The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 30, 1951 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 30, 1951
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN BLYTHEV.LLB. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, AUGUST CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dully r*t« pet lint- (or cons remit insertion: Minimum churg* 50 ] time per l!ne 13' 3 times pei line per <Jay 13' 3 times pei line pti day *• 8 time* ppi line- per d*y 7i 13 time* pel lln* pei ci»y 5 Uonth per line *Q Couni (lie RYcrRK* words to lh# Hn« /d ordered for thrre ' " -1 nble rtlRlnR orde F iRkc* the nn« Ilin* rsponMbllltT will incorrect Insertion lR*en ore ihi nr c.RMlflro e.d All Ads srr restricted Ihflr Courier Kfvr- rc/CTTe« the right In «dll 01 rejrct anjr *d Notice CArd of Ttiankft Wp wish 10 eKprcw; our Blnccrp thanks and spprrclatton to «11 in' manr friends and nrWnhnrs who «l- nrfKcd sympathy and klndnf^ in <hf loss of our fnhcr and hiuMml, E M- Ksncrlillv arc »•« Eralolul lo Ihnw whotp tireless efforts m»dp posslll' recovery of th« body. The Ortom Family. 8!30 pk 51 RADIO & TV SERVICE Tour «et on the blink? Pot f«*t «*r? Ice call Manage. Carl I/O OK at BLYTHEVII.LE Television fi Radio Service IH'.i V W.ln fhon, JT»4 JII15 en > Apartment tor R J rm. turn, ant., rlsctrlc kllrhen. 108 . KJ, ph. 3109. _ O» P k 9 '' Nl«l? "irn •! room apt. Klcp.lrlc lOTe «H(1 rrigtdalre. 915 A«h Vh. 5W4. 8|2fl ch If ~3~room imf. npl ... prltatt bnth. Ne dpcorated. 10»l A.h. P h ' 31 2 room turn, ant. OM eqtilpmpnl. CouplP nnly. 1111 W. Ash, 8.2S fk •,' 3 room unfurnlshfrt wpt. recently • redtcomten. Ph. 33SO or SOB«. , 8|3S CK tf Modern 2-room fuml"heel apartment Call IM <" 558'- '1* r * _^_' Small Apartments, furnished. $8 up per week. Bedrooms $4 up single. 114 West Ash, Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf Ifew unfur.. a iBr^e- rooms and bath, tile, floori Open (tally 7308 W Ro«« Bt Ph «107-«023 Hill P* 'ill trpptBlis turn. apt.. prtT»t« bath, utilities fum. 14M W. AF|I. R|24 pk 31 Fur- apl.. 4 roomi «nrt hath. I tleo- %fl« r*rrigerstor. gft* equlpmeni. flood Jurnlture. 114 W. D»YU. PS 3373 P. Blmon. . 11* ..e* " Auto SuppfiM and Services Don't endaneer your ramHy wl*h fmltr tiros—BUT LZB TIRFS. C5HAPMAN SERVICI HTA PI OK Main and DWlalon Phnne 1543 19)13 ck « High eat prices paid for wrecked or burned automobiles, 19*0 m Inter modela. Wade Auto s»l*aite. Ph 3785. S;B ck o; Services Washing Machines repaired, j all makes. Blytheville Machine Shop Phone 2S28. 3-6 ck tf i Kippr 1 rJnmblnK, oil ntore pump r*' j p0lr nil work lunrtnteed OH Hurry Myrrn B349 7,3! p* 1,31 i Watch and Jewelry Repair l-Dny ier*lce nn Jewflrj—3 <!»•* on * fitch PS unit cltickfj GimrKntcffd work ion*' bf eipc/' repairmen Ixiweat r PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second TYPEWRITERS i DON EDWARDS CO 111 W ffilnut Phnnt 31» Plenty of Parking Space for Salt, Mite. Used Combiner! All Makt* * Modfll CMh or T?rcr» 61 Implement Co. ». Hlw«j II Phon« JIM «,!» K Bur aluminum Kereen wl&dom feo !nM lift or jout houji* InatalL rtj Bnlldtn 0upplr. Inc. €[5 ek If Pitt dirt for Ml,. Prj. tin. IJ1 pk »j) If you want to sell or buy USED FURNITURE if* ua. Arnold &Gaines 406 East Main Ph. 6357 2-26 ck tf DID YOU KNOW W« hafe every number Irnnsmtn- •lon tor Ford. CheTrolet, nnd Plymouth 1936-19.'il inodeU. Warte Auto BaKaRe, ph 3735 S;B etc »;a Save Money When You Buy — Sell — Tradt