's, (3.50 per pair., Men*, ttd* Calf, Velous Calf, Viol Kid and Bussta Calf Lace, welt, 13.60 per pair. Men's Satin Calf Lace and Congress 12, $2.26 and 12.60 per pair. Men's V, Calf work shoes, lace and congress, at $1.60 and 11.15 per pair. Boys', Youths', Misses' and Child. fen's Unlon»Made Shoes. All the above bear the '-Upton' stamp. .We handle more Union-Made Shoos thanr any house in the city. IT7 MORRISSEYBROS ' n.i.K.M. «.f MtrtM flD'AHR Dnntn^ar Store Retailers ot HIGH open' every night. GRADE Footwear. Telephone 2671. STORMY SEASON. Is bear and about that Umbrella of yours with the nice handle and the 1 cover all full of holes/ Did you know it con be repaired arid made as good as hew at Gouldlng's.' liiil III 25C 1(0 U Ik, All kinds of Bjepairlng Promptly done. Umbrellas recovered while you wait, . •••••'• J J«L Alton's Reliable Jewelry FLANNEL SILKS New Goods for Spring Waists. Not Silk Flannels but soft, light weight, flannel finished silks, the latest and prettiest in the silk line for SPRING WAISTS. Also new Spring Shades in 28 inch French Flannels rf a yaid. H.F. LEHNE, at PHONE 2932 West Third street Heinz's Mixed Pickles, in bulk.; •Heinz Dill Pickles. Kraut. Apple, Butter. A new barrel of large school pickles, extra spiced, Just opened. Preserves of all varieties. Armour's po-ik and beans, with tomato sauce. A.r.COl)SLEY 6th and Alby sts. Telephone CRAWFORD BROS Upper Alton. Leaders in Low Prices. Choice Sugar Cured Hams ....... .vlOc Good Butter ....................... 20c EVH6 HU B* TflitBLfeaftAPH PRINTING Oo QTVWH! I- CdRNKft tltmo AND MARA *rt< <C«IBpUlnUel fSMtly (Mlvwy 81 IhtTBLB QttAi'H ihodld be «»J« «Uh«t by MBil or tefe* Bhtfli. , Cell up UfephoiM |S, «r Mud- • 0*11*1 M; «tt*» too tall U i*i y«at piper. Miss Julia Joesting has returned from on extended visit with relatives and friends at Fosterburg. Dr. J.W, Cain, 110 west 3rd Ht. optician, at Hoppe's Dr. A. C. Barr. Pentlst. 2d and Plass. Another gas-pipe alleged bomb was found at East Alton Thursday but no one was frightened this time. All popular music 23c at Davis'. Miss Dora Stlrltz, of Clifton Terrace, IB visiting her. Bister, Mrs. Jos. Kehr, at the Plasa Hotel, The Rock Island Shoe Company today took possession of the Doerlng stock of footwear and removed it to the Baker warehouse. • ,Jas, 97;, Smith. Stationery News Co. Picture frames made to order: pictures <5t!flttrg6d from photos. P. O. Building. It IB lestimated that contractors and dealers have taken "nearly a halt million yards of sand from the river bars, arid are still hauling. Balaton's entire wheat flour.Yeakel. „ Mayor Penning, ^of Upper Alton, is reported to be in'a. very dangerous condition this afternoon, his illness taking a turn for the worse. The remains of Mrs. HattieWhar- ton,, .a forraerresldent-of Alton arrived ttl Won from St. ; Louis,- and were Interred In the city cemetery • J. B. Logan, Optlclan,2dand Alby. Mrs. Henrietta Maxhelmer slipped on the ipy walk in front of her home, 1322 Kast Third street, yesterday, and broke her right arm at the wrist. Pretty Valentines So, lOc, 25o and up to $1.50, at Hoppe's 2 stores, The administrator of the estate of the late A. L. Floss has been directed by the court to pay Fried a; Kx>u ton- berg 25 per cent on her claim Of $2085. : •__" ' _ - i'Bayle's deviled hqrrlng at sYoakel <t. The 11-months-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs; JOhn Saunders, died at the home on East Second street last night. The funeral will be tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock. Marland, architect, Spalding bldg. Lot nice music at 2}c, 5c, lOc, and 13o, nt Davis'. , ' Commute* to b« [Appointed from Jer- J1..1.U fcJ.Jl.