The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 7, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 7, 1930
Page 5
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TUESDAY, OgrQgERJ7, 930 BLYTttEVlt,LE, (ARK.) COUHIER NEWS PAGB CLASSIFIED ADS TW9 ecu* a word lot am In- MtVoa, tut coeoaat a wort Kr MCA tufcmmui laMT- Wn. Mo adnrttoMMot Uktn loi tew than We. Coual UM wrtt aod tend UM «wh. PhOM S0» FOR SALE FOB SALE—Cash or Trade—my equity in properly at 10» West Ash St.. priced at & great deal below value. Dr. C. A. Caldweli, Late, Ark. 23P—10-16 OUB BOARDING HOUSE By Ahem FOR SALE—My Cafe ad a bar. gain for cash. See me at 1916 W. Main St., Blythevlllc. 30P-K1 FOR SALE—Brown cloth coat, fur trimmed, size 18. 110.00. Call 819. CC-K10 FOR SALE—Best bargain In town on Model A, 1929 l-'ord roadster with rumble scat, driven about 6000 miles, In excellent condition In every way. See Morse and Kirs'.i- ner. 7C-KH FOR RENT FOR RENT—One ol Shane apartments on West Mala street. Telephone 1»7 and f>'li. 15tl. FOR RENT-4 room house. 232 Dcmgan. Phone 33*. lljcktl FOR RENT—Furnished apartment. 108 Kentucky. Phone 683. 4P-K11 RENT—Three room furnished apartment. Reasonable rent. Call 758-W. 4P-K9 FOR SALE—Forty acres Improved land, loamey soil, near Manila, four room trains house, barn, woven wire fences, on improved road, near good school. Sale price 52,600. Good terms. J, C. Chapln, Martita, Ark.. ' PK8 FOR SALE—80 acre farm in Ozarks at Seymour, Mo., for sale or trade fo r BlythevlUe property. H. L. Steelc, 626 Jefferson St., Jonesboro. 6P-K8 FOR RENT—Five room house, 600 W. Main St. Bath, steam heat, all modern conveniences Apply E. M. Terry, Phone 617 or 346 6C-TF FOR RENT—Light housekeeping rooms. 208 West Davis. 2P-K8 FOR RENT—Three room apart ment, private entrance and bat'.i. Call' 72-W. 4P-K8 FOR RENT—Modem stucco residence 512 North First St., also four and' five rcom houses. Dr. J. A. Saliba. Phone 410. 7C-K14 FOR' RENT—On . October 15th, modern five room house, garage ancj-jjoal-house at 305 North Bread- way,^ one block from Noble Hotel. Phone 1512-F-4. 7P-K10 WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and Ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 101 8. Lake St. 17ck-tf BEGIN HKHE TODAY Adveatvre ealera the Mr* al MITCHELL. IT. "if. ••• Itara* Ike falfcer ake am tap- P6*f4 dtfld l» /iHvr nm4 wealthy, like Irnvea her aBprelentleaa Kfv. York ullfc her <»<krr, TuHN MITCIiUI.I,, aad her arlifoeralle, BrABdMalher. MAIlUAHk,-! IIOUKKS, acr laotktr, •iTarrea' Mllekell n«d reniarrletf aad U BOIY a itlduir. BARNEY HHIKLng, greaajc arvri- pntrer akolocrapker, U la IOT* with Ike a"lrl a "* helore teavlaa; BiltlaiaTe OMa praallael to k* ler*l t* kla lave. Ske !• Inael? la her aevr home. Illlrkell «.k. KVtibYN PAU- XI»S. heuullful nlduiT. )• Introduce Ike Brlrl lo rouac people. Mra, ParaiBi eoMldera Celln a airaaa <a nla Mllehell'a affcellona aa* aareea. Ske lavllra Ike Kir) to her I,IBE Inland buaie tor • neck-cud. TOI> JOUDAFi. fairl- unllnB hat ivllh a auhtnua repa- trtllua, U aKeallve la Cella. Mitchell lolaa the hank* parly OB Mr*. rnrioaH. arelap; tke talker and anuffkter louelkrr. be- cgmen |rnl»». Shr lelti Mllckelt ker warta are aiUalnc aari ranU miM^lcf',M ua Olln, hut Ike •cketue U QHiurrenaful. II t» nr- rABKrd (or Cella tg_ coallnae krr vl>ll Car aeveral aa^*. Ske jrue* to ker rnoai aad U aitakeard ay a kaoek at the doar. NOW oo 0,1 WITH THE UTOUY CUAPTEH XXII pVBLYN PARSONS entered the " room. She wore a fluttering turquoise negligee. "Oh, my dear! I didn't think you were asleep—I wouldn't have nakened you." Celta propped herself op on one rounded elbow and rublied her eyeg. She smiled. ' : "Guess 1 Just drcppeiJ off the first thing. Has anything happened?" "No. 1 only came In for a bedtime chat. Sliut your eyes again! I'm going right away." "Don't go! Anyhow I'm awake now. My—you look lovely In tbat shade of blue." Mre. Parsons wrapped the fragile garment about her and sat down on the opposite Bide ot Cella's bed. "Have a good tlmo this eve. nine?" she asked carelessly. "Yes. 1'did. And I enjoyed tbe tennis this afternoon, too. List's a wonderful tennis player, Isn't »he7" "Ltsl's good at all sports," Mrs. Parsons agreed, "except tha rather important one 1 of attracting the men. 1 noticed thnt a certain little young lady had more dancing partners than she knew what to do with tonight." "Ob, Mrs, -Parsons—!" "No need to blush. 