Used Furniture GLIN HARRISON & SON . FURNITURE CO. 517 \V. Ash Ph. 2552 _ 8-2 ck tf B«lf-nerTLc«i laundry. Lot. hulldlne nd equipment. »lth good huelneMs Ifleal Cor coup)*, B»t location Jn town Priced to nell Buy now »nrt gel b*ne- I tit of fall n.nd winter business Ph 3847 or see H H. Garnett, 319 or 323 N. I B|14 pk 9jH AUTO AND rURNITOKF LOANS Prompt Personal SerTlce Otneriil Contrwcl Piuchiwe Corp 10e 6ouih Sth rhon» (1805 CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Ico crpHm anrl xftnrlwlch shop. Plenty cqnlpmfint SPMH 6,% people. Best lorntlon. $500.00 down or would lTBd« —what have you Other business ren- son for selling. Phone 01, Manila. Ark Boi 2«1 «22 pic »]5 Railroad & Ash Vour Friendly Sludebnker Dcxler MAHfS• -fu MODlt) PICKUP TRUCKS 1347 FOH1> H-Ton rkktip, red color .... a good, clean Irurk 1917 CHEVROLET Pickup w-ilh 4-spced transmission . * , . bint color 19J9 DODGE FIchup lhat's a rcrj Rood buy . , , red color . ..., 1949 STUIJEBAKER A one-owner pickup In A-l condition: , . tan color $695 $745 $895 $945 IS49 STtDEBAKKR A heavier *J-Ton Imck at a b^rjaln! . . red color : $845 USED TRUCK HEAlKjlJARTEFS Durocs—40 gilts, 20 boars, for sale. Sept. 6 at Sikeston, Mo. R. D. Clayton barn. Write Leonard 1'eerman, Sec., S. E. Mo. Duroc Breeders Ass'n. Jackson, Mo. 8-24 ck 31 Cypress lumber cut to order, G. G. Flowers, Ph. B363 8-25 pk 9-25 Store equlpmrnt, flOl 6049. Need A Truck? PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. HAS YOUR BEST BUYS 1948 FORD 1949 Chevrolet . .This i/i-Ton I'ickup is In mighty nice condition .. .new paint, too. . . $695 1946 FORD A !/i-Ton Pickup equipped with a x<H)d healer .. .your besl buy... $645 1950 Chevrolet Here's « heavier. 31- Ton I'ickup at Phillips' bargain price.. . Take a drive in this i/j- Ton Pickup. . .now at a money -.saving price... $895 1947 Chevrolet Save money now and trade ' for this i/i-Ton Phillips, $795 1948 CMC This 11/ 2 -Ton Oh & Chassis Truck is another one of your best buys.., $995 $750 Broadway & Chickasawba Phone 4453 don't waste soybeans, get a MAYRATH loader and GLEANER cojnbine now from... Jack Robinson Implement Co. Oiceolo, Dial 520 — Blyfhevillt, Dial 2371 For Rent 4 room fur house, electric kitchen. 217 E. DftvLi. Ph. 3139. rY29 nk 9;1 4 room hoxiM 514 Lac led p. 8 23 pk 05 3 Iffe rms A: hath, turn new RRB range, refrigerator. Lights, hot A rold water furn Private pntrencen. Ph. 8853. 824 pV S.I ph. ayj«. B16 pX fllfl For Sale, Cars and Trucks WBSTHKD ADTO BAU Ph 4374 21st and Kenwood We Plnanc* 'ChBAprFi Good Car* in Town" A-Modfl Coup* — 170 0.20 ck One 1 rm. tur apt. For Sale, Real fstate nidenn, 7-room modern Pur Bale: lift arrrfl r itst of land; good ions* with furn see nent; two other louses; on gravel road, wllh electricity mrt school b\m service An excellent ilivce foi person wanting n hiirnr. Se« )r write J W. BADKR. l.ILBOTJBN, .1O-. HT I, BADERBVILLE; OR QALt, ,11,BOURN 4IM. 823 pk 91 Beaulirm three brdroom ho^tne In e of nnr best reslUentlal areas. Al- RctlTe lealnrfs InchlOc two cnniplcle >athA. two car gainer, large shady lot. Stf or c«)l Mfti I>ORan. Lynch Blclg.. h. 2014. . M cV I Real Estate Farms—City Property LOANS It .niereatert 1n Bnjlr\i LAND FOR SALE SPECIAL 80 acres in Pemiscot County, Mo., on concrete highway Vz mile. Has a good main residence (in each 40; large new k,.,. M i t - .. ™' n ' aDOllt » Or 6 HCrCS HCW wire; hoj? anil cow pasture; one 3-room house. Good lantl. This is a real place for someone for a home. Price $ 18,500. RIALES LAND CO. Russell E. Riales \V. T. Barnett 8-30 ck 9-2 Modern Cabins :oU7t. Ph BUI. and Apia. Ixast 8.14 pX and telephone. bedroom Ph. 2938. rlvnt* »alh 8.6 pk 0|0 with bath 6,27 ck If room housp with bath, rear 101 WRlnut, call 2&'X>. 