The Journal News from White Plains, New York on July 14, 1999 · Page 40
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The Journal News from White Plains, New York · Page 40

White Plains, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 14, 1999
Page 40
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HE Wednesday, July U, 1 999 The Journal News TELEVISION RK. www. PROGRAMS Best Bets If life) behind bars is as dangerous as ever on "Oz," the ailhouse drama which has its third season premiere tonight on HBO. Ernie Hudson (left) and Terry Kinney return in starring roles. "Worst Witch" (7 p.m., HBO). (Premiere) Based on a series of books by Jill Murphy, this British-made series follows a youngster (played by Georguia Sherrington) who has problems mastering sorcery. A student of an academy situated in a castle, she has to master the art of flying aboard a broom in two weeks' time or shell be expelled, dare Coulter plays the headmistress and her evil twin. "Happily Ever After Fairy Tales for Everv OAJ" (730 p.m., HBO). Hie animated series that puts fresh spins on classic stories gives new treatment to "AK Baba and the Forty Thieves." Jumee Smollett ("Cosby") supplies the voice of the youngster who proves to be more than a match for the numerous felons when they encounter her and her grandmother (Maria Gibbs) in the desert "7 Days" (8 p.m., UPN). Parker (Jonathan LaPaglia) "backstops" to derail a clever but sinister plot in this repeat Terrorists use an Alaskan communications base to alter transmissions, making Air Force officials think that an Army Base has been overrun by enemies. In trying to prevent an attack on that site, Parker finds himself trans formed into a youngster by a kink in the time-travel process. "The living Edens" (8 p.m., WNET). The recurring series, about regions relatively untouched by man, resumes with a visit to Australia's Kakadu National Park. Narrated by actor Peter Coyote, the program surveys unusual creatures that inhabit the landscape, where floods and drought alternate regularly. A year in the life of the saltwater crocodile is the basis of the hour. "Drew Carey Show" (9 pm, ABC). Diane Fan, a vet of MTV's "Love-line," appears in this repeat as a woman who proves to be very appealing. She has such charisma. Drew (Carey Oswald (Diedrich Bader) and Lewis (Ryan Stiles) all become attracted to her simultaneously. When they realize they're all pursuing her, all of the fellows step up their efforts to win her heart "The Great Balloon Race" (9p WNET). The efforts of several groups to accomplish a non-stop balloon trip around the world are documented in this new special. That goal was finally reached last March by Dr. Bertrand Pic-card and Brian Jcmes, but the hciur profiles others wrn hoped to establish that record. Among them: British billionaire Richard Branson and American adventurer Steve Fosset "low & Order" (10 p.m, NBQ. In this repeat a savage hate crime reveals the existence of a group that adheres to Nazi ideals. However, Briscoe (Jerry Or-bach) and Curtis (Benjamin Bratt) wonder if the victim might have had an active role in perpetrating the crime. That doesn't keep McCoy (Sam Waterston) and Carmicnael (Angie Harmon) from pursuing the individual who sparked the hatred. "Ox" (10 p.m., HBO). (Season premiere) The gritty drama about a maximum-security prison begins its third year. Inmate Beecher (Lee Tergesen) seeks revenge for the injuries that landed him in the hospital, while Warden Glynn (Ernie Hudson) debates whether to hire a slain guard's son. Also, convict Said (Eamonn Walker) initiates a lawsuit and a new inmate (Ernie Hudson Jr.) arrives. I nount mrnc "Bi --.''t'-'h An unlikely TV career 'Money' brings Ben Stein great fame and fortune GARY BAERO Tribune Madia Services