The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1938 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 5, 1938
Page 2
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PAGE TWO (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Miss Cora Lee Coleman Declares Observance, Enlightened Many Persons :yhnt the observance of Seller Homes week In nor(h Mississippi c'plmty last nw!c Bccompllshed its ;alm to inspire oilers In home Improvement has becft voiced by Miss Cora Lee Coleman, chairman. "Since 'tiie women have visited other tomes awl yards they are not con- "A Full House" To Be Presented By LiUle Theater ; "A Full House", Uic first full length production of Ihe Blythcvllle Ijttlc Theater, will Uc given at (lie city hn,U ;ut tl:00 o'clock Wednesday, May'll, It was announced today. . -Tills is the second show which has been sUBod tills year by ihp Little TiiCiUer which oi'g'antze'il hi tlio fall. The first was a one act folk comedy "SparMn 1 " whl:li \vas presented 0*1 the Jotie.sbbro A Capelln. choir program sponsored by uiu Lanjc Parent Teacher tissocia- Uon. Taking a long slop Irom the backwoods Atmosphere of thai show, the Little Theater will move Into .—.--• — a drawing room setting for the Intent with unit the> had before. t,i ca t c situations "A Full House" and practrilW ill of them have i offers. The play is based ort In- already started plaits to improva' • ' tlieir aurrouiKllngs," Miss Coleman discreet Jeltcrs written to n hich a bridegroom ntlcinpl,s , ib obtain for his mend who wrole .said after 'going over reports of. _ ill con minutlc° ind conferring, mimt. instead of'the letter llie ini- \-ith ti» ^8 community chairmen fortunate bildegrconi gels some df Blythcvilta, The tUCnvo of "Evaiigcllshi" will be the subject The following pastors announced evangelistic services «t Arinorc) clnircli, July 7, the Rei', nnndall; BlackwRlcr, Sept. 25, the Kcv. Chester Swot; Brown's Chapel, tl)e Rev. J. L. Nows«mc; iftyiuon, tlic Rev. W.- H. Horn; Gliear Lake, the Rec, K P. Landall; Bailey, July aba August 7, lAe Rev. vy. n. Horn , a !>d •/orUoii; f-Janlla, July 31, Ihe Rc]k Bjlflcr;. t^cW Liberty, Ang- 7, tbc r(«v, w. C. Steward; Wlison, August 1, the n«y. A. Carpenter nud singer. Nelson; Sllvcr- cfnle, July 3, the Rev. W. H. Horn. ,1)10 members of tlie Ejfecullvb Hoard are: -W. H. il'orn, Manila; J. L, Ncwsomc. Blylhcvllle; Frank Huffman, niythcvlllc; U, L, Holmea, Blythcvlllc; D. D. Segar, Wilson; Mrs. T. E. Talc, ArmOJCl; HoivnrJ King, Blylhevllle. Assoclallonal Leaders: W. H. Horn, moderator; p. A. Whitclcy, Missionary; D. D. Scgar, Evnngcl- Ir.m; Howard Kins. Sunday school; Frank Huffman, Training Union; Mrs, T. E. Tiite, Woman's Missionary Unions, to assist Iii : the obscr Vance. Tlic>-i> weic i number of tours. Jn addition to the pllTlmnge spon- sbred In the Wonnu s c.lui> of Ely- tlieville, in coope ts"of: with the Dell an I Logwood Uuln, tinc\ whidi included Numbu Nine women, there 'tvere several others. -The Ports and telilit home tcols which Ills wife finds. Corri|>1 lea!ions really Develop wia-u Iho cliotUs girl, the burglar, nn un- ccnscious innld, a .snobbish English buiLur, mi Interfering old maid mint, tliret' public "O" men, a rng- hil! apntlinent house owner, a doting mother and her piny-boy son, n sweet youjij thins, the liuvycr brlrlocroom aud his