The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 27, 1934
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Served by the United Preu VOL. XXXI—NO. 35 BirraianmcouRiER NEWS 1 WILIER OP NOKrHEA 8T ABKANSA8 AND 8OUTHEAHT Kiasnrmr ' •*-* T ' *-' .Blythevllle D«lly News Blvthevill* Courier Mississippi Valley Leader Blythevllle Herald ARKANSAS, KHIDAY, AI'KII, 27, 19*1 HOME EDITION SINGLE COPIES FIVK CENTS LllNDSBISHOPCANNON INNOCENT STUNTS IN Directs Full Investigation of Affairs at Slate A. and M. School LITTLE ROCK, Apr. 27 lUP)— nai-=riw>r Fi.trclJ today in a letter to Griflin Smith, state comptroller, submitted charges made by HIP student tody a! Monticello A. anil M. college nml asked an Investigation be nuide of the ad- uiinistratioii of that school. "These charges speak lor themselves." Governor Putrcll said in IHs lead-. "They warrant an in- voni-iatlon. "I have not seen the charges made uy [lie Pii;e Bluff Commercial km understand them to be to the elfcct that tiic hosplla'i expenses of John Richardson a member or the board, were paid cut of the funds ol the Monticello A. and M. college. "Thc.'.e charges also will be a part and parcel of the investigation to be maite or the fiscal af- laiis of ihe college at Monticello "I suggest, ihat the testimony be preserved in full and (hat an a tetrad be made of the evidence when it lias all been taken and transcribed co accompany your report. • "The auditorial department is the only staie department authorized to make this investigation." The governor revealed that a grou,> of •stbdenls from.the school visited him last week to make an oral protest concerning management of the school and that he advised them to put their griev- ! ancfs in writing. Included hi the .'1st wns a statement that "crude allusions to sex l.-robltms" were made In chapel talks and another that girl students have been annoyed by remarks by the president of the fcliool concerning their conduct and diess. eft fo Hold Forr hv Dillinoor (; :mt . Hives only two days before the raid. J I Observations •- by C. R. B. ._ From the Forrest City Tiniee- Herald comes the information that I Burk. Mann "will probably be a Well, the more the merrier. Closing Stock Price* NEW YORK. Apr. 27 (UP)— A (lurry of activity in oil shares fentiircd the late dealings on the stock exchange today, -rounding out a session of small advances In trading was under a million shares. Standard of California rose two |x>ints to 31 while other oils were up fractions to almost a point. A. T. and T 120 1-2 Anaconda Copper 161-4 Bethlehem steel 413-4 Chrysler dries Service ... Coc.i Cola General Am. Tank ... Oeneral Electric General Motors International Harvester Middlcwest Utilities . Montgomery Ward ... New York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum 50 3 1-8 122 1-8 80 1-2 22 1-4 37 5-8 41 3-8 5-16 30 1-2 3-1 1-2 4 1-8 19 1-8 B in Simmons Beds 191-2 Wetfibe'rs of Dillinger Band Believed Hiding Near Scene of Battle SQUAW LAKETwis.. Apr. 27 (U o, rTancls colimy P)-Hv«•automobile loads of de- favorite son or two KS? ,h 3U ± e ^ SCnfS 5lflltol 'ns to ™">°° s 'hat InrOUHl) trm n-nnrlorl nlnnsi~ _i-, — _l_-. . . •••"•' « JIH L. , rrer MUsLsslppi county, with three can- didale-s already in the race for the. office, can scarcely complain if St. Francis county puts forth a '"'Mnrioculation of Children Who Will Start School in Fall Is Goal the wooded slopes along Squaw Lake today on a vengeance hunt for members of the John Dillinger gang. Agent's were informed that at least four desperate outlaws were hiding in A leDsf B r^k, posed o Slon T1 ' e so-called summer "round nnd accord- up" of children entering sdi.o] hnvc been next, fall In Mississippi county fur may be two. the purpose of diphtheria innocii- rneet is sup- lation and' smallpox vaccination In that win oren in Blythoville, May 7 ...111- T1 ., ,. ,_. , J '• A. M. Washburn of ihe tealth unit in charge, i arc urged to bring only "" j?"