ueller? Bueller? Bueller?" While those three words may not seem too important, they are responsible for launching the career of Ben Stein. The movie was "Ferris Bueller'sDayOff." The scene featuring a bespectacled Stein as Ferris' high school teacher was a life-changing event For Stein, who once served as an aide to Richard Nixon and later penned a monthly column for Esquire magazine, has, in the "90s, mor- phed into a full blown show biz personality as pundit host of Comedy Central's game show "Win Ben Stein's Money" (11:30 p.m. Tuesdays). Stein snagged a Daytime Emmy earlier this year. And he has a new interview show, "Ben Stein's Follies," which will begin airing in September on Comedy Central plus plans for a kid's quiz show and a new web site. Relaxing in his West Hollywood apartment, Stein reflected on his unlikely career. "Hollywood has dramatically changed for me," he notes. "I was an outsider trying to get inside... now I'm an insider trying to stay inside. I love being an insider." Stein's tastes range from "The Drew Carey Show" to PBS' "Frontline," but he is an unlikely fan of one major show. "I love 'South Park'," Stein says. "There are probably very few 54-year-old men who love 'South Park' as much as I do." The potty-mouthed cartoon characters are a far cry from the characters on one of Stein's favorite projects, "The Wonder Years," on which he played, of course, a teacher. Stein still keeps in touch with the now-grown stars, having recently seen Former Richard Nixon aide Ben Stein hosts a popular game show on Comedy Central. Fred Savage while visiting Stanford, and spying Danica McKellar at a video game conference. "They're a family that resolved almost every problem with love, conversation, dialogue," he says of the Arnold Clan. "Wow, there was a lot of love in that family." But while the show did portray family relationships with accuracy, Stein also points out it was right on when depicting how teachers sometimes felt He singles out one episode, "The Last Day of School," as his favorite. The episode has a camera going into each classroom as the teachers prepare for the summer break. Stein's Mr. Cantwell is shown humming an Edith Piaf song, "La Vie en Rose." "It is such an astoundingly brilliant insight into what the mind of a teacher is like," Stein says of the scene. "There's this teacher, he's in a miserable Junior High School with a lot of kids who dont give a damn about learning, and he's dreaming of being in Paris with Edith Piaf. It's an extremely accurate evocation of the frustration and longings of teachers." MOVIES Best Bets m "Streets of Laredo" (8 p m., CBS). In the conclusion of the 1995 miniseries based on author Larry McMurtry's official sequel to "Lonesome Dove," Call (James Gainer) is forced to confront his own mortality. His pursuit leads him ever closer to the dangerous felon Joey Garza (Alexis Cruz). "Drogonheart" (8 p.m, FOX). Though Dennis Quaid is the nominal star of this medieval 1996 fantasy, the show is stolen by a computer-generated character. Thafs the dragon of the title, named Draco and sporting the voice of Sean Connery. That creature tries to avoid disappearing, as others of his kind have. David Thewlis, Julie Christie and Dina Meyer also appear. "The Honley" (8 pm, TNT). The first military submarine, deployed by Confederate soldiers against Union forces during the Gvil War, fuels this adventure. Armand Assante plays the leader of the crew that mans the vessel in a bid to save Charleston, S.C The drama also features Donald Sutherland as the general who orders the risky mission. "Too Young to Die?" (9 p.m., LIFE). A teen-ager faces the ultimate sentence that can be handed to someone on trial the death penalty in this fact-based 1990 story. Juliette Lewis ("Cape Fear") plays a