The Journal News from White Plains, New York on April 2, 1963 · Page 11
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The Journal News from White Plains, New York · Page 11

White Plains, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1963
Page 11
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Ti't m'rvCualciviva! f .. - ,r. -T-W;.-rl UoMkUtiONN t : .. . . , , K . . . . ... . s;...c,v v,: t-ru - i r i.' .-j 1VJ ?t .'! AK.,.1 tuvifr. '" , '.-' - i --.,.- ..... ...nrt Pf,ifi i M..- '' - f V w r :-, . , ,'. . - ! .. -,r r.-r,. ' IV .L.r- "Wt - , ; . S J.-r ! - . . .. .. . .'e .. ' - . cv 1.1. N, I' r-v l'.r,-:r., ?- -,'( . I. A Vis i ' v - ' ' T K. :--M3 .. '. ; . l .-..:-: as - i-J r. r.s!, r ,..r.;.. ,--: 4 .' bt. J ' I A" 1 : ' - ' . v,iii I , , . . t K k'j-. 1 i'.j' 1 .-.f.v. aiJ 1W- n.f -'Wj" ' in.t :.... ,,,, J. .... . AK9;5 . . ; . , . . . ; : . "., : s . . v., ,,. , ...,J .:.t-k.,( ru.:.Tr... f' V - ' tj" ' '- :'J - . 4 ,AK I; ni-....H,r mii in (.uJ- "' . v-O ',.;v i:.:; i. t r... . 1. . ,.;. ., . Jy i. V ' . ; ' " r ' ...n r,-ri0 1. - J I I Q' ty in, I h, .;. ,.. t ! j 5 ": .. . , . . : . '- . 7 . '. . ; ' 1 '".,.-' ..n r, r n n.U -1 , V I he miftil .:- ?,, -5 ( .ff ,-..e t!-..i tr t.,n . .rw Ut-.f... - ' ' "'' '' r ' ' " ':: 1 ; p X f ' I 'hurt H.rpv v4.J 7 ' K.-,., . i. . n .n ........;. l-r.;u.:y. ti,r Jrcl-trt-r . i. ... n.oM 1. ... , r u,,.,.;!,! 4 ( .:; I 5. i , -A' f I 4 hr 4s jL-m- I w.'h i' . v-4m ' .! tr.'.--f t. wlv.f h i .,.,. ; j. ;u l-r-r ..n 0 ,r . v., i.mi,- .;. i!-- F- V IT ' . - V ft fJ ' "' ..... . W4 vcr U.n! .. rj.h ..'(..-1 h..-,.r a-A lr'tv hn thrr, anr ,hv.,m r,r,, f , t lhr I v -IM,- l!4i;.r,Jn H.I.n - ' Y I 0 V ,f Uim; (,,rP-.!. in.'nr.'N tr.nvu, i.n.i, r h" nl,.rn aj- ,. , t. 1 t, , nv. ,rf a. ,r - .i VX?-- i ,,,f V"" ".'J u;lit,t llf,mi,v U!,,r ,( nu, rM dt mt vut,ty. .1 ...,. , , u Jll!s , a,tl ,h(. .h,.,. P.!l"HAKi) Hi U. KKS and w vul nl hi WW hit hrdulwl to rs.t (mm !lw off Rmg.tuay pr- rv-n April at David Rw l4i. turn of Rm (mm Sxrainj. TVatr. P...i''!' its mfiwini tiK- rnv Bv CHUUiv K. IBt MUV Anna". "1 A RatVr IV Rieht ,.t( nnr t l.'t the onrr ; and 'I V im.-d An Ancl '. trr.rrlion ri.wn i ll;.haid R.vl- j Hip svnally iniprriv fa1 Jo R"t. u'.rt su.Trsful .fmipoMT-1 ohscnr ut Mr. Rmler' par-lyi.'iv - itv i-i-t fciliiisl-ron lu.-Mr-i tiripatKHi in an ' ):T Brad ay" busin.-ss ni.m Tlirse rt.)s and 1 riijhK ou 1! fin.) him lending a ! Hipivii t;P4 ;irm a:vi the hencfits j pf all h.s pMilesMona! ratv to the K i!i' pKktu.'in; "The j V h'rii:n Sr i.'ijse " Tins mi's, d ad-ipted from Wil-J'am Sh Ki'vp urr s " CoroMy of v s id .pt.-d hv vet eran n'e" (i.sii;p Ahlutt bark hi 1''.'' a:i-l us . .it. tiy a. tire and shi-.-Uit Imii were p.'nnnf by nl;. is and tlie la'e IjOtenl Han "Adapted'' is the may It Is des.i il'id. Hut fioorgr AhUitt, brn aki ii li.m imn h of Shakes peair's oncnul una usod, remarked lightly "I iniess you'll Iirvl otio line of Will's in it." The s.