The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 7, 1966 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 7, 1966
Page 12
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) Courier News - Tuesday, June 7,19M Pessimism Greets U.N. Viet Poll Watchers Plan BELL I that the Southeast Asia Treaty | goes on in South Viet Nam. , . . _i,f UQ MnnsfiolH satrl hft is not £1 JBV Jtt^iv ut-juu ' «"•*• *•"" —-— ---- -• .1.1 , ,,™ Bm i Organization countries might be •WASHINGTON AP) - Sen- 1 ^ to ^.^ m er Mike . • to . »te Democratic Leader Mike | Mansfleld said , Ws wouldnt . do Mansfield said today that it i s | because some of t i, em like Aus- better to take a chance on a I questionable election in Viet Nam than risk the "disas-; ter" of M voting at all. Mansfield thus reflected in an Interview the generally pessimistic reaction among senators to U.N. Ambassador Arthur J. Goldberg's somber report on efforts to get U.N. action toward supervising elections scheduled for September in war-wracked South Viet Nam. Goldberg was reported to have told about 15 senators in a closed session Monday that there is little prospect of getting the U.N. poll watchers asked by the Saigon regime. Moreover, he was quoted as saying Poland had shown n interest in having the International Control Commission set up by the 1954 Geneva accords step in to provide observers. Poland is a member of the com- im'ssion, and unanimity is needed-for action. '"•". * * * Mansfield, who has advocated the, reconvening of the Geneva Conference if the United Nations balks at taking a hand, said he thinks the elections promised by Premier Nguyen Cao Ky's government must be held even if there is no international supervision. /.There have been suggestions and New Zealand are in and Mansfield said he is not giving up hope of U.N. action. But he said he believes elections can be conducted which will be fairly representative of South Vietnamese opinion, despite the fact that the Communis Viet Cong controls substantial areas of the like Pakistan and France have country. But the Democratic leader said he believes the Saigon gov eminent must permit all who turn up at the polls to vote. Sen. Jacob K. Javits, R-N.Y., told the Senate that he election commission set up in Saigon had advised the military junta (that all of those who "directly or indirectly work for Commu nists or neutralists" should be Deluded from voting. Describing this as a danger-! ous practice, Javits said that 1 universal suffrage by secret ballot should be the order of the day. fti MASSIVE MEMORIAL—Bolivian sculptor Mauro Nunez zuela, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia—is carved from a thousand-year-old algarrobo tree, is 10 feet high and weighs four tons. It will stand in the Bolivian capital of La Paz as a permanent memorial to Bolivar. Today In Washington WASHINGTON (AP) - The House has passed unanimously and sent to the Senate a bill to the tax exemption for double many -_...,. setting up retirement plans for themselves. self-employed persons The bill would result in a revenue loss estimated at $35 million to ?60 million next year. The Treasury estimates that 46 per cent of the 38,300 persons using the self-employed retirement deduction in 1964 were ICIIJSCJVCJ. : Present law permits self-em- doctors. Six per cent were den- r . . . „ *:„(,. nnf l ninfa flisn Q npr ppnr ployed persons to deduct for income tax purposes only one- half of their contributions to retirement programs. The House bill would increase these deductions to $2,500 a year, or 10 per cent of earned income, \vhichever is smaller. Also included in Hie bill would be a requirement that retire went plans established by the self-employed also must be open to thir employes. WASHINGTON (AP) — The Bobby Baker income tax eva- ion trial has been postponed CENTENMAL—This mar•We bust of Mary Baker Eddy, founder of Christian 1 Science, joins the ranks of > notable Americans honored ' in the NationalPortrait i' Gallery of the Smithsonian '•Institution in Washington, D C. The event marks the : centennial of the founding i of. Christian Science. "0. PROGRESS REPORT—Do-, -ing very nicely, thank you. •nd even more beautiful is ; " Barbara Parkins, a talented 'young actress who is an 'original member of tele- if Vision's Peyton Place cast. . • Barbara is looking.forward '.