The Journal News from White Plains, New York on November 2, 1964 · Page 32
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The Journal News from White Plains, New York · Page 32

White Plains, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, November 2, 1964
Page 32
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32 THE ROCKLAND COUNTY JOURNAL-NEWS NYACK, N. Y.. MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2. 1964 John Astin 'Arrives As Wierd Gomez Channel 2 WCBS-TV Channel 7 WABC-TV Tiff ITVfCirkTV Channel WNBC-TV Channel 9 WOR-TV 1 SLLlCd V Channel 5 WNEW Chann.l H WPIX Channel 13 WNDT MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 1964 Tonight's Pick Of The TV Best (Today's top television shows as previewed and selected by TV KEY'S statf of experts who attend rehearsals, watch screenings, and analyze scripts In New York and Hollywood), 7:308:30 (13) At Issue. "PoUce Power." For an examination of the proper role of the police In a democratic society, a subject of much recent conflict and controversy, a panel of experts Include two law professors, a professor of police science, a criminologist and a superintendent of police. 8:309:00 (2) Andy Griffith. Good show. When Sheriff Andy and deputy Barney discuss women, blabbermouth Barney has to tell his girl what Andy said. It's a simple story and the man-to-man scenes are bound to make fans chuckle. Know-it all Barney Is in top form. :30 9:00 (7) No Time for Sergeants. "Will Gets a Right Hand Man." Sammy Jackson's grin and charm go a long way on this series, and he puts them to work again in this daffy excursion. Grandpa (Andy Clvde) tries some of his "Houdinl" handcuff tricks on Will and they end up shackled to one another. Get the picture? 9:00-10:00 (4) Andy Williams. Fred Mac-Murray feels at home on Andy Williams' show, and he returns to sing World War I songs and play In an Army sketch with his comfortable host. Later, there's a plug for the "My Fair Lady" movie, a short fashion show on Its costumes, and a Williams rendition of "On the Street Where You Live." (Color). :009:30 (7) Wendy and Me. "Wendy's Private Ear." This time It's mostly Connie Stevens, and she's lrreslstably adorable as she hires a detective to spy on her husband after finding a lipstick tube In his pocket. The lipstick happens to belong to her, and that's where the fun comes In. 10:0011:00 (J) Slattery's People. "Question: Where Vanished the Tragic Piper? " Monday night's best drama without doubt. A committee of the legislature looks Into state adoption practices and finds trouble. Hero Slattery takes one side first, and then reverses his stand without blowing bugles. He even finds time to romance a husky-voiced lady official whose hair do seems to be half her height. 10:00-11:00 (7) Ben Casey. "KID the Dream But Spare the Dreamer." Ben's on temporary duty In a veterans' hospital to Improve his surgery skill In this one, and he's soon violently disagreeing with his superior who makes his ward a homey refuge. Casey proves his point after a dramatic brain tumor operation patients want to get out of hospitals, not live in them. Ben's anger and the operation are the high points of the hour, and Darren McGavln and Peggy McCay are the guest stars. 