-oiv is siiq.irplum full of Rodto-V liltm? and ear pleasing mclodH-s. There's "Kallins In Love V;th Love". "The Shortest Day of the Year", "This Can't Be Jxivc" and a slew of other beauties. For Rodcois? in "The Boy Krom Syracuse" as fifth of a line of hits in three years and if you're over thiity fiveish you'll renienilwr n Your T.xs." "Babes In NEW YORK THEATER DIRECTORY MUiliuiNi aaiLLWMTrr ifiv JOSEPH COTTEN- Calculated RISK r ifon Sc fc rv oitT iononrT AMI It 0Ot TNI ft (Mil l vajv.Ctn i4ft lti. I M. (Mn. 4. I mm. m Ml "lht. ttrit til Hilar !. H't (m T -Wttta PnI Hntf fun Hn 1. ZERO MOSTEL in A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM AMiTiu's rt' mi'sk-al Oiiei i ,ti'Rie Borr Fvenu" Mr..1y tnm HlUft . Orrh. JSSij Moa I" S" Bait !. S.7S. 41. J) fn Sjil K.e. Orrh. W L Mft '- Bl m sm VVM. Mil. O-rh. Utri. MM. pair- Vi'X Son, ISO. Sut. ML Orrlv r. : Moo. n.soi bic. u so. ao. son ALVUs Him t-v mn CI -! BtSl ri V OF THK TEAR S TIHY AWSBP canus' CIRCLE PRIZE TM1.VN WILLIAMS THOMS CEORMS GOMEZ ROSE l ROBERT BOLT A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS .SO ITWT.PS Albeit DEKKER AJSTA TttKATRK 53 SX W. at B'way Cir 6tv.'7a tCvtl. tiSO Mall W( I 4 9at 2:39 siut spu'i'i'imsi" kt. a. rnfc. " vvrnt joyous IRREVERENCE!" - Taubman. Ttmea BEYOND THE FRINGE COtOET) HIE., 15S W. 4Ma SC. IT. t-tlttt Evirs. at 9. Ma'a. vvea. at 1 a SaL at I HK.HIT tNDERL0 t.VEMHO GOOD FIN!" -Watta. Poat GERTRUDE BERG 1 HE SEW COMEH BIT! "DEAR ME, THE SKY IS FALLING" Sl fUarrlnl HOWARD DA SILVA wi-c.r. run 97a W asth Sa. F.t. at :- Mta. 4.. Sat. ( I H14 A MARVELorSLt tCNS PLAVI- Taubman, Trniet VERT FtN PL.ST. TOUXL IMt LATCHING 1" -Crut. Ber. Trin. vi. tu Aiaa Irsina Stdnrr Blalna Mohra iacobaaa AIUN SRK1N ENTER LAUGHING Tax Hilarlul ComMy Mnn. Uiru Thura. Evs.: W i. -75. 4. so, 4.oi. 9n rn k sai. Evgs. r 5a S i S.7S 0. 4 on )- vced. Mat M sa 4 00. 3 00. 1 9a Sat. Mat 4a 4 1. 4 00. 3 50. HEN-RI MILLFK THE, 154 W. U 84. BR -37a THa Celebrated lel Comedy Wulitrar CrltleV T 'Toajy Award) HOW TO SUCCEED !N BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING Rtmrrmi Rihelt Mora. Bad? Vallee 4tk ! Tbeetra. W 4 BL C Mffl Kn. S 3a Mata Wed. Bat. 1:3. 3rd HILARIOUS YEAR DIANA LYNN TOM POSTON JEAN KERR'S Irreslstibl. MARY, MARY KDWARD MTLHARK WFi.r Bsvr. si w. 4 ri - Raea 1:3. Mata Wed. I PM Bat. 1:3 --rs revival of a work rant .port! tf c biz nnvv-y nH-(io1 for a luvh revival, ror rhe oung peojile it is an inspiration to have him th'-re. Mis pies.-nre alone i an I heip hut sfxir the .v.Minnsters His. hy the way. Ik not a mere tokrn; in. Ile a tn advising on the eastine suK' siim; the fine points he alone ould know and makinu editorial isn-tnhutions where needed. Mote of the same RenernKity mould he a welcome annhute to a (trowing theatre. Tlie date f npenins is -t for April 1H at Davnd How' Tlieatre Kour. 4J4 West jfith Street. Christopher Hewitt holds the directional reins and Boh Herget i chor-iwranher. Kllen I Ian ley. la.t seen as Mm- LaC.uardia in "Ki- j orelln" is "featured and an army of talented singer ami dancer have been scanned In get the beat east at Of (Broadway pnrw. And now the thought occurs. . .will it remain for a quai-ter century old