young woman arrested for alleged involvement in a murder, men tried as an adult Brad Pitt, who hadn't yet made his feature-film break-through, also stars. "Too Young to Die?" (9 p.m, LIFE). A teen-ager faces the ultimate sentence that can be handed to someone on trial the death penalty in this fact-based 1990 story. Juliette Lewis ("Cape Fear") plays a young woman arrested for alleged involvement in a murder, men tried as an adult Brad Pitt, who hadn't yet made his feature-film breakthrough, and Michael Tucker ("LA Law") also star. "Dead Man's Curve" (9 pm, USA). A serious take on the same concept that fueled the comedy "Dead Man on Campus," this suspense tale finds two college students trying to guarantee themselves perfect averages. Matthew l'.A .... 'f'.Vi. " :ut ,J i S' A dragon (voiced by Sean Connery) and a knight (Dennis Quaid) unite to battle an evil king in "Drogonheart," a 1996 adventure. Lillard ("Scream") and Michael Vartan play roommates who scheme to benefit from a school rule by eliminating another pupil Keri Russell ("Feliriry") is also featured. DAYTIME TALK IN THE MORNING 7: "This Morning," CBS: Miss Piggy; singer James Brown. 7: "Good Morning America," ABC: Tom Cruise. TALK SHOWS 9 a jiw "LeexcT NBC: Rage and lack of sportsmanship. 9 a.m.: "Regis & Karhie Lee" ABC Brian Dennehy; WNBA player Sheryl Swoops. 10 a.m.: "Rosie ODonneJI" ABC: Steve Martin; Anna Paquin; Jennifer O'Neill. 1 1 a.m.: "The View" ABC: Willie Nelson; yoga. 1 1 a.m.: "MonreJ Williams" UPN: Drug-use crazes. 1:30 p.m.: "Charlie Rose" WNET: Lyle Lovett; Willie Nelson. 3 p.m.: "Howie MandeJ" CBS: Dennis Franz; Duane Martin. 3 p.rru "Salh Jessy Raphael" NBC: Unusual couples. 4 p.m.: "Forgive or Forget" UPN: Irresponsible teen; quarreling sisters; spoiled wedding. 24 HOURS, SEVEN DAYS A WEEK, CHANNEL LISTINGS ARE AVAILABLE IN THE JOURNAL NEWS' SUNDAY TVWEEK "Emms I 'MWJ'IT- 0 WCBS (CC) 733 CBS New (CC) A 735 Entertainment Tonight: Thomas Gibson (CC) ft 3882 3ET Hollywood Squares A 269 MOVIE: "Street of Laredo" (TV14-LSV, '851 James Gamer, Sissv Soacek. Sam Sheoard. An ex-Texas Ranoer hunts a Mexican bandit for the railroad in the sequel to "Lonesome Dove." From the Larry McMurtry novel. (Part 2) A (V) Newt (CC) 4093117 Late Show With David Letterman: (1 1 :35) Julia Roberts; Alice Cooper. (TVPG) (H) (IdJ; A 6768530 The Late Late Show With Craig Kilbom 7271450 a WNBC News 801 NBC New (CC) 153 EXTRA (TVPG) (CC) A 8578 Access Holly wood (CC) 337 Dateline NBC: Daredevil events; sky-surfing. (CC) A 99)7 World's Most Amazing Videos: A horse falls through a railing. (TV14) (CC) A (rn) 9103 Law & Order: Hate. Girl's severe beating is linked to a Hitler youth rally. (TV14) (R) (CC) A 2240 Newt 6798545 The Tonight Show With Jay Leno: (1 1 :35) Children show and tell. (TV14) yu) A 610V998 Late Night With Conan O'Brien (TV14) 5471478 0 WNYW The Nanny: The Hockey Show. (TVPG) (CC) A 7153 The Nanny (TVPG) (OO) A The Simpsons (TVPG-O) (CC) A aw The Simpsons (TVPG-O) (CC) A J9f MOVIE: "Dreoon heart" (TVPG-V, "96) Dennis Quaid. A medieval draaon- slayer teams up with his intelligent prey to rid me land of an evil despot who be- trayeo mem, voice ot oragon: sean uwnery, (oo) a (V) 3ua4u News (CC) 59375 Living Single: Space Invaders. (CC) A 19269 Living Single: Moonlight Savings 1 Time. (CC) ft 6f269 MASH: Hawk's Nightmare. (TVPG) 53979 Coot: Drua bust. (TV14-V) (CC) A svtsbo Newt(CC)55U WABC ABC Newt (CC) IfrvG) Wheel of Fortune (TVG) (CC) 5375 Dharma ft Greg (TVPG-O) (R) (CC) A 8356 Two Guys and a lilrt (TVPG) (H) (PI) A 36 T The Drew Carey Snow (TV14-L) (H) (CC) A 25820 Whose Line It It Anyway? (TVPG) (R) (CC) A 10462 2020: Tom Cruise. (CC) 44443 Newt (CC) 4040627 Nightllne (1 1 35) (CC) 3973337 Politically Incor rect With Bill Ma-her 56946775 Oprah