The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 8, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 8, 1936
Page 2
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PAGE TWO (ARK.) WEDNESDAY, JULY &, •• 1936 Social Calendar , WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS SHn6«anis meeting First Baptist cfiureh, •( P M CllMrch of Christ Bible study meeting with' Mrs. Vcrnc Sitner at 113'Vine St. Mrs W. J. Pollard Mrs Tarns- worth Black nut) Miss Ruth Butt haling liaiLy for Miss Sue Dlitl at' Die BUtt' residence. THORSnAV'S EVENTS' Business Women's Circle, Baptist; church, meeting nt Rustic Inn. t I! \V. M. S First Church i( Ihe Nnzarencv meeting nt cluireh. FRIDAY'S EVENTS Mrs Rupert Crafloii clilcilnln- Itig' with nieht bridge pail) for Miss Sue Butt. O. B, S.- having meeting, 8 p. in. SUNDAY'S EVENTS B'nnk Bi-ilh picnic nt Wnlker paik nnrt dance nt Hotel Noble. B'Nal Bt'itli Planning ' Plcnic.i Danco Here Sunday. ThV annual B'hal Britli picnic and', dance will te lield Iri this city Sunday when incmbcis oi trie organization and theii Innil lies from all parts of noithcirst . Arkaiijas and southeast Missouri are expected lo attend. THe : nfTnlr wilt licgin at 12 o'clock' noon', when "if basket liuicli Will be served at Walker paitf Tlils' will be followed' by swim miilg foi the grown ups and older" chltiJreti willi vvadlrig and games for the smaller children Ice- cream and. cold drinks will be served during tlic afternoon. The' dance is to'be held at-the Blue' Room' of the Hotel- Noble', Beginning at 9 o'clock Plans for this": affair have not • been nn- ribuiiced b'nt a number of specialty numbers arc being arranged and .a" weir known : orchestra.' will play. vase, and tlic trlde elect was presented' a' crystal fruit bcul aucl 'candelabra. Included In the 10 guests were Mrs:- . Edwin Cratitrec of Ayoii Park, Fla., her hostess, Mrs. Edward 'Scg'ra've's; of Osc^oia, and Mrs. Godfrey White, also of Os- ccol.t. + * • Sunday School Class Meets. Mrs, \V. F. Brewer' and Mrs. ; A 1 . Goodrlcli entertained Ihc Ladles Bible class of the Sunday <;c)iool of the First Methodist church with- a sccliil meeting at he Brewers' suburban 1191110 Friday night. Hcfreshmcnls were served after 1 a' devotional business session and social hour. «" • » Sun Horn. A son was bom Tuesday to Mi and Mrs. Howard Johnson, of Jone.sboro. The baby, who weighs six pounds, has not been named. Mi-s. Johnson wns formerly Miss Alum iCrutz, of this city. Shirley Temple's British Rival Bits of News Mostly Personal; SlUs Bulf Gu-sl of Honor .At? Party. A green and- white color inotif ijas used by Mrs W M Toyici, Mrs. w IT Mlnyfird anil Mrs Barman; Taylor, when they entertained 16 guests' with .» inoin- ing bridge party Tileiday ill honor of Miss Sue Suti, ttlw-d marriage t'o \Vil\mtn M Robin- eon, of Cape GIrarrtcau, Mo, will lie solemnized Friday, July I7lh The affair Was at the Tpylor Home: Tliese shiy'cles' were . empli«si7<><l in the garden flowers ,\lilcli dec-" orated, , the. Uo, a entcilalnirj looms, Hie brida)*Yallle5 ancl tlie w'ecjdlnj bell Ices and heart- shaped cakes scncd as oVs-idt for Iinch wfilch followed the caul garnes In flic bridge game 1 ! Mis w. Al A'fflick- \Von first pri?e a AIMIIJ \ase m a \uought iron iialUci^ Miss Ruth Bull rccehrd second high' score award, n icrt glass Mtss- Allyce .Nelson, who IB attending sufmer school at the University of Mississippi, Oxford, will complete her work there July 15. She will then' go to Hardy where •he Is lo be business manager ot Catitp Kjn'hnl.. .This girl scout cam]] Is operated by the Memphis council. Misses Elizabeth- Burncllc, Jim- ulta Perry, Jumilta Smifh and Constance Smith have returned from Current River Beach, near Porahontas,- where they spent several! days. Miss Sybil Bra'ckiu was In llar- •riy over the weekend. Miss JcEsalyn Blomcyor has gone to' Helena to be the guest of Miss Helen. Brown, who returned home after:, two weeks stay with Miss Blomeyer. Among 7 those