early-Rod-gers to be the most luneful score of the cuiTcnt .season? BFERVATIONa NOW BT PBONB JC t-atu -a BIRBBTaitB' ktt. Hr. Trta. SID CAESAR in LITTLE ME Thei New MusacaJ Comedy with VIRGINU MARTIN and NANCY ANDREWS irvr rosrrAKHE. w . K.s. I M. KM. I Baa, t Bover Al RI Brilliant Beat! "Lord Prngo is a Joy!" - Glover. A. P. CHARLES BOYER in LORD PENGO Itw Srklr . ..miy H. also alarnnt AONES MORr.H0 ROVAJX. W. 4. Mata. Wast, Bac IT I Sfaa "Will Ba" Fat twa Twa a Waka A MWia PtsiHa Baper !" -Mart! 1. ROBERT RYAN NA.NETTE TAB RAT MR. PRESIDENT Mtiaic and I.Yrtct hjr IBVTNU BERLI.N Book by na Ua4af ao4 Baaaal Croat with Anita OIIIM Jack Haakrll St Jimfl. W. 44 SI Mia. M SaL THE ONB BRILLIANT Mi SH AL TOTJ Ml "T HFE!" - Waiw Wincbeli RICHARD RODGERS NO STRINGS NEW MUSICAL HTT STARRING Rlrhard KUrr - nuvkana ClarraU Bona br SAMTF.L TATUIR Broaanurat 44 SL w H B as? ur Erra, :: Mata. WX. Bai. I:M "BSRE. THEATRE MSC.IC." (iaver. t'PI rw ttinov rwi F.llapa HLKI.IE llmnla KINO PHOTO FINISH Eret. Mni. thru ITiun. -Orcn. Wins Mazx. 5-7b: Bale. 5 00. 14 .01 tS .00 -Frl arrl 6L Evta. Orch. 17 SO; Mm SS75: Ba'c. &.T&, S0a HOC - Mai. WM. and at.-Orv, S25: Meza. 14.23: a. 3Sn. HI" BROOKS UTTIISBO THE. 1st w. crta a. C3 -m. " 'EW COMFIT THAT B LIB-4BI.F.. FRIE?nLI AND GOOD HE4R1ED" Watta, Poat SAM LEVENE in SE1DMAN AND SON BELA9CO Tlv- 44 Rl. K. ef M'WMT JO (-TW. Evga. 30. Mata Wed. I ana SaL I 30 EVCROSSTN'O DRAMA" Watta. Pa THE AtllR STI PIO THEATRE FlGENt O'.NEIIAS STRANGE INTERLUDE RFTTT FIFI.n C.IH SI.niNE P Sf,B BIN r.UMHI FRSNf HOT TONE GFOFFBEV HORNF, JSNF. FOND HI1I IVS) PRIM r. PST HINGI.E Olrerte bT JOSE tJCINTERO M ail O-drra: Vm. thni Ttiura. Eve. Orrh. SS): Mew. 15.75, 4.80; Bale ISO. Fri. Sat. Eves.: Orrn. $7 SO: Vto K5A 5.75. 4 SO. Bate. 13.80, UMITKH EWAGEMEVT. HTTrsON THESTRF.. 141 W. 44 BL IT l t Curtain Eve. PM Dinner 30 to 30 Watch This Column Regularty for New York Theater Listings Lyons Den A Machine Uepencs Un The Human Brain '. p in t'hcvruit't sKunsurod nt-nt, Ihi n gotxTatic.n .l iuri);..rv n.iul.l pro up anti-( lu'v ro!rt ." Ri-n B'Mlne. owner of thr A!on-quin Hiott-I. ro (itiHilHl the Toum anient o( Champmns the rM promntrrs ha rxentuat'y n"1H (he company in the Mji)isin Spiare Garden group B.idne aid they could have made millions: ' But I decided to sell my shate I found that II partners are too many ... uut. ne was re- minded, "there were only seven partners in the companv" . . . Twelve partners." said Bodne "Iv-cause five of the scv- en have wives" ! Punched the Presidenl Robert Smallwood, head of the Lipton Tea Co . bid for the services of an expert cmploved by a rival company. The rival piesi-dent decided to remove the r- pen iron, ii nip. a. ..... i.v ... sending him on a two months cruise on the Great Lakes, with the president's own son and their respective wives. "Now he's ours." said Smallwood, knowing that no matter how large, the yacht, it becomes smaller the longer the journey, l our weeks later the expert phoned Small- wood: "I punclied the president's son," and was hired. The head of a liquor company was