11:15-13:45 (11) Regis PhUbin Show. Cor-nella Otis Skinner Joins Ken Murray, Kerry Lester and Bobby Vinton on Regis Phllbln's guest list. 11:30-1:00 (4) Tonight. Johnny Carson has Henny Youngman, Edgar Bergen, Ray McKlnley and his orchestra, and singer Lanle Kazan along for a round of chitchat and song. (Color). TODAY 8:00 J Early Show: "The Sad Horse" (1959) 4 Film: "Private Nurse' (1941) 7-Fllm: "SantaFe Passage" (1955) Film: "Breaking The Sound Barrier" (1952) 13 Once Upon A Day 1:10 5 Sandy's Hour 11 Three Stooges 13-What's New 1:00- 4-Poiltlcal Talks 11-News IS Operation Alphabet C.10 2 Political Talk 1:30- J-News 4 Pressman-Ryan ft Astro Boy 7 News -Maverick 11 Superman 13 En Francals :0ft- 2-News 4 Huntley-Brlnkley 6 Mlckev Mouse 7 Rifleman 11 Huckleberry Hound 13 Governor Hughes Reports 1:30- 2-To Tell The Truth . 4 90 Bristol Court 5 Ensign OToole 7-Voyage ' 9-Fllm: "Moby Dick" (195fi) 11 Honeymooners 13 At Issue 1:05- J-I've Got A Secret 490 Bristol Court 6 New Breed 11-Naked Cltv : JO- 3 Andy Griffith 490 Bristol Court 7 No Time For. Sergeants 13 Comers ;00 2-Lucllle Rail 4 Andy Williams 5 77 Snnset Strip 7-Wendy And Me 11-Dlck Powell l.V-Art of Film 1:30- 2-Pnlltlcal Talk 7 ning Cronbv 9-Mai shal Dillon 13-Challenge 10:00 2 Slattery's People 4- Polltieal Talk 5 Breaking Point 7 Ben Casey 9 Human Jungle 11 -Spread The Word 13-World At Ten 10 30 4 To lie Announced It-Survival 13-RellRlon In the News 11.00 2 News 4 News 5 News 7 News 9 News 11-News 11 Chess Masterpieces 1110- 5-Fllm: "The Raln Came" M!)Wi 7 News 13-Electronlcs At Work 1115- 4-News 9 Sports ll-Kecl Phllhln 11:20- 2 Utc Show: "State Of The I'nlon" (1018) 7 Film: "The Wav to The Gnld" (19571 1125- 9-Kllm: "All The p Theis W'ef Valiant" 10.V!i 11:30 4 .Inhnny Caisor. "1 00- 4-News 1:10 5 News 7 Film: "Adventures In Silverado" (1948) 1:15 4 Film: "Carefu, Soft Shoulders" (1942) 1:20 5-Nlght Court 1:25 9 News And Weather 1:45- 2 News 1:50 2 Late Late Show; "Cllve Of India (1935) 3:40- 2 Film: "Artists And Models Abroad" (183) TOMORROW 7:00- 2 News & Weather 4 Today 7 Ann-Sothern 7:05- 5-Call To Prayer 7:15 5 News 7:30 5 Survey Of The Arts 7 Gale Storm 11 Fair Adventure 8:00 2 Capt. Kangaroo 5 Sandy Becker 7 Courageous Cat 11 Jack LaLanne 8:20- 7-nilly Bang 8:25- 7-Ncws 8:30- 7 Little Rascals 11 Koko The Clown 8:45 5-Klng and Odle 8:50-ll-Wally Gator 9:00- 2-My Little Margie 4 Birthday House 5 Sandy Becker 7-Fllm: "Sandy Is A Lndv" (19401 11-Kukla And Ollle 9:10 11 Popeye 9:20 9 Farm Report It Gumby 9 :25- 9-Nrws 9:30 2 People's Choice 5 Topper 9-Film: "Odette" (1951) 11 People Are Funny 13 Working With Science 9:55- 4-News 10:00 2 News 4 Make Room For Daddy 5- Fllm: "Junior Miss" (1915) 11-Best Of Grourho 10:10-13 Parlons Francals 10:25 7 Fashion Your Weather 13 Get On Board 10:30- 2-1 Uve l.ucy 4-Whafs This Song? 7-Prlce Is ItlRht 11 Star Theater 10 45-13-Chlldren Of Other ljtnds 11:00- 2-Andy Grlflith 4 Concentration 7 Get The Messape 9 Images Of Amcrlra ll-Bow 11:05 13 Parlons Francals III U:15-ll-Mrk ft Myer Fm Hire 11:20- 5-Mrmo LiBooks That Live 11:25- 5-News 11:30- 2-MrCoys 4 Jeopardy 5 Rompei Room ?