^4^. _*..* *t*4sVik4*«tt njKMlfck. tty, UaAiwta tod tWhwm Conti- Wttt On l*e«»l*tttM. A meeting: ot residents of Jersey and Madison counties was held last evening In the Council chamber for the purpose of taking action that #111 lead to the adoption of Notch Cllffe, on Piasa Bluffs', as the site for this proposed state epileptic colony. Among those present were Hon. T. S. Chapman, J. W. Beok«r, • George Locke, K. J. Vaughn s,nd Cosmos Keller, Jerseyvllle. The meeting was called to Order by. Mayor Young, who upon motion of Mr. H. M. Schweppe, was elected chairman, and Mr. H. H. Ferguson was elected secretary. The chairman called upon Senator Brenholt, who spoke to the meeting In regard to Notch Cliff and efforts' necessary to secure the location of the epileptic colony there, by the Legislature. Kx- SenotorChapman followed, explaining the best plan to secure its location at Notch Cliff. Sheriff Kellar, of Jersey county and Messrs. Vaughn and Becker, of Jersey vllW spoke. An executive committee is to be selected and which will be vested with full power to act and call upon additional pebpl* f or assistance Ifit Is deemed necessary. It was decided to send a committee to Springfield to induce members ot the Legislature to, visit Notch Cliff and to lay before them the advantages of the proposed colony. Chairman Young today named th« following committee to take charge of thework of securing the location of the colony at Notch Cliff: H. M. Sohwep- pe, J. P. Porter, Ed. Beall, G.-H. Lane, H. O. M'pike, G. P. Crowe, P. W. Hoppe, H. M. Sleek, Robt. Curdle, A. W. Hope, E. C. Haagen, Charles Stelzel, H. H. Ferguson, H. K. Johnston, J. A. Cousley, the Mayor and Aldermen, ' Try a Turkish or Vapor bath a» Frank Bauer's harbors hop,:305 Bellest The pupils of Mrs. Roderoeyer's dancing class will give a dance next Wednesday evening at Naval Militia Hall. Miss Cordelia Jones will tur- nish the music, . ' MEN'S MEETING At the M. K. Ch'ii'eh Afternoon. Tomorrow Fresh Eggs, per doz Yale Coffee, per Ib ......... ... . . . . 15c LaBelle or Electric Light Flour, per sack ........... orn Syrup, per gallon Klnnk & Heskett. tombing, Healing, Gas Fitting and Sewering. Estimates Cheerfully -Furnished. Jobbing Promptly Attended to. ELEW10NE 2972. - 204 STATE ST. Carrokon Tomatoes, 3 for Salmon, 10?, rjf and 2 per can. Bottled Pickles.sour-sweet and mixed, ioX, $ for 25". Bottled Catsup, io/S if 20^ and 2$f per bottle. Prunes, 2 IDS for i5/S and 2 Ibs for Itf. Mince Meat, j for z^f. Fred. A. Sawyer. Hotel n«dl(i<Mi Bldg. TELEPHONE 185. Dr.A.W.Rue.Dentlst, Spaldlngbdg Mrs. Ralph Root entertained the Friday club yesterday afternoon at her hoifae. Mrs. Tracey Thomas will be the ho.stess of the club next Thursday afternoon at the home of Dr. T. P. |Yerkes in Upper-Alton. Celery, and cauliflower at Yeakel's. The White Hussars band will celebrate their ninth annlversary|Wednes- evening at Turner halland » big celebration: will be held, A good spi-ead of eatables will be a feature and a musical program, will be rendered. Pretty Water Drftp,/Tea Pots Me,"at Hoppe's 317 Belle street."; ' "•'••• Rudolph Krause; who-hi be an Alton man andcls",also said to be In this city, is wanted In St. -Louis to answer to a .charge pj qmbezzlpmept, grand laroenyi /atjd t foleiiiouji;dtsoep- tion. Krause is a real estate agent. The CentraVUhlp'ti Telephone Cohv pany U receiving many orders for the" placing of, new phones-«ln-the .residences as well as business places, and the directory of patrons will have to be republlsbed again soon In a corrected WANTED. oillcc MiiiiKser Wuntcd—An"eilnbljibed vholosale houie recently »»'io';K?"'