about to speak to a group of idustrial leaders on how war tensions affect the sale of liquor. He barred the press from this session "Then how will you know what the reaction will be?" he was asked ... "I can always tell, just by looking Into their faces." he said. "And besides. I'll have 12 spotters in the audience." When Charles Luckman was the wonder boy of American industry and headed the Lever Bros, empire, a friend recommended a j Yale graduate for a job. Luck- man interv iewed the young man, who said he didn't want to start at the bottom but as an executive. "Don't you want to become head of lever Bros.?" Luckman suggested. The young man nodded. "Then there's no future for you here," said Luckman. "Because I'm head of Lever Bros." Brains His Capital WVn Herman Baruch was Am- bassador to The Netherlands, he received a call from a friend who was an important industrialist in Hungary. The r an said he'd be permitted to leave Hungary but would not be allowed to take any of his capital to America, Baruch asked him: "Who started your vast industry in Hungary.' j . . . The man said: "I started and built it myself ... 'In that Case," said Baruch, "as long as you have your Drains, you ve still got your capital." Directors of corporations us ually get $100 per meeting. The chairman of a major transport company introduced this system of penalizing directors who come late to Doara meetings: it a ui-: rector is 5 minutes late. $10 islR0(i,ianj rnnn,v are as folWs- deducted from his fee. If he's 10 minutes late, $25 is deducted: $li if he's 15 minutes late, and $50 if he's a half-hour late. The penalties go into a kitty to be split among the directors who arrive promptly. when Henry J. Kaiser bought his vacation retreat at Lake Tahoe, it was swamp land. He decided to built four houses for his family using the native rock. He hired 100 masons to start work immediately. The neighbors feared that a development was being erected and circulated a petition to halt the work. By the time there were enough signatures on the petition, Kaiser had built the homes. A Type Of Genius Albert D. Lasker, who made Lord and Thomas the largest ad agency in the world, once vowed: "I could pick up a bum in the street, take him to my tailor, and put him behind a desk in one of my offices. I would lead 10 certain men past the open door of that office and sav to each that the man behind the desk is a genius. Within a week I could get the whole nation to believe he' a genius. And what's Freedomland Opening Week From Saturday NL'W YORK - Ircedomland in the Bronx vul open us l.aarth season Saturday April 11 with the unvcilinc of W million in new I shuns, rides and attractions. The 'pl.a - .ure park ha also scheduled a headlmcr show propram tor tne M'a-"n Hudi'i tcd at Jl : million Armnlinj- to Art K. Moss of - "" s....s.... !" rced.mibnd will maintain its IcsMiitidl charter as a panor- ;ma of American history and peocraphy. but is broad, nine i 'base to iiuludr more thrill rides and fun attractions A monorail n-uer . oaMer. .ne oniy one oi us , m.iu i kind in this