•to a year or two more work i-vith Peyton Place as a step;/ ping-stone to lead roles in UM movies. ists and more than 9 per cent awyers. year. CAPITAL QUOTE By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS "It is better to take a chance _n a questionable election than to have this whole effort to get an expression from the people of South Viet Nam fall flat" — Senate Democratic Leader Mike Mansfield, urging elections even if there is no international supervision. until Jan. 9, 1967 — nearly two months after the November elections. The former secretary to Senale Democrats has pleaded innocent to a nine-count indictment charging him with conspiracy, tax evasion, theft, transportation of stolen money and fraud. U.S. Dist. Judge Oliver Casch announced the postponement Monday. Court sources said the judge would be tied up until early next year with the usual summer logjam of criminal cases and additional administrative duties this fall. Baker asked the court in April to dismiss the indictment because extensive publicity biased the grand jury and illegal procedures were used to gather evidence. WASHINGTON (AP) - Key House Republicans say they will oppose raising the national debt limit from $328 billion to 5330 billion for the year beginning July 1. The eight GOP members of the Ways and Means Committee said Monday in a minority re port on the debt ceiling bill that support of the bill would endorse what they called fiscal deception by President Johnson's administration. If nt legislation is approved, the limit automatically will drop to $285 billion. The administration had asked for a $332 billion ceiling. CAPITAL FOOTNOTES By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS AFL-CIO President George Meany wants tJie presidents of some 90 affiliated labor unions to help re-elect congressmen who have proven themselves friends of labor by voting for "progressive legislation". The House has sent to the Senate an International Education Act bill that would authorize $140 million in grants to uni versities or groups for graduate centers of research and training in international studies and for undergraduate programs. The United States will provide Israel with *32 million worth of [arm products under two Food For Peace agreements announced Monday by the Agriculture Department. The Domestic Peace Corps says college students are volun- ,eering for service in Vista at twice At rate they did last Spaceman's Term In the language of space, T- time is the elapsed time of the flight of a missile or space weapon starting from the moment the vehicle leaves its stand. Capitol Notebook By JOHN R. STARR Associated Press Writer LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Winston Chandler is missing a bet in his race for governor. His given name wouldreadily adapt to the nickname," "Win," and, if he used il, he would take advantage of what must be a super-duper wholesale rate on "Win With Win" buttons. Or, if he had exercised foresight, he could have collected enough of them during the 1964 to last through this thing could get campaign summer. The whole PREPARING FOR THE MOON—Preparation for manned exploration, of the moon is advancing rapidly. Already in the air is a prototype vehicle, here simulating a lunar landing in a test at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., being used by NASA to develop techniques to be used during the actual landing on, the surface of. the moon. RS Will Battle Corn with Corn By HARRY KELLY WASHINGTON (AP) - The Internal Revenue Service, in a move to publicize its crackdown on moonshiners, has come up with a radio program which a IRS memo boasted would "brainwash the citizenry" and be "second only to Batman." With this disclosure today, it appeared Uncle Sam's tax collectors were trying to fight corn with what the memo admited might be considered corny. But Sen. Edward V. Long, D- Mo., isn't amused. 'As one reads the memo he feels he is reading from a script of the makebelieve television world of Batman," he said in a speech prepared for the Senate today. * * * Joseph S. Rosapepe, IRS information director, said in a May 27 letter to Long's Administrative Procedure subcommit- tee that the memo describing, pumped up each time they do a the radio program was with-1 job for an organization," it add- drawn, "is no longer an official Jed. "The media personnel^are instruction" and "does not represent the policy or the ati- Simple Machines Physicists usually speak of the six simple machines as being the lever, the wheel and axle, the pulley, the inclined plane, the wedge and the screw. Scotland Yard Scotland Yard got its name the fact that a palace be- Never Attacks The trained bloodhound tracks only, never attacks. It has an incredibly sensitive nose which makes possible seeming mir-1 agents can promote the radio ude" of the IRS. Long apparently isn't satisfied with Rosapepe's letter. He said he is calling the IRS official before the subcommittee Wednesday for an explanation. * * * In his letter to the subcommittee, Rosapepe indicated the memo was for interdepartmen- al use only. He refused the subcommittee's request for the name of the memo's author, identifying him only as a young employe of the Atlanta regional office who "used bad judgment in his choice of words." The memo apparently was drafted in an attempt to help agents of the IRS' Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Division — known as "stillbusters" and "revenoo- ers" in