. t «' 1 ; «^ On Sunday afternoon at three o'clock a meeting for men will be held in the M. E. church at the corner of Sixth and Market streets. Mayor ifoung and Mr. Thomas Segraves will deliver addresses. Hon. Lev! Davis will speak on "Public sentiment as a jn-q- motor of law and order." Dr. Cain will fit your eyes correctly, Hoppe's, 110 westThird st. Examinations free. ._ Bayle's deviledsalted poanuU.Yeaicel. Fred Parry, a picture agent was arrested this morning by Constable Harry. Streeper, on ! a warrant sworn out by Mrs. Florence Parish charging him with fraud. The fraud consisted she says, In collecting 89 for pictures andframes.and never delivering them. The matter was fixed up In Justice Few's court by Parry giving security for the refunding of the money and tbe payment of all costs by Monday next. ,T. J.Relb is security. . For Sale. A good small farm near Alton.—C. C. Paul, S50 East Second street. I Mrs! Joseph Doerlng, wife of the shoe dealer who assigned last week and disappeared immediately afterwards, is said to be In a prostrated condition. She is left with two little children and no means, and she fears her husband has killed himself. Some of those who know him best say he will turn up all right and that ho probably went to some other city to secure a job L If you have trouble with your eyes let Dr. Cain fit you with a pair of specks at Hoppers, UO west 3ra st, L O. rJiloli tllvidend of Cpcr cent will bo gmmin- ecdyi"dfiirnl»bs»twaetory reference. Ad- Secrelury, box WO. Knumw City, Mo._ For Judge of city Court. To tho Public: At tho request of a very large number of olt'zens of Alton, representing voters of all political parties, I hereby respectfully announce myself as> candidate for the office, of; Judge of the City Court of Alton at the election be held on Tuesday, March 5th Ed am and Coquetor't Cheese, Yeakel. The Royal and , Jokers Bowling Clubs bowled their first matoh game last evening-oh Luer's al)ey8. The game''wai.hotljr coutestod. The score was 2 to 2 until the 5th Winning, when the Jokers won out by a score of :> to 2. "•' _'_.'. ' - '. A concert will bo given by the Y. M. C. AV for .the benefit of the new church fund Feb.. 14th, at the. Evangelical church corner. of Eighth, and Henry. Justice 1C. Noprian today made complaint in tjie Police Court and caused £ warrant to be Issued (or the arrest of Mrs. Rebefaoa Sorogglns, Allie Picket and Hugh Cos on the charge of being ipwuk,,-,4,UmpWnff- «*»• peace and de^troyin* property maliciously ttt the "corner of Ninth and rrust 0 wlthsufflcient ability to^-. usefulness of the court in line with ttoe growth and ,. The latent rumor regarding E. pray, late.Genera), " oLUhe ! Alton, connects ftlm with the Chicago southslde street railway com- piny. The wpprt Is that be has been offered and accepted the general man- agership of that system, one of tie largest In the wprUl and which ppu- ti'bls tjhe greater part pf the street car doeof LuoasPfemenuergar.aroiu- linos of the metropolis. A fancy sal- « uv . The rlgnt to i-ejeot any aW -*H I ary M connected with the place. bids is reserved. Notice to Contractors. Sealed bids will be received up to 2p7m. Saturday, February W, for Vtw erection and loompletlon of a two brick.residence for^Abper •,aroht- •tor Trousers to order $5 to $12. Brueggman, the Tailor. , Revival Services. The meeting at the First M. K. church last night was fairly well attended and a good Interest was manifested. The pastor preached an able sermon at the close of which three members were taken into fellowship on probation. The meetings will be. continued next week, and as much longer as the interest demands. Box Office Open Holiday. The