The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 22, 1947
Page 10
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fAGJB TEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUR'.KR NEWS TUESDAY, APRIL 22, 1947 'Manila Legion Post Provides Special Service for Veterans MANILA, April 22.—It was vot-# ed by members or the Herman Davis Post, 197 o( the American Legion of 'Manila, nt a recent Lnisi- ne£s meeting, that any member of the Post will be given the authority to offer ambulance or medical ;,&•:'vice to any veteran-immediately i" need of such sen ice, Chester Myers, commander of the post announced today. So far as it is known, the Herman Davis Post is the only American Legion Post in the United States that Has authorized t,\Kh liberal privileges to its member.,, Mr. Myers said. "In view of the fact that the Herman Davis Post has responded so freely to financial aid to any veteran \vho needs help .\tu! til? knowledge that medical and oven financial service wi'.l be in greater demand as tinte goes by. we feel that such steps will greatly alleviate needed attention to the veterans," Commander Mvors said. Me pointed that heretofore it has been the custom to contact the Special Service Officer and Adjutant of post bc-forc a veteran cou'd obtain help from t'ic Po;'., but under the resolution passed any one of the 137 members have the authority to assume any finnnnel expanse In the name of the Herman Davis Post to any veteran who is in need of such help. Scoring Prices Eat Up Savings Of Wage Earners NEW YCRK. April 52. '.UP) -President Tuimiin faiii today Hint hieh prices have forced millions of American families to spi'ini iln'ir meiu'.er savings and r;i: : ls ihoir brmds. Pince urn. ne .^aid, hrir i '.s prices have jumped: House furnishing Holding. 21 JUT cent: per rirlll; whu!fs:il<< lP\l per rent; Mlinli'sidi- f:ir •10 per ccnl; Ijuililiiis ni 51 per cent. Mr. Truman .•-aM rent, still under fedora] roinvnl. \vas ilir one brisht spot In the price pir'.ure. j-rr <-cnl: fiiml, :il tion Inken Council as by Ihr APL Exmit it npfiied ils rinnrlerlj A A,, f. of L. Bids for Peace With CIO Labor Unions, WASHINGTON. April 22. (UP) — T)ie APL today invited the CIO to a "peace" conference here Thursday. The invitation was the first-ac- I'ir.sHiont William f.treer teleurapliert CIO I'ji'Mtlcnt I'hili] Murray rcnursliil'.: the CIO nnit> committee lo meei ihi- AFT.. c';m- mitlce. Purpose- of (lie proposed ji.irley \vou!d bi 1 la a nu'L^;i'i- of thr two orsiam/atiosi;;, which split in 19S5. Tdo AIT; bid climaxed ncRnlla- tlons \vliich be;:an last Dec. :".. when Murray n^kdl (irecn to join with othpi" top labor leiuit-i.s to oppose strict legislation In Congress. Read Courier News want America 7 Funniest : amily Hen: Ihcy arc; Prise ilia, Iicr pup, her brother Carlyle and her mother. FO//OV/ -the Nutchells in our new comic strip PRfSCILLA'S POP Hc'iillhy, hcnrty lautflis m;il;e COMIC Hie ri^lil word for 1'IUSCILL.VS POP. Il spin-kits with luiMKii-- lins the modern shtnt. Dtm'l miss Uie daily doings of llic Xiildidl family. Copyright by Gwcn Davenport; Distributed by NCA SERVICE; INC. THIS STORY ilnit- uf il:t*J.liii! pri-iit iiflroiss S Afrfor n llfi rhl, Mic i Kyrlc t Id vhi-r i 11 ( t- Irniiki-r. slit- biid H nkly u-i tin- Ilivl. •>VIIT. Ill IH^J- party •»-el ' I'l-rrsiult. :i p:ilulrr, ?kiul Mr C'lui il - il .Mill Vlel bunch t I'vnliwly linuie ilncMi'i *:i in Mnrt'i-1 n nil l.ntr Itin trnlt of her. * * * IX "AT1SS FLAHERTY opened her ^ notebook, cleaved her throat and sat on a small stool near the dais on \vhicli Sophie was enthroned. "It you please, Mademoiselle/ said Mnvccl, "not in that place You ave enehantmgly beautiful "but il is Madame van Eyck 1 wist lo immortalize in paint." "I beg your pardon/ 1 said Mis Flaherty, not at all offended. Si Charles planed a chair for her be hind Marcel, so that she had lean forward and