1 saw It all right And why not? All men like with such a pretty girl aa you are, Cella, 1 must have you. here often. You'll miko all my parties successes." . It was the sort of talk to which a girl ot Celia's age IB .susceptible. Hrs. Parsons casually brought Tod Jordan's name Into tie conversation. ' "He wos ever BO populaf on shipboard," Evelya said. "My dear, there were women and girls who ac- tually dotted didn't pay the ills blest ttteqtlaq to »ny of them. J guess ton's wnjr 1 couldn't help but notice how attentive be pas from the minute t>« c\et you. Of course. ho'B thit dart type that usually does attract—1 "Oh. but you're mistaken, Mrs', ParioDi. He was Just bolng polite to me. And anyhow 1 only danced with him once." Cella >ald these things because she wanted to hear Mrs. Pariont deuy them. Perhaps If Brqlyn thought Jordan had been Impressed, it might be true. "Only once? Why, tbtt'i tapes, ilblc. I know.h* cam* to me ball a. dozen tlmcs;thJB.evening artln^ here lie coylMfluiS yp».' : C«lU Mitchell, 1 ilo'b^lfiv* you're been coquiltlnc!" [' *£_'• '' j whom »be could talk In thli con. Bdentisl wty, Mrs. P«rsoni • "1 -suppose."- Evelyn went 01 e* refill I y, "you mils your mother a m*.t deal?" The itrl'f (see sobered. "l.oiB," she ««reed, "I)oc3 Bho er«r come to Now Yorkl" "Oh, no. Sbe couldn't do thst. You see, mother works. She doe» C EI.IA . "I couldn't'," ehe laid. "I wouldn't know how to." "Tell that to someone else, my dear! Someone who'* younger than Evelyn Paroong. Well, I only hope you won't tx' too bard on the suilttcu. crea.turcs. Tell me—do you Ilka these young men IE veil at the ones you knew In Baltimore?" "Oh, there weren't any—I mean—" "No youug lucu In Baltimore? Nonsense. You. know you can trust rno. Cella, -Who'* th* one lad In your htartT* "There Isn'Httiit li, wt- N i "What'a his iftuner •' j Cella foreot h-jr tautlon. "There Is someone,", the enld shyly. "1 mean there's & boy I Ilka awfully well. He's—well, be sewlnt for Muriot'i shop. It's very nice place. She's workeil there for years 'and years." Mrs. 1'arsons' brows raised n press I rely. tonight," Cell* went on Impul slvtly, "my father laid tomethlng awfully nice. II* said 1 remludei him of mother when sba wai StrL Wasn't that sweell" With the light behind Erelyn Parsons' head *nd her face ID shadows the sirl could not see tin angry Hare which crossed the worn an's fico. A moment passed, i Then Mrs Parsons etld, rising. "That wo charming. But It Is dreadful o me to keep you awake Ilka thin Forglre me. I'll slip along, in ID the morning wo can talk to on heart's content Good night, dea Cells!" "Goodnight" '.•\ * M RS. PARSONS closed the doo behtnV her. Cells, extln gulshed: the bed Ismp *nd In minutes sb* was asleep again. In ti« mornlni they hid breakfast tt a, table aet on the shady end of thj-Jorch. Cells. tojJd scarce!? rinlsb her muffin's : v f or constantly praising nets, and ali» litroduced C«C1* to riryono. Alter dUner th«f.« DM •Being, mi] Cellt found tint ip. arently It midt no dllterence lib moat ot ttiei* youni people bat tbcy bad nctei- eeen tier, b*. ore. Evelyn played bridge «nd etla Imd [l«cly 'of dancing pirt- eri. A large part of the evening he »[icul with a good-natured outU ivhos« drat nine waa "Red" qd who teemed to have ao oilier. They u-cr« danclni when Mra. 