box office at Spaldiug Auditorium will be open Monday and each evening thereafter for the sale of seals for Hazel Klrke.lietween 4 and 0 p. m. Seats shoujfl be secured early. A Brave Boy's Act. Sevoral.ljoyB were skating thU afternoon^n: a pond on Upper Belle street, when one of them, a s >n of Mr. and Mr*. John Brady, of Seventh Street, broke through the Ice. The Otber boys scattered and young Brady w«i unable to extricate himself. As he'was goW down tne th|rd time, Tomrale'Trtughlln, son of Mr. and Mrs, Bwn Laugblln, rushed to the hole, seized the drowning boy and by a qujok j«k pulled him to ft place of safety.- y^_ . For Kent. . FourlMwrn cottage on Clement Place. Inquire of K. A. Clement, 720 Grove pyeet two Prominent CltltiHI ot Alton Mid tpp*r Alton •hdrt ArMSt. Chftrg«d Witk fielnf with tbe in vincible 'ilileVM. Quite ti sensation was caused on the streets this morning *b*n it was learned that Sheriff Hot/, and Deputy Brelsoerner had arrested John Boals, one of the most prominent men In Alton, on «, charge of being Implicated in tbe "Invincible Thief" conspiracy in the American Bottom, which has created such terror In that part of the county. The Sheriff and his deputy called at the residence of Mr. Boals on Sixth and Alby streets this morning tit 1:80 o'clock and notified htm of his arrest. Mr. Boals appeared at first to take the matter as a joke, until he law that the officers were in earnest, They took charge of Mr. Boats and 11:10 he was taken to ttdwardiville by Deputies Drelsoerner and Hunt. Wnen the train reached the Upper Alton station Sheriff Hole got aboard, having as a prisoner the well known attorney, W. L. Falrman, of Upper Alton, under a similar charge to that preferred against Mr. Boals, Mr. Boals stoutly protested his in- noeence in the matter; that he knew nothing whatever of the "Invincible Thief "business, and was able to prove Ills innocence; Mr. Falrman, while admitting that he had met Gregory, the head of Uie invlnctbles, said It was only In the capacity of an attorney. Sheriff HoU admitted that he had under arrest and In jail, Nick Gregory, the ex-postmaster of Oldenburg, and Jos. Goudle, and report Bays another man named Joe Stumpstick. The sheriff admitted that he thought Gou- dle was probably Innocent. Gregory, the saloon keeper and ex- Postmaster, Is the Informant In tho matter, and has been in jail since last Monday night. Sheriff HoU when approached this morning, early, denied he arrested anyone in Alton, but when confronted with the details by a TELEGRAPH reporter admitted that he had arrested Mr. Boals and would arrest another man, but declined to give his name, telling the reporter that If he would go with him to Edwardsvllle he would give him full nartlculars. Gregory was frightened into giving up the story when he discovered Chief of Police Volbracht of this city down in the bottom, interested in discovering the guilty parties and gave the names of the men arrested. He claimed that the whole matter was a joke, and not Intended to rob It would also appear that the bomb found under the Henry house at East Alton was also a joke and was perpetrated by one of Bast Alton's most prominent citizens. However there was no joke in it for the badly frightened residents of that part of the county. Edwardsville, February, 0, 3 p. m. Owing to the : absence of 'Squire Barraclough before whom the examination of Messrs Baals and Fairman was to have taken place, and the absence of States'' Attorney Brown, an examination could not be had. The prisoners demanded an Immediate trial which (the Sheriff .was 'compelled to decline. The sheriff claims that both Boals and Fairman were at Gregory's place on the 4th of January about the'time the letters were given- out. One of these letters was left on Huebner's place, and the other letter was placed in Shilllnger's yard by Goudle. Messrs. Boals and Fairman will be held by the sheriff until a bond can be made out and wilt then be released. 