Winfrey (1Z:40)(H)(CC) 5 1 86554 o WW0R Sitter, Sister: It's a Partv Thana. (TVPG)(CC) i2443 Martin (Parti of 2) (CC) A 3795 Sister, Sister: Designer Genes. (TVG) (CC) A 9240 Martin: Killing Him With Kindness. (CC) A 2207 7 Days: Parker back-steps to prevent I I C militorw nlan Imm lunluu. iiiiiiioi j ytiai no ii win uui i iuii iu Americans. (TVPG) (R) (CC) A 9462 Star Trek: Voyager: The Disease. Harry Kim has affair with exotic alien explor- er. (tvpo) (H) A aiyyg Newt (CC) 84085 Married ... With Children (TVPQ-DSV) (CC) ft 6A559 NewtRadio: Big Brother. (TVPG-O) (CC)ft )0559 NewtRadio: Re view. (TVPG) (CC) A 62t7 Married With Children (TVPG- DtS) (CCi) A 5093C CD WPIX Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (TVPG) (CC)A75ff Boy Meets World (TVG) (CC) A J 191 Friends (TVPG) (OO) A lbUti F raster (TVPG) (CC) A 7375 Dawson's Creek: A Perfect Wedding. Joey's father caters a posh wedding. (TVPO-l) IH) (IU) o nyjju Charmed: That 70 s Episode. Sisters travel to the 1970s where they see their family. (TVPG) (R) (CC) A 76066 Newt (CC) 79153 Seinfeld: The Serenity Now (TVPG-! t)(CC)A53627 Friends: Pilot. (TVPG) (CC) A 1011 Cheers: No Help Wanted. (CC) A Moon Murphy Brown: Power Play. (TVG) (CC)ft503ra WNET NJN Newt 9795 Nightly Business Reoort: Atlanta. 1(TVG) (CC) 3375 The NewsHour With Jim Lehrer: Jim Lehrer details the day's top stories. (CC) 34004 The Living Edens: Saltwater crocodiles reside in Australia s Kaxaau National Park. (TVPG) (CC) ft 10424 The Great Balloon Race: Balloonists Dr. Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones travel nonstop around the world. (TVPG) (CC) ft 135) Charlie Rose (CC) A 90882 Savage Seat: The Deep; Killer Storms. Divers brave the depths; shark attacks. (TVPG) (R) (CC) A 99370 wuw m WNYE The NewsHour With Jim Lehrer: Day's top stones. (CC) 82882 BBC World Newt 24578 Metro Guide 36801 Behind the Race to the Moon: Political motivations. 92608 Ballvkiasanael: Turf. Rvan mav not win the horse race. (CC) ft 11612 EastEndert 57608 EastEndert 66356 BBC Newt 82733 The Brittat Em- plre (R) 47882 Auttin City Limits: Son Volt ( "Straight Away"). (TVG) (R) ft 577318 Journal 96207 Italian Newt S7559 Le Journal 57820 Asian America 76443 Classic Arts Showcase 4 1998 Highway to Heaven: Guest Bart Con- iwr. Iran oi c) ytvto Apollo 1 1 : First Steps on the Moon: NASA officials explain. 54462 Bloomberg Infor- Greek Newt 15646 Polith mation iv yiia and Slavic Newt 24733 Computer Chronl-cles (TVG) 89882 World TV 186080 61 WPXM CD im fJi WMJU Supermarket Sweep 49578 Shop Til You Drop 23530 Touched by an Angel: Crisis of Faith. A minister's son is killed, ft 78065 Dr. Ouinn, Medicine Woman: Bone of Contention. (CC) ft 81530 Diagnosis Murder Vanishing Act. (Part 1 0(2) (CC) ft 91917 Father Dowling Mysteries: The Malibu Mystery. Dead love 74462 Paid Program- Paid Program ming 360080 mlng 663689 NotJciat 553 Notictero Unlvi-tion 9733 Preclosa 78424 Camila 871 72 Angela 74608 El Super Blablazo 77795 Noticlat 51289 Noticlero Unlvi-sion 16199 Lo Meior de Al Ritmo de la Noche: Los Sacado; Laura Leon. (R) 5f 196 Noticlero 3153 CBS TeleNoticiat 7733 Sabia Usted 8838 Operation Hetcate 3917 Placet 52462 Ocurrio Ati de Noche 49998 Tret Vecet Sofia 42085 Noticlero 35207 Noticlero Telemu- ndo 87207 Ocurrio Ati (R) 26486 WLKY Jeopardy! (CC) Wheel of Fortune (CC) 1337 Oprah Winfrey (CC) 83356 MOVIE: "Rambo: First Blood, Part il" (R, '85) Sylvester Stallone. Gung-ho namoo goes on nusn-nusn mission m Vietnam. (V) natsao Judge Judy: Cou-ple's debts. 