8,11 ck ti . 1 room unfurnished >pl clr>M in Call 3309 unfurnishrri Tonmn, Share bath Waler and lights Hoi and cold water Prim* back and front entrnncflR, 70S Lilly St., Ph 4034 25 pit 1 1 rm unfur apt. rear 801 I>aV*. Private hath, f.]tc h v heater, butlt In cabinet*, ph. 6049 827 pk »;2 8t«amhcatefl b r A r oo m. Adlolnlng bath. 901 W. Ash St. Ph. 2209. Three room house with bath. 50ft 8 Franklin. Furnished. Phone 2268. 28 pk 4 4 rooms and bath unfurnished hou&«. Close In. Couple only. Phone fi732 Ifl p* 31 Kew Modern 4 room house and bath. 2313 Kenwood. Ph. 5B4 M-3 Osceola. 8<2R pk 93 for Rent, Miscellaneous Hospital Beds M.OO per month nee 1 chair* Woo per month Oabj ;d* ifl 00 pei mfinih. faeuum cii>&n R. «1 Of) PM d*F: *ater and poLlnhet II 00 pei day WAD! PURN1TURB CO Ph 312? *H ck 824 Hollywood (Continued from Page 8) will lose their shirts. The Bedding dale has been fixed tor September and the ceremony will be a quiet one. Reason for the recent presence in Rome of Injrrtd Bergman's TJ, S. lawyers was to draw up papers Insuring that nU percentages due In 5 rid from her forthcomlnjc "Europe, In IflM" will go into her bank account and not Roberto Ros- Overheard at the Villa Nova: "Now that she has won her final divorce decree, all she asks is that people give her a chance to get back to sub-normal," • * • Artie Shaw's first novel, "The Trouble With Cinderella "— could he mean Ava or Lana? — is due on the bookstalls in October. < room house with hath: MM* 4 room and balh upstairs apartment Both imfurn. Located, at Tivrbro Ph. 4717, 8;28 pk 9,11 room house, with hath, hot Built In cabinets, phone 2344 or 2352. H2P, ck if , ., Margaret Whiting's big click Good modern 4 room house, electric ,. . . pw.__.*;„ Hrtto t i- T -, u c hot water heater. Venetian blinds, good ' uie ^^ * . " noiei in 1^5 \e location. H5.00. Phone 4346. ?as brought her. a Cocoanut Grov. 8 aa ptc 9'* j offer, and a whole series of supper club dates. She'll at Fra'nklln. ph. 4654. ho,,«. bath. ML N. . . . , . w 0,30 pk 96 to»r before signing a big TV deal Sullivan-Nelson • 1950 Chevrolet 15el Air equipped with Power-Glide, shining Mack finish, deluxe radio.. .a clean, one-owner car priced for quick sale! For Rent or Sale Apt. 1610 Hearn St.. Ph. 3B60, 8;27 pit 9,2 Help Wanted, Male Pay --(14.00 Factory Laborer*— Good por Day.- i days per week BronciTiew Division, American WlUjert Vault Corp. 2101 Gardner Rd., HroadTlew. Til.. PO La Grange. Ill 8,22 pk 9,7 Noble Gill Agency IE 1 REALTORS — Cecil Earls — Glencoe Bldg. « room hous« on two Lots all hard wood floors, alllc fan, 15 f 24 tt living room Italian marble fireplace aiul llvltis room decorattd with Imported ritltlsh paper. New rugs 10 match papei 3 hedronms, cme !.<; l.S .T '24 living, bedroom Dnnble garrttie with nil Illy room, back yard fenced our name and wilt be shown appolntmpnl Mrs J. L. Lrwls 111 K. Davis, Phone 3097r S22 ck 8!5 Sacrlflrcl Owner [raving lown, nmsl sacrifice >li CQfQ IovFl >' 7 room. 2 bath home, close In. 11. ti;v.