4:15—Gregory turned State's evidence. He says that himself, Boa's and Falrman met at Gregory's place on the night of Thursday, Jan 10th, and fixed thejmatter, upand issued anjj other throating letter, stating that the right man had not been arreslod and if the threatened raon iid"~not put the money In the place called for they would dynamite the homes ;and raise a dreadful oomotlon* The two St. L,ouls detectives were heard, and Sheriff Hot/., determined to hold Boals and Falrman. The former was placed in asecond story cell while Fatrman »vas placed in a cell with Brer Fox They were required to change their clothes. Fairman r,vised a storm about it, but finally ojoled down and both then took the matter philosophically, Fairman call ing for tobucco and cigarette paper Paul BrtiPlii and Toll! Balsar MOp'tlMl'iffirftlnn CctllKli nl <>MCl> Had Oflp ('Oligli, «•«• niidttlf. Paul Bros 9 Tooth Powder: irfret powdpf fire from srll an ontli, rlrnn iiml niiMncpllc Icic IRK me month CBOl. rlonn nml nww>t, Tr It nnd 1)8 convinced, ('rlmttSc. Paul Broi' Malaria Tablets Cure Mnlnrln nnd Hint nctilnR. lire Paul Bros' Cream Lotion : At) «xqnl«lle UitlPt prrparnllon i>o!l'nii(l ciire<-lm|n»nd rnliRlin« iHBlineM ol PAUL BROS., Partlcslat Prescription Drsttli COP. Henry And Hpnoml «l». THt: WINTER OF Will never touch you If you buy your DRY G AT MRS. RR PROSTRATE!'. invincible Thieves May be the Oansa ot her Death from Fright. Sheriff i.Toe. Hotz was In Alton today working on the ''Invincible Thieves" case and he stated to a s,E»RAi'H representative that the results of the scare have been very serious in the case of Mrs. George Schllllnger. Mrs. Schllllnger is confined to her home near Oldenburg with nervous prostration and the members of her family are said to be much alarmed at her condition. Before the springing of the scare by the band of men who styled themselves "Invincible Thieves," Mrs. Schillinger was a robust woman and in good health. Sheriff Hot* said that she has since been so worried over the threats made against the life of her husband and threatened destruction of the property that she has become prostrated. Anxiety lias made her condition pitiable and her friends fear the worst. For this reason the efforts of the officers to capture the offenders within the past week have been Increased. Turkeys, large, full-bred; at 12 l-2e per pound. Also a plenty of chickens; also a full line of all kinds of fresh and smoked meats, tenderloins, spare ribs, pork shoulders, pigs feet, pickled and smoked tongue, at the leading market. Alton Packing Company, telephone 24, Onion Social Uliib Ball. The annual ball of the Onion social club will be given Saturday evenim* February 9th at Turner hall. Music will be furnished by Mathie's orchestra of eight pieces. Each lady will receive a handsome souvenir. Mrs..Nation Coming to Allon. Alton will be honored with a visit from Mrs. Carrie Nation, the leader of the "hatchet temperance brigade." Mrs. Nation has decided to go on a tour "and wfll visit a number of cities. She has heard of Alton and will come here to learn how i»c -muse of temperance is prospering here. It is probable she will visit the cltj under the auspices of some of the temperance workers. Officers of the local W. C. T. U. were asked today as to Mrs. Nation's visit and it was stated that tho Alton W. C. T. U. has nothing to do with bringing her here; One W. C. T. U. lady does not approve of Mrs. Nation's methods, and it is certain there will be no saloon smashing in Alton. Mrs. Nation will lecture while traveling and will endeavor to make capital out of her notoriety as a saloon smasher. H. J. BOWMAN'S You are cordially invited to visit' our '. Ladies Tailoring Department vVe know that we can please you, and hope thit ydU wilt allow us to show you oui line of Silks and Dress Goods. We make to order Ladies' Gowns. Waists ana Skirts at Popular Prices. H. J. BOWMAN. 