'arsons came to say It wai time o drive home, "Ob, Mm. Parsona," the girl alii ns the car aped over the wind- ng road, "I'm so glad you nikeii me 10 Btnyl Today hoi been Wonderful" -. f Evelyn acknowledged this wttli .iiiillc. "We must plan.niore woudcrful dayj," «ho said, i doesn't earn ?ery much yet, but bo's going to some day. He's * noivspaper photographer, and lie does the most eseltlnc tblnga. WANTED—T\vo uniurnished rooms for light housekeeping. Phone 600 6P-K10 AT ONCE—SOUTH AMERICA OR UNITED STATES. Permanent lycsittons; clerical, mechanical, slakfej- manship; experience unnecessary Salaries $25-5100. weekly, transportation furnished. BOX 1175, CHICAGO, ILL. Ot course we aren't really engaged, but he says some da-y'he's going to marry me. You'd like him. too, Mr a. Parsons, I know ypu would! He's tall and slim, sqd he has the most wonderful eyes. They're gray. Barney's his name." "Barney," Mrs. Parsons repeated. "Is that all!" : "Barney Shields. Don't you think It's a pretty name? I do. And oh, Barney's alwaya been terribly nlco to me." There was a lar-away look In Cella Mitchell's eyes. Sbo waa thinking how tender 'and gentlo Bamey Shields' rolce could be. "Did— your mother approve of this engagement?" Eyelya asked. "But ws really aren't engaged! We couldn't be. -You see,* Barney wouldn't be right because bo hasn't enough" money, tad he didn't want me to fin up. coming to New York and everything. Of course mother likes him, -but she doesn't know be eald anything to me about getting married. I thought It would only worry her." "But do you care lor him a lot?" 'Cella nodded her head. It waa comforting to bav* someone to Larchwqqd. 'She was,iooklnj cool nnd dainty herself In her iletTe- less Tult« frock. Mra, Parsons, pouring the codec, «o:med pleased «t Celia's enthusiasm. There was FOUND—Lady's purse with money and other articles. Owner may have fame by paying for ad and' proving ownership. W. C. Cromwell, 218 W. Kentucky. 6P-K9 LOST AND FOUND LOST—Swan combination pencil and fountain pen without cap. Return to New Dixie Store for reward. 6C-K9 LOST—Black mare. Has white feel and white spot on face. About 15 hands high. Notify Alex Gibson, Burdette, • Ark 6P-<J LOST—Ladies purse containing army discharge and other government papers. $2.00 reward for return to Sample Shoe Store. 6P-K8 LOST—At Hubbard Hardware booth at fair grounds Shaffer lifetime fountain pen. Return to Hubbard Hardware Co', for reward. 7P-KO TAKEN UP-On September '20th, two black horse-mules, wcignt about 300 pounds, age S. Trimue at years. Bridge. J. or 9 Puxico 25P-K9 T. K. WASHAM-Trmnjfo- Dally trips to Memphis. Will pick up »nd deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special cates on carload lob. Local Phone 851 Uemphi! Phone 3-93: TAKEN UP—On Oct. 1st.. 1 bay mare mule, weight about 800 pounds. J. c. Ellis, New Liberty. 7P-KH WERT He Makes 'Em Set NOTICE With our recent partnership with Mr. Gto. Carney, we now have the best equipped lode- pendent shop In town. CARNEY-JENKINS GARAGE , Pickwick BatUing "We know we knew how" —Auto Parts—i Why Pay Move? JACKSON v'AUTO PARTS Main at'21st Call W Royal C.MiUs Pnblic Accountant and Auditor Specializing in Income. Ttz, Bookkeeping System] Fhene 61 Ingrain Bldg. BlytheTllle, Ark New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 7. (UP) — Cotton clcsAl steady. Open High Low Close Oct 1001 1005 10W 1000 Dec 1034 1034 1020 1025 Jan IMG 1046 1030 1035 Mar 1003 1M7 1050 1055 May 1085 1086 1069 1075 July 1096 1003 1085 1090 Six>ts closed steady nt 1000, off 10. " -d Courier News Want Ads. no algn this morning ot the angry hours the widow had spent the night before. "And what would yon like to do Ibis morning?" she asked Cclla. Tho girl said she would llko very much Just to follow the gardener around and aefc Questions and, II It would be all rlgbt, to dig In the ground here and there and pretend sbe waj really helping the flowers to grow. Mrs. Parsons laughed. "If Ben la willing nnd will tell you where you can dig and where not to. I guess you can garden to your heart's content," sho said. Ben waa tbe gray-haired gardener who bad taken care of tho ground around Larchwood for 20 years. He waa taciturn when Cella found bim clipping a hedge of spirea bus ties In the afternoon Cella, wrote a Utter to Barney melds and an olhcr to her'molhcr. Sho told hot' of them about tbe week-end tlsl adding to her mother's note v ee' era) paragraphs about her level now gowns. They drove to tho country clu for dinner. Mrs. Parsons eeemc to have a ireat many ocuualn HERE was excitement from Ilia in I mi lo Cclla appeared at tho breakfast tttblo next morning. "Surprise!" Mra. Parsons greeted her. "Llsl ju»t. telephoned. Slie'a having A swimming parly this afternoon, anil you'ro Invited. 