>a For Information call 2734. *30 ck DRY GOODS SALESMAN: WANTED: Mnn with relat] dry goods experience to take charge of genera] dry goods store. New store, nice Hear. Block. Permanent position. Call or write R. H. Hob.neon, Manager. Kelser Supply Company. Kelser, ArV. R 30 rk fl 6 Salesman Wanted Nefther tbf. I.adds nor the Crosby* are happy about the printiuf reports that Gary Crosby Ss pilch- ing romantic woo at Carol Lacld. * * * Warners has already shelled out $100.000 on story treatments for a modern version of "The Jazz Singer 1 ' and the propert.y is still miles away from the shouting mark. $775 $895 $895 $895 $195 $195 uck with $795 $745 $875 The Big "OK" Used Car Lot on Walnut Street Easy GMAC Payment Plan Remember, You Can Always Get A Good D«] at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY • li)47 Ford V-8 deluxe 2-door Sedan.. . a beautiful automobile priced at just • 19J8 Forrf V-8 deluxe 2-door Sedan... good-looking maroon color • 19-19 Chevrolet '/ 2 -Ton IMckup... A steal at • 1919 Dodtfe 3/-l-Ton Stake Body Truck ... a city-driven truck • 1911 Ford li/j -Ton long wheclbase Truck with 12 ft. body.. .a real good farm truck.. • 1911 Ford 1 '/2-Ton Truck with 2-speed axle. . .our special value • 19 IS Chevrolet 1 Vj-Ton long wheelbase Truck with 12 foot platform, G good tires. . . has a 1949 motor that's almost new • 1918 Chevrolet '/,-Ton Panel Truck... « beauty you can get for just • 19-18 CMC !/2-Ton Truck with 125 W-in. wheelbase, an extra clean truck 301 West Walnut Phont 4578 Doctor Says (Coiumucd from Page 8) ly enough in chililhoiitl sumclhlng can often be done by iliet (vifamin [ l>) and ortliopecjic treatment. ! Mrs. A. w. G. A—If (he sausage b made from uncooked meat as I understand in Hie case, the. pnrnsite if present cnulrt live through a smoking. Only thorqjish cooking _wUl de_s!roy i*. Now that, she's the mother ol I am a recent brlde My hu ,_ _ seven children, humorist Robert Q. I band has had attacks of rheumatic WHY Spend the. heat years oT your life working for someone else? Start j n. Rawlclqh business of your own in I .ty. Re- | Lewis suggests calling reen O'Sullivan." • * * It's not generally known, but PYank Fay, who didn't get to play | "Harvey" nn the .screen, has a .small percentage of the movie version that starred Jimmy Stewart, Lanza Chastened? It may be true that Mario Lanza fever and rheumatoid arthritis before we were married. If \ve have children will they inherit this illness?—Mrs. J. V. P. o.nirem«nts simple— opportunity Arkansas Sales Mannser will *oon to Interview. Write for The w T Rawlcl=h great, land MGM nre lovey-dovey figain. e her< u lltr wa j[, un m some „( tne S t uc (i 0 ppoint- hi[rh hrn^i nirt nn T fan mnoaTin*. Co.. At- i n 'S n orRif, PICK up a Ian mag rit larf(t 3 ronm house and bath lot* «t 220 blllj This property een renewed recently in.tld* and For Sale 10 eet. 13 • 74 Barnes Also Rood 4 room house And hath nn rear til lot renting foi 131 » month This property can !»5tly he CU financed Price. tlQ.WJO. House trailer made hy Glider Cheap oa w. Ash si.. Ph Bfisa. RZS o* fl < 3 or 4 room Kerosene healer Good One Mills Irr cream miirhln*, ]'; ?alton cRpachy. Will lait? iirji nvi If Intere.ittd call 6503. R J8 rX 95 Scwln? tn*chlnp,i: W> ha^c utTpral ?f>od ujcd mi\ch.Jnp5 at K hsrrmn fhonp KOOI. 1M South Thlrri on Hall- roj»d. NECCHI 5EW1NO CIRCLE, R29 rH tf illnlng JO i w ft or [500 «i (t. Alsn tn connection arlth nvilldlng ta a targe ll-arranicrrt modern home with 135U (t or floor <p:ica rol^ pcoiierty Is cash, balance 10 year»- veral tUfleirnt 112,000. IJ.UOO 2 rm Ph ^2 fnrn. apt. T or 36«5. prl^te bath 839 pk flS On* farm IER.IPT tird. or ran he ro hrd Se* Chsrlcs st^mar. 01 Clear l-Atce Road. R R, 3 half; rortnn to nnr hulp ; mile East rrn*Mn* 823 pX P 12 125 esch TVo I hon-* vfich plant'fs. J. R GAthlnsrf. Luxor*, Ark. S 29 pk 3 S n?»