48356 Judge Judy (TVG) 57004 Newt 5980 Roseanne Show: Marilu Henner; Craig anoemaKer. i&oo MOVIE: "After Hourt" (V) 48216 m WRNN Valley Newt Live (R) 543356 Sportsline 534608 Rundown 800153 The Big Story ABC News (CC) Infoiink 805608 2020 (CC) 445375 oiyoui Nightslde 613849 ABC World News Tonight 699269 Nightslde 799608 Hearth Talk (R) Paid Programming 2W67 Paid Proaram- mlng 506776 EVENING A&E Simon A Simon: Mummy Talks. Guest Dennis Patrick. (TVPG) 966443 TRET Law A Order: Ana. Suicide s mother is charged with manslaughter. (TVPG) (CC) A OUUUlif T1HT RETT Biography: By Demand. Viewers vote lor their favorite subject. (TVG) (CC) HUMS Investigative Reports: Inside LAX. Christmas travel. (Part 3 of 3) (CC) f99T53 XEEI American Justice: Hillside Stranglers. Authorities don't know if there's more than one Strangler (TVPG) 949630 Law a Order: Censure. A judge is pros' ecuted for harassing an ex-lover. (TVPG) (11.) A 04U3J Biography: By Demand. Viewers vote for their favonte subject. (TVG) (CC) 743370 AMC MOVIE: "The Bible" (5:00) (TVG, '66) Michael Parks, George C. Scott, Richard Harris. Book of Genesis stones include Adam and Eve. Abraham and the Tower of Babel. Directed by John Huston, who plays Noah. (V) 734733 MOVIE: "The Sea Chase" (TVG, '55) John Wayne, Lana turner, David Far-rar. An anti-Nazi German romances a Nazi spy on his rusty freighter, as the omisn navy nunis w oown. i v ) qjonoa MOVIE: "H't All True" (TVG, '93) Restored footage of Orson Welles' 1 942 Brazil trip includes his unfinished film rour wen on a Han. (V) 6055733 MOVIE: "The Bible" (11:35) (TVG, '66) Michael Parks. Book of Genesis stories include Adam and Eve, Abraham and the Tower ot Babel. (V) 78268397 BET Rap City (4:30) 87066 227 59)7)4 Planet Groove 480269 Hit List 499917 Sparks (CC) A 760917 Good Newa (CC) A 368608 Comicvlew 472240 Tonight With Tavls Smiley 735356 Sparks (CC) A 277573 227 556592 BRAV Brooklyn Bridge (TVQ) 9597)4 Inside the Actors Studio: Stanley Do- nen. Stanley Donen. (TVPG) 250356 MOVIE: "The Sand Pebbles" (TVPG, '66) Steve McQueen, Richard Attenborough, Candice Bergen. Politics and low tide hold a U.S. gunooai crunma s Yangtze Mrverm iap. mrecieo oy nooen wise. (V) 044J MOVIE: "The Boat It Full" (TVPG. '81) Tina En German Jews flee to Switzerland, closed to refugees. el. Martin Walz, Curt Boa. 78820 CLSN Classic Years Dick Schaap Sports Challenge Sports Challenge Victory Lane Victory Lane College Football: '97 Rose Bowl: ASUOhto St. Played 1297. 93337 Sports Challenge Sports Challenge Victory Lane Victory Lane CNBC The Edge 4)733 Business Center 124559 Upfront Tonight Hardball With Chrit Matthews 10004 Rivera Live 90240 The Newt With Brian Williams (CC) 0177 Hardball With Chrit Matthews 90462 Rivera Live 562486 CNN WorldView (CC) 252627 Moneyline Newt Hour (CC) 265040 Crossfire (CC) 265)9) CNN a Fortune: Ben & Jerry's annual snarenoioers meeting (ou) eoisj Larry King Live: Attorney Dan Petro- cein. (JJ) 629) The World Today (CC) 620004 Sports Tonight ;CC) 904578 Moneyline (CC) 769627 Larry King Live: Attorney Dan Petro- celll (UU) 908486 COM Saturday Night Live: Host David Alan Gner. (TV14) (CC) ft 397)4 Daily Show Jon Stewart 55462 Win Ben Steln't Money 74085 Pulp Comict: V. !(TV14) 31882 Comedy Central Presents 509)7 Pulp Comics: VII. (TV14) )0530 Pulp Comics (TV14) 4)559 South Park (TVMA) (CC) 97240 The Man Show 13288 Daily Show Jon Stewart 22375 Win Ben Stein's Money 87424 Saturday Night Live: Rob Lowe; the Hpgues. (TVPG) (CC) ft ) 17950 CSPAN U.S. House of Representatives (2:00) 3860153 Prime Time Public Affairs 375917 Prime Time Public Affairs 366269 DIS Growing Paint I Brotherly Love: (TVG) (Part 2 of 2) Pizza Girl. (TVG) (JC) 95) )2 (UC) ft 942424 MOVIE: "Once Upon a Forest" (G, suj ramasy. uosw Backstreet Boys In Concert: (8:15) Group performs at the New Amsterdam Theater. (TVQ) (CC) ft 8415266 MOVIE: "The Thirteenth Year" (9:15) (TVG, '99) Chez Starbuck, Dave Coulier. As a boy approaches adolescence he grows scales and fins, communi- cates wrtn nsn and oreatnes underwater. (CC) 