wife find t'.' • i*tu; j. UL i,j unu J^jL'ollLi JLUUty UUII1" "I A'li-ii* UUJ11 HUU J opsrratSTtcHib uas Jollied by HiilT- themselves conHned to a house rnin and ^hnSrsl for u'tb'ur; ivih-i "which they can come in, but they ni'n Si ady Grove, Brown, "Leach-1 can|t BO put". viHe- Carnii and Pawhcch made - - • • ' thei>- tours together Esriui hatl its TIIURSDAV, MAY 6, 1933 car operators in Clnctijjiay have fcecn warned they are not exempt from obeying all traffic regulations. Munlclual Jtidge Samuel w. ^eil lined Melvln Gurl'and, a motorman, for reckless "driving." .,' Read Courier News Want Add:'? Members of Hie c.isi are: Mfes «-,.,*.,^* U [i.i V i, j mu 4ls Inez Thompson. Miss Ma^Jorie in t^o pub arul other clubs Warren, \fiss -Sara Jo Little, Miss had their members lo visit indtvld- Mildred Moore, JUcs Margaret >C>'!' | Shaver, Miss- Mary L/mtsc 3o.wcll, 1 fhe U>Umille vomen, with tlip Miss Nlnn Harris. Junior flaiuett, Cell and Dogwood uoiticn. mel at Dudley W. Uoiitqn, , John Miles' the N"/ L bert) u chool for a pror Miller, John McDowell, is. H. Ford, gfirn at the sninc time the Numuorl W. J. Wumlerlich nndjnckO'Kecfe. l*ine won-n I adcotfcc at the home The seta tor the allow, which Is 'of Mto c E l.urcr, before they directed by Miss Mary Bain and then torn The groups niet I MIEB Margaret Shaver, were dc- Wild Life Film Will Be Shown At School .i'pci'liil plclui'es of wild life will lie shown at the high tclicol auditorium al 2;30 o'clock Friday tiftcr,- noon by Tom Mull of Hie Arkansab gaim- ailii fish commission, it was announced today. The public Is invited (o (lie sliow- In? o( tills picture which vvuk brought hero through the caurlesy of Olio Cummuigs en behalf of Hip scouU nnd' Ihe Izank Walton League. Julilor high slUdcnls will view tbb pictures at a special showing at 10- o'clock tomorrow rrionilng. BACKACHE, LEG PAWS HAY BE DANGER SIGN Of Tired Kidney»-How t« Get Happy Relief ;; II b«<<kftcb3 and \tf c*io% a*« sot^Jaf you piiM/^ble, fjoq't juti complain uui do nothing nbout tb«n. Nature may b« warolaf yo\i Uiil j'oiir kidntvg n«td »lt«iitio;i. - • ,; i ; Tbe Vidorya art NXtuie'a cfaicr »*y of ifckiDg e«c«M Kcfds and pouoooua wanta ant 6f ; Ibfl btwxl. Moel people, put ftbout 'A pinlA ft dftv' «r II the 15 milta (H kidney lub« iiid "'' "• •\in't, wort ncM, poltotiouft wa«t« tnfcll (n tf.e blf><>l. T>m« poiKin^ m&y atari backaclitv rheujnatio paJws lt^ pfJhB i>ep and co«rgy, ccttln^ up niccta,. [luffinma Ulidi r the tyt», ^emil4chc«atia : dlt ti n*M, , Pon'L n-iil. Atk VIMJI dfuiuiBt tvi boXit't Pill*, vi«,l mccwrfiilly by mUliori* {,,r - : •--'" yiais. Tbpy Klvij hal'pv [tlicf anil HT" i', mit« of tirtney IUMA nunli OUL nMlc from Llie blood. Gel Doan'a t loi picuic lurch ut the home of Mrs B A B'js^ nnl ] i(v e ' U - visited Bl theville Girdcns biifrivc they went to Dell Peiry oii'd Wlilsllc- ville »th-re tticj Msit»d homes and lards of home denioitstmtion mem- icrs v.hcrc nnprovcniculs Imd been On the same ohj the Forty and Eigiit, Hoiie demoiiitVation ' club toured that csmnunity before going to Pufrjunn rr j Afiiioreh ivbere tliC} \\e e jrJiKd b> club members at 'he?" commit ii*lcc Clubi fy Mjiilla Shady drove, Bloiui L achville Carml and pawhcen ilso lini i cpiiiblned tour AuUi mtmbus \lsitlng several jhomes m ejcll cc'nnmnity. Rcfresh- meilU v>ere served at