- 550 hr 16 tlrr-v -vlih po U.«rd lub«. m .V> each. •» hotr ^a prlc«. liarcaln. Ph. 4337 nr *rvn. 8 30 pk irorpry See or call JOHNNY MARR Office phone 1111 Residence phone '2i>96 Or See Russell K. Man- Ph. 6807 7-16 ck U Atlracuvc stone Vote home. 3 rooms and b.Mn All the added leatxue£ to make A house liveable Small down pavnient G.I. loan. Shown by appointment only. Two bedroom house on Heant. 80 fool lot, Venetian blinds, nulc fan' othrr rtFplrable \itllltlfls. Choice location. Several good farms for sale. CATKS-WIGGS CO. 115 So. 3rd. Ph. 2751 or 4268 8-29 ck 9-2 o e .. tendon c. E CAUDLE. P. o. BOK Z467. |a few months from now. The story Wept. AKH-210-CEC. Me; tiphis. Tenn. 8M pk 31 Help Wont«rf Wanicd: Bull Do?.cr operator. Ph 2026 or 664i. E. BfiGee Cotton Co. 829 ck 92 Female Help Wanted Experlpncptl Iff S.JQ Maid to cooU. Veep house and care for baby. Must h.ivp references and health card. Pre- fpr letttrri single woman who can live In houne on fnrm, Mrs Bob Rt I, Box 133. Luxora. phone . 2656 pk 31 Girl Krcam hops, apply s tic. Duplex located in high class j ~~ Private Rooms neighborhood. Low. tax and 1 - insurance rate. Will "Ot R'^ 1 Bedrooms. BtytherlUe not 8 Smalt down payment will han-j - ji ,-, r . ii cile. Can finance at 4 See nr call Max l.ogan. Lynch Bldg", Ph. 2034. 8-25 ck 9-1 Bcrtron io«tmn. ronm convonlrnt pn 3325. su n TOom5 with hath li home \7ft DoM^an. nl S^ft rom* ^374. pX 92 will quote Lanza as. saying that some of the unfavorable press comments about him were Inspired by MGM to chasten him. Note from Alan Wilson; "Just saw Alfred Hitchcock's tennis background' thriller, 'Strangers on a Train.' It should have been called, •Murder, Anyone? 1 " • • * II will b* Keenan Wynn In the role of B loud-tnouth salesman and show-olf In "Phone Call From a Stranger. 1 ' . . Warner Bros, have reactivated "The Story of Will Rogers" affor B lull in preparation. New tentative starting date is Sept. 15, with Will Rogers, Jr. leading the pack for the title role. Stainless steel pressure cookers are used to prepare food for crews of U.S. Navy patrol planes. ?350.00 DOWN tl.OO PER MONTH Notice Paym Pro- El^Trlr anrl ne-s- machine Ph PICK UP PAYMENTS ON BEAU- TIFUI, SPINET PIANO Wr must *rll In M onr" inr^eous Utllr Spm»t piano. Partv i delivery bv paylnp «mall down nav- mrnt and ccvrrat tmsK mnnthlv p^v; menlv If not inl^rcstrrl in buvine clon't answer this art. S>w RiiarAnir''' with Spinet THIF, IS NOT -\x oi D UPRIGHT PIAVO Art-Ire*-' frrtilt Nlanaper, 1216 ynlon At»., Window- F Memphis, Tf nn We grllj Ki^The Thrrr to FC<! Spinet. s ^o ex P J 120 H c rr * fia nd y L«a ni Farm. »n rle^red. Electricity. Price flOO per acre $2500 oala nee, Tf rms 160 Rcrr.s sandy loam col ton I arm. .40 In notion, price M60 per ncrp. Part 'cash, balance icrms. Boih Tarins 20 milts ot Manila. Eho - A - n by appointment only J C. Chaptn Manila, Ark Phone 34 8,27 pk 9 1 B. F. GOODRICH SPECIAL Used ice boxes $2 00 up. B. F. Goodrich Co. 417 W, Main Phone 6331 8*30 ck 31 FARMS FOR SALE I 43 anr.t stmUirasV of Blythcvllle. 1 Ha.