363820 Zorro: Secret of the Sierra. (TVG) (CC) ft 107424 Zorro: The New Commandante. (TVG) (CC) ft 45)882 Walt Disney Presents: Wait Disney follows the installation of a new attraction at Disneyland. (TVQ) (CC) 53)3)8 DSC Your New House (TVG) 192646 Fix-It Line: Fireplace mantle. (TVG) )83998 Animal I.Q.: Naturally Clever: Many animals use tools, take medicine and build designer homes. (TVG) 894781 E.R.: Medical personnel and patients in a Washington. DC. emeraencv room. (TVG) 894581 Discover Magazine: A set of systems ana structures are aesignea to protect U.S. presidents. 494725 Vietnam POWs: Stories of Survival: Interviews profile the terror, torture of prison camps (TVG) 244202 E.R.: Medical personnel and patients in a Washington, D.C., emergency room. (TVQ) 8&4Z6H Discover Magazine: A set of systems and structures are designed to protect U.S. presioents. iaaua EMC MOVIE: "Cocoon" (PG-1 3, '85) Don Ameche. (CC) ft (V) 8942462 MOVIE: "Shine" (PG-13, '96) Armin Mueller-Stahl. (CC) A 7831085 MOVIE: "Cobra" (9:50) (R, '86) (CC) A (V) 1832004 MOVIE: "A Clockwork Orange" (1 1 :20) (CC) 25425998 ESPN Up Close 558288 SporttCenter (CC) 635240 WNBA Basketball: All-Star Game. From New York. 5635) ) SportsCentury: Most Influential People: Roone Arledge, Marvin Miller, David aiern ano otners are proTiiea. sduim SporteCenter (CC) 542288 Bicycle Racing 571080 ESPN2 Inside Drag Rac- ing 8848191 Bicycle Racing 8839443 RPM 2Nlght 6925511 Minor-League Baseball: Class AAA All-Star Game. From New Orleans. 9270356 Minor-League Baseball: Class AA All-Star Game. From Mobile, Ala. 6186337 FAM Little Drummer Boy (TVG) 898443 Leprechauns' Xmat Gold 889795 The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus: Baby Claus. (TVG) 794288 Jack Frost: Jack's in love, seeks ad-vice. (TVG) 770608 MOVIE: "The Christmas Gift" (TVPG, '86) John Denver, Jane Kaczmarek. Architect and daughter visit town of Santa Claus believers. A 773795 The 700 Club: Serial killer. (CC) 640017 Show Me the Furv ny (TVQ) 565554 Show Me the Fun- ny (TVQ) 851863 FSNY Thoroughbred Ac- Fox Sports News Hon 595530 586882 iCIemente: Baseball player Roberto luemente is profiled, 4533 SuperStar Shortstops 484085 Baseball Max 404849 Fox SporU Newt 474608 Fox Sports Newt 720424 The Last Word 262641 Racing From Mead- owiands 54)660 HBO MOVIE: "Batman Robin" (4:45) (PG-13, "97) Arnold Schwa rzeneg- ger. Action, in; a iv) waa33 Worst Witch (TVY7) (CC) A 817443 HaoDilv Ever Af ter: Fairy Tales Aril$$(TVMA)(CC) A 826191 Sex and the City (TVMA) (CC) A 812998 The Sopranos: Pax Soprana. Junior becomes acting boss when Jackie Aprile dies, (tvma) (CC) ft 429337 Oz: The Truth and Nothing But ... Beecher is released from the hospital. (TVMA) (CC) ft 422424 Todd McFarlane't Spawn (TVMA) (CC) ft 706998 MOVIE: "Can't Hardly Wait" (PG-13, '98) Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ethan Embry, Charlie Korsmo. A teen tells a fellow graouate ne loves ner. (CC) ft (V) aBieoi HIST High Points In History: Lee Harvey Oswald (TVPG) (Part 3 of 4) 4861714 20th Century With Mike Wallace: Seri-al Killers. (TVPO) 1360462 Monumental Statues: The SDhinx. (TVQ) (UU) 1346882 Moon Shot: Go Fever. Astronauts die. (TVPG-L) (Part 3 ot 4) 1366646 Titanic: The Legend Lives On: In- Iquiries. (TVG) (Part 1 of 2) 1369733 Weapons at War: Assaulting the ronress rryo) tjms 1 7 Monumental Statues: The Sphinx. (TVG) (CC) 3802689 LIFE Golden Glrtt (tvpg-0) (Part 1 of 2) (CC) ft 801917 Golden Girls (TVPG-O) (Part 2 of 2) (CC) ft 892269 Party of Five: Games People Play. Kate has bad news for Bailey. fTVPG-D) (11) A W40Z Chicago Hope: New obstetrician John Sutton delivers a babv in the dark. (TVPG-OLS) (CC) 4i 776882 MOVIE: "Too Young to Die?" (TV14-V, '90) Michael Tucker, Juliette Lewis, Brad Pitt. A lawyer defends