sdvbrai homes ,11it; Ekron club had two aftei' , , made at homes gf l>u ., EUiel M-isau Wr> Effle sinftli, iirs r wie Mrs W. c. litoiitv rtanuncl, Mrs. J. A —vMrs J \V Jordan; atrs. Ma- lipl Wallace, where rpMreshments ,«wesencd Mrs Vela Duncan, Mrs. Ollle Douglas ^Irs Henrietla Wal- <lMe, Mi u A\istm Mr-= 'HJgjs, where relieshmenU ncre served, Mrs Al- fojd Mrs l aul Trammel, Mrs. Arthur AJiabran ior Mrs. O, R, Hed- 101 d, who sened refreshments nnd Mrs Geneva Hcecc \\ere viewed. The improvements included landscaped vards poultry hbnses »uilt in features for ' the house plumbing clecliic equipment, in- Serior decoiation gardens mid handaorl : sl2iv;d ana tuill by Rouse Harp, freeman Hoblnsan anil memboii of Ihe Sniilh Hughes class of tho city hiBli schcol. Jack .O'Keefo Is business manager of llm orgnnlzsi-- tion. Sixty Delegates Attend Monthly Baptist Session I.UXORA. Ark.-, Mky S. — Sixty delegates were present Tuesday i\t the monlhly meeting, of (lie Workr ITS Cnimcll «n(l Mission Board nieeliHB, which represent seventeen of the twenty-eight Baptist 'churches of 'Mississippi county, with the Luxorn Baptist, church' the Rev. ti. P. Flcmreliig, pitstor. as Hie hcstrss church. ;! ',:ilio, progiam as prepared by the ^5 v t..V- H - Hu »i. Modernlor,. of MMU|I^ and Die. Rev. D. D. Socnv, Si'flugelistic- chatrnmn, Wilson, Ark,. WBG on the theme, "helping Ihe Children." The phases uf Sunday school, Baptist Training Unions, anil Woman's Mlsqlonnry Unlora wore discussed. The next meeting will be liold June 2 al the • Second Baptist Arkansas and Mia«o"ii Lowfst rates— loireit cipenw Also city properties DON H. KASSERWAW Thomas Land Co. Odlco P. O. Box ^70, Phoius 837. Make the Roof the Crowning Glory of your House... Nothing contributes so'much to the appearance of a house as its roof. Why be satisfied with less than the best—when the best costs nq more? Barrett Broad Shadow Shinies will give your r'Xtf Hoe deep, heavy shadow lines that every home otf.ner ciev.res. The shadow lines ate luilt i n rn* e at'M five, colorful shingles. Ltt ua tell you about these unusual shingles. As Certified P,rtctt Shinslc Applicators we can offer you ths .oovc ni cnce< ) flh = M 3trcU M;,, 1 tMyP aymrat P| an .N 0 do 1 vn pftln.ent.Ho «d tipc, A few « nt , a diy pay., f or everything. SAVE MONEY ON Meats Groceries HIGHEST QUALITY GAINESMRT. US W. Main Phone B3 EROATS rs ^ r 0iV mr aV a^ aV m a^aV aa^am .^aaaa, aval aavama^Bfet- :^ A IS a : Great Breakfast," aays DICK MEfiRILL, Trans-Atlantic Ocean Flyet, uho hold* tfi» All-Tmt Retard for too !"(t»^-^a.RWI 'acccffal Atlantic/hand* Trioit : ! Ja^BSF . , • , . • You caa't beat a Quaker Oats breakfast for that warm, friendly lift on a cold, cheerless morning,... It's rich in food-tyletgy, rich m flavor^ind ctatj only Vi ceat pic portion .'.. Besides,Quaker bits is jjbu'o- dailtin Nature's Vitamin B —the precibiis viumtn that, doctors say yp.u should^bjVe daily tO COtnbat nervousness anrl nnnr iW. Rich in food energy. Rich, in; fcl vorl The one and onlyQuikctOatsl 1.1-M'. . ;Rfe,bji k «gr/ BREAKFAST!' RITE PRICE GROCERY & MARKET & MONDAY SPECIALS FOR. FRIDAY, SATURDAY 1U E. iluin St. Vhoiic 231 Reasonably fticcs Evirj-dsiy on all Your N'cciis Is Your We Dclivit PORK ROAST, CaJa Style, Fancy Lb. 15c FORK STEAK Fbmul SALT MEAT ftrciilt-o-Lcau I'latcs, Ih. WE1NERS OBI