1'vo already accepted the Invitation for you. 0[ course you want to go! Kato and Walter Corr are rolng to stop for you at two o'clock." .-Yes, Cella wanted to go- 1 Sho ran upstairs ns soon ns breakfast was finished and packed her' awim- mtng things, • . .It was nearly an hour's .drive o tlio beach. 'The place was * wat nnd swimming club, which eemcd to bo ttio fnvorlt8;r«eort f.'iho young people in Llai>t>r.u- ail's crowd. There was ii*'Urg« white club bouso vtlth broad'firan- aj, boat houses and jmaller bdlld- ngs and. stretching as far as" the ye could ceo to right and left, a each ot clear, gleaming sand. Beyond was Long Island Sound. . Llsl was walling lo greet them. '"Hurray!" she cried. "Hurry up ,nd get drosseil!" Cella followed Kate lo the dress- ng rooms. There wero a dozen girls there getting Into bathing attire. Most of them wero browned by sun. Tiure waa much jolting and'laughing, la.less than five wuu- ,-iHepe ODES CrllPOFF ou GIV/65 M£ >Ui IDEA« sinice irleV ARE: speep UP BALL GAMES TbfitBX«-US WITH POLES.?-. Be A. VJoULP AMPLIFIERS 1 rllS EARS 10 MUSIC WOtJLP/SiV MAT2 BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES •JUST CURIOUS—THAT'S AU,! By Martin minutes Cclla had pulled on ber one-piece suit and tied a gay orange bandanna about her head. Then Eho stepped Into the clogj and ran after Kate Duncan out onto thfi sand. No one thought of Introductions. Tliere were young men waiting down on the shore. Somo ot tUeui wero already in tho water. "Hello, lliero!" She was facing Tod Jordan. Evidently be had Just come from a dip. . • ; "How do you do?" Eald Cclla, Thcn alio turned and, with a run- ping dive, plunged into the water. She began swimming rapidly wl'.li easy strokes. ,. Jordan walked away. He turned a$ : a suarp cry cut tho air. . .. (To Bo Continued) New York Cotton NEW YORK, Oct. 7. (UP)—Cotton closed barely steady.' Open High Oct. old 1011 1013 Oct. new 10H 1018 Dec. old Dec. new Jan. old Jan. new- Man .... May July .... 1040 1040 1046 104!) 1067 1086 1041 1040 1050 1050 1069 1089 1102 1105 LOW' 1001 1003 1025 1022 1039 1033 1054 1013 1090 Close. 1001 1003 1026 1024 1039 1034 1054 1074 1090 Spots closed quiet at 1015, olf 10. Read Courier Ne'.vs Want Ads. Former Local Golfer In Cape Club's Finals Sam Wells, former resident of [his city, and Renfro GIbbs are to meet in a 36 hole match Sunday for the golf championship ot the Cap? Glrardeau (Mo.) country club. Wells and Gibbs advanced to tlie finals by winning their way through the championship flight of 16 players who participated in the Ca|)c club's play for the title. Wells was considered one of tlM crack golfers ot the Blythcvllle country club while In this city. He later "participated In an Inter-club tournament representing Capi against the Blylhcvillc club hen and was the only visitor to win n match. Wells Yost to Johnnie Pepp local pro, when Blythevlllc return ed the visit and lost to the Mis sourl club. 1 LAS ANIMAS, Oct 7 (UP)—An old coach owned and driven fo many years by Horace Greclcy, In rnous editor, will be sold here sooi to satisfy a warehouseman's llci The coach has been In the displa room of a garage several years. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS \N£u_... weae 5£S...ITS AM OLO MAH...1 IF neo UO<*1 NEAR L AM TO 1JWCLE I'ETER THE HERMIT By Btosset T-BONE STEAKS TIIF BKST IN TOWN 50c. Good Coffee TOM'S CAFE 105 N. Second St. Phone 17 Thices-, BLACK CAT COFFEE SHOI'l'E PLATE LUNCH 20c Sandwiches and Fountain Service WRIGHT'S FIVE-AND-TEN- CENT STORE A V30H5STEP..'/ SWAT IM TVie MAN£ OF HSAMEH VIOOLO A UTTXE 8oY BC OOiws 7UE VALLEY OP VAMISUEO WEN ?? I SUAU. TUY AHO F1WO OOT!) . A Hl>HoeSb MILES VF P&TBO HEBWIT PANCH...AW i IT ACS FOOD A^>' PUT voo up FOR THE MIGHT -<es. SHF. \s, MID CVCRVBODVS GO\Nd 10-dWC

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