country, has Ik . n placed in the Mardi Gras area of tho New Orleans section where one can look for the utmost of hilarity " Another attraction is the wax museum, seen by over one million persons at the Seattle World's air last ca'. The cx hibit features three-dimensional sculptures of classic paintings, among them a portrayal of Leonard! DiVinci's "Last Supper" and a life-aize "Mona Lisa" tableau. Tree Show. Concert The general admission price includes free access to the Moon Bowl shows which will feature! sue h stars as Nat King Cole. Bobby Darin, Patti Page. Paul ' Anka. Tony Bennett, Xavicr Cu-j gat and Abbe Lane. Delia Reese and Count Basic There will also be free puppet shows, free band concerts under Paul I.avallc and several other free features. I reedomland now has more than $.5 million invested in presentation of American history j on its ?I5 acre site between the I Hutchinson River Parkway and the New England Thruway m the . It. Tlw. ,..; ...I l..l.. I .u Mllluuli: continues from Anril 1.1 ihrourh Easter Week until April 2I. i meetings. And llicre was no ques-Thercafter, the park will be open ! t,on ,ll,ffa ,s spellbinder and weekends on v until June ? only !when a full 7-dav week schedule I commences. Daily hours arc ' from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. at the ! start. j I recdomland will sponsor a dusk to dawn "Swing Night" for high school students beginning at 'dusk Friday June 21. Only high school students will be admitted, i There will be no alcoholic - beverages and Paul Anka will be featured. FILM SCHEDULE TIME SCHEDLT ES for the ( double features being shown this j afternoon and tonight at the var- mus mov ie theatres throughout ROCKLAND Theatre, Nyack "To Kill a Mockingbird," 2:23, 7:15, and n: i5 p.m. LAFAYETTE Theatre, Suffern "To Kill a Mockingbird," 2:24, 7:17. and 9:4.1 p. m BROADWAY Theatre, Haver-straw "Showdown." 2 and 7:45 pm.; "To Kill a Mockingbird," 3:30 and 9:15 p. m. CENTRAL Theatre. Pearl River "Diamond Head," 7:20 and 9:32 p.m. CINEMA 45 Theatre, Spring Valley "Sundays and Cybcle," 7:35 and 9:45 p.m. ROUTE 30J DRIVE - IN Theatre, Orangeburg "Diamond Head," 7:15 and 10:20 nr.; "Belle Sommeri," 9:15 p. m. ROUTE 5$ Theatre, Nanuet "The Longest Day," single showing at 5:30 p.m. ROCKLAND DRIVE - IN Theatre, Monsey cartoon, 7 p.m.: "Diamond Head," 7:06 and 10:58 p.m.; "The War Lover," 9:11 p.m. NYACK DRIVE - IN Theatre, Blauvelt cartoon, 7:15 p.m.; "Lover Come Back," 7:20 and 11:16 p.m.; "Come September," 9 22 p.m. rnMTP ATI Rninm y 2. j-y T , 7 nvmt. le.irrr e thnt tie ptxtiIe lr.en ate two .1 ant a iluli but fie aiv. notet t r i m t tf r.lher fppoi.rnt wa tltull tHree hearts la tin-queen, he can e a Iri.k ami luakc tLe contract by rutf.r.u I Television in Review 'Brinkley's Interview Helped Hoffa Image U RICK DC BROW HOLLVWOUI) (LPl) - Rarely has miblic figure s. ied a n.i- ,,.,! (lh vision op;x.rlunitv with MJ, h sl0), lkr ri(),.nct; am used it so vip.rouly to further hlN iU Jmmv u(fa Mm,lV ni(,h, on (NIK'. TV. JK opportunity arose on "D.I opport unity vid Brinkley's Journal." wluih a one-hour takeout on Hoffa's j . teamster union and on the labor boss lums. If, including a blunt and lengthy interview with him. Brinkley said that when ll.ifla was approached, he said "Brink-Icy is a jerk, but 1 11 do u " Well, Brinkley was no jerk, but neither was llolfa. 