HUNKS Pound BEEF ROAST Pcuud ECIOGNA STICKS Foimd cookiNc; CHEESK rcunrt • DEEF STEAK Poiliid HAM Sliced Ends BACON Penned Home Bakcil or Beef, t,li. 19c 17k 15c 12c 15c 19c 25c 19c 60c TOKIATOKS, Ripe, Ice Cold, lit, •' LEMONS, Juicy, Soiir, Nice, Do/ POTATOES, N«, v , Med. Size, Peck POTATOES; Old, Red Flinty large, Cli»in, JO Ib ORANGES. .luii-y, Sivcct Mcd. -Size, Dot CEIERY, Elcachcii Csiip, IStuifh CABBAGE, Green Heads New, l,b BANANAS, u'cldcn Waxy Nice. ntrr,. tAPEFhlUT, Juicy, ta. ly; HOT. APFLUS, Juicy Wincsaps Each i.5c 23c ISc 7k lie 15c 45 c •lie STRAWBERRIES, Fancy Klondike Ql. lie TEA, Fccrl«s EC !) uz. Boxes COfFKE. Maxwell House Drip or Rcff., Lb.' SUGAR, ViiiTsI, Isnc, 10 l,bs. '. FLOHK. CrysiAl White luaraulccd Satis. 21 I, BEANS * TORK Delicious, round Cans . 1UCE, Fancy Head 5 Pounds OATS, JIolliciS •wp ft Saucec : fti;SlES, Small Size S Lbs CRACKERS; Soda, 3 Ll.5 IABO, Pure 8 Ibs. Net 21c 26k 51c bs 83c . 5c 21c 24c 14c ..ISc ASI'IttlNS, 12's SI. Joseph's, Box FACE I'OWDEK, Vlcih Mmo Istbcll's, Box ... G.M)1 rOUijf, For Whitr Shoes Bini) SEK.I) Krrnch's, 2 B«.\CA FISH FOOD French's, a Boxes WINDOW vSl'ADES With Itollcn;. Kn. .PAPER TOWKI.S ScotCs, Z Roils rlf fPHAY, DoiiWr Slnnslli. 6 Ot. Botllc PAIMOMVE TOILET SOAP, 3 Rirs j CASTOR' Olt .I'oic. hull PitiT 6c 6c 8c .21c 17c 171c 19c 7c .I6c 25c C^BRICDRESSWAY FLOUR 48 Lbs. $1.75 1'incsl quulily. None licltcr .Suiiililiir. Guaranteed, 1S Lhs. HUiAl, l-resli Crran,. 10 l.ljs. ... O.M1XJA. Fl.OUll 5 Lbc. 20c; la CRISC'O Siiortciilns Sled. Pails, Each . CORN, i'ritlc 01 HI. Large 20 Oz. Cans CORN FLAKES Kcllogg's, 3 Boxes MILK, Ptl or Carnation, Til) 7c; ...$1.22 ....:.. 19c 54c 57c lOc 17c .Small J 2 C B.iBV CHIO'KS, Trirlc A, llatrs or Rcri, 100 11 A I'M' tlUCK MASHES, U ......... SWEBT KKEI) K:indj' KM, Sk ....... DAIRY FHEW , Kriendly, lii'/c. Sk- ••• 11APBV COW-BEST 14% ,P»i!(y, Ssk, ....... T.IXKAGf, Rrc'y's,' SK ........ StlOETS, Hoi Shot $7,50 ...3Sc $1,25 .$1.35 $1,95 $3.49 $1.25 LIBERTY CASH GROCERS FRIDAY & SATURDAY \V« Sell for Less (jet Our i'rires Jk'foi'c You Buy FRIDAY & SATURDAY 1 Cabbage Bananas SPINACH Home drown, l,h. PICKLES Itart 12 1c 2 BELL PEPPER CAULIFLOWER 15 CUCUMBERS LI). Si/c .fbhniiou'K Wax or Il'Je Size Gio Coat wilii K;ich f)!lc Size Can !)8c Value Oiilv YELLOW SQUASH ,,5 Delicious J)n/. 10 Salad Dressing 19c t Humko 4 Lb. Carton ,. 45c 8 Lb, Carton .. 90c ISufllc 23 C JOAN ARC Ciur TOMATO Tomatoes ' 6c Spaghett SCOTT TOWELE EXTRACT S Oz. Bottle 8 SALT Siiitiirc Kox 10 Blatk Hank 1'cinnl 1$C 25c POBK CHOPS LB. PORE PORK . .l!)c .. 2;ic .SAUSA(;i<; « MIRACLE WHIP ft, 25c Qt. 39c 18c Picnic Hams, !b. Set a Charlie McCarthy Spoon! Suu CHASE & SANBORN DATED COFFEE 24{c Stnd one Dated Bag-Front and 10? to- CHASE A SANBORM Miss Liberty 24Lbs.. 12 Ibs.. 6 Lbs.., FLOUR 87c 46s 24c \ Cheese 115c K.C. STEAKS ,32 SPARE RI8S „, 15 Roast Chuck, Lb. He THickRiblb. I8c Sho!. Clod Ib. 22c — hut we celobralo it every vreoll O«Baby Depailmont taattties tha bosl ol everything, iacluding — \fll l*"* 0 "" 10 11 || Carnation Milk Libia's Orange Juice, . . . Can 12c Libby's Baby Food . . Cream of Wheat . COLE I'OTATO SALAD, Lb. .. MACARONI MUK I,f). .. . PIMIENTO LOAK LI). HEAD Lb. PICNIC SPECIALS MOCK CHICKEN (i for . Small UcRA SOAP IVORY SNOW 14c

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