moonshine country — improve their image. The publicity campaign was to go hand- in-hand with a crackdown known as "Operation Dry Up," it said. The memo gave hints on how usually 'hams' and delight in making a public appearance, receiving applause, and recognition." Thus, fiie memo urged its personnel back" to give to people "pat on the in the news the business who have helped alcohol tax agents. lessly to see what Johnson will come up with for them. He ignored them in the first speech. William J. Smith appears certain to be the "bogey man" of this campaign. Already Sulcer and Johnson have attacked him. Others may. * * * Smith, a veteran of many campaigns, is taking the tirades as philosophically as one can take that sort of thing. He remembers that the 1958 campaign was run against Rockefeller and Chandler face one another in the general election. Dale Alford's opponent in runoff or a general election would have a ready-made campaign slogan with a play on words: "You Can't Afford Alford." A political observer once said Jim Johnson "can think of more names to call an opponent than Rufus Rastus Johnson Brown's mother." Johnson was true to form in his opening television speech of the campaign. He called Brooks Hays "an old Quisling." He called Frank Holt "a pleasant vegetable." He called Dale Alford a 'specks peddler" and "a has- been." Earlier, he had called William J. Smith "the assistant governor in charge of influence." Kenneth Sulcer, Sam Boyce, Winston Chandler and Raymond Rebsamen are waiting breath- acles of tracing lost persons, escaped convicts, wandering mental patients and fugitives. Carved From Coral | It is said that Carlsbad Cav-1 erns, N. M., was carved from a j coral reef buried in ancient times. The limestone was dissolved by flowing water, hollow- longing to the kings of Scotland ing out one of the world's larg- stood on the site of the old Scot- est caves, land Yard building and, at that time, the land was declared part of Scotland and not a possession of England. There are 975,000 organizations in the non-profit United States, ranging from the Red Cross to the community church. programs, which it said "are not only entertaining, but are used to brainwash the citizenry and to escalate the image of A&TT special investigator." * * * It also advised agents that "your first impression of the program will be that it is corny and have overdramatic. evaluated the Experts program, and they tell us that it is of excellent quality, and does the job it was originated to do. We Greek fire was an incendiary | stand second only to 'Batman.'" composition, used by the Byzantine Greeks which would burn on and under water. During the 1938 football season, Penn State permitted only 10 completed passes against it. In dealing with the press, the memo said, "a great number of the people engaged in the profession of news writing are of odd make-up." "The majority are individuals with egos that need to be other assorted non-candidates. Gov. Orval Faubus' 1962 op- pnents spent as much time assailing W. R. (Witt) Stephens and his influence on Faubus as a they did attacking Faubus. And Winthrop Rockefeller figured almost as prominently in the 1964 Democratic primary as he did in the runoff. Faubus charged during lha 1964 campaign that the Rockefeller campaign had created at many new jobs as a new industry would. The boom is still with us. A newsman visiting Rockefeller's national committeeman's office recently counted 29 intra-office mailboxes with 29 names. A spokesman said not all of those persons were on the payroll. How many were? He wasn't saying. Key additions to he Rockefeller staff since 1964 are Van Rush, a former newsman; Lefty Hawkins, a former public relations man, and Ray Cooper, former newsman, press association director and telephone company executive. j$v ~* '-iY*$v*-'J BUDDIES—The closest friend of a cat on an Oil Trough, Ark, farm also is a convenient one. The cat, orphaned as a kitten, lounges on the back of a milk cow with wHcti it was raised in a barn and became fast friends. Remember Pay Ynur Paper Boy More Comfort Wearing FALSE TEETH Here is n plonsnnt way to.overcome loose plntc discomfort. PASTEoTH. in improved po*clcr. sprinkled on upper and lower plates Holds tncm firmer so that they foci more comfortable. No Bummy. eopcy, P ns y taste or Icollne. "'» alkllllM (non- »rld) Does not sour. Checks "pliita odor breath". Get FASTEETH udif at drug counters •vtrywnere. The iron Curtain isn't soundproof. She can't come to you for thS" truth, hut you can reach her. Radio Free Europe does get the trulh through. 6l*e to Radio Free Europe/££* BONi966.MLV0rnon.N.r. Published AS a DUblii oerjlion with The Advi PLEKTY OF WATER makes the difference And our goal is always to provide pknty of water... when and where lit. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO.

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