a 1 5-year-old girt being tried for murder as an adult in a oeam-penarry state, iv) raoon New Attitudes: Hats; Ya-Ya Sisterhood Club. 640397 Golden Girls (TVPG-O) (CC) A 301627 Golden Girls (TVPG-O) (CC) A 58028 Unsolved Mysteries (TVPG) (CC) A 169660 MAX MOVIE: "Caodyahacfc H" (6:15) (PG, '88) Jackie Mason, Dyan Cannon. yountry guo snoo tees on witn sert-maae man, (lit;) o 3o6yssf MOVIE: "Vatentlne't Dav" (R. '98) Mario Van Peebles. A detective talis tor a moll he is tailing. (CC) A 298714 MOVIE: "I Know What You Did Last Summer" (R. '97) i Jennifer Love Hewitt. Horror. (CC) A (V) 7893795 TheWager(11:10) 77135952 Emmanuel) In Space 303085 MOVIE: "Mrs. Dalloway" (PG-13, '97) 1rtr A (V) 3555573 MSG Fox Sports Newt 9243 The Last Word 83795 Baseball: Atlantic League All-Star Game. From Bridgeport, Conn. 923443 After the Garden 17066 Sports Desk (R) 26714 Clemente: Baseball player Roberto Clemente is profiled. 21733 Fox Sports News 913196 MSNBC News Chat (5:00) 7135998 Equal Time 5341998 InterNight (CC) 7810743 Time a Again 58)0563 The News With Brian Williams (CC) 1410707 Hocken berry 8260284 Time Again 8145917 The Newt With Brian Wiliiamt (CC) 7)05757 MTV Isie of MTV Fantasies 896085 Spankin' New Music 887337 MTV News Link (TVPO) A 153882 True Life: Fatal Dose. A 816849 TRL (TVPG) A 281424 Darla (TVPQ) (CC) A 150820 Daria (TVPQ) (CC) A 4065)) FANatic (TVPG) A 422559 Play 'n' The Wood A 345725 Loveline: Coolio. (TV14-0) A 873795 The Blame Game (TV14) A 859405 NASH Alice (TVG) A 300424 Alice (TVG) A 324004 The Waltona: The Big Brother. Girl's relative )ailed. (TVG) (CC) A 762240 Century of Country: Celebration of uountry. (TVG) (UP) A 788288 Prime Time Country With Gary Chap-man (TVG) (CC) A 768424 Crook k Chase Tonight (TVG) 76 15 1 1 Dallas: Those Dam Ewinqs. Love or money. (TVPG-L) (CC) A 55)356 Dukes of Hazzard: The Hazzardville Horror. (TVG) (CC) A 982028 NICK All That: NAS. A 190288 CatDog A 174240 Doug (CC) A 4S08S Rugrate (CC) A 70424 Hey Arnold! A 466733 Journey of Allen Strange 445240 The Jefferson s (TVG) A 350733 The Jeff arsons (TVQ) A 974462 The Jeffertont (TVG) A 237443 The Jeffertont jTVG) A 246191 The Jeffertont (TVQ) A 362578 The Jeff arsons (TVG) A 127627 WKRP In Cincin nati A 387738 Laverne and Shirley (TVQ) CJI sciri Quantum (TVPQ) (CC) 7265207 Star Trek (TVPQ) (CC) 894 ) 733 Sliders (TVPG) (CC) A 8927153 Highlander (TV14) (CC) A 8947917 Friday 13th (TV14) (CC) 8940004 Star Trek (TVPG) (CC) 6518511 Sliders (TVPQ) (CC) A 2189370 SHO MOVIE: "When Time Expires" (6:15) (PG-13, '96) Richard Grieco, Chad Everett. Cvnthia Geary. Earth's fate rests uoon a time-traveler's success with a parKing meter, o tvj tuotofa MOVIE: "Jungle 2 jungle" (5:40) (CC) A (V) 71877462 Hollywood" MOVIE: "Senseless" (R. '98) Marlon Wavans. An ex perimental drug wreaks havoc upon a hardworking college student by artering his senses. (CC) A (V) 8054849 MOVIE: "Sour Grapes" (9:35) (R, '98) Steven Weber, Craig Bierko, Matt Keeslar. A man wins a fortune with his irterto s money. iyu) a iv) sezoa Boxing (1 1:05) (R) 29193337 Beggars and jLove Street: (12:15) It's Only Love. Chooser 6506 )2a Blackmail turns into an opportunity for love. (TVMA-LS) 421 1080 ST AM MOVIE: "Boy Meets Girl" f 98) 9151022 MOVIE: "Clockwatchers" (9:40) (PG-13, '97) A (V) 88660172 MOVIE: "Kama Sutra" (1 1 :20) (R) (CC) A (V) 4263559 TIC Bob Vila's Home Again 328820 Bob Vila'a Home Again 319172 ;48 Hourt: The work) beneath New York City's streets. (CC) 764608 Extreme Machines: Machines save lives. (TVG) 773356 Rescue International: Extreme Res- cues. (TVPG) 786820 Speed Demons: Wild Water. Record water speeas. (TVPG) 796207 Extreme Machines: Machines save lives. (TVQ) 546424 Rescue International: Extreme Res cues (TVPG) 977196 TMC MOVIE: "Heart Condition" (5:15) (R, 