< nlre 6-room stucco residence. Ccn: ant ho\ise and plenty of ouibut.dings. i 4,17 Kf.rts *hort dlst^nrr norlhoa^l rf RpH City In that good land. This pUr? has n new 348,000 loan. Good crop oa It und all crops go with place for Jlli per were. S4.500 year pay* tase?. Interest and payment. 2-41 wcrcs 3l KeR'ancp. Mo. h.,*t T»P,-( ot Hwy. 61, iolTilns Ihr TAyior I ami. ] some tjf thf finest lantt In Soulhr^?t I ^ 11 r i. *23Q per acre. Impro v p m r n ts r* good. ' RIALES LAND CO. , Russell E. Riales \V. T. Barnett Licensed Realtors 1,30 ck I,! Includes, ISKPS and Ancf r\n this newly -painted home on Kenwood Drlvr. KS ps nr floor furnace, thermostat and Ras lank, S'lrr oak lloorn Ju^t cl-aned pnd *»xrtt fictorv-hnlU cabtnfta. E M. TERRY Terrr Ah^tract *- Realtc Co. Phone 33B1— 3134 527 ell 92 DISTINCTIVE STOIVE "Afkan?M Appl* Orchard" Rcatittful Ihln Motif Cor Home.v B.irhrcup Pits. pl ntff. A Lso la n; Ranrtom- pfr *qr rlrli CilMom: prr jqr. dellT Flat: per sqr drllTertd lone or IhlrX cut Patios. WalK W^IXs. lAs.ilonp.* anrl Flr«- Chi m n e y C sip.i 45 (V> 15 00 32 *n Insurance Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection \V. f Pollard Acency Planned Protection i>< n A-h SI Qtrscor HOTII Btiu.ui^a Wanted to Buy We Buy—Sell—Trade Used FURNITURE Halsell & White Furniture Co. Main & Division St. Ph. 6095 8-20 ck 9-20 Chlmni'7 Caps. p*r sqr foot rlrphone 944-R X Bat^Tllle. ArX or Write McBride Stone Qviarries (J1DENT IT TOIU car If damnRfd In *n srcMf-nt hfru'* Cornet Mnc you should Xnnw BMVirn«tl win Z.T* yo\J » ftfp pnlnt lot) on nn? rcpnir work ot ISOrt nr mnre flip whol* t»t la D*Vr\t' Kl_not lu»'. tt\^ tlnmagert parl» Prcr f^HmnTF* Tot wrrrXrr ^rrtlcr c nh S99I rtsTJi - DOB nlehu HURNETI HUDSON SALES. 513 «»*' «*l« 421 cl II REPAIR SERVICE A I I appltanrrs: frtciers, ranges. »nfl washer* Radian and »m;ill arpliances. All nnr work Is guaranteed. Adams Appliance Co. A—Neither of these diseases nherjtcd from the parents. Tax evasion Ls so general lr^ Prance that Americans working there are sometimes given an extralegal automatic Income credit of 30 per cent before the tax rates ar» applied against (hem, on the theory that Americans do pay their taxes. is Q—We make summer sausage and •mve been cacing it. Would smoking be enough to kin the parasite trichinosis about, which you wrote?- PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock ; Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores WALKER INSURANCE Glencoe Hotel Building Phone 4360 Fire—Auto—Casualty Protection at Low Cost J. G. "Bob" Barnes W. L. "Bill" Walker 7-16 ck t Get The Best Car Service! All Make* and Modeli! No mallei what slnd o! car drive von'll .save monej oj gelling the personal sprvict »( r 1 Seaj Motor Co We'll care for vour c»r as you would rourMlt T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 t. Hall rh.B» 212? NOW Homer-Wilson! CMC 2-Ton short wheelbase Truck wilh very low mileage.. .has brand new (ires; Guaranteed condition. Make a money-saving trade now! GMC i/2-Ton Pickup. This truck is our Special of the Week! Come down, see il, drive it...and we'll make you a red-hot trade! Chevrolet H-Ton Pickup rfcluxe rab. This truck has pond Urcs and both radio A heater Chevrolet ^a-Ton Pickup with deluxe rah. New tires. It's the best buy you'll find anywhere! Trade Now for a New GMC Truck! HORNER WILSON MOTOR CO Your Oldsmobit«-GMC Truck Dealer Used Car Lot - - - 300 East Main Street

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