\~ le- .1 y U,t,e Bohemia°,od B e la.n Sun- Pre « e ™ n tT™$7ry7o ffi "' An automobile, allegedly stolen at Lac du Flambeau at 11:30 last night was traced here and the agents spent the night in guarding all means of escape from the- suspected area before beginning 1 the hum at dawn today Witnesses to the theft said the' automobile was stolen by George (Baby Face) Nelson, alleged killer cf a federal agent in Sunday's clash. = County authorities throughout , t ,j vw h ,, vrt tlll ,. lM , iy ,,j uvitiL 11 easier opening than that offered of 'the l™:.nn,t in tlie .~-+,.~<f.. * M, ,_ . _ ic first time nex ?ivc treatment, it _ ,.„. A slight charge will be nices- ry to provide in ji:iri for cast Thirty cents Posscmcn Willuiriiwn from Soared fo r Kidnapers of June Rohlos TUCSON. Ally... Apr. 27 (UP) — An avenue lor ihe "ransoming ol Juii? Kobles wns o;-i'in>rt today when peuc? ofteis withdrew 1.51X1 ncwi'men who hna> bluckuded th.' town Mneo the ti-vnir-old rhlld win sMzcd by kidnapers two days 'i»e dcc-lslon tti permit ihe kidnapers opimriimliy 10 arrange [01 ccltrclion cjl ihoir siO.niK) inn-om .miHiKl In rn-lmiigr lor the child's liberty wns reached nllor u nlghl- lons conference btlwioii county city--mid federal authorities. The olllcei.s luld n U! dl-itriuighl parents they bclirvr-d it- necessary lo Hi-' child's snfety that the hunt-reds of depmlns, former service men nnd cowboys disperse. Child Reported Srcr. PHOENIX, Ariz., Apr. 27 (UP) -Two deputy .sheriffs today Investigated a report of a ranch- woman that she believed she saw June RoWc.s, B, kidnaped Tucson Bill, and two men oh a highway 20 miirs from here. The woninu, » Mrs. nflblnglan ••aid she "and her husband saw Hie trio Lite, yesterday. The girl she salil, unpenrcd to liave bcwi Dohiu'arr Town Split by Uirtl, (lohlrol Oiiarrcl NEWCASTI.K. !».. Apr. 27 (Ul'> -The vi'jlii s prouluii of whrlbcr sclionl children hciv slumlil i,.. iiilil ijirili conlml us ttvil us -ex li.Vi>k-i.v ttiis phici'd icii.iy bi- fore liuv. Clayton IJmujhi.-. liuek eivmslli! IIILI (llviiii'd into iw'u UIIIIIB ovi-r the mniroversy u-uiusc iiry K. Simvrly, .siiDnlnti.nd.-ut uf sclmols, wniilnl lo ii'iici, birll. coiilml. • The toiird of ediicittlnn ousted Suavely., who had Ixrn MIIXTIII- lendeiii for Id years. A croup of sn-ciiilecl "11,0,1 -rn- !Ms" d.nmnded thnt il,c siiiK-rlu- ti'iulent be rnliKliiUd or ihut (i> I;,",'"' 1 i . t , s " 1 " rc!ilK " "» lKlt 'U "I'l-nr- Ncwniiiii T. Hooth. president o! Hi; 1 board. .s«hl t|, ( . (( iiiiric-l bOj;m n vvtir HKO n 1,011 |, mis ( ],, c ii|,i lo tench sex hygiene In the schools nnd Sniively derided to tench the subject himself. •LlndlM-rsh Case \nt Involved nosrON. Apr. 27 (UP)-Reccnt activities of department ol Justice ngenLs in the niitlanrl. VI nn-n have no connection witn tlie Limi- b>rgh kidnaping case, Chief in- ycstl:;nicr Clarence D. Mclfenii said today. nstend, it wns Indicated, their ciXTntioiis concerned n (hre.n lo kidnap n prominent nnd wealthy Vermont man whose n oin!> was withheld, or a meinbrr of Ills fnm- It was understood that the agents I a trap for the plotters iie.i r the Pine Hill golf course at land ' Associated Utilities Bondholders Agree to Accept Cily. Bonds •Hope hns been revived for tlw ultimate consummation of negotiations for (he pufchnse by the city of Blythevllle of the Jocill water system. At n conference In St. loub yesterday Mayor Cecil Shnne and B. A. Lynch, chairman ol the waterworks purchase committee., obtained ihe agreement of n committee u-pi-cspntlng liolders of bonds of Assoclnicd Utilities, Inc., owner ol Ihe property, now In receivership "Involution? Kvolulion" - - -- u -..