who have gone lo Slloam Springs, Ark., tor the Bap- llsl rally are: Misses Mildred Hood, Jewel twd Pearl Lee, Eslolle: Hawks and Emmalino Page. Unveiling of Beavers Monument Postponed The unveiling of -. iv monument to be erected by (he'Woodmen of the World at the grave of Ihe Jatc Ro?s Beavers In Elmwood ccmctciy. planned lor next Sunday, has been postponed until the first Sunday in. September, it was announced following a meeting ot the Woomen last night. At his dciilfi Mr. Bcnvcrs- was auditor of the local Woodmen, ' Baby Prince Getsi a New Home Reiser News Noteti J H Watts and ' family and Mil Abcrnalhy, of Osccola visited rt Tupelo, Pontots;, and else- Uieie In Mississippi oier the fourth. Mrs: H-. M. Brock, Emerllne Jcdford and Miss Tommle B«d- orcl spent' tlic past'-week In OKo ona, Miss'. Charles Leister, of Mtpehee Islted Mi and Mrs Ed Watsoh ist wcelS John P Reiser and Hsrrj Du«- anl icturned fiom Camp l)ri ika rinirvla^ Mr and 1 Mrs^ Oils Chlldi MV and Mrs J r, Pollt W M lajlor and daugHtci Frances, Ml") MaVgaret Robinson Miss 1,0- clle Holt, Nfos Annette Kirby Bobby Jonei am! L L Gate's lieald Bobby Fishei at the Claridge rocalay night Mr and Mi's F w pl«$. left Sunday for Cabot Arlc", to visit Ml* Plgg's mother Thfy Will be gone about a neclr Mrs Sue Cia> Colernan and Nancy Sue canie vy from Memphis Saturdas to spend several uecta, with relates alid friend;, rhe Ladles of the Methodist Mtsslonaiy •socletj met at rt-- home of Mrs W M 1'ajlor Mon- daj afternoort Mr, and M>-> w W *ats<jn Jr announce Ihe bhlh of a d*ugh- cr Satnrdas The Saby has 1 not jet been named ~~ Already a slar in her own rigdl, V-year'-olcl Deidre Gale Broughton is nearmg Holhwood to vie Ttith Slurley Temple Jane Withers find oilier cinema prodigies 1 for Ain'ericii'n fame. Deidre is : •>eon ennilalmg giounup.stais on arrival nl New York from her unlive England. Hill Farm News Mi', and i Mrs. Herschel Hale spent the. week cud with the. former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Doss Hale, at Dyess. M. L. Thornberry, of Trumnnn, Is spending this week with his daughter, Mrs, Charley Richardson Richard Hodge Is-ill with rheumatism. rhc Home Demonstration Jub met Friday at •'tlie canning' Kll : Chen. Several from here attended the revival meeting . near nirlgcland last week. ' Mrs. E. J. Fox Is 111. Mrs. Hohler Mosley h'tCd as her nuesls Monday Mines' H. Hale. C'. H. Yatcs, Bert Ward and' the Misses Mahlc and .IjCla . Yatcs. Driver Grove Mews Mf attd v tttn GhaVles Spiiiigor spent the weelr: chd with Mrt SprinBcr-; parents afr Pecan GIOIP rhe Rev and Hfrs Reecp Dlxor ari> In Prescott Aik where tliey were cilled last, week bj flie •ieilois Illndss of Mrs Dlx'gn; mbtheV. . , Mr and Mrs Pjfoy D BlguaV are the patents of a dnuglitei born Jttlf 3 , rite baBj Inj, ilo jci beeh named Biiford Maxs^ell wlio has I cci 111 for several weeks with tnhor 1 culosis shows icrj llttlr- impiovcl me lit. kit and Mrs Georoe Robert 'Oh visited here and at Pccm Point over the Ucek end Mr and Mrs Elinei' McGlll „ Mnnlh were guests Sunday o Mr: and Mrs: Herbert,' Bettsj ^r mil Mrs Carl Port Half Moon were the \teek-ert guesh of the latter s pirenls Mr nnri Mrs W Rjan f There will be singing Sunday, afternoon at the .liome' "of--.-.Sir. 1 and Mrs. Lonnlc McCallle Fvery one is Invited. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Overtoil are the parents of a 1 1-2 pound son', liorn July' 3. He has been rtatiicd Waller toniiie. =WEEKL\ >: SCHOOL LESSON- Wiinessing Under Persecution tft WM. . B. GILROY)-.-!).-. D. ' Editor of Advance The morning after Pentecost Pelcr and John were going Into ic} temple to pray. That,fact It'-' :lf Is Instructive. 