peer around (h easel in order lo see Sophie. Sh con suited her notebook. "1'v made a few notes here, Mad; Some questions I thought I'd i "Anything you think \vill tprest your readers," Sophie sai graciously. ' L But nothing, pleas about my escape from Franc Shortly before the Germans can my dear husband died, KO it.w; a very sad time for me. I prof not to talk about it. It is butt forgotten, nesl-ce pas, Marcel?" ' "Ccrtainement, Madorrmis c 1 lo Flaherty," said Marcel with an exaggerated bow. "You spoke of your husband's death, Madame," said Miss Flaherty, "Isn't this—Monsieur your husband?" Marcel snnrlod. "Of course not! have never been married." Sir Charles cm^hcd. "Madame in Eyek's hu.slxmd \vas iUr. Max C'L'nhehn, of lhe_ great banking .rnily—" lie v;as interrupted by the jrupt entrance o£ Vicky, v.'ho urst into the mom im;mnoimcecL .'in going pail mil, Granny/' phe id. "I won't he home for lunch." he noticed the brown and white eel under the easel and peered round until she met the curious tare of Miss Elsie Flaherty. "Oh, your p.. rdon/' she said vcathk-ssly, "1 f^dn't know there as someone here." # * * the ••OPHIE made the introduction. s "Miss FkihiTty is n reporter, ear. We're having :i little intur- •itiw. Mi?s KUUu-rly, this is my ;rantl-dautlhlei, \vho lives \viti ne," "Wo we-.'? Fpciikmg oC your ;randtiUhei-/' Mis.s FLihcrly said. "My grandfather?" echoed /icky, "Mr. Bcrnhcim." Vicky lanjthed. "Oh, no! Why. ie couldn't have been—how silly! , remember when he and Graml- nolhnr were married." Elsie's pencil iallerod before Ibis genualo,Liiciil com[>!ii'i»tu"»Ti. She began on a new tacU and inquired patiently, "Then . Madaino was married before? I think that would interest our readers." Victoria sl->\vly let the bright cmbroidc-red jncl;et .vlu- wns carrying drop to Hie llunr. "Wliy, I ddp.'t kiiivv," slu: t=aul, ''I really don't know. 1 suppose she must have been. iWerc you, Grandmother',"* : Sophie had been gruuntf fondly at the girl's h:r,vy L-xuin •L-LIHC*. and ravishini* coniplexiun. "\Vb;tl, darliny?" slie inquired \vith an almost scll-fyrfielful fL.tuou;:iu-s \ "Were you over married before you married Uncle M;tx?" "Heavens, no!" Sophie turned v:Hh a start back lo the Interview. But wo were very happy, Miss Flaherty. Mr. ISeniheim was the iiindcst, most considerate of husbands. He built a litllc studio for Marcel at the foot o£ our garden in Antihcs." ^ Miss Flaherty was vcgnrcling her wi<!o-t-ye(i. "Hut, Mnd;,m, I can't put Ihi'nys like that in Ihe SeimL- Uu-l" '•Mips F 1 a h c r t y," said Sir Cbarie, "for ;i New England ,^c]\ool you have a shockingly evil mind. Monsieur Pen'ault is Madame's noL-lrait iiaiutc-r, nothing norc." Vii-toria picked up her jacket and left the room unnoticed. ( 1SS FLAHERTY cleared her throat and said in a businesslike tone, "Alackunc van Eyck, I had no idea, I kind of thought— well, you see, I want my article about you to be different. Everyone knows you were a fatuous actress, but how many people know about Sophie van Eyck the womnn. I'd like to write something human about you, something thai shows you're just like other people, underneath." .Sophie's line dark eyes widened Eti indignation. She drew herself erect and said in her most impressive contralto, "Bill, my dear, 1 am NOT like other people! I am van Eyck." *'Oh, of course, I understand that," Miss Klaherty said reasonably, "I know how groat yoU wove, in your day. Rly father was telling me he saw you in Boston in 1910. That was long before I was horn, of course." Sit 1 ChuHes allowed his aquiline nose lo wrinkle slightly with a suggestion of scorn. "Impossible," ho said. "The 1010 season was spent in London. A whole year. It was Ibsen. Hedda— Nora—" "I was never in my life so cold/* said Marcel, Sophie leaned back in the green velvet armchair with half-closed eyes. "Boston," she raid, remin- i.