'I he difference is thai while Brinkley aimed at a rvlativcly impartial study, Hoffa, who admitted he felt hie was a jungle, maniphlated himself according lo his belief and simply seied command. One suspects, howrvc". that by doing this. Hoffa also bit at a subtle bait offered hv a good interviewrr lo show his suhjocl as he is Hoffa Strengthens Position .. A( anv r.e. iiffl un,i,il,trdlv strengthened his position with his a(jnl,, d,.v-i,r Brinkley's mat- ter-of fart mention of the indict-j ments involvine I he Teamslrrs And the union boss probably also impressed some neutrals wSo ad mire tnliphnrss car,hiness and confl(!,.nr(. in anvhodv. He c. r- ,ajn (,K, hmscf !(c harm , .. . . , ineie were inanv ...iiidmaiiil - iKentaPH onlt at TMlatai im aocataNa c MA.N4 fa.f aaaa.Mo atai Held over 2nd wk. Lait 2 day NOMINATED ACADEMY AVARD LBEST FOREIGN FILM OF THE YEAR!! uinini rii IQ minAiAU Start Tomorrow The Balcony mi ss hi s'tM msdLi'- .-aC Plu, "COME SEPTEMBER- 1 3-tmLAi VJt.W baa-tdFr- I Plu "War Lover" KARY MERIllM MICHA!:!. WIUJIXB MIY0SH1 1IM1.KI iff MASTERPIECE H ...a cinematic it life;. l e c t. c r is .r. ril to r '.mn i ( ial.'r 11. t' lit ..I V t lit! Ill .1 .riiinv ..T-.'t U.-M Is m.iii'ir!); i!..un.i!ii. tmit up jii.K.i.K the contra. t ait a result t.f the !u:4 r-vtvloarr ! play. Inr S (Knanio to his followers, and th.ri . they fed he is nne of them ; Othcis, howrwr, may hnve fill sonic dis.onil.irl at the i xprcv sion ol his eves as he spoke, on expression wluih m lasmnaliy stru. k this xii'wei as delving the limits o mere alisulute confi-den.T' Interview Was Pax dirt But ihc interview was p.ivdirt, if not particularly m w. Tough, elusive, fluent, always op;iting on Ins own ground, he uttered sun-,, opinions- Of his adversarv, lloliliv Kennedy. ' He's just a spoil.-d oung millionaire , And he tannot utwlersi.iml resist am e , .. ,, - . . to what he wanly He said be , Bobby, will to work and lo win. but "that's all." Of Sen. John Meridian- "l aker." "I tines." said llolt.i. "is a matter of individualism." His Mines, he explained, were to live and li t live, and those that try lo destroy you. si e that thty "have- problems ' 0M- m "H)IIH R PMTSBl'PGII tr There are all kinds of nasi ins for havmc a sale. Like the case of two ncighlx.ring Mores in suburban MiiKale. One advertised a "(io- mg Out of Busimss Sale" and ,HT nnniiunrrd a "N(), (,. m Out of Business Sale." , ' MAIN St.. M'KINC. VAlUr. H 1 . II b 6v;0a f Rl I raHKIS-l lor t03 C A" S LAST TIMCS TODAY! Nulniniilrd I ..r 7 ....l.m AnarHa jacKLcmmon "DaYSOFWine anDR0S2S"pr IWWSarU- 'ej! bF.SS.ILai Tree f aftee la Cine TT taanr F.ery I. re. 1LJ"- "r'LT STARTS TOMORROW !t Knn in Km kland f i.urity NOMINATED FOK ACADEMY AWARD! BEST ACTRESS KATHARINE HEPBURN KA7H4INf HfPBlJBJI LPM RICHDS0"l JASON