%... mui, i/tiKiuu >Ji 11 if 11 LUL r nciii> i iiirt v cf*jus biennial opportunity to will be charged for diphtheria in'- raCP flEOlnSr. ("nnorOCPtvlnr* nrvnnli>Pln... . _ , . „„!.„ - — -y^iiti"!./ vu «ni uc cnarged for diplu WHl j D" agaln£t ' C ™g r e5sman noculntlon. to te given J. Driver. Judge n an unusually effei • to the people of the as district nnd mo 'Pie of the district ki •rong, in h, ous St. Louis-Son Frnncisco Standard of N. J Tcxa s Co U. S. Steel U. S. Smelting 3 7-8 45 1-2 26 1-8 49 1-8 119 New yorfe Cotton NEW YORK. Apr. 27 (UP)Cotton closed steady. open high low close f 7t 1 1 (11 1 nil i i «» ! get away. treatment. Ten cents will be e serv- charged for smallpox vaccinations, st Ark- Typhoid innocuhuion mnv lie of the :eciircd. it. He The series of conferences at - •• -..dgment, which treatment will be given us of outstanding na- announced at the health unit of- luestions. but on matters flee follows- hir'd'' 11 ™ 1 '''" 6 the We ' fare ° f Blj ' lhcvillc 5cll °°l. ™*y 7. 2 to s nc he has made a record < P. M.: Armprrl schoni. May 10. Hope to 2 lo 4 p. M.: Huffman ;chco: May 11. 2 lo 4 P. M.; sivawnee .sclicoi May 15. 10 lo 12 A. M.: wiiition ...... school, May 15, 2 to 4 P M'- im awnrc, has an Will Meet Saturday to Discuss Probation Work «-"». so lar as. I am awnrc, has an effective answer to that argument. Leachville school, May 17, 2 to -, - —- p - M.; Osceoln courthouse. May countv whn"i~ C ' dWe1 '- ° f lhis1 ! 8 ' 2 to •> P. M.: Wilson school, county, who has made nbolition May 22. 2 to 4 p M • I nxon ot congress the chief and only, school. Mav 24 2 to 4 p M be""arran hJS pl " ltorm ' " ft co!1 ^ I ' Representatives of all women's I wflile congress ts° m session 6 Mr ** Tipton Elected jTSt 1 ^ to^r'mSg' SSTSofSSJ 1 SS l &£Z *^* ^^ Head o discuss plans for probation work. a . l ™e during almost every ses- ™ , m the county. The meeting will, 6 ""! when public sentiment Is al- ,, Uic! l T1 P ton - so " of Dr. and ce led by Mrs. L. o. Byerley of • most unanimous for abolition of Irs ' Pnul L - Tlpton. was elected -eacnvlhe, president of the county "ngress. president of the student Council icdcration of women's clubs, aiu I ll Is hardly reasonable, how- * c!ly '''B 11 school for ncxl Tlie selection „, nuLii^-n;, ciuiis, aiui " 10 nii.uiy reasonable how- — -* " B| an honored guest will be Mrs ' evcr ' '" <-x!)ect our congrcsfnien ? C ™~ Tllc wk John w. Edrinslon of Oweola however patriotic and public spir-'. m ' Inters « president of the district (eric™ '. • 'ted they mav be. <n m i» il~~. i lor cl[l «- Ma >' 1»7I 1101 1071 lioo J"l 1091 1116 1089 1111 Oct 1105 1130 1105 1127 D--C 1117 1142 1116 1139 •'an 1122 1145 1121 1145 1134 1158 032 1154 Spots closed quiet at 1115. up -•"••-••••G 10 iu the liomc of Mrs. S . ... made jmijiuii 01 usceoia "«"c>i.-i ^fuuytic ana public spir-i " -',«*.tjo of next year's s.'-r.- the district federn-' itc(i they may be. to vote them- i ' or , t . cltls =• Ls also planning to Mlves back into private life so I! , Mnxmp Brighnm was clccl- - movement. ! cnn 't see a ivho!e lot of nope for -wfrctary. The ofllce of vlce- "- "- 1 - "' -- prrcident h.-. s not yet been nikcl. is lo be held nt ernberg, .lent of the siythevllle Woman's club, at 10 o'clock. e or Mr - Caldwell's pronosHlon. And if ' think this have congress I can't n better man to represent ' than Will Driver. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Apr. 27 (UP)— Trade and outside buying Incress- "d on the local cotton exchange today with Improvement In other markets and favorable trade news The close showed gains of around $1 n bale. open high low close May 1011 1088 1071 1092b J»l 1088 1113 1087 1110 Oct 1100 1127 1100 1124 Dec 1116 1137 1113 1134 Jan 1122 IM2 1120 U39b Mnr 1150 1150 1150 1149b Spots closed steady nl 1120 up 22. ' Bandits Hold Up {Opposition Develops Small Bank in Chicago to Roosevelt Program CHICAGO. Apr 27 (UP) _ Five WASHINGTON. Apr. 27 (DP) — bandits who fled In a Ford V-8 "" " " fodan today held up the Willow- Pork Trust and Savings bank and isiaped with $4.000 in currency. Chicago Wheat open high low clow May 75 1-2 77 3-3 74 1-4 76 3-4 '"' 75 5-8 77 1-4 75 1-4 765-8. Jul Mas- Jill Chicago Corn open high low close « 3-4 44 1-4 43 3-8 43 5-! « .1-8 47 45 7-8 46 \-'. Opposition to some of President Roosevelt's airmail recommendations developed in the senate to:iav among sponsors of the pending Binck-McKellar bill. Chairman Kenneth D. McKellnr <Dem.. Tenn.) of tlic postoflice committee, Indicated that provisions for three year contracts mizht. be retained In the measure. FinedlsO for Assault Tp , c . ^. E. Lucas was fined W on . ^P' 6 ^ C8 T ° mght "lunldiMl'yudge ^A T 'T "'"' "* £0rvlccs at th!> vp s »fl r Hoi- ' ' i • , , ^ Sr(1 el this evening. 8 jest«rd«>. lociock. when a spcclnlly arranged a-choir will also furnbh music. Vis- High School Band Will Give Concert Sunday The high school bnnd of 18 P-tccB, under the direction of Everett McDowell, will present the first of a scries of Sunday nfter- noon concerts Sunday afternoon. < ociock, on (he inwn of the First Methodist church. These selection-, will be Riven: "Queen City" march, Weldt; "Vanguard" march. Holling.worlh; "Ser- eiiado'. Schubert; "Lilile Hnstus", Bennett; "A Night In June" serenade, king; "Blue streak", Allen: •Teamwork" march. Rlble; "Niftv" ninrcli. Loos. to nccept $150.000 In city water works bonds in full payment, for thc plum nnd distribution system The sole remaining obstacle Is Ihe necessity of obtaining ratification of this agreement bv the ----- „-.. .-....„. ... „„,- 'f«l«r nnd Ihe federal d'istrlct .and but Hint no one npneir.-d U c<1 "" "' Knllsns City. Some fiif- ccll.ct il.:- dummy ransom .Hculty mny arise there, according ' i ° - Mr - Lynch, but n final dccL-i.u.i "PiiKKo Pn. m >rif~ ' .1 i!> " I)oclccl enrly next week. rUOUC tnemy Reward 1llc clV has already obtained Proposal Gains Favor ~' ,?, f LKnT^ "£• ipnndlng the pumping plant nnrt WASHINGTON. Apr. 27 (UP)- distribution system, contingent up -- • "" the closing of n deal for the Tlioso who apeak of revolution are wrong. What they should ilo Is to druii tlio llrst letter of (he word. Wa are Eolua tlirough evolution, not rorolutlon." Speak- The house Judiciary committee today voted lo report favorably tlie Patmnn bill authorizing the payment ol a federal reward of S25.- COO for the capture, dead or alive. cf anyone designated by the al- tcrney gsiuTiil cs n -public enemy- Find Kidnap Ransom Money on Ex-Convict CHICAGO. Apr. 27 (UP)—Federal agents today held William E Viedlcr, Illinois ex-convict, who had In his possession S2.M5 of currency which the agents said was part of $200.000 ransom paid by Edward O. Bremer of St. Paul to kidnapers. The suspect, a small nnd ed questioners, ngents ?fuscd lo explain his ' the ransom money. Melvln Purvis, chief investigate, here for ihe department of Jus- lice, s.ild Viedlcr had $3.185 In 1 resied. ' '° Wlls a '~ Hunt Fleeing Convicts Over Goif^Field Trials SAN QUENT1N PH7SON Ca! Apr. 27 (UPl-Hiinrtreds