104-106 West Third street. Alton, III. CHASE & TH©S GOODIE. No. Agent for CHASE & SANBORN'S Importations.' 26 West Sacood it. • - T«l«phoa» 85 Try Neininger's mproyed Fip. Magnolia and new Charles H. Pierce, dealer in hard and soft coal, office at W. F. Freeman's, 900 east 2nd st. 'Phone, 01. For sale: two cottages on Liberty street one block north of College ave. Upper Alton. Apply on premises. The Woman's Council held a regular meeting Friday afternoon atthe.home of-Mrs. L. M. Laird, on State street. The meeting being culled to order the council listened ta the reading of the minutes of the last meeting.The responses to rolllcall were from "Henry the Fourth." Mrs. L. B Fisher, read an ijssay OB "Growth of the English Language" which was very Instructive and interesting. Consideration of tbe topic followed. The Btudy of Ktlwln M, Stanton 'and Wm. II, Seward was given in a bright and pleasing paper by Mrs. P. B. Whip- plo. After discussion the Council adjourned to meet March I, with Mrs. H. M. Suhweppe. AGAIN WE USE THIS TIME ON MEN'S E KNIF See a few styles in .Nviil^Jtil far Ffttiier'o Effects. City Clerk Ward Is In renoipt of a letter from Wilton Junoton, Iowa, written by Geo. McCrosky, who «ays he U the oldest son of the Central Union Telephone employe who died at the hospital a few weeks ago. and who did not wUh his family I to know of it. His body wu» taken to Wilton Junction by the K, of P.'», .and the boy wrlteK ualtlnR lhaV hU father's gold watch, K. of !'• budge, end all other •iTecU be sent to the children. There »ro »lx of the»e, the boy writes, and they aro pour. They are ail living with thn mother of their dead father. For a croon Btiii''«i not aua cold bath HO to M»u) * Kansas Hard wheat Flour 1 bbl. Cream of the Earth, $4.00; 08 bl. sack, $2: 4!) Ib. sack, $1; 24 Ib. sack, 50c.—Alton Roller Milling Co Bi'll Telephone Meeting. 3upt. Matlock of the Bell Telephone Company has been here for the past two weeks looking after the Interests of his company. He has arranged for a meeting of patrons of his company and others to take place in the Council Chamber on Monday evening ot 8 o'clock whonquesilonsconcerning telephoning will be presented. There will be one or two more besfdes Mr. Matlook of the general officers to be present on the occasion, who will make short addresses. Since Jan. 1st last the Alton exchange has placed 44 new photies.'and has changed '20 to a higher grade of phones. This Is a- large Increase of business. The cable to Upper Alton has been completed, and the noise from the electric wire Is remedied. For good new or second hand cook- 1 IB, heating or gasoline stoves, call a Chris Eokhardt's 721 E. Second st. For Sate. Half Interest in paying, now ooal mine at North Alton. Good business. good location, good bargain.