-Mllng Links 9-Glrl Talk 11 Hercules 11:40-13 Fourth Grade Set-enre 12 00- 2-l.ovr Ol Lite 4 Say When 7 Fa het Knows Rest 9 Memory Ijine 11 PepiVe 12 15-lt-Rorky A Fi lends 12:25- 2 News 4 Political Talk 12:30- 2 Search For Tmw. 4 Truth Or Consequences 5 Cartoons 7 Ernie Ford ' 11 Dick Traev 12:45- 2 Guiding Light u:d News 5 Cartoons 1:00- 2 Leave It To Beam 4 Bachelor Father 7-Fllm: "Song Of India" (1949) 11-Fllm: 'Loan Shark" (1932) 13 Mngie Of Words 1:1513A11 About You 1:30 2 As The World Turns 4 1-et's Make A Deal 5 Film: See 10:00 9 Pamela Mason 2:00- 2 Password 4 Loretta Young 2:25 4 News 13 Books That Live 2:30- 2 House Party 4 The Doctors 7 Day In Court 9 Dr. Brothers U-You Asked For It 2:50- 5 Memo 2:55- 5-News 7-News With The Women's Touch 3:00- 2-To Tell The Truth 4 Another World 5 Peter Gunn 7 General Hospital 9-Hlgh Road To Adventure 11-Llfe With Father 3:25- 2-News 3:".0- 2-Edcc Ot Nlcht 4 You Don't Say 5 Rat Masterson 7 Young Mnrrlcds 9 Morty Gunty , 11 Supercar 4:00- 2 Secret Storm 4 Match Game 5- Hnll Of Fun 7 Trallmaster 11 Beachcomber Bill 4 30- 2 Jack Renny 4- Dohp mills 5 Soupy Sales 9 Sergeant Preston 11-Chiirk MeCann 13 Challenge 5:00- 2-Farlv .Show "Hell s Five HoutV (195R) 4 Man Of The Wmld 7 Film: "Jet Attack" (1958) 9 Film: "Breaking The Sound Rarrler" 1!r2 13 Once I'pnn A Day 5:. 10- 5 Sandy's Hour 11 Three Stooges 1.1 What's New 6.00 2 News 4 Pressman Rvan 11-New-s 1.1Opeiatinn Alphabet 6 30- 2-News 4 Huntley Rrlnkley 5 Astro Boy 7 News 9 Cheyenne 11 Superman I.t-Obmrvlng Eye 7 .00 2-Fleet Ion Coverage 4 Fleet Ion Coverage 5 Miikey Mouse 7 Election Coc!ar?e 11 Wordy Woodpecker 13 Comers RADIO WNBC 660 FM 97.1 WO 710 'I'M 987 ' WABC 770 - FM 93 J WMCA S70 WU& wees c:a fm ioi i WFAS 1230 FM 103 9 WQXX 1560 FM 96.3 1010 WHN 1050 Addams1 Family Loves Father HOLLYWOOD It must be nice to be Independently weal thy, madly In love with your wife and serene enough to enjoy your children and relatives talk Ing and playing together In the living room. This happy home time occurs every Friday night at ABC's reverse Joke series, "The Addams Family," where the sweet things In life are pet spiders, poison ivy and a hangman's toose. The head of the house, non conformist Gomez Addams addicted to cigars, doublebreast-ed chalk striped suits and blowing up toy trains walks about with feet wide apart, full of good cheer. He is a happy man and so far has never been seen In a downcast mood, Life Is very good to Gomez. Actor John Astln, formerly seen as a carpenter In the "I'm Dickens-, . . He's Fenwter" scr ies, was the first person cast In the series, derived from Charles Addams' New Yorker cartoons, and he has given a good deal of serious thought to Gomez. "We did a number of tests without makeup," says John. "And some felt I was too straight. There was a suggestion to do odd things with the eyes, but we stopped that." Astln, a talented, serious New York actor, leaning back towards the works of Samuel Beckett, and who once produced Christopher Fry's "A Sleep of Pris oners," written to be performed In a church, plays Gomez in an expansive mood. "You can tell about Gomez from the way he walks," he says. "The legs shoot out.. And when he stands the fect are far apart, like a cigar smoking New York businessman, only Gomez Is a successful nonconformist. This can't simply be a reverse Joke show. We have to affirm our position." So far the series does rely on the reverse Joke and the kids don't seem to mind at all. The cartoon characters on TV are sweet and a big hit among the young viewers whose after school television chatter revolves mostly around "The Ad dams Family" and "The