of California peace officers followd trails purchase. The bonds which would be given the Associated Utilities bondholders for the property would be a hen upon the plant nnd distribution system nnd upon the revenues, but would place no additional tax liability upon the prop- cuy owners of the city. At S1W- CpOO. Mr. Lynch believes, purchase of Ihe p'nnt would be n profitable investment for the city. Daniels Not Afraid of Foreign Cotton Growers Itoosevelt Unit defeiHl'cd tils ,> u » Deal pollclea when, na shown hero no nddreased tlio Kubslsience Homoslead uliuw In tbo Dennrt- menl ot Cotnrnerca Wualilntiou. Big Companies Gaining Unfair Advantage Is Charge m Congress WASHINGTON, Apr. 21 (UP)— L (Tn iise 1 The house rules committee voted ] re<-ardli>» I^Tr,,, In ~J..~ -l™l.t -, ... ... _ ' "-o'l'tllll-? fury Verdict Etuis Long ' Fight Growing Out of Anti-Smith Campaign" WASHINGTON, Apr. 27 (IIP) —IHV.IHIP J;nnrs (.'iinon, Jr., and Ills finmcr secretary, Miss Ada Huniiucli<s, wire found nnt j;iill- ly iif niiisjifracy to violate tlie frdcral inrrupt practices :ict Ir, a virdli-l returned about :i:30 Mils uflmir'on liy .1 jury in I)l<trlci i:f (Vilunilila suprcmr court. ' WASHINGTON, Apr. 27 <UP>- TJis consjjlrncy case of Biahoi> James Cannon, Jr., nnd Ml<s Adn L. Biiriouuhs went lo Ihe Jury today nfter nearly three weeks ol testimony ami n heated argument In District of Columbia supreme court. Justice 1'uylon Oordon finished Is Instructions nnd handed Ihe lute tf Ihe Mcl! Episcopal churchman nnd his ex-secretary to the Jurors nl 12:20 1'. M. Justice Oordon sp;iit an hour mlyzing the Indictment nnd explaining the inw. Me pointed out to the jurors that they wera selected with tin greatest, of cnre mid that, their only duty wus in decide whether Ihe defendant were eullcy. In contrast to tlic excited yes- ma mid shouts of the -buyers Justice Gordon spoke slowly rind quietly. The bishop, , vjlc niu , wrnry from the strain of Ihe lert- Bthy trial, lonned on the wllnesi table with ey ra shut. Miss Bui- Jis. still wearing the sumo blj brown Imt which has shielded h-r face from the spectators ever since the trial bejjr.h. jtawd straight at the Judge. Justice Oordon told the -Jurors Hint the Indictment against the ' bishop and Miss Burroughs contained ten count*, only two of which were to fcc considered ' 1,1 runchlns a. decision. One of the mints charged the defendants with . wilful conspiracy to violate the corrupt practices net. Tlic oilier charged them with mere consi:h- Tlio- Jury was sent out to lunch shortly belore I p. M. m ^ op Cannon had waited in (lie courtroom hoping fur a oulck verdict, bill he "too left, after the jury was sent anav. Ex-Newspaperman Asks $100,000 For Dicharge Ala., Apr. 27 (fj t >— M. A. Foster, contending Hint he v;as discharged in violation of the dnlly newspaper publishing code, today filed suit for $100,000 r.gnlnst tlie Birmingham Post, the Ecrlppp-jfoivard nenspapcr syndicate, nnd Hov.ard Parish, business manager of the Post. Foster, formerly an employe of :he business office of the news- was discharged h n , ' P M i \ a « m today to S ive right oV way on^c Incua Z^^ Hoor to the Strong resolution for LIRA ~-"">>>"-">c^ nn investigation of the oil code adtnintstrntion. /> r T ~ . Campaign to Codify resentatlvc Sterling --.----- |iUem., Tex.) ctills house committee lo call lo the •attention of Oil Code Adminis- fW 'f h of the """p.'" J st'ron ? ri « r T"« ;W |*"""ni for a special! Ul 3 ' ' ra »lC L3WS Planned cl • - here l °-i lr <"° r "»™'<t Ickcs alleged tlonary bill. — under the .^.„,,.