—Samuel Ball, North Alton. Neckwear nud due suitings In every style at Morltz's. Ditffflug 1'otatoos in Kobvuary. • The Router Brothers, who own a very large tract of land near East Alton, were In the city last evening engaging men to dig potatoes. Some men are digging now, and others will be put to work. The tubera are not injured In the least by being loft in the ground all winter, and they art* of a largo line quality. They are known as "straw potatoes"—that is the ground wns covered with straw in the spring, the stalks growing up through the straw. BAYLE'S Pure Food Products. In Glass Jars. Ropeford Cheese, Deviled Herring, '**" Chow-Chow, Deviled Cheese, Pandora Spiced Pickles, Boneless Smoked Heri'g Genuine Taragon Vinegar, at J. H. BAUMAN'S, No. 400 Belle street . Phone 187. BRLANGER BEER. T he Anton Reek's Brewery Will have brew, called on sale on and after the ptli of February, 1901, a special THE ERLANGER. Try It and you will like It. This beer can be had in kegs or bottles. TELEPHONE NO. 13. A Clean Sanitary Bakery Is what we can-show our patrons and Wholesome Bread is the kind we have always served. There Is no mistake made In buying Noll's Bread, Pies and Cakes, as the best of materials and the bast of workmanship are used in making up our output. The latest maohin- ery is used In ourTiakery and everything Is clean. Noll's Flos, Bread and Cakes are the best; and always give your family the best. For Sale at all First*Class Qrocries. ALTON CONSERVATORY. Ruth Mills S UulUr Jitt- [*m>r, M. ••- uuu, i TENTH YEAR. THIRD TERM, DEC. I, i»oo. _ lrt ou, Ait," Ploriao" « wKm^6.T»DeS%Sag. i 5«So?r.pBr,' Courw. OHM >or«urjri Her. H.J _ _ Saturday February Oth, Is the day for tho groat lire, smoke und water sale at The Bunion Store, Plasa und W. Second street. _ _ For fall novelltes in gent's wear, oall at Morltis'». _ _ nest vi Inter \Vh«at Flour. 1 bbl. LaBpllo, $4.30; 08 Ib. sack, •2.10 40 !b. suck, »1.0B; 24 Ib. 60o. -Alton Holler MilHiiB <>'• .-All Appeal- As tho Union Baptist churckls not ' " depends upon for for Hot the Mr*. A. I- DunleU left 8prlu«s, Ark., last evening beueltt of tiur Iiuultli. H, H. Cain, of AtohUon, Kuusa*, who ha» been vUltliig l<l» uncle, A. Nearmann, Wi fu> hU home lait evening. Mm. JHB. Thornton leaves for Tex- ai-kona, Te*ft», tomorrow for a vUll wlthfrlemli. Mr Ml*ni» Bobtfer if dangerously (intshed yet, and as It „,.„_,,.. _..-.the amount of money the people of that church may be able to raise, as to when they will got In the church proper, now. as our .white friends promised to help when they thought U info to do so, we now appeal to your generosity. H any one wishes to «ym- "oihlvsewitb us io this direction, you iiiay deposit tho same In any bank in theiiltyof Alton and notify the un(lurstjfnod: Andrew Jackson, George Brown, i. H. Kelley. David Kyles. Uev. ,i H. Barton, 414 K. Seventh st. Cui'd We, the undernigned, desire ti» «x- press our heartfelt thanks to the many friends who assisted »» during the au» illness and death of our brother, Harvey Schallenborg. R. W. DICKINSON, MHS. H. W. UufKiNSON, sister and family. Uood girl for general housowov k Th« Modern Way uommonils Itself to the well Informed, to do pleasantly and aad effectually what was formerly done In the crudest manner und disagreeably as well. To cleanse the system and break up colds, headache and fevers without unpteM ant after effects, »w the liquid laxative ANNOUNCEMENTS. CO I. L KOTO H. KKI4X I. CHOWK will U6 tt for t'ollcolor of Alton To»n»blp, .... ho decUlou or tho people «' tll« poll*, April VlliMAU TUttK Will be » cunfllOat* for Collector of Alton Towunblp M lb« «tootia»» on tbe firnt Tue»d»y In April next. 1IKNUY HOHHM1UBB Will I*ft DftndUW* for ColltMJtor »t tbe Tpwiwblp eleotlflfl «W .lie am Tueaduy lu April. ' mamvAY COMMWHJOHKU. AOAM RUTH will b»» wwi»W»t» for r* election u« Highway ComJBlWMOiwr at ib« ^ Townilnp election on tlie flm 1'UtttWJfi , April. , '' ."'Mi^,

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