90) (cc) o (V) 538Z4aat MOVIE: "Hutle" (R, 75) Burt Reynolds. A Los Angeles police detective loves a ciassy can gin ana wores a sieazy suiciae case. (V) 3) MOVIE: 'Tricks" (R, '97) Mimi Rogers. A woman seeks revenge upon a client, (uu) a (V) 8409066 MOVIE: "Hard Vice" (10:40) (R, '94) Las Vegas police suspect call girls of murder. A (V) 8799207 MOVIE: "Ride" (12:10) (R. -98) i lik Yoba. Comedy. (V) 53615028 Ma- TNT Due South: Chinatown. Chinese mobsters kidnaD an innocent restaurateur's Son. (TVPG) (OO) A DOll fie ER: Carter works alone on the nioht shift during the hospital's July 4th picnic. (TVPQ) (CC) A 795578 MOVIE: 'The Hun lev" (TV14-LV, '99) Armand Assante. Donald Sutherland. Alex Jennings. A manually propelled submarine becomes the first submersible to sink an enemy boat during the Civil War. (PA) 775714 Crusade: A murder signals the existence of doomsday cults that want Earth io gie trom the plague. 94H49 MOVIE: "The Goonles" (TVPG-LV, '85) Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Jeff Cohen. coastal uregon mas follow the treasure map ot pirate One-Eyed Willie past his oeaoiy traps to goici. ivj ir) 4wg USA Hercules: The Legendary Journeys: The Road to Calydon. Stolen chalice. (TVPQ-V) (CC) A 513375 Xena: Warrior Princess: The Dirty Half-Dozen. Xena enlists four felons. (TVPQ-V) (CC) A 6)680) Walker, Texas Ranger: The Siege Drug dealers trap the friends in a vacant looge. (TV14-V) (oo) a eatwsr MOVIE: "Dead Man's Curve" (TV 14, '98) Matthew Lillard, Michael Vartan, Randall Balinkoff. Two roommates kill a third to take advantage of college policy giving a 4 0 grade to a suicide's roommates. (CC) A 602608 New York Undercover: The Unthinkable. A carjacker shoots two children. (TV14) (CC) A 412207 Silk Stalkinga: Noir. Tom is accused of murder. (TV14-S) (Part 1 of 2) (CC) ft VH1 Hard Rock Live: Phil Collins. Phil Collins performs. (TVPO) ft 903795 Madonna: Video Timeline 407801 Video Timeline (TVPO) ft 120240 Where Are They Now?: Girls, Girts, Girls. (TVPO-O) ft 416787 Behind the Music: Fleetwood Mac. (TVPG) (CC) ft 465)53 Before They Were Rock Start III (TVPG) 215630 Behind the Music: Fleetwood Mac. (TVPQ) (CC) ft 895337 Rock Show (TVPQ- D)ft8)7))5 Top 10 Countdown (TVPQ) 85253 WGN Full House (TVG) (CC) 946240 Full House (TVQ) (UC) 960820 Family Matter (TVQ) (CC) 210337 Family Matters i(TVO) (CC) 966004 Dawson Creek: A Perfect Wedding. (TVPQ-L) (nj (OtJ) ft t)3a5 Charmed: That 70's Episode. Visit '70s. (TVPQ) (H) (tJU) ft V55559 News (CC) ft 858646 MacGyver: GX-1. U.S. aircraft lost in East Germany. (TVPG) ft 188424 In the Heat of the Night The Law on Trial. (TVPQ-V) (Part 2) A 526486 WTBS Family Matters: Car Wars. (TVQ) (CC) A 249)53 Family Matters (TVQ) (CC) A 26333 Roseanne (tvpg-D) (CC) A 546578 Roseanne rrvPQ-LM WCW Thunder rrvPG-DV) 634207 (ia.) a zonal s WCW Thunder (TVPQ-ov) 614443 MOVIE: "Dirty Harry" (TV14-LV, 71) Clint Eastwood, Harry Guard. no, Reni Santoni. A Magnum-powered San Francisco police inspector hunts a so-called Scorpio Killer, urecteq py uon aegei. (V) (rA) 4056998 WCW Thunder (12:10) (TVPG-OV) VC1 MOVIE: "Saving Private Ryan" (5:00) (R, '98) (CC) A 171751 1 fMjjrjnjrlvata Ryan" (4:00) WCW Bash at the Beach: From Fort Lauderdale. Fla. (TVPG-v) (CC) A 1304849 WCW Bash at the Beach (TVPQ-V) (CC) A 1388801 MOVIC: "Stepmom" (PG-13, '98) Julia Roberts. Drama. (CC) A (V) 4458998 Diamond Dallas Page 2350761 MOVIE: "Star Trek: Insurrection" (PG, 98) (CC) ft (V) 2255) 17 "Saving . Key to symbols: Movies and names of premium cable channels are shaded. Movie ratings: no stars, unrated; , poor; , fair; , good; excellent, (cc) closed caption for hearing impaired. (R) repeat, tt In stereo. (V) available on video. Tribune Media Services

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