-. liankhend cotton control -Forclsn countries are now raising about ns much'cotton ns they 111 to constitute serious competition 10 the .south," the war lime secretary ol the n.ivy Mid. Accident Victims Are Recovering in Hospital: charged the oil code ad- ion Is under control of Standard Oil and other powerful units which are using the code for their own purposes. His resolution called SACRAMENTO, Cnl. (UP)-Active support ol a national campaign to make state Irani: laws uniform hns been promised by California state officials. Proposed legislation filmed nt the accomplishment of this objective will b3 ccnsldcre dat a noting of western highway officials at Salt „,. „,_„...,,... j I I*ake city, next June, according to for nn Investigation imo oil pro- Etlrl Lc c Kelly, director or th- duction allotments, strong charg- "ornla Department of Public Work. cci that at present petroleum pto-i Kcliv P-'nris to a'.lcnd the conler- ducts arc being shipped cast at| c " cc as the reprcwntative O f Oov- riUcs seriously detrimental to CInor Rolph. Texas producers. The reported out Other state officials enthusiastically endorsin movement in- rro IKM hv ii, Vi, i . 5 g ° lrt sccker5 of in the starch today for lw> j in;; ' rr»r/V ncfttv^rl ^«.,-.:_i_ . . ' ' Two accident victims of last Sunday Cfcaptcl convicts and twu policemen bellc-ved held as host.igCo of the fugitives. The hunt for Wanda T. Stewart. fc termer from Los Angrlrs nna Walter . H. Wyeth, ' . , , '-ounty prtoner, swung towajd the foothills of the goM country due o prnlftent reports that the automobile in which they fled was seen 'n the vicinity of Placorville Prhcn authrrltlcs believed thai i" fupiMves. carrying the mlsslnj ,. policemen wl;h th:m, v,-.-re lna ( ied ca for the mountain fastness of the Sierra Nnvnda ranges, above the historic mining town nn ihn mo- Mier lorii resting very well le after narrowly escaped death. at William Mnnn, of the Round Lake community, his several broken ribs which penetrated his lunx «lien his car overturned sotiili of ):pro. srirs Georgle Mae Llncbarger. Miss Ixjulse Morris nnd Wilturn Lovelady. who were with him. escaped tvith minor bruises and when the car Into the big ditch near Double Bridges MlUon King. Hot Springs merchant, hns an ami broken in sev- •al plac-s as ths result of his ir overti.-rtilng tiear Haytl, Mo. His nrm. which was resting on the outside of the door at the time af the ncclrtent, was badly mangled. -. i, .. mn n- rules which will permit house ac- j c: ' l(io E Raymond Cato chief of (Ion on: l.-Two bills affecting marine j? cv:lns - )rs and nav " cra " ! ! corps and naval promotions and ao chief of trc highway pnrol, and Russell j? cv:lns - "SlMri rof motor vehicles. calling for commissioning of all _ members of the June graduating i trsra: class at ihe naval academy at An-' . a membe, committee to unify inws. of n national the nation's . WEATHER 2.—The Sabath 'resolution ap-| proprlatlon $405.000 for continued, ARKANSAS—Fair colder frost government participation In the I in north and central portions lo- Cnicaso world's (air. night. Saturday fair, warmer In nest and north portions. Mrmphls and Vicinity — Cloudy nnd ccolcr, probably local Town Now a Hopyard CHAMPOEO, Ore. (UP)-TI old Oregon's first villages w»s located. no\v is a thriving hopyard. set out The maximum temperature here spring. Where the r.op vines (yesterday was 85, minimum 49 grow were once bulldinjs, sireeU, partly cloudy with .71 of an Inch sidewalks, a schoolhouse, machine rainfall during the night accords — i-..-:i— •- • ------- • - ..... shop, Masonic hall and varioiisjlng to Samuel P. NorrU, o^ffklal Places Of biLilness. ill!) VW( . eather observer.

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