OBlDS. JR. DCAN STOCKWEll " Eugene O'Neill's LONG OAVS JOURNEY INTO NIGHT LAb 1 TIME TODAY "DIAMOND HEAD" . f' j uiitomwti "5AMAA i a.!.va. at . I a .1 rxtLj i na 'N i . m jb -x Chamber Music Trio Scores Concert al tu th mi.ihv uhnlfd in and ,m.l lii.wn. tin ntiMc of ' (Hi! . lip lh- masters span tt rl. sp.m t. flun.His I" ill's under I he niml.le luic'rs' of thesr performers The opening! wmk, the "Sonnta in G major (or rime: and viola ila gamha" had that urgency so mm h a part of Ba. h's tiiu.sii ,d aignaiure The sonorous, mellow tones of lire ; violj danced with, away and' .around the slurp')' brilliant pi-j ! ano m ore through an adagio, an ' j a!lt gro ma nun tanto. an andante i and an allegro mod. ralo in a birath t .king expression of musi- t at o. auty. Perf.Tt Switch To hear Mr Rnlitcr, so Will known and loved as a din-dor, on the viola and to hear Miss Br.slsky, instead of in a olo role, in a Bai h work for two instruments was a delightful switi h. following the Ba. h work, they presented a seldom heard score, the Schula rt "Soiuta (or arpeggionc and piano" with the arp. grume part lending its' If very will lo the more modern in-strumeni played by Mr. Richter. The thee moVTnients, allegro moderato, adagio, and allegretto, offt red great range lo both instruments with enticing rhvlh- n,K s '"r viola and a tn nu-n- clous score lor piano, ,, Miwa, Harlman joined Ihe duo fof AWar, . Tri , E f)a( for piano, violin and viola", a closely knil work in (luce moic-j ntents, andante, nienuet and al-1 legretto. As the violin and .viola ( talked back and forth, the piano1 ' provided a perfect setting for their conversation Misi llartman .TOMORROW r LAFAYETTE 1 . I ) iLJ t lair " " . I i fill. iiii m M.nn.ii in Beneff Riverstrip Albany Ponders Aid to Rundown Areas of Cities A1RWY fv-lV Joint Leg. islvive I'uinni i'fi on Metro-p ltan Areas plans IT lo k in'o p,-' of rehaliili-latrng dow Hoi. i business sec-lio" in The stiiiiy was announu-il Saluiii.iv by Senate Majority leader Walter J. Mahomy and Sn John H II aches. R-Sra-lu-e, chairman of the com-nmiee. "One of the tri'M serinu problems facing our cities.' the s .ators sa:(I. "is the rapidly " litimg downtown busj. m s a ,as." The sena'ors Mid the com-m'tt.'e wnuld examine the possibility of lax alw.'em.nt for new construction - blighted downtown areas u finam inR sin h onstruitmn iluough the State Housing I in.ince Agency. Hughes will lie au'lioriod In appoint a seven member riti-reits adv isivry council lo help in the study, Memlxrs will not lie paid EASTER WEEK! Daily Matinee April 10 to 21 ' NOMINi.Tf.0 C ACAOEMT ron , t? AWARDS irename' "BEST PICTURE Of THE YEAR!" NOW... P4M f iAMJCK $ - TUP i lOfGEST ,i , waiiwfix am sar. s'1. i a , i f- iv!'- .s At SO 1 its su'tir ttM,iS At t t. V- :' i r"" i. K...1. ... .... .11 I 4.NTINU S IN "I N III KIN I I. Ill lll I IKl O" s OF It llltlt.l Route 303 Orangeburg. N.Y. LAST DAY "DIAMOND HEAD" ALSO "BELLE SOMMERS" ' PaVftttMO --aaBj WW n W : j 3i r j.riwi Wednesday, April 10th 303 DRIVE III

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