^cing. "That must liavi- been in IDUII. when Godfrey and I loured the Stales in Macbeth/' The ]uention of this long-ago tour had nn electrical effect. Mured began lo sputter and Sir Charles looked fierce. (To IJo Continued) M For Limited Tirnc 4% LOANS ON FARM LANDS In medium si/.t? :iml I urge tracts. No extras. I'ull repay me nl privi- fc«e. SKK US TOR QUICK SERVICE ON FHA LOANS For lUiihllng or ItRpLiirin^. Also Auto Truck and Tractor Loans. UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY Over r.uanrs Jewelry Store Hlytheville, Ark. ccrn. 1'3'.7 BV tjij SEfU'icrwc. 7. M.'REC.'U. s. I'AT.orr. FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb Hwy 61 at State Line Phone Ulytheville 714 Let Us Hely You— STOP DRINKING There is no medical remedy for drink . . . but we can help you resist Us Influence! No cost to you —only co-operation. JUST CONTACT Alcoholics Anonymous Ho\ 873—Blyllierille, Ark, . ^f. -^Br_ "Now don't drive fast! When 'we get to my .folks' you v/on't be there half an hour till you're asleep in a chairl" WHO \VAS THE FIRST MAN WHO BELIEVED THAT THE EAIJTH •KTH ^ WAS ROUND? ^^jff^fpl (TIP Be Sure! ? INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY lOS North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CI1AS. IHTTNER PLAYING FOR ONLY T£N ceyv/s- ON THE FIRST HOLE, AND LOSIN&-..THEM CONTINUING TO DOUBLE THE BEf AND LOSE <5N EACH HOLE, WOULD BE OUT ..; AT THE END OF AM ' IS-HOLE&AME. Lawnmowers . . . Expertly sharpened and repaired. We pick up and deliver. Immediate service and all work guaranteed. Phone 2192 215 N. 2nd F. L. Wicker Machine Shop Yes, We Hove New Cars Arriving Every Week-:— • Pontiacs • Fords • Chevrolets • Plymouths and others Place 3'our order Now for Immediate Delivery,^! We Pay Top Dollar for Clean La(e Model Cnrs ^ BUD WILSON AUTO SALES Phone 2037 Cor. Kranldin and Main St. CURLEY AVARCELJ- OWNS AND OPERATES A ' V-ATONSORIAL PARLOR IN MILWAUKEE, WIS. ANSWER: No one knows for sure, but it was believed by some astronomers at least 20 centuries ago. - — .-.-,•• - NEXT: When elephants turn submarine. Arkansas State Planting Seed CERTIFIED Grade 'A' D. & P. L No. 14 Cleaned Treated — New Sacks Purity 99.5 Germination 85% LIMITED CjOA PER SUPPLY ^I5U TON Also Ogden and Ruyai Soy Beans $4.50 EARL MAGERS Phone 635 Dell, Arkansd? WASH TUBB? First Aid Our Boarding House with Maj. HoopleOufr Our Way By J. R. Williams & WAS RE-EWACTING )/•" '" "" '-''-I f HE SAID iu.ivt— ) DM1RM-' DEVJEY'6, - r r I ^OSTTeLUV V 'ftAlt^o AL-.DLJT ESTRUCTIOM OF ) ,'{ AVE \S!HcCe" H6 SPANISH i • '•( T^-^^T BIG <; LEET, ADDONS 1 A (SROUMD 0 —X 6liTMWa& HEV, CUT -THERE.' COVERSd "TH 1 FLOOR WITH MEW5- R-VFEKS- - N!OW COVER. TH 1 K1EW5FAPERS WITH \VKAPFW R^PER F. HIS STARBOARD/ <s SLOTH UtiS WESiT O"" ' " "' Y MISTAKE / VIC FLINT Report In Growl MSCHAKL O'MAIJ.KY ,1'U I.ANI- YOU BET, LIBBY. PARROT \VA5TRYIKG O MAKE CHILI SMOKE K3I50NED CI6ARET SO I BEAMED HIM F SEND OUT A SQUAD CAR,GROWL, PARROT'S ALL WRAPPED UP Rci\OY TO DENVER... NO, I DIDN'T DO IT. TACKV DID n...\'iAttor KIDDING. I'LL EX- PtAIN WHEN YOU GET HERE. B\ LRSLTK TTTRNBS ALLEN I BANDAGE WW UP. GIRLIE— I'M GOING TO NEED HIW! AKiO VOL), SHEEP... SNM 1 OUT Or IT! SAVE YOU!! SVWPWHV! ITS OHLV A FLESH WOUND THAT'S STUMMED KIM FOB Pi BIT.'/ IEO RVIU'IH Port of Missing Persons BY V. T. HAMLUx AfV/?CACW£s's«££P 3'jrrs''O LEAVE \ r~LL/\'G : YOU KEEP U DliTTEFORA^ESSAG 'O BROKE-^Tt TO FlKSr> OUT . GAL pv a Good-Time Charley By V. T. HAMMN FSV. JEB. \ AVE.TH«" HE TAKE IT E/V5V. \VEH.I GLES?. IT VS PAL...THEIH I IT DIDN'T SHIP'S GO,N= / LONG. DID IT? SHU I WA5 HiWiN' fUC , IS. MATS.'AND A, GUV.' \ TH' T\\O OF 'EM \ HUMAN I TOSE.THER JUST ABOUT CX3WN...TH3 FICHT'S ALL OVEC! ROOTS AND HV'^H Hardsliijis BY EDGAR MART10 -^ *w^^if^ in*^?^ sj% M^ ^ T. M. RCC. U. S, PAT. OFF. ^^® ^^jpv^ ; ^•^.^ ; ^^ ^^^\ COPH- 1M7_BY NEA&CRV1CC. IKC.~

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