Mun-sters." Both series could be written by the same people In that both emphasize a close family life, sight gags galore and reverse Jokes. Their viewpoints are remarkably similar. Pushing Ihe nonconformist line. Astln says, "We attack objects, not people. We know we're different and we feci others are not as fortuna'e as we are. And when we take out our aggressions, no guilt Is Involved." "The Addams Family" and "The Munsters" take great care to stress a happy home life. "These are good people" Is Implied In every line. Now this wasn't the case in all Addams cartoons. "Many suggested violence," admits Astln, "and it wasn't necessary for Addams to follow up. Cartoons don't have 2 to answer any question, but we do In 26 minutes." Astin was an Addams fan before he joined the cast and en- Joyed the marvelous poetic expressions on the characters while performing some weird deed. "I remember one cartoon where the butler poured hot oil over Christmas trees and he positively beams," says Astin, but we can t do things like that." ' With the role of Gomez, Astin has quickly erased his former Image of the carpenter who played straight man on the "Dick-ens-Fenster" series. There were times when Astin toyed with the Idea of changing his name V Harry Dickens, after belnf stopped by fans who ask wheth er John Dickens or Denstei "I'm John Astin," he would sa,' politely. "Oh, yes, you're Die' Fenster," would be the reply. 'More Opportunity' "People don't know I've done serious things," says Astln with downcast eyes. "In New York I was known as very strong for art for art's sake plays." Now that Astln Is a TV figure living in Southern California, some of his theater associates accuse him of selling out. "I've had more opportunity here," says Astin, whose Fry play ran one performance In New York's Phoenix Theater. "I say art Is where you make it. I Intend to do my little art film and it won't matter where I am." He rolled his eyes, twisted his mouth, threw back his head and there was Gomez, a happy man. mmss L 1 mid lit 3 GOMEZ ADDAMS (JOHN ASTIN) , MOVING HAND ... from ABC's hot Friday night show Thief's Money To Go In Bank JOHANNESBURG. South Africa Ifl A self confessed bank robber was being questioned during his trial at Johannesburg's criminal sessions: Prosecutor: And what did you Intend doing with the money you stole? Robber: I was golnt to put It in safe-deposit box. Prosec0ir: In a bank? Robber: Yes, I thought It would be safe there. ALARM FOR DF.AF LONDON (UPD Research-designers at St. Dunstan's Hospital here have developed an alarm clock which awakens the deaf by setting off vlbra- jns through the pillow. IIIHTORK At, PARAI.I.FL SOLTHKND. F.ngland (UPP Southnd Technical College Principal Norman Llndop has drawn an historical parallel to explain his reluctance to wrestle with a contemporary p.i.-noniennn the long Roatle style haircut. Says Llndop: "The English civil wars weir fought be! ween men who shaved their heads and men who wore their hair long. I don't want to rw responsible for another w'j TV IN REVIEW A 'No' Vote May Martyr 'Paid TV HOLLYWOOD (UPD - Re-gardless of whether Californians vote to ban pay-TV In a nationally significant election show-down 'luew.ay. the Mriiiige psychological battle of who Is the underdog In the battle will continue. Ironically, It could well ho that a dcleat for