'The temple was Die great •rrtbbl of (he Jewish' religion at he' time. In a sense' I'd 1 was, t'lVo' enter of the religion' and power f those who had crucified their ord; yet Pelcr and John were ding Into tlie temple to pray. They realized that tlie temple Id not belong t'o those who had Jcncitcd rell&Jon, It belonged', ath'er, lo God himself, and it as Ihe' spirit 1 of the worshliwr Illch sfliictllle'd : liie place; HoW different 1 ofteri has beer he' COUMC of inoderii' Christians! f KOiiieliody in the" church- has lone soil'ietiilng-' that has offend- Without any ot the fanfare wliicti attends domirigs ahd go- s of other merhbers of roy^ ally, chutiby, curly-haired Punce Edward o£ England is pljlitred above, with his mifsev \ihcn they left London foV (ha Bueltmghamshire home of ht* p'arenls the Duke and Duehes? oi Kent. The prince now is S month* old. been ready to quit the church, and have nothing to do with it, '•Indignant and discouraged ch'urcli' rhcmfe'r's'- evjn when- tliey have' some Just grievance against church or against their fellow church, members, might take a' i from Pelev and. John. • As the' two' disciples we're" about to' cntcl' (lie' temple, a'- crippled beggar sitting at the Beautiful Gate looked up at them and requested alms, The slory Is- richly symbolic in record of fact; "Silver and gold have I none," said Peter, "lint 1 sucli as I have Blvc 1 Ihce. In the name of the Lord And, Jesus, taking rise (he up and walk'." beggar by the right hand, Peter lilted him up. Whatever efficacy (here was In Ihe u'brds was enforced by that' strong right hand. We may not d them of something of which' 'be able' to perform siicli miracles hey have' disapproved, they liave in the name of the Lord Jesiis, lumber Nine News MIY and Mrs. Jim Harris at- .ended (he Farm Bureau picnic at- Burdet'te last' Wednesday. Mr. and"; Kirs. Wadell Bramlett and- family and 1 Webb' Crouch, of Victoria, spent' the week end with Mr. Mrs. Paul Collins. fliffhlowe'r News R. R. Wlillc lias returned from a visit of two months In Kllssls- but- wherever we' outstretch: a lelplng hand lo disabled or fallen men, with the spirit of lifting hem up, there the presence and ;ower of Hie Lord still Is livaul- 'est. * • * Such a miracle ought to liavc made all good men rejoice". As matter of fact, it brought' Peter and John under the censorship' of (hose who could brook no interference 1 wltli their religious authority, who had been responsible' for the crucifixion of Christ. Pctef's boldness befo're the Sarihcdrin stood the test, with simple courage 1 - lie dared to' 1 say to- those authority In Israel wliat he had said' Ihe day before lii his great sermon at Pentecost, brought, home lo' lliein tlieir slh in crucifying the Christ and the fact that this bhrist ivns a living Lord. From this record of Peter's braVc wllness we turn n few pages lii tlie New Testament to tlie witness of ailotlier great Jew who, from persecutor of lite new religion', had liocome a' profound and convinced believer. Paul, too; placed (he supreme Friends and relatives were en-1 emphasis upon this Christ who been crucified, "unto lite lie terlalncd with a barbecue at the Ed Cooper liome on July 4; ^ews a stumbling block, unto 11 HJidway Notes Lucille Oldham and Molly aiid Efdre Mcahcc were' the Sunday; dunier guesls of' Ula May 'Bitty. Mr. and' Mrs. Erls Bradshaw and famil\ Mr. and Mrs. Bill Brown- Ing of Blythevllle". and Mr. aiid Mi's Chap'man. of Haytl; spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Percy Stovall. Mr and Mrs. Leroy Downing, of Mississippi, are visiting rcla- tUes here. Mrs. Lottie Caraway and' Lula and A. J. Caraway spent Friday night, and Saturday with Mrs. Bill Hall, j: ,. Mrs. Stella Stovall 1 , who has been quite sick, is slowly improving. Mrs. E. I'ctty was talicn ill Sunday at the lio'me of her father. Lula l>ay and Lola' May Hav- k'ey spent last- week here. with friends Louise Caraway' has.the' mumps. Miss Mritweihe" Michael, of Carillon Mo and Mr Chirlcs 15 Pinkc\ of BljtheUlle 'Veie mar | ' m ' rled b\ Rev A J Hill at his home LentUFy Plant Blooms Salilrda\ Mr. an'ri' Mi's. Sani Walker and Mr. and Mrs: A\ J: Hill spent- the Fourth of July at" the aiythcvlllc •Mr. and Mrs. E; M : McDonald visited the Blytheville park Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. E: B. Sexton'. Mr. arid : Mi's. Hornet Powell, B. c: Ford, aiid' Mr. aiid Mrs. A; J Hill • attended tlie barbecue at Burdctto Wednesday: Mr. arid Mrs. Claud Sexton were gucsfs of Mr Sextons jpar- ciits Mi and M'I-S E " B Sexton" Wednesday. MLss Clarice Darnell and her ^uncle, E. M. McDonald, were visitors in Memphis Friday Flowers of: the California- lilac bush produce an abundance of cleansing lather, when rubbed in water. ' f i -< 92 Year? Too Early GREENFIELD, o: (UP)'A "century plant." member of the amaryllis family that derives its lurric fin in the supposition that it fiow- rs bloom only once in 100 years, bloomed recently'at the hcme of .Mr. unit Mrs. Ellenuergcr, but was 92 ji>ars ahead of schedule. 1hc plain, which has grown' to height of six feet lii eight- year-, bore two white towers which rc : mahildopen about'isix hours.' • A small, Jointed animal, -'rclatec to the fresh water shrimp, is parasite lhat lives on the skin of whales. These liltle creatures ari known as wliale lice'. Property Transfers Warranty Deeds M": P. Brownlet and M, W. Lewis to Slanton Mattie Wliat- 'ey, lots VI and-.18. Block 5. Dell first addition to Dell. Hen Howard lo Annie Sledge, lot 10, block 6. Edwin Robinson addition to Blytheville. Rcsa C. Trammcll and S. M. Gentiles foolishness," but unto nil devout believers, "both Jews and Greeks, Christ (lie power of God and Christ the wisdom of God." It was in such witnessing- under persecution that tlie early Christian. Church- spread in the ancient worlcl : and deepened' its power over the lives of all who became disciples. •. Tianimell southwest lo' Paul quarter A-. .Trammel!, or southeast quarter of section 27, township 15 north, range 10 east, 45 1-2 acres. M. W. Lewis to Cap Ray, .lilts 11 and lion to 18. block Dell. •1, first ndill- FTJIJL DELICATESSEN LINE Cheeses for all tastes Cold Meats of any kind Fruit Juice & Ginger Ale . FRESH YAED EGGS DAILY PICKARD'S GRO. & MEAT MARKET Phone 673 —We Deliver 1044 Chlckasawba OEIDERS TAKEN JPOB '• "BERNAT" '• YARN INSTRUCTIONS FREE" Mrs. Leslie'Hooper Mrs. A. C. Haley • 1109 Chlckasawba Phone 193; O I ANOTHER EXCLUSIVE ADVANCEMENT OF THE NEW 1937 LONG DISTANCE RADIO -The only iSdio tKa{ .adjusts for p'eife'cf tdue'in any sized / ibortr. Sound!i''jus{ as good at , horns' as' in' ollr store. Always 'gives- you 1 that "best-seat-iri- v t!ie-lioMse" effect, Smokers- will tell you . . . Chesterfield wins because they're MILDER became they TASTE BETTER • 6 1955, licstn i Mms fpMcco <3x .'». ,: :..., ,,\ , on mild ripe tobacco .. .when tobacco ripens in the sunshine it has the full- bodied flavor that makes a cigarette taste right A-l'WA'YS. A- VEA * .-AHCA MAN'LEY TOURS Tn Dallas and Other Poinls Very Attractive Trices Mrs. E. A. Tea lord Osccola, Ark; Tlioae 101 COOLEST SPOT IN TOWN! Weds:-Thurs. Ciark Gable :md Jcancftc McDonalrl in 'San Francisco' W i t<h Spencer Tracy, Jack Holt, Ted Healy and Jessie Italpli , , ilra'rri'd- of h'limari emotions — against .tlic .background of a disaster that wrecked a miglity city! TaramoTint News — Admission — Malin'ee— 10' & 25c— Wilh Ic Tax Nighf— 10 & 35c— With Ic Tax TUESDAY, JULY M— §125:00 BANK NIGHT!! last'- niglit Mrs: Jay iilbskop n^a^ called for tlic SHO.OO] Shei'.Mii'sr not I.rescnt cither Matinee or Nii;ht— Making; B'A'N K- DEPOSIT' next Tuesday 5125.00! Sort}' Mrs. Mns- Free Friday afternoon a SPEriI)-O- EIKE uill lie fivcn to some littln boy or girl Abschilcly FREE: Gel your coupon tickets at iW LIN'S CASH GROCEKV. . COME IN! TRY IT YOURSELF See How tt Adjusts the Tone Appliance Co, PKotie-233 109 S. SttoHd St —COSIING SOON— •FOPPY" with W. C. Fields. 'BTG NOISE" with Guy Kibbce. ' ROXY THE FIGHT IS QNH PicUircs of (he Max .Sdnhcling .•& Joe Louis Prize Fight Also Added Feature Piclure. Tank on the Air' With Lc^v Ayrc-s —Atlnilssiort— Mallncc Slarls 2;30—II) & 25c WHh Ic Tax , , Night Starts"iiOO—10 & S5c / V With Ic Tax ].?.

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