the Lo Angeles San Francisco pay TV firm of Subscription Television Inc. t.STVi, which Is having a tough time staying alive anyway, might lor the Hist time establish the oieiation as a sympathetic, martyred party In the public mind. It seems clear that although many writers and other persons have properly pointed out that movie exhibitor forces are trying to deny STV the rights of free enterprise, by voting It out of existence, these forces have shrewdly convinced many voters that they are the underdogs. One tactic has been to drape themselves In the false and misleading term of "frocTV commercial video. But If the vote bans pavTV, It will first of all enable STV to get out of this costly and currently losing battle, not by a surrender to business failure, but by the edict of Ihe ballot, which does not necessarily reflect on company efficiency. Secondly, If STV carries out Its iiiU'i.rieil p an In use of a vote loss, the entire1 matter will be carried to thp courts, where the firm will surely press the argument widely and publicly that It Is against the Best American tradition to deny a legitimate business operation tha principle of free enterprise. GET SET FOB WINTER DRIVING NOW! AT ALL DALELEY STORES NYLOM TIRES WITH GOOD YEAR'S SUPER-MILEAGE RUBBER Election Day ,(f- SPECIAL S WINTER WINTER WINTER BUY WINTER ? COMPACT COMPACT kfr FORD, CHEVY, BIG-CAR BARGAIN BARGAIN Jp5 PLYMOUTH JR&XS BARGAIN xy 6.00x13 650x13 sya riu vy "oim $A Sure-Grip tSV? Sure-Grip ttv Sure-Grip 7Xv Sure-Grip Nylon Tirt r yySt Economy Tire VX0 Economy Nylon Tubeless Tire 2 FOR W 2 FOR 2 FOR KG 2 FOR W "25 1 '25 tf 32 m '35 . i black tubeless 1 blsck tuneless black tubeless J '&&a black tubeless ' plus tax & plus tax It ! plus taxi, plus tax 2 ,ire VJ tlr" ites llf 2 ,irM MATCHED SETS - FRONT AND REAR ffElh 3I11, i311h Y2 . fu" s Vg Full Set Ml set Ford, j Fun Set If 4 2 lor Compact for Compacts t Plymouth, Chevy J t Bie Cirs ! 00,,J Vl 0.1J 1 m 7.S0.14 4 i.oo,14 1 (- SURE GRIP A I n SURE GRIP A n SURE GRIP 5 V k n SURF GRIP I I 1 Vj tC WINTER TIRES i l 2 WINTER TIRES j IS 2 WINTER TIRCS J I U 2 WINTU TIRES II 3 O ll-W "25? f 1 " O H WETMER I 21 O U WITHER Mr K fl n ll WESTMER -r K CfR0NT TIRES I 1 , FRONT TIRCS ft 4& FRONT TIRES E f j FRONT TIRES l 13 ALL FOR 111 ALL FOR .1 fl ALL FOR h f I ALL FOR II (: '51 '53 ) U 56 f) U 65 U I I ''r.',.'. 1 I Jl Phil I" t. 3 f I I fl piMlna I ( I I A 4(.rtt III! l.rM Ik I I Un 81 sggg- v H. WINTER RETREADS famous Suhurbamte tread rlejign AS LOW AS 2 FOR $21 INSTANT CREDIT tOF holders ot chargt plates, national credit cards. GOODYEAR NATION WIDE "NO LIMIT" GUARANTEE No limit on months No limit on milev-No limit as to roads No limit as to speed For the entire life of the tread. All Ne Goodyear Auto Tires Are Guaranteed against detects in workmanship and materials and normal road hazards, except repairable punctures. If A Goodyear Tire Fails Under This Guarantee any of more than 80,000 Goodyear dealers in the United States and Canada will make allowance on a new tire based on original tread depth remaining and current "Goodyear Frir " i FRONT WHEEL RETREADS famous Goodyear tread design AS LOW AS 2 FOR $19 MONSEY NYACK NANUET fU. 59 EL 6-7100 Rt. 59 - EL 8-4900 Rt. 59 . N A